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Brainerd Daily Dispatch Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1957, Page 1

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Brainerd Daily Dispatch (Newspaper) - December 28, 1957, Brainerd, Minnesota The Brainerd daily dispatch a no Chicago ave Ihk Neapolis a a a i to Quot to serve As Best we can i a 4 the Brainerd area a dial 3511 in the heart of the Lake Region n. D. Man kidnapped by gunmen police follow Kidnap Trail after two men hunted for slayings Washington up police followed a Trail of kidnapping today in an Effort to track two gunmen wanted for killing two men and critically wounding another. The Trail led to South Carolina where the third of three persons kidnapped by the fugitives was released unharmed. Police said the two men shot up a restaurant Here Early yesterday after an argument Over a $20 Tab the proprietor George p. Kaldes 33, and guitar player Kenneth Fisher 32, were killed. A Blind pianist Bernard mainer 28, is in critical condition the Fri listed the two being sought As Henry caly Overton 44, and Wayne Carpenter about 22. They Are charged in warrants with kidnapping unlawful flight to avoid prosecution for murder and Auto theft. Overton has a Long record of assault housebreaking and larceny the Fri said. Police said the two gunmen fled the restaurant in overtones car which they abandoned minutes later to commandeer an automobile in which a Young couple was parked. The fugitives forced the couple a Doris Mattingly 19, and army pfc. Larry Lee Monteith 21, to accompany them. With the younger gunman driving Monteith a car the fugitives and their captives headed South. The girl was released near Richmond va., after Daybreak. Monteith was left locked in the trunk of his automobile near Alberta va., police said after the fugitives commandeered another car driven Tje shanties. Many fishermen by Asonia g. Aliman of Richmond moved off the Lake when action miss Allman was released in got hot and heavy at Mille lacs harmed yesterday in Cheraw s. C. J Lake. In the Center photo Tom Monteith who is from Fargo n so Ourer 510>i North 4th Street d., is scheduled to be discharged patiently dunks a minnow in his from the army next Friday. He is i Modem shanty a a Edwards the son of or. And mrs. R. E. Mon-1 Shearer boasts Wall to Wall Cartel 1626 Lith ave. So., Fargo. I i11&Quot and Many other con in member of the associated pre Brainerd Minnesota saturday december 28, 1957 Wea feature Serries and new pictures vol. 84-no. 123 eleven men killed mine explosion state plans crackdown on drunk driving St. Paul up a gov. Freeman school Board Grants raise to teachers adds two Steps told the Minnesota sheriff Assn. He next m,.etjnri action waa Ukon late Friday that 1958 will see a t v Brainerd s school Board on Sal drastic crackdown on Drunken 14 rescued from Shaft in Virginia after three hours of proposals tor teachers with two years expert counter proposals and discussion ence to $200 a year for those with on the advisability of waiting until master degrees were agreed on. The final schedule for the 1958-59 Vear approved unanimously Drivers using the Date so streets 1� a Chw a a a a would pay a Ltd a the following me a Betow ground in a min highways Ipuy a schools Here Maries straddling the Freeman said reports had reach a two additional Steps rather than two year certificates would get a a Border. Fourteen Miner were his office that some such motor the originally planned one were i minimum of $3,100 and a maximum brought out of the Colliery univ its through local pressure. Had added to schedule and pay in-1 of $4,500 on the eighth step three Jared shortly after Midnight. Reduced i creases ranging from $100 a year j year certificates would be paid a canvass was draped Over the minimum of $3,425 and a top of i victims carried out of mine no. 31 a Mon ate a. Up a resaw workers today recovered the Bodle of la miners killed late Friday when a Gas explosion trapped 25 Drunken driving charges to those of careless driving j a we must not make a farce of j. This Law a the governor told the i sheriffs. A these practices must be j i resisted. In the past no deviations j from proper Law enforcement has j been made and this policy will be j i named president of the Associ-1 action was John Cahill Bemidji. I other officers chosen at the annual meeting Are f. B. Simpson Faribault. Minn. Pic a j Walker Paul Zil Gritt red Wing search Force of 250 uniformed men and Peter lab St. Cloud first Jan j volunteers including the miss second and third Vic presidents j Many a parents began a system respectively Charles Carver Fari mat pc Hunt today Fqy pump Harris of St Paul who vanished from the Force of 250 Hunt Man who left Hospital $5,175 on the tenth step Bachelor j of the Pocahontas fuel co. On of arts degrees would be paid a cowl car. About too persons looked on in the first Gray Light of an overcast Day. The miners were hemmed in 500 feet underground. Company offt anglers Lucky and hopeful Bunya land Lake Are dotted with communities of fish shanties and on pleasant weekends with the braver Winter anglers who fish out in the cold. Pictured Here top is a View of Lake Edward showing some of fences in his 8x8 foot House. At the left is Barbara Allen 7-year old daughter of mrs. Erma Allen 1623 Norwood holding an eight Pound Northern she caught while fishing through the ice on Christmas Day in North Long Lake. The 23-Inch fish was deep bodied and probably full of Roe. Leahy expected to get Green Light for Job Monteith said he had no Opportunity to attempt an escape. A when we stopped at a Gas station a he said a i had a sawed off Shotgun staring me in the Monteith said that after the girl got out of the car the older gunman awoke and asked a wheres the Gal a the younger gunman told him he had put her out. The older Man grumbled but said nothing More about it. Monteith said the Young Driver started chasing a Cadillac which had two people in it. Just As they were about to of l Chicago pm Frank Leahy for retake the car the older gunman Mer notre Dame head football ordered his companion to Stop coach is expected to get a medical Monteith was ordered at the Point Green Light today to take Over As of the Shotgun to climb into the head football coach and athletic Dit Runk of the car. The lid of the Rector at Texas a amp a. Trunk was slammed Down and the. Leahy has been undergoing medi Stoh Quot co Quot to need r their Way Cal test at Pas Avant Hospital to with the Soldier in the trunk. ,. Monteith sad he heard one of learn of he a Ca Quot of to to the men yell Quot Stop your car or Well fume he favorite career As a col blow your brain out As they. Foot a coach. Pulled alongside another car. He the 49-year-old Leahy was and said the brakes were applied on his Vised by or. Clifford j. Barborka to car and it bounced onto the should quit coaching after the 1953 notre eras it apparently pulled in ahead Dame season because of liver pan of the second car. He then heard a areas and stomach troubles. Or. The other car Speed away after the Barborka again is c ducting the two got out of his car. J medical examinations. Monteith used his Penknife to j Leahy said he would announce Cut his Way through the Section 1the results today and a a uld imme to which his convertibles top. Diatel Telephone Texas a amp a presi folds out of sight. He then drove Jent a t. Harrington at Jackson to a service station and called j Ville. Fla., where the aggie will be Siitia state police. Playing Tennessee in the Gater # bowl in their final game under no so a Viz a coach Paul bar Bryant. Bryant Faribault state school and Hospital two weeks ago. The searchers lined up on the East end of Walcott township three Miles South of Here and started combing the Countryside. Boult Secretary and Charles Cher by Hastings treasurer j j in a second talk Friday the gov-1, Emor told the Minnesota county attorneys Assn. That the state Wras under continued pressure for More and More Public service because of its growing population. Freeman said the principal Challenge appeared he in the educational Field and that a we must continue to better face the increasing Challenge of a growing school he said that an influx of residents from without the state added to the problem of a naturally in Section of sheriff Charles Carver creasing population and predicted was moving eastward across the i minimum of $3,850 Ami a maximum i of $5,950 on the twelfth step five year instructors would get Between $4,075 and $6,175 and 12 Steps and i masters degrees would be paid i dais said All the men originally from $4,300 to $6,400 on the twelfth j trapped by the explosion Wert be step. Lived to be accounted for. In addition to the pay in Amonate is in Southwest Vir crease and the additional step a Ginia 20 Miles West of Bluefield motion was passed to move up alb av. A teachers to the twelfth step if they bodies of the dead were removed qualify which would mean a pay from the sprawling mine through increase of from $400 to $550 for f a Shaft located in West Virginia those with More than 12 years of Pearly three Miles from the main service in the Brainerd system. Entry Shaft where the survivors another motion passed would were brought out. Place teachers coming into the this was the second disastrous system on the seventh step pro-1explosion in Pocahontas fuel co. Viding they qualify and have Suffi mines in the Border coalfields in client years of experience in teach 11 months. A february Gas exploding. J Ion at a mine near Bishop a requiring teachers to take snuffed out 37 lives. Harris 21, walked away from the course for additional credits each families of the victim of for institution dec. 15. He was Wear fourth year has been discontinued Days blast have been notified ing Only Light clothing. J approximately 70 teachers hold names of the victims and survivor with the searchers were or. And ing Bachelor of arts degrees will have not yet been released. Mrs. Ivan Harris of St. Paul Par a cuts til the missing Young Man. I he search party under the i that higher education facilities would have to be doubled by 1970. Quiet president plans quiet weekend in Pennsylvania Gettysburg a. Pic a weekend broken Only by thought of future planning Lay ahead today for president Eisenhower. No weekend business appointment were scheduled at the Eisenhower farm Here. But White House press Secretary James c. Hagerty said the president would some work on his state of the Union message in which he will outline to Congress Jan. 9 his program for the coming year. Six mile wide township tract where Farmers reported finding signs that i a someone might have slept in their missing plane make the two step jump it was William Fullarton special pointed out last night. Assistant to the president of Poca the action taken by the Board Hontas fuel co., said the bodies of last night now must be presented three men were reached about 4 to the teachers salary committee a in. The other eight were located for its approval. Outbuildings. _ taking part in the search were found Bio members of the Faribault and Zum a Minneapolis pm a Brota National guard units explorer scouts staff members of the Hospital Faribault army reservists game wardens Highway patrolmen some f the. Suburban Rescue league of the twin cities students from St. Olaf and Carleton College and workers Given time off by employers to Aid in the Hunt. No talks set in paper strike about two hours later. Plans were made to remove All the bodies at one blast trapped men in two sections a Joy loading area sit of an automatic Coal loading machine Light land a continuous mining Are also plane reported missing on a flight the site of automatic Coal loading from it. Dodge. Iowa to Minne equipment. The survivor wer a polls was located today at the found by Rescue workers at cd Spencer Iowa Airport where it in a loading Section sorry landed Friday afternoon. The Minnesota civil air patrol had organized a search for the plane piloted by William Hopp 26, Minneapolis Salesman whose wife 1,000 feet from where the la other men met death. The Rescue work was painstaking As rescuers were forced to Inch their Way along slate clogged passages filled with smoke and deadly notified the Cap when Hopp failed gasses. They earned oxygen Tanka to return Friday evening. Hoppus strapped to their backs. Wife said he left Minneapolis Friday i officials said the mine a for business in fort Dodge. He is known As a a a gaseous mine. It was a Salesman for Continental sign co i indicated that equipment used to Cap officials had feared for Safe-1 disburse the Gas present in varied to of Hopp because a a bad storm quantities in All Coal min had front passed through the area be 1 failed to function properly and the accumulation had been touched off tween Minneapolis and fort Dodge. Student faces theft charges teacher burned to death when clothing catches fire Day. The dog Heidi is a mole coloured weimaraner an exclusive services set for today funeral services for George Wing 78, former editor of the Brainerd daily dispatch were scheduled for today at 4 \ in. In the Shannon funeral Home at Bradenton Florida. Cremation will follow and a a ashes will be brought to St. Paul. Or. Wing died Christmas morning of a heart attack. He had been ill for about a month. Mrs. Wing is Iii in the Hospital at Bradenton. Moves on to Alabama. A i have no doubt at All my condition will permit me to accept the said Leahy a but the doctor will know Amarillo Tex. Aha a 25-year-old accounting student is charged with stealing about $32,000 from the first National Bank of Amarillo. The Fri identified him As Billy Joe Faust of Amarillo a Sophomore accounting major at West Texas state College. Faust was arraigned on the theft charge last night and i Bond was set at $10,000. Charles e. Weeks special agent in charge of the Dallas Fri office said Faust had barn employed part time by the Bank since last january. Weeks said the Money disappeared from the. Bank vault. He did not say whether any of it had been recovered. Faust a Navy Veteran has been married and divorced twice and is the father of a 5-year-old boy. St. Paul ply no further talks were scheduled in the strike of Eisenhower a pet dog was among j three unions against tile St. Paul the passengers in the five car j Pioneer press and dispatch today after a a fridy ,e�?oi0n ended a pm Iowa about the time Hopp would Dent Al party to Gettysburg yester-1 no program. Have been in the air. A management spokesman said i a single engine Aeron a chief German Hunting Breed. Fhe meeting hard the in bearing the number n85958 listed Hagerty told newsmen Heidi nor-1ion rep it at its demands for wage in to Hopp landed at the Spencer Mally stay at the farm. But had cfct8e# 8nd a Cut be work from Lowa Airport Friday afternoon of twin Valley Minn. Up i i been at the White House for Christ 37 to 5 hours representatives j fac als said this morning. Ida c. Melaas 79. Retired Norman Mas. On the trip Here she had free of the typographical Union and the Airport workers said Hopp ind Irun of the Back seat of one of the newspaper Guild which follow educated he was going to visit friends official limousines which carried the mailers in the walkout set in at Everly Iowa near Spencer. Also a chauffeur and Eisenhower on the session As observers. A state Valet. John Moaney. Conciliator sat in on the discus sign Trade pact the president and mrs. Ewen Aion. J Rome <58�?italy and the soviet a deadly game of russian Roulette the Yard with Herier three of Guild amen said the initial Issue Union today signed a four year declaring a i have nothing to and managed to sex children and or Ikach a morning tabloid planned for Trade Accord effective Jan. I ,�?� Robert Eugene Keeler put a of Eisenhower s physicians made duration of strike would be is Hng for a total Exchange of goods Shell in the Cylinder of a .32 Caliper the two hour journey in it Rign ,u/1jsue j tonight. Valued at about 500 million dollars revolver spun the Cylinder put the Shine hey were followed Tater by weapon to i. Head and pulled the Eisenhower daughter in Law. Mrs.1 k w John Eisenhower and grand Daugh county school teacher a fatally burned Friday when her clothing caught fire As she sought to Start her Kitchen stove. Miss Melaas who lived alone rushed into clothing afire Linguish the flames but not before she was Beverly burned. She died in an Ada Hospital. The House was damaged. Twin Valley is about 50 Miles Northeast of Moorhead. By a spark of unknown origin. Fulerton said the families of explosion continued on Page 2 boy kills Seif at Roulette Battle Creek Mich. Pm a 17-year-old High school student fatally wounded himself last night in business to have stake in congressional session state purchasing head to retire january 6 St. Paul up. T. Peterson state purchasing director is retiring Jan. 6 with his place being taken temporarily by Allan l. Vessey. His assistant until a permanent appointment is made. Peterson 65, was a buyer for the state department of administration before being named director of the purchasing division in 1945. He is a Veteran of world War i. By Sam Dawson new York a pvt business will have More at stake in the session of Congress opening next week than it has had in rile last two or three. Industry and Trade Are More sensitive to what happens in Washington when business is turning Down than when it is generating its own Good times. A just How much More government Money will be spent to keep up with Khrushchev in the race for outer space has a double meaning for business. It Ali bring new or bigger orders for Many industries j and for the Economy in general it will help offset some of the drop in b Isi Oess spending for capital i goods. The defense spending program will be hammered out in Congress perhaps along political lines but surely with considerable kibitzing from Industry. Tax cutting talk will be revived from time to time probably especially if the recession deepen and business feels that it needs tax Relief As a prop to its profit and As a by veg Aid for its hard up customers. Deficit financing will threaten a return. If the budget is unbalanced and Uncle Sam has to borrow More from Banks it will be because Congress votes for More spending despite a recession that mean less Congress continued on Paga 2 retrial asked by prisoner Elk River Minn. Put a judge g. Johnson today had under advisement a petition for a new trial for Robert Peri serving a life term in St. Cloud reformatory for the 1952 slaying of his Foster Mother in their. Burhan Minneapolis Christmas Lake Home. Daniels Feidt Petty a attorney based the plea on a Contention that the youth then 16, was not accorded a proper hearing in juvenile court before being sentenced in District court on a first degree murder charge. Feidt said he based the petition on a recent Minnesota supreme court ruling that proper juvenile court formalities must be observed before a minor defendant s Case can be carried into a higher tribunal. That decision came in the Case of a Blackduck Mina youth accused of slaying his father. Peri was accused of beating and shooting mrs. Harris g. Pett who had adopted him when he was less than a year old. Ter Barbara Anne maj John Eisenhower planned to arrive today to Complete the family Circle. Eisenhower has arranged for conferences Here next week with some government officials. He plans to remain at least through the new year Holiday but is expected to return to Washington next week. Yule spirit prompts Man to admit embezzlement $392,000 tax Lien filed against singers husband Albuquerque n. M Twa $392,644 Federal income tax Lien a filed yesterday against George a. Mellen and his former wife Mildred. Mellen. Now married to Kay Starr popular Singer was formerly president of Ambrosia minerals inc. His present address is listed As Paulden Ariz North of pres Cott. The Lien was signed by Matthew j. Scott of the Phoenix office of the internal Revenue service and covers income tax allegedly due for 1956. Last april 16 a $39,171 Lien was filed against Mellen in Albuquerque it was for the year 1955. That Lien was released last May when Mellen residence was sold. Hackensack n. J. Put a a 61-year-old Bank official moved by the spirit of Christmas has admitted a $104,000 Bank embezzlement Over a 20-year period. Albert j. Schwenker assistant treasurer and assistant Secretary of the people s Trust co. Of Bergen county wept As he pleaded guilty to the yesterday. His minister the Rev or Harold e. Green of the Cherry Hill reformed Church of River Edge was with him As Schwenker appeared before la. S. Theodore Kiscaras in Rutherford. Kiscaras said Schwenker admitted embezzling about $5,000 a year trigger. The gun fired. Keeler died two hours later at a Hospital where his Mother mrs. Theodore Keeler Wras on duty Ai a desk clerk. Auald no a he Den Quot pm poll Cess a a he you the had in Phatic Alty hat he Ever gambled Quot a Quot foot Quot. To cd to it a a or. Green id a reporter Quot of m the basement of Hie Home. Schwenker had informed the Bank a of a the a a a he a pm Al re it Quot Day and asked for a meeting. They talked in Schwenkert a car. Or. Green said and the aftermath was that Schwenker went to Walter j. Mundt vice president of the people s Trust co. Mundt issued a statement saving Schwenker had informed the Bank of Deal cations amounting to $104, j too. The Fri. Which arrested Schwen Ker said he had taken the Money by withdrawing dormant Thrift account deposits and putting them in a fictitious account under the name ering from a recent operation. Weather while cashier of the first at Iona j0j Schwenker then with Bank of Oradell. The Peoples 3 rust a it a Rev he funds from the Smith a co. Bought the Oradell Bank Cotant. May. I he commissioner before releasing Schwenker on $5,000 bail asked How he spent the Money. A on various things a said Schwenker married and father of two. A on women a Kiscaras asked. A could be a replied the slight defendant who has suffered two heart the Fri said Bank auditors Asti i mated that a Ira Ger sum about $117,00 was missing or. Green said Schwenker told1 him his Constence had been bothering for a Long time and the Quot spirit of the Christmas season made him want to make a clean breast of Minnesota partly Cloudy with scattered Snow flurries extreme Northeast mostly fair elsewhere Ami much colder this afternoon mostly fair North partly Cloudy South and colder most sections tonight sunday partly Cloudy and continued cold Low tonight 10-20 below Zero North to Zero to 5 above extreme South High sunday Zero to 5 above extreme South High sunday Zero to 5 below extreme North to 10-20 above South. Today s weather High Friday a Low last night 8 a. In. A a a a 4 year ago today a a. In. 35 noon a a a a a a .$0

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