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Bowie News Newspaper Archives Oct 22 1972, Page 1

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Bowie News (Newspaper) - October 22, 1972, Bowie, Texas Burglars Hove Busy night loading area burglars wore Busy either late she called the Clay county Sher thursday night Are Early Friday to diffs department but according to mrs. Ming when they swept across this area Lippincott there Are no Good clues As and made off with an undetermined to who could Lave done it. Amount of loot. The break ins apparently started in Wichita Falls and worked their Way South Down . 287 tatting stores in Henrietta Bellevue a Wie and Decatur. Hardest hit in this area at Bellevue where fave Lippincott owner of Faye s cafe and Kenneth Mayo owner of Mayo s drive in grocery reported break ins during the night. Mrs. Lippincott told the news Liat entry to her cafe was made by prying off the Back door. The intruders made off with about $700 Worth of Stero tapes several Knick Knacks Money and cigarettes from the cig Aret machine and Money from the Jukebox. Quot i Kinda overslept Friday and did t get to the cafe on time. Usually i open up by 6 00 . But was t there when the taste bread Man came by. He noticed hat someone Tiad broken Bito the Caff and drove to Bowie to Call me Quot said mrs. club sets Freedom tree Bowie is proud to be the first to Plant a a Freedom tree in Texas. The tree is to Honor i t. Col. Art Elliott who Las been a . Since april 26, 1970. The a Freedom tree Quot is the original idea of an organization Calk d Viva to . Organization in California. Viva was organized by this group to recognize the and . Of the 1.700 listed 463 Are from Texas. I t. Col. Art Elliott attended school Here and is the son of mrs. W. B. Pollard of Bowie. Mrs. Art Elliott of Dallas spoke to Amity club about her husband and other s. The f Reedom tree is one of the projects Amity club is planning. Anyone interested in helping with this worthwhile project is Welcome. Continued pm. 4tomatoes cheaper in Bowie Maryland a i am still Kinda Shook up Over this. I just Don t know what i am going to do. I closed the cafe about continued pm. 2"staff comments Quot staff comments. A new Bowie news feature dealing with everyday problems concerning our social working and recreational life. Starting with today s Issue staff members of the news will give Brief comments concerning a variety of subjects. Comments will be offered by news publisher editor Jim Winter his assistant Ron Taylor Juanita Lyden Sandra Hancock Karen Nix arid Bowie High school staff members Juila Griffin and Randy Kaisner Reader comments concerning these subjects Are welcomed and will be published in the following issues of the Bowie news. Kenneth Mayo hit too staff comments of la i Opie Corporal punishment thursday s topic social drinking Jim Winter i 4oy it Sandra Hancock persuasion and reasoning apparently Are a part of the new thinking As a part of the establishing of discipline in the Public schools. I do not go along with this theory first of All a child must learn a measure of discipline in the Home. The teacher must Alten further and instill discipline in the Sci tools. A break Down of discipline must to met with firm action. Corporal punishment. I think teachers have a right to spank Chi Len of they Arentt doing what they were told to do but spanking and hitting Are two different things. Juanita Lydon Corporal punishment should by used in schools As Well As in the Homes to the extent of showing a child the meaning of right and wrong. It should not go beyond Liat extent though. Or the child could be Hurt and after All it is for his Well being. Karen Nix persuade a child with your Backland and you control Lam is Long As he fears punishment. Persuade the child through his own mind and not Only have you won his Trust but you have influenced him forever. Randy Kaisner Corporal punishment is Good if used As a Means of punishment for some mis doing but if it is used Only As a Means of making a child learn then it will do much More harm than Good. Julia Griffin front Page by Hon Taylor rabbits grab District win Ron Taylor this is definitely a Touchy problem in our school systems today. Most modern Day parents do not want their children spanked but they expect teachers to have disciplinary control Over their children. This Type of punishment depends on individual situations but a teachers right to reach the mid from the Bottom Side should not be taken away. Box 4>v Thebo wieners published without fear or favor since 1922 last week three Bowie Young people Ages 16 and 17 were arrested and charged with a it Possession of marijuana. This May Lave come As a Shock to Many parents but to those who make it a Point to keep up with the local underground it was no Surprise. Although no proof of others being guilty of marijuana Possession has been uncovered Law enforcement officers Are sure some do exist. This is really nothing new. Pill popping and grass smoking has been going on in Bowie for several years. The sad part of this problem is Many of our local teenagers know who is partaking in tills dangerous fad and will not Tell authorities. I have even heard Liat Many parents also know those who smoke the grass and maybe the one who is Selling in by Wie and they too will not Tell. Personally i feel those who do know and Are keeping quiet Are just As guilty As the ones who have chosen to make grass smoking a habit. Maybe people today Lave a different set of values than i do and i definitely done to consider myself an old Quot fogies. You hear arguments for and against the legalizing of marijuana. Some say it will soon be legalized As is the Sale of Beer or whiskey. They say smoking marijuana is not harmful nor is it habit forming. It will net Lead to Larder drugs such As 1sd so they say but which of us parents wants to take a Chance with our children a future by believing these unproven statements. There Are some Good Points made on the drug subject in each thursdays Issue of this newspaper and i recommend each adult and Young adult read it carefully. The articles Are prepared and written by Deann cure president of the sheriffs advisory Council and Are very the meantime if you know anyone who is doing what they May think is . Smoking marijuana give them some help Call tax authorities and lets try and put a Stop to student struck by bus a school bus student mishap wednesday fab Moon could Lave been very serious ult As it turned out Little Jennifer Duncan 7 year old daughter of or. And mrs. . Duncan received Only minor scratches and bruises. According to mrs. Duncan her daughter gut off the school bus driven by Dink Rhyne about 4 20 . And before she could Clear the front of the bus she a knocked to the ground. Mrs. Duncan said it daughter was wearing a and plaid skirt re Blouse and red shoes Wun the bus lilt Ber and kept on going. Bowie Sci ool superintendent . Martin told the news the girl livid on the left Side of the Road which requites it to Cross in front of the to go borne. Apparently she did not Clear the bus or Tad stepped tack into the bus when the bus left. Martin said the bus Driver nor any of the passengers were aware hat anything lad happened but he understands the girls Moth-1 heard her scream my from her House about too Yards away. A we Lave Sam rules and regulations concerning safety on Sci ool bus routes but apparently we were a Little lax. We Are reviewing our safety program and will try and strengthen it. I Arn just thankful her injuries were not serious because they surely could have been a said Martin. It was the Jackrabbit defense which held the Center ring Friday night when they held Henrietta to Only la Yards Rushing Aud help give Bowie their first District win by a score of 6-0. It was a typical Henrietta Bowie game As excitement started building from the very first whistle and continued through the fourth Quarter when Bowie stopped the bearcats on their own i foot line with 1 50 left to play. It looked like Bowie lad the game sacked up in the fourth Quarter after some hard charging by Ben Martin and Ron Rhoades made Henrietta give up the Ball four minutes left but a a Rabbit Fumble gave the bearcats new life and they made the Best of it until Bowie knocked the Ball Loose at their one foot line. Bowies Only score of the game came with 4 21 remaining in the Lait. Quarterback Junior Barnes Dove Over Center to ring the score Board. It was also the quarterback option hat set up their scoring drive which started on the Henrietta 43. In the first Down department Bowie lad the Edge 13-8 Yards Rushing Bowie Iso Henrietta la Yards passing Bowie 6 of 12 and Henrietta 9 of 17. It should begin at Home and if necessary should be informed in the schools with discretion and by an individual delegated with this authority who would Lave the knowledge of w Here and when to punish a child. Then it should again be informed in the Home. Defense not foot a the name of the game Friday night in Henrietta. The a rabbits held Henrietta to Only la Yards Rushing on the ground with plays like Jim Campbell 64 Ron Rhoades 77 Ben Martin 70, and Wayne Knox made Here on a Bearcat runner. Staff photo volume 51 a number 24 sunday october 22. 1972 8 pages 10c Peh copy i Vorlon it seems hat this housewife up in Bowie Maryland purchased some Tomato plants and was charged a retail tax on them. Convinced hat Tomato plants Are More properly classified As food and thus exempt from Hie tax the lady appealed to her congressman the honorable David Gray Ross a former Texas boy who referred the matter to the Maryland comptroller of the Treasury for a ruling. The lady is right the comptroller ruled. Such items As Tomato and Pepper plants etc., Are exemptions under an applicable Section of the Maryland tax Laws and being food should not be taxed. But he warned such exemption does not apply to some other items usually sold by nurseries such As Flowers decorative Trees and Sod. Moral Tomato plants hat is May now be cheaper Iii Maryland but keep off the grass. Examines busted Lippincott owner of Lave c of. In b la Evue will just Lave to reinforce hoi door aft a Blok in thin Lay night and life a More than $500 Worth of Mer and Cash from hot a place. Staff photo Council to review chief applications City councilmen will review at least to applications for Bowie s chief of police Job when they meet tomorrow monday at 7 30 . In the City tall. Bowie mayor Kim Hendrickson said they had received at least to applications and lad word that several More would be available by mondays meeting. Mayor Hendrickson said tin Council would review each application at that tim but not make their final decision until Uliey narrowed tilt applications Down and interviewed the men. A replacement is being sought for Roy Hartsell who resigned effective november 1,1972 after serving As bowies chief for Over two years. Also on the monday nights Council Agenda is a discussion on abandoned cars within the City limits and talk with members of the Bowie clamber of Commerce on ailing an election for a Multi purpose Hanna discusses Public school funds representative Joe mania was the guest speaker at the East Ward Bra meeting thursday october 19. His talk on Quot finance in Public school education in Texas was very informative and interesting to the Large group of Bra members and guests. Representative mania is especially qualified in this Field Iii that he is a Sembt r of the National legislative committee for education and a member of the High i education committee in Hie state legislature. He Las been president of the school Board at Breckenridge for 13 years. He stated hat insurance is the number one problem and the people Are unhappy with it As it now is and hat a change is indicated. A study committee is being formed on extended coverage continued pc. 8

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