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Boston Weekly Globe (Newspaper) - January 27, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts 4 is the time to subscribe tile Best weekly for father for Mother for son for daughter during 1891 it is a newspaper it is a ladies journal it is a boys and girls weekly it is an illustrated Magazine its contributors a comprise All Teter examine any Issue carefully. It will speak for itself qnly$1.00 Peryear 4 copies for Only s3 under this offer you have Only to secure 3 subscribers at $1 each who will receive the Globe one Yearin order to entitle you to a free copy for the same length of time. To agents everywhere. The Cash commission of the Globe is the largest paid by a Dollar weekly. Of you have Leisure moments or wish to have your children earn some pocket Money Send for agents rates now. Between now and feb. T you can earn several dollars every Day. Send Poe agents rates. Send foe free Sample copies. Address the weekly Globe Boston mass. Names for Sample copies if every Reader of this Issue whether or not he or she is a sub Scriber will Send a list of to or a dozen names of persons lit his or her neighbourhood the weekly lobe will be thankful. He will Send a Sample copy free to each. Write names on a postal card and address ask Heeney Geode Boston Mairs. The Boston weekly Globe tuesday Ian a by 27, a. Reston Smiht thug Slot. Tuesday Jan. 27, 18917&Quot subscription rates. Tim daily to Lour on copy per month 60 cont pm year #0.00. Postal pro i it let. The so Dat Globe by Mil #2.00 per year. Portage prepaid. Tim a Kelt Globe by mall #1.00 per year. Foetal prepaid. The Globe newspaper co.,248 Wash Langton Street. To ton entered by the poet office notion Mott. A second Cleat mutter. A there is but one thing wanting. That one thing in a True and total surrender of the heart. Think not of making it Btu make it calculate no consequences but do it and Leat All to him who knows our secret con flirts even better than we know them our subscribers As agents. Every subscriber can testify his appreciation of the Model features of the weekly Globe by helping to extend its circulation note when most every one is looking around for a family journal. It is very easy to secure subscribers to the weekly Globe and it does not take much of any time to get subscribers you can secure them in spare moments. If you have not Leisure Why not suggest to your son or daughter that by getting sub scribers to the weekly Globe he or she May earn All their pocket Money. Only a few subscribers will give them pocket Money for the weekly Globe pays a Large Cash commission. Tolstoi and agriculture. The doctrines of Tolstoi Are undoubtedly making an impression upon the popular thought. The later books of this almost unique thinker have reached an enor Moas circulation in All civilized countries and it would be strange if they failed to make Many converts to the to Stoian theories. One of the outcomes of the russians reasoning about the vanity of earthly greatness and the pernicious Ness of what we Call civilization is the belief that every Able bodied Man 6honld labor with his own hands and a in the sweat of his brow to produce his own living direct from the soil. Tolstoi signifies agriculture above All other Means of earning a living and would have the artificial employments abandoned. A Aback to the land a is the cry of bus followers. Accordingly the count himself goes daily to the Fields and works with the peasants holding the plough and wielding the Hoe and the Hayfork. If to Stoian ideas continue to gain ground we May Hope to see agriculture looked upon with More favor and the unhealthy Rush to the cities in a measure checked. Perhaps Tolstoi a disciples May yet solve the problem of new England a deserted farms who knows the migratory trait. The report of the 8tate Board of lunacy and Charity As to immigration into Massachusetts during the past year offers a very interesting study of the Law of the distribution of population in our composite civilization. The nativity of immigrants arriving at All Massachusetts ports was As follows ireland.11,182 England. 7,466 Wale. 28 Scotland. 1,725 germany., .327 Krai inc.,. 66 Kula .1,872 Poland .882 Switzerland. 4 Sweden. 4,61 Norway. 1.428 Belgium. A Italy. Ain. 30 7 40 293 22 70 i 6 i 8 to Portugal Denmark. Hungary. A nutria. China Australia. Turkey. Greece. British ,781 another countries. 2,152 Holland one of the prominent traits of the Anglo Saxon race is the migratory. In 1640 the Drift of immigration from England 6et in so strongly and continued so steadily that it was believed the population of new England would double itself every 25 years during that Century and it was estimated that by 1850 new England would boast of a population of Over 7,000,000. Yet even today the population is less than 5,000,000. The restless englishman had no sooner got a foothold on the rugged Hills of new England than in spite of All obstacles he began to push Westward. No sooner had he made for himself a comfortable abiding place in the Ohio Valley than he was again unsatisfied and pushed farther Westward and northward. The National trait which sends an English ship to every Harbor on the Earth and an English shopkeeper to every Nook where anybody can be found civilized enough to Trade has put the stamp of new England upon every Community in this country from Plymouth Bay to the Golden Gate. Those nations which possess the migratory trait most prominently possess along with it Tho greatest adaptability to climatic conditions. English and German colonies skirt the rugged regions of Patagonia and carry on Trade in the equatorial furnaces of Africa. The Southern nations decline to part company with their native Home conditions and have a tendency to mass together. Of the 200,000 emigrants who left Italy last year it will be seen that Only 20 Are reported As Landing in Massachusetts ports. Tho distribution of population Over the Earth is fixed by Laws Asin mutable As those concerning the tides of the Ocean. Open up a new continent and the great migratory races if not the first to get there Are the ones sure to drive Down the first stakes in its unexplored and unsettled sections. It is the migratory trait along with the terrible grip which holds on to what has been once seized that seems to have marked out the Anglo Saxon and German races As the ruling forces of the future. He who watches the steady Drift of social forces rolling into this country from year to year both in population Aud invested capital finds Fuller and Fuller confirmation of the fact. J. B. Plummer. The extinction of animals. A startling publication on the rapid extinction of the aboriginal animals of this continent is about being issued by the smithsonian Institute at Washington. The Buffalo has already become practically extinct within the present generation. It was Only a few years ago that the a passenger Pigeon Quot flew by millions in the Ohio Valley but there Are now but few of them left and they will soon be extinct. Domestication has alone saved the native american Turkey from utter extinction. Tile great Arctic sea cow which was found in great numbers by Behring a expedition in 1741, is no More. Only go years ago that proud seabird the american Auk flew in countless numbers off the coast it Newfoundland. A single Shell of one of these Birds was lately sold at auction for $1500. The last member of this once prolific tribe has fallen under the Hunters Rifle. The Beautiful Labrador Duck is no More also the last specimen of it having i been seen in 1870. Of the few aboriginal animals that still survive it is Only a question of a comparatively Short time before they will be extinct. That Tho Seal is doomed is Well understood. Last Vear 875.000 hair seals were slash tired for leather and Oil in Behring sea. Even Tho alligators Are not stored. They too. Must soon disappear under the increasing demand for reticule pocketbooks and other Faucy articles. Meanwhile a zealous Chase is kept up for the Birds of the air and every creeping thing that can to Modo to adorn fashion and luxury. The same mania is rampant All Over the world for Tho extermination of Tho animal tribes. Tho elephant is boing killed in Africa for its Ivory at a rate which will soon exterminate him. Before half a Century has passed the Huntsman will stand alone Over the completed extermination with nothing to shoot at but the human race. There is something sad in nil this. Half the fascination of books of travel will depart when the wild Hills and forests and the ragged coasts sit cold in their desolation. With no living thing to animate them. And what is it All for largely to gratify Idle fashion the vanity of ornament and the Wanton passion of the Huntsman for killing. It is High time that Congress should step in and erect some Barrier against unreasoning greed and the Wanton Slaughter of the few native animals that still survive. It will soon be too late. Charles Hume. Make pennies when you can. For pennies make dollars and dollars will bring your wife or your children extra spending Money. Pennies make dollars and will enable you to support yourself and get riches. The weekly Globe pays every agent the largest commission. It will pay you to Send for agents rates and estimate How much you can earn in a year. You can earn a Large sum in a year without interference with your regular business or your son or daughter can do so out of school hours. The weekly Globe wishes to secure a regular agent in every Village and town in the United states. The poll tax qualification for voting. In the year 1843 or the year 1844 i introduced two Bills in the Massachusetts House of representatives. By one of those Bills it was provided that the tax on mortgaged real estate should be divided in the assessment Between the Mortgagor and the mortgagee the latter to be assessed for the amount of his claim and the former for the value of the equity. At that time the Legal rate of interest was 6 per cent., and any higher rate was treated As usurious. It was Tho object of the proposed measure to relieve mortgaged real estate from a portion of the Burden and thus indirectly to relieve Tho debtor class and upon the ground that while All property should be once taxed there should be no double taxation As was the Case where the owners of mortgaged estates paid a tax upon the full value and the creditor paid a tax upon the amount of the mortgage. After a delay of More than thirty years the measure was recognized by statute. The Kindred measure was a Bill to reduce the poll tax to fifty cents. My speech in defence of the Bill was directed against the system As a Public policy but As it could Only be annulled by an amendment to the Constitution. I thought it Wiser to invoke the Aid of the legislature in securing a reduction to a sum so Small that it would be no impediment to the free exercise of the highest political privilege of a Freeman the privilege of voting without constraint dictation or control from any source whatsoever. My remarks upon the poll tax Bill and the mortgage Bill were reported by or. Thomas Gill and printed in the Post or. Gish reported by words Only but he was Able always to give the substance and often the language of the debate with singular accuracy. For those Days he was a chief among reporters and for genial humor and a ready wit which both amused and annoyed the subjects of it he was without a rival. In this Long interval my opinion of the a Wisdom of the poll tax As a prerequisite to the exercise of the right to vote has been strengthened rather than weakened by Tho teaching of events. It May be claimed and with a fair How of Justice that every Man should contribute something to the Public burdens inasmuch As free schools roads Aud Bridgeo Are for the Benefit of All and equally and without regard to the incident of property but the right to vote should not depend upon the payment of a tax whether levied upon the person or upon the property of the person. This View has received the Sanction of a great majority of american states and the conservatism of Massachusetts in this particular and the requirement of an educational qualification have been set up As defences against the demand made upon states of the South in which Large classes of american citizens Are treated As aliens. Neither ignorance of those attainments that the world Calls learning nor poverty nor color nor race should be treated As Marks or evidences of inferiority when Only the fact of citizenship is the subject of inquiry or action. When Tho state or the nation demands enforced service none of these facts or conditions can be pleaded effectually. At present the danger is greater by unmeasured Odds from the use of Money in elections by men who have Money than from the exercise of the voting Power by men who have no Money. Geo. S. Boutwell. The Indian in civilization. Ina comprehensive analysis of the pre dominant race traits of the american indians w. Ii. Ii. Murray in the new York world outlines a figure that is but Little appreciated by the civilization which even today owes much of its character and Many of its daily comforts to it. The Indian is first of All deeply imbued with the idea of the Home. To him an eviction is treason to the first Conception of social Liberty. It was to preserve the Home As the basis of society that his fathers denied the right to sell land. Quot sell a country a indignantly exclaimed Tecumseh when protesting against the Sale of lands to the Whites. Quot Why not sell the air the Clouds the sea As Well As the Earth did not the great spirit make them All for his children Quot Michael Davitt Henry George Herbert Spencer and Many other opponents of the British system of land tenure have frequently quoted the old Indian chiefs and accorded them the credit of being the original land reformers who first imbued europeans with the idea of the natural right of the people to the soil. It is this Conception of Man s inalienable right to the soil that makes the Indian of All races abhor the idea of becoming dependent the Modem question Wlinich is now agitating the methodists presbyterians and other bodies As to the right of women to take part in their councils was As or. Murray reminds us. Long ago settled by the indians. The squaws have been permitted to take part in All their deliberations on an equal footing. An englishman surprised at this. Asked a Conestoga chief Why they permitted their women to take part in their councils and received the prompt reply Quot because some women Are Wiser than some the Indian s Ideal of government was a Commonwealth in which old and Young male and female weak and Strong had a voice. It was natural government after natural rights to the soil Aud to Tho original bounties of nature had been conceded As against hereditary rights such As were imbued in the minds of europeans. Sir Henry Maine John Stuart Mill and other great thinkers on the original social prerogatives which inhere in the individual have always referred to the american indians As one of the most advanced of the aboriginal races. And what As or. Murray suggests do we new englander not owe to the indians in the Lino of our daily comforts to them to owe Tho com which grows in our Fields. It was they who invented the Johnny cake Tho Hominy the succotash the Hoe cake the Gruel for the sick and the Popcorn which delights Tho Little ones. It was the Indian who first introduced the pumpkin the Squash and Tho Melon to Tho new England Farmer. Last but not least it is to the Indian that Boston owes its baked Beans for the Indian women first cooked them in their Earthern jars for Tho great Council feasts and the original bostonian having been invited to partake did eat was filled and carried a Sample Home to be duplicated by his wife. It is impossible for a Broad and humane Man to join in the cry of Tho Western Cowboy the land Speculator a Detho ignorant adventurer that the Indian is a no Good a cannot be civilized and should be worried to the grave As an outcast. History shows that this race first impressed upon europeans the integrity of Tho Home the right of the people to the soil the Equality of woman in Public councils Anil Faith in the great common weal til of humanity. Is such a race lost or have we ourselves been sadly lost to a sense of Justice and humanity in our treatment of it Nathan Converse raiment of mourning. New York Jan. 24.-hitherto we have considered Only Tho costumes bonnets and wraps which belong to those periods when life May indeed be Quot a fleeting show a but nevertheless one which is More or less cheerful and when the wearers hearts Are Light enough to go through with the everyday routine. But sooner or later there comes to us All a time when we have to realize that death and the grave Are factors not to to ignored in our programme til at Thoro is something besides Sunshine and roses and laughter in each lot. Then it is we Are obliged though reluctantly to give thought to Tho livery of woe to that sombre raiment of Crape and Cash Mere which however May to made stylish and becoming As Well As appropriate to the circumstances of our loss. Quot yes and new York times. A it to were yes and yes were no the world would Topsy Turvy go a veto then would be assent defeat would join hands with Content and War would mean arbitrage it if to were yes and yes were to. Quot if to were yes and yes were to the timid would the Holder grow a Blush of shame would bring Delight and harsh rebuffs would gain the fight the blackest night would then be Light if to were yes and yes were to. Quot if to were yes and yes were to the poor would Harvest weal from woe. For plenty with a sullen face would seek them out in every place Aud ugliness would then be Grace of to were yes and yes were to. A if to were yes and yes were to the weak were Strong the High were Low grim disappointment would be Bliss who won would lose who ult would miss a frown would thus presage a kiss if to were yes and yes were no. A if to were yes and yes were to. Thy scorn would is my Dearest foe thy Coque tries which now i fear would bring thy Day of Conquest near for through thy Wiles id win thee dear if to were yes and yes were no. Shetland ponies. The conventional kind such As you see in pictures. Not the Best. Popular science monthly the conventional Shetland Pony the animal represented in picture books namely about 40 to 44 inches High very tight jointed and with an impossible growth of hair All Over him is just about As bad a Type of this famous race As can Well be imagined. From his build he is generally Short winded and thoroughly impracticable in his paces. A South Mainland specimen on the other hand Long and rakish in build hard grown As the saying is and clean climbed will far surpass his companion in staying Power. One of this Hardy Breed in our opinion the Ideal Shetland Pony has been known to travel from Samburg to Lerwick and Back the same Day with a tolerably heavy Riding weight say66 Miles altogether of extremely Hilly Road. But minor differences apart there Are certain characteristics unfailing tests in their Way with the experienced Ludgey which Goto the Quot make up of a Shetland As distinguished from an Iceland or Faroe Pony a. G., a certain unmistakable breadth of build set of patterns and More particularly. An apathetic air which no other Breed possesses. Your Quot Sheltie is not a Quick animal is inclined to be sleepy rather than otherwise in his is and is a3 a Rule disposed to no More than he can help in the Way of exertion though if put to it great Power of endurance an _ through an immense amount of work for his size. The Iceland variety is All rather in sales and is a3 a Rule disposed to o no More than he can help in the Way of exertion though if put to it he evinces great Power of endurance and will go Ough an immense amount of Wor e. The Iceland variety is Altoga Perior Shorter lived narrower in build and generally fallacious but with All this he is quicker livelier and lacks that air of pensive melancholy which haunts every Shetland Pony. Our advice is to avoid the inferior animal however highly recommended. Their Price is roughly sneaking about Naif that of the she Lander but the Money is ill saved. The average life of an icelander is about 12 or 13 years while the other will live to 25 or even More. The British and the mince pie. New York times Quot i almost wonder a says a lady who passed her holidays in England Quot How our British cousins survive a succession of christmases. They could not i believe if they did not come 12 months apart. The generous preparations in the Way of feasting were a Surprise to to for which even the Well stocked thanksgiving larders of my new England childhood a Nome did not prepare me. Fancy 150 or 200 mince pies by Way of one item this is by no Means an unusual number for an English country family to put in Stock. Many of them of course Are Given away All the children of the Village who come to Tho House to offer wishes for a merry Christmas expect and receive a pie. Quot the pies Are about Saucer size and deeper than the average american pie and what will interest american housekeepers is that they Are made without meat. Minco meat without meat is a Paradox but such is the English compound. It is very Rich however with suet fruit and liquor. An English mince pie is something to remember delicious beyond description. Then the Plum puddings in be made so called English Plum puddings All my life but until i ate of them on their native Heath i did t know the delicacy. Quot these Are made and parboiled fully three months before and Are Hung up in bags till needed. By this method tile Rich ingredients become thoroughly amalgamated and Tho flavor is vastly improved. Tile final cooking occurs the Day of use and the pudding comes to the table piping hot studded with blanched almonds Ana blazing with burning Cognac. A dozen to 15 puddings comfortably carries a family through tin twelfth night. Why they never speak. New Tork Herald America is not Tho Only country in which Fortune tellers flourish. In Europe they also thrive As will be seen by the following incident near Beauvais there lives a family the members of which it is said have never spoken to each other. Several years ago a local sorcerer informed the head of the family that if he and his wife and daughter would keep silence during their lives they would in course of time inherit a Large Fortune. The husband communicated this Happy intelligence in writing to his wife and she informed her daughter and so for several years Tho three lived together dumb As oysters. Recently however the two women found life unbearable under such conditions and resolved to ask the Fortune Teller for permission to use their tongues if Only at rare intervals. At this suggestion the Prophet was inexpressibly shocked but seeing that the women were unable to overcome their natural love of to Quality he finally granted them permission to talk to each other outside the town boundaries. The result in that Tho Mother and daughter continue to keen silence Iii Tho House hut Start every tuesday for Tournay where they enjoy a Long healthy Chat. Tile husband and father remains silent at Home and As lie has not asked the Prophet to show Hun any favors it is evident that he prefers silence to speech. Hei confident also that he will some Day inherit the Large Fortune and this Hope sustains him in his silent solitary ufos. For a Young lady. In the first to have a Graceful costume of Black Henrietta with Lengthwise bands of Crape on the skirt. The coat Basque opens Over a folded Vest with Crape Collar and Pastron. The medium Width cuffs Are also of Crape and fit very snugly about the wrists. For a widow. Tile widows gown is of the finest Cash Mere As it is intended Lor indoor Wear in second mourning. Tho front drapery is in turrets above a plaiting and is headed with minute bows. Bands of Lawn Are worn about the Throat and wrists and the whole effect is bewitching. Redfern. Drowning men. They really do catch at straws and ask for their hats. Detroit free Presa yes a said an old Lake Captain a a drowning Man will catch at a Straw. I have seen Many illustrations thereof. Most people think the old proverb is a Mere figure of speech but it is a living Quot is it True Captain a was asked Quot that the first thing a rescued Man thinks of is his hat a a yes sir a replied the Captain his face lighting up Quot that a a fact too. I have seen it emphasized Many times in the course of my experience. Quot Over and Over again i have been called to the assistance of a drowning Man i we Ould plunge in and Rescue him just let us say at the last instant. Dragged on Tho Dock gasping for breath his voice choked with water the Man if he follows his instincts will As soon As he gains the least degree of strength suddenly Rise from his prostrate posture and stretch his arms towards his head then missing his hat usually lost in the struggle he will cry out desperately pointing to his hat floating Down the River a of save my hat save my hat a a rules for Good health. Herald of health 1. Be regular with your habits. 2. If possible go to bed at the same hour every night. 3. Rise in awake. The morning soon after you Are 4. A sponge Bath of cold or tepid w Ater should be followed by friction with Towel or hand. 5. Eat Plain food. 6. Begin your morning meal with fruit. 7. Done to go to work immediately after eating. 8. Be moderate in the use of liquids at All seasons. 9. It is safer to filter and boil drinking w Ater. 10. Exercise in open air whenever the weather permits. 11. In Valarious districts do you walking in the Middle of the Day. 12. Keep the feet comfortable and Well protected. 13. Wear Woollen clothing Tho year round. 14. See that your sleeping rooms and living rooms Are Well ventilated and that sewer Gas does not enter them. 15. Brush your Teeth at least twice a Day night and morning. 16. Done to worry it interferes with the healthful action of the stomach. 17. You must have interesting occupation Iii vigorous old age. Continue to keep the brain Active. Rest Means rust. Large Clam. Newburyport news James r. Small brought into this office today an Ipswich Clam that takes the cake. It weighed 23 ounces measured 7 a indies Long and 41/ indies across Dammers who have made it a business for Many years say it is Tho largest dam they Ever saw. The prize Story contest. If you Are in arrears when you Send a theory Iii solution of the prize Story you Are not entitled to enter the contest. In ooh at the Date upon the wrapper of your paper and if your subscription has expired please renew immediately. This is important. No answers will be received after tills week. Those troublesome things. To Tbs of Tho Globe in answer to m. 51.1 would Eay onion Joice will cure the worst Cense of chilblains in the world. First soak your feet in hot snit water 25 or 30 minutes crush four or five Large onions in a bag old Linen preferred. The moment you take your feet out of the suit water and dry them rub Aud rub them with the onion Joice. Do tills three times once a week for three weeks. As i said before it will cure the worst Case of chilblains in the world for i Lave had them so bad Mutt i could not walk. Nine years ago an old woman told me to use the onion As Given above and i can Wear As tight a shoe today As any one and i have not had a touch of chilblains since. I do feel so sorry for any one that has chilblains. I Hope that every person in the world May hear of this sure cure. Agues. When the House must adjourn. To the editor of the Globe i list the Senate adjourn sine die on starch 4, As Well As the House of representatives j. No. Tile Senate is a continuous body and can keep continuous session if it chooses. The term of office of the members of tile present House of representatives expires by limitation at noon on the 4th of March next. The House chosen in november lust will not assemble until december unless the president should Convene an extra session which he May do for any Date following March 4.�? in. Low Jack would go out first. To the editor of the Globe in playing Hijii Lov Jack and each Side has but two Points to go does the Side holding High game count out before their opponents who hold Low Jack w. H. A. Another Glossy Way. To the editor of the globs. I submit another valuable recipe for giving gloss to starch bib orate of soda dried16 ounces acacia two ounces mix two teaspoonfuls of this added to a Quarter of a Pound of prepared starch will give Linen a Fine gloss. A. Exercise and a change of diet. To the editor of the Glebe if the sufferer of five years will exercise daily in the open air eat the Best of Grain and fruits oranges dates prunes grapes Graham and Brown bread and eat no pastry no Rich puddings drink no Tea but use freely of any pure Spring water and before retiring drink one half teaspoonful of the following powder dissolved in one half Glass Ful of water he will be much benefited a ounce pulverized Ginger i ounce pulverized Mandrake i ounce pulverized rhubarb mixed. Reader. Sure and immediate. To the editor of the Globe the following will be found a sore cure and immediate Relief for constipation vis pint new Orleans molasses a Pound Best figs chopped Fine i Pound powdered Senna simmer gently together but not dried put into a close Jar dose Sise of a Walnut before retiring use your judgment. This has been tried effectually in Many cases. R. The water that has passed. A Brook Forks just before it enters my land. Five years ago the owner of the adjoining property turned All the water into one of the Brooks causing one to run dry and the other to be overfull. The excess of water in the latter is doing damage tearing away the Banks Etc. Have i any redress r. Yes Yon can compel him to restore the prior condition of things the ubiquitous Pedler. A Pedler induced my wife to take clothes from him and to pay a Little weekly till the amount was paid and left a Hill with amount. He accused us of tampering with the Bill. I told him to take Back the articles which he refused to do and i put him out of my House. He has since called for payment or articles. Can i be made to pay or deliver goods up since we did not sign a contract. Workman. You certainly cannot expect the Pedler to give you goods. You must either pay for them or give them up. Naturalized citizens. Will you please inform me of a foreigner coming to this country under 21 years of age becomes a naturalized citizen when he is 21? 2. How Long must a foreigner reside in this country before he is capable of becoming a citizen if he comes under age a. J. N. 1. If a Young Many a parents have been naturalized he will be a citizen on coming of age of they have not he Mast be naturalized in order to be a citizen. 2. Five years. English Money. E. R. Would like to know Bow she would proceed to get some Money that she was to get when 21 that her father had in the soldiers savings Bank War department London eng. X. X. I should write to the savings Bank for a copy of their bylaws if they have any and state my Case. They will undoubtedly give you directions what to curiosity. What restrictions Are there to a person opening another a letter which has duly arrived through the United states mall the circumstance is As follows miss a receives a letter from a gentleman Friend stating his failure to Call on a certain evening. Her brother b opens the same to find out the contents. Now what measures could be taken against such an offender and How can he be punished c. J. W. The curiosity of the Orother might Cost him a Fine of #500 or imprisonment at hard labor for not More than a year or both. See United states revised statutes Section 8892,_ divorces Etc. 1. Suppose a Man marries in this state and after living with his wife for some time they part and he goes to some other state and marries another woman and be eventually becomes Rich and Dies can wife no. I come and claim his estate and leave wife no. 2 without anything or can no. 2 sue the estate for damages to character and for time she has lost 2. Of husband should not die can wife no. 2 punish him for bigamy and also sue him for damages to character Etc.? 8. Now of a Man or woman in this state should leave bus wife or husband and wife or husband should not Hoar from one another for three years can this Man or woman legally marry again on account of this desertion Georoe w. 1. If he Bas not been divorced wife no. I can claim an interest in the property. 2. He could be punished for bigamy but she would have no redress for loss of character. 3. Not without divorce. Nursery Stock. I ordered from a Nursery agent goods to the value of #2.25, to he delivered at a certain time and was prepared to pay for them. They failed to deliver them for two or three weeks after the time agreed. I was not at Home when they did arrive and the person i left in charge refused to accept them so the agent left them in the Gutter. Can they bring suit or recover the Money for goods i never received k. P. Ii. It seems to me that they have been guilty of negligence and could not recover. Leaving Stock in the Gutter is not delivering it at the designated spot. Minors debts. Please inform a Reader if parents Are not responsible for debts contracted by minor children either with or without their knowledge said parents not Haring advertised or Given other notification to tile Public not to Trust Sui children. M. D. B. Yes if contracted for necessaries or tilings necessary for their station in life. Wants divorce. Please Tell me How to proceed to get a divorce. I murdered existence for 15 years with a Good for nothing husband always supporting myself and child and part of Tho time Ulm on property i inherited. I have not set my eyes on him for seven years. We lived in new York. Ile is there now. I think by not seeing him for five years divorces one in that state does it not i do not like to consult a lawyer for fear 1 4 will Only extort Money Ironi me. Although this lady i3 rather hard upon members of my profession i will Endeavor to give her the Best advice of which i am capable. To amount of absence where the party is known to be alive will give a divorce Here and this is where you must apply unless you have lived together elsewhere. You will have to employ a lawyer and get a regular divorce for desertion and non support. Impertinent meddling. A Little girl was lined Nellie May by her parents. May for Lier Mother Nellie for an aunt but always called May. At 12 years old she was baptized by an episcopal minister. Her Mother being away at the time her father took her to the Church. Her Tallier never being baptised a not allowed to re main and had to Walt in an anteroom but was first naked what Tho child a urine was Aud told Nellie our latest and greatest Premium ofter tie Mammoth cyclopedia. St four volumes. A great and wonderful work containing 2176 pages and 620 Beautiful illustrations pfc Toni trs Mammoth Illo Mulji contains a Complete history of the great american civil War profusely illustrated with numerous anecdotes of the rebellion a Complete history of America from its discovery by Columbus to the present time graphic descriptions of famous Battles and important events in tile history of All nations chronological history Etc., Ete. Floor Anu this great work contain St a Luici Annj. Lives of All the Pree Dentt of the United states from Washington to bar Neon with portraits and other illustrations also lives and portraits or Napoleon boo tarte Shakespeare Byron William Penn. Benjamin Franklin Henry Clay Daniel Webster and famous statesmen authors poets generals clergymen Ete. Foreign products. Illustrate of the culture and preparation for Market of Tea Coffee enoc Olate. Cotton flax hemp sugar Rice Nutmeg Clover Ginger cinnamon allspice Pepper coconuts pineapples bananas prunes dates raisins figs. Olive India rubber Gutta porch Cork camphor Castor Oil tapioca Ste., Etc. Flortan Flira valuable Hunt Send useful Sugges in Hirut a tons to Farmers treating of Field a rope Gates and Fence fertilizers farm implements live Stock raising including the treatment of disease of Domestic animals poultry keeping end Bow made successful and profitable Bee keeping Dairy farming Etc. Edrehi Fatura designs and Plant for bouts cot. A ii Iii lob i us 0. Tages. Barns Aud other outbuildings wit ii valuable suggestions to those intending to build. Pauo Ahalt this great work contains tried and in Uoc Lulu. Tested recipes for almost every dish for breakfast dinner and ten. This department alone being Worth More than nine tenths of the Cook books sold almost innumerable hints helps and suggestions to housekeepers designs and Mugiree Tione for making Many Beautiful things for the adornment of Home in need work embroidery Ste. Hints on floriculture telling How to be successful with All the various plants toilet hints telling How to preserve and beautify the complexion hands Teeth hair Etc., Etc. It tells How to cure by simple yet reliable Home Remelle. Available to every household. Every disease and ailment that is curable this department forming a Complete medical Book the value of which in any Home can hardly be computed in dollars and cents. Invention and discovery. Eating descriptions of great inventions including the steam engine the Telegraph the printing press the electric Light the sewing machine the Telephone the Type writer the Type setting machine the Cotton Gin Etc. The worlds wonders. Beautifully illustrated of the Yellowstone Park Yosemite Valley. Niagara Falls the Alps Paris Vesuvius Venice Vienna the canons of Colorado Mammoth Cave natural Bridge Watkins Glen the White mountains Etc., Eta. Treen to descriptions profusely illustrated of the 11 of clo. Life. Manners customs Peculiar forms rites and ceremonies of All Peoples of the world. In this great work is also described and illustrated the arts manufactures. And processes of printing stereotyping Book bind lithography photography King watch making paper making the manufacture of silk Iron steel Glass Wood engraving Calico printing piano Maklon soap leather starch Wall paper Picard postage Stamps envelope pens pencils Needle and inlay other things. China perfumery turpentine postal car Law. Natural history. 35sssfjsjssa#by lust rations of numerous beasts Birds fishes and insects with much curious information regarding their life and habits. The Mammoth is also a conv plete Law Book telling every Man How he my be i own lawyer and containing full and concite explanations of the general Laws and the Laws of tit several states with numerous forms of Legal Doon meats. Mirt Inow descriptions and illustrations of the rata. Milling Trig of Gold Silver diamonds Coal Salt Copper Lead sine in and quicksilver. Wonders of the sea. Illustrated the Many wonderful and Beautiful things found at the Bottom of the Ocean the Olanta Flowers shells fishes Etc., likewise Pearl diving Coral fishing Etc., Eto. Statistical and miscellaneous. Pita us a amount of useful and interesting information some of which to the population of american cities area and population of Tbs continents of the Stales and territories and of the world. Vote for i. P depth of seas lakes and oceans height of Mono gains locomotion of animals and velocity of bodies height of monuments towers and Petruc tires distances from Washington also from new York to important Points chronological history of discovery and Progress popular sobriquet of american states cities Etc., common grammatical errors rules Tor spelling pronoun Clation and use of capital Wadi Street phrases Commerce of the world curious facts in natural history longevity of animals origin of the names or states and of countries of great works popular fables familiar quotations of Genius and it. A in i us governments territories. And of the principal countries of Tbs. Length of the principal Rivers presidential or 60 years presidential statistics area and plants dying words of famous persons Fate of the apostles statistics of the globs leading of the world Etc., Etc. Special to the readers of the weekly Globe. Our great Premium offer by special arrangement with the publisher of the Mammoth cyclopedia a make Tho following extremely Liberal offer to will Sond the Mammoth cyclopaedia complot in four volumes As above described together with the weekly Globe for one year upon room it of Only $ 1.50. We prepay am postage. Or we will Bend the cyclopedia free postpaid to any one lending be a Sinh of 3 yearly subscribers. Bear in mind that this is no Shear Dollar Oyolo Padia sub As May others offered As a Premium. Oat $ Hawse to work la four vol Tunas with of to paces and too Illast Nattsas. Alay. The minister did not like the Nellie so gave her Cornelia May. She has always been called Nelue May. Her Mother does not recognize the Cornelia. Which is Correct. What her parents Call her or the minister St. M. B. The child a name is Nellte May As her parents named her and which she Bas always been known by. Work of the Snow. Curious methods of extending the sphere of its influence. Charles Morris in popular science monthly Snow has several curious methods of extending Tho sphere of it hostile influence. The comparatively Light snows which fall in oui latitude Are of minor importance Pince they readily yield to the Early Spring sunbeams. They Are in some degree beneficial to the Fertile surface and protective to its More tender annual plants while their Only important Adverse effect is the dangerous flooding of the Rivers due to their rapid melting. But the deep and persistent snows of Northern regions Are far More exhaustive of solar heat and reduce the agricultural seasons of those regions to a dangerously Short period. In their melting also Tho surface air is chilled and winds from the North convey this chilled air far to the South thus spreading widely Over the warmer zones the Frost inducing influence of the melting snows. We have seen How the Tropic heats Are carried toward the poles by winds and Waters. The frigid cold is carried toward the tropics by the same agencies Chil de winds and cold Ocean currents. It is carried by another agent of great importance Tho direct creep of the Snow itself toward the lower latitudes. The Agency has once perhaps Many times produced an extraordinary effect upon the surface of the Earth one far surpassing that of volcanic explosions and lava outflows in its Adverse influence. At present this glacial action is greatly reduced but is still of much importance. _ Happy though a Queen. Little Wilhelmina has dolls and pigeons to love. The Little Wilhelmina. Queen of Holland. As yet thinks Only of her dolls her pigeons and her drives and excursions into the country. A i saw her writes a new York Sun correspondent Quot some months ago at a railway station a tall Well made girl fairly pretty w to was jumping and running about without the slightest regard to a you see that child Quot said the station master. Quot what child a was asked. A that one jumping like a Kitten. Well. She is a Royal one would never have imagined it. She was surrounded by High officials evidently standing on their position and dignity while she was watching the different persons who were getting into the train with an envious air which appeared to indicate a wish to get rid of her attendants to enjoy the same Freedom. Tile child isms educated by a French lady at first mile. Liotard and she spoke entirely in the French language until silo was four years old. Then she Learned other languages but strangely enough never German her father Hay int a horror of All germans. Miss Winter an English lady now replaces mile. Liotard and All lessons Given by the various professors Are always delivered in the presence of miss Winter who has absolute authority. The Little Queen has her military household and her service includes also a Chamberlain professors her governess and other attendants. All this concerns the Queen but Little. Her chief happiness is to work in her Garden and to look after her pigeons which silo loves As much As her dolls. She attends to Lier pets herself. Early hours Are the Rule for the Royal Little lady. She gets up at 7 a. Rn., and at onco goes to kiss her Mother. At 8 Tho first breakfast is served at la the second to p. In. Is the dinner hour. Between 3 a. In. And la a. In. The Queen has her lessons in languages music Ana drawing. After breakfast she talks with her Mother who invariably reads a chapter in the Bible to her and explains it afterwards. Then the Queen is allowed to go into the Garden where she feeds her Birds or rides Hor Pony Ami rows in her boat. In her own room she Lins heaps of Beautiful playthings and Large dolls in Lovely costumes of every kind and design. At to p. In. Queen win Helmina always goes to cd. Wet hair in Winter. Pittsburg dispatch a what a foolish habit some Mon have of putting water on the hair in this kind of weather a remarked one of the Duquesne Barbers yesterday. A Why put water on the hair at All it is done to be sure to make the hair lie Down but it is More of a habit than anything else. The hair can to brushed dry As Well As wet. Quot you it men pm out of Barber shops with the water running from behind their ears. In a few minutes it is changed into icicles. The next Day they complain of earache neuralgia or pain in the Back of the head. Quot do you wonder Why the cause is not deeply hidden. It is not water on the brain this time but ice on the All took Champagne. Sunset Cox s joke on a judge who was willing to stand treat St. Louis Republic a a the late Sunset Cox a said judge Abbott of Texas a was a Man whose love of humor did not find exclusive vent through his facile pen. His merry nature delighted in getting the laugh on some one of his friends and in shall never forget a Little prank he played on my colleague judge Hare. Hare and Cox had struck up a Friendly acquaintance following closely upon the former a entree into the 60th Congress. One Day they chanced to meet about noon in one of the Capitol corridors and Hare invited the new yorker to go Down stairs and lunch with. Him. Quot a much said Cox. A but wont Yon wait on me Nve or ten minutes i must see Al Man on the floor on important business then ill join a a fall right a Saia Hare a ill await you Down stairs and if you see a Friend you1 would like to have bring him along too i Quot into Cox a fun Loving cranium a scheme Straightway crept. He despatched what business he had in a twinkling and then proceeded to Confer with first one congressman and another till at last nine of us followed him out of the chamber and Down into the House restaurant where judge Hare was sitting at a table alone. A rather surprised look came Over the face of the Texas representative when he saw the company Cox had brought. But it vanished in ii moment and he bade us All Welcome in the Heartiest manner. A a a now gentlemen a said he a by Way of an appetizer what will you take Cox who was next to him spoke up without Amo ment s hesitation a ill have a bottle of a bring me a bottle of Champagne also a said Moore. A ditto a ordered Crane and thus it wont around each Man ordering a a Small bottle a until the waiter got Back to Tho eleventh and last Man Tho Host of tile Day who bringing his fist Down on the table with some emphasis said a Why ill take a bottle of Champagne Quot nobody smiled hut when the fluids were disposed of it was a study to note Tho changes of our entertain nor a face As each Man began ordering tile most expensive dishes on the Bill. But things went on swimmingly and hilarity Rose to a great height among to of us at least. Finally the feast ended and Hare beckoning the waiter to him said a i done to know whether in be got Money enough with me to pay this account but bring on your ticket and ill Sci the looked More puzzled than at any time when the waiter came Back saying that there was nothing to pay. I Hon it dawned on him that Sunset Cox had been playing a Little joke and amid roars of laughter from the crowd he protested that Cox should not pay a Farthing. But it had All been prearranged and the statesman Liu Morist got More than the $50 that Tho lunch Cost out of the fun of watching the bewildered looks of the endorse checks on the stub Providence journal at a National Hank wednesday the following conversation occurred to and a visitor presenting a Check just endorsed Quot i see by the papers that Bank officials complain people doing business at their bunks done to know on which end of a Check to endorse it. Now i should think any fool would know Quot which end do you endorse Quot said the cashier. Quot Why this end. Of course a poking an endorsed Check through the wicket. There it was. Wrong of course endorsed on what would be the right hand end when the face of the Check Lay in so that the cashier would have to read the mime backward from the end of the Check he could t see when flied away. Quot its strange a said the official. Quot i Talic a Check when handed in read the face hand it out turning it right and indicating exactly where to write the signature Aud people invariably turn it around reversing tile ends and then write the a Why done to you Tell them it is wrong a Quot Well its our business to be polite and not to Tell people their business you can Tell them through the press if you want to. It we Ould save trouble if they to agents. Please look Over your list of Globe subscribers Aud see that All whose subscriptions have expired renew at once in order not to miss an instalment of the $300 prize Story. All subscriptions Are discontinued promptly upon their expiration and this week quite a number of the globes old friends will miss their Globe because the have not renewed promptly

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