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Boston Weekly Globe (Newspaper) - April 21, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts Yoo med the Globe Only 60 cents por balance of year. Read offer on 4th Page. A pc Holton weekly a lobe. To chs i Riun git Only 60 cents for balance of year. Read offer on 4th Page. Vol. . 16.Boston, tuesday Moening april 21, 1891, Horr is. Shearman. Protection and free Trade Side by Side. Eloquence and argument arrayed by the masters. Enthusiastic adherents hear the Tremont Temple debate. A spirited Tariff debate Between Hon. Roswell g. Horr of Michigan and or. Thomas g. Shearman of new York took place in Tremont Temple last week before an audience which if not Large was intelligent interested enthusiastic and even hilarious. Or. Horr kept up his reputation As a humorist frequently calling Forth shouts of laughter by his original and homely style of speaking. He frequently became personal and advancing to his opponent who sat at the left of the stage made caustic remarks which tickled his sympathizers in Tho audience immensely Ana which were received Good Nat redly by or. Shearman. The latter gentleman was quiet serious and scholarly immediately winning the Good will of Hie auditors Aud making Many telling hits when exposing the alleged fallacies of Many of the protectionist arguments. The most notable feature of the evening was the storm of cheers and applause called Forth unwittingly by or. Shearman by a casual allusion to or. Blaine. The tumult was instantaneous and Long continued subsiding several times Only to break Forth with equal vigor. It was a demonstration that for noise would have been a credit to an audience three times As Large. Or. Horr who opened the debate was warmly greeted and spoke substantially As follows Quot the question which we Pur Cue to discuss is not a new one in the United states. It a been under debate for More than too years. Quot there Are two methods of raising Revenue by Tariff duties. There is no such thing As an absolute free Trade country known in the civilized world. We speak of great Britain As a free Trade nation but she raises every year $100,000,000 by Tariff duties. But she levies her duties on a free Trade plan. Some people object to be called fro a traders. I done to know whether my Friend Here belongs to that or. Shearman no sir. Or. Horr Quot you belong to the free Trade class pure and simple a a or. Shearman nodded. Or. Horr a Tam glad of it. Applause a great Many Mon that i debate with insist on being called Tariff reformers. My Early education was such that when you used Tho word reformers my mind naturally goes Hack to burlier and Melancthon. Laughter and when you mix up an Ordinary tree trader with Martin Luther it tangles to All up. Quot the tree Trade plan which England adopts is this never to Levy any duty on an article which she produces. That is the Tariff for Revenue plan. England levies her duties almost entirely on tobacco Tea Aud or. Shearman Quot and or. Horry a yes sir some on liquor but not on liquor which she makes herself. The protective system is the opposite of that. Our doctrine is to raise duties on articles that we can produce and put such articles As we cannot produce upon the free i applause consequently we and sugar everything except Tho free list. Quot a duty levied on the free Trade plan is a simple tax and is always added to the Price of the article. The mistake our free Trade friends make is that they assume that be cause that is True of a free Trade Tariff it is also True of one on the protective plan whereas the opposite is True. While you always add the Tariff to the Price when you Levy it on an article which you cannot produce yet when you can produce the article the history of this country is that we cheapen the article and the Tariff is not added to the Price. Applause a next we say take articles that we can produce and Levy our duties on them. Our free Trade friends Tell us a done to do that if the free list. It Coffee Tea luxuries on could state it Isnit it great laughter a we say they Are mistaken we do not increase the Price but on the contrary cheapen the article. It is a matter of fact we Are after it is not a Fine spun theory. We have tried our plan and know How it works and after that hang your theory. Laughter Quot to illustrate take one of the articles that the free traders make the most fuss shout common Salt. Quot in 1861 Salt was on the free list and we put on a Tariff of 64 cents a barrel. Salt was then bringing $2.50 at the works where i live in Michigan. If your doctrine is True Salt ought to have gone up 64 cents a barrel. Quot but it did not go up it began immediately to go Down. In 1868 it was Down to $1.40, in 1872, $1.10, and then we reduced the Tariff to 32 cents where it now stands and for the last three years we have sold Between 3,, and 4,000,000 barrels each year in my own state for 50 cents a barrel. Applause and that is barrel and All. The whole business. Laughter and the barrel costs 20 cents so that All we get for our Salt is ,30 cents a barrel and the duty is >2 cents. Have we added it to the Price laughter we Haven to robbed the people on Salt have we Quot but some Good free trader says. Salt must be an Well let us see. I Call upon my Friend to name some article that we have been producing under the protective Tariff that is not cheaper than it was when we began to manufacture it in the United states. Applause Quot some one says a Isnit there a wicked Tariff on hardware a there is a High Tariff on hardware but have we increased the Price of the article Why bless you. These older men Here recollect the kind of cutlery we used to use. Do you recollect every knife we ate with had Sheffield stamped on the Blade do you remember what Clumsy old knives they were you Cut anything with the Edge or the Back. And yet they Cost More Money than the elegant steel goods we now use All Over the United states made in this country. Quot since we put Tariff on wire nails the Price has comedown from $6 to$2.15 Keg. Quot we made last year More Iron and steel than any nation on the face of the Earth. We beat England herself for the first time right under the american Flag. Glory hallelujah. Quot i hey told us if we did not put pulp on the free list we would Rob everybody that printed a newspaper. Tho very men who said so will Tell you today that we have made paper so cheap that they Are almost ashamed to pay their paper Bill. It has goo Down from 12 cents to 3vi cents a Pound. Quot Well they say a take i done to know whether my Friend is an eloquent on clothes As most free traders hut generally they get very touching on clothes. In 1852 i paid ass for a Ault. Quot i can duplicate that suit in any City in this nation today for $10 and get a better suit. My Friend will say. A i can go to England and buy for $7 the very suit which you pay $10 i would rather pay $10 for a suit made in my own country and know that the people whose labor entered into it got wages enough so that they can eat meat any Day. Applause Quot of hut says our Good Friend it is not the Tariff which has cheapened articles. I did not say it was. Brother Shearman will say it is the improvement of machinery applause this marvellous Yankee ingenuity. That is True. But How Are you going to get a Yankee to improve the machine if the Yankee is in Boston and the machine is Over in Manche Sci eng.? applause you have first got to get the machine and the Yankee together. Quot the free traders say we Are flying in the face of the almighty we Are trying to got this country to do something that she cannot naturally do. They Tell us we cannot manufacture Linen because our flax has not the proper Libre. The wicked Mckinley Bill puts a duty on Linen and we Are going to make Linen goods in the United states. A Man named crafts of Minneapolis after the passage of the Bill took two Bales of Minnesota flax across tile Ocean and submitted it to a factory in Ireland and another in Scotland. Quot by some Accident you know the people in the factories supposed that it was flax grown in Russia. They used it and that Man came cack with a certificate from each factory that it was the most elegant Fibre Ever used in that factory. Applause Aud he brought Back the machinery to make Linen. The agent was in new York the other Day and he promised to bring me the first Yard of Linen that come from that factory and i propose to paint the american Flag across it and i am going to wave it Over the Heads of you free traders All Over the United or. Horr went on to present the customary protectionist doctrine a in free raw materials and the advantage of Tao Home a of raft Vious reason that a nation that does no to Wear anything does no to buy Many dry goods. The state of Massachusetts consumes each year More manufactured articles than the entire population of upon his retirement or. Horr was heartily applauded. ,. Or. Shearman who during his poo Nentis speech had listened attentively taxing frequent notes for reference in his own speech received a Hearty greeting upon advancing to the front. He spoke easily and with the air of a Man conscious of the Justice of his cause Only once showing a bit of consternation when his mention of the name of the plumed Knight raised such a storm. Or. Shearman in opening said Quot i am forlorn. A my Friend has set Forth the advantages of the great and wonderful system of Protection. And what have i to offer you instead Quot i have not got anything to give you but free Trade. I do not offer to you any Royal Road to riches. I have nothing to propose except Tho policy which leaves every Man free to make a living As he pleases and to spend Bis Money As he pleases. Englishman who has come Over Here to get the benefits of Protection and been Here six Wooks Quot of Tariff from which All blessings flow of. Tariff that gives to the Labouring Man his wages of Tariff that makes the Workingman to revel in luxury at a Dollar Aud a half a Day laughter of blessed Tariff that enables or. Andrew Carnegie to live in modest retirement at $6000 a Day of Tariff source of All Good things if thou Wert obliterated surely the gods of America would be gone Quot Well my friends there was a time Whan this country had no Tariff Ami it got along Well and prospered. Quot now i will admit that the protective system does protect american labor and that considered As a Protection to labor it is a magnificent Success. Applause. It promotes it in the most effective Way of any system i Ever knew. It makes the labourer to More work for less wages than any system i Ever heard of. Applause every addition to the Tariff is an additional Burden on Tho Workingman. Quot now unfortunately somebody has got to be Rich. There must he accumulations of wealth if we Are to have the advantages f Modem civilization. Quot but it is not just to adopt a system which litigates it in the hands of one or two unless As or. Carnegie does. You it it would be perilous to scatter it a manufacturer after h crease by Aid of of Modem civilization a but it is not just to adopt a Syi concentrates it in the hands or one or two men claim that.----------------�?--------, among the common workingmen who done to knowhow to use wealth. As you pay More for the things you buy of in some Way will get it. You go to has got a Large in the Tariff and ask Loran increase in wages and to will Tell you that wages Are governed by Supply and demand. A Yvell Why Aren t manufactured products governed the same Way Savages is governed by the manufacturer having the right to import foreign workingmen free to compete with the american workingmen. And Why the american workingmen tile right to import the goods he wishes to buy a a but my Friend says that we should have Home markets in order to keep our Money at Home Why europeans done to want your Money. You Haven to got Money enough to pay them for their goods if they did. All they want is your product. A we should have to manufacture or produce articles to pay for what we imported and in that Way free Trade would be an advantage in invigorating production. Quot a i ask is that the manufacturer shall take his hand off the Throat of the american Workingman and let him spend his own earnings Asne and his wife chooses without Congress dictating to them. Quot my Friend says that you have things cheaper now that they Are protected. Well. they have been cheaper yet of they had t been protected for instance 20 Vebarr ago aluminium was Selling at $20 a Pound with no duty on it and there was duty on it until october1mmta it until october 1880, in the meanwhile the foreign manufacturers should have made the Price go up did they the american too. Should not have been Able to manufacture it. Avas he he did manufacture it and it has fallen off in Price in that time from $20 a Pound to $1.50 without any duty. A the reduction in the Price of steel is my mends was due to Rue invention of Henry Bessemer an englishman. Quot there has been a Large reduction in Glass by t that was Ane to the invention of a German a Quot you have had 30 years of Protection on pig Iron. What is the result it has driven out the Industry from new England and today where is the Price of pig Iron it is its cheaper than it was when i about the pig Iron business in Tot 25 c new a 1860. A now my Friend says that he wants to feel that he has an american suit on. Now i know that i pay 80 per cent More Fri an american suit than i pay for an English suit after 20 years of Protection. A suit that would Cost $10 in England costs $18 Here. Probably he would rather pay the ?18 and have an american suit. Arery Well it has he the right to say that every poor Workingman has got to do Tho same applause Quot suppose my Friend employed an English tailor and an English Wool grower to make his coat How would he pay for it he would have to pay some american Workingman to make the things which went Over there in Exchange for that coat. Isnit it As Broad As it is Long Quot the Quantity of goods is increased by free Trade both the Quantity coming into a country end that going out Aud therefore the american Workingman w Ould get great Deal better wages and More for ins Money under free Trade than he we Ould under the Tariff system. Quot last year the Quantity of Ordinary class imported into this country Cost abroad about $1,500.-000�?i quote the figures from the Boston Globe. When the goods got Here to the ports of new York Boston and Philadelphia Uncle Sam said that Glass would have to pay $1,700,000 before it could be admitted to this country�?$200,000 More than the foreigners received for Tho w Hole of it. Quot in conclusion i would say that the argument that the Tariff is not a tax reminds me of a Man whom i see very frequently in new York who almost invariably in the course of conversation with me. Says a i am a proof zionist. Hut i am not a Blank a when you hear any Man say that Tariff is not a tax and that we do not pay the Tariff on goods introduced into this country Vou had better turn around and say to him my Friend i am a protectionist but i am not a Blank a loud and Long continued applause or. Horr again addressed the meeting As follows Quot i am not in the least surprised at the course my Friend pursued. I endeavoured to Lay Down in exact propositions the difference Between Protection and free Trade. Helms taken up the first 40 minutes in generalizing Aud has not met one single proposition that i asked him to explain. Applause Quot achy if you will get the free Trade cobwebs out of your eyes and look Light in your own City there is a firm building an immense factory there to manufacture tin slate. They Tell us that we will never pro uce any tin in Tho United states. There Are two enormous mines working today Over 300 men each Ope in California and one in South Dakota mining tin. Applaud Isnit that awfully wicked a laughter or. Shearman that is under free Trade. Great applause Quot i am tired of this Effort to always denounce everything that is done in the United states. Applause my Friend even went so far As to intimate that labor in the United states is not Well paid on account of oar protective Many voices Quot it is True. It is or. Hong then what is the reason that such an army of men Are flocking constantly from free Trade England coming Over Here to get away from the Good wages Over there cheers and cries of Why. They come to the United states because we nay labor better than it is paid anywhere else on the face of the Globe. Loud applause voices it int so. Or. Hoard then Why done to you go Over there so As to enjoy the enormous wages of free Trade laughter or. Shearman next had his second turn and said Quot i never knew one of my protectionist friends to he Content with the Way in which they Ware met. A a the fact that or. Horr is not contented. Nay Europe. He is mistaken in that. Isay that it is a Bill which will injure us has injured us very much and will injure us much continuously. Quot i am not surprised that the foreigners also complain. No one nation can injure itself wit not injuring other nations. An aise no great nation like this can Altorn on a big drunk which is exactly what the Mckinley Bill is. A Planse and in the course of this drunk we shall waste about $160,000,000 or $200.-000,000 every year in reducing our own production. Quot Hup Poso there is better distribution of wealth in this country than anywhere else As or. Horr said what Lias that to do with it let him crowd this country to Soo to the Square mile As England is crowded and where will he be then with his prosperous workmen applause Quot the distribution of wealth m this country is More unequal than it is in that old Fossil kingdom of great Britain where for 600 years the aristocracy have had the people under their feet. A Carroll d. Alright has investigated As to the Cost of labor in pig Iron and in steel and How much difference do you suppose there is in the Cost of labor Between a ton of steel made in the United states and a ton made in pauper Englan la cents the Cost of labor is less Here than it is in England but the wages arc higher. When the men come hero they do More work and they produce More. The Mills go faster the spindles go faster. They do More work and they produce twice As much for Tho Money and they receive 30 per cent More wages and work longer hours. A we Are going to Cut Down Tho duties about one half Anil then we will see the biggest Boom in manufactures that Ever was soon in this applause or. Horr had to minutes in closing and began a tinder this Mckinley Bill i forgot to state that the protectionists have put sugar on the free in the Mist of Tho applause that interrupted him. Or. Shearman jumped up and Shook ills antagonist warmly i while the audience shouted. Lonist warmly by Tho hand hrs a Deuce shouted. Then or. Horr finished Bis sentence Quot and every free trader in the House and Senate voting cheers after enumerating Many eminent men in the history of the United states whom he said bad been protectionists or. Horr closed saying that the whole substance of or. Shearman a policy was to convince american workmen that $1.10 is More than $1.50 a Day. Or. Shearman closed the debate saying Quot Avell i say a Dollar will not buy anything like As much in this country As it will in England. Quot now in reference to the list of names that my Friend has read off i would say that i can produce an equally formidable array of names of people who were in favor of burning witches. Such a list amounts to nothing. A i Shook hands with him on free sugar because i am an absolute free trader and i see in free sugar not Only Tho death blow of Protection but of Tariff for Revenue As Well t will bring about the Only just system of taxation direct applause at the close several questions were asked the speakers by members of the audience the answers meeting with approval or disapproval according to the Faith of the auditors. Ruin stared him i in the Pace. But he Pound a Way to Avert the threatened financial disaster. Chicago Tribune the waiter was expecting his usual tip and when the Young Man had gathered up All of the change except a dime of course he reached for it. But the Young Man stopped him. A you done to got those now a he said Quot in be got a use for then he reached Down in his pocket pulled oat a Patent pocket dime savings Bank and slipped the Coin into it. Quot sorry for you Charles a he continued. A if i had any Nickels you a get the usual a i so pose replied the Darkey gloomily. Quot those Patent things is mos driving to to ruin. A Qiu Ahter a too much and there ainu to any Mon dimes and i done to git nothing but seckels Aud mighty few of them. But never mind sail. I Kin fix it. I and the next Day lie changed a Bill for the Young Man and gave him $1 in Nickels. Quot mob afraid you d run Short Sal a he said. A a ainu to got a dime in the House. Done to keep Mem no Mon. Can to afford it any Man who shows a pocket Bank in that restaurant now can stay there weeks without seeing a dime. The waiters have got it All fixed. The longest in the world. Re asian a Railroad across Siberia from mask to Vladivostok. New a Ork Tribune Russia is cultivating the arts of peace As Well As those of War. While her agents Are intriguing in Bulgaria and Armenia and her armies massing on the austrian Frontier her engineers Are pressing Forward an Enterprise of far greater import than the dethrone ment of Ferdinand or the occupation of Stai Boul. This is nothing less than the construction of the trans siberian Railroad which has been dreamed of and talked of for years and generally dismissed As an impracticability. That it is however entirely practicable has now been demonstrated. The whole line has been surveyed and the Cost estimated with reasonable accuracy. And during the present Spring the work of actual construction on the longest Railroad in the world will be begun. The Western extremity of the Road will be at the mining town of mask in the Northern part of the province of Orenberg on the Eastern Side of the ural mountains. Russian railroads already extend to Zlatoust on the Western Side of the urals Only 20 Miles from mask and a connecting line Between the two towns will soon to built. From mask the Road will runt Chelab Ink 64 Miles thence to Tuka Linsk crossing the Irish River to a cask to the River Tom a Branch of the Obi 887 Miles thence to Krasnoyarsk. To kans to Niini Oudi Uski on the upper Tun Goose River tile chief Branch of the Yenisei 760 Miles thence up the River to Irkutsk 322 Miles thence around the Southern end of Lake Baikal to we Osoffsky pier 194 Miles thence Northeast to sri Atinsk on the Sheika River oho Miles thence along the a Moor River to the Junction of the ussury where it will Cross Tho Moor and run in alms pc i a. Straight line Southwest to Vladivostok on the sea of Japan 1780 Miles. The total length from mask to Vladivostok is thus 4785 Miles or nearly twice that of the can Adian Pacific Railroad. The country through which this route runs is on the whole favourable to Railroad build ing. It is generally Well populated. Much of it is phenomenally Rich for agricultural purposes and the vast of it is equally Rich in metals. Excellent Timber is plentiful and there is no Lack of water. There will be some Bridge buckling and some Mountain tunnelling. Hut there will also be hundreds of Miles across Plains where scarcely any grading is required. The estimated maximum Cost including surveys grading building stations rolling Stock and indeed everything needed for the construction and equipment of the Road ranges from $33,450 per mile from mask to Chelyabinsk to $08,900 on the Short Section around Lake Baikal and of the whole Road $183,825,000, a Large sum but How Small in comparison with the Cost of a War with the triple Alliance. This route it will be observed entirely ignores and Abandons the magnificent project of an Americo Asiatic Railroad system with its two great divisions in conjunction at Behring Strait. Tho Pacific terminus is thousands of Miles from the shores of that Strait to which desolate Region no Railroad is Likely Ever to make its Way. The Road will Cross three of the four great Rivers of Siberia securing the already enormous Commerce thereon. And it will place the whole Northern Frontier of the chinese Empire at the mercy of Russia whenever the conflict for the Mastery in Eastern Asia is precipitated. Indeed the commercial Industrial and political possibilities which the Enterprise brings into immediate contemplation Are indescribably great so great As to Dwarf by comparison All plans of russian Conquest in the Balkans in Armenia and in Iran. It is Ann Enkoff the Engineer rather than any of her generals who will make the greatest Mark on the current pages of russians history. _ he excelled. Chicago Tribune. J Quot always strive to Excel my said the Wise old Man patting him on the Back a and it will Lead you to Success in the Bright Little fellow never forgot the injunction. When he grew to manhood he became the most skilful counterfeiter in the country and he died in prison greatly lamented in financial circles. Change of programme. New York weekly wife the gossip sewing society meets this afternoon and ill run Over fora couple of hours ii you think you can keep the baby quiet. Smart husband who Hurt a Fly a of ill do it. Ill keep him quiet if i have to choke Ifer on second thoughts i Don t believe i feel like sewing this afternoon. Lets go to the Park. Italy must wait for regular processes of Law in Louisiana. Or. Blaine beeline to be hurried and is Xot sure indemnity will be paid. Sex senator Ingalls indulges in some of his Plain talk. Washington april 15.�?the following is the correspondence Between Secretary Blaine and Hie italian government since the Secretary a note to Marquis Imperial acknowledging notice of Baron favas departure Royal legation of Italy i Washington april 2. 1891. I in. Secretary of state i hasten to acknowledge Hie receipt of the note which your excellency did to the Honor to address me of the 1st inst., Iii reply to that w hereby Baron fava informed you of his departure on leave. I have Laid Tho contents of your excellency a aforesaid note before the government of the King and his excellency the president of Tho Council his majesty a minister for foreign affairs has just directed me to address Tho following communication to you Quot tile government of the King of Italy has asked nothing beyond Tho prompt institution of judicial proceedings through the regular channels. It would have been absurd to claim the punishment of Tho guilty parties without Tho warrant of a regular judgment Quot the italian government now repeats Tho same demand. Not until the Federal government shall have explicitly declared that the aforesaid proceedings shall lie promptly begun can Tho diplomatic incident to considered As closed. Quot meanwhile his majesty a government takes note of Tho declaration whereby the Federal government recognizes that an indemnity is due to tile families of Tho victims in virtue of the treaty in Force Between the two i have therefore the Honor to bring the foregoing to the know ledge of your excellency and i Avail myself of this occasion to offer you or. Secretary of state the assurances of my highest and most respectful consideration. Feigned Imperiali. His excellency tames g. Blaine Secretary of state. Department of state a Ashington april 14, 1891. The Marquis imperials charge d affaires etc., Etc sir i have the Honor to acknowledge Tho receipt of your note dated thursday april 2,1891. It contains a second Telegram from the Marquis Rudini a part of which i Here quote Quot the government of the King of Italy has asked nothing beyond the prompt institution of judicial proceedings through Tho regular channels. It would have been absurd to claim the punishment of the guilty parties without the warrant of a regular judgment. A the italian government now repeats the same demand. Not until Tho Federal government shall have explicitly declared that the aforesaid proceedings shall be promptly begun can the diplomatic incident be considered As this government certainly had no desire whatever to change the meaning of the Marquis rudim�?T8 Telegram of March 24. It was delivered at the state department by Baron fava in person written in his own hand expressed Iii Tho English language. The following is the full text of the Telegram Quot rom March 24,1891, italian minister Al Ashington our requests to Tho Federal government Are very simple. Some italian subjects acquitted by Tho american magistrates have been murdered in prison while i Index the immediate Protection of the authorities. A your right therefore to demand and w to ninth punishment of the murderers and an indemnity for the victims is unquestionable Quot i w ish to add that the Public opinion in Aly is justly impatient and if Concrete revisions w Ere not at once taken i should and myself in the painful necessity of showing openly our dissatisfaction by re calling the minister of his majesty from a country where he is unable to obtain Justice. Signed from a the words underscored Are precisely those which i quoted in my former note and i am directed by the president to express the satisfaction of this government with the very material qualification of the demand made by Marquis Rudini on behalf of the italian government. You quote in your note another part of Marquis Rudini s Telegram of april 2, in these words Quot meanwhile his majesty a government takes note of the declaration whereby Tho Federal government recognizes that an indemnity is due to Tho families of the victims in virtue of the treaty in Force Between Tho two countries of the Marquis Rudini will carefully examine my note of april la he will discover that i did Xot a recognize that an indemnity is due to the families of the victims in virtue of the treaty in Force Between the two what i did say was in answer to Baron favas assertion that the United states government refused to take this demand for indemnity into consideration. I quote my reply the United states so far from refusing has distinctly recognized the principle of indemnity to those italian subjects who May have been wronged by a violation of the rights secured to them under the treaty with the United states concluded feb. 26, 1871. The Marquis Rudini May he assured that Tho United states government would recompense every italian subject who might Quot be wronged by a violation of a treaty to Winch the Faith of the United states is pledged. But this Assurance leaves unsettled the important question whether the treaty has been violated. Upon this Point the president with sufficient facts placed before him has taken full time for decision. He now directs that certain considerations on the general subject to submitted to the judgment of the italian government. As a precedent of great value to Tho Case under discussion Tho president recalls the conclusion maintained by or. Webster in 1851. When lie was Secretary of state under president Fillmore. The right to judicial remedy which or. Webster assured to the Spanish subjects is likewise assured to he italian subject. The right is specially guaranteed in the second Section of the third article of the Constitution. And As or. Webster Points out the resident alien has a privilege which is denied to the citizen. The widows and children if the citizens who lost their byes by mob violence May sue the leaders and members of the mob Only in the courts of the state of Louisiana while the widows and children of the italian subjects who suffered death have Tho right to sue each member of the mob not Only in the state courts but also before the Federal tribunals for the District of Louisiana. Provision is made in the revised civil code of Louisiana for redress of such grievances As the widows and children of the victims of the mob May plead. I quote the government of the United states would feel justified in resting on the argument and conclusion of or. Webster if the mob of March 14,1891, did not in some of its characteristics differ from Hie mob of 1851. But it is due to entire Candor due to this government and due to tile government of Italy to Point out certain differences of which the government of Tim United states is honorable bound to take notice. In the Case of Tho mob of 1851, or. Webster asserts that Quot no personal injury was offered to any one that Quot Tho police and other Legal authorities did All that was possible to preserve the Peaco and arrest the rioters that a the Moo acted in the heat of blood and not Iii pursuance of any pre de termino plan or purpose of injury or insult that a the Mon was composed of irresponsible persons the names of none of whom Are known to the government or the United states nor so far As tile government is informed to its officers or agents Iii new As promptly As possible after the lamentable occurrence at president directed tile attorney general to cause through his department a full inquiry to Bai made into All facts connected therewith and solicited his opinion whether any criminal proceedings would lie under the Federal Laws in the Federal courts against persons charged w Ith the killing of italian subjects. He has not yet received the official report. If it be found that a prosecution can be maintained under the statutes of the United states the Case will be presented to the next grand jury according to the usual methods of criminal administration. But. If it shall be found a seems probable that criminal proceedings can Only be taken in the courts of Louisiana Tho president can in this direction do no More than to urge upon the state officers the duty of Fly bringing the offenders to trial. A done in his Telegram to the gov promptly this was it error of Louisiana As Early As the 15th of March. Of it shall result that Tho Easo can to prosecuted Only in the state courts of Louisiana and the usual judicial investigation and procedure under the criminal Law is not resorted to it will then to tile duty of Tho United Statos to consider whether some other form of redress May to asked. It is understood that Tho state grand jury now investigating the affair and while it is possible that the jury May fail to present indictments the United states cannot assume that such will be Tho Caso. The United Statos did not by treaty with Italy become the insurer of the lives or property of italian subjects resident within our territory. No government is Abler however High its civilization however vigilant its police supervision however severe its criminal code and however prompt and inflexible its criminal administration secure its own citizens against violence promoted by individual malice or by sudden popular tumult. The foreign resident must he Content in such rates to share the same redress that is offered by the Law to the citizen and has no Ju-1 cause of complaint or right to ask the interposition of i a country if Tho courts Are equally open to him for the redress of his injuries. Tho treaty in the firsts second third and notably in the 23d articles clearly limits the rights guaranteed to the citizens of the contracting Powers Iii the territory of each to equal treatment and to free Access to Tho courts of Justice. Foreign residents Are not made a favored class. It is not believed that Italy would desire a More stringent construction of her duty under tile treaty. A Here the injury inflicted upon a foreign resident is not Tho act of the government or of its officers it is believed that no claim for indemnity can justly be made unless it shall to made to appear that Hie Public authorities charged with the Peaco of the Community have connived at the Gunlaw i us act or having timely not Cerf Tho threatened danger have been guilty of such Gross negligence in taking the necessary precautions As to amount to Connivance. Of. Therefore it should appear that among those killed by the mob at new Orleans there were some italian subjects who were resident or domiciled in that City agreeably to our treaty with Italy Aud not in Viola thin of our immigration Laws and who were abiding in the peace of the United states and obeying the Laws thereof Ami of the mate of Louisiana arid that Hie Public officers charged with the duty of protecting life and property in that City connived at the work of Tho mob. Or upon proper notice or information of tile threatened danger failed to take any Steps for the preservation of the Public Pence and afterwards to bring Hie guilty to Inal the president Woald under such circumstances Foci that a Case was established that should to submitted to Tho consideration of Congress with a View to Tho Relief of the families of Tho italian subjects who bad lost their lives by Lawless violence. Accept sir Tho renewed Assurance of my High consideration. Jambs g. Blaine John James Ingalls. The victims were incorrigible enemies of social order. New York april 16.�?truth today publishes the following on the shooting of the new Orleans italians from the pen Tex senator John James Ingalls the massacre of the prisoners was ferocious truculent Savage and deplorable but the blow fell upon its victims not because they were italians but because they were the incorrigible enemies of social order and the safety of the state. Mob Law is bad but some things Are worse organized and premeditated assassination for plunder or revenge protected from punishment by Servile courts and venal juries is worse. When it is demonstrated that property Liberty and life Are no longer secure under the Ordinary administration of Law. The right of Solf preservation remains to a Community As to ail individual and Iii their extemporaneous execution of the italian outlaws the people of new Orleans had the sympathy and the open or tacit approbation of toe entire country. I he action of the italian government recalling Baron fava in Advance of judicial inquiry by the authorities of Louisiana and demanding assurances of reparation and indemnity from the government of the United states before any liability had been ascertained was petulant Aud undignified. For ignorance of Tho dual methods the centripetal and centrifugal forces of the Constitution the Marquis i Rudini might be excused when it is remembered that so Many of our own citizens Are unfamiliar with the provisions of our organic Law but the suggestion of its amendment to the american minister if made As reported was offensively impertinent. Had the Marquis been better acquainted with our history lie would have known that since 1865 hundreds of american citizens have been murdered in Louisiana without accusation or punishment Ami the proposal of either an amendment or a statute to Confer upon the United states Tho right to protect its own subjects has been rejected Usa superfluous and unwarrantable interference with the reserved rights of Tho states under Tho Constitution. A government that permits its own citizens to he butchered in cold blood without inquiry and without protest cannot to expected to exhibit special concern about an occasional homicide of a disreputable italian alien. The diplomatic incident is like an operatic rehearsal with its cheap hero aint its tawdry chorus. It vividly recalls Quot general Bourne As he swagger goggle eyed with rub Cund nose and dyed Mustache across the stage and declining the tendered Courtesy of the snuff Box discharges his pistol into the flies and inhales the sulphurous smoke from the muzzle with convulsive snorts of Savage satisfaction. The italian government is in the position of a gentleman who supposing there is a chair behind him sits Down upon tile floor. The spectators Are compelled by politeness to express concern but it is with difficulty that they restrain their mirth. The Marquis can now get up and dust himself at his Leisure. There Are honorable exceptions but the bulk of italian immigrants would make Good strangers. Ave have Organ Grinders scissor sharpeners assassins Street pedlar. Thugs professional Lazzaroni and habitual ruffians enough for the present. The Supply exceeds the demand. One Mulberry St. On this con tin wit is sufficient i the month of Mardi 7369 italians landed in the United states and of this number it is a conservative estimate that 7360 were superfluous and could have been Well spared. They will largely reinforce the dependent dangerous and criminal classes. They have no sympathy with our political ideas. They Are ignorant and do not desire to learn. They Are vicious and devoid of the instinct to Reform. They Are do tailed without the capacity for reformation. Reared in squalid Beggary compared with which the condition of Ilia average inmate of an american almshouse is Sybaris in and splendid luxury they contaminate our social system with irremediable virus and add unknown elements of perils to the already dubious problem of reconciling individual Liberty with self representative self government. There is no blood Poison so fatal As adulteration of races. The theatrical recall of Baron fava and the painted menace of the Duillo and the i Panto accentuate and emphasize Tho formidable and startling statistics of immigration. During the month that contributed 7369 italians to our population Germany sent 7087 great Britain Aud Ireland 4386 Hungary. 3589 Austria. 3484 and Russia 2923 the addition in four weeks was 29,-338, and in a Short time the adults will be voters assisting in the decision of questions of finance taxation Tariff suffrage Domestic and foreign policy of whose rudiments they have no More Conception than an infant has of the geometrical properties of tile Block with which it plays. We have crossed the danger line and every hour increases Tho peril. An enormous majority of our tramps paupers and criminals the tenants of our prisons asylums and giblets our drunkards. Felons and harlots the disturber Aud corrupter of elections marauders incendiaries bullies Aud burglars Are of foreign birth the offal garbage and Carrion of fallen and fetid races. Public opinion is aroused As at no other time to the necessity of limiting immigration and of so reforming our naturalization and suffrage Laws As to exclude rigidly this foreign Fecu Lence to extend the naturalization period to not less than to years and to limit the right of full suffrage to completed citizenship. Aside from the moral and political Point of View tile people perceive the delusive mockery of the demand for tile Protection of american labor while the american labourer is subjected to a degraded and Dis Cli on level and in Compa a Tion of self respect. Honorable Competition which reduces wages. Do a Anions Hon compatible with the preserve to starvation level and permits no com ave Are not inhospitable but a nation like any other Host has the right to select and invite its own guests. The intelligent industrious foreigner capable of self support who renounces allegiance because lie loves Liberty and aspires to become an american citizen will be Welcome to break bread with us and share Salt but there is no room at the Board for the mafia the habitual criminal Tim professional pauper and the Follower of the red Flag. Strongest candidate. Springers Choice for next presidential race. Harrison Menard by Mckinley a strength in Republican conventions. Cleveland s Silver letter weakening but not necessarily fatal. Washington april 19. Representative Springer of Illinois Iii talking about political events today said Quot the Farmers Alliance continues to be an unknown Quantity. Quot it has developed recently that certain politicians Are scheming to get control of the Alliance for he purpose of using it for Tho Republican party which is now in a hopeless minority. Quot i Don t want to cast any reflections on president Polk of Tho Alliance for he has been identified with the banners for years but Thole is a class of politicians who think they soc an Opportunity to get on top. And they arc ready to us that organization in the interest of the Republican party. Quot a Hether there will to a third party in the Field in�?T92 i am unable to Sav. But there is no doubt that Tho republicans want the Alliance in the Field. Quot the republicans Hope that Tho Alliance will draw off enough votes from the democrats in the South Aud West to give Thorn tile republicans the elections by a plurality Vole Quot however at this time the strength of the Alliance cannot be figured on Ana no one can Tell what party would be the greater sufferer in the event of a third party Quot Arhat do Yon think of the situation in Ohio a Quot politics in the Buckeye state Are of a somewhat mixed character. If Tho democrats get together and Bury the Hatchet tile chances of carrying the Stato this fall arc decidedly Iii their favor. Quot there is no question but that Mckinley will be Tho Republican candidate and of course his nomination will Force National issues to Tho front of the Tariff is made the Issue it will solidify the democrats and Campbell if he is nominated will i think be re elected. Quot it will be interesting to know what Mckinley will say about the reduction in Hie Price of sugar which followed Tho removal of the tax on that article. The people have been taught by the republicans that the Tariff cheapened the Price of the article and lie Nee when the Tariff was removed from sugar the people expected the Price to to up. Hut instead the Price fell. Perhaps Tho workingmen of the country will want to know what is the matter with the protective Tariff. Quot now if the Tariff on Wool was removed the Price of imported woollens would fall Ami Thero would be a greater demand for woollens and Tho business of our manufacturers would be increased. You will find that with hic reduction of Tho Price of sugar the consumption of the article will he largely increased. Quot i think or. Harrison will be renominated but should Mckinley make the race in Ohio this fall and be elected he would be a Strong Man in Tho National Republican convention and lie would in my judgment. Carry off the nomination. A who will he the democratic candidate in �?T92? Avoli that is a hard question. If the convention had been held last summer prior to Cleveland a Silver letter the sex president would have been nominated beyond a doubt but now a change of sentiment has Corno Over Tho scene hut if or. Cleveland is Tho Choice of the democrats in Tho country in �?T92 lies la to nominated. Quot i think or. Flower will to nominated for governor of now York and should he be elected to that office by a phenomenal majority he would he a Strong candidate and would probably be nominated. Quot i Ain for the Man who will be the strongest candidate and Tho Man nominated will receive the Loyal support of Tho democratic a Republican Messiah. Harrison a tour for the salvation of his party in the South. Washington april 19.-Southern politicians who Liao been watching events say that the main object of Harrison strip to the Houth is to Sec if Thoro Are not enough White republicans in that Section to build up a More Active party machine than exists at the present time. Signs Are riot wanting to indicate that Harrison is already Iii the Field to catch Tho Southern delegates to Tho next convention and thus prevent them from going to any of his rivals. Sherman has a1 ways been Strong in Tho South and if he should be an avowed candidate lie would doubtless be Able to control a Good Many Southern votes. Blaine has also a Largo Southern following and his presence in Tho convention would make it extremely dangerous for any other candidate so far As tile southerners Are concerned. Alger it will to remembered manipulated the southerners very successfully in Tim last convention and it is understood from his friends that to has not been bile during All these months Wilile he has been travelling about Tho country. The Southern Delegate while to is very Apt to Promise his support to a candidate cannot always be relied upon to deliver the goods at the critical time As John Sherman discovered in Chicago in �?T88. Had it not been for Alger having broken into Sherman a Southern ranks Tho latter would undoubtedly have been the nominee. The South As usual will Send a Good Many negroes to the convention and tile Southern negro can to easily purchased at least that is Tho experience of every politician who has had anything to do with them. President Harrison it is said realizes this and is trying to strengthen the party in the South by Tho addition of White men to it and especially to get them to take the control. To believes that if this can be done there will be a Chance for republicans in the South and that naturally to will profit by this accession of new blood. Nearly a Hundred a head. Washington april 19.�?consul general new of London in a report to the department of state on Tho Commerce of great Britain says the total value of imports into the United kingdom in 1889 was $2,138,-187,975, and exports $1,573,528,705. Or together a total Trade of $3,711,716,680. The imports and exports both exceed those of any previous year and were in till Norpor Tion of $98.12 per head of population of the Sumner a sense of official obligation Quot the records show that save when kept away by illness caused by Brooks blows Sumner never missed a Roll Call he never read newspapers in the Senate never allowed any one to write his name on a Frank never would lunch in Tho Capitol and if any one brought for his signature a paper not connected with his senatorial duties he would refuse to sign it. Quot oho Day a lady from Boston asked me the suns informant to take photographs of senator Sumner and senator Matt Carpenter to those gentlemen and ask for their autographs. Knowing bin nor a habits i demurred but the lady said she was to leave town by an afternoon train and could not wait to Call on Tho senator at his hotel. So i said i would try. A going Down on the floor of the Senate i handed the photograph to Sumner and told the Talo of the Boston lady a admiration of her Early departure and All that. Sumner took the photograph held it out at arms length looked at it critically Anil then handed it Back to me saving i do not recognize the picture a Price five cents. Battles that were decisive. Her easy a 15 decisive Battles Are Marathon by. C. 490 Syracuse b. C. 413 Arbela. B. C. 331 me Taurus b. C. 207 Teuteberg a. I. 9 Chalons 451 Tours 732 Hastings 1066 Orleans 1429 the defeat of the Spanish Armada 1588 Blenheim 1704 Pul Towa 1709 Saratoga 1777 Valmy 1792 Waterloo. 1815. Be these might be added says the Sun Philippi b. Of. 42 actinic is capture of constantinople a d. 1453 capture of Granada 1492 Battle of the Boyne 1690 Culloden 1746 pla3sey, 1757 Montreal 1776 Yorktown. 1781 Chippewa. 1814 new Orleans 1815soiferino, 1859 Gettysburg 1868 Alsen 1864 Sadowa. 1866 Sedan 1870 capture of Plevna 1877. If these Battles had gone differently the history of the world would have had to be written differently. Of course there have been other important Battles but they have had to such effect on the worlds history As these. An investment Chalwill double in 2 months paying dividends april and october. Stock of the a Ala. Investment and development company. Capital Stock 94,500,000. Sham Kio Park full paid and subject to no a�sea5ment. Hon Benj. F. Butler of Massachusetts Hon. James w. Hyatt late treasurer of u. S. Directors. President treasurer Gen. Bxs. F. of . Hon. Loess h. Root. Of Arkansas. Hon. A. U. In Vul a extra ii. Of 6. 8., of neb. Hon. Jam. W. Or att sex Trees. Of b. 8., of Conn. Tho. U. Slum i re. 17th Ward Hank Brooklyn n. Y. L. Al. Sax Foko tres. Bank of new cantle of kor. K. I. . Secretary Thomson Houston by Trio co., Boston. Mum. C. W. Per kids Cash. Mass. Natl Bank Bonitta Mas. Geo. C. Schofield pres. N. Y. Contract Ca. In new York. Hon. Ions b. Gonnon sex governor of Georgia. Hon. To Likht l. Tatlor sex nov Morof Tennessee. Hon j. La. Of Hakob sex governor of Bito. Hon. Bien. Ii. Kuti omit exp. S. Printer of Washington a. Hon. K. P. A ask supt. Concord a Montreal Rall Road of new Hampshire. Hon. I. C. Hee Villa of new York n. Y. Advisory Board. E r. . . Treasury Washington Ilc. I is vat Fec How a Xor. Member n. Y. Stock it change new York. La k Kooi a cashier first National Bank Little Rock Ark. F. Y. Us finry of. President first National Bank Kearney neb. Suffolk Trust co., Transfer agents Exchange building Boston mass. Tue property of the company consists of first. 8000 City hots or 9023 acres of land in his dry of Tallapoosa Haralson county Georgia the residue rein lining unsold of 2500 acres on the Centre or which the City was originally built. Present value 81.084.7 13. It Uco x ii. 258 acres of valuable Mineral land adjacent to the City of Tallapoosa All located within a radius of six Miles i rom the Centre of the City. Present value $122,900. Till Ris. The issued capital Stock of Hie Georgyi. Tennessee a Illinois Railroad company chartered for the purpose of building a Railroad from Tallapoosa ga., to Stevenson Ala., 120 Miles that will net the company nearly $2,000,000 of the capital Stock of Railroad paving 7 per cent dividends. Toil Rte. The nil Lapomo Furnace on Tho line of the Georgia padded Railroad in tire cd to of Tallapoosa �?tbe said Furnace Belue of 60 tons capacity manufacturing the highest Grade of cola and to blast charcoal oar wheel Iron. Present value $060,000. Fifth. I he Piedmont Glass works situated on the it no of the Georte in so tale rail rend. In the Etty of Tallapoosa Ca., sail Plant Belue 12-pot Furnace capacity and manufacturing Funt Glaza Tias Al and prescription Ware. Present value 8100,000. There Ace already located on the property of this company in the City of Tallapoosa 2800 inhabitants 2000 of whom Are Northern people who have settled in Tallapoosa within the last three rears 632 houses 16 industries and 40 business houses schools churches waterworks electric lights $76,000 hotel and new manufacturing industries building. The income of the company will he derived principally from six sources first. Earnings of its manufacturing establishments now in operation and to be built now $76,236,04 yearly. Simono. Yearly rentals of its farming lands Anil sales of Timber in a stumpage Quot estimated $3000 til Iris. Soles of tis City lots in Tallapoosa ga., for improvement and investment estimated $260,000 von Slyh fourth. Working of its mines and quarries by themselves or on Quot royalties Quot estimated $10,000 yearly. Fifth. Profits on Mineral Timber and town Situ option and purchases on line of Georgia Tea new Sce a Illinois it. It. Estimated $50,000 yearly. Sixth. Earnings of Stock of Georgia Tennessee a ruinous r. R. Estimated $186,409 yearly. Total estimated yearly income of Oompaul after constr Otien of Railroad $525,833.04. Total estimated yearly income of company prior to const notion of Railroad $330,235.04. Fun 1xctpa i. Absolutely secure under any circumstances. I Viren of nearly 7 per cent., on present Selling Price paid in april. Froh arc Litt of much larger dividend in oct Olier increasing rapidly there after. Certa1.vty of a very rapid Advance in the intrinsic value and Selling Price of the Stock itself. Present Price of no Pun in. Ibe the Stock i 0.ub in i Iii Only a limited amount offered at this Price and subject to Advance without notice. The directors of the Heo r�1 Arah i itvvf.kt5ff.xt air develop me sur vol pan v lift pc decided to offer to the Public Roc i Short time Only a limit a Cim ant it the j Treasury bid of the company it 83.60 pc. Altars Par a Rte -10.00. This Stock is Luu Oxild. Und subject to no future assessments under any Alnus Slomie. The property on which it is bused is owned absolutely by the company without indebtedness deferred payments and the present earnings of the plums Aioli Ara sufficient to pay ii 2 per cent. Annual dividend of the cup ital Stock Par value this is equivalent to Over 0 Ber cent. Dividend on $3.50 per Shire the present Price it which the Stock is offered Fridde from the receipt from Sale of City lots. Ona million dollars of tile $4,600,000 capital Stock h is Bon placed in Hie ire Surv of the company for tile future development of los properties and the enhancement mid Protection of the Meres. Of the Stock holders. It is the stated policy of Tho directors of the company to pay Semi annual dividends of at least i per cent on the Stock Par value. These dividends can Row Dily be to 1 from he present to Sod earnings of t a manufacturing properties alone without the Sale of any of he real estate owned by Tho company or income from other sources. The dividend fund however will lie largely augmented by the re cent s from the Aile of City lot rents leases clo., and the dividends will i increased is fast As the naming of the company from its various sources of income and Aal is of City lots will warrant. Under the plan of Hie organisation of tip not Nanny nil receipt from the Sale of the treasure 9tock of the company now offered Are expended at once for improving Aud developing the property of the company. Increasing us assets to Lite extent of the amount received. The entire properties of the company being paid for in full All Tho receipts from the Sals of City lot porn once to the dividend fund of the it oui any in addition to Tho earnings of its manufacturing Sta lilith went in operation and los income from other source. The Stock of that Trapany will not Only Carn dividend i for the investor Bur will increase rapidly in the Market value with Tho development of the i o in puny s propel. Money invested Iii this Stock is As Safe us in Tbs in ving Punk will Emu much larger interest and Stock purchased at $3.60 Lier share now will Cert duly Tim ready purchasers at 85 p o share in a Short time. The Stock win he la std on both the new York and Boston consolidated seek exchanges. Orders for stocks will be filed As received in any amount from one a hire Onward As it is desired to have is Many Small holders in All sections of the country As possible who will by their interest in Tho company influence emigration to Tallapoosa Anil Advance the Lut Rejis of Tho company. The total receipt from sole of Treasury Stock of the company from monday Moi Tilisi to Friday us gift March i 0 to s3, inclusive a lava when the fruits for Book were cloak for payment of april dividend were Over $65,006. Every Dollar of i Money is of pen ii of to Sii cur new manufacturing establishments and improvements at Tallapoosa on., Aud not for Purchase Money a Lite property of the company Tva paid tar by full at the time of its organisation. Or $20 Par value of Stock. Ohe oks for the april or 40 Par value of Stock dividend which includes or too Par value of Stock Only earnings of the or 200 Par value of Stook. Manufacturing Stab or 300 Par value of Stock Lis Monta owned by the or 603 Par value of Stock. Company and receipts or 1033 Par value of Stock from the Sale of City or 1500 Par value of Stock. Lots Ware mailed from or 3000 Par value of Stock. April i to april 15. Prospectuses and Mike checks drafts or Money orders payable to $7 will Purchase 2 shares 14 will Purchase 4 shares 35 will Purchase to shares 70 will Purchase 20 shares 105 will Purchase 30 shares 2 so will Purchase 80 shares 350 will Purchase too shares 525 will Purchase 150 shares 1050 will Purchase 300 shares address All applications for Stock and Hon. James w. Hyatt tress., . Investment amp development co. Late treasurer of Hie United Staios Glode building 244 Washington St., Boston mass. Southern offices Tallapoosa Haralson county a. Hew York offices la Wall St., rooms 31 and 32. Boston offices 244 Washington St., rooms 8, 9 and to. Philadelphia office room 944 Drexel building. Chicago office room 720, insurance Exchange building. R7�?o80-Page illustrated prospectus of Tallapoosa Stock prospectus of company and plat of City with Price list of building lots mailed free on application from Boston office of the company where All communications should be addressed. Tile direct result of the excursion of too to Tallapoosa that returned fab. 27 was 20,0oo share of Treasury Stock of the company sold a 15-ton ice Plant a clothing factory employing 50 hands. Woollen Mills employing 75 hands a Canning factory a Wagon factory employing 600 hands a $500,000 Cotton Mill an Industrial building 200 feet Long utilizing the water Power of the Tallapoosa River for furnishing electric Power for Small manufacturer to is located in Tho banding a $75,000 company to build a logging Road to the Timber South of Tallapoosa and bring ii there to be worked stove works employing Iso hands All of which wore inaugurated in the party with excellent prospects of consummation and several of them definitely arranged for and entire capital subscribed and the endorsement of the Enterprise by every one of the excursion lists. Hungry gaunt and Gray. Wolves come again to worry Maine Farmers five or six packs seen in the Eastern part of the state. Bangor. Me., april 15.�?about a year ago considerable excitement was occasioned in Maine by Tho discovery that wolves bad returned to the state after an absence of fully half a Century probably More. They were first seen around the lumber Camps in extreme Northern Maine and the Globe had a Story about their movements at the time. They have recently commenced appearing very numerous by in Washington county the Southeastern Corner of the state near Tho coast and not Many Miles from this City. They Are the old fashioned Gray wolves gaunt and Large and the Farmers View their encroachment with the greatest alarm. Knowing that their live Stock must Day the Mal penalty to Tho new Comers. Big Lake seems to be the Headquarters for several packs of the have often seen the animals an plenty of their tracks while the Passama que Caldy indians who Hunt them through that Section corroborate the stories of the loggers. Joe Mel Aud Lewis Francis saw two last week Peter Newell saw four while saturday Tomah Joseph and Wallace Leary sighted three at the Narrows just above Princeton. There is no Section of the state so Rioh in Deer As this identical one where the wolves have taken Possession and should the latter animals Range freely through it the Deer will be driven out. Already it is said that a number of carcasses of Deer have been found where the wolves had killed heft them. He indians realize More than anybody a is else the amount of devastation which wolves Are Able in this manner to cat Aud they Are about to Start with a la party to cover the entire county and Seal the new Comers if possible. In the Early Days Iii Maine the wolves w a perfect terror to the settlers women a children did not dare to venture outside log House without a Strong escort while pioneers were obliged to watch their Ca and horses to save them from the Gray pests. In later years none seen within the Borders of the state was Tho general impression that the game Gray Wolf could not be found Yontl Labrador. That this impression is e Neon is shown by recent development. She knew him Best. New York Sun a portly woman with a fat Valise at feet and a bundle at each Elbow was la ing away to invite a Telegram in the wait room of the grand Central depot i blotted two or three Blanks stuck out i Tongue As she started in on the Date $ her mental distress was so evident the gentleman who was waiting for the i kindly observed a perhaps ifs a very poor pen. May am a if you will permit me i will write i despatch for you a ooh thank you. Sir but but a Quot it wont be the slightest trouble May Ai i know but this in to my husband j see. And he a a very Peculiar Mau. He i cheated out of s600 once by a Patent i it Man and now he s suspicious or every to and has got to be talked to just so. To that will cover the Case i guess. I know this is from me. And she showed him a Telegram to be i slivered in a town this Side of Albany who read a if you done to Send me he to Harriet a Burn the Bam the Day i get Home a

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