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Bonham Daily Favorite Newspaper Archives May 8 1939, Page 1

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Bonham Daily Favorite (Newspaper) - May 8, 1939, Bonham, Texas Bonk am Texas monday May. 6, a a i v / it i % i a i i t 4 n j if i i i i i 4 1 a a p a i roast you can in al. Any Trot win Calu m Uny firm. India duh lir inf a turd to to Itu. The i ill a 1� f la pit a Alln we Len pm Iocim s i Ftp a ii tid Alao air uie my of i rfcs crowd arc Here for Sii Minir Convent iii Siisi Lav Alton Danric for Spring sri lion unusually Ord run this it trip it the a prong a Quot tion of tho Pyonin Robin by a Rny Iff Convent Lon a Foj tit who his a it my Nudi Orlum Sun div a Quot it Ift Fri Norl Feln Ftp to and a i adv Rikino ratk8 on a it pfc Friori Ryan fio Mon a in of Kahok 09 in yid la Ami As new a Macint the Chancre Neuend Nncy Rait of Chy Carrier s mgt fluid. Pro Arnm my pity Carrier a i Northa a a on Prno in no Wnm by atty Carl Ltd re year by mall�?1 month Aby Mfltl-6 Munthiu by Maul year of a if it Mimi classified want and medium of Fannir of nit ? s. For Sale Rory flip it Nat j934 Modi i four Loor. In first non of at Haa than half what a a amp Worth. A if a Orlf a at 603 Routh Fitti st. Bon \ Hom after two o clock in 1 2r>6-r w Flor. Him of a ii at a from at by st front of Bonham a a iut t Stewart a �100. J o i it and Filo. Nice for Lei Proudy y Stefl a g o r 3 s3 is 3 if a a a a by 3 a a to min a a Necta a with a re i ier co. In a n in the Pari a. Lal a Jun rte in of oof 11. 81nmp nil no ii Orvi. Dir ii Klondike Sakti in f Lupoi Rhier a a Onny Road trip Vimit at Avi Nokk tar. And mrs kit or Womark Atid daughter Lury Nuth or and mrs Wilson utile fwd a in wll con. Or. Wire sunday al rotors of or. And mrs Honni bldg cd to of Avi Niter. Texan. Or and mrs. Arks left former Reid Caln of Bonham. Wulff Riv it enl Orr Rel Biu of. Jaio vhf or non. Jav full Cumby. r Foj mini to tiv Tiff o in lot Pnno rat Fon Quai i la of 11 i i Oij n t v i i Lois. Fina r h a stat is. J i olt per kit i f oops i Cumings 7vio Bufi Isham Nordon and Duni visits in Lek ii of or and mrs Jack i of had a their Kef it sunday. Or i00 a brother and a mlle or and mrw Blake it of Paris ii knt from roof a or and mrs j c moh8 and Kon. W t and or and mrs laugh of Cooper wort Guin let i in thi Home of or and mrs w e hold sunday. Hiey attended the Filna Finis convention in the afternoon. Tonio where mrs the a Oral Vve a air to aug Itlen when cup Ltd a and Ido hrs a a ideas a a re in a a it tend c life Ronde ind they visited to lib present for the ii a Nernof w ter att no mansion Pieria la ast and mrs Hubert or Fig and their two children returned sunday Ali Tjit from a trip to san a ? a notice to water user spa a your water Bill on or More the 10th of the a tenth la void penalty a. L. Skein water supt. Suit Drav n rink from i go Vernier f Mansler ii visits i fkr Molm Kii it Olti miss Mjor a the Aiida Rhein who with the Federil tend i boned in Kellk a re Var Luerl her Rev and mrs Vujih r. Acid Piston big Urdaz and sunday i i a it Flea and Lois a a Oberts Are in Dallari tix Lav mrs r e Hon and Diu Khaerl Are in Dell Law a Shoppe no to Nav 1 mrs Pete Shea recoiled on Quot he Sirk list Reid up lev or of spent tie weekend ills or Spivy and other zip lev. Who Lead several t mrs it pm of mph Botn Herf due ilm of and or Reid self Tivi a my Benn Here for Davs Vij Lipini Hei Mother n Caldwell and or uni splay. Returned Lime with Pritt soft us j r you Saip Nikl a Imi quit special or a la mixed time we will Laurier i Lulu and Nittin let Wankel a 5 for $1.00 01 i 10 a Anim a t >110-ui in Ric i i is i a i Mali k Ichih ii Eri the a a Ilow Fly a Hugh Anim Mai v iii eos Durl the mid wee Centre i 7 4f> i Floh st Lii. Lit in Wesley Lodi Orji it Mel Odd a i it lurch ini Init Isris Imti i h ohm in it a ii usher of a i Clay i 111 1 at Lien tit Mii Rexa a wit ii i of inn asked thai nigh Jim Kluun or morning in route Home from Nashville but Kius a min Tenner a be when thes had been Visitin i o Byan a pos Mabler at hem ii Tea in addition to pubic amp a Init 11 a u uder ont a on Mare four i Ltd Antl Blu norts Idun a or re Ilure Nof this Uncial a Lorr m t Ify ran put Fay of was. A a 4 r aii 46 big Liam steam i uni try a n. Ll>flkat8 mfr. A a a Quot a Amiyr i in my h Elf so. I cafe it nes acid a i Rei iii firmer where iut a but Nesfie in at of i illum i <11 it or Imi i iii if a Ihu in ii in Nirk a Roarx iii a a a <41. Quot. Nia Silv Mcdonald of 11 Vaiani c urn a i a my i a find a it it be to the Vini and i a i clothing Italy legit sold a Lilian cd n in nit Shil j door to i Razler a k ii a 1a-� j i Ai Lulu Muti and 11 1 a in i soul in i Toui Lurrie a a ii it of h .1.11 the a realm a it Frt Berdni alter sirt a moved to he a a 111 Ope slow he the a at Tab Icik Able Puahi it to. Paid rms of l he tires i on a us us 3 Herr i tui Imp Ltd he punt i i trip fat Fer has the -1. In Aune it used u a a by Cintli a it vol de Lee automatic al it facts the ef-1 after Aniny a he or Vlna oppt of he Earth 1 a rotation hold a Soi the Hub up Plant at a Quot us a Tiri tar in confiant a och Wall shut Lipa ii to. Inuit Leon 4 and Here s tire Star 6 Eye a Lew to room. Astronomer car. K a re tire Long Meel a croat of uie Jit Tiu but the Cit Aye i ubom ated Piai o i Gnu untie of lar cd to Yoe to is ready with his Quai i to on a it Niqi Griir to the Tell scope. Two and okie Hau on a 82 indies wide and r m t for s a l repaired and Hiya opened h Lix j. Ali Orivus iii Mui Ilnam por Tabu Labio Contro. Con amp uus in j ground Ai up Luried to the build s i Lahon. Involve Kyj Levi ral me ii i. With an error Max i am of higher n the Traub in run. A no Mali month set of twin Quot a ii Bui Here it tar ii it is a a i Mcleod in Quot Elmie a Leut instrument. Or a Ike defined by Oulu minors to Vijh i Jug Trio Uble font the a Psi r be ii Ajjie Fard in Canada Eael. Year Ali i Burk Cal to bei Lii at. Oahion.-. Go iii he Huey raking Vui Lnch lose it. R m Cariuda be Tough break in scr inon tii Hie Canad twin .ijjovi.i. I oud it to limper to Demroy to Murrna at Trio end of Yurii i alien ii in aeon Repi Ucang l r. J. A. Harris is Namel City vet by i Fariston officials of copts appointment As of to riparian of re to of i Louston j a Bonham Veter. Lan has Nerre ted then Post a f n my a Rintalan of the in i Oriston which ten by the City Aro. Upon City d him r w Dave a in of the rec Mornen health com me a Harris is in Hou ton and will no re there to enter the work Psia Tell birth a a tuly will in in Bonham for a while. It announced Orvit it Man of or in Arras end a a three weeks i Earth of the of a Oikion to tel a Ope Speen Narlo in. And or Harris appointed Ftp a in was end de by a lar a n Imber of a tuft he was Ullh i a upped states Bureau of and a i for a la it years. And Ron filtered one of the mor com tent veterinarians in the toun Schlon family Honor guests at big Celebration memorial service for grandmother is held at old Home w. E. Newton and Sis tors Ola Smith. Bonnam. And Dames j t Richardson and Cappleman Honey be 5 mrs Mes j j a fed exile Juan Neq run former loyalist Premier of Spain As he arrived in hew York and predicted Shaf the Spanish people a Ould not Long submit to the Franco government. He is in route to Mexico to arrant a for admission of loyalist refugees now in France. He formerly was a University of Madrid physician and professor funeral served saturday and Sun saturday t mrs Alma , 64. Who died i ild Flower o Jeriean on vent ion. As will Ororke la to of aids in Stato Revire of or and Rel pen / n of pales Ivl it ant a tale service offerer til a Lik al pfc by is making plan., take a rare of a Lakic number of hours on that Dale. Truer than the of exhibit Hie of this annual exhibit to acquaint people with the great variety of wild brother. Prof j j Newton of l Paris have return of bed Volle Panola Coli qty. A View they attended a family reunion of Mem of the Newton families at the i family burial ground. A Fine dinner Day a lunch was also served at a Park near Trinity River mrs. J p wat son aunt of or Newton and his brother i and Sisters was one of the honoured guests. After the meal served Ohleh consisted of everything Good to eat. Including a Bountiful Supply of Fried fish. Judge Crawford. Well known attorney of Houston paid a Fine tribute to the Newton far icily. Declaring that they were among t be outstanding. Rlti7ens of that Section prof Newton of Paris responded with a few remarks thanking the speaker for his tribute or Newton said it was one of the finest affairs he Ever attend Flowers Quot he met Many friends of his boyhood Days and the renew lip of car Commerce services were ii lil it afternoon for tiie last the Sonora following at the serv by the Rev. The she Elev funeral f. Grown in the nine counties , Relt Pannon. Grayson red Riv the Fellows in was greatly enet Hunt Rains. and a Ved a Jun Kiln. Which comprise this Dis a Cefai c Tritt it is of particular interest a Louv la Ros benue Only on or tif d to Jevne the put of a Lala the Oil i and be for a Joe Psi Ives just thu sex. Luik among tie Rhet its Quot re i to of Whyl anyone Monva Thurk 11 we have a cond 11ion with that Call for. kind of a Lief and social welfare work and ii a Elmiire service it tempting do of Ems Tiisik about it that will Vive tiie Community she sold the social welfare service 1 at a i my Tang to interest clubs and a her organi7atl<in� handle phases of Mie work Poi in Ince. Somr Means of a of to gel to their de stunt a. Gulping Haru Cash and Akong care of such Quot that have no other a inure Quot of help Are Lent sought by i Bragg or Biagini attended two inst Tulat Kan Antono for Solal of Vorker one ��0 Mav 4 Nyrl the either a. 5 and g. I which to Anning in a anal Means of handling the work and of better was of Servig the Publ these wire on dusted by he people of a Moi iii Remi Tatlin m Thlu work or Bragg inv ites he Public to it Mie Buhain welfare old Fulci and Kee i. T that this of face i. It ing and what it i railed upon to Foo in help Nii the people who come to the Oice o 111. Tiomi Tell it a a w Piall who underwent a sinus operation i pans a a eff a Quot go. In Doinik Ulreh and is to Ixo Home tuesday rare Occa Sivins will one find As Many a a 200 varieties of wild Flowers As a fabled and identified that it is educational has been proven by the fact that classes and whole schools have been dismissed and allowed to attend Nevlous exhibitions Aling who assembling As Many varieties of Flowers As possible another aim is to make the show a attractive As in visible will be greeted with a replica of the state line Marker ii added with Flowers Agni not the Wall Large tables will me banked Hilgh with and one Corner of the building will be devoted to water Plant a Park design will be incorporated into the exhibit a Lnla to u re fireplace Mitra t ure Trees Ned native decorations will be use. To present one of our Road mde Parks this Park design will be in the Center of the building and will be filled with Flowers in or i sealed containers similar exhibits Are held in each if the Twenty five districts of the Texas state his was Separi ment the location of the Ehlo it of the Texas slate High was a it part men tie location of the fax Albita being changed from year u Vear so that each Section will 1 a let Ual Opportunity for View the Roadside improvement and Thiis is an annual of talk at the old a mlle cemetery near Beckville. Tobl i ii Long been started Many years i ago in Honor of the memory o grandma Sena Newton. Mini won s relatives started the annual feathering and the citizens % of the Community look it up later and Piave carried on the Jather ing each year As a special memorial for grandma Newton one of the finest settlers of the Community and who has been dead 58 years of Kiyoe Man Xifre h j Hall representative of Robert Johnson Rand shoe co. Headquarters m Dallas was a guest of or and mrs Jack Scott sunday Tivey motored oved to Delson sunday night tor a Short a lilt. A a of California is segregating its tubercular insane in two hospitals for More effective treatment. Thea trk8 today a Mer Lem n beat a the Little Prince a Quot Willi Shurli y to it it iii Ali it sudden Money wiil it Charlie Kuk Kim Marjorie Kam Beatt 9� lug Donie. Work that is being the North Star has almost directly above the North pole thus api it i Aring to stand still As the Eakin Levi lives n its it will new warms Ironi than if. 40 i flu tie ii Cush a a Runng Uio win 4 Timve -0 tii Cir a tin if tto anti iii Manl flow Honey i Riny unix juju it after the Liow them Cimer period you Promise to pay the boy lio delivers in daily Mavorite Carrier boys collect for the paper each month in Advance. They have a few tub scribers paying year in Advance. Your Carrier boy agree to deliver the paper and collect every month and if he does not collect for the month he does not get paid for his services. He has Coty Tidence in your Promise to pay each month. Don t violate that Confidence. If you Are Chang ing your address or going away on a vacation be sure to pay your Carrier boy before you leave. He can t afford the financial loss he will suffer if you forget to nay him. And you can t afford to lose his Confidence in you. If unable to Contact your Carrier boy Telephone 78 or Call at the daily favorite Jiconey on the March Bank is a recruiting tation for dollars. It gathers them in one it Antral place arranges them in orderly ran a aft sends them Forth in the form of Loans and invest ments to fight for better Bui Incis and better living for everyone. As a progressive commercial Bank we fire glad to receive either your deposits or your application for credit. T the first National by i 1 ito Liam Texas al m. A i a a i Kaukoff Man k car Accident victim by la he tro Malakoff. Tex. May services were held monday for Archie Henderson 27, son of Rev. And mrs. Oscar Henderson. V he was killed near con Roc saturday night when his automobile overturned in route from Houston to i Ilavoir sister of Ron Ham woman big rid suddenly Here Friday rites i Ere held at eur to Ltd burial the so Fiort cemetery Lees were end meted l if Hatcher with funeral biome handle nor mrs. Johns ii wins born june 12, 1884 at i urls Texas she was a Long time member of the Church of Christ. She is survived by four and three Brothers the surviving Sisters Are mrs. Lang i Liam of Bonham mrs. Jessie ten a Lye of Madl Songlue. Tenn mrs. Ora Ward of Oak and mrs. Rodle Johnston of Wolfe City. Surviving Brot Liers Are John Hardin of Commerce and Erie Hardin of san Francisco Calif of Rattler commits suicide Sanut Osa. Cal a up a James Keegan. Loreman of a Weed Exter a nil nation Crew is Eon Ledent he Complete verification of the belief that a Rattlesnake seriously injured. Will commit suicide Keegan shot one. Partly severing the body. Whereupon the Rattler throwing us head Back. Im1>edded its fangs in the Opeo wound and died in less than a minute. Obook stolen author pleased Chaco. Cal Lupe a or. Francis Haines geography instructor in the Chaco High school impels that he has had a rare distinction conferred on him. A copy of his Book Quot red eagles of the a study of the Nez Pierce indians was the first Book to be stolen from the Pae Lilc House Book exhibit at the Golden Gate International Exi it Osit Lon. Out of a total of 7.000 Ijo oks on exhibition there. \ f a

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