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Bonham Daily Favorite (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Bonham, Texas Volume xxxvi1 local county news ,660,000 Bonham Texas monday june 23, 1930 United press service number 303sherman riot cases Bill approved Over until sept. Com Washington Juno 23�?the Senate appropriations Milter approved the second deficiency Bill a passed recently by the House including $10,660,000, for starting work on t lie Boudoi dim. Chairman Jones says he will seek passage of thie Bill in the Senate tuesday. Chinese battling with each other is never ending Dallas june 23.�?the trial of fourteen alleged Sherman rioters charged with burning the courthouse and killing George Hughes continued today until the september term of judge Pippen refused reduce the $5,000 bail of each prisoner. Courts be their vacation sessions and juries being dismissed Are Given As the reason for the court ginning continuance of the cases. Strange civil warfare still going on in the celestial Empire general Carter is called by death at i iome had record Man at Tiik Pika it in a i a kit division worm War 1 1 is at Wharton Galveston Man has bad Luck matters of Money suicide Washington baseball play ers said been fired on by United press. Piping China tune a 23.�?north by United pres. Houston Juno 2�?~1. General i. On troops captured 0.0 h banking m. Carter of Wharton retired army government soldiers after a three major general a my class mate of Day Battle. The rebels Are pursuing j general Pershing died today after the federals the southeastward. Called his door a an appendicitis operation. Carter formerly headed the militia Bureau and was at the head of the Lay Fay Jotte division in the world War. Mis survivors include a brother Edwin who h president of i american i Telephone of new Vork despondent Over financial claim bullets knocked up reverses Cai sics Man Hie Garth and made take his like dolls in the Fence 280 hours in air and still they re going very Strong and shot Down by strangers in car 3 3or Man Uvea a Lon b by k1 it the cask of mis taken Idun tits in Auto wreck by United press by United press Galveston june 2 Washington june 2.t Heinie 13areus Robey 11 years old tec Manush Sam West and Davis liar operator jumped his death from Fri i. Outfielders of the Washington the roof of a six Story building., american league team maintain employees said despondency Over i i hat shots were fired at them during financial reverses cawed the rash the a game sunday. They deny Art that the reports were from fire crackers. They said they heard the bullets whine and the Dirl Fly nearly. They found holes in the right Field Avail. The police doubt the Story a a Down in Nari Ingen see after land sales made there Carnegie head retire on aug. I roadster is driven into trick on Oklahoma Hig inn a v i by United press Houston june 23.�?pete Magna 05 years old was culled his front door at hits Home in Dickinson Oklahoma City of. June 22. Near hero and fatally shot. Lie three employees of the Riding deliver alone. A negro living at tin paid mint l f it orc a a Onia publish year of the House heard Magna Jonii Imp my were killed and three called by the men who then drove Here injured Early morning away. The police believe the kill when Thi it or into the my a Case of mistaken identity big number Wisconsin men come Texas look a situation Over 1 3 splendid Cotton stalks were left at favorite office rear end of a truck Laudi with Oil drilling machinery five in a ies East of the capital. 1 the dead Robert Mullin Sybil a Barnard and a s. Davis the injured Are r ii. Black and i. Wife Jund r. L. Arleton. The three killed Wei fitting in a jump scat of the Roth inter. The Ash occurred when the Driver at tempted . Pass that a. Before Otton raised Northwest of the car had a Chanci Clear the Honey a Rove on m. L. Passage protruding machinery Sidi Wither farm swiped the rear end i f or roadster. Striking the victim the in k. W e Sellers left Cotton the roads i r was not winked a. I a iks at the favorite it of fit some the Driver was Able i. Not. I., a time Between Sundown saturday1 near in the 1 in it Fht and sunup Suik in Mornini. A he Toad her via ,.o the stalks were Laden will. One a of Wallas t Ooms a Nouth on then for he Boli min Burnall. A was kill Weevil the Boll the or nth and poor a instant in an aug. Obi. Wreck an the follow who id the work a in Oklahoma City sunday that made the Cotton possible., lived in a legend that came with the cot written on the Back of a stalks first National Bank Check the Cotton was 1 aired on the Herald she als won lived in Dallas. She was Linotype was employed Foseid the news la Tei on the urm of m. L. Witches about six a Ailes Northwest of Honey Grove a and that had a Large Field just like this or bigger not often they Don bring the biggest Stalkn there were a lot of bole.-, Little Fellows on the stalks Erato and months on j ail time at Austin and at War Jor about eight month for Onie Tine she sunned by father w. Ii. Barnard k34 third Avenue. A brother Carl lanyard and four Sisters Misse Ine a Ludo. Anil Dorothy Barnard All Ltd Dallas and of Denton. From the looks of the man1 min Louise Learnard a a who wrote the legend m the Baek Lcy a a of the Check will be Able fill ,.<�?� �1 he Tom 1 Uaia Alt a Heck in on the other Side we a 11j a a a u n. W a m is Day substantial sum Ere Snow flies this Justick bar foot nabs a looters of h e Box a Snyder a Lake n y. June 21.�?justice of the. Peace Lynd i of is not peaceful two youths Dis it overed when they attempted make ii with his sunday dinner fhe judge hearing noises on his Back porch discovered Tho Ina Campbell and win. Mcdonald of Troy looting itis Larder. They fled end Cox in Bare feet gave Chase. Even after he stepped on a barbed wire and Cut his toe the judge got his men and arraigned them before a i Ellow Justice of the peace who fined each of the culprits a it of by United press Harlingen. June 23. Wisconsin committee a of a investigating the Rio Grande Valley sales detained Here today on a two Day inspection governor Moody . G. Kinsolving of the chamber of Commerce and several of the Tex Ai committee accompanied . N citizens training Camp san Antone one Beautiful spot Campbl is loved Northwest of san an Tonio in the Hills san Santolo june �1. If your son i it now in attendant at the military training amp at a amp Bulliv Texas and in you should Iii week Day morning Between a a 3il and 7 a. M. Turn a your radio and suddenly near bin. Speaking or hear i Nav mentioned not be me alarmed for it i Only a broadest r activities Ltd of the Camp coming Over Kytsa in san Antonio this a its amp at amp Hull is 2u male it Northwest of son Antonio in the Beautiful Texas Hills is the most Success fail a Mac an Ltd thus la held in this area their Are i Fig student and infantry l eld artillery and Ignal clip i instr on is Given. Brig. Jen. Hals Tea Ltd Dorey com manding office of the and division fort san Houston is command it a Thi Cam c"1 Austin a. Parker a Lui manding the 2 try infantry is executive officer and the instruction i being Given by the -3�� infant if. I each week Day morning Kytsa is 1 broadcasting by Remote control i three Brothers Are trying for the i a there the most record by United press. Chicago june 23.�?the three Hunter Brothers had Bien up 280 hours at 8 4u this morning on an endurance flight in the Ity of Chicago. They reported All Well m a otes tin own the Groi my. Mad dog was on Wilson Street killed by officer animal terrorize Solti East part of the City for a Short while these Are Days when every dog has i Dav and sometimes has a lit Over it. One of them threw a convulsion Down on Wils n Street in when it used . Be called Rosenbaum addition. Deputy Sherrir Tom Moore was called the scene and soon the hot w Ealther bothered be dog a More. Henry suzzallo former president of of course. Or Moore did not like the univer. Ity of Washington. kill the dog but or. Moo along or. Pritchett has been president i with the rest of us can of take a during the entire 25 or of the Chance on a mad dog. Tilt life of i foundations existence and has asked a line human is Worth the lives of All be relieved from a ave duty. He j the dogs that even was professor of Astom my at Wash considerable excitement was Ovington University St. L outs from Casio Ned by the Barking it of the pistol 18s3 181 7 superintendent of the that did the work and one overseas United states a Oast and geodetic Man there said it sounded like the Survey from 18�?~. 7 and pre it pening of the second Battle of the i. >1. T a _ f. �1 i .4. A a Bury six one family grave new Haven june 23.�?six members of the Raymond Spang family killed when the father threw them Over a Cliff will a be buried together tuesday. Neils i. Poulson legion commander criticised the veterans Hospital officials for laxity after they announced that Spang a former inmate had a desc aped the Day before the killings. Jake Myers Hurt crops look Good victim of Accident out Over country As car hit horse where Olivver went sustains a or when him broken should i Grain is in the Shock Corn horse 2�?Tals on sait k i a y be or. Henry Suzzalo president of f t l Dation Advance teaching new York june up. Or. Henry s. Pritchett will retire aug. 1 As president of he Carnegie foundation for the advancement of teaching it was announced Day. He will be succeeded by or. Saturday night append be an unlucky time for Jake Wycis. Jake runs a store where the Hail Road leaves the Gober Pike. About i of clock on the night mentioned restarted Home lie lives Here in Bonham. Jake is one of these Fellows who will Stop and help his follow Man by the Side of the Road if he ran when he finds him in trouble. He found one of these fellow in a bad fix he had a Flat. Jake stopped help work on that when Here comes a fellow going for a doctor or just speeding or something of other and he runs into Jake horse. Jake still drives a horse. The blow knocked the horse Down and in the fall he fell on Jake breaking his she Ulder. The injured Man Wras brought the cite and his Hurt shoulder set. He was taken Home but he shoulder i had be reset As it 44jumped out. A the saying goes. In. Talking u or Myers this Mornini he said he was suffering considerably from the injury and that it Felt like it had be iome dislocated Atrain the Init cd As Nai Gifu and it will by for some time. Of Foj tikk Bonham Man dead is dark Green and cot. Ten is humping Dent of the Massachi Els inst Ute if technology 11 00 10 i 0 i. The new presi unt of the a it Unda on is equally Well known in american Edukat on. H is at present director of presiden hoovers nation Al advisory committee on Educa Tion. Or. Suzza 1 is a graduate Stantonl uni vers i Tor of philosophy of Colun. A and Foi 10 Vears Abeen tee a it the Carnegie foundation having served As chairman of the Enard during l�?~j2 i-27 there is a my Ejnert among the Lysines men and farm of Snyder and Scurry uni. Texas for the. Obstruction of. Operative Cream cry. It is said that tin county Marne bout now exporting milk an Ltd Cream pc tent of Albert word was dead in bed today at his Home in Sherman. He is survived by his wife and two children i Mother mrs d. K Ward and . Brother s a. Luther. A. .1. Ami m. A. Waid they in poker players a re Lonj Tipsie residents Fth it South through w Ndow a and Well known Are. As a wife Quot appears the Caust of his dense was attributed it Ltd Ponden Over it a on Ltd new York Jum Ain lion it the. Funeral will b. Held Hen aged Brou it housewife tired of j Ironi that Nazarene a Bun tuesday at waiting All night for Hei poker a with burial i de Hull Cem playing Lisband tip c a Home every knocked upon the Dot a of a Bronx apartment sunday Tuiet seven handed game. A when is my ?�?� he handed in a loud and Temple a it ii t\\0 the Plaven their hats and dived out a c a Clow. One them fractured i when he hit the sidewalk at a Hospital he was t id his leap a Needles it wat i with a a look around sunday re sealed the fact that Corn is looking very Well the recent Rains having left a Good season in the ground. However Farmers say that a Good rain we Ould help fill out Corn and that it would not Cotton any harm. One of fee prettiest sights encountered was the Grain in the Shock. It is just a pity that More Oats were not sown As that crop appears it have done very Wrell. A Little wheat w As sown and it looked As if it had turned out Well. Farmers say that raise a Good Corn oat wheat and Cotton crop is a marvelous thing in one year and perhaps it is. We have done it and let us Hope we can again. We need the Money crime mystery Man Dies at Clarksburg Clarksburg w. A june 23.�? Melville Davidson 0 years old fiction writer died today after a two weeks illness. I was famous for crime mystery stories. actual construction of the Santa fees new line from Amarillo Texas . Los Animas colo., wa3 begun last week with the beginning of grading at the Amarillo end of a he line. The 122-Rnile Section from Amarillo Boi Ity ok., will by completed firs gone Carlsbad or. I has Jia cock mis Phot l d Burch Fiebe Motoi trip i a a a i if. Or Mam Hai. Hancock an 1 i have gone for had a a in. L amols racers in England lend names big�?Tiyes new York Emelei s have started a Campaign against shirt with col lar Ami a Iff Button attached they a would add slogan Quot Hunt your Button and keep Loui ill 1 courier journal there Are penalties As Well As Reward attaching t a census grow Ali Florida s a population has increased 1,231,07. And a now a he state threatened with a or additional Rori Gnu Mai Sigma daily news a hearing will be held july 7 at Pampa Texas of the proposed $2,-ouo.ooi Highway by and Issue in pre-1 not 1. 2 and 3 of Gray county. There 1. Also a petition pending for unt it wide election on a Bond Issue of j,50u,00u it thought an election we a be set Lof the Early part of August. Work has been tarted. Additional unit rhe big petrol us refinery a the 1. Seen refining company at big Spring Texas capacity will be de from a our 1 500 barrels. The paint now employs ml5 men and Rit f the largest in and Rifi Nene the s a thees the fir i it Ink of Stan a i i Udo Takt the Honit f that about Hran lord ont. June is. There s a it get from the Camp a resume i confusion j activities and stories Doii Tractive �1 London Jum i Iriney and flying i a use Ray ii a t. Are a non excitement Broadens mid mrs. David earner their Home recently w the Chris tuning of or. And i. Harvey t. Moyer s son by the Rev. P. H. Moyie the child a Grandfather a Little 1a Ter in the Day miss la a Lames who had acted us god nun her at the was wedded Ross an students of the Camp Niso join in Ali . Of nationally an office give a Tesume of work 01 j i Lay interesting parents. On each wednesday eve Ling Iron 8 0 p. Or during the 1 a arise of the j a Mac which end july 12th. A i christening was. U Christen i Perial musical program presented in Zzz a a amp a a a or. And mrs Fame Ding anniversary Golden wed Many men have Start d in businea., with a ability hard work honesty and a u their Bank deposits at first. Established a credit which helped l j1nd Tinong we could Point Many examples of this Kina am g our patrons. State Bank amp Trust . Courtesy efficiency strength broadcast. Kytsa operates on a ii Quency 0/ 1200 kilo cycles. 232,1 meters was hanged killed a policeman 1 negro by United press 1 , Penn. June 23 a Pohn Pierce u negro thirty one years old was electrocuted in Rock a View Penitentiary today fir the Mun Ider of a policeman at Cluster Penn.,a inst december during a disturbance t of baby named Cholly sees re Chad Jay United Jenss. Englewood n. J., june 23. Charles has been selected As the first name of the Lindbergh baby born i monday. Lindbergh the father visited Kear Admiral Byrd �1 new York today the two congrats latin it tvs a officers of Siviia ban prove you Weir am Iliah a vol the All phases sound Tuey May Jour probe Era the first National a Bank Bunham Texas us the London Ami North Easi a in railway it cum named a a ight new Loconti Ivi after the Imo is race horse Thi engine which an a of the pay in Type and which a haul Pas Arlige trains Oil tile East Toast jut Quot Vei the track it t Zotsman an As of 1 Rig manna Gainesborough j Rock san. B a a la Ull Boi spearmint a <1 their Equille pm with Ollie exception bin it i a a a we a. Tin i Derl it a a. High ears i i a reporter t i Kili of i j con Erinio news 10, 100 Miles Anna Jenei Tan n y Onui .1 two reporters Hei a try had the t thrill i hat ome once. A life Tun Whei. They Ltd Vered a a a i \ Over 10, Uoo Milt Radii Tele Phol Hook up the reporters accompanied i a Lumur Smith Youthful aviatrix t ill a a Sandaga Radi Sta ii of the i Neial electric company when Mia Smith was i a liar i Conyers Tion with i Amy .inson, Premie australian ladybird who Vas Havi la Cen at a Sydney. Australia. Announce Farmer at Sydney a donned the waiting group that miss Johnson had crashed and suffered a mild nervous Rhock. was unable be at the the reporters i t their de lads the first news of a he Accident in this country and Wnm the the Story after u while Yve May be having ii memorial Day for those Yuho Diec in memorial Day Moutin j Tribune capital. An a a a Asch a. A Early bail nuts Vul Nal Ile it it i us pea game air i Fittis car Beach. I it earn Tiht pea 11�� i they Kent a Cini in he g Lount. Baba after remain Entz in r a \ in a flying i years but the Par a ill will t Hill r d a innate Enqu it a 1 t i t it Nve in a. A. I a i a Thwe Lulli. I i a Rin a together a an it tron desc a a a a a not part of be. Stem at Hereford and Limp Ved by that a a 7 e it n neum a a % weather a a japanese Are reported n.- lean. A Vikt pit i i Tual will learn but Ali Eye la never ume Haverhill a Zeta n re i Ira. Zeppelin Pas May think the View of the a Little monotonous it me Iliev an never Woi tied Board Indianapol Star y i Tiht it the a Hgel can but by tem. Ratut Toi �1 a a Oda Max. Hrs ending by min 76 Al 1�?~exa part Udy in night an tuesday. Not he i Banne in temperature. Nye Texas partly a my tonight by. Becoming an a. Tried locally after a a and ton get summer tropical worsted Palm Blach linens a mohair Cool. Cloth Ltd Kolt hot Wist her h. L. Rodgers company a the Goud clothes store Quot

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