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Bonham Daily Favorite Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 1

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Bonham Daily Favorite (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Bonham, Texas Microfilm services a 0. Box 8066 Cotna Dallas Texas 75205 weather Bonham and Vicinity Clear to partly Cloudy and a Little warmer. Low tonight in mid-60s, High tuesday in mid-90s. I i t % o of atm 3 Aiho Fai Oriu leased wire United press International established 1892 75th year Bonham Texas monday August 14, 1967 Nea Wir photo a number 302 new targets blasted managing editor Bob Cantrell is on vacation this week and his daily column a Odds and and ends a will be missing until his return. Andrews guilty of perjury in Garrison probe new up a a five Man jury Early to Nav found attorney Dean Andrewsjr. Guilty on three counts of perjury in connection with dist. Atty. Jim garrisons investigation of the Kennedy assassination. Andrews was being tried on charges a 1 cd to the grand jury Nevis it it a in cd assassination last March Wisn could not determine whether it was clan l. Shaw using the Omnie conv her Rand who phoned asking him to represent Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas. Andrews showed no emotion when the verdict was announced. Earlier while Nitin for the jury to return. In turned to his lawyers an said a perjury what a Way to Andrews was the first person to be tried in connection with garrisons assassination investigation. Shaw Char Perl with a aspirin it to kill president John f. Kennedy is the next person to be tried in connection with the investigation. His trial probably will begin in september or october. Andrews faced up to five years in prison. Judge Shea did not say when he would sentence Andrews but attorneys in the Case sentence might be passed today. Under Louisiana Law Bond can not be posted Prio to sentencing. Defens a attorneys in id the Case will be appealed a j soon As possible. Defense attorney Harry Bur Glass said sunday that Andrews was in dieted in f5ve counts Nelv because he would not identify Shaw. A they wanted him Andrews to change his Story but he Ain t that kind of Guy Burglass said. Prosecutor James Alcor charged that Andrews told several different and conflicting stories about Bertrand. He said the District attorney was Only seeking the truth even if the truth was that Andrews had map up the Story about the 1963 Bertrand phone Call. The defense presented he entire two hour taped recording of Andrews testimony to the grand jury. Tito attempting Arab anti Israel setup in Mideast yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito today conferred with syrian leaders in Damascus on forming Arab anti israeli policy. In Israel the government moved to crack Down on Arab terrorists entering israeli occupied Jordan disguised As resuming refugees. From civil War stricken Yemen Sanaa radio said the Republican regime sunday repudiated a United Arab Republic saudi Arabia move to withdraw their Fig Hong forces from the Little nation and let the people vote to choose Between Cairo backed republicans and saudi backed royalists. Cairo wanted the Yemen War settled to devote her full Energy toward Israel. At Damascus the 7c-year-old Tito was meeting syrian president Noureddin Atassi before flying on to Baghdad for talks with iraqi president Abdel Rahman Aref. Then the yugoslav a a nonaligned world Leader was flying Back to Cairo for a seventh and a a decisive meeting on Arab policy with . President Gamal Abdel Nasser dog hero of year a mijo a St. Bernard from Anchorage Alaska is presented a Gold medal emblematic of her selection As americas dog hero of the year in ceremonies in Chicago. Affixing the medal around her neck is col. Leland b. Carter of the u. S. Fifth army veterinary corps. Mijo s mistress Phil Icianna Bennett 14, is at the left. Last september mijo rescued her mistress from a water grave when she became trapped in Quicksand and water up to her Chin. The girl grasped the dog s Collar and was hauled to safety. Up telephoto Slaughter in Shanghai foes of Mao Cong bound arms Hong Kong i Phi foes of communist party Leader Mao tse Tung have seized or shirt a ids of a is bound for North Vietnam Hong Kong newspapers said today. They also quotes travellers from communist China As victims partly devoured saving the More than seven i fighting sunday Between Mao a million residents of Shanghai foes and backers in Canton left the nations largest City Are a pile of dead a was Large As a embroiled in a whirlwind of Slaughter and chaos Rie twine news a Ner tin the travellers witnesses to to said persons coming from communist c h i h a s to w e r anti Mao mobs attacked and snuggle also reported that j seized the two arms freighters Waterport. The anti Mao forces carried away a a huge a amounts of arms and ammunition that had been Destine for North Vietnam s port of Haiphong. Peking backed Down in Moscow the soviets reported Liei freighter Svirsk Park grizzlies kill two girls Glacier National Park i nie1 on immediately ordered All policy change Johnson hands pilots new air strike targets Washington up a new targets in communist North Vietnam previously off limits to american pilots have been authorized for . Air strikes by president Johnson. Official sources disclosed the chief executive it action sunday though administration spokesmen refused comment on the Vevion mint for the record. The change of policy seemed i in lose crumpling the Sou her Tiow Vcci. By reports spam 360-Iont four Span key Railroad Bridge blown soviet Saigon up a for the consecutive second div . Bomber today struck in North Vietnam within sight of communist China and hit a vital bridg0 less than 10 Miles from the Frontier american spokesmen said. Never before had . Warplanes struck within 30 Miles of communist China. Only a few seer ads flying time from red China the jets smashed the Lang son Railroad borne out , by report from Saigon that fighter hem hers str k of pm Vietnam sunday at Points closer to the red chinese Border hum Ever before. Two raids hit inside a 25-mile-wide zone on tie North vietnamese Side of the Frontier that up uni now had been immune from us raids. Presumably the restrictions had been intended to prevent any possibility that american supersonic jets might inadvertently violate chinese airspace. No announcement Phil g. Gould my assistant defense Secretary for Public affairs said there had never been a Public announcement of the existence of a Buffer zone Talon the Border. A we never characterize anything As a policy change or a tactical change or an escalation a a he said. A everybody is go no to have to make that determination themselves. The aids have to speak for themselves a according to Rehs Able sources Johnson authorized the expanded target list last tuesday Eon Day before the Senate preparedness subcommittee began hearings on . Bombing polices and the same Day that House Republican Leader Gerald r. Ford protested that american airmen were being Hamstrung by target restrictions. No escalation Gen. Maxwell d. Taylor former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and former ambassador to South Vietnam Sard sunday he would not term the latest raids an �?oescalation.99 he noted there Stii were a number of untouched military a Timeto in the North although Limpid a toward Home from the red chinese port of fairer. The said none of them were vital where red guards ransacked the general said he was the vessel battled the Crew certain the administration was up a the grizzly nor m ally belies his ferocious scientific name Ursus Horri bilis the horrible Bear. But two of the Usu Illy pacifist grizzlies turned killer saturday night they savagely chewed and clawed to death two 19-year-old girls and mauled a teen aged boy. Authorities today hoped to question four distraught witnesses and the youth to determine what happened in the two widely separated incidents the first killings by bears in the 57-year history of the Park. Ririe victims were two summer employees on weekend outings 35 Miles apart Julie Helgeson of Albert Lea minn., and Michelle Koons of san Diego calif., were killed. Park superintendent Keith tourists out of the areas and sent armed Park rangers in with orders to shoot the suspected killer bears. Roy Ducat 18, of Perrysburg Ohio a companion of miss beat up its skipper and in a rare peking backed air in the sino soviet struggle for world communism a leadership set n free following a protest by Premier Alexe n k is Gin. The travellers reported seeing continuing to evaluate the risks f provoking intervention by the red chinese. He made the statement during a broadcast appearance face the nation lbs Washington sources said the Helgeson was a jaw d and the Hill of corpses at Cantor s list which won Johnson a Lear came sniffing into their propaganda machine broadcast amp. In his a cultural revolution world Jamboree will be on to weather Bonham Scouters explorers scouts and cubs will have a Chance Friday night to see the 1907 world Jamboree which ended just week at Farr gut Park Idaho. The hour Long telecast will be shown on the Abc network with Jimmy Stewart As the narrator. Joe Maxwell son of or and mrs. Arthur Maxwell attended the Jamboree As a member of the Host corps which acted As hosts to the scouts idiom other North Central Texas Clear to partly Cloudy and warm possibility of thundershowers initiations throughout the world. tonight and tuesday. Low the 1967 world Jamboree was v a. Tuesday 1 the first to be held in the unit 1 to a a bitten by the Bear that killed her his doctor said the youth May be Able to disclose today details of the tragedy. Miss Koons and four friends went on an overnight trip. They had just bedded Down in sleeping bags when the killer be Camp four of the campers Ray t. Noseck his brother Ronald Paul Dunn and Denise e. Huckle All employed in sum me jobs at the Park jumped from their sleeping bags and climbed Trees the Koons girl get out of her sleeping bag. Her friends told authorities Michelle seemed to a be trapped. The Zipper locked like it the Bear dragged her out of the Are it i and partially devoured her. The witnesses were so upset they were Given sedation and put to bed without being questioned further. Dave Cutler Deputy Flathead Structure they Saio. On sunday american dive bombers smashed another Lang son key Bridge three fifths of a mile away. U s. Spokesmen reported no american planes downed in hitting Tiv Bridges of Lang son. Smashed cars fifty five of the rail cars smashed today were caught at the Lang Dang siding 27 mile from the North Vietnam communist chinese Frontier. American officials Here said the raids close to communist violence kills 27 in Texas by United press International texans got a break from the heat this past weekend and with the falling temperatures came a corresponding drop in the number of violent deaths. A United press International count which began at 6 p. M. Friday and ended Midnight sunday showed at least 27 persons died violently in the state 13 in traffic 10 by homicide and four from miscellaneous causes. In the most unusual Accident of the weekend two persons were killed saturday when an Earth moving machine went out of control and smashed into a Small foreign car in Arlington. The victims were Marlis Mccarty 30, of grand Prairie and Jean Lyda. 29, Arlington. Russell Bryant Craft 17, Seagoville fell off a fender of a car he was Riding and was killed sunday. C. Michael Miller 24, Etters pa., was killed sunday when his car went off the Road and hit a tree in Dallas. Among the late traffic deaths was that of Jerome Shimek 21, of Fayetteville ark., killed sunday in a two car collision near Felsburg in Colorado county. There were four homicides in China were not in a a expansion of the air War. The strikes within a record 10 Miles of the forbidden Frontier came immediately after the air Force told up it had been striking targets in neighbouring Neutral lao for the past three years and three met nth the for Ziwier area strike followed a in Tern american bombers hitting fresh prime targets. Friday . Jews it Tbs mile Long Paul Dourne Bridge 1.7 Miles from the Center of Hanoi. Never before hit the Paul Doumer was judged the mos important Span in Nohh Vietnam. Deep Jungle fight in South Vietnam. American soldiers today battled communist forces in the deep Jungle Vaneys of Northern Quang tin province. In two engagement 35 communists and two americans were reported killed another 19 gis were wounded spokesmen said. Spokesmen Sai i the fight broke out sunday night 320 Miles Northeast of Saigon died Down after five hours and started again today. The communist unleashed a second round of artillery and or Tai fire at several battalions at least 800 men of the . Army 101st airborne division and be 190th Lig to infantry brigade involved in an sweep called operation Venton. The . Troops pushed after the communists. Further North . Marines in operation Cochise launched Friday reported killing 13 communists. The leathernecks suffered two men killed and 22 wounded spokesmen said. Ship sails y main railway station after a four hour Batile Between anti Mao railway to kers and fanatic red guard supporters of the aging peking Leader. The dead were counted in the hundreds the travellers said. The arrivals reported the violence As Mao a massive approval included a Rumber of Houston George Dixson 35, a transport and military Indus tally stabbed saturday evening Robert r. Sanez 32, shot to de Ith sunday Juan Francisco Hinojosa 18, found shot to death in Southeast Houston Early sunday and Johnny Griffin 69, shot to death saturday. Trail facilities both an Hanoi and Haiphong As Well As the Railroad running Between Hanoi and the chinese Border strange sight purge of foes in the party government and red chinese army. Claim Victory peking radio the voice of Mao said a pro Mao government has been set up in Western Shanghai province the fifth province claimed by Mao a forces to have had such an Organ setup. Quot great Victory a said peking radio a great Victory a said peking s newspapers. Observers of communist China Here said the peking proclamation of the Chinghai a Power Organ appeared to be Mao a Way of Eving his Johnson warns Saigon against rigged election Washington up a president Johnson sent a personal message to the leaders of Saigon a military government padre Island Tex. Up warning them that a rigged a banners at the Seaside resort weather stays fall like for most of Texas by United press International even though the Calendar says its August fall like weather covered Texas today. After weeks of 100 degree plus temperatures texans enjoyed their third straight Day under a Cool front. Early morning readings were in the 60s a Cool but not As Low As the record breaking readings sunday. At least five Texas cities had record lows sunday for that Date. They were 58 in Abilene 56 in fort Worth 60 in Waco 56 in Wichita Falls and 62 in Dallas. Scattered showers helped keep the temperatures Down in t h e Panhandle today. Light showers were reported at Amarillo Borger and Pampa. Galveston gets look at whale Moscow up a a russian freighter sailed for Home today from a communist chinese port where it was both Pawn and Battlefield in Athree Day Sno soviet confrontation. Tue russians reported the Svirsk badly battered As it left the yellow sea port of Daren a a a a Ere guard of party chef Mao tse Tung ransacked it Tep audly battled with the Crew and beat up the Captain. Mao s regime ordered the Svirsk freed sunday Only 12 hours after the Kremlin published a Telegram from Premier Alexei n. Kosygin to chinese Pomier Chou in Lai. Kosygin threatened to throttle sino soviet Trade unless the Svirsk was set free. Is departure marked a rare peking Retreat from a confrontation with another government. It ind rated the red chinese Are not yet ready to sever its few Errn ining ties with the soviet Union first trouble the Svirsk docked at Darien july 22 to take on a Load of Tali. According to the russian version trouble began Frk Jay when capt. Viktor Korzhov asked permission to leave. The chinese ordered the Captain to hand Over to red guards navigator Nikolai Ivan of who allegedly had refused to accept a Mao tse Tung Lapel Button. Korzhov refused. The red guards arrested Korzhov and beat him the russians said. Then the chinese returned him to the 5>ip and offered to Trade thee skipper for Ivanov. The Crew refused. Korzhov shouted a Good boys a he was hauled away for Moo beatings the russians said. Meanwhile an army of chinese massed on the pier. Some swarmed on ship smash ing Rado gear dabbing slogans on the Hull and trying to snatch crewmen. Fought bad but the 19 crewmen barricaded themselves in their Cabins and a fought Back a but three Ivanov and two seamen were captured and taken ashore tha russians said. It was probably the most serious incident of its kind in the recent Rocky history of Moscow peking relations More violent than the two weeks of demonstrations outside the soviet embassy in peking last Winter. K o s y g i no a message amounted to an ultimatum on the surface at least the Quick chinese surrender appeared surprising. The chinese returned Kop Thov Ivanov and the two seamen to the ship. The Svirsk sailed quickly with red guards Riding the escort tugs and giving it a parting jeer. Election in South Vietnam would alienate the american people. The chief executive s message was disclosed sunday by the two special envoys he dispatched on a round of asian visits last month Gen. Maxwell the victims said the Helgeson Gin died a from loss of blood and puncture wounds around her Chest. She was covered with claw Marks and bites Many of them Cutter said the Koons girl was in is Power struggle. It was the first Provinsal a a Victory since february. There stil such a pro Mao regime. Were greeted by a strange sight As they went to the beaches sunday. A 14-and a half foot it Vale which had been wounded by several bullets was lying on the Beach. The blood from the mammal which Marine biologists estimated weighs a ton turned the water along the Shore Bright red. Jack Ward of Marine biology d. Taylor and Washington county Coroner who examined followers a badly needed Victory attorney Clark Clifford. Clifford said the presidents message to marshal Nguyen Cao by South Vietnam a. _ 4--------- Premier and Gen. Nguyen Van one Veteran China watcher Theiu the chief of state a said products a Resea hot Job said a most of Mao s opponents As bluntly As it can be said that i oratory and or. Henry h. Hilde probably will recognize the if their was any one act on a a partially devoured. ,. She had i Ballyhoo about Chinhai for their part which Wod be Large gaping wounds Over All of w h a t it apparently is an calculated to alienate the her almost desperate attempt by american people it old be to the maoists to have a Victory have a rigged election. They Are not Likely to give up a i personally believe that they the struggle they have too i understood that very Well a 1 to w. Ducat suffered both claw and bite wounds a the was taken from the area by helicopter after he. Much to lost. 0 tvtr.,4� Sun Clifford added. Brand a Marint biologist from the University of Corpus Christi said the whale appeared to be a species of beaked whale normally found up arid Down the Atlantic coast. A it either strayed through Straits of Florida or the Straits of Yucatan a Hildebrand said. A a it a quite Odd it came this tar into the Gulf of Mexico. There Are whale of this Type in the Gulf but they generally stay toward the Center in deep water authorities speculated a shrimper shot the mammal As is frequently done when Large fish tear their nets. Hildebrand and Ward were cutting the stomach from the animal to determine what it had been feeding on. The rest of the carcass was to be Cut up and used for shark and fish bait. The whale was first spotted Early sunday Drifting just off the Beach. Hildebrand said the whale was still alive when it was pulled up on the Beach by Lionel Wayne and about h other men. Five Whites Are shot by negroes Hammond la. Up police said five White in Wera wounded sunday night after Baing shot at by a group of a Groes who had been a fus a service at a night club. The Tangipahoa Parish Shar iffy a office said it was looking for two carloads of negroes in connection with the incident. The shooting followed an afternoon fight Between Whites and negroes when negroes attempted to but Beer it the Reva rate inn Ai Hories said. The five wounded Man Wara taken to the seventh Ward hot Pital outside Hammond Toca sheriff s Affue �14 Oju Man had in his la. A in it up of negroes aft a protest Muich from a a Luaa to Baton Rouge arrived a Hui mond sunday but were Raj Olaf More the i a Uulu any Ifni the us tic go Wiir g y a e >1 l r f t a t h v it i

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