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Bonham Daily Favorite Newspaper Archives Aug 10 1937, Page 3

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Bonham Daily Favorite (Newspaper) - August 10, 1937, Bonham, TexasA Bonham. Texas. Tuesday. Aug. 10. 1937 the Bonham daily favorite part hrs a meeting of old age How Many Bales pension ass n aug. 9, 1937 Cotton crop Quot gone fish in. Back in copy of resolutions Noll Williams Jack pension Stanford meet Lair of the old age Asco Catlon it it it Llpyd to Oil of by presi j go Lino a a tar Linwood Massey Dent j. E Pearson Olio slated object of the meeting about 300 War Nroy int. Motion circled. Trial the chair appoint a committee of five to draft resolutions to the governor of and Tjo Wijesi Slatie. Following were named w b Farmer w s Maddrey t b Mann i. W Slagle and Fri Vina Lummus miss Ruth bout Well made a very in Taroji Tanir talk explaining the pre it ent set up and vow Kinin of to. Old age assistance commission she i Tateo that other states were have nor the ame trouble that Texas is having n a Hort Aije of Mone and Fiat Texas was Aboul an average honorable a s brain foot spoke on the work m the legislature Anci also explained the present trouble be in fir the Short a re of Money and explained who it was so hard to Cret the legislature to Nas Law proved incr the Imper fun for tie Loci Ace pensions the Resolution con mute up posted ail trip Resolution were Ndoja Ted a it offered and a copy need in the president j e Par on surge Steo that a committee be selected to of it to Austin and work we Ltd the next called of the legislature after discussion the matter was postponed to next meeting meet lne adjourned to meet at Call 01 president a. L Mcrae. Secretary to the Hon. James v aured. And the of the state of Texas due to the fact that to hts re Are More aged and needy people in Fanon county that have not a welded Bine fits from the old age assistance act and Manv have and do Rocque Only j Hubert Thomas. Small sums a meeting a. Been Calud i to k Snow Dick Saunders James Carmichael w h London. Bailey or Jack Saunders Sam Meane Sid Smith f r Elkins Clarence e3klns Tom Humphrey George Keene e r Coonrod g c Hodie w t. Millier de p Hopper Telephone pee wee Edwards Rufas Wallace w h. Rue. Do Ltd City Ira Turner c a Stanley 7 j . Portales n m b z Sitzler Dan Sitzler j p. Sellers. Red. 3. Bonham Glenn Turner Joe sell scr. Dodd City j h an wine e i. Wlmes. Dodd City c j be Xelle. Bailey j p Goyer Dodd City j a Tarpley. Santa Anna. Cal mrs j a. Tarpley. W w Tarpley. Red w h Tarpley. Fed r n Harpley. Red Byron i. Lovelace h a. Smith id 2 Sias Halsell j m Hinkle Elmer Dorough mrs. Joe Hrdlicko Jack Miller. Red. Bonham r White. Red 1. Windom mrs. C e. Cooksey. Red 2. I Jove Turner. Bailey Gladys Thomas Leonard 2. Bonham 2. Bonham 2 Bonham Bonham and a committee appointed to draw us a Resolution addres Ted to the governor and the legislature of that state of Texas asking that at the called this fall. 19.37 the state legislature provide Sun a client it Venu with which to Pav All Tho peo Jile who Are entitled to the old age assistance. Therefore through this comm tire. The old persons of Fannin county Texas who Are receiving Jit lie and no Benefit from the Ole age Asals Tance act. Of a put ctr us it a it a. 77je governor of the state of Texas. I he legislature of Tho state of Texas and Moro pipe Clalla Hon a s Broad foot Hon. E f Han i and Hon Olan Van Zant tha at a called session of the Texas Loii Slature to to Callee in september 1937 a Bill be introduced and passed providing sufficient Revenue with which to successfully carry out and maintain the old age a a stance Art that has heretofore been a thereby the persons who arc qualified under the Law and under this act. Will recede bin exit from the state through tie old age assist a Nee act As the state intended by Passone the act respect fun 1 by Subol t Ted big nod by mrs Vina Lun unus Chalit Nan of the Romju Lotteo a. L Mcrae m f Orendorff j v Allred. Trenton. Clinton l bowmen Elmer Marafie j s Helson. Bailey ode Roberts t j or outre e j Morgan w e Newton w p Owens r g or Clvde Nelll of Tex 4.�00n 65 000 5i>00n 60.000 58 000 68 6�0 58 333 52,000 61 500 73 Doc. 69 too j 65 000 65 000 55.555 62 731 48500 76 000 57 231 59 777 65 000 80.000 61000 52 275 62.635 63.525 65.656 7070�?Ti 78 000 66 000 46.000 66.66663 332 69 33� 74 447 60 009 68 109 70 ooh a t 56.3.s0 i 42 550 i 61.313 49 449 58 000 52.270 62.000 47 57, 92 469 77.777 i 57 397 i 54 99<i a 47 990 57.57.� 80.813 62.980 a 50 Oon i 57.778 62 000 53 840 .56 l$4i a a a 61 500 62 142 72.53�� ass. \. I a .1 i h i ii cares rest lightly on the shoulders of j Vav . Lafayette. Ind. Restaurant opera tier who closes his lunch Tofu Mon july 1, places a on the Dndr of gone . Back in proceeds to take life easy for the summer. Caterpillar plague serious threat to civilization says eminent Biol Mirical chemist Washington Day Book Dallas Sim palist tarred fall tiered Afler party me Tiu Ning Back the pages of the past tick nov one Vears ago guv Woodward of Ector died in a pans Hospital following an operation for Pendic Litls he was 19 Yeara of Ige Robert Davis was struck by a Katy Pasa Nijer train and bar doubly injured Accident purred on North cent it or Street. Liere was Niobe talk about an interurban Rali Roa Ltd from fort Worth to Bonham. years ago Fredenc Heffner of or and mrs. John Heffner was painfully injured by a kick from a horse a horse and Bug amp a were stolen from the hot crack on the a it quark to it of were fou Ixl near Ector sometime later aug 9.-Twenty uni Denti Xii a men who opposed Tho show in monday night of a is Al allot picture. A millions of us. Invaded Frety Paik. Kidnapped tarred and feathered the opera Toi beat Mother Man and smashed motion picture projection ecu piment and film Vahed at $1.000 it was the second labor disorder or it Twenty men who ranked him after the refer bpm t 41 motion picture operator and self styled socialist part worker was kidnapped a four of Tho men who aned Hun after the of the picture loaded him into an automobile drove him to a undetermined destination South of the City and covered him from shoulder i �0 feet with tar crude Oil and feathers. They dumped him out of i the ear nude in the Stree Between com Mejt be and Jackson on Austin. George Lam berth. 23 also a soul Ali get part worker was treated for Clun on his Scipp Reci led when the fight ensued phys Clais took my stitches to sew up his wounds two or three others were injured less ser Louly thiere were 200 persons at the Park and the audience after having seen the motion picture Vos Beans addressed by e m Lane former Setre tary of the socialist party in when the Twenty men arrived Liev hauled Lane from us platform. Alt Houth they did not Hurt him overpowered Harris and hustled Liim into a waiting automobile seven Fol fun yeah 4go Aas mad it that the fall term of Bonhan fools would open september 13 Bonham Bonham building co Solo its first House to Charles Deboard Oliree add Tiona House were under construction russian quadruplets cared for by so let government Moscow Auti 9 dispatches from desolate iia Khalin re Sias us Bartle Island off the Sio Erlan coast said monday the 6oviet government Rihao intervened to save the of Gin quadruplets born to the wife of a w order in the Sakhalin of Fields named Yashin the babies were Bon. Jar it maturely last main the Village of Katanga a and soviet health authorities Boliow ing Canadas example in the Case of Thi Dionne immediately took coax go pow dered milk wat rushed by air plane from Alexandrovsk on Benan Mainland a physician nurse w Ere Pix tinted of care Mother and babies ail of whom Vived. Then the it patches said the fan ulv was presented with a co arid a years Pupplo of fodder by local puh lie organizations i the soviet Union owns the North-1 pm half of so i Naan. Japan the. Southern Tiia Oil ii lds lie close to the Boundary wus Cuigton the Apical so Ilse to la Kinji billion. Ihas it my lib be a Dave Ision of. Do Rover How r use fhe average am it tar a mlle act Aih a to u l Blini Money lets Iak a Iolj of Ltd pc the department of la Boi .st4itistlf Ann so Joseph Adams Uio can the Vou Liep. Your Money go its and mine or Adirim a a has been it it Lud a big of a six kerb rms for Vear. Me know what in it Anri what Oes out of ii he has averaged up a lot of Lioi. It hol it Money jars and Here what he and other it invt i Cov rec a Ouirl half of the a Traum Annerl can families make Les $1soo amp year or about $2. we $29 00 week that supp Hes a Naii air wife and two Cal Edrei Wlllie i t Chiric from in of of n a at a a uhf ii it cites Well what sapper ill Char Moni Vir a or mine or i what throw a it Famich it penal. And h a it in gift donation tax $ 21 74 �s1h09 a Monus 1 j17 12 to opel at Ion i to 9f�?T met Dilt a it Are 3<i f u food a 09 a it Lay i9h kit automobile 4� ?1 clothing 7.� u other 7 13 of Pei Surmaj Carr 23 7. Fun Iii Turr and equipment 28 �9 . Exit use 7 18 rear Eaton 21 a tobacco 2f 8r education a Adenir 20 2h total $1 152 72 1 Union. Aug r 1 univ a Ltd la Ippu ii i Al ill Atlon Dor. P t j the a act peril Vul i Wolny Fiji Irner nine big car of a to the h. A Inadi in Henry i t olt a Kim Rheinish in i j a Fiel a Day Imi night Ltd iced a Whitlon Hldi to kill a Eal it i Illar Plav Hir i of was. Sullock o. Mail bios a Vrtis to have Oit Alta it ked ukr v i Etc Vav hat we lot w at w a i a Lank of Lolk an my Ihfe a Hir. He Mph. A no do had Tiri Silivi. Inelli Farmer Lii or a Ivr to u t it a a a coloured Irres. P Wei in b5 it dior Sci a a inf of Law 1 it a a. Jim n a 1 i Tih in it Ltd of a ill an \ i Illola d a Tompt j. 4 it to \ oui i Hll Oil it it Phi we Uon i but do a Bou i the Hie not baseball results Moldav s Kem its Texas league fort a Jinn 6 Tuii a a to Likht Houston 8 sign an to to game Beaumont 9 of Ives a. Game univ a Ames scheduled i fun a grf night american no games Ircne Dujeck. National no Gan to Sehe nuked East Texsie be afire Jacksonville 3 Kilton game Henderson Palestine game Longview 8 Texarkana game Marshall 6 Tyler 6, night Ltd the manufacture of Glas Al it Eads has Bien chiefly carried on in Venice since the 14th Century night Jint 3. Nigh game s1-, Anu for or a Echo Cid Kijus itch in thirty minutes. Sure shot for athletes foot food for impetigo. Tetter eczema la ringworm Etc Thorjus Hilj guaranteed. Price 50 cents. S it id by Peeler drug co. And it a you what of it know. But or Adan it Hium it ing Sim i intensive than King problem say his these it Low wage it families unreasonable a their a spend Loup Tioy it Iid a Loti i Over a third or their i morn for food the rent was onh Nix fut sch month and they Saile a Ijan a a. La a the a Oll a. Dir Frith Yea Here s whats a Ronij then what s wrong a a Ltd the Avei age Ameri Rai. Family it not Buie a Omen and a a a a in but or and urn it Ariti Al you the trouble is just Maii gement of income the a Peralte ack quoth for Anna Zirair Luik tha a Ouid Eal hint of a Idi. Portion Fot himself he t c note tha the be Ouitha of the Peop. Ii. To la in you Fry Chiei. A to. of a he depress or was wort $j0fi000 0f>0 000 there befell of Toni f it . A Ai Airi Havi a it turn n or no Pait of i wealth now a hat Are we a to do Iti Yut it Wei first of Adams wants to five the Low a Naomi fax Ople a Little More if the loner a a of 1/ Are a Hasling Bui a hat is not a of if a a Jeff Ujj Quot it it Ehe a an flt cult atonal program to. Teach Low Loci it or Popi it How Tiad vantages ulv us their Imine will also have a effect Otee it Rio Mif in lurid a of an Rountr re. Pendent to Eer Tair Hunt in it i the or it Onole scrub it of to flt Zeri so you see the told a fun cajun a twists re oujda so a it our problem just in irl Vlnar the i Merdov i blk or share of Wea we a got to do if i 4iv # i a of taxi it salary a a it East h of of w a a Ipi and their n Rie we the poor Hou j o Sitki on i h4vk Jln to a Hinton a pc he bridegroom who of take it Senou Siy county clerk a pipes Tea a resident re us it d Himmage j a i am Quot Turri Uig the n mar Ter it a a i of or ski or m o new Uran e a. The half of 1j37 a a c lalq2�?Tub i Ain of Dif per Cen n i l my Vil r it 1. Re a. I dipl tap id to 1 Roii in la. 1 to Mot Lan it in i liable if 1. Jold e. It r to he 1 it. A Slowi who. It. I a her it of in. / a of be to acl he. 1 \ 1. No i la a i it. In. A a real band i. N Pri ii Oral i to it on. At lie uni. �?��?�1/ Tol. A 1 la v a. T1i< idea Fhi. A 1 and in 1 i i .<4 a 1 a Imil a i n a ski if it and n in a 1 ,. A Sarji Orocu to Ken a Gay a j a it w a it a a. A a to f were a per. k to Ailt. Alk/v/e/1 Ella b a t this a. J. Of 1 Toni i p. A n a Ili tone big n $ f3 u <0<j Iii no i. Fir a. A Lei Pep to it ii a two of write u Mckay Quot in minion i a Sile no. A a Sui Ida a la miss new w As Meetin i r j 1 f a. Mon a. In a a Elu a in of the did a i m. 1 a Alk a a. for omit a a sin Seiz a to in a a Arnutt a in Infa Ibl Areej him it one part in the a Ible to u t pit us i r\i1 it. To i i inc re 111 a \ it a Lii Iii or. I. A �?T0 1 a. Llu �oh1 11 inv ill front o reunion nit am no Hii it i it w a 1 m in ii to Royit or a m a i l hot a in a and Lari. .\1i i i min har my a j w n or i it and i m Kly a in he am my my a a he a i a my ten min in my a \ i it l a i to. Vii i. It t oin i Vithor it. M to half. Mill. I i Liti Mlih Vir uni Miciche an or. I did my r a vhf a a or in i i Quot Eduar rat son uht of Ini we Milt Ltha n 1m my h 1 a i it i Vii. It 1 i 1 i. T a a ii Pic i my in my i la in inc crimp h % or i my. Tilini Nai Nilton not Toimi i my Loi 111 a i t la Panin. Mil 1 f i m a .1 1 r i 1 or Ltd in. 1 i a m. I m. 1 i ii Ihli i. Cd or a. �0�?~< melt a my i vim it to 01. i 1 a l i i a i n. Ltd a n m la m in. I m vol. 11 1 1 a we my via. A in m my. 1 r oni 1 a a in phone v it ill Al a 1> i id a Al a 1. Silivi 1 Hlaj my. Or w t a a a c i. Or a it pm do and May ii my a 1 a ,.1 1 i a a a .1 a Nnoli Man it. My i Ltd to 1. A. 1 l . 1 Imi h a 111. or i will a i it or j win Ltd a u a. A Ltd 55, i a a few m Ltd a re i Tail Quot mail i i of in i a uns to it t his i i Oil a i or in i Ron if i Rani i to. M Wolfi i is i i in it Sunn \ ill it a a a i r a my 1 a i i Lajti it a i t Orn Umi Ali a i it in i til l m u a a Ron f <1 f a a i Iii �00 i id Mfd Rontino n v a a fee a i Jim any nil i it r i ii 11. I if Iii poll in it. A of r n in t f a. Of a it my a ral a int a i. My a 1 t of ii Odi i f in my m do i f Fimi Rumik i 1 i of it ill to. Imm a of Oki every Hodyc a i a re a la Ilijin Immi in Vul f Felon ii 777 some cities Cive special courtesies o passin a tourists to Oma aur 9 visit Elf turn in done to have to per inc regulations Llie Iceni Windshield sticker lil irk any Lei huh of a me Muti i h a a Al a .1 . A Orti a Mno night la it 1 irl 1 non of the suckers Bro Arr the automobile and the owners Nemo of Leihr Voth an and no incr officers Topciy met Tony o Decoi Inry a a la Scrive n month Inmei it to Law City Etc nil a. 0 a a ,. secs Nate from a fail the local it during Nav favorite of p a i aria �00 a a a pvt. . Blvd Dyche. 30 min. Try Hub my Tum a to ruin a he Al in fms no f. M. Loughmiller to Niriam Texas chiropractor i minor 380 c tip amp a Bldr. Vim smart smooth action foot Weir 10 Early fall nor Ivnic Day. All and old the Bonham shoe store to. Side ski Barf or. Thos. D. Cox a biome twist blahs a fitted on a Merkly or month of Puy Nienan Over Iki Nat l. It Auk i hone Ukuk store phone 8 look mom a mis Milf at the Cir Imago store y. Leatherwood Bros. It Geu Ltd a an4 Magnolia i hone 5 Lucky k. So axes m. D. Laski hot a a a it it Tiv i it it d 0\�i Bunh Iii l Ruk Sny re pay Cash Ani save phone 198 Hall furniture co. I Toner of Ija ally Fum store f hide Haj Pron a a i Folk to it a i Ruto a inf a ill i Rotti okla lion i 1 Iro ii Pilitt Iford in chills and fever a Liehe for Mulatu with i hit proven treatment of i Sale Al i incl a it a in o. L Henry wha a Wim jul. I9i7 a Annin co Cotton crop i it is i Exa a i ii t s Yuvi i. A kist ice Cream ail it for it at you favorite Fountain it i

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