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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives May 20 1983, Page 4

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 20, 1983, Bluefield, West Virginia 4 daily Telegraph Friday May 20, 1983 Thi William f. Buckley . Expected to solve problems interprets Thi news Hugh Shott editor Richard Wesley executive editor the columns on this Page represent a variety of editorial and political opinions. With the exception of the column directly below the do not necessarily reflect the views of this newspaper Good morning do not testify against your neighbor without cause or use your lips to deceive. Proverbs 24 28 bouncing the russians eyebrows done to even Rise when the Fri catches a Kab agent trying to lift the blueprints for the latest space age weaponry and the culprit is sent packing for a activities inappropriate to his status As a Diplomat a As the niceties of the spy game require. But things Are really getting out of hand. What a the world to think when neutralise Sweden threatens to blow out of the water the next soviet submarine it catches lurking in its coastal Waters when mild mannered Norway starts lobbing depth charges at what it assumes to be another russian a boat or the same one when France cleans 47 alleged Kab operatives out of Paris or when Switzerland closes Down the no Vosti news Agency a one Man Bureau in Bern for trying to single hand edly subvert Swiss youth and that does no to even take into account the routine expulsions of spies caught in the act by officials in Britain Australia and the United states some reportedly caught and expelled secretly. Intelligence sources attribute the latest wave of sweeps to an intensive soviet Effort to steal the latest Western technology. That a probably True As far As it goes but with such an important Mission to fulfil Why Are the russians being so Clumsy about it do they really think their submarines wont be detected or that their Lone correspondent in Switzerland has the faintest Chance of diverting the Swiss from their lucrative pursuits Are they so desperate that they done to care How Many times they get caught or is it All a smoke screen for some master coup the West Isnit on to one theory based on past experience is that a major soviet defector has been spilling everything he knows about his sex colleagues. If so there would be considerable propaganda value in exposing that fact. Helping old parents two states have enacted Laws making adult children responsible for indigent parents. Other states Are considering similar legislation. Under medicaid statutes the Reagan administration believes that adult children can be required to contribute to nursing Home costs for their parents. Morally this position has much Merit but it equally easy to think of exceptions to the general Rule that children Are responsible for their aged parents. The Scottsdale Ariz daily Progress asked editorially a what obligation does the child have to care for the Parent who deserted a family when children were Young and then reappears years later what obligation does an offspring have to care for a Parent who was abusive when the child was Young these Are extreme cases but they Are common. Forcing children to contribute to the Cost of caring for parents will save the government Money. But it also will create resentment and financial hardship. And it will create More problems than it will for most of us probably those questions will not have to be raised. Most americans will take care of their parents to the Best or their ability and seek Public help Only As a last resort. Berry s world concerning the endless problem of the Middle East a few observations 1. At the rate at which american diplomatic time and Effort Are expended on the Middle East we Are surely approaching the Day when we will need two secretaries of the state. One to devote himself to the rest of the world the second to devote himself to the Middle East. 2. Our interests in the area Are obvious. It is in its own Way the geopolitical ganglion that reaches into Asia Russia Europe and Africa. And it is of course the Central repository of world Oil and will continue to be unless american technology and european capital perform the Miracle of developing soviet Oil and Gas to the Point of rendering Arab reserves redundant. But ones attention focuses More and More on the Infinity of problems we Are supposed to solve. We Are supposed to know who is right who a wrong in the continuing War Between Iraq and Iran. We Are supposed to decide whether or not the Golan Heights really Are or really Are not essential to the Security of Israel. We Are supposed to guarantee democratic government to i Banon and Independence to which end we occasionally land our marines there. We Are supposed to prevent israeli soldiers from wandering too far North East or West in the area. We Are supposed to assume some kind of moral authority on what precautions Are to be taken to prevent christians from murdering palestinians. We Are supposed to decide exactly what kind of fighter planes we can sell to the saudis How much Money and credit to extend to Egypt How much Egypt residually owes to Israel in return for the return of the Sinai. We Are supposed to decide so much that backward reels the mind to recall the language in which the new yorker once twisted time Magazine. 3. Now it is difficult to remind ourselves that a Mere eight months ago israeli forces marched into Lebanon and routed the Palestine liberation organization. During the weeks in question the Plo was for All intents and purposes boycotted by the Arab countries suggesting that the palestinians was a problem the arabs on the one hand feel they need to associate themselves with on the other hand a problem they wish would simply go away. The problems would have gone away at least for a few years if it had not been for our old n end the soviet Union. The communists sat our the september military fighting but watched ruefully the total destruction of their military paraphernalia in Syria. The result the soviet Union has at an estimated cot of Over $1 billion re equipped the syrian War machine using even More Modem weapons that prospectively threaten even the american Fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean. If there is an Opportunity for the soviet Union to complicate a political situation to prevent its Resolution to exacerbate the component parts that is what the soviet Union will do. Its leverage in the area is a huge War machine geographical proximity and its Alliance with palestinian Irren dentist. 4. We Are All brought up to hate imperialism right Well some of us Are undereducated. Stan Evans a right Wing writer and wit replied the other Day to the question where should conservatives have stood in the falklands controversy with a marvelous caricature of his conservative thought. A a that a a Tough one a a he said. A on the one hand we conservatives Are in favor of imperialism everywhere. On the other hand we Are in favor of fascist lots of fun that. But perhaps the time has come to think a Little bit imperialist Cally. Not because it is the Ideal Way to solve the problem but because no other a a solutions has proved possible. We can to control the begin government. We can to control syrians Assad or the saudis we can to even control King Hussein in which respect we Are very nearly unique. Why not give serious thought to telling Israel to go ahead and occupy Damascus it is hard to know Why we should Cavil at giving Israel As Many arms As the soviet Union gives to Damascus. And who doubts taht if Damascus could March into Tel Aviv Damascus would do exactly that Why not then let Israel dictate the terms to Hussein that a right Tell him what to do. Clearly we have a moral interest in right conduct in fairness in humane policies and we should exert All our influence to see to it that such policies Are pursued. But Why not say to our friends in the Are of of. God knows we ried. Now we re going to let Israel run the show and Back Israel to the Hilt. We must assume that the soviet Union will not make a world War out of this because the soviet Union does not want a world War. Is that Clear enough Sigsn �?�193 copter now same Donald Lambro poll shows Public Confidence in Reagan Washington a the White House High command had every reason to smile last week when Richard Wirthlin president Reagan a political pollster delivered the latest results of his confidential voter surveys. Wirthlin a polls which were conducted about three weeks ago not Only show that Reagan a approval ratings Are climbing but a More important a indicate that Public Confidence in Reagan a handling of the Economy is growing measurably stronger. In an exclusive interview with this column Wirthlin revealed some of the confidential data he has turned Over to the White House and gave his candid analysis of their meaning As far As Reagan a political future is concerned. Among other things the Survey reveals that Reagan a major Public addresses on National defense issues in recent months Are paying off since More americans now perceive Reagan As a a Strong Leader a stronger yet the Economy is still the Pivotal Factor in the nations evaluation of the presidents record. Wirthlin a Survey shows that Reagan continues to receive Low Marks for his handling of the unemployment Issue. However the presidents political strategists believe that with increased Public Confidence in the Economy a future that rating will gradually improve As the jobless rate Falls. There has been a marked change in Reagan a Public approval rating in the last three months. Yet even during december and january when Reagan a Job rating was hitting an All time Low a 44 percent approval is. 50 percent disapproval a Wirthlin a surveys showed that 65 percent of those asked said they personally liked the president. This remains As constant today As it has since Reagan a inauguration. Moreover a healthy majority 56 percent say that they believe Reagan is in the Depths of january Only 19 percent expressed Confidence that the Economy was going to improve. By March however As the nation was slowly climbing out of the recession there was a Sharp upturn in Public perception with 39 percent expressing optimism about the Economy. By the end of april when Wirthlin took his latest poll an astonishing 57 percent of those surveyed expressed bullish Confidence that Reagan a economic program would work. Significantly Wirthlin a poll also shows that Reagan a negative Job rating is now the of what it was in january 50 now approve while 44 percent reverse percent disapprove. Still Wirthlin is Blunt about the major blot on the recent surveys results a unemployment. A when you ask about How he is handling the unemployment problem his rating is not terribly Strong a Wirthlin says. A the is the chief executive and people do hold him responsible in part. When you speak of present economic ills the president is judged somewhat on the a fairness issues a which democrats have used somewhat effectively if not dishonestly against Reagan a Wirthlin will Only say a we got a plurality saying it the administrations economic program was As the Economy improves he believes a the Issue of fairness will somewhat interestingly enough the Survey shows that Reagan still receives healthy support from the Blue Collar constituencies that went strongly for him in 1980. Among women Reagan has a about the same Gap As we experienced in 1980,�?� Wirthlin said and is running a somewhat less strongly among retired and older people than he did in 1980. He is running stronger among better educated voters than he did in 1980.�?� Ray Cromley soviets losing guerrilla War in afghanistan1983 to Gay be a inc Quot get Back in your room and study. Do you want to be Lee Iacocca or not Quot Washington even if Russia eventually conquers Afghanistan the three years its occupation armies have foundered in the attempt demonstrate How vulnerable soviet troops Are to guerrilla War Moscow a own favorite Mode of taking Over foreign countries by i proxy. The lessons we have Learned a or should have Learned a from studying what a happened in Afghanistan and Why could Well be applied of we wish in Nicaragua in counter insurgency operations in al Salvador in defense of Thailand if that becomes necessary or in other countries where soviet or cuban troops or their allies attempt to expand their Power at the expense of neighbors. This is not to suggest that . Troops be involved. If there was any one thing the chinese guerrilla Genius Mao tse Tung taught and practice and which Viet Nam and Afghanistan have proved is that guerrilla wars must be fought by the native people of the country involved not by outsiders. More than three years after the invasion of Afghanistan began soviet control in the Countryside is minuscule. Most of the towns the soviets claim Are under their control Are in their hands Only by Day. The Mujahideen take Over at night. The soviet led afghan army is demoralized Down to 30,000 men from 80,000 at the Start of the soviet invasion and holding at the 30,000 level according to West european intelligence sources Only by dint of relentless press gang sweeps in the cities and Countryside dredging up Ever younger boys and overage men. Even so Many of these draftees at gunpoint stay in the army these reports say Only Long enough to be Given weapons before they desert to the Mujahideen. So desperate have the russians become there Are increasing reports of atrocities hardly effective in winning the hearts and minds of a people they Hope to control. Fighting continues in almost All provinces with recurrent guerrilla attacks against convoys and soviet and soviet controlled Kabul government outposts and Headquarters followed by soviet led counter attacks with helicopters gunships rockets and flame throwing tanks. Offio0dopou> Camp la jews. 2 in the last two month report for which information is available fighting was reported in 17 or Afghanistan a 29 provinces. Kabul the capital in recent months has been the scene of guerilla attacks on soviet and afghan puppet government offices the residences where these officials live and the restaurants they frequent and on Power lines and Oil tanks. The Pamir building Kabul a highest has been Beverly damaged. The afghan puppet government is split with dissection with bodies of rival faction officials found dead at their Homes or offices or on the streets from time to time killed not by guerrillas but by their own colleagues. Major general Abdul Wahood commander of the Central army corps is the latest High level victim found dead at this office eith by his own hand or victim of a factional murder made to look like suicide. My Stu i amp we Agram Jack Andt in . Planning first strike Washington despite repeated denials Over the years there is secret evidence that . Military strategists Are planning for a nuclear first strike option against the soviet Union. The my missile is an important part of this planning. A credible first strike Force requires land based highly accurate missiles capable of knocking out an enemy a offensive missiles without serious retaliation. The United states could have such a capability by the Early 1990s. The Story of our potential first strike Force is told in secret reports of the defense department and the arms control and disarmament Agency. My associate Dale Van Atta has obtained copies of these reports. One secret Acda document includes a Chart with the candid title a outcome of hypothetical . First strikes 1993.�?o the Chart incorporates some crucial assumptions into its calculations. P or one thing it assumes that the soviet Union would a not launch out from under the attack a in other words that the russians would for some reason not launch their nuclear missiles at the first warning of a . Attack or while our missiles were raining Down death and destruction on them. The equation also admittedly a ignores the Impact of a rays Neutron radiation electromagnetic pulse Thermal effective and possible problems of variations in yield accuracy and reliability of . but with All these highly favourable a not to say unlikely a assumptions and an adjustment for Only 100 my missiles instead of 200, the secret projection indicates that after a first strike by our modified minute Man Iii Trident ii and my missiles not a single soviet missile silo would survive. According to a recent Pentagon report the russians now have a total of 1,398 missile silos at various locations. Planners figure on two . Nuclear warheads to take out each soviet silo. These would have to be warheads with a hard target kill capability a meaning Able to destroy steel and Concrete reinforced underground missile silos. In macabre nuclear parlance a a soft targets Are cities a and of course people the Best . Hard target missiles Are 300 recently upgraded minuteman ills each carrying three warheads. That a enough a in theory a to wipe out 450 of the soviet missile silos. The Navy is developing a missile with the same capability the d-5, for use in the Trident ii submarine launched missile system. The 150 d-5s planned will each have 10 warheads for a theoretical a a kill score of 750 soviet silos. Then comes the my a super accurate missile capable of dropping its warhead within 304 to 425 feet of a target. No known silo could withstand a nuclear blast that close. The 100 my missiles with 10 warheads apiece would put the United states Over the top in destructive Power. A secret disarmament Agency report understates it this Way a the addition of highly accurate my missiles would give the . Intercontinental ballistic missile Force a much improved time urgent hard target kill its a matter of simple arithmetic some 3,400 highly accurate nuclear warheads to aim at probably no More than 1,400 soviet missile silos by the Early 1990s. Those Are the two missiles presumed necessary to take out each silo with 600 left Over to drop on other a a hard targets such As the soviets command and control bunkers. Not so simple of course is what the Kremlin a reaction to this threat would be. As the Acda report warns the a synergistic effects of minuteman Iii improvement Trident ii and my a could put a Large portion of soviet icbms silos at risk and together could have significant destabilizing effects and a negative arms control in Short the report warns the Kremlin might not wait Doc Lely for a future . First strike checkmate. A under extreme crisis conditions a the report concludes a soviet leaders might perceive pressures to strike watchdog or Lap dog a feud Between Hospital management and the surgical staff at the veterans administration medical Center in Leavenworth kan., led to an investigation by the vans inspector general that looks suspiciously like a Whitewash of management. Or. Mary f. Mcanaw chief of surgery for nine years questioned an experimental drug testing program involving psychiatric patients a and was demoted and transferred. Her charges a that she had been harassed for blowing the whistle a led to an in investigation of 58 specific allegations of a program mismanagement nepotism favouritism and retribution against employees by in each Case the in found in favor of management. Rep. Pat Schroeder d-colo., read the in report and wrote to Deputy a administrator Everett Alvarez or a for each allegation there Are facts in dispute. In every Case the inspector general resolves the factual dispute in favor of Leavenworth management and then baldly states that the allegation is without y

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