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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 20, 1923, Bluefield, West Virginia Ordered circulation today 15,100 member a. B. In womb Puih the weather West Virginia showers and probably thunderstorms sunday monday generally fair and cooler. Volume Xxxi. No. 120. Bluefield w. Va., sunday morning May 20, 1923. Thirty four Page. The associated press leased wire. Price five cents in smog my Southern presbyterian committee on Sabbath Observance submits report. Hammer murderess definitely identified Tegucigalpa. Honduras. May 19 in. A the woman being held Here As Clara Phillips the California Quot Hammer murderess a has been definitely identified by Deputy sheriff Walter j j. Hunter who arrived Here from los i Angeles. She will be taken Back to i los Angeles where she escaped from s jail last december by the Steamer i Colombia leaving Mapala May 30. The prisoner has completely broken Down. All Day today she made offers to the police of Honduras to help her escape. In an interview which the associated press correspondent had with mrs. Phillips today she said she was innocent and charged Albert Meadow s had been killed by Peggy Caffee. She declared her husband had turned states evidence. He and Peggy she asserted were responsible Lor her conviction. In Mexico she declared she met a former Friend a a a. Jess Carson who is now in the automobile Riding at might among evils pointed out telling her Honduras had no extra Only West Virginia shows divorce decrease card playing and a chaperoned Bryan Resolution provides for expulsion of professors who uphold hypothesis. Report is expected on Fosdick Case monday disregard for Law spread in nation. Wide a Dit iou treaty. Montreat n. C., May 19 morale of the average american Botne is in a state of jazz. With jazz music jazz amusements jazz Reading jazz conversation jazz ornaments jazz dress How can sanity a of Brietz and dependability be expect a. In tiie world when the Homes keep symptoms of pneumonia said pouring such poisoned streams into this statement with its a com ganging question is the Climax of report of the permanent committee a the Sabbath and family religious _ it Ife before the sixty third general As Charles Dillow who was twice Rombly of the Southern i presbyterian stabbed he c h Hunt at to former a Church in session Here today. Home on Preston Street Friday after asserting that the Hristian no noon was thought by attending Phy is the Quot greatest thing on Earth a _ Bjo Jans to be in a very serious con or than a City greater than a 8tjon yesterday according to info greater than a nation the rep Cri. Mation Given the e police symptoms of makes extensive recommendations for it. A a a to have developed on saturday knife with which stabbing was done recovered. Northern presbyterian committee on Sabbath Observance demands movies clean up and Clear out of lords Day. Saturday session Brief. Mud Bank and Luck save Motorboat party Niagara Falls. N. Y., May 19 pm Only a mud Bank and Luck saved a party of five from Chicago from being carried Over Niagara Falls in a Motorboat this afternoon. The motor boat the Sunbeam is owned by the Lasker Iron company of Chicago and was formerly a submarine Chaster. Captain George Murphy of Chicago was in command. This evening the Captain decided to make another Lap to Buffalo and spend the night there. motor boat was taken into the River and the Pilot being unfamiliar with the Channel proceeded North along the Canadian Shore in the direction of the Falls. At Chippewa workmen on the Hydro Plant piers waived a warning to the Crew who interpreted the signals As a Friendly Hall and continued their course. Just below the intake for the Queenstown Power House Channel a Broad mud Bank stretches several Hundred feet out into the River. The motor boat stuck her Sharp nose into this mud and held fast a scant half mile from the Cataract. A motor boat was rushed out from Chippewa and the Crew of the Sunbeam taken ashore. Indianapolis ind., May 19 in a presbyterians in the United states of America today received a report from the committee on Sabbath Observance demanding the movies Quot cleanup and Clear out of the lords will h. Hays president of the motion picture producers and distributors of America who is attending the Assembly As an elder of the Church was absent from the Hall attending a committee meeting when or. Harry w. Bowlby president of the lords Day Alliance attacked the sunday movie shows. Quot i have nothing against the movies said or. Bowlby Quot if they will clean protests Are sent by soviet Russia serve to produce another Day of almost violent conflict at Lausanne. Open clash greeks Coal shipments not up to pre War Mark fifteen foreign Ersen. May 19 pm in authoritative German quarters it was declared today the French and belgians by no Means have reached the pre occupation volume of Coal and Coke shipments from the Ruhr As claimed by Premier Poincare. It was admitted however the first fortnight of May saw an average Dally Export of 300 car loads. Shipments reached As High As 775 car loads on May 9, but dropped to 135 the next Day because at Bridge destruction. By May 13, traffic had been sufficiently restored to Send out 428 car loads. A during april 9,445 car loads were and turks threatened exported by Way of the Rhine at Univa inc Hattilu Duisburg compared with 1,210 in March. One Hundred Barge loads. Also were exported in april. Finn not trn to Promise in Chi the germans attribute the great Lannot Irussi promises 10 uni in Moscow Eastern question is considered Only really important Issue in British russian note Exchange reply not sent to London. Death the face will be shot if demands of brigands Are not met by tuesday. Ultimatum of outlaws to be presented today makes extensive recommend sons Rori npum0nia Yore said t0 bav0 Deve and c Ean out 0f the lords Day. The improvement of the a k loped yesterday which added to the and j s0 told an important represent edition giving Quot Jesus Christ As the a of the e Many a condition fill Winn non a Clarence Saunders announces intention to sell sufficient strengthen finances. Memphis. Tenn., May 19 to a Clarence Saunders president of Piggy wiggly stores inc., announced tonight he would proceed with Hia original plans to dispose of a sufficient number of Piggy wiggly store units to strengthen the finances of Anu 1 so Iuliu Iii Impi i w do Curcucu vi1<3 Niau Vvs a. Native of the motion picture Industry the company and declared Neotia. A 1 a it Atli n i of q a Virv red Iri 11a i 1 to l n <1 ii tit Xvi la twi t i \ who is attending this Assembly As a a Resolution on motion picture censorship and sunday movie shows is expected to be presented to the Assembly for the controversy Between the Ultra _____�1____ a a �/1 o of Flat it tuft i tons virtually had been completed for the Sale of the Denver unit for approximately 400,000. An Effort to sell the Dallas stores was halted today it was said by unexpected opposition of Banks which were expected to finance the transact. A a Rev. A up. I seriousness of the Many a condition Only Hope. The Drift tip i the knife with which Hunt is aligned to a standing comm tree d my i a tabbed Dollow waa referring to causes which go to Rio overfed to the police yesterday in Ward breaking up a their investigation of the trouble. It report says revered by our had been taken irom Hunt by several h War 618 marriages men who w Ere working in the vice Church there were 324, -18 damages nil Lnu Home and 24,524 divorces in one year or nity of Dillow s Home almost exactly one divorce for every Dillow told the police yesterday and ten marriages. West Virginia is the some of his statements Are said to Only state in our territory showing have been corroborated by alleged a decrease in a ten year period. In Eye witnesses no words had been Texas the proportion of divorce to passed and he was suddenly attacked marriages is about tie to seven. J by Hunt. Dillow told the police Hunt the number of divorces to every. Met him at a Coal Box in his Yard j Juback in time to make two adj afer the 8ale of the Chicago unit 100,000 in population in our Territo Jand said Ell we might As i dresses on evolution and the Funda j up Vera jays ago announcement was Ries Are As follows. Settle our difficulties now. Hunt i mental interpretation of the Bible to made negotiations for other sales had 117 Texas 198 Oklahoma then said to have pulled a knee from tar irrow the Brit will be Quot the popu bin halted temporarily by threats conservative and progressive factions i the a leaders attempt to in was quiet today due to the Amienee j0jn me from doing something to save i of William Jennings Bryan Leader or the company they will draw upon a the fundamentalists from the City their Heads damage suits from every or. Bryan who went to Kansas City j stockholder in the or. Increase Over the previous month mainly to the fact forty four mines were under occupation in the it Ruhr in april against ten la March. Arkansas of Shaw i Morrow. The first will be rushed at Dillow Lar Meel Oak. A afternoon and the other from so Felt pressure today from two 91 j throwing several Small rocks from a j pulpit of Westminster presbyterian other sides the filing of a suit to Al z a to 11 Lorrow. I u Tillott w a i 1 Uwell iia Lutfu it la Yaj Ettl jul y by Lul try lab 168 Florida 152 Kentucky 129 ten his pocket and rushed at Pillow Jar meeting of the Assembly in the 0f injunction proceedings. Saunders Teasee 127 Missouri 171 Mississippi j stabbing him twice. Dillow admitted an the other from the also Felt a Esaure today from two Nashville Banks for additional collateral to protect personal Loans without wavering from Bis declaration he still was master of the situation. The suit to Force payment on the i of Isiria to West Virginia 69 i Stone pile after he had been Cut i a Iirth tomorrow night. I enforce payment of a note for 30,000 Myrtland 74 Georgia 54 North Caro according to Dillow s Story of the arc anxiously Awai and demands by new Orleans and u according to a. M &�2�i Raa,,0i a. Three and one half times As fast As the meantime. Hunt brought suit a committee note was filed by Sidney w. Bouers the modulation and at this rate by the against Dillow. 1 be Case was set of. Riff Day oath to Napier presents its new Orleans. N i a of tilt Century three fourths of j trial the first week of this month on theological Gemma 1.? p _ a a a san Al get the Souers suit with 1?1 Marr sees will terminate in i but had been continued until yester a report of a a a Quot i Quot a training a11 my by wer and 1 sha11 satisfy the Joram a National divorce Law. The Jay on account of the absence of j the thirteen schools for the training Nashville and new 0rleans Banks report continues is Quot imperatively lome of Dillowe a witnesses. In the of ministers. About additional collateral a Saunders demanded i meantime. Hunt is a Aid to have order or. Bryan is understood to have i declared tonight one of the most fruitful causes of de Dillow to vacate the property but j ready for presentation a a rep a Btl a a voice read the report Quot is shown on account of Dillowe a wife having we sch would bar the teaching o i. A _ a 4 ill in a. »44 a 1 inn if nov to 4lnm 5 n via r a lira h Lausanne. May 19 in a two strongly worded protests from m. Tchitcherine russian soviet minister to the Swiss government and the near East conference regarding the assassination of m. Torovsky head of the russian Lel Gatlon at Lausanne contributed to produce another Day of almost violent conflict. The conference itself is struggling Alon groping for Gloace against numerous discouraging obstacles such As threaten att open clash Between Greece and Turkey Over reparations re i tar i of m. Tchi Tchern in his note to the Piggy wiggly store unites to a conference raised the Specter of fair ure of the conference and declared the soviet reserved All rights and w ill continue to address communications to the conference and to the French British and italian governments regarding m. Zorosky it necessary. But in the meantime. Russia affirms the great Powers share responsibility in the failure of Switzerland to adopt measures which would have rendered the assassination of the russian Leader improbable if not impossible. Moscow. May 19 a a russians reply to Marquis Curzon a suggestion As outlined to Leonid Krasin the russian soviet commissar for foreign Trade in a two hour conference at the in Mon foreign office thursday has not yet been sent to London. 1 he conference was concerned with the recent Exchange of notes by the two governments and lord Curzon is understood to have Marie it Clear to m. Krassin his government would accept nothing Short of full compliance with All British demands. General unofficial comment tonight gave reason to believe Russia would stand on her note expressing willingness to Settle the differences by a Eow Ference but declining to accept fms ultimatum. Russia appears determined upon her of Crit to maintain her own policy in the Oast but announces herself ready to establish a a conference with England non con Flint Lertg activities in the East to Moscow the Eastern question is considered the Only really important Issue in the British russian note exchanges. Nese government and say they must have guarantees from some responsible source terms will be met. Peking May 19 a1. Fifteen foreigners. Six of them americans some of them ill some of them weary bruised and foot sore poorly fed and worse Clad tonight Are looking death in the face in the put Zulu Hills of Shantung province As they approach the end of their second week As captives of the bandits who raided the a Shanghai peking express near Suchow May 6. If the foreign and chinese governments Are unable to satisfy the brigand by tuesday that their terms for the release of tie prisoner would be met and the robbers chieftain Taft chief Justice of the United makes Good his threat two of the states for accepting an alleged Annu americana and two britishers have try of $10.000 from the Carnegie Cor More than forty eight hours to j w live. They will be shot As a warning i he marauders mean to Force compliance with their demands under Taft impeached russian communists More than two thirds fakers and rafters according to Alexander Copan. New York May 19 up a a demand for the impeachment of William h. Portion and an attack on the Lenine and Trotsky Brand of russian com my Nisnik by Alexander Cap an editor of the jewish Datov Forward featured the opening of the National Conven i Tion of the socialist party today. Or. Capan declared in an address Trotsky was a Quot big bombastic wind i bag a but he believed he was sincere. And Leniner a physical breakdown was due in great part to his moral in capacity. The Resolution aimed at chief Justice Taft was adopted unanimously but none of the delegates expressed j views of the subject. The committee on resolutions was instructed to obtain cooperation of trades unions and other books in making the demand for or. Tafts impeachment nationwide in its scope. Or. Capan in his address said the russian communists were More than two thirds Quot fakers and rafters a and two thirds Quot fakers and rafters and und present the ultimatum of the out-,li1 a acae Ricau. A Octal few a a l0 diplomats according to tests to Stop Tempo izing with the Luis f r jgrc4rotwnn Schurman american minister who has returned to the been confined last week he refused to move until her condition improve Day of prayer set apart by baptists Lilvin a. A ,. To be Hasty marriage and to tins nothing seems to contribute More than the modern dance Otine people mixing promiscuously for hours i in the modern dance get heated Quot us the exercise and familiar Contact Ami j suddenly decide to get married Only to shortly discover that they Are to j tally i a card playing and a chaperoned automobile Riding at also Are named As other evils breaking up the i a disregard of the Law so wide spread in the nation and utterly inadequate punishment for to Iatrou of the Law a giving occasion to that great evil of Lynch Law Are race a Able easily to what of discipline in the Home a according to the report. The question of the establishment i of the presbyterian foundation a Cor notation to solicit bequests and an Kansas City May 18 in unities for the whole of the Church Southern Baptist convention in ses to and institution will be subject to ?j0n in re today set apart Friday debate Aid has been set tor special june i or a Day an near that As order tuesday morning. The Assem j possible As a Day of prayer for divine so 1�tewarisb . Has Ell Gula a in us carrying of a of their Dorset the proposed est it in it Lihsiu it i plans ution in the Church schools and would expel professors who hold the Evolur tonary hypothesis of the origin of Humon life on the Earth. Most of today s Short session was devoted to routine reports. Moun Case without latest Rumor saturday Chicago. May 19 my Quot serious disappearance of i Gaughton will ask divine guidance in. Just who Ian shed Twenty month carrying out of plans a a or 2? i larger budget for Benevolence being formulated. Refuses to shake first honors awarded washingt0n-jeffers0n their Clinef s ultimatum Bent out saturday. Quot we Are pleading for our lives and unless peking Washington and Loudon realize the bandits Are ready to sacrifice their own lives and those of All their captives in their tight for reinstatement in the chinese government immune from punishment we Are surely doomed Quot is the statement made by Viveon Friedman one of the americans speaking for All. One Man Marcel. Sarube a Frenchman of Shanghai yesterday was Given his Freedom with instructions from Wang the bespectacled scholarly Young Bandit Leader to go to peking and Lay before the government and the foreign diplomatic corps the desperate plight of the fifteen Othera. Berube tomorrow will Tell his Story plan soviet socialism had just As Good a Chance to grow in this country As it had in England he asserted if the leaders Here would go about their work of rebuilding in the right Way and Quot sidetrack their attempt to evolve Quot High faulting Day to Boyd c. Patterson of Rafton i a and John Cooper Durfey. Of Paulding. Ohio. Second honors were awarded among the honoured student. Alfred l. Eckler Ravenna Ohio c. M Muir Washington. D. C l James action of general von Plessen k-cw��b�?oeryckv.,b who represented former Frederick g. He. Washington. A. Kaiser sa5i ke8ekble6 Jom it Ellenboro. W. Va., May 19 up a Rami greatly resembling Gold has been found in drilling a Gas Well on the Mcguire farm on stewarts run near pm a re t1,i�?~ 8and Hai of a 8pnt to Washington pa., May 19 a. R first Patmore to be assayed. The Well was Honor to the members of the 19-. J Dovon goo feet when the Sand was graduating class at Washington and Atuck. Lefferson College were awarded to at funeral Duchess Louise. Grand William s. My Donald noted Singer dead Berlin May 19 a a the recent funeral of grand Duchess Luise of new York May 19 a a Wal Htun Stone Mcdonald a prominent civil its report while the Alterini committee on the foundation Baa Mitter a majority report opposing the movement taking the position the a Church already has distributed tin Power through its other agencies the minority report signed by one member opposed to the decision reached by the other four committeemen urges adoption of the proposal. Says child was sold by her father for $15 Newport news a May 19 a a a Little girl in the Virginia mountains some time ago was sold Joir $ of at the close of the morning session the convention passed a Resolution of non concurrence with a Resolution Offen d yesterday opposing the teaching of evolution in schools the Resolution today declared that it us not dissent Quot because of the principles involved but on the ground of interference beyond the province of the larger advances were made in the foreign Mission work of the Southern baptists during the year than in any other of even a eight years the organization has been doing missionary work the annual report of the foreign Mission Board As presented to the convention by or. J. F. Love ,. I a ii Nril Coll i of Richmond vu., said. Included in according to the rest a. 8. A the Quot Ains for the twelve months flew agent of the children a so organization or 269 Meli Las Rel hts a a a a meet lne held at Chunges. The admin stration of 12 611 a internet of tape Lime. 39.0t7 new Mennen added today the most recent having been. Luu cite Vii we Usu Buss a Jibb i eliminated last night by assistant Baden aunt of former emperor Wil who a had Quot charge of Many states attorneys who have conducted Ham was marred by an unpleasant a near no projects in the an inquiry since the finding of a 3cene created by general von pie West died at his Skeleton accepted by authorities As 9en. Who represented the exiled a uth it the aaa mounts under a pier in eve failure of miss Doris Fuchs of mount and her two u Illiam and Joseph to Light on the release a a a a Chuck Palmer Northwestern foot-1 the Hohenzollern abdicated. The to Ball Star who was held in custody Hen Zollers and their supporters without formal charge for More than Bave insisted since the abdication Twenty four hours. Palmer will a played into the hands of the Pear in court again monday How liberals in Germany and announced ver. The emperors abdication premature a Story told by mrs Violet Bach by and forced his flight which the old Man a former Friend that the foot imperialists still believe was in Hail Star a knew Tell about the mount a a a a a a. New a a a a a a a a a a Rasey As she quoted him caused is Max refused to accept the snub from persons. Most of those whose name8 detention Palmer reputedly de the sex Kaiser a representative Ami appear on the list Are German rail riled the allegations. Announced he would not remain in Road functionaries a i the company of a general who re fused to shake hands. Therefore it was necessary to ask general von Plessen to retire from the funeral party to ease the situation which 1 considered to have reflected William Hohenzollern a attitude toward i last official adviser in Berlin and to have shown How strongly the former emperor clings to the old Imperial prerogatives. Capital from Shanghai and the Bandit Sono. Two factors apparently have clogged negotiations for the release of the captives Ono 1� bickering Between chinese officials at Taso Cha Wang who have poured in their representatives by the Carload to treat for the prisoners release. The other is the bandits demand repeated again and again that because they cannot Trust the promises of the chinese government guarantee that their Ternas will he met must be Given from some responsible source. Opposed to this latter position is the stand of the foreign diplomats that the chinese government is held responsible for the safety of the prisoners and it must obtain their Freedom. Advices from Taso Cha Wang state Mutiny is feared among the troops policing the Bandit zone. They have not been paid tor eighteen months and Are reported to he fraternizing with the outlaws even to the extant of Selling brigands the government ammunition they carry i Washington May 19 a3 a failure victims of the chinese government to effect. The release of the foreigners Captur held saturday fathers and de by bandits in Shantung led offi vials of the american legation in mothers seek keepsakes to peking to Cable that a state department pull run in today foreign guarantees to Secura treasure in memory uni Woien i in m u n 11 y for the bandits Seenie necessary to produce results. File death list is sooty Flye funerals of last of t new expulsion order issued in Coblenz Coblenz May 19 it a the enter Al lied High commission has issued new expulsion order affecting. 3 Road details of offer although still stunned by the ex-1 regular military forces of that protect of the tragedy the citizens of Vine to the Bandit leaders providing the county began working in Earnest the captives should to released today to care for those made depend whether this offer worn be found Dent by the disaster and the first j acceptable is not Knora Here and Days Campaign brought in a fund of further. Information 13 anxiously a $5,000. A plan for insuring the Educa j awaited. Tion of children left helpless is inn Timic for worked out and farms left in their a four additions to hands by the deaths of their parents j a Ionel Chi i it Mcdo will be supervised by men employed re Lound rely it i i tvs by the Relief agencies. J a pathetic feature was furnished by new York. May 19 in a four More a number of fathers and mothers who a Poison pen letters today were add sought keepsakes in the form of keys de to the 147 which Are alleged to Jack knives or anything which might Bave wrecked Many Homes in High be treasured in memory of their society. The latest missives were children who were killed. Laid before District attorney Banton by Nathan Burkan. Counsel for George a movement to raise funds Lese Foi the institution. The child the speaker said was sold by her father who amp a first wife died and who married win. Ii Len were Many Little Mouths m the Yam to the Church the erection 0� seven new houses of worship Zaniou of 476 new sunday schools a gain of 13,176 in sunday school pupils an increase of 6,282 in the number of pupils enrolled in Mission e Many Little mourns m1 am wll i the ending oat and the Little girl of forty seven new foreign Mission urn of great secrecy maintained re-1 Germany a forthcoming Repa hungry was about to lie a old to a woman the unmarried Mother of fourteen children when a neighbor stepped in and purchased her. Or Driscoll did not make Public the names of any of the parties concerned in the transaction but displayed a Check which he said w a. M do Rcd in payment and accepted by the father of the child. German Marks fall to a new Low record new York. May 19 up German Marks fell to a new Low figure Here in the foreign Exchange Market being quoted at .00198<.> cent apiece or More than 50,000 for $1. Today a figure was a new Low for Al time the lowest quoted Keing .002025 cent Early this year. A a As Well As representatives of All the Norlinn of British former ruling families in the old Ger-1 Garci Iny Sunui Luil Uidl la a Man Empire were present at the fun a Premier which is causing Era. Von pies sen action caused Rici 111 i much discussion among the one time Royal personages. Aries and the addition of 1,617 missionaries to the staff of workers in the foreign Fields. Having pledged itself yesterday to the fullest Effort to Mise $31,000,000 by december 1924 to Complete the �75,000,0 i Campaign goal for Mission. Education and Benevolence the convention today began the tor mutation of plans for it still larger program when the present Campaign has been concluded. Or. M. E. Dodd frends grave concern. London May if tip. Great secrecy is being maintained regarding prime minister Bonar Laws condition which is causing his friends concern. The prime minister who recently left on an announced voyage of one month for his health looked tired Ana worn out when he reach d London this afternoon from in Arr. And was compelled to rest because of his exre ached Hugo Stinnes and his family form rations proposals will stipulate definite annuities instead of fixed total reports say. Milan is aroused in anticipation of fight Milan Italy May 19 up. Milan was aroused tonight As Seldom before on the eve of the european heavy weight championship fight to be staged in the Napoleonic area Here tomorrow Between Emile no spa la of Italy and Verver the Hollander who holds the title. The affair furnished practically the on topic of conversation the Berlin May 19 in. Germany s Tjie on Toj la or convert sub iut a uru a Rob a for the keepers of forthcoming reparations a re i 08als chances of the italian tighter to Cap at Wels Jaden will stipulate definite annuities in fut the 1 title being the subject fashionable Hott l Stead of offering a fixed total Accord a and heated discussion with is dt.c�? in the is i Mot Mon irom. Tai. Of the fart to the from stated the of addition interest is Lent to the a a a a a a of fit and of her a Quot a or royalties and also american million make a a a offer Beert 1 Cuba inter to be waked n Itali. A on. Lone t. A spent �?�f0rty years najor a a a a Hausted Cou Dillon when it of Shreveport. La., was named chair a by let it Rivat Hotie where he is stay ran of a come utter to plan Taeun Thomas Horder the noted do taking. Uncial list wins called upon the pre women s work. I Clef arrival and remained with him the proposal to establish a new theological Seminary the denominational press the Relief and annuity Board tin general question of hospitals cud social service were discussed today. A Long time. It was remarked the prime minister was fatigued when he alighted from his trip he waa so exhausted he failed to notice the cheers that greeted him. Advance and Send representative ahead of them to prepare for their Comfort. Rte Nam and Bis family show in unexpectedly and unannounced their clothing i that the hotel knowing them Are like y to Accord them scant a a a a a a a a a. The members of the Stines a mlle Seldom travel in their own motor cars usually to lev arrive in town by train and take the 1 turn to Page thirteen positive Concrete guarantees for which the Gorman Industrial financial and commercial interests political parties and labor unions will go Security. A a. A a although the details of the Forth 80 unpretentious coming offer Bave not been divulged Sut ordinates. Not or Ven dl8cvis8ed in official circles it appears the powerful Industrial league has succeeded in convincing Chancellor Cuno and foreign minister Rosenberg of the futility of speculating upon an International loan As a basis for reparation. River transportation Parkersburg w. Va., May 19 a Captain Jesse Harrison Ellem Ohio River Steamboat Pilot aged seventy eight. Is dead at his Home at Rockland Ohio across the River from Here after forty years spent in the Pittsburg Cincinnati River transportation Trade. Maxwell composer accused of having mailed similar letters involving the names of mrs. Allen a. Ryan and other women. Maxwell through his counsel has contended he himself wms the victim of the Quot Poison pen writer. Neither or. Burkan nor or Banton would discuss the latest letters nor say to whim they were addressed. Adrenalin saves life of new born baby girl Baltimore May 19 up a adrenalin Savoj the life of a new born baby physicians at Franklin Square Hospital Here said today adding the infant was dead for fifteen minutes after its birth five Days ago. When the babe was born lat monday. Physicians tried every usual Means of encouraging the heart action and breathing in vain. Adrenalin was resorted to. An injection tvs made close to the heart and in a few minutes the flush of life overspread the Little body. Today the child is declared to he Normal and to have every Chance for life. The child is the daughter of mrs. J. Jocelyn of Baltimore

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