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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives May 19 1957, Page 1

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 19, 1957, Bluefield, West Virginia Today. You la find the Magazine Section of the daily Telegraph filled with articles of interest for All the family. Make sure you have your copy. Vol. Lxi no. 139 Dai in nth red it dash Mattar. December 18. 1893. At Post Oil Ica Bluefield w. Va., under act of March 3. 1879 Bluefield w. Va., sunday morning May 19, 1957 Mira it i weather. Mostly Cloudy and somewhat cooler with thundershowers Likely today. Lowest tonight in the 50s. Pneumonia attack finite states a teamster Bosses puts military c in review j3id looking for successor to Beck to keep Benny in Hospital for time Quot boy in Welt begs to go Home after Long ordeal but doctors holding him until Light touch of illness clears by Francis Stille armed forces Day across the nation in Strong display by Fred s. Hoffman Washington. May 18 Iff a the United states put its military men and machines on display today pointing up the a Power for peace theme scent 1 e cents daily 0 gtryp4t according to reports arrogant Union chief knows he can t stay on but is looking for reelection As vindication by Norman Walker Stassen foes sceptical of arms control Tough debate seen shaping up on what to offer the reds by John m. Hightower Washington May 18 of tag a a Tough debate is shaping j Jup in the Eisenhower administration Over the kind of disarmament proposal which the crash victim Manorville n. Y., May 18 Iff a Benny Hooper the of armed forces Day. Tuow now i m. It boy in the Well a begged to go Home from the Hospital today j All across the nation Mill have so far avoided c h i a a master Bosses United states should r it his doctor said a a a Little spot of pneumonia would keep tary air and naval bases were a Union president Only Sprau the scat \ ave Beckma e to the soviet Union thrown open to the Public. a a Mon key Issue appears next but him there a while. I _ the pneumonia report came after Blond Bine eyed in speeches far and wide a thru Nisie to no he Sam it h. Be How far this country should Benny 7, had been pronounced in Good condition despite 24 Pentagon officials uni Turrou via Hll Tho t j 1 involved m the ?.in in Tro Ducine into be Oil gruelling hours trapped 24 Leet Down a freshly dug Well formed and civilian bore. N a Lori by the actions at London a plan which at Bayview general Hosp tel Ini Down on the need tor Strong ii rackets committee disclosures about cd uld promote the chances a for a limited agreement with Russia on a cutback in military forces and a test zone nearby Mastic Beach Long la land. Or. Joseph h. Kris told newsmen that a rays had shown a touch of pneumonia on the boys right lung. Pneumonia had been feared Ever since the lad was pulled from the Sand last night stiff and cold but still alive. Or. Kris said the boy was being kept in an oxygen tent tonight and needed quiet. Earlier the boy had been Lively and Ata his first solid food a bowl of cereals and reminded his father truck Driver Benjamin sr.,� soundly that he wanted a toy automobile when for his birthday in july. Sound Sleeper is no problem for quiet tire thieves mount Clemens Mich of a William p. Brown of Detroit got tired driving last night. He stopped along Busy Harper Avenue to take a Nap. He slept Strong Berk. Defences. The situation is that Many of Center of this 8th annual colleagues have abandoned armed forces Observance was info arrant m t1 be nations capital and nearby for a they give him the axe101 Andrews air Force , my. A 8 a a the be nearly if non its part Beok is fighting services together with veterans resigning yid intends1 to re for and other groups swung Down a new five Eaf pm As Quot Union sore shoulder he was suffering from a son a couple of Macomb county sheriffs deputies awakened him a couple of hours later All of his tires were missing. Even the spare plus the one Dies n crash if a be shoulder but or. Kris Auto Jack. The noise of thieves Saia a rays snowed there were no prying open the trunk had t broken Bones. Kris kept a 24-hour awakened him. Vigil during the Rescue efforts at the pit. Sam , 3�, negro construction worker who reached the Bov first through a re scuff Tunnel had told the doctor he heard something snap he pulled the boy out. The shoulder May have been Hurt then. Floods dominate nations weather ,i0n Avenue sidearm at the Quot Oon vestion in a . Site nine. Miami in late september a it reliable e other High officials. Also watch real of a Ling the Parade were Manv Dinon. I. C. Quot bus hones Hope. Mats including uniformed offi Vine. A lie t. Want a a a Job on Clarence Bruce Carter. 19-year cers attached to Iron Curtale. Masters chiefs to old son of or. And mrs. Leland rations. N in if him be re elected As a sort of Carter of Tulip apartments on . With the understand Bluefield Avenue was killed Early huge roads ing he then would resign in Wendi today in a two car collision at the at Andrews air Force base. At Fevand let someone else sue intersection of College a just outside the City an estimate quoted him. River avenues de 100.000 persons thronged i gone against a second South. Identified at through the Gates to get a look Eck is not Likely to ache eve St Luke a Hospital As Harvey St. At samples of americans most and his Hope. One of the Union s 11 Clair was also injured in a he \ a need missile and other Wear v1cp presidents John t. Sandy crash. Extent of St. Claire on. Base police said they anus o Brien of Chicago already has juries were not known at i a.in., Ipa ted a to Al of about 250,000 by Mcnie out As a a clean up Candi nor had it been determined which the end of this first of two a open de Wain at Beck House Days. There May be other candidates the open House privileges sex the Helm of the nation s tended to any communist military car est labor Union is a coveted attaches who cared to come. . Officers said they understood a _ t Likely the situation As to Bov was driving the car Ca youths crashed Lor Aerial inspection. Harold e. Stassen chief u. S negotiator in the London sessions is evidently in for some Sharp and sceptical questioning As the task of hammering out new decisions goes into High gear Early next week. Military concerned u. S. Military leaders Are reported especially concerned to make sure that any offer to the russians even on a a first step disarmament plan is coupled with requirements for inspection proce. Dur amps which will give the Mast 1 foolproof Assurance possible against soviet violations. Adm. Arthur w. Radford chairman of the joint staff has been reported As urging an attitude of extreme caution on the ground that a any agreement state police and Volunteer Rescue workers Cairn the body of a nmrnma7erf, 0i he of a Light p a a which crashed Sass Jandy Lyel it vat p110 a rescued downstream fiddly injured it a win Hoto one dead As plane goes Down in Roanoke River a a a a a =i5u 5 cued skier it frying the two be United states and its allies before noon today after searchers discover a him a hair into the Side of a a a it stake. Radford is due Back Stream from where h Light Dlan had Rie car driven by Hamilton Purcell of Hia weekend from a tour of lat a a land a had Ca asked in the water or Jami the Riner Sarh. woo Coroa to come. . Rii or in me a �1111 i expected to a til a was a hungry and thais a was i by the Assoc Atra press officers said they understood a it Likely the situation As to si.1t�whli�ntlfied her Quot an part in work i Carila cd of a ? a s a a Oklahoma Rivers and streams of. A ?f0lcis-�?zm,55e86or won it clarify in a so 4?. Sci Ped til Lila Lex it hey Rommen a St Ucli of Ulk Rood sign in Quot via Noma Rivers and streams we a a a Jimiy men wont Clanry in 7a a a is . Is a to Quot a a a him to a a v the powerful flood water forced display of american fighting gear. Detroit vice president o the Union thousand at the Hospital the boy told his of Farmers and City a few military attaches showed before the teamsters scandals father How he fell into the Well. Dwellers t0 seek higher ground a. Including communist officers broke Hoffa easily was the a most the Ribet to dlr of a i was playing with Michael to 1�?oj�?~ a a a 1 Anh �?o1rtmnr a it a a a a a a a _. _ floods hit communities in and they Aion with the thou powerful Man in the 14 million Rell drove across the intersect Friend. A cd a were Runnin. It re , Quot Laa a nations for decision by president _ occurred Eisenhower. Lionrtt.2�0 t he dry agreement closer a Long East River Avenue. Purcell said the other car crashed into if said on his return Pri his car As Pur u London that there is no to free Miner co asked in the water killing j a woman passenger. I the Pilot was 2nd it Raymond i Hemmersmeier of 2501 n. Or a St., St. Louis. The dead girl was identified As Marv Moss. 21 a member of the Waves. Her Mother was listed a mrs. Marv Moss 5840 Macarthur blvd., Washington taken to Danville patrolman Robert e. Lee jr., was investigating last night. Told him i wanted to see if i could n Kansas it Fri Quot a 1,wuill�?~ watched the somewhat limited Fly and Ark it of the Senate commit jump Over the Hole. Kansas and Missouri and ing demons rations which were de Lee sad Hoffa controls All trucking i jumped and i fell heavy Rains also battered the signed to show the Maneu Verbil transportation East of the Rocky a i Don t remember much about Wpm Boas. In a of aircraft and the skill of . Mount Ains i what happened then except it got three Days of torrential Rains flicks Haifa is due to go to trial Here Ilc a Faim Lanonne dark and i got has claimed nine lives in okla in this heavily populated area. J.ui>2 17 on a Federl indictment a v o i 01 ill Ivicin id 51 til the exhausted parents spent the hum a. There was no room for actual charging he bribed a staff invest night at the Hospital. J Bridge washout bomb or firing runs. Gator of Mcclellan a committee Quot a him committee secrets doubt that Russia and the West by Ken spa May 18 pres a Janieri a a Day vice memorial empowers Are closer to agree 011 workers in their second Day ��2e�a Hemmer Smi i a was rebid ment now on a a first step Dis Pound Rajie Crook digging Laboured co a Jupp with a pictured dead Bridge washouts were reported to feed 7?� a a to Hhd. 30. Tate a a a s z�r�?o2�s���?��,i� in ducted of to a Nomen a Jsn sly the. Way and Somr railroads. Three Birds and lip Nav it b5ue angles rented hous was to major brides we a washed away screamed Down close to the 8 a -1. And do is of smaller ones were a round then roared skyward j conviction undoubtedly would reduced influence 5t.fa, swept info the flood. Thirty nine a Ai Quot in whirling darting Aerial vastly diminish Linfat Union Ratte ti-�3a a. _ a Raho line a Nuna i. No. U says Gettysburg Isnit making Money she had tried o it Here in a a us cd it vow 1u-�l> mar Uin Jusn my Era s Union in ------------�?-�4�., Xot ,, is a is i formation a. Mtg i Quot Frank w. Not or vice presidents. _ Eisenhower s Faim near a Indiana polls. May Jug resident f Brewster the unions Gettysburg a. Was Nying to picture him a. 2 to 3 million dollars. Quot Quot an hour their Wing tin Only three West pm St and Una to any monev.�?�4 his farm Quot a anlage una�8l>tabie"��� St no is St have di2ir�?T our about a Tony and Quot half a emerged Raki Quot to engine a Salt being do had and to build myself up to the fact that he was and to re Quot he n Uinn i How of Cope with it a she said 1 nations armament plan than Thev were today t0 Frap a 34-year-old father a soc Atud Hub. A head laceration when he came heme during an or ree. Buried 25 feet under a a a tract ured Arm easter recess in the negotiations a ground by a mine Cave in. Discovery ended a night of month ago the present recess David Snyder was trapped in an Borror and suffering which began j i ill end May 27. On his return Independent mine on Short Maun �?zb0ut a clock redday night when u. London Stassen almost car Tain Tain one mile West of thus East a too Irner sni Leier radioed Woosnum reolt�?o1 �0n,? aj1 Aniel ican Ern Pennsylvania Anthracite com Smitj thai he waa or Oriff i a dl5arniamnl Unity yesterday morning. The a s out of Gas and lost a Ade Panl 30. Only communication Between the plane crashed when the Kiat proposal called among entombed Marv and the surface by of apparent la tried to set \ other things for an International Tae yesterday afternoon via Down in the River unaware that Aerial inspection system covering tapping with a Hammer Eastern Siberia. Alaska and most 40 r., �11 an Eti of the Western Umed states a Rescue worker a Wisn t making american officials have called it s it me 40 Rescue workers were the shallow water was dangerous passenger burned when the landin.? gear struck rain was the Predo Mair Fea 0 four beef apart Mohn. It administrative chief said today. Indicated that the United states of debris every two hours not knocked into the cockpit scalding weather Pic Bui Many of the deadliest Wear a a indicted on contempt of con he a by veg cattle now and no Ifould make a counter proposal ki4�win? whether Snyder was alive water and fume apparently sex the heaviest amount on a the show had to be kept a charge. Selling explained Brit ran Devil la Ink a different area for scene of the dramatic Rescue by Odd for the Young woman was bed. Leaned Over smiled and said a a the him in it a River which in pm Quot or. Me Quot Nevin went to Noblesville ind three Lykens men were killed m taken. A this is dry seasons rums in trickle Crest the Materiel assembled Al Union piece Lons this fall t0 attend a Sale of an entire Herd grift Lyl do l i Flat i 111/411a a a i m t?#5 at some Corw Hemmersmeier got a hello Mommy a boy re ? a Etc a div Day night though Only a Sample represented a Sidney l. Brennan vice pre of 250 Angus cattle the same Lii Ici Lut Dollci at 6 p m. State mine inspector out of the plane and apparently pled r a a Fet the an outlay of hundreds of millions id ent from Minneapolis who was bread raised on the Eisenhower r 1 a10 Vonn a is lunar Edir red downstream in the four a hello she said. Fri Iasi dollars convicted before the present sen fax but he said. A did it it not think exc full a ill Fps with m if Pap River cities new a Rescue to me saturday the River re Forrestal tribute ate hearing on Chare of accept wave Boush a wj1 want this a Whei a the victim a iwed a sled he he tki i Wuhu ceded to 1.7,8 feet at Perkins. At Arlington National cemetery in Money from an employer Var if i _ a it a entombed. a Drill Ira a opera nurses and be men ind of male l or Oklahoma Rivers the at to Bane As paid to the late James --5555 was sent Home after Dave Rwy z ians and the vwd5�5> among of or Stai. The first Sefres of get some re i tie major ones overflow cd the defense. A color guard stood at Arkansas a River wry a record attention As Marx leva former Dile of flood destruction also was on assistant Secretary. Placed a Mcdowell roads take 15th life thi Vii Init Wie i bin l5 Jenevea to de a a it i i in entombed. Tii a d a Drill air opera a Mayflower n mid Otean Veteran new a a Povi Ieuv Trail raced e and a her a Archer. The pair Law Fri pah a a a a a a 1 or a and neighbors maintaining a silent Rev Ray n a by a l a a v f2i� at the scene agreed it was to okla for a a % 1 highly improbable Snyder a a for the wreckage. Mon is Barbour the Farmer son and Harrison Northern 51, Naples Italy. Mav 18 a by 0 i to lakh lucftrii3, y., Ohan ipad salutes n mid Atlantic i Olav with the Mayflower ii. A i. A. My Nanson Northern is the Mayflower ii. A replica at Ine Thev explained or need on his ? 3, so quoted Hemme Meier s the so Elm vessel that earned the having Accel z a it Rita of if hot old Stickle no of a a i a stg l is the no a from Britain to Plymouth. Mass Vic Matiy. Site left Plymouth. England april work through night �0. The Tho men worked through the unable to move he was lifting on the River Bob Tome near a Large Rock unable to in Roule Fronir go hts under from a truck suffering from Shock and a he ? 4,buym5iil 9 a Isle spend a pasture and mumble for help. The Mother stayed on at Hospital. ,., a a a gov. Averell Harriman sent Tele a a n k3 Nsasi ref ver Wreath at Forrestal a grave Grams of gratitude on behalf of us a ened 0 or at a a veil a Appich at pit Burgh seethe state for the re Solu e and feeding by to or three up get it rotary of the army Brucker made mtr Cue Shaip ulv olved 3 to Felt. A Strong pitch for the . Foreign he sent tile Telegram to Wood Tulsa warned old program which he said has son and to various fire and police forecaster warned Tulsa s 240 bios ked communist subversion chiefs and contractors who i w0 resident they could expect the and a saved from collapse the fal rented the task of plucking the worst flood in he City a history tearing economies of some of our boy out of the Earth alive when the Arkansas Crest at 23in i economics m a a it be 04 it it or the reach Effort was one of exp 26 4 St Dav. In june 1908a Kantner Man a a killed last a authorities pressed the in company headquarter Here Lent miners breaker Whf a Asper Aung frustration in a by Arkansas reached a record broker said that to a abandon night when the car in which he Vea Timion that a he encountered the a ailing a trucker Assn a a Tate of i 9 ass cd. 32 8 f Etc Pix gtd #5, is or curtail the program would was Pas Enger overturned Pinn k an Adams funeral Horny am Felt it at 2-1.49 degree North Lati pendent miners the huhs Oser Quot cd up Quot Elm a flood my we report of -�?T1 in n crib Quot a Quot to it and then be pulled out of the de along the Washita River where t Quot a a of car and the round an hour fifteen minutes until a Narv Wand and the wan indies lamas a sa4tv Lamry a re to a Quot vat if Doan and had to by carried Shaft scarce.a foot in diameter water poured into business in new York Deputy Secretary he was Arthur Justice about 47. 1 truck pulled the heavy Frazier the Mayflower a skipper cmdr blankets rate a so is Quot a Mon Ihen firemen lowered a District and residential sections of defense Quarles said in a pre killed on Mcdowell county roads a Dan off his body. Alan Villiers reported the morale ment including a ?,�?� e wreckage was spotted by it pling Hook Bui it Tore through the Lindsay okla. And Ohio Kasha. Pared armed Force Dav speech this year four Mare than met the Accident occurred on and condition of i Crew a the and a a seen St a a plane f of Wood in Field boys red poplin jacket. Okla. Eight inches of rain de a St in death on the High was thu All a fj1�1 Joad Abou re a mile from highest a the Lucania said the Side one a it a 9 am Loday. State polio Gigantic Job Undy in tha last 24a to ? year. Mcdoy a la and u Var inia Borders a it it ships passed Cloae enough to aiding in the die Nwa w immediate sent trooper g. A Vav Ilkiv a w i he Orsu a adequate defense or eventually counties rank sad Nib l Miles from Iaeger. The secondary Exchange whistle and Flag Salute Der a brother Cooper to locate a scene with 4,�?~ came the Gigantic Job of Small amount of rain were re face disaster. Heavily dope laced Kanawha in a ref route \ Over 11 was not paved and hand Waves. Keratin the m s 0vp&Quot the police air plane 54�?o? a a a a Rural pm �1 Ltd a he Cloud Cove cd the. At. ? a no a eco Plantation with. Era go Light hid m the. Mihu it tvs it to s Craft had the body we rank. A. A to Ower u almost becalmed several curved. A come Down in the Middle of the la removed to the Day. Villers sad in amp radio Mes a the Rescue workers Are mostly a Iver in a rpm Ltd Are a aft. How miners aided and directed afountain gab scene was Al 21 hour spa mile the by Stato police state and Federal spa Ible but a primitive 30 feet across the top and about nor. H o a a l Birt is de so a the Between 811 and fic death ,th�?T8 Yea turn to Page 2, column 5. I a a i a. Learned last night a were widespread from the Ohio Ollu Smuc air May j��1� Hawke a Tea body was removed to me Davs Villier a a a m i my a Valley to Texas and East to Flori be be difference Between War and 2? passenger in a car Adams funeral Home in Gilbert a Aee to Britain a Tafao try own or Foj a a a a a a 1 ,. Operated by his son. Details of the survivors i ism a 5� by Itai in yesterday she had fellow miners aided and directed Mountain Gap tue scene was Al he asserted. Accident were sketchy a Midnight Able last night Avail made Only 20 sea Miles the last by state police state a ted Esral Mai but a primitive a mine inspectors. Road had Bow Horii Olphy Al River and fixed up by construction and drilling workers preparing for the construction of a huge Hydro electric Plant by appalachian electric Power co. Radioed direction from his Vantage Point High above the scene. Cooper radioed directions to i fellow trooper. Guiding them to the River trooper l a. Layne and w f. Haden and a Volunteer searcher k d. Boots 3 Lumpkins. Were the ftr4 to reach the plane. To after other trooper and Volunteer searchers joined the thre men the body of the girl a brought ashore. At the same tune report came up the River that the body of the Pilot had been found but it by nearly an hour before anyone a the site of the plane Era a reall cd that Hemmersmeier was a till i alive. My when the boy we recovering w he a a sea the a Benny the Day after the Little boy rest comfortably after the Long ordeal of being trapped in the Well Hole. He is shown above in the oxygen tent which was lifted briefly when he received several visitors at the Hospital Wmma it �hut1ent.lj to while rps up workers dug for Benny Hooper his dog waited in the Yard of the Home at Manoi Wille romiitiahliu2 Al Holft until the a a a accomplished the Doe As excited a the rescuers at. The end. Laughter is theme of Spolite series in daily Telegraph the spot Lite series for this week is you ire what Yoa laugh at a a series of Fth article on what we laugh at and Why. The series vat to tomorrow in the daily Telegraph and re. Ports on psychiatry a a latest finding giving rules to our pm son amp Allty and emotional re a

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