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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 12, 1957, Bluefield, West Virginia You la find today s Magazine Section jammed with tips for your summer vacation whether you Are a tourist or a stay at Home you la find something for you. Luef Elij vol. Lxii no. 132 let ref m second Elm matter dec Haber is. 1893. A i Post or fact Blu Eiseld w. A. Under act of March 3, 1879 1 a a w a it a a Quot a a it a a a Bluefield w. Va., sunday morning May 12, 1957 ass byte to to deity sunday two die in fist gun Battle with Matoaka police a Momb weather Onsi durable cloudiness with scattered showers or thunderstorm Lik in today. Highest in the Middle 70s. E cents s e cents a daily sunday Boss Beck faces charges of using mails to defraud Mcclellan says teamsters Union Boss May have run afoul of the Federal mail fraud Law in widow s Trust fund Washington May 11 # a sen. Mcclellan dark said today that teamsters Union president Dave Beck May have run afoul of the Federal mail fraud Law in his handling of a widows Trust fund. A the treatment he accorded the widow of his Dearest Friend is typical it seems of his dominating characteristic of greed and avarice a Mcclellan told newsmen in reviewing latest testimony about Beck. Present for Mommy Mcclellan is chairman of the special Senate rackets investigating committee which will resume monday afternoon Public hearings in which Beck has been pictured As using Union funds for the enrichment of himself and members of his family. Wednesday Dale the 82-year-old teamsters Boss who already has invoked the fifth amendment Protection against possible self incrimination 150 times in refusing to answer committee questions will recalled 1 a ter in the week p r o a 1 y wednesday. Mcclellan said. The widow Mcclellan referred to is mrs. Ray Leheney whose husband was an official of the old Apt. Beck was trustee of an $80.-000 fund raised for her from Union members after Leheney death. Donol f. Hedlund a Seattle mortgage banker testified yesterday that he and Beck shared an $1 1.585 profit from investing this Money for my. Leheney. Hedlund described Leheney As Beck s a Best and closest Friend a a placed n evidence was a letter from Beck to mrs. Leheney in which no mention was made that Beck and Hedlund would derive a profit from the Sale of mortgages which he recommended to her As a sound investment. Mcclellan referring to what he de Beck s a breach of Trust a in this transaction said a there is a possibility the letter he wrote her would come within the Federal statute Banning use of the mail to he also said he thought the internal Revenue service and the Justice department would interested m finding on whether Beck reported and paid income tax on his profit a this Deal As Well As other financial transactions brought out in the testimony.1 under indictment Beck already i under indictment on a charge of evading income tax payments for the year 1950. Mcclellan said testimony now in the record has a clearly re veried and further testimony also will reveal that Beck has wholly breached his Trust in the position he holds As president of the International teamsters Union and As trustee of its funds a a he said it showed that Beck had used a a a he position and the tremendous Power reposed in him to further the financial gain and profit of himself and his family and certain friends he dashed to in saying that Beck would called Back at the conclusion of current Sene of hearings. Mcclellan said he wanted to give any persons about whom there is derogatory testimony an Opportunity to defend themselves. Palestinian refugee gets prison sentence Amman Jordan May 1 it it a a 23-year-old palestinian refugee v As convicted a military court today of possessing a leaflet and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. The defendant. Issa Mohammed Ibrahim told the court he had just picked the leaflet from the ground when he was arrested. Two other defendants were acquitted. The Case was the first to tried military courts set up tree weeks ago a it Hen King Hussein proclaimed martial Law throughout Jordan spot Lite series is beginning tomorrow in daily Telegraph a careerist or clock watchers is the spot Lite series for this week in the Bluefield daily Telegraph written an Ace researcher and writer Phyllis i. Rosenteur. It is designed for the million and More who will wind up their school and College careers this Spring and strike out to make a name for themselves in the business world. A a world looks fors Nasser Challenge Cairo. May 11 a Ftp the question intriguing Lola Arab world capital is president Nasser will meet the Challenge of Kin he amp seines breakaway from the egyptian led. Four Power group called the liberated Arab front. It is generally Felt a counter move is in the makes since Hussein came out on top in a struggle against Jordan s pro i up extremists. Nasser himself has been out of the Eye at a Seaside hideaway near alexandrian a favored tactic in troubled times patient reputation he has lit up the reputation of Beira flexible a patient and Content to bide ills time in his assumed role of Leader of pan Arab nationalism and a Symbol of Arab Unity. But As one egyptian informant remarked a Nasser can hardly allow himself for Long to put in the position of appearing to desert his ousted partisans in Jordan. Are the people he explained who look to Nasser As a Man of action and a a hero who can make the West talk on Arab there is no sign that Nasser s prestige among the people is seriously affected. His control Over Egypt seems As Complete As Ever. Tie egyptian p Ess and Cairo s radio a voice of the arabs Quot Are keeping up propaganda pressure picturing Jordan As a one vast prison without attack in a Hussein personally gov emment packed newspapers such As a Saab and a1 gum Hurria Are plugging what they Call a secret resistance inside Jordan a a Strong hint at infiltration. Hands off policy Egypt officially us trying to give up the impression of a hands off policy. The government has declared Egypt is a was jealous of Jordan a Independence As and other but no attempt is being made Here to conceal fears abour the loosening ties within the a liberated Arab the front formalized in Cairo last february a a meeting of Heads of state of Syria Jordan. Saudi Arabia and Egypt. On paper they Are committed to pursue Nasser a idea of neutralise meaning no foreign pacts. Rejection of and constant striving for Arab Unity. U. S. Prepares arms control reply to reds seeking agreement for reduction and limited inspection John my Hightower Washington May 11 it up the United states is seeking i to get soviet Russia to accept a Pilot agreement providing for arms reduction and inspection in a limited test area. With that aim in mind this country is consulting Britain France and Canada on a proposed reply to russians latest disarmament proposals. Officials Here said today that the test area a if one can Ever agreed on might very Well located in Europe i but not entered on the dividing line Between East and West Germany. Authorities Here also ruled out any positive United states interest in the creation of a neutralized or demilitarized zone in the heart of Europe. They made a Sharp distinction Between such a zone which would require the removal of Allied troops from Mam defensive positions and a zone of Small dimensions in which arms and forces might limited and techniques for enforcing arms control agreement could tested. Hopeful work Harold Stassen. President i Isenhower Stop negotiator on disarmament has reported that the1 London talks Are doing More hopeful work than any disarm a pc nil a Al inc Arl Liz a a a a a a nursemaid to baby tire s issues ran almost ?.rwshr a. Effort. None better and if clock a Ork attributed to two Farto so time Bank and you can no. No to mention lengthy about a he make t yourself without even Frt a cot u h out tale Minc thata ii hours a Day for four feed Lions that can but he a nuclear r to Wolk Bench. It does t mrs slow eaters will use up More said a none of them contend that Wilson slaps tension mounts at a meat axe Economizer following wild Street scuffle Billy Rae Cordell bleeds to death in Pron of Post office Jerry Mills Dies in route to Princeton Hospital outspoken Cabinet member takes out after Rich friends Houston tex., May 11 i a Secretary of defense Charles e. Wilson said tonight he is against anyone trying to Cut meat a no matter whether a a wild fist Uswin Ini and shooting Melee in downtown it is the United states Cham told the Frith Quot 18 a ber of Commerce or any other a furies Hohf Young men and Lnu juries to Boh policemen Early yesterday evening. The outspoken defense chief a of the a to muh 18 died in mute who Only last week had critic to a Princeton ho.,pita, j to Quot Tau us two not Young Stephen Dillard who will a one year old today will exchanging presents today with his Mother. Mrs. Robert Dillard of Huntington. Today you see. Is Mother s Day the cameraman apparently distracted Stephen from his package wrapping Job. A wire photo sized his a a Rich friends in the chamber of Commerce on the same Issue took out after them again in an address prepared for the Junior chamber of Commerce. Wilson a former president of general motors corp., said a no one enjoys paying taxes. I have thought my taxes were too High for 25 years but i Haven to Westmoreland n. H. Ltd squawked about it. When authorities decided that a i would join the mean a Vovsi Fence a round the county House to a1 j a of 1 or rfcs Iriri Divinnia new Hampshire pen authorities hired wrong Man for Job if you forgot. Make Mother a present Vivian Brown forger to buy a Mother s Dav arts. We a present shame a a but it s newer ls_e5 fancy _ applique for who want to chop Down the defence budget if i did t know so much about it. In my opinion it is a Peri 1-Point budget and should not Price to High he declared that a some of the attitude in Washington presently reminds me of an old purchasing agent i had to Call on in Selling As seamstress buttons for dad s part for automobiles. His open a new Zipper for juniors Lam was always a your one is real worry devastating effects of War. Price is too High what is it Quot Wilson said that this year s rather austere defense program we have scheduled is being severely criticized and political leaders on both sides of the aisle Are talking in terms of the Bil need to Gold studded with Baths and bedtime the other is concern Oxer what diamonds just a piece of paper Ano her hour problem a the 1 country will do. If you re the sentimental to n la ,.rp those extra cur Orth e m1tot�?o�uar6twhs Type a a a it shaped. A a on As they countries of her than the present,00 i0 a1 you a stories the Basic situation in the world has changed or that the threat has Sion. East to Khan it he said that in 195q a we the students making we a p Are fit Urf l Iem on an average severely criticized for reducing Nure a year class of the need do is scribble Oasis tending petunias spraying the defense budget Mai pc ternary College of East ber Lom puts in at the tomatoes use up draft Cidot minor of to ? Lin a hum Niht. Ten Ivy a us of correction needed fixing today thay gave the assignment to an expert a sort of. He Wax Emil j. Jantti 58, serving 30 Days for an escape some time age. Jantti went outside to fix the Fence and authorities Are looking for him again. Reds crack Down on German youth Berlin May 11 j�?T1�?commit a a Quot a a trip n11 nist East Germany was reported Jna thi l i the n Pierc cracking Down tonight on 122 re-1 Runth flu Voln bed t0 Zellious College students with a i a i to Sims one was demand that they swear loyalty a t Arm of cup Bullet oaths or face permanent expel #il2 Mills died in route to the treated at memorial Hospital in Princeton for injuries were Matoaka chief of police Earl Rose 59, and town a patrolman Everett Whitt 56. Wild fight the wild fight Between the of Lipets and the boys occurred when Rose tried to arrest Cordell on a drunkenness charge Rose said. Rose. End Whitt had stopped l to Irnis who were Riding double on a motorcycle owned Mills for hazardous driving. For x so ild he Arres a Cordell for drunkenness and instructed Miil t0.murn Home with his motorcycle. Cordell resisted a Rose attempted to put him in the police car. Two men fell to the pave. And in the scuffle. Rose lost service revolver and Black. K according to witness Hurt and shooting starts when Whitt came to assist Rose the shooting started. Cordell was shot from Elos Range the Bullet entering i mfg of a so so rss. A ??,a onus japans on an first you put Down 6 a m when cleaning the car. In fall theret Heie was a week the Hie open strike officials Sleeper. 6 30. Pital after being shot in the left Chest. Attaches at the Bailey Furler i Home 1� Matoaka reported that it was believed that the Bullet struck the Edse of his heart. Five shots were heard wit. Nesses and who did the shooting sever widening scale Quot a t. Ever de her toy Aris i a he ablate a an run tim e gardens Vea stot in Jueds from Prev Lou pm inst East Germany s red re z1&Quot no aia in shooting it veral officials Sleeper. 6 30. Amp Uve prepare for sed Susan s5sej?j? carry of Inch Psi Umi sinc s determined last night. One Day a Eek a of this a a a family chef she a a �tif�?o�,. A a Quot ? and mom a a a a a. Of Flam %0t�?ou Mats so of to a to great compile a least a five hour do in ref need a it a exercise the 1-cpritly a a a-4�?T year con onal control Bank each Day. Unless she a one a Miry s 5 or it As recently As last year a we Gress insisted upon voting an additional 000 million dollars for the and the other four apparently ousted from school came from Whittus service re of usually reliable underground a pro a Iti Hough state police have not Quot a Niwo Lindh via creasing Cost. Several Here believe the Prospect and the tons of International control Bank a h d v a flu 1,1 we jul sssks.1b ? r iffy Ahe on As waitress b.,� a a a. U does t need much sleep Shelie,n5%tbaltlh Funda were re-1 school. A Center of anti comm _ it a a saving t Fronna pm a a a cow bulged. Now. He commended there Nis agitation during the Hun Gar tension rises a War. C Elias at a past prot her to wat us nerve Idva far Are demands for unjustified cuts. Iian rebellion last fall. 4 tension Al Sibily gripped a results speak informants said the Stu is 5 a5t Fri it the aftermath with an a let her do i a she s Good with the million dollars for the usually reliable underground a it although state police have not hat. A aug axe too. When log burning tame Piens program even though As sources said All were temporarily a is mounted the theory a third Pis comes a round. Sure the department of de from the Rolls of that Nav hav been brow it into a i a. A a �?oo�?o"1 a a i mud. Sleep plan t another concern in Washer she earns at least Ai Iother keeps save my the a vet mind if it is True that three hours a a Wal up nervously for the the soviet leaders Are sincerely then there s the of fam in Phil dry a out on late dates. Ditto worried a is the fact that the unit chauffeur taking dad to work Ori a a can 1 make it for de states and its allies at present the station the youngsters to upper sep s awake in an instant seem to have a Clear Edge in school trips to the Market then1? any cough Dropper in the we a a a atomic weapons development and there Are the Side trips Jane to he use and her bedside in session Cornea parity to strike the soviet in a baby sitting Job Junium to thel"6� % a ext a any Little Penalise has been halt kit a Rev Fik Uit. Llo Jne patient will testify. Pm our Economy is head the ant the results of m a dents we re ordered to affirm speak for themselves h?kfs�1� their allegiance to the red re Peak. For themselves he said. A me. With permanent expulsion and police action As the alternative. Test operation news conference wed it a div hal1?015�?T pm a an ooca5 a Nal Stop at he thought a a it tid Quot ment would begin with s. J take an hour tube operation a some Day to Leach her to. G. M l v p8 100 to drink it. Made response when she s the cleaning woman Good so there s just one other . Our Economy is head the and glowing with Prosperity widely after years of chronic the 122 struck in protest against communist persecution of their Dean i of. Gunter Schuetzler. Of the deaths with several Small crowds gathered in pockets Over the town. Several witnesses were at the Mercer county courthouse making sworn statements. Trooper l. T. Mullens and Depuy sheriff Pat Rose and Mack me Neal were on duty in boy scouts delivering a amp rather. Growing Liana for school projects. That s a in and figure mom aver shared Good for another two or three ares about 30 working hours for sleep a menus the Tine pent in j Row a been submitted1�?�1 Eha pm shaped to Matoaka to maintain order m the getting a g a a of water or sad Allied occupied West Berlin was absence of the two Moured Oss Titch i r Haiti they Cha j we results 0 % a Weldon i a m de our armed forces and at withe same time to suddenly Down a pm an Jor one hour a Day at East to Gest trapped since wednesday that of the entire free trapped since wednesday state due Relief Rupert Miner is rescued and Monty rom dry spell your Battlefield students fleeing to West Berlin Able As reporters for some unix punished refugee officials details planned and hazy reason were oust or the Humboldt strike. Furthered the police on request of har reports came from the socialist Loe. Underground and other anti com a officers treated ni00i?l both Rose and what were release As in news a ency de from the Hospital after receive h r statement treatment but were soon after. Humboldt University a Rector w Ards readmitted to the Hosoi Taj la a Ernie Are which de Rose apparently suffered sever n de there had been a strike or head injuries and Whitt has amp broken nose cuts and bruises. Rose s police Cruiser was Rich Wood. W. A. May 11 Rojy it no Ltd. A of a a 38 Vear a o d a Al Miner Charleston May 11 in a was removed a in apparently very the Western half of the state is a of conditions tonight from a doctor and a ambulance Crear stood with Rescue workers tonight prepared to Rush Hind due some Relief from the prolonged dry spell that has damaged Ops and increased the danger of Forest fire in West Virginia the u. S. Weather Bureau predicted Here today. The forecast Calls for showers 0 m Over the weekend Gondi tonight from Richmond the approximately 20 Gettysburg Ama Al up age have taken the necessary t him fall which had Miles Over crooked Mountain a a couple of world War ii com t?15 Al Eim Nate those elements 1,800 feel from the a v,�,.� com who intend to interfere with the trapped him 1.800 feet from the roads a it a he Tosil s. Mountain a of w0, War 11 surface for 74 hours. A a a hav Pill Heip Lades president Eisenhower and Rescue workers who had Given Flor Lif Field marshal Viscount expulsion of students. Statement made,.however Hartkens Octaf ment pounded Olber officers last night Erin Arian faculty wish to pursue 1 ? pm Sale mob violence their studies and there it have taken the necessary o the Scane Steps to eliminate those elements who intend to interfere with the survivor listed Cordell,21. Was the son of Ruey Western newsmen touring East and Rase Newberry Cordell who Berlin spotted extra police guards a a n Sutryn at their Home on pm in an nr80,i, fight started about 6 50 . In an orderly Way and former police chief Mack University organs in Shrewsbury called the state police Rescue workers who had Given of reach a or. Ltd Mieia marshal Viscount a extern newsmen touring East t w Ewberry Cordell who up William Carl Richmond a re ?lr�d�ccawa.vlslllimottg0m a a a it around the Elt in �,p0,l, a a a a a pole a Uarda amps. Vii Weir Honi a a pert for dead after the fall about Abou 1� fee. W jul ail civil War baffle i la in duty on lip Humboldt univer Reece Tharyan ear lash 10 Wehde Day managed to l put auf 5 hit z of Gettys is la Campus which tonight was in addition Are five Brothers. A Busty Itiat Richmond had big Voday then sat Down to spin virtually deserted students for an Raspil of Lashmeet to 1 a Plosives and Tull anal of a a i of it tank s a Dukk to. N rho a. Particularly Puah. A Side the last of 80 feet of survived explosives and head the Watern half of the Xua put i Side at 12 05 a whined Dould not in Vul nations employment level May hit record this summer Washington. May 11 a Secretary of labor Mitchell predicted today the nation s employment level will hit a record of about 68 million this summer Mitchell said a continued economic strength coupled with seasonal expansion in agriculture construe and other seasonal industries should push National Job totals to new All time highs this the prior record is the 1956 Midsummer Mark of 66,800.090 jobs i the government on Friday announced that employment Rose about 400,000 to a total of 64,261,- 000 last month. Mitchells comments came in a statement telling More than two million High school graduates and o her students who will seeking full time out vacation jobs this year that Job Bunting should Good m Mast sections of the nation. He said that a with the Economy Strong end further Job gains ahead Youing Job seekers will find labor Market conditions generally favourable with Manv employer looking for both full Tun and temporary workers a but he said it May not Good Job Hunting everywhere in the country. A Young he said a must take into consideration that employment. Conditions vary from area to area Job prospects will better in some localities and industries than in others. A those however who want beginner jobs or jobs during the vacation period should Able to find Mitchell said farm work is the Industry offering the most numerous Job opportunities. He said hired seasonal workers numbering about 700,000 Are hired in the growing and harvesting seasons. Construction is another Industry offering warm weather Job opportunities. Others he listed As Strong possibilities for Youthful Job Hunters included amusement and recreational industries summer resorts and Camps food processing eating places gasoline stations retail establishments beverage manufacturing Banks insurance companies railroads sawmills and the Oil Industry. Heavy tales and talk strategy. No rainfall a a a a. In Zed a pop Avo no a soldiers motored during the past two weeks the via a removed immediately to i a fort omit a that was at weather Slat ton at Kanawha air Hapiuk Here from the a Ohmine tinned afoul the 5�k peace Light Northwest of own pastures and Hay grasses have at danegaj5 about 12 Miles away in in a a red bal Fust to Foste tears Bat been Cut Back a very seriously Over i it it oked Mountain roads. It mixer amp in 1 was alive years ag0�?T the recent Windy Days. R. P. William Hill assistant to the Trapps on it users Heidi a a Topography of Field Handy of the Federal state crop i it onegin firms vice president to a or inline Juret Tihe idea of let top Ogra report tag service said today. Said that Richmond appeared to vials were a f1�?T it v i Battlefield a he two a a it a getting pretty dry he a pm very 8<x>d�?� condition the and other Diu Tomchi took in such places As Culp s Hill a said a and the soil is drying out trapped Man had told Rescue details Weie lacking. Cemetery Ridge bloody Angle very workers earlier that his let had mond the father of seven bl8 and Little round top and the Urchin amp been injured. Children. His wife and youngsters Devil s Den Well known in his r. Remained at Home in Rupert to to it and 1x5 swarms of sightseers. State forester Lester said Forest fires in West Virginia Rescue Crews first made verbal it s Fth he in Rupert to tory and w Aie now in the a nuisance stage a Contact with Richmond at about Many u i 0i 2e trapped after a pause at the farm of postmaster general Summerfield ordinate investigations with an average from Quot it n m Vii a it Man Ramey Richmond a a la a Georze or Avion a re a a a a ,.j._f 4 t Ara it Han Mia the weekend Holiday. A we Jackson s c., Bobby of it West Berlin s free University up Tkv a and Jimmy of said that Schuetzler had Contact a add of a or a a firs or led its faculty after his flight from 11 n Bof Kner has meet. The East. But the veterinary Dean 5 a and a1 up 1x5111 at Ham was refusing to see newsmen Erk a a a a a a planning he had left his wife a 1x5111 feb 4 Hind in East Berlin and she might a and was charged from but a air Era it a turn to Page a column 3 _ medical quackery mail reaches Al time High level Washington Mav 11 a of inspectors in washing on too it it twi As about Man Quot air Ofa. W a . Today. Mine officials has 1 Richmond a also George e. Allen a Friend of the being reported every a assumed earlier that he was killed w was a wig those out president Eisenhower and mint the situation is not serious yet in the slate fail. A de Mcgan Entrance. Gomery went Back to the Presl fj�0?1 Saiid but he warned that there was no immediate Indi about p Man normally work Den is country he Forest floor is very dry. A cation of Richmond s actual con a vet done an operation very dry Dit. from medical sources fail 11 a 11 urged a bout tie Forest Are still a Michoeh said he understood the Miner had my Ide the mine Spring foliage which acts a As pm at least partially we on to believe shield against winds at the ground Feu but it he of lip Iivo who escaped if a explained adding work himself Loose la fall refused to believe a Rich but the fact remains that litter a Wood newsman tonight when told on the Forest floor is very dry and legs Hurt that Richmond still w As alive jih��1r0 a 8svf,n the h8htest word that Richmond was alive a and had w convinced in v startled the Donegan neighbor formation from Mcquade himself Kanawha county had its first Hood today workers who first a a it a a in no / ram in 17 Days last night with .08 contacted him said he reported Cly a a the manui0m a Mira Quot due a we Over a boy. Kate bin. Bettt Nalls Jamss a a a we. Dent. Country mansion the chatted away in seclusion. 1,800 perhaps the commander in and said today a hat a sure cure a med -1 Quot n an when wonder drug Tkv 4i a. A a a a a a a a Arvd i Reat advances in surgery ii act div mail has reached an Ltd legitimate Medicine have pro he highest a Evel in diced True medical miracles its Summerfield said that so far puzzling that so Many people in a no a. A 11 this year postal inspector have All walks of life pay big Money tri rat i u prepared cases representing an for frauds a Summerfield said and the annual loss to the Public of 50 the most prominent fraudulent Feu tenants a Yemmi we chief Ray upon dollars. A a. Activity conduced through the a thl Camps v Wal Vur it. Of form a alms it fraud orders which pm off maim a Tal cues. Jabout world War ii. Inch Iod i his Lola,1 is 2.2 determine the extent of the below the Normal rainfall for the 17-Day period in Cabell county where the pro Richmond also shut de longed dry weather but mainly they came Here Flyg up from Washington this morning to talk about what happened and what might have happened at the turning Point civil War Battle which All military men rescuers avoided questioning Richmond As they struggled Toi that reach him. They had Learned leg service or prosecution in the a a fact he said tbsp Racket Continua eral courts or both 1,0 Row m Spulle of a conviction c., fun a rate of 99 per cent in medi a he a of a it flu in during a Ftp Rau 1 Cash brought to trial orders he a a tpj5�?Ti� a unfortunately a Stephen said other Ner it Fanh prosecution of the ghouls who Ned rap on Hoppus Ai it a a Cape rarely a h e i miss Iii in often Eann it it i successfully Ray her than Nivins vol Praseu ted because the patient a defer hip air Elf it a 10 a of Kiwi the to Are the chief witnesses die Montgomery has Lead All about i v. Before the Case is called up m a a a. I Summerfield said that on the court. Study As a classic. Idea of own longed dry weather is causing . Air Vad reached him however that although one left la and has an spa it i his own has to Kyj i Sefl Saiid a sf1, a acci1 damage to the Burley tobacco he of fat in general condition apparently was Hurt ser of sly h5 Hal 1 0111 the Confederate hero of uyt ? u uth ,5ur,e offer8 11111 through crop a Light rain produce .06 waa was not completely a inned a Gene Robert e Epp the us 5frrga, so s Tephens the a Flold of l11 overnight. The weather Bureau f a a slate y commander Gen George g l 1 Laud of to a appear department said the a Abc to seller tier Mill Mart we Indle to Lior a is 3 a. D botched Tkv nud tot hpsh.1? ��2 is list is topped get reducing the weekend perhaps enough to non when thl / u 8 re Gla ss00c of Rich would have a a sacked both Quot he a my Quot and a hat who me. Cures for rancor a do la crop. Of. Good. A Msj 1m.il2j �?ol2? to Ndow a id a m , re. Other a a �5sijd us. Ii department is us in a special unit Ozment a

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