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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 1

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Bluefield, West Virginia Read in new York. Gossip from oot Ham. By George rom in the Telegraph Dally Laila Pep Al forecast fair and warmer sunday. Volume Xiv. No 59.bluefield, w. Va., sunday morning March 19, 1959. Price five cents sub strato ship crashes in West to known dead two dutch airline officials among group carried to death on test flight of Boeing giant Alder wash., March 18 apr at least ten persons were killed including two officials of dutch airlines when a four motored 33-passenger air plane designed to operate through the sub stratosphere plunged to Earth near Here today during a test Hight. Among the victims were the assistant general manager of the Royal dutch airlines and a half a dozen leading american aviation experts. Freaks into 3 parts the huge Boeing Airliner broke into three parts and crashed with the Pilot still fighting his controls and passengers in flight position. All aboard were killed instantly. The dead Peter Giu Onard. Assistant general manager of Royal dutch air planes and Leader of an air mis i a Ion to the United states. A. O. Von Baumhauer Engineer for the Netherlands 8tate air worthiness Board and second member of the Mission. Rail legislation program drafted to a stave off nationalization termed a last resort Julius Barr Boeing test Pilot Privato Mensi smant in old and former personal Pilot for Rivale management would Madame Chang Kai Shek. Earl a. Ferguson. Boeing test Pilot. Ralph a. Cram. Boeing aerodynamics expert. John Kylstra. Boeing chief Engineer. William Doyle Boeing test Pilot. Harry c. West. Or. Boeing Foreman. Harlan Hull chief test Pilot for transcontinental and Western air. Ben Pearson. Boeing sales representative. Consider red Purchase presence of the dutch Mission aboard the plane was not explained by Boeing officials although reports said men were considering j Purchase of the Quot Stra Toliner Quot or a sister ship. The $500,000 liner was the first. Of a contemplated Fleet of four such planes under construction by the Boeing company in Seattle. It had been undergoing tests at Low Altitude near Seattle for several Days. F air Speed indicator were jammed at 200 Miles an hour when residents of this Little Mountain town reached the wreckage. Although the ship carried about 3, too Gallons of gasoline there was no fire. Barr at the controls had shut off ignition switches before j the Plant hit. Motor fall off the outer left motor fell on a Hilltop 1,000 Yards from whew a give free hand in Bankers executives plan by Henry Paynter new York. March lev some leading Railroad executives and Wall Street Bankers said today they were studying a new. Bold plan for Railroad legislation As a last resort to stave off Quot a Tama Littlon in some recent news from Washington has convinced them they said. That railroads would obtain Only piecemeal temporary help from pending legislation and that remedies remaining under consideration out of Thos originally proposed would do Little More than postponed a Fate they Are now coming to fear la inevitable. Two main Points the plan in its present Tentis Tive phase has two main elements eliminate arbitrary Competition make justified speedy rate increases or decreases possible Between fixed limits with enlarged Protection against discrimination. It Calla for them concomitant Points no reduction in pay no Lay in off of any Man now employed hiring of future employees on sex a sting brotherhoods basis but elimination of some existing arbitrary rules governing the use of employees to Quot make efficient operation possible. A nations death notice studying a poster announcing Oerman occupation of the City. Two residents of Brno Moravia learn their cherished czechoslovakian Republic no longer exists. Red labor plan razed by flumes Al chief John p. Frey charges Lewis with advancing Unity program advocated by communists $9,000 Blaze destroys Stinson property equipment in adjacent buildings is damaged full compensating Protection to. Shippers and passengers affected the plane landed 3 a Jirard by route schedule or rate changes. Opportunity under existing from the Tacoma mount Rainer Highway. The left Wing broke off about to feet from the fuselage and Between the two left Wing motor. One Section landed about 200 Yards and another about 500 Yards from the plane bits of wreckage from the tall were scattered Over a Quarter mlle area and Many were gathered up by souvenir Hunters. The plane landed flatly and the bodies were at flight stations throughout the ship with Pilot Barr s body still at the controls. It commends Edo Richmond. Va., March la. Up a the National committee of the Young democratic clubs of Amer forms of regulation to Quot earn Money to Quot save Money when to adequately Reward investors and efficient proposals outlined specific proposals in rough draft form were outlined As follows railroads of not nationalized should be placed on a sound economic basis should be allowed to compete or not compete to restrict Competition to Pool service. Or to effect consolidation on the basis of economic efficiency but that the interests of passengers shippers and labor affected should be subject to retroactive these great changes. Investors and efficient managers should be allowed to profit by efficiency rates should be raised and lowered quickly within described limits on a five Day was Ling ton March 18 a a an Al official charged bluntly tonight that the labor Unity proposal advanced by John i. Lewis was that advocated by the communist party. In a statement. John p. Frey president of the Al Metal trades division described As Quot identical Quot Lewis proposal and one he mid the communist party advanced two years ago. National federation he referred to the suggestion from Lewis. Need of the i us thai the Al. Cio and Railroad brotherhoods unite in a National labor federation. Lewis made his proposal immediately after the first Al Cio peace conference held at the White House recently. Al leaders already have rejected Lewis suggestion calling it a a impractical and one which offered no possible solution of the problems arising from the conflict Between Cio and Al. Frey who appeared before the Dies committee investigating in american activities last year and charged communists had gained footholds in Many Cio unions said in his statement does not Aid Unity a Quot it will not make the i Alem of the Unity Between the Al and the Cio easier to solve when it is understood that the first Protasio for Unity advanced by the Cio were identical to those prepared by the communist party with Moscow s approval two years tile Al Cio peace negotiations Are to be resumed Here next Friday at that time the joint committee is to consider an Al proposal that As the first step to i Ward Unity the former Al fire of unknown origin razed nearly half a Block at Grundy va., Early last night causing an estimated damage of $9,000 nearly five Hundred people responded to the alarm and formed a bucket brigade. Restaurant pro printers and business houses on the opposite Side of the unusually narrow Street moved their belongings into the Clear. Housewives draped wet blankets to Ward off flying Sparks. Nearly 12,00 of the damage was the result of broken a lass fixtures and miscellaneous breakage. The property destroyed by the flames belonged to j. H. Stinson who Only last week had closed Deal to sell it to the Uroil company. In the Deal had been inserted a clause giving Stinson the right to have the building Tom Down and rebuilt in Poe town. The Stinson property consisted of a two Story Frame building and a four room cottage equip Ped with a Barber shop a shooting gallery plumbing shop and garage. There was a Little insurance carried on the equipment in the two Story building. Construction of the proposed filling station will probably begin immediately. Protests spurned by Berlin Britain and France move to Block nazi a ims in Rumania notes condemn czech Wiquest threat to Rumania is noted by Paris and London British Cabinet meets sweeping dictatorial Powers Are granted dalad1er by deputies Kitler recalls denunciations of czech Conquest Are rejected Loir tax rate by to i . To Cio apply or off some Cream y in Good times readmission and Cut rates in dad times both. Lea commended president Roose on a ba8is of dearly prescribed a tit today for a resisting the increasing menace of nazism. Fascism and communism and pledged its support to a the maintenance and Protection of the ideals of a Resolution proposed by John Patrick Beacom. President of the Young democratic clubs of West Virginia the committee lauded the president and his administration a for their never ceasing efforts for peace and Security and their Progress in maintaining a position which has made our country the burning Torch of democracy and a Haven of Pitt Tyson Maner president of the Young democratic clubs of America recommended in his report to the committeemen that the Young democrats enlist the a id of the National democratic committee in protesting a ruling of the spa administration barring spa workers from participation in a political organization. The National committeemen regional organizers and state president devoted much of the Day to discussing plans for the National convention of the Young democrats in Pittsburgh next August. Indices but that unwarranted or discriminatory rate changes should by subject to retroactive correction for passengers and shippers and. Of malicious or intentional subject in addition to criminal penalties. He was a floored by the truth they spoke Baldwin Park. Calif., March 18 up a a an Accident May happen any argued insurance salesmen rav Wiliams and Ous Johnson to their client. David c. Toby and Dick provide a it they mood in i front to award celanese contract soon Cumberland md., March 18. Up a contract for the first unit of a Plant at Pearisburg. Va., probably will be awarded before the end of the month officials of the celanese corporation of America said today. Seven bids were received today they said but figures will not be disclosed until the bids Are tabulated. Second surprised baby new York. March 18 up a actress Toby Wing and aviator Dick Merrill who surprised the world at Large a couple of weeks ago with the disclosure they were married produced another Surprise today Toby gave birth to a bouncing baby boy at the Columbia medical Center. The taciturn Merrill Tran Atlantic flight Veteran left on his regular Miami passenger run an hour afterwards happily announcing that the heir would be named Henry t. Merrill or. And that a will make a Pilot of Phillips fell at their feet wounded by a Bullet which ricocheted after a neighbor shot a Gopher. A went to City jail to visit got room Board Beloit. I. March 18 Ipin Tony Palubinsky 29, went to the City jail to visit a Friend but remained longer than he expected. Sergt. Thomas Timmons saw and dusted off a warrant charging Palubinsky with breaking and entering a girls dormitory at Beloit College last july. U. S. Trade body asserts government would take in More Revenue of income Munich agreement Levy rate is reduced Rumania reported to have rejected virtual ultimatum from Germany by the associated Presa London March 18�?Britain and France today sent bitter Denun Chatory notes to Germany for her seizure of Czecho Slovakia and acted quickly to Block a reported nazi move against Rumania. Both nations it was said on High authority Are trying to it persuade soviet Russia to join them in aiding Rumania to protect herself against a German threat to her Independent economic existence. Art together acting almost is a team the two democracies lost no time in moving to Cope with term any a absorption of Czecho Slov Akia and the threat to Rumania. I prime minister Chamberlain rushed bark from Birmingham and presided Over a momentous 2. A hour Cabinet session the first saturday session of the Cabinet since last year s september crisis. Premier Daladier won from his chamber of deputies approval of his plan to Rule France by unprecedented dictatorial Powers until nov. 30 he called a special Cabinet meeting for tomorrow at which it was expected specialists would be called up to join the powerful French Samv no official announcement followed the British Cabinet meeting but it was stated authoritatively that the session dealt with a request from Rumania for a statement of Britain a position on the be rms rumanian situation. Rumania gets ultimatum Rumania was reported to have received and then refer ted a virtual ultimatum from Oermann to Grant the Reich sole Access to Rumania Rich Oil. Grain and other resources in Exchange for Oerman a a Protection of rumanian territory. The report met official denials in both Berlin and Bucharest but the press association. British news a enc with excellent government sources carried a report that the rumanian minister to London had informed the foreign office of the demands and of the refection Rumania was understood to have asked Britain and France particularly How far they Wera prepared to go to protect her in and stand against Germany. Tile British and French ambassadors to Berlin who both Are to come Home a to report but Are expected to remain Home for some time or diplomatic Rebuff to Oer Many were instructed to deliver formal notes to the Oerman government describing a a Oermann military action in Czechoslovakia As being Quot without Legal basis Quot and a Complete repudiation of the France move to put defense in order soviet Aid sought to Block Hitler in Rumania Denun Chatory message dispatched to Berlin All Europe is anxious Paris March is. Up chamber of deputies voted Mier Daladier unprecedented dictatorial Powers tonight As informed quarters disclosed a French Briti amp a move to enlist soviet Russia s Aid in a triple front against Oerman economic pressure in Rumania. Tile sweeping decree Powers Daladier demanded to enable France to move As fast As the dictatorships passed by a vote of 321 to 284 in the chamber. Senate approval at tomorrow s session was considered a foregone conclusion. Cabinet session today in another move to put uie nation s defences in order the Premier called an emergency Cabinet session for tomorrow at which members of parliament said ire ambassador the that King Carol of Rumania had pre-1 advised Britain and France of his willingness to resist Adolph Hitler s eastward drive of they could provide markets for rumanian Export of which Oer Many now is the greatest purchaser. Hie rumanian Monarch was said to have asked Paris and London for a reply within 48 hours on what support they could give against the nazi drive. Thereupon the two governments. These sources said asked Moscow if Ute soviet Union would join them in buying from Rumania to Block Hitler. Foreign minister Georges Bonnet conferred in Quick succession with the rumanian ambassador former Premier George tatar eve a British ambassador sir brie Phipps and Jacob hurts. Soviet would ask approval of decrees calling to tile colors specialists from a number of military service classes. French sources said meanwhile tile chamber final vote of approval on the decree Powers which would give Daladier dictatorial sweeping dictatorial Hee Page 4 neum act on German goods Pittman would prevent Sale Treasury orders 25 percent of american products to boost on Many products warring nations except on Cash and carry basis is forceful expression of nations displeasure Washington March 18 up a senator Pittman Ltd. Of Nev chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee proposed today revision of the neutrality legislation so As to prevent the Sale of any american products to warring nations except on a Quot Cash and carry Quot basis. He announced he would submit a Resolution monday to repeal existing neutrality legislation and substitute the new program. A Washington. March is up a on the heels of the aute department s strongly worded denunciation of Erin any s absorption of Czecho Slovakia the Treasury ordered an extra 25 percent Tariff today on Many products that the Reich sends to this country. A Treasury spokesman who announced the action said it was taken with the state department s knowledge but refused comment when asked if it was related to term any a seizure of the czech do huh or new Pilgram. L Republic Pittman who often Speaks for. Action he Saki Speaks the administration on foreign for a on it or Quot u. S. Steps up construction of planes Pilot training Washington March 18. A a the government disclosed today it was stepping up to almost War time Speed its production of planes and training of pilots. The air crops announced it was beginning an intensive nation wide recruiting Campaign intended to double the army a output of military pilots without waiting for the Start of another program in september to give primary training to 20,-000 College students annually. The War department announced simultaneously that tests would be seeded to permit a Quick Start on mass production of attack bombers. The $552,000 arms program already approved by Senate and Bouse includes funds to build the planes reputed to have speeds at least approaching six Miles a minute. Meantime the works Progress administration reported it had expended More than $112,000,-000 in Relief Roll wages for construction of aviation facilities useable in event of War. Colonel p. C. Harrington spa administrator said that during the last three and one half years 154 new airports had been constructed extensions or improvements made to 494 others and hundreds of air navigation aides placed throughout the country. While these facilities Are mainly for civilian use har u. 8. Step up see Page 4 Washington March 18. Up a the chamber of Commerce of the United states predicted today that the Federal government would take in More Revenue if it lowered its income tax rate. Such a lowering of rates the chamber said in its periodical review of business should be a combined with proper methods of applying them to reach real taking cognizance of discussions in congressional and administration quarters concerning removal of tax deterrents to business expansion the chamber said business support seen Quot business will heartily support a realistic program of tax revision that is developed with first attention to recovery. Increase not decrease of Revenue should flow from adoption of such a meanwhile efforts to energize business gained momentum at the Capitol. A group of Congress members who had introduced separate Bills directed at liberalizing for Small and new business were reported to have agreed on consolidation of their proposals. Chairman William o. Douglas of the securities commission a member of the monopoly investigating committee recently told the Congress members that of they would unify their various proposals a full Public hearing could be Given the matter. I senators Logan a. By Pep do a Fla and Mead Ltd. N. And rep. Allen &Ltd., a were reported to have agreed to the suggestion. Logan said he believed the Best program probably would involve government insurance of Loans to business and Industry by existing banking facilities. He added that Quot the pressure is so great i expect there will be something done at this the sponsors of the Bills said there was a conflict among various government agencies Over need for the additional credit facilities. It Beckley doctor Dies of fractured Skull Beckley w. Va., March 18. Up i a or. J. H. Mcculloch 53-year-Oid Coal operator and practising physician died tonight of a fractured Skull after he fell Down a flight of Steps at the Black Knight country club. Or. A. U. Tieche brother in Law of or. Mcculloch and his associate in business reported death caused by a fractured Skull after an examination. It was at first believed or. Mcculloch had auf i feed a heart attack. Or. Mcculloch was an associate in the Beckley Hospital and was president and general manager of the la Lybrook Coal company. J he was also vice president of the Raleigh smokeless Coal company and a director in the Bank of Raleigh. The family in Ron Everete for a basketball tournament was no tilled there. Policy matters said he had not discussed lilt Resolution with president Roosevelt or the state department but that he thought it would be More acceptable to the president than other neutrality proposals. In response to a question As to whether the legislation would strengthen great Britain a position in event of a european War Pittman replied Quot any nation that controls the sea would have the advantage under this Resolution. Of course we can not be sure who will control the sea in War time Quot the foreign to relations committee chairman said he had been working on the legislation for some time and that it was not an outgrowth of Germany s recent seizure of the czechoslovakian provinces. He added that the legislation was not intended As a part of any Quot Stop Hitler Quot program. Pittman announcement coupled with president Roosevelt a statement yesterday that the neutrality Law should be revised raised the Prospect that what attitude this country should take toward wars overseas would occupy Congress attention increasingly in the weeks to come. Spurred by american reaction to Chancellor hitlers March into Czecho Slovakia. Supporters of a War referendum amendment decided to seek speedy consideration of their proposal in Congress. In this move they won backing of senator Borah <r., Idaho who said he favored bringing into the Senate for debate a Resolution introduced by twelve senators. Quot in a for the principle behind this Resolution a Borah declared adding however that he believed propose revision see Page 4 economic blow there seemed Little doubt however. That this economic blow to i from Saitow sashes put on u. S. Cruiser for trip to Japan Germany could be interpreted in any other Light than As a forceful expression of this country s extreme displeasure at what sum Ner Welles acting Secretary of state called yesterday the Quot wan j ton lawlessness of the occupation of Czecho Slovakia. It recalled too that president Roosevelt said in his message to Congress last january that there were Means Quot Short of War. But stronger and More effective than Mere words of bringing Horn to aggressor nations the aggregate sentiments of our own die Treasury ordered the extra Tariff by imposing what Are known As Quot counter Allan duties Quot effective april 23. The Tariff act of 1930 provides that such duties shall be levied in addition to regular tariffs to any foreign products subsidized. In manufacture or Export. By the government of the country of origin the Treasury acted after attorney general Murphy ruled that German goods imported under barter arrangements should be subject to extra duties. Imports decline imports from Germany declined in 1938 to $64,537,000, compared with $92,468,000 the previous year. Private Trade experts estimated that at least $30,000,000 of the 1938 Trade was carried pm by barter. In View of Welles expression yesterday Diplomat Here were convinced that this country would not recognize the nazi absorption of Czecho Slovakia. The administration also authoritative sources said will give Complete moral backing to the determined fight by Vladimir s. Hurban the czech minister to Tariff boosted see Page 4 Swastika a Shadow lengthens Rumania fears nazis growing might by the associated Presa Berlin March 18�?Germany tonight promptly rejected the British and French denunciations of her Conquest of Czecho Slovakia declaring they a lacked every political Legal and moral at the same time Chancellor Hitler called Home his ambassador to London Herbert von a Traen Quot to make a report reciprocating action taken by Britain yesterday in calling her Berlin envoy Back to London. It f r a be e. Lol loping Britain a Lead also called her Berlin ambassador Home Quot to delivered to envy its tile government announced it i ejection of die British and French denunciation had been delivered to the British and French ambassadors who earlier in the Day had presented notes barging that. Germany s course in Czechoslovakia was illegal and a violation of the Munich agreement. These developments occurred As reports of consternation came from european states within arms reach of the expanding nazi Empire. The foreign office watched the gathering Cloud of criticism imperturbable. Tonight the returning British envoy sir Nestle Henderson took a train to London to report on developments in Central Europe. In London it was said von Dir keen. Ambassador to Britain since last april i was expected to leave sunday. In addition to reporting on Briu in s reaction to Germany invasion of czechoslovak is. It was said the envoy probably would be asked to report on an incident involving mention of Hitler in the House of commons thursday. Term him traitor this incident was the description of Hitler by Alfred Duff Cooper former first lord of admiralty. As a Quot thrice perjured traitor and breaker of oaths w Hile All Europe anxiously watched the lengthening Shadow of the Swastika. Adolf Hitler Rode Vienna amid tumultuous a heels Quot to a secret stopping place on i Way to Berlin. He left to lieutenants tile task of imposing the nazi will on Bohemia Moravia and ironing out relations with Slovakia Germany new protectorates. The fuehrer was expected to make a triumphal entry into Berlin about noon est sunday. He named Baron Konstantin von Neurath. Former German foreign minister and president of the secret Cabinet Council As Reichs protector of Bohemia Moravia. Von Neurath. Responsible Only to the fuehrer will have supreme Power Over 7.000,000 czechs who have become Oerman subjects. Rumania uneasy meanwhile. Rumania feared for her Fertile wheat Fields and Oil Wells alarm was reported in Lithuania concern was shown in Poland suspicion grew of a coup d eat in Danzig and the possibility was mentioned of German aggression against Hungary. Helmuth Wohltat. Adviser to Field marshal Hermann Wilhelm Goering nazi economic dictator was in Bucharest apparently attempting to tighten Oer Many a economic Swap in Southeastern Europe. The rumanian legation in London reported Bucharest had received a virtual a government spokesman however described As Quot arrant nonsense reports that Rumania and Hungary were slated to follow Annapolis. Md., March 18 up the United states naval Academy and High government officers from nearby Washington bade a solemn Farewell today to Hiroshi Saito former japanese ambassador. To the slow Tempo of muffled Drums and booming guns the ashes of the tiny Diplomat were escorted to the Cruiser Astoria for the last journey Home. The Astoria placed at the japanese government s disposal by president Roosevelt a order although Saito had resigned As ambassador before his death sailed soon after the Pagoda shaped casket containing the funeral urn was placed aboard. Madame 8&lto and her two Young daughters were escorted to the Astoria by rear Admiral Wilson Brown who with aides of the Academy staff met the cortege As it rolled through the Academy Gates. Four Navy captains marched at each Side of the Hearse As it proceeded slowly to the pier. The naval Academy band played Quot Lead. Kindly representatives of the United states diplomatic corps and japanese naval officers participated in the final tribute paid Saito in this country. Many newspapermen and government officials who were close friends of the congenial statesman accompanied the procession from the Capitol. Icy greetings amaze germans Prague March 18. Up a some Oerman troops expressed amazement today at the icy greetings the czechs gave them As they occupied Bohemia and Moravia. They said they thought they were coming Here to quell a revolution and were surprised that Thev were not Given a great Welcome the German soldiers most of them from 18 to 20 years old have shown Good discipline. The Khaki of the czech army is still seen i the streets with the Oerman Field Grey. Protests spurned see Page 4 hungarians Complete by Robert b. Parker. Or. Tivadar. Car Patho Ukraine it on the rumanian Frontier March 18 up a hungarian troops tonight completed occupation of Eastern Caroalho Ukraine. Facing Rumania and began blocking roads into Rumania. The main Road in the easternmost sector seized by a column under colonel Baron Unger was blocked with three tucks and barbed wire to a depth of a Auar i Ter mile Back from the Border. Troops dug deep ditches on either Side of the Road. An estimated 200.000 hungarian troops were in Eastern Ruth enia alone for an undisclosed purpose. Excellently uniformed and equipped Thev were pouring into the Eastern area where Concrete roads facilitate Progress even by the heaviest truck

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