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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Bluefield, West Virginia Star time All the time Chuc Field Jamla Cirtin Tolj Wea Thok scattered thundershowers Linch temper Flurr today near 80. Vol. La no. 174 Bluefield w. Va., Friday morning june 23, 1950 cent 10 Vinett daily v sunday four wounded in violence at Enka strike Tennessee Rayon Plait dispute flares anew Morristown tenn., june 22, up a strike violence exploded into gunfire at the american Enka corporation today. Four men were wounded one critically. Squads of state Highway patrolmen moved in swiftly and started making wholesale arrests. By tonight they had taken 75 men into custody identifying them As strikers and jailing them for a we do not anticipate further violence a Enka said in a written statement tonight. Three non striking workers were Cut Down this morning when they attempted to enter the Rayon producing Plant. A fourth Man identified As a striker later was nicked in the Arm by a Bullet near the City limits of Morristown seven Miles from the Plant. Police restore order Highway patrol squads raced to the sprawling Plant after two outbreaks of shooting. They quickly restored order. At the jail Deputy sheriff j. L. Malloy said patrolmen were a a still bringing them among those arrested were several officials of the Union. Included were Silas Switzer agent local 1054 president w. whited and John Mccarthy Public relations Man. East Tennessee National guardsmen. Used once before to help put Young stick in the mud inca official Senate rushes through urges curbs t. V r. A on Oil imports three year Extension of peacetime draft act to firemen struggled for 45 minutes before freeing Jimmy Sisler. 14, when he was trapped in a Mucky quagmire of a water filled Gully in Southwest Denver Colo. The boy had sunk below his Waist when the firemen came to his Rescue. Altogether he was held fast in the mire for an hour and 15 minutes. A Hospital examination showed he was exhausted but otherwise unharmed. A wire photo Ohio governor gets spanking from Truman for hinting support for Taft demo executives of it. Ays Pace May be Trust meet with hot Lausche undecided in Senate race Washington june 22 a a to Mesqui paper May be sent to friends Down trouble at Enka were alerted and ordered to stand by nobody a Surprise president tru but there was no immediate order Man said today that 1 if he for them to move in. On the situation. Four Man wounded the injured in today s shooting Victor Mcdaniel hit five times by bullets in critical condition. William Mcginnis shot three j order a copy of the daily Telegraph Sunset news sad m of the would vow the i tazewe11 a it a to ses quicken gov. Gordon Browning in straight democratic ticket and Tennial edition for your out Washington for president tru 2 that a a real democrats ought of town friends. Just Call Man s reception for governors t0 be ejected to Congress. I Anco we Wii Uriah to said he will withhold any action it was t the things he said butt it l toward calling out the National when and where he said them that Man your order to any guard until he gets a full report Flavoured the head democrats part of the country. Words with mild reproach for Ohio s governor Frank j. Lausche an accredited member of the same political party. A has no to made up mind Lausche told reporters at the times once inv the Heidi m Senous White Sulphur Springs governors condition conference that he had t Madei _., up his mind whether to vote this Tokyo Friday june 23 a James Mccamey shot once a fall for senator Taft or for tafts the air Force announced today the body condition serious. Democrat rival. State auditor David Proffitt 26. Who Ridenti Joseph t. Jumping Joe it Fergus fied himself As a striker. Treated son. Each has his Good Points the Guam for an Arm wound and dismissed governor opined. From another Hospital. This heresy naturally was re a routine practice bombing Mission Mcdaniel Mcginnis and me ported i Stanter to or. Truman. Camey. All non strikers were reporters of course brought it wounded As they sought to skirt up at the earliest moment which was today a weekly White House news conference. The president did no to want to talk about it directly. But if he himself were a citizen of Ohio he said he would pick up the dem lashes out at Coal substitutes in new York address Buffalo n. Y., june 22, Ltd a the executive vice president of the National Coal association today urged restrictions against foreign Oil and natural Gas As substitutes for Coal. John d. Battle Washington d. C., spoke at the annual convention of the new York state solid fuel merchants association which was attended by More than 250 Coal Deal is from this state and nearby Canada. Battle said that if the importation of foreign Oil continues at the same rate As during the first Quarter of 1950, the bituminous Coal Industry might lose 50,000,-000 tons annually. A substitution of foreign Oil for u. S. Coal under steam boilers has far reaching consequences a said Battle. A the immediate consequences Are the closing of mines unemployment of miners and diminished Coal freight revenues to the railroads As Well As destruction of he said the Coal Industry a stands ready to meet Competition or take its Medicine in the Mother pleads for child amp picket line and enter the Plant a 7 a. M. Shift change. Proffitt said he was wounded As he passed a group of non striking workers. Joe q Dougherty Industrial relations officer for Enka said the Plant was put under a 25-Mmute socratic ticket and vote her straight s Ege during the / a. In Shil a Coupie 0f hours after the change. Another flurry of Shoou no news conference. Or. Truman was broke our a. And r hotel luncheon for a emergency Powers Given to president differences must be reconciled by joint Senate House group Washington june 22, a it a the Senate gave overwhelming approval today to a three year renewal of the peacetime draft act with limited authority for the president to order inductions in Case of emergency. It took this step by a voice vote shortly after both House and Senate had passed a Stopgap 15-Day Extension of the present conscription Law which is due to expire at Midnight Friday. The emergency renewal was rushed through because administration leaders feared that the existing act might lapse and the selective service machinery lose its Legal basis before the two houses could agree on Long Range Extension. Approval shouted but later in a final burst of Speed the Senate brushed aside proposals to attach a segregation amendment to the measure and then shouted its approval of the three year Extension requested by the administration. This legislation now goes Back to the House which previously had voted a two year renewal Cleveland holds a monopoly m j hns a Servic Ertta the depa7tinent Bland. A. June 22 Mhz defense moves to determine the sanity the Drate Ooi lds be induced in furnish Long racing information to Par easter officials disclosed of Samuel l. Newberry delayed the Start of his trial today on a leu Congress gave specific auth secret military information to murder charge in the killing and beheading of he sister in Law. Oriza Tion. Philip Jaffe amerasian Magazine overruled by judge v. L. Sexton jr., was a motion to have under the Senate measure the editor. Newberry committed to a state mental institution for observation president could Issue the draft ,. A for a Flormino Hal in to four a 1 a a service immediately denied Coy said he vai7he�?obased�?o that evej7 knowingly passing along i a i i i j it statement on studies made by the information. He Desen bed i Lyu i it i Lyp acc and by a Senate Commerce a a with Jaffe in 1945 As in the i t a a lv1 i t v subcommittee which looked into nature of Normal relationships a a a a t.0 f the ramifications of off the track Rith editors and writers seeking u Roll up aril Start the plane was ret Ming from a betting on horse races background data. Ill Putin practice bombing Mission the acc chairman said that the it was Robert Morris Republic jul ic13 Rui a l<3vu thursday set Fanoon anti Trust Rotor nov of the i Stipp Etc amp a counsel for the san amp to for orc new when it lost Contact with the 19th department Are better quanteds eign relations sub committee who Cambridge map june 22, up i5bl2n Guam to which it than himself to advise the com said testimony had been received. A be tary of state of a Achik defense attorneys j. Livings the source and details of the son today Dillow and w. B. Snidow testimony taken by the sub com Rule private Chambers in Bland county circuit court. Reporters were sex Coy suggests Sherman fight for u. S. Markets against Law is applicable a a Der american uvin stand b-29 overdue with 11 airmen that a b-29. With 11 crewmen aboard is missing somewhere near service named Jaffe Contact Washington. June 22 up a chairman Wayne Coy of the Federal communications commission proposed today that the government consider prosecuting a million Dollar a year racing news service under the anti Trust Laws. He told the Senate crime investigating committee there is a1 Washington june 22 pm a Strong probability that the Senate investigator said today oontinent8 press service of testimony had been received that distributors who in turn pass it along to sub distributors of their own selection. Continental is the chief source of racing news for bookmakers mrs. Margaret Payne pleads with police sergeant Ray Racine in a Norfolk va., police station not to take away Judy Ann j. Who had been found earlier after a two Day search. The child too pleads with the policeman to let her stay with she and a a Mommy lost As Judy Ann is in custody of the welfare authorities pending an investigation. A wire photo defense raises sanity Issue in trial of Sam Newberry to determine whether he is now Only when Congress is not m a a a a a a it whether he was san at 3cssion and after finding that National necessity when the time of the slaying of mrs. Mary Katheryn Newberry. 37. Expected tomorrow is a ruling on a motion to i panel a jury which would try Only the Issue of whether the 32-year-old defendant is sane. Reporters excluded some windows in the Plant a re reported shattered. Strike marked by violence group of democratic governors homeward bound from White sul a a. Pour. Lausche was among them. The strike has been marked by sea cd five places be right of numerous a tongs the of , the president ing of cars and other disturbances but the first shooting was reported a Friendly gathering two Days ago. No one was injured reporters were excluded but in that gunfire. Democratic National chairman the 700 members of local 1054, j William Boyle reported that the Cio textile workers went on affairs for All its explosive Poten Grike March 28 to enforce de Tali ties was a a real Nice Friendly mands for pay increases and other gathering with everybody benefits they said totalled 23 cents it was Boyle too who relayed was attached search and Rescue operations have begun but no other details Are available air Force officials said. At the time Contact was last the super fort had completed its simulated bombing run on an Okinawa target and had headed Back to Guam. Mittee concerning possible violation of the anti Trust Laws. He added a however i suggest the possibility that there Are criminal violations of the anti Trust Laws involved Coy testified at the first open hearing held by the new special investigating stat whoa clog do Dos test rested on soviet leaders first made the motions in a session in month was not clearly identified and it in a a at today a Public hearing. Sena tors indicated however that the Fri figured in the presentation of the evidence. Senator Mccarthy a wis philosophy. Until then he said solemnly a no approach from the free world however imaginative and no Trojan Dove from the communist eluded several witnesses for both prosecution and defense gave testimony in Chambers during the movement resolve our Tua. I the motion forlorn group headed by i who has accused service of being the Tun Al arts am in Ninvi Kenai or Ltd Tenn it. It is a a Collaborator with common nosed he in phial commonwealths mately 1,100 Miles apart. Conducting a nationwide study of isto Quot told reporters that Fri yet the Secretary of state held j att John r Boggess and his crime and gambling including of it testimony will show that the Fri the United states is ready to sit j,.�. The map waiter o the tour engined plane was facts on local Law enforcement. 1 had a microphone concealed in around the a International con Gur on brother convicted the Case is the second growing attached to the main heavy u. S. I possible indictment of Conti Jaffess room at the Statler hotel Ference tables any time bomber group stationed in the rental under the anti Trust Laws i in Washington when service and Acheson told the Harvard Alu Awa is primarily a was one of two methods Coy Sug Jaffe met there in May 1945. Association that despite the fighter base. Operations Between islands Are routine. The two an hour. The company said the average wage at the time of the strike voters approve Mcdowell Levy the information that the president told his guests that a to further the program in the interest was $1.35 an hour and claimed of the people we will have to the workers demands amounted elect real Democrat to the House to 70 cents an hour. Of representatives and the Vleta a a Une 22 a efforts to reach a settlement Lausche confirmed that he had Mcdowell county voters today of have been complicated by claims a Chat with or. Truman. It was Era Hellingly approved a three of the american federation of a pleasant one. He said but he year special Levy and a $700,000 labor textile Union that it has discuss the subject Bond Issue for a school building a High percentage of the workers matter. The Truman news conference the first in three weeks also produced another presidential spanking for governors j. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina and rested to curb gambling. The other he said would be enactment of a Law to prohibit the transmission of certain ram secret information Mccarthy was asked a will the Fri testimony show bling information across state whether service supplied a Cret three Pean recovery program lines. Military information to Jaffe. A Yip pc retard of state said a an the Senate Commerce commit Mccarthy replied a yes it will. Unprecedented rate of economic tee last month approved such a it also will show that service was recovery Jias now brought the pro Bill Over the Strong protests of aware that the military inform ductility of Western Europe for newspaper and radio spokesmen Tion was i the most part above pre War ss.s5thv the inordinate out of the murder 17 months ago. So when Quot soviet leaders that the victims husband. Ralph a. A no �?zseadw8 Newberry. 38. Brother of Samuel. Giving an optimistic report on w�5 convicted a year ago of Al ref who saw in it an invasion of Freedom of the press Weinbaum indicted employed in the local Plant. Rail shutdown plans Are Laid Chicago. June 22 let two and improvement program. A. J the Levy is designed to raise Rof i 6f . N3ud $1,000,000. Unofficial returns from 81 of 106 precincts showed about 95 percent of the voters favouring both Fielding Wright of Mississippi proposals. A 60 percent favouring they headed the anti Truman j vote was required states rights presidential ticket Ini the building program includes 1948 and captured 39 electoral 36 projects estimated to Cost about votes. $2,000,000. The president made it Crystal about $250,000 is available from More rail oads announced today a Par that they weren to invited to an expiring three year Lew and j.�?T1 luncheon. A i Only invited dem the favourable vote will enable the county to qualify for state funds for school construction. If Al switchman carry out their of craps a a he said threat to strike sunday on five a a Western and midwestern lines. I he National railway Media a a Tion Board worked to head off the a Ollu Jivu i Yumul Joy scheduled strike and a possible nationwide walkout by two bigger rail unions july 15. But there was id Lold 1 i a mimic no report or Progress. The Chicago great Western Railroad which operates Over 1,500 the los Angeles june 22 a u. S. Grand jury tonight indicted or. Sidney Weinbaum. California Institute of technology scientist asked whether he had seen the ievers Fri testimony Mccarthy said More than 10,000 crowded in mm61.�?T the famed Harvard Yard for the Mccarthy is not a member of University s 229th commencement the Senate inquiry committee and cheered As the Secretary of state w As not present when the Fri asserted agents testified last month. A we Are building our strength service acknowledged at to in order we May eliminate Days Public hearing that he had the conditions which would give told messages sent by president else to War and we Are on the Roosevelt to Chiang Kai Shek in threshold of a new period in the 1944. Says data was old stuff again service contended he did degree murder in same Case and was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. The supreme court of appeals has agreed to review the conviction. Selection of a jury to hear the Case was not begun today. Only a few spectators were in the courtroom in contrast to the Large crowds which heard the trial of Ralph Newberry in april and May of last year. Headless body found the body of mrs. Newberry Ralph s Bride of a few months was found near the Summit of this without elaborating he went on eight counts of perjury and nothing irregular. He said the in on to say Quot we face this new fraud. Formation Wras old stuff Given out period with Confidence but we or. Wei Baum 52, formerly by military leaders months be must be very Clear in our minds was connected with Cal tech a Jet fore in providing newspapermen about our purposes in times that propulsion Laboratory. The gov with background material. Lie Ern ment accused him of denying he a s0 Sald it Hotd appeared in declaring the nations of the to army review Board questioners print reportedly cleared for pub North Atlantic were building up that he was a member of the a i a communist party. I turn to Page 3, column 7 turn to Page 3, column 6 successful Forward movement of Walker Mountain january 10, 1949 on directions officers said were Given them by Samuel. A purported statement by Ralph Newberry in which he blamed the crime on Samuel was introduced Kansas City kas., june 22. It a a Baptist minister was accused Miles of tracks m Illinois Iowa today from the witness stand officers ted land and Roby Brown for that. Those Fellows talk Writh cops doubling As Medicos deliver 2 babies a policeman s duties Are varied dialled a doctors number. He was de into the place excitedly too i time on Burton Street. Get at his trial. In it he said his wife was shot in the Newberry farm Home near Mechanicsburg. He denied any part in the shooting or in beheading her but admitted helping dispose of the body. �?�4 Bible school student the lawmakers Are on duty they would have the Power to decide whether such a step was essential to National Security. Amendment Defeated just before final passage the Senate beat Down 45 to 27 a proposal by senator Russell a a to slap on an amendment which would have allowed a draftee or enlisted to request service with a persons of his own race provided a majority of them in 36 states expressed such a preference after six months operation of the Law. A somewhat similar segregation idea of russells was rejected yesterday by a vote of 42 to 29. The final wording of the draft extender now will have to be worked out by a Senate House conference committee. Shortly before it approved the temporary draft Extension the House voted to allow 2,500 hand picked aliens to enlist in the United states army. After five years service these men could then become american citizens. The House passed this Bill. 201 to 86, after a hot controversy Over whether the aliens would be a a spies for or against this country. Chairman Vinson Ltd a of the House armed services committee said that the army wanted the foreign enlistees so As to make use of their special knowledge of countries abroad. The alien enlistment measure now goes to the Senate which previously had voted to allow the army to accept 10,000 foreign soldiers. Military plane Falls in Llames Bedford va., june 22 up a a four engined plane caught fire in mid air near Here tonight and crashed carrying four or five persons to their deaths witnesses reported. The log of the ship said its last pm r j f my a a a Ine log or the snips it a last defends Iloni s muffins a Jap was the by Tuxen naval base. Md., state police said. Witnesses you can take the word of of Missouri and Minnesota began saying he would not have Santa preparing Layoff notices for its Claus around his Church at Christ employees today. Mas observances because it was a spokesman said an embargo will be placed on All shipments that cannot reach their destination before 6 a. M. Local time sunday. The strike deadline miss Charlene Bouse. 24. Gave the testimony at a District court hearing on the right of the Rev. Del a. Fehsenfeld to hold his Pas the Denver and Rio Grande torte at the Argentine Baptist Western also said it will not make Church. Any attempt to operate any trains should the switchman leave their jobs. The d amp org is accepting a faction of the strife torn congregation seeks to enjoin the minister from occupying the Pas non perishable freight subject to j torte on the grounds he has de delay. Parted from doctrines traditions previously the 8.000-Milr Chi land customs of the Church Rago. Rock Island anal Pacific a system Ami the 1,195 mile Western Pacific announced plans to shut Down All operations if the strike is not averted. The Al switchman Union of North America also has called for sunday walkouts on the Denver and to grand Western and the House group okays excise tax slashes experience. The latest assignment for this genial pair of officers on the Midnight to Dawn shift had them playing the role of police Medicos. Yes. Between the hours of Midnight and Dawn thursday. Ted and Roby delivered two bouncing. Baby boys. And to different mothers. Desk sgt. Oakey Asbury was Busy at his chores in police Headquarters Early thursday morning when a coloured girl came running into the police station and excitedly screamed �?�8he s having a baby she s having a baby. Help help a desk sergeant Calm a just a minute now my Friend a exclaimed the unperturbed Asbury. A did you say you Are having a baby a ill. He dialled another one. And he i and exclaiming. A a she shaving a was waiting on another labor Case baby she shaving a the perplexed desk sergeant Cut a shucks a drawled Okey a a you re in his radio and signalled a car away late. She a already had it. Two car two. Emergency car getting along Fine. Doctors a woman is having a there land and Brown was a silence then officer land Cut in Well so we hat a a but she does no to have a doctor Speed with haste to this address on Ridge Street a instructed sgt. Asbury. A Call or. Yost City health officer a came the information. Doctor arrive late Okay called the City Medico and or. Yost hurried to the address. Upon arrival there it was All Over. A doctor a land and Brown were in Complete charge. An ambulance was called and the Mother and Young son were sped to the Hospital. The police a Hospital unit returned to its the two looked in Surprise at the police sergeant then exclaimed. A ooh no she a just having the Quot now wait a minute returned the somewhat irritated policeman a one of you was in Here a couple of hours ago and we sent doctors to the scene and the situation is now under what another finally though. Sgt. Asbury untangled the conglomerate mass of information and realized that this was another Case. A just a minute ladies a he cools replied. A the police department is the police desk Man Cut off the Washington june 22 pm Lieg great Northern some 4.000 elation slashing excise taxes by switchman Are involved. $1,010,000,000 and increasing lev the switchman s strike Call and get on Large corporations took a Minnie is having a threatened nationwide walkouts big step Forward today As the baby. Only a couple of a Plain drunks a a a done to be funny a came Back a get your rest. July 15 by the brotherhood of House ways and Means committee a Well people do a exclaimed the were dumped into the Bastile. Voice Over the police radio. Were both mothers and sons were do that is. Until along about 4 a. M. radio dialled or. Yostos number again and for the second time in a few hours the City doctor was called out of bed and away from his slumbers. Again or. John Yost his Little Gritchell packed with the necessary equipment sped to the scene this time on Burton Street. Situation under control upon arrival there were the same two policemen land and Browne at the location. A a that a All right. they informed the re la c medical Man. A everything is under ll2dr6tlp of lusts control. She s done had i a the patient called another Amu i$200 damage to Auto Lance and dispatched Mother and son to the fire which spread from a Light a pc Mon. the City de cigarette damaged an Automo health director insisted. A a it a time Texarkana. Ark., june 22, up a a vacation Bible school teacher was having a party for her Young charges. Mrs. Harold Mother of Pat and Paul Hodge two pupils at the school sent Over stacks of iced muffins for the children to eat. The teacher told the youngsters to Bow their Heads a and thank Jesus for these Nice the Small voice of Paul Hodge came from the Back of the room a the did no to make Mem my mommie indicated several of those who perished were Navy personnel. Bedford police said the scene of the crash was an open Field near the Paterson mine Rock Quarry about eight Miles South of Here. Time of the crash was set at 8 30 p. M. Frank s. Mitchell a Bedford electrician living on a farm near the scene of the crash said four or five bodies were thrown from the burning wreckage. He said one of the victims was a Sailor. Mrs. Charles d. Claytor. Who lives near Here said she saw something that looked a like a Ball of fire passing Over her farm Home and heard the crash shortly thereafter. She and members of her family said the bodies were thrown from the plane and not burned. Mrs. Claytor said state police found papers on the bodies of some of the victims. Indicating bile parked on Wheeling Avenue they were Navy personnel last night. The civil aeronautics and Rani the vehicle a 1938 Dodge Sedan traction reported in Washington town a Dut m of Quot troll link thai Quot can Kucyr a tvo of talk Vou Fellows t Quot a a of. the excited a Latex everything a a peaceful Andija Clr two 01 Una expert tsp the out there in owned by Adis Hay. 516 Wheeling that All Schedut a planes in the quiet for sometime thereafter. A a a night delivering babies and still Avenue had been locked and area had been accounted for in parked for about three hours be it Catling that the wreck was either i Railroad trainmen and order of formally approved it 17 to 8 desk sergeant. Railway Stem from supporting the Bill were 15 a but she needs a doctor a the be commendations made july 15 by democrats and 2 republicans.1 girl pleaded a Prebi Dentai fact finding Board with 8 republicans opposed. Fore the Blaze became apparent a military ship or on a damage to the Interior and scheduled flight. Non ing Well last night at Bluefield sgt. Asbury was busily engaged a you done to know just How Busy. Sanitarium. The mothers Are paint on the top of the car was a Farmer who saw the wreckage getting the police records into Okey informed the pair. Minnie Davis of Ridge Street and estimated by fire chief e. L. N. F. Walker said he was sure Okey picked up the phone and order when two coloured girls Rush in you have another labor Case Fain of Burton Street. 1 Mcclure at $200. I the plane was a military hip. T

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