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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Jul 23 1938, Page 1

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Bluefield, West Virginia Temperature High 74 Low 64 precipitation a pipe feb pain volume Xiv. No. 172. Cart graph forecast West Ionia Lmh a saturday and probably sunday. Not much chant in temperature. Republic steel Cio re ficht surveys Mission wreckage in Philip Murray accuses company of employing a reprehensible methods firm replies Union interfered with mail civil liberties croup continues hearings into Little steel strike company says employees who wanted to work harassed by Cio Washington. July 22 apr the Republic 8teel corporation and its bitter foe. The committee for Industrial organization reviewed an old warfare today in a tense encounter before the Senate civil liberties committee. For the c i of. Philip Murray chairman of the steel workers organizing committee charged that no company in the country had Quot resorted to More reprehensible tactics against unionization than Republic. He denounced the company As Quot the foulest indu Sarlai cesspool of labor relations in rap picket Quot mobs for the steel company. Thomas f Patton general counsel accused the co. Of interfering with the Matin during last year s strike in Quot Little he added that 23.-000 of Republic s employees demonstrated their loyalty to the concern by staying on the Job during that Industrial conflict despite Quot insuperable Odds armed mobs bands of pickets who would not let even food be brought into the Plant to sustain the , Murray testified had spent about 11.500.000 in organizing the steel workers and at present had signed contracts with 80 per cent of the Industry a productive capacity contracts which had been 1 the cause of great satisfaction to the workers and Quot exceedingly satisfactory Quot to management. With the rest of the Industry there had been trouble he said and particularly with Republic. Speaking generally he said that the organizer had Quot encountered Many Duffie unties through a Quot system of and through Quot trailing of organizers by detectives policemen and Finks employed by the steel organizers were Quot beaten up and Quot arrested Many times when they tried to hold he said. Rays barges substantiated he referred to hearings before the Senate Post office committee a year ago at which he made charges against Republic for which the company a chairman. Tom Girdler called him a All the charge. Murray said have subsequently been found Correct by Ute National labor relations Board. Replying. Patton said it had been proven that pickets interfered with delivery of mail to Republic. Quot pickets for the first time told the Post office department when and where it could deliver mail he said. A surge of resentment swept Over the country he added and nine c to. Pickets were arrested by postal inspectors pleaded guilty and suffered penalties. Streets flooded by sudden rain at state capital Charleston. W. A. July 22�? i rain Clouds which came up suddenly in the midst of a Bright Sun today dumped Over two inches of rain into the capital City in two hours flooding streets and a few downtown business establishments and snarling late afternoon traffic for 40 minutes. Two feet of water ran in several downtown streets and traffic officers in High boots worked frantically before a traffic Jam at the height of the after office hours Rush could be cleared up. The High water which drowned out dozens of autos ran deep As six feet in basements of some stores and ran into the first floors of a other establishments. Slides caused considerable damage after the local rain and the a United fuel company reported emergency service had to be resorted to to Avert discontinuance of Gas service to the City when two main Gas lines broke. It a House was carried Down into Magazine Creek by a slide in the West Side and mrs. Hazel Mcclung Wolfe suffered slight injuries in the Accident. The deluge followed near cloudburst in other sections of the state. Bluefield cleaned up today after a similar downpour and the Central part of the state suffered considerable damage the Day before. This was the scene of destruction that met the eyes of the Rev. Father William Downs when he returned to his Mission Home in Swaton. China after receiving medical treatment on the u. 8. 8. Sacramento for injuries sustained in japanese chinese fighting. A 250-Pound japanese Aerial bomb had made a direct hit on the Home. Father Downs whose Home is in Erie a. Is shown standing among the ruins of the Mission almost 2.000 were killed and injured when japanese bombed the South China port. A a a 1 1111 for increasing Relief Rolls to gain a third term Hamilton says Hopkins assertion that Relief workers favor president scored by gop chairman says new Deal offers nation Only one things Relief Washington. July 22 tip a John slowed by the declaration of Harry Hamilton the Republican National chairman charged today that the Roosevelt administration was inc Ensing Relief Rolls and falling to stimulate private Industry in an Effort to obtain a third term for the president with Relief clients votes. At the same time the Republican Leader expressed conviction that the american people would repudiate Quot this shameless conduct at the polls this fall and in 1940. A indeed it is very doubtful whether even those on the Federal Relief Rolls would vote for or. Roosevelt Hamilton added in a statement to the press. They want jobs a what these people want Are self respecting jobs in private Industry. They Are growing tired of being made wards of the Roosevelt administration. They know there is neither a comfortable livelihood nor any future whatever in a Job on Relief. Yet that is the Only thing which the new Deal today offers the Hamiltons statement was Occa l Hopkins. Us spa administrator that he believed 90 percent of the 3.000.000 persons on work Relief Rolls favored the Roosevelt admin Tetra Tion. The o. O. P. Chairman said that Hopkins remark made at a press conference yesterday Quot looks like the launching of the Roosevelt third term movement by the Man who might be termed the largest employer in the nation a seeks to perpetuate Power Quot in View of this Hamilton continued Quot reasons became clearer for the constant increase of the Federal Relief Rolls now reaching a new High record and the failure of the Roosevelt administration to take Steps to stimulate private Industry. Obviously the Roosevelt administration is seeking to perpetuate itself in Power through the use of Relief funds because As the president said in 1936. Every message in a pay envelope even of it is the truth is a com third terms see Page 3 Lilienthal raps Sec seeks writ weather elsewhere j Pittsburgh july 22 up a the u. 6. Weather bureaus report tonight of 8 . Temperatures the High and Low for the past 12 hours and precipitation for the past 24 hours City g . High Low proc new York. 74 74 70 .27 Boston. 74 so 68 .01 new ode a. 7� so 76 .94 Chicago. Fit 78 <4 .88 Denver. 8ft 82 68 Pittsburgh. 82 88 62 Columbus. 8ft 88 68 St. Louis. 84 88 88 t los Angeles 78 84 62 Parkersburg. 78 88 64 Jori Kins. 88 is 60 Miami. 8ft 84 78 1.06 san Antonio. 82 n 76 t in in Phe tva director declares ousted head carried on a Campaign of defamation cites a hatred distrust Knoxville. Tenn a july 22 up a Twa director David e. Lilienthal testified today Quot unreasoning suspicion. Hatred and distrust motivated or. Arthur e. Morgan s attack on the administration of the Tennessee Valley authority. Before a congressional investigation committee. Lilienthal assailed the ousted tva chairman for a a reckless Campaign of and denied trying to suppress records by deleting statements from Board minutes. Morgan hears attack or. Morgan sat nearby his face flushed under the blistering attack. Earlier the investigators impounded Board minutes and a1 Legal opinions by tva counsel with reference to changed entries after a witness testified to numerous alterations. The action was taken unanimously on motion of representative Jenkins in. Ohio. Charles Hoffman assistant Secretary to the Board testified yesterday changes in the minutes were made Quot mostly by under questioning today. Hoffman asserted All three directors. Including Arthur Morgan made revisions in the minutes the bulk of them in the rough drafts. Mast be answered opening his defense. Lilienthal asserted he and his associate. Harcourt a. Morgan a feel that or. Morgans accusations charges and innuendoes must be answered before we can get to the More constructive phases of this he said revisions in the minutes were made under Quot perfectly proper procedure that All directors were advised of changes and that All signed the documents. A practice by or. Morgan of altering minutes without the consent or knowledge of the other directors he said led to the Board adopting a procedure in 1937 whereby such revisions were prohibited. In motility charging violation of new Deal measures securities and Exchange commission cites Gas electric firm Bluefield w. Va., saturday morning july 23, 1938, Price five cent disappearance of tourist Trio revealed 8anta be. N. M. July 22 up a the disappearance of three women tourists in the rough in sorption Rock Region South of Grants. N. A. Was disclosed tonight by nov. Clyde Tingley who said the three had been missing since tuesday. Tingley identified the three As miss Irene tied a i be. 22, Winchester by. Employed at the University of Kentucky mrs. M a. De la Forest. 35. Lexington. Ky., on the University of Kentucky music faculty and mrs. Phillip Gibbons. Billings. Mont. He said he was leaving immediately for Grants to Ald in the investigation. The governor said an automobile. Identified As that of the three women had been parked at the ice caves so Miles Southwest of Grants since i of clock tuesday afternoon. He said the three had checked into an Albuquerque hotel late monday afternoon and had left at 6 55 o clock tuesday morning for the ice caves. The governor said the car was locked. In it were several pieces of the women a Luggage and hats Money and cigarettes. Two state policemen were at the Cave All Day today. Ten More were ordered there tonight. Ruling of Niro ruling holding Fansteel guilty or unfair labor practices is set aside Hopes of a settlement t in Europe grow after Kings trip to France employers right to fire siters upheld spokesman denies Nippon threatened Force wanted a compromised spurning of demand for troop withdrawal causes Tokyo to moderate attitude new York. July 22. Up a charging violation of two new Deal statutes. The securities and Exchange commission brought court action today against the associated Gas and electric company testing the Utility systems right to Issue securities on an Exchange basis without Sec registration and authorization. Upon the secs petition. Federal judge Henry w. Goddard ordered the company to show cause on August 2. Why an injunction should not be issued enjoying it from extending an Issue of 5% per cent convertible investment certificates which mature next november 15. The complaint alleged specific violations of the Public Utility holding company act of 1936 and the securities act of 1933 and the action is the first test of its kind since the Utility act was upheld by the supreme court in the electric Bond and share company legislation. The system was charged with violating the Utility act in that it did not ask the approval of the Sec before it sought to extend the Issue of certificates and with violating the securities act of 1933 by issuing new certificates without registering them As required by Law. The company further violated both acts the complaint charged. By using the mails without comply ing with provisions of the acts. Names of transients stricken from voters Kingwood. july 22. Up a the Preston county court ruled tonight that 37 members of the spa transient Camp at Bruceton Are not eligible to vote and ordered their names stricken from the list of registered voters the 37 All were asked by the court if their Camp would be moved if they. Too. Would have to go. A replied they would. Tokyo. July 22 per a More conciliatory attitude was apparent in Japan tonight following soviet russians rejection of japans protest that soviet troops had violated the Mancho Kuoan Frontier on july la. The foreign office spokesman denied to foreign correspondents that Japan threatened Force to eject red soldiers who had occupied a bit of land which Moscow insisted was part of Siberia and Tokyo declared belonged to japanese protected Manchukuo. He said such an expression had not been voiced either in Tokyo or in Moscow. Merely wanted Compromise the japanese ambassador to Moscow Mamoru Shigemitsu was said merely to have proposed to foreign commissar Maxim Ulvi Noff that tile troops be withdrawn to open the Way for a a general a in statements carried by Tokyo newspapers an unnamed foreign office spokesman was quoted however As having said that Russia s action a must be interpreted As a Challenge to he was reported to have reiterated that Russia must assume responsibility for the results of the Border incident and declared a Japan is ready and has every right to take All necessary he was silent on Liat Japan would do next. Tell different stories japanese foreign office spokesmen frequently present a situation in differing lights depending on whether they Are talking to japanese correspondents for Nome consumption or to foreign correspondents russian troops on july bloc Japan Racks Down see Page 3 Blankenship Geis 20 years in girl s Deau Buchanan jury finds him guilty of ambush slaying Grundy va., july 22 up a a Buchanan county court jury today found 18-year old Troy Blankenship guilty of first degree murder in the ambush slaying last March 12 of pretty Josephine Fisher. 17. And fixed has punishment at 20 years in the Penitentiary. Judge Alfred a Skeen passed sentence. The Commonwealth attempted to show miss Fisher to be the innocent victim of a Shotgun charge intended for her escort. 18-year-old Edward May. With whom Blankenship hed had an altercation a Short while re the slaying. May suffer serious wounds in the neck and head but recovered. Company not required to reinstate 92 employees discharged for staging sit Down strike Federal judges criticise labor body Chicago july 22 apr the United states circuit court of appeals held today an employer has the right to discharge employees who seize his property in a sit Down strike. The ruling was handed Down As the court set aside a National labor relations Board order finding the Fansteel metallurgical corporation guilty of unfair labor practices. The 2 to i decision held the company was not required to reinstate 92 men discharged during a sit Down strike which began feb. 17. 1937, in the company North Chicago Plant. A denial a there seems to be no denial by the Board that there was ample cause for discharge. A said the majority opinion written by judge will m Sparks and concurred in by judge Walter c. Lindley. A indeed in the argument before this court the Board admitted that the men in conducting a sit Down strike add resisting the officers did a foolish and illegal act. A certainly it cannot be denied that an employer is warranted in discharging his employees and serving that relationship when they take and retain exclusive Possession of his property against his will. A they had a Complete and adequate remedy a at the hands of the Board a a a. The employees however spurred this Legal remedy and assayed to Settle the difficulty according to their own sense of right and Hustle a a a to this they violated the Law which they now Sec ii to enforce against Petitioner. Or discharge warranted Quot we Are convinced the Petitioner was warranted to discharging the employees and we Are compelled to so hold to order to avoid placing our approval upon such activities As they engaged to. To do otherwise would a an injustice not Only to the employer but to the unions and their friends who wish them judge Walter e. Treanor in a dissenting opinion contended that possible illegal acts of the employees did not excuse a unlawful Defiance of the National labor relations act by the company. The controversy arose from a strike to which workers seized Possession of the Fansteel Plant prevented eviction once by repulsing too officers with fire extinguishing chemicals sulphuric acid and steel missiles and then were driven out by tear and nauseating Gas. Predicts railway wage dispute to go to mediator Chicago. July 22�? up a a. A Enochs management spokesman predicted today a Federal mediator would be called within to Days to adjudicate the dispute Between Railroad executives and labor Over a proposed 15 percent wage reduction a i think the proceedings will take that course a the chairman of the carriers joint conference committee said in an interview. A Whitney has told us every Day they the employees will not yield. They have asked us to withdraw our Case and we replied we would not do he added however that he was a still hopeful these Fellows will see the Light and do the reasonable a. F. Whitney president of the brotherhood of railway trainmen with whom the carriers representatives conferred today commented Quot i Haven to heard about a mediator coming. We Are still negotiating and As Long As the negotiations continue we have no right to talk about mediation. That has t been discussed in the the Railroad act provides for mediation if conferees fail to come to terms. The carriers committee planned to resume conferences on monday with the 18 brotherhoods and on tuesday with the brotherhood of Railroad trainmen. Britain a rulers feted great Britain s smiling King George and Queen Elizabeth shown a left foreground with president Albert i Ebrun of France were apparently gratified by the tremendous ovation they received from the French people As they were escorted through Paris during their a tat visit to the Republic. This photo was brought to America by the British pick a Back plane Mercury Britain accepts Hitler proposal Chamberlain tells Dirksen he wants Accord King and Queen depart Britain and France Cement Alliance Beek Accord with Rome and Berlin two reported drowned two missing As normally Placid River suddenly goes out of its course ban Saba. Tex. July 22 up �?1two persons were reported drowned two were missing and hundreds were forced from their Homes today As the Usu Cilly peaceful san Saba River inundated a Large area along its course. The Stream normally two to three feet deep Rose past the record height of 42 feet inundating Ute North Side residential Section of san Saba. More than 400 persons were driven from their Home Here and in the lowlands along the River. Only one Highway from the City remained payable. Or and mrs m e. Hensley were reported drowned near Menard while attending to Wade to safety. Only one Telephone circuit remained in operation As frantic appeals were sent to red Cross representatives in san Angelo end Abilene for help. Arrangements were being made to House refugees temporarily in the court House and in churches. The water system also was out of commission and several Power lines were reported to have gone Down before the raging Waters. The san 8aba. Fed by a number of tributaries Rose rapidly today after precipitation of 8 a inches since last tuesday. It was three and one half Miles wide in some places. Swedish Royal family to sail for Home today new York. July 22 up a like any Plain Man going reluctantly Back to work after a vacation Crown Prince Gustav Adolf of Sweden said a kindly goodbye tonight to the United states. With him Crown Princess Louise and their son. Prince Berttle. Arranged to sail Home Early tomorrow morning. Holt appoints Weston Man to succeed Smith governors will discuss filling vacancies today planes of three nations Anchor off n. As race underway for Atlantic supremacy by Devon Francis associated press aviation editor port Washington. N. Y., july 22. A a the Ocean going air planes of three world Powers lazed at Anchor on the North Shore of Long Island today mute testimony to a Pilot but spirited International squabble Over supremacy on the Alan tic air lines. A British seaplane arrived from foynes. Ireland yesterday after the first of a 1938 series of Survey flights. Britain started the tests last year. A German seaplane drifted in to a Feather Light Stop today ending the first of several proposed round trips this year in a continuation of Survey work Between new York and the azores in 1936 and 1937. Two hours later an american Fly ing boat of bin crowded with passengers. Rocked the visiting planes at their moorings As it ploughed the Waters of Manhasset Bay on a Takeoff for Bermuda a future stopping Point for inter Continental transports. America plans no More trans Atlantic flights until the new 72-passenger Boeing planes now being built Are ready for scheduled service. Last year s series buttressed by seven years of exploratory work included that of Charles a. Lindbergh by Way of Greenland and Iceland was considered enough. What is Back of ones Ocean flights and when will the common citizen be Able to buy a ticket to Southampton. Be Havre or Hamburg a statement by capt. Rudolph Jahn. American representative of the German transport company. Lufthansa supplied an answer to the second part of the question. he said a is ready to Fly mail across the Atlantic whenever the american government says a the a Mer Dan government is not Likely to Grant permission until american planes Are ready to Fly. American planes cannot Fly until the Oerman or French or British government say they May. And the european Powers Are not Likely to say they May until they themselves Are equipped to make a showing on the Ocean air lines. But just when regular service. Which was mechanically if not economically feasible with the equipment available four years ago., will begin remains an open question the air plane is being used As a Pawn Tho world Over in a fight tor National prestige Charleston. W a july 22 Pic governor Holt today appointed Robert h. Pritchard editor of the Weston Democrat and former president of the National editorial association As a member of the West Virginia University Board of governors. Pritchard will succeed Edward Randison Smith of Clarksburg president of the Board whose term expired june 30. Holt reappointed Wright Hugus of Wheeling whose term also expired june 30. Both Pritchard and Hugus will ame until 1942. In two other appointments the governor named former governor Albert b. White of Parkersburg As a member of the state Board of education and or. T. T. Murray of Keystone As a member of the negro Board of education. Pritchard announced he would be Here for the meeting of the Board tomorrow at which a successor to Harry a. Stansbury who resigned As athletic director will be discussed among other things the Board also will accept the resignation of or. Chauncey 8 Boucher As president but no appointment of a successor was looked for immediately. Boucher was in Charleston today for a meeting of the geological and economic Survey commission and will remain Over for the Board of governors session at the Capitol Smith retiring president of the Prichard named see Page 3 cooled weather is ficht of Forest Fisio have died 130,000 acres have been burned Seattle july 22�? ply cooler weather and diminishing winds brought partial Relief to parts of the Pacific Northwest tonight from the two week plague of fires and heat that burned an estimated 130.-000 acres of Timberland and contributed to at least 15 deaths. But in Northern Idaho officials said the situation was a Quot Nightmare Quot for foresters and in parts of Washington my hazards appeared Northern Idaho conditions were described at Spokane by c. H Hunter manager of the Forest service warehouse. Quot lookouts Are almost he said. A great Billows of smoke Are rolling Over the area from the Northwest blinding the lookouts. And if Thev can to see fires Start they can to keep them from in Oregon where at least 13 persons died from heat or drowning. Temperatures were somewhat lower to ods and Malor fires neared control. There were at least two Forest fires see Page 3 London. July 22 apr great Britain Nave Germany a Clear signal today to bring the whole Berlin Rome Axis into Accord with the Western european democracies a King George and Queen Elizabeth ended a triumphal state visit to France. Prime minister Neville Chamberlain Wax understood to have told or. Herbert von Dirksen the Oerman ambassador in a 45-minute interview that he shared fully Reich fuehrer Adolf hitlers desire to Settle Europe major problems peacefully. They stand together but King George s pledge before leaving France that a the passing years can never weaken Anglo French ties made it Clear both to Germany and Italy that Britain a partner across the Channel must have a place in any general abasement scheme. W or. Von Dirksen a Mill at no to Downing Street followed the trip Here of capt. Fritz Wiedemann hitlers adjutant with what Chamberlain announced yesterday As renewed assurances that Germany desired peaceful settlement of outstanding questions. The ambassador is returning to Germany tomorrow on several weeks leave and official quarters emphasized his visit did not signify formal opening of Anglo Oerman political negotiations. But Chamberlain was understood to have conveyed to him his appreciation for hitlers Friendship gesture and to have Given him his views on the interaction Al situation in general and Czechoslovakia s minority problem in particular. Halifax report these views were framed in the Light of a report from foreign Secretary Viscount Halifax on his talks with French ministers during the state visit of the King and Queen which tightened Anglo French Bonds. The conference in France covered the whole Field of British and French foreign relations with emphasis on attempts to solve Tho minority dispute in Czechoslovakia. That Issue is the chief stumbling Block St the moment in the path of Anglo Oerman or Franco Oer Man Friendship. The ministers also sought to find a Way to end the stalemate in the Italo French negotiations for a Friendship agreement patterned after the still inoperative Anglo Tallan easter pact. Spain a civil War is keeping the Anglo italian Accord to abeyance and the conflict also is the chief Point of difference Between Italy and France. Observers in London however believed a solution of the problem of Czechoslovakia would pave the friendlier relations with Britain and France and break Down italian resistance to an agreement with France. France counts results Paris july 22 up a now that Royal company has gone Home real # c French diplomats tonight com a two prime result of the four Day Exchange of amenities with Britain both of which nurtured Hopes for lasting peace in Europe. In France and Britain took advantage of the favourable occasion to encourage agreement with Germany to ease Central european tension. 2.�?Anglo-French military plans for Quick effective cooperation just in Case the German settlement does not pan out were further coordinated. Guns Boom Salute the state visit of King George i and his scottish Queen ended at 5 35 pm. When the Royal party sailed from Calais. A French infantry band played a god save the King Quot warships boomed a Salute and thousands of spectators on the nearby docks shouted a come Back to see us Agata George and Elizabeth stood waving on the deck of the yacht enchantress As she pulled away and european peace see Page 3 fourteen perish i polish Puhl crashes Bucharest. July 22 i pm a fourteen persons were killed today when a polish air liner crashed near Hie polish Rumman Border. The victims included Jonez per Nik rumanian Pilot who had spent several years in the United states and an unidentified japanese Captain. The plane carrying ten passengers and a Crew of four was on its regular run Between Warsaw and Bucare

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