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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Jul 3 2015, Page 4

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - July 3, 2015, Bluefield, West Virginia Flu Effelb daily item graph a-4 opinion Friday july 3, 2015l Imes change All men Are equal marriage decision timed to perfection just in time for the fourth of jul it the f s supreme court has deliver Ltd it red White and Blue and a Rainbow too these Are Happy Days for those of us who have Ion supported the right of Gay couples to marry this is an american moment that ought to be Savoured by everybody who thinks this the Sweet land of Liberty the pledge of allegiance s Promise of Liberty arid Justice for All has Bern vindicated note those two words for All that is precisely what this is All about hut to Flay j feel badly for my conservative friends yes i have some arid on both sides there is no accounting for taste if there is to to a pot of Gold at the end of this Rainbow their understanding will Tane eded going Forward they need a word of reassurance before joining the Rainbow Celebration so Mattes Don to worry about the supreme Ouri dec Ision to allow Gay couples to marry in All 50 states i a spite your exaggerated terns you won t have to go out in search if a Gay person to marry of course not the government will find a Gay Spence for you trite it May he hard for officials to j j j How could anyone object to the notion that the right to personal Choice regarding marriage is inherent in the concept of individual autonomy find suitable partners for those who have made themselves obnoxious to me in to it ers of both sexes or those who Are not detestable but not particularly Good looking either not to worry those of you left without Gay partners selected by the u s department of dating will to it Able to keep your present ones hut you will be required to show More taste a and a liking for show tunes than you have hitherto a Little Liberal humor there by design this joke is not much More exaggerated than some actual arguments raised against Gay mar Ridge Why. Far from being destroyed As predicted the institution if marriage just got some new recruits As for the paranoid idea that All churches will now be required to conduct Gay marriages let me just say the obvious not Likely Hight now. A heterosexual couple can to just arrive at any Church and demand to be wed. Because typically you have to be a member and being a member Means subscribing to the beliefs of that Church that does no to change for Gay Cou pies a right to Gay marriage is about equal treatment at least by any sane reckoning that accounts for the first amendment rights of ministers such fears aside How could any one take exception to the idea As Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in the majority opinion that the a Constitution promises Liberty to All within its reach a Liberty that includes certain specific rights that allow persons. To define and express their identity a How could anyone object to the notion that a the right to personal Choice regarding marriage is inherent in the concept of individual autonomy Quot or deny the reality that same sex couples were being discriminated against in multiple ways Well. Some could object if they were the Republican candidates for president Ever eager to show How out of step they Are with the american people they could object if they were the justices in the minority who see the Constitution Only As a rigid tin whistle playing 18th Century tunes and not a concertina that can expand to accommodate anthems of Justice reflective of the times thus expanding Liberty itself but surely Ordinary conservatives Are not bound to assume the Grumpy old Man Persona of Justice Antonin Scalia whose dissent amounted to a judicial Missy fit surely they do not have to be As clueless As Justice Clarence Thomas who did t think Gays were being harmed and who suggested they want to marry for the entitle merits yes. What s love got to do with it chief Justice John Roberts set a better example he wrote a dissent that went out of the Way not to begrudge supporters of Gay marriage their Celebration he did not believe the decision was in Accord with the Constitution but he recognized that the petitioners for Gay marriage made Quot Strong arguments rooted in social policy and considerations of fairness Quot yes. They did a and that is Why it will All work out of course it is True that the founding fathers would be astounded but then they would be astounded that a Black Man is president and that wives Are no longer regarded As chattel times have changed and America has accommodated that change in a just and fair w a befitting a nation conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that All men Are created equal what a glorious fourth Rey Henry to a Pittsburgh Post Gai Etie columnist readers May email him at a Henry Post Gazette com distributed by Tribune Content Agency ii blues info flails Sale graph new editor spurt i ,11lur Randy Mooney publisher Andy Patton Brian Woodson Samantha Perry editor senior editor Bill Archer As let managing editor Charles Ovsen Gin ill it be Glim to i of Gaud measure pressed Down and shaken together and run Mug m or. Hall men give into your Bosun for with the same measure that you mete with it shall be measured to you again Luke 6 38 a Jav Barbaraus legacy Public service should carry on on the evening of june 28, the Region lost a Foremost journalist who covered West Virginia a news and advocated for the abused when Barbara Hawkins retired state reporter for the Bluefield daily Telegraph passed away at the Bowers hospice House in Beckley after a Battle with cancer during her Long career with the doily Telegraph Barbara covered the West Virginia legislature and became Well known among the Many lawmakers in Charleston. Besides reporting the news Barbara worked hard for the Public Good site was instrumental in establishing the Mercer county 911 system and she founded Pam s place a battered women a shelter in Princeton she also established the Pam Hawkins foundation a scholarship organization created in Honor of her eldest daughter. Who died in 198f> As a victim of Domestic violence. Barbara took the tragedy in her Lite and reached out to others in need changing Many lives for the better Barbara earned numerous awards recognizing her service to others in 2001, she was presented the social Justice and human dignity award from the West Virginia human hights commission she was presented the West Virginia Community service award in 2004 by the West Virginia women a commission that same year she received the Bluefield state College Community service award for saving that institutions federally accredited two year programs. J i j when it came to Sering the people of Southern West Virginia Barbara s Energy and her love knew no limits. All the a cards she earned commemorate Only part of what she did for the Public. Barbara also received Many journalism awards from the West Virginia press association and the West Virginia press women a association when she was editorial director for the Princeton times that newspaper won the we pay Stop award for editorial excellence. When it came to serving the people of Southern West Virginia Barbara s Energy and her love knew no limits. All the awards she earned commemorate Only part of what she did for the Public when she Wasny to serving the people she was a Friend and Mentor for Many local journalists. She even found time to help Ani Mala As a Long time animal Lover Barbara wrote about the lives of her dogs Pepper and Schaffer and she also found time to adopt abandoned cats that showed up at her Home. She made a big difference in Many lives. Barbaraus passing leaves a void that will be difficult to fill working to improve the Quality of life for everyone would be one Way to Honor her memory and continue her legacy of Public service her life was Well lived and an inspiration to All who remember her and loved her. Letters. Thanks for making tour a Success with thank and appreciation to the Fol lowing the 32nd annual Spring tour of Homes in historic Bramwell was a huge Success to Harold and Rhonda Brown Michael and Jackie Shaitan John and Sharon Houston and Curtis Bishop for opening their Lovely Homes to the officers and Congiv ution of the Bramwell presbyterian Church the officers and members of the Bramwell masonic Lodge and to Barbara Richard and Annette petrels for the Bank of Bramwell to the musicians who performed music throughout the town Ken Kirby Barry Bow Man Tim mainline and Maggie Jusiel. Jeffrey Brannon. Harold Brown and Michael Shahan to the Many fusion interpreters and Assis Tauts Sandy Flanagan Luis Sexton Jim and Joyce Bishop Linda Comer Nancy Bogle Clarence Mitchem. Roger Miller mane Blackw Ell Sarah coins Susie Shrader. Adam Lowe Jaquetta Whitfield Andrew and Amanda Lawrence Rick and Jane Dawson Donnie Roberts to the workers is to assisted in any Way Joe Vic Guerra Lacker Workman Riley Harvey Shirley Gay Betty Kirby Rara Murphy Sharon Workman and Donnie Goins to the Bramwell fire department and police department who assisted in parking and traffic control we certainly appreciated their efforts to keep things moving safely the staff of the Coal heritage Highway authority Bramwell depot for providing an enjoyable place for the hospitality room to the members of the country Craft Guild w to displayed their handmade items in the Bank of Bramwell la the Comer shop diner and the main Street Cater who kept their shops open until the last person had been served to the Bluefield daily Telegraph for their coverage of the event and to skip Crane for getting the word out to the local and area Media a special thank you to All of those people who spent their saturday afternoon visiting our lit tie town the tour of Homes could not have happened without the services of those listed above and we Are most grateful and appreciative for their dedication to our project Batty Goins tour director the Bramwell theatre corporation Bramwell forgiveness instead of judgment judgment is a powerful seat to put yourself in. You re not Only saying you re better than someone else but that their sin is worse than your sin i can to lie. Sometimes i judge usually after the fart i realize it and try to forgive that person for w hat they ave done personally. I believe the Root of judgment can Stem from bitterness that concept can consume you and take Over your entire perception i believe the Best Bible verse for that is hebrews 12 15 which reads a looking diligently lest any Man fail of the Grace of god lest any Root of bitterness Spang up to trouble you. And thereby Many be defiled a a bitterness is a powerful source the Bible is very accurate in calling it a Root because it can grow and grow until it s what you stand on perhaps you be known someone who was bitter on the inside perhaps this person controlled everything in your environment with their seemingly uncontrollable superpower of snide comments and Quot heavy i wish i had better advice but sometimes you just have to Quot Bear your Cross daily the Good news is you Are not alone and Many times just knowing that other people struggle with other people can help relieve the pain the real struggle comes Down to Loving them and not striking Back when bit ten by the bitter Bug. This is often the hardest part about Loving people who strike you turning the other Check is often a very difficult thing to do. How do you love when someone it constantly causing you problems a the answer is simple a lot of silence and a Strong men Blake Stowers j j j personally i believe the Root of judgment can Stem from bitterness. That concept can consume you and take Over your entire perception. Tai determination to put them before yourself i once worked with an individual who was very difficult to Deal with As a Boss he constantly put people Down and complained one time i was working on a project and the Boss knew that i would be unable to finish the task at hand because of the equipment in fact the Boss personally worked on the equipment and knew without a doubt that it was faulty this however did not Stop him from letting in on me and asking me Why the task was not Complete he was just looking for a fight and i kindly did not partake the other Day i was thinking about How i would have liked to have Given him a piece of my mind. Maybe you be been in the same situation and have really wanted to blow your top at a employer or employee Pray for those that persecute you moreover sometimes you just have to step up and be the Meek person god s called you to be. Some people just prefer to not mind their manners they know the sense of fear that they can put in people and they thrive on it sure fear is a Good motivator but deep Down Over time you re going to amass a great Deal of guilt for treating people that Way. Silence is often the hard est part of the Battle because you often can t relay information cordially in a situation that s awk Ward silence la often difficult because by nature humans dislike it it May be a lonely Battle it May not be easy you May want to Lay it All on the line and give them a piece of your rooting tooting attitude you have buried Down deep in there but you d probably better not. The Bible says not to let the Quot Sun go Down on your anger however if your anger is in judgment then you re in the wrong anger and judgment often go hand and hand oftentimes when you Are upset with someone on the inside the anger can Stem from that situation and then the judgment kicks in if judgment is something you struggle with i suggest looking at your anger train and see which direct Hon its headed in. Finding out what makes you angry can also Lead to what makes you judge someone i suggest that you Check yourself before you wreck yourself you Don t want to get to the judgment and god ask you a Why did you consume yourself with judgment on Earth when i forgave you of your sins a often forgiveness is required As a substitute for Judy pent. This allows you to separate yourself from the situation and it provides you with Freedom from the situation. Forgiveness in be heard it said is often More for the forgive than the forgive Bisk Stowe Ltd a report tor Rny duty tfx mph Contact him bstow�rsotx5toniin� com

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