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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Bluefield, West Virginia Thayer pc tells area Community leaders of objectives Plant formulated for All out Thayer drive. See Tare 2, x la Effelb a i v 10l Titiro in in a us of Nettir neti Butr 15, us. Ai Post v of. La Ilo Ion a file bldg ii of. Va., under Nel a March a 171. Marland appoints l ouse passes a i a rur in j Ike military aide As Sec head Reserve bin eing mph a partly Cloudy quite warm and humid today and tomorrow with scattered afternoon and evening thundershowers Likely. High today 88-92 except 82-88 in mountains. Bluefield a va., saturday morning july 2, 1955 judge escapes bullets a cents i r cents a d Ulm 1 a a daily Sundst replaces Burdett Burl Sawyers executive assistant to him to head roads Donohoe Board of control several from area named to state boards Powell amendment on no segregation again voted Down Washington. July 1 pm the House gave president Eisenhower a dramatic new Victory today by breaking an anti segregation impasse and Charleston july 1 a a gov. Marland today appoint then passing his Bill to build de his executive assistant Burl a. Sawyers of Charleston As up a trained military Reserve state Road commissioner and named James m. Donohoe of of nearly three million men. Huntington As president of the Board of control. First the chamber voted the governor appointed Joseph Thomas Charleston Down 156-105, a new attempt Republican and former municipal judge As minority Mem by rep. Powell any to ber of the Board of probation and parole. Thomas succeeds tack on an amendment James p. Easley of Charleston a against whose term expired yesterday. A Long list of appointments handed out by the governors of fice late this afternoon also included re appointment of Joseph p. Condry of Clarksburg to a four year term As motor vehicles commissioner. Sex sheriff named Clyde w. Rinehart of Fayetteville. A former Fayette county sheriff was appointed a member of the conservation commission to fill the vacancy created by the recent resignation of r. H. Miller or. Of Gauley Bridge. Sawyers succeeds h. Keith grif segregation in the National guard. Then it Defeated 161-52 a motion by rep. Nelson a Maine to Send the Bill Back to committee. Finally it passed the Bill and sent it to the Senate. No vote record the votes on the Powell amendment and Nelson move were stand Jing ones and the final decision Chicago july 1 Fly the a was toy voice vote because there tonal safety Council has predicted w3s insufficient demand for a Roll that heavy Independence Day Cau. Thus there was no record of weekend traffic which got under individual members voted Way to Fehl will take at least 330, rep tera not death toll May hit 380 july 4 prayer care cited As key to safety new York state supreme court Justice Hamilton Ward of Buffalo examines a Bullet Hole in a Side window or his automobile. The judge escaped injury when unknown assailants fired four shots at him As he drove along a Highway near Buffalo. The judge told newsmen that the shooting might have stemmed from jail sentences he has Given juvenile delinquents recently. A wire photo coalition group in Senate denies Dixon Yates fund if Memphis builds Plant Marland made Sawyers appoint the Council suggested prayer As ment for a term which win expire Means of holding Down Trabuc Washington july 1 a a the Dixon Yates private Power Fenter Nelwinn of the a i earnestly ask every Motorist a More Othis legislation incl project a storm Center Issue Between president Eisenhower and Public mass crash of jets kills eight pilots Squadron on Way to Portugal air show in thick fog Lisbon Portugal july 1 put a eight portuguese fighter Pilot Rode to death in formation in american built Thun de jets today. They crashed in a thick fog in Mountain country a one four plane flight above the other while on the Way from Ota air base to an air Force steel strike ends As workers Given 15-cent pay boost big six of Industry follow . Steel s offer to end shortest strike in history Price boosts expected to follow in Wake Pittsburgh july 1 pm the shortest steel strike in history ended today when Pace setting a Steel corp. Agreed to increase wages of its hourly workers slightly More than 15 cents an hour. Within a few hours after the big firm signed with the show at Coimbra an ancient i Cio United steel workers All other Basic producers making University Center 110 Miles i up the Industry so big six came to terms. However most Al virtually with in the $9,000-a-year Road com lives. Isirov Kcf missioners Post. The resignation during the 73-hour period Fromi of Griffith which had been com 6 of clock tonight to Midnight Mon ainu in Mon statehouse knowledge for Day. Council engineers estimated u a unsorted by num weeks was announced last week. Some 40 million automobiles will b of no Herr Eio crat Aid his term actually had two More take to the roads. I a handful of Rodebu years to run. Ned h. Dearborn president of 1 Zamirul a republicans. 1 a a passage came two Days after Northeast of Lisbon the blast and flames of the crashes carried aloft to four fellow pilots flying top cover for j the 12-plane Squadron. All these emerged unscathed. One was capt. Rangel do Lima the Squadron commander known As a Lucky Lima for his narrow escapes in foe past. Lurl into Mountain the commander said the eight jets apparently hurtled into the 1,500-foot Sierra Dos Carvalhosa blanketed and invisible in the fog. Debris of the planes were scattered Over a Square mile of the Mountainside just outside Coimbra. Timber and Brush were charred. Rescue workers moved the pilots bodies to a Chapel in the nearby Hamlet of Oara Linhos. Three parachutes were found intact one of them wide open some capital snarled in traffic Lam lawmakers seek transit franchise subject to begin h is h of Ida a a trip with a the reserves Bill he has called a a a advocates for More than a year was wobbling on its last legs Sut. S a Power �.1 h. May not vital to it by Natira s a county. A fouled Jub Tont in. Pm pro a t5n of fico major appointments a to confirmation by the ate next year. Vvhs Setfa dear Bosi to increase no e to withhold funds for a Power. Replaces Burdett Saij in a statement 4 designed to increase the line to link the private project with Donohoe. Who is president of the the prediction of 380 traffici55� Menton i ant St Sim Tennessee Vauney Cabell county court replaces Joe deaths for the three Day Holiday tue hrs i a n i11inn. A c f. Burdett of Point pleasant in compares with a toll of 342 recorded f Sik 5 i Molion , the $7,&00-a-year Post As president by the associated press during a Earv Reserve duty i f Ute ?i0 of the Beard of control. Burdett non Holiday weekend of similar l even if the Dixon Yates announced his resignation earlier length during the weekend of june. Ibe Neasure Nad been blocked Plant is completed its Power would this week after six years in the 17-20. J temporarily m the House May 18, be left stranded in the Middle of position. In tune with the compelling urge when Powell got in an amendment the Burdett said Marland gave him to go places travel agencies and a Leral assignment of a Choice of resigning from the transportation firms reported a i5ts Board or eliminating himself in heavy movement by train plane tirely As a possible candidate for and bus fonday extra amendment actually were opposing rented by president Eisenhower Day for causing one of a of transportation to handle the the Reserve program itself. Himself to decide whether to scrap tars biggest traffic mashup governor next year. Burdett said that while not definitely a candidate he chose to resign rather than commit himself not to ener the race. In appointing Donohoe. Marland chose a Man who already has been rejected by the Senate once for Ano Tihe Post in the present administration. Last March the Senate refused to confirm Dono hoes appointment to a vacancy in the Turnpike commission. Mississippi River. Begins study woman Driver says cabbie to blame in 9-vehicle crack up new York. July 1 up a a visit of the disaster. Ool. Ponte Rodrigues commander of he Ota base said the crash was the worst in Portugal air Force history. A parallel Case in Sweden killed four swedish Jet pilots May 2. Caught in a fog. The swedes plunged together through the ice of Lake Glotter. Show called off the air Force show intended to transportation Holiday business. Beckley Man free in murder count to segregated guard. The vote then was and within the administration in woman Driver get a $15 Fine commemorate the third Annivera Many supporters of the officials began a new study i and a lecture from the judge to Ary of the portuguese air Force manhat As an Independent Branch of the _ _ armed forces was called off. More under constant prodding by the h a contract so stoutly defended by miss Mary Carolyn Mcauley 24, than 100 military aircraft were to president the House armed serv a Isenho for Many months. Ai0 was sentenced to 15 Days in have taken part. Ices committee rewrote the Meas democratic leaders in congress1 Jan but was suspended. The Thunder jets built by re ure eliminating All reference to to miss Mcauley of Laramie. Wyo., Public were Given to Portugal by Tae guard and sent it Back to the. Predicted the admin it ration would now a Home economics United Spates under the Ameri House. Pfoser major provisions Hancin but even f the admin Al the University of Illinois a can policy of help Ira Mem Beckley july 1 fat Joe. Woicehovich 32-year-old Beckley he was named today for a term Coal Miner was acquitted of a were left unchanged. Benson Burma is ration persists they said. Con rave it i june 22 on Gre amps will see to it now that the project is killed. As Board president which will end murder charge today in Connec-1 m Atli Del a flair june 30 1961 subject of course ton with the fatal shooting of his flt 11 1 item Lillis brother in Law last oct. 5. Imv8iu a Raleigh county criminal court tip Senate confirmation. Several from area governors office put out in til6 f0&Quot Secretary of agriculture Benson Light of this decision the Dixon y a Ftp 1 said it governors one put Cut at fil0 do 1lmt 5ft a it Yates Plant is no longer needed. Vacation. Ber-3 of the North Atlantic treaty a a a or the next morning As she drove organization. The to. S. Air Force sete us a a in other develop a a a ments stemmed from an announce f e Fth. D tic a could a with ment by the City of Memphis her car and caused a Dillun of to in. That it will build its own Sfa be is Erl Power Plant lather than accept injured none seriously. Dixon Yates Power. Foes of the. Project joined by some former a i a i a nne a ,. A r�15 sur porters. Concluded that in the ry2tper Washington. July 1 if a a group of senators acted today to take away the franchise of the capital transit co. In the Wake of a strike which has knocked out the City a main transportation system and created a King sized traffic Jam. Traffic director George c. Ken Eipp reported the volume of automobile traffic was 25 to 40 per cent higher than Normal and a the worst in be eve seen sen. Morse Dore and others introduced a Resolution in the Senate to take up the company a franchise As soon As possible and give it to another private firm. Financial abuses Morse asserted Congress can no longer tolerate capital transits a financial abuses and a exceedingly bad service. Quot other members of Congress were for seizing the transportation system and operating it As an of the government. The metropolitan police department cancelled All Holiday leaves and stationed policemen at almost every intersection downtown to Cope with the deluge of motor cars from outlying areas. Many cars were packed with passengers Riding in prearranged pools or picked up at random on the Way to work. The government urged Federal workers to take some of their annual leave at this time and stay Home if possible parking problem Congress works on us spending u. S. Steel quickly announced that r is boosting prices about 5.8 per cent amounting to slightly Lew than 17.50 a ton. Basic Carbon Teel now sell for about $125 a ton. Similar Price boosts Are expected throughout the Industry. Within a Short time Consumers Are expected to begin paying More for the thousands of products made from steel. Lasted 12 hours u. S. Steel which has about 150,009 us employees broke the Back of the strike by agreeing to the new contract a Little less than 12 hour after the walkout started. By 8 30 . The five other top producers employing us members had signed. They were led by Bethlehem steel corp. The no. 2 company. Then came in order of their production capacity Republic steel co. Jones amp Laughlin. Youngstown Sheet amp tube co., and Inland steel co. Pittsburgh steel also signed. Union officials said All of the 98 Basic steel producers with which it holds contracts were expected to agree to the contract quickly giving the pay hike to a total of 600.000 us members. The new contract is a Compromise. Union president David j. Mcdonald never said just exactly what he wanted but last week he emphatically rejected an offer to boost wages slightly More than 10 cents an hour. Contracts similar As late As last night Mcdonald was reported to Jave submitted a package proposal amounting to 3l cents an hour which included a 16-cent an hour wage boost. The u. S. Steel contract provides a Flat Levi cent an cur hike. The contracts with other companies Are similar. There is a half cent an hour spread Between 32 Job classifications. Average hourly earnings go from $2.33 to s2.44v2 an hour. A. Nit min a the jury had begun deliberations w 8 c6s of 8/ v 3.t 6ty of i Linot d031 cd Quot 4 10 n i e3st and commissions where terms of a -�l0� Cia a incumbent a had run out yesterday or today. They included defense witnesses today included Woicehovich himself who testified that his father did not like the caption and appointed an official to take charge of politeness reps in the future. States private _ the hotly disputed contract Calls to for private utilities headed by eds Gar h. Dixon and Eugene a. Yates he even gave u no a tie clasp build the io7-Milhon-Dollar Plant which the Premier from the Road 0 West Mem Phis ark., across the it 1 Hulett c. Smith of Beckley re victim. He said he figured there ice ted a it in mph to the a a a a a a a a a a a a a a. Miff of. How a a re my frntikl�11 mile Naitil Olioli Rie appointed to the aeronautics com might be a Samp trouble but was Mission for a term ending june 30, not aware his father had a pistol 1959. Or. Clarence Cottrell of Glen regers Wyoming county Board of dental examiners for term ending june 30, 1950. George Richardson or. Of Bluefield. Re appointed to the commission on uniform state Laws for term ending june 30, 1959 hidden under his sweater. International incident Woicehovich has been Ned twice a this stemmed from an inter previously in february and a amp Tio Oal incident yesterday when april a. Each time the jury failed no walked out on Benson be to return a verdict and was Dis Cau so be was kept Cooling his heels missed for Fivie minutes in an intercom. Father dead the walkout sent agitated quivers i pms area the original indictment thr0.ugh state apartment protocol a charged Woicehovich and his Circle a Mississippi River from Memphis never wears a the contract with the atomic i engery commission would funnel this Dixon Yates Power into the a taxi Driver we aved her on. One lost airman discovered dead Tokyo saturday july 2 of Washington july 1 tiv Bills Assn. Of Street electric railway involving several billion in1 and motor coach employees of government were acted Tlle 2 400 upon in Congress today. The Senate appropriations committee approved a $1,377,000,000 program for Public works in the year beginning today. The Senate gave overwhelming More Money until it be approval on a voice vote to a increase and some tax Rel f. Oper a we Vul. To lowest paid worker in the next to weaving their Way Toi hour Nwe Wasni nil Tith work commuters found that Park from n Riwu my was their biggest problem p g from 3 27 to % the Quick ending of the strike 1227 Oiw then tii some Canp up Ket lines circled steel 021 plants throughout the country. 1 normally restricted parking areas. Was fl0 a Orr or and thera meanwhile Federal mediators my met with company representatives 1 of the agree and scheduled a later session with ment was shed. Officers it the Al amalgamated tva system to replace tva Power one of four mis Jing Marine air 2rcb a military a a no auction no actors now make $1.90 an hour. Consumed by atomic plants else men found dead yesterday in a am of a it 3v7 317 where. But the key Point 13 that tie wreckage of his Jet plane on a. ,. A a ukr Rio of a a Dixon Yates Power destined to Little volcanic Pacific Island nor the House whipped through and War Itier i Vail poll i i i0s relieve a shortage within the Mem Mally skirted by fliers because of Send 0 the sen be a Compromise Alex b Manoh fat heti Charles. But before he but the prime minister accepted to pointed to to Isas ii jul could be ought to trial the Elan invitation to return at 8 45 . Appointed to the Board of arch1 Der woich0vich died. Today and this time Benson in according to testimony the in re it used the red carpet. He and u no eident took place the Day after were for Balf an hour l. A. Richardson of Neslers the victim. Andrew Garcia Mi-1 talking about crops and other Cross lanes. Nicholas county re Ramonte married the defen-1 things. A Gas ? a a a �5 a tanks a a a sir tests for a term ending june 30. 1950. Duke Grad student Cousin lost in Cave found by searchers Newport �?a Duke uni a while in the service. A a three of top Copper producers in nation shut Down by strike Hail agreement both Mcdonald and Clifford of Hood president of u. S. 3teel, to i. ,. Hailed the settlement As the basis striking bus and Street car Drivers. Jor a greater respect Jed under the Union wants arbitration of standing of each its demands for a 25-Cem-an-ho.ur Hood said we Ork in tile Corpora wage increase and Osiier contract to no steel producing plants a will improvements. The company re be resumed quickly As possible fuses to consider arbitration. Con minimize the loss of shipments tending it cannot give the workers steel mar in nov until it a fare it was expected production would be Normal again tuesday follow ing mondays july 4 Holiday. Steelworkers greeted the settlement with Happy shouts As Mcdonald read off the terms to the unions 170-member wage policy committee. The pact was unanimously approved by the unions policy.,makers. Members boosted Modon. Ashing ton. July 1jm the. God Feir a boulders camera weather Bureau said today the nit entered the meeting rcom. Western United states May expect Union members following a cooler than usual weather in july tradition of a no contract no work a with More rainfall than Normal a walked off the Job last the Bast can expect tempera even Mcdonald and John a Tures higher a ban usual with com Stephens vice president and head Parat ively dry weather in a Broad ne80tiator for v s steel we a i Ner no Southwest Ivard from putting finishing touches on die states into part been in a Maia Hon Aja Ama and Mississippi. Maa to Man All night bargaining the Bureau in its 30 Day Outlook sessi0n said it expects a temperatures to 4-- average above seasonal normals Over the Eastern half of the nation Ciri Lii Juirl in i latin except for near to below Normal Al dlr a Illel Juull Iii Llull in the Southeast and along the Are anticipated Over the North for us flood control 5� Evv la ten re a a a Eastern Quarter of the country. Be i for a some acceptable basis be s Sims of reach was Funston july f. An Stassen leaves foreign Aid Post a i Static Ned nearby at Prince later that asst. Secretary it tort that America concentrate most of mainly is a wins ��1 forecast for East us the unflagging Hunt for the three Justice for july West cooler f1�t.frioredi0 2 Slot in a Chine a8nencies for the next year. The at lea.,t 1 planes and 13 so a p Senate promptly approved the Fol Sakss j 18<5�bfpk>mise, sending the Bill to tcl21 8 jr11ig a u\x7hitn area South of Here weather it see. Ojea president Eisenhower signed a a. Bill appropriating $1.245,360,000 to a of. I feb ache the Commerce department ,1 and related agencies. This too is 1 mainly is a for the fiscal Yea starting today d. Mcmullen has got a new title its Aid funds unfree ask a a for a to Quot. A As 21 millions less protocol officer. He will handle All Long time to i lost during search than the president requested future dealings with prominent a few minutes after he submitted the body found was listed ten the Public works Bill approved foreign visitors. His final report to president Eisen Tat ively by the Marine corps As by the Senate appropriations com Hower former Republican con that of it. Alan m. Mceneay. Mittee contains funds for the 1 to a Gressman John b. Holister took Yonkers. . He became lost in atomic Energy commission ten smiling Lunguy. U no Leit Tine Over As his successor. Haze tuesday while Hunking for Nesses Valley authority several a e with Eisenhower and most of his capt. H. P. Montague of Jackson department of Interior agencies he annoy Nils that abet looking on Hollister 64, mis s., and it. David Winton Bell including reclamation and the sri a an Ninati lawyer Friend of the of Minneapolis whose disappear huge a my engineers civil works 5. Late s00 tax to became head cd the Ance sunday in smiles faintly varsity graduate student and his Denver july 1 Jpn three of a hich Ibe Are of the world can meter National cooperation admin2 search. 16-Veai-old Cousin were the a Nair Rte the la Ranach secured. If con Mun Isu China one c 16-year-old Cousin w Ere the objects the nations largest Copper proof an Roll night search through caves Duckers were shut Down by a strike in thi3 area before the two were today but a Union spokesman said found about 6 . Yesterday. I that there Are a some real pros Fourd weary and cold but other Pecus settlement during the Wise in Good condition were Victor h. Hutchison about 28. Of Columbus. Ga., and John Phillips of Atlanta. Hutchison who is working on his masters degree at Duke is spending the summer at the Mountain Lake biological Experiment station doing research work on the Cave Salamander. His Cousin is helping him with the work. Or. Eruce d. Reynolds professor of biology at the University of Virginia and director of the Experiment station operated by the University said the two left about 2 30 . Thursday to explore some caves. Course of the Day. And the United states both wish with the Start today of a Burma to a do something in the year the 0,d k0ljen one i prepared to do so he said. Stassen went out of existence. Most he also told the journalists his of its functions were transferred to the strike was called after mid country is determined to preserve the new Agency under Hollister in night when the companies had re tt5 neutrality and will not give up the state department fused to meet the demands of the is Way of life for some other. Stassen is serving now As Eisen International Union of mine Mill r the communist Way the Howerts special assistant for world and smelter workers ind for a West european Wray the american disarmament problems. 20-cent-an-hour wage Liike plus Way or any other As the shift took place Eisen fridge benefits which include what the 43-year-old asian Leader has Hower sent to Congress a request the Union called a modified version frequently spoken for a bloc of for $3.266,641,750 in appropriations of the guaranteed annual wage Neutral nations in Southeast Asia for foreign Aid this year. The i House and Senate already have voted separate authorization Bills which set a general ceiling to be Lou owed by specific appropriations later. One other Marine airman lost on wednesday when a helicopter a a. Dieted in the Northern Plains and appropriation of 5654 million Dol the Senate made Between 30 and West of the Continental Divide t it plan Ald Budd i cod control 40 changes in the hundreds of with greatest departures in the ditched Quot in the search was Den projects Many of them military inter Mountain area. In unspecified tidied yesterday by the defense secreto. Previously approved by i areas near Normal temperatures department in Washington As it. The House in the global military Are expected. James r. Day. 24. Son of or. And construction program. I a precipitation is predicted to sex mrs. Rollin f. Day Minneapolis. The wreckage of Moa Neay a fury Jet was found by islanders 400 feet below the 2,470-foot Summit of it. Mihara on o Shima 65 Miles South of Tokyo. The Swift fighter plane Marine version of the Sabre Jet had ripped out a a conference committee is exceed Normal Over most of the petted to adjust differences be fog dl1v. Congress acts on a separate Money Bill providing actual fund. Also in the upper Mississippi Valley and in the extreme Southeast. And navigation projects was recommended today by the Senate appropriations committee. The Money would be for work in the fiscal year which began today. The total okayed by the committee is about 45 million or 9 per cent Over the 520 million voted by the House. Its about the. I win subnormal amounts Are indicated 10 per cent above the amount pres the big a Konsti action Bill author m a Broad zone extending from ident Eisenhower budgeted Les $1,205,170,000 for the air the Middle Atlantic states South a chairman Ellender a la of the Force $571,620,300 for the Navy Westward to Northern Alabama subcommittee handling the army Beauty passes last Chance t to Appeal in death penalty t eighth air Force gets wide pit on the East Kloof of the marines $527,027.000 for the and Mississippi. Elsewhere near volcanic Cone. A helicopter re army and $53,500,000 for the Normal amounts Are moved the body. Island claims Many i the spot was less than 14 Miles from the scene of a Japan Airi lines transport crash in 1953 that killed Ali Voyard inc uding the i american Crew. The Island has claimed a Long list cd japanese health officials wait see on new polio vaccine idea Hutchisonn wife became alarm London july 1 a via Blakely 25, a racing Motorist out 1 a a a a a a a a a a and Amer can pilots c 1 Bondon a Quot a a a a a a aug. A a of mrs 6 of clock thursday night and Noti a non crts Hins sunday. She had fired four bul Washington. July l m a a Leonard g. Mcaneny of Glenwood died officials at the station. love be lets into body. Air Force said today that maj. Gardens Yonkers. And the son in a Java. A search began by More than 50 cause he jilted her. Joher Only defense was that she Gen waiter c. Sweet key jr., com be it of the Rome by sent sip 100 ear1 to say whether a Sug persons including those from the the deadline expired at 3 30 a was provoked by jealousy. Mrs. I Zander at the 15th air Force has a a a a a tested new method for Large scale Experiment station and residents of . A no further statement will testified she met Blakely. Been named the new commander. A a a a production of Folio vaccine virus this Giles county area who Are a be made a said one of the sex son of a Sheffield doctor and a of the eighth air Force. Inti Meao Olis the parents Inhta employing a part of the a after by Frank Carey a. P. Science reporter Washington. July 1 6p health officials said today its still familiar with the caves. The group searched some 19 caves during the night. It was not until about 5 . Yesterday that an unidentified person models attorneys who announced former officer in a Highland regi 10 Days ago she would not ask for a new trial. It appeared she had Little will to live. Mrs. Ellis 38, a Divorcee with him Money and clothes but he called the station and reported that children could yet escape the still went out with other women a car bad been parked near the in Elizabeth q May she said. Ment two years ago in a club where she was a hostess. She paid the rent on their apartment gave Sweeney i scheduled to take Over his new command on aug. 8. The 8th has been biased at Carswell air Force base. Texas but is being moved to Limestone fab Maine. Sweeney succeeds maj Gen. Of be a or. And mrs. John r. Birth in human a deliveries Kimberly booked air plane Paa a Sage to Tokyo to join their Daugin ter mrs. Josephine Kimberly Bell. Em�4 Wing Monkey kidney cells. Mrs. Bell expecting a baby in a spokesman for the Public september arrived Here tuesday health service said in response unaware then that her husband. To a query that the now method trance to Dowdey Cave near new Igran Clem e n c y upon recon. After her confinement to a car John b. Montgomery who recently was under a Doc reported yesterday by a team of port since the previous night. of the Home Secretary Peter cell in Halloway prisons resigned his commission. Tors care at the Home of Friend California scientists a has been a a porch Nativ i a he Tuhn h a e m vicious of death Row a Public Appeal was Sweeney is a native of Wheeling. A to Avo known for some time to the health ree a Bio Loev instructor a Voll Crimiti the Home Secretary usually launched to save the woman. The w. Where he was born july her father is president of the service which helped support the my Lnger i amp a a re to Verdot been a a a a a i. A of Tho com. No no a. Miff nil re All but the most vicious of death the w. Va., where he was born july _ _ _ t has been 23. 1909. He 1� a graduate of the of Cimberly i Fork Quot corp. Neenah i California research saying that Tion went into the Cave and Quick if i mls a articles in United states military Academy wis. Bell is the son of Charles similar work is being done by la located the Dairs a i it ape and letter 10 the where he was commissioned in h. Bell Minneapolis president of it it the investigators he declared 1/ located the pair. june 31 of killing David editor. 11930. General Mills. Inc. A the work is still in the research civil functions appropriations said the committee had added funds for planning and building numerous Small projects generally costing under 5150,000. The Senate committee added appropriations for 46 new projects and increased House allowances for nine others. Projects added by the committee include West Virginia Hildebrand lock stage and a a great Deal More data must be obtained before its and dam. $1,000,000. Merits can be appraised definitely. Yesterdays report by three University of California virologists announced preliminary results Ltd a virus growing method employing cells from the this is a membrane Sac which enclosed the fluid filled space in which the human embryo floats with the mothers womb prior to birth. This Mem Ane naturally ruptured at birth constitutes part of the afterbirth which is released after the delivery of the baby. Elsa m. Zinger and two col a a leagues said cells from the Amnion temperatures the Bureau said when infected with polio virus in will average two to five Degres test vessels yielded a growth of above the normals of 74 a South virus of the same order of mini Ern West Virginia and 73 in the tude As Monkey kidney cells now North. The Northeast portion a excused in producing virus for petted to be slightly r Cine. I monday and tuesday. State weather Bureau predicts wet Holiday Huntington july 2 the weather bureaus five Day forecast today put a Damper on Holiday weekend picnic plans. A scattered thundershowers Are expected Over the weekend and again toward the Middle of next we k

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