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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1926, Page 1

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - January 17, 1926, Bluefield, West Virginia Weather West Virginia rain and warmth sunday Munday partly Claudy and slightly bolder. Zaito def Laph by Gin new year Ilgin and Taft tilt Ward by Advt to ing to Yaw want Ila Trad. Volume Xxxiv. No. 15. Mine Coal with no fatalities is the Latman Only seven deaths in mines of United states company last year Bluefield. W. Vs., sunday morning. January 17, 1926.�?thirty-two pages safety first banquet was elaborate affair idea a follow a an aftermath of flood Jasron a rib Jab. La a a report rmhf4 today by Presl Dent la. H. Ii. A Imit. A1 thy Heathen Pacific of mailed Railroad front be committee in charge of Relief of recently flood to eke Quot Ute of May Arlt a tile West Coart of Melle. Mate the Loaa of life by hied lift property a Mace in nun and Umoh per Ona Are homeless. Quot malaria and other dlr Eael Are developing Faut. The report a Ald. Quot among the homeless be rut of exposure and Rontal rated water. All the crop Are Medicine i badly needed la Zombai Ute diseases the report a Ald. Cive president Foll authority end suspension War debt agreements with no less than five nations approved by the Hoose on saturday in rapid succession Washington. Jan 16, the War i Britain. Finland. Hungary Mathua j debt a foremen to Aith lie Ghim. To la. Poland and Nicaragua Hare tax Cut Bill to ii Senate tuesday mania i Alvia. Est to Nim and cliche been ratified try con area a bile the a Lovihla. Involving approx mately action by the Boun today bring were a improved today half a Dencen More Loans the by Tbs House in rapid Suer a Aion tap in Thror Congreve atonal journey. J 1 a. My adopting Resolution a to author of the seven other Loene Umrie _ darn Luling Tel Oil cmnai., a arc extance of the term Renti has been granted a to year More Resolution would empower mended by the american debt rom thorium. While France. Gee. Uber Compromise has cleared Way Wahrton. The House disposed of Itta to. And Jugo Slu Avla have a yet to last of the Lett Lemanh negotiated agree anally of their respective during the lung War with Italy settlements the present in a a Tan having been approved yesterday j government bae repudiated an an Khi to the Senate All of the i american loan of $192,000000 and him to seize mines and fix Price Anthracite approximately 250 attended and superintendent of Toole declared every employee present was a picked Man. Chart shows improvement Mina Coal without any fatalities la Tbs slogan # col. William o Toole general manager of the tatted Staten goal and Coke company gave to Hie men the 1% Teeth annual aah qty first banquet held last night in the Cary club House Gary. During 1125 the Cary slogan read Quot Ona million ton to each fatality. The record disclosed last night showing Only seven had perished in the mine of the company during the year while Many million of tons of Coal were a hipped to the world so the slogan a inadequate for the situation. Sixteen years ago the fatted state Coal Ami Coke company had Twenty four killed in the Gary mine so the safety first banquets were inaugurated. The last year found the Gary mines producing More than three times As much Coal is to the year the Campaign started with fatalities falling to within the Mark so the management is now asking for no deaths All col. O Toole la hit Short speech expressed hts pleasure the record established he firmly stated he was proud of every department head and knew their loyalty had made a Success of the Gary mines in safety amt methods and in flannels re a ult. Approximately 250 attended the banquet last night which was held primarily for the head of the departments superintendent mine Bosses and such. In the Gary organization in speaking of the company men present. Col. O Toole declared every Man present was a picked worker picked from physical and mental standpoints and Aho because he was an expert in hts Linn of work. In the audience there were visitors from All pro i aaa Loas in Southern went Virginia and a turn Ber of men who have left the Gary organisation and found Prosperity in of tbsp Channel the Nadaud served waa sumptuous and elaborate in every detail. A. J. Smith manager of the Gary club. Bouse seemed to outdo himself in preparing tasty food. There was everything there from soup to nuts with Turkey in the principal role. A a the banquet Hall was artistically decorated in red and White Streamer and the table bore roses and carnations. Her. I. Ii Hoppe pastor or the methodist Church of Gary made the invocation and the col. O Loola took charge of the affair. H. Randolph was. Prominent attorney of Williamson warn the Headliner of the evening taking for a subject. Quot West Virginia or Mas. Told in glower teems of this wonderful state in which we reeled. Ile told of the under roped natural resources Coal would be nil Nevi j in this state in Iowa a. D. He iou of the great men the stat had produced. He told of the great industries. The importance As a manufacturing Center and then other interesting things about in est Virginia had possibly gone without notice of the average Good cd Olaen. V. O. Haun. Mine inspector of he Lynch. By. Operation and k. V. Albert superintendent of the property made abort speeches the offset of the meeting telling briefly of the work Doue in Section ad<1 something of the condition _ _ col. O Toole a he introduced each h speaker told humorous incidents and presided in his usual excellent manner. W c Trotton chief Engineer of the United state Coal company for the information of those prevail planned the numerous Charta thai adorned the Walls of the banquet the Gary Chart showed the time and Date of accidents and rave led the fact the greatest number of accidents occur about 9 o Clank in the morning. Between 3 and 4 of clock in the afternoon was second. The Lynch Chart showing the same statistic disclosed the fact the Kentucky mine has the Moat of its bad Luck Between 3 Aud i o clock in the afternoon the Chart of Gary no. 9 showed tons of Coal a Titi Wal glueing the Vear with Only one fatality. The Chart of Gary no. A showed 06c.705 tons of Coal was mined without a fatality. Another Chart showed How and where accidents occurred and brought forcibly to those present the majority of the accidents Hap i urn the working face. Due to falling slate premature explosions Aud such causes. Since 1907 was shown the Costian y had increased greatly its production and each year lowered in fatality hat for each ton mined. Gary no. 6 established a world s record during the year was stated. When they went without a fatality Sud mined a Large tonnage. The last Accident took a human life this operation occurred january 24, 1917. Nell Fred is manager of this mine. Gary no. 2 comr next with a fatality on october i 1924, was stated the Gary mines produce three times a much Coal per fatality a any other mine or mines in West Virginia or. R. V. Shanklin chief surgeon of the mines in a report revealed there was very Little sickness in the Camps in the hollow. Ile said Hie Tara to fag two Resolution did not com vote number of representatives endorse proposal to accept invitation to the Geneva conference Washington Jan. 18, a a the House today took up but failed to reach a vote on a Resolution to appropriate to defray expenses of american delegates to a preliminary disarmament conference Genera will be in order again monday. Drafted the request of president Coolidge to permit acceptance of an invitation from the league of nation to attend the conference the Resolution was endorsed by a number of member chairman Porter of the House foreign affair committee and representative Burton. Ohio both endorsed the proposed conference a a step looking to further disarmament of nations Ami in lint with the world peace movement. Luprt4iultiv� Connelly Democrat Texas. Declared the movement for the conference a for the Washington arms conference radiated from the Tomb of Woodrow we non. 1a the a Plait of Wilaon prompts the action to accept this he said a a in death Wilson or winning Over those who opposed Bim in representative Fly a. Republica new York annoy mid he proposed to offer an amendment request lug the president to insist the american delegates introduce a Resolution designed to outlaw a tone waging wars Al aggression. A similar proposal by or. Fish was rejected try the honer committee during consideration of the re out pm. On the ground would be Elf advised to accept the invitation and then attempt to take up a proposal not mentioned in . Determined Triumph Over critics. She says new York. Jeu. Iii to in two unexpected happenings marked Tho departure tonight Quot lot humps of mme. Ganna Walska. Polish opera Singer and wife of Harold f. Mccormick. Mme. Walska la returning determined to Triumph Over the critics who received her last Continental appearance to coldly set wage for employee and compensate owner a Cliritie of National Leiala torn and other Wallington in an Effort to end strike being closely watched by Union Leader for an Early passage of the measure Agre Omenta provide for a funding of the respective obligation Over a laity two be period. Including the italian debt the i fitted beaten will receive approximately 13.000,-000,000 from the All War inane. On the Nineteen War Loans to foreign nations settlements with great Armenia with an allegation of i a a a a a us Zyx ass. A 1 a a final v0te Early next interest in the agreement approved by the House today entered on with accepted by Twenty four. Month almost certain Belgium which was a vote of 314 to Washington. Jan i. Up a after president Coolidge had been attacked and defended today in the Senate for inaction in the Anthracite sue pension a proposal was put Forward would give him full authority to bring about a resumption of mining. was to the form of a joint Resolution by senator Copeland. Democrat new York and would empower the president to seize the mines tax the Price of Anthracite the mines As Wall As wages of employees and compensate the mine owners. the request of the author the measure was teat to the interstate Commerce committee. The running sees Mankind in Field Day Senate Al of his moods for prohibition consideration Likely to be held up for several Day least of the cloture Rule is invoked to permit an Early ballot on world court Cardinal Mercier i Able to leave i bed Hruz be Jaa. I of. Cardinal merrier a Able to leave i lied tor in Hoar Fri afternoon and i general condition a need a satisfactory near ulment re wed to Siren then him. Today he attended a celebrated by i own Nephew Bat a in the tick chamber Lee a the the Prole of Al Doe or the Cardinal yesterday conferred with monsignor be Flea. By hop of Bemar Mer the dilation in District. Re begged the hts Hep to inform the people he a for lading them Dally la i prayer and he a glad to in in of the Progress of the role Eton of Relief find. In the a two Day he has a howl con Iderah a improvement. Price five cantal mine death toll was Nineteen. A recheck shows last body identified of John Zemar reported As survivor explosion affected an area of mile or More tears Ano dries of Jot mingled Washington. Jan i <jt-44enats a a a a my to hit ans and Democrat on the a Hime of Coto in cow inn amazing number of sources claims of improved conditions c i i Bav,n9 chief of state department and other experts spend Day in examining wrecked Workings in Effort to deter mine cause of blast Fairmont w., Jan 18. A Complete and authentic re Moi of human Contact Are opened to the average newspaper reporter under dry Law bring some vigorous replies from wet advocates Washington Jan. La. A the reporters contribution to newspaper idealism and to general human understanding was described by Kent Cooper Aspers manager of the associated create in an address to. _. Night before the american society Are of discussion in to whether the of Bdl tors. Cd do. With la Koi,-1 our a Honl a tit a a Lulai themselves the Public be Given a pirated rather widespread opposition to any such legs Laton before offering the Resolution. Bena tor Copeland sought action on another requesting the president to act to end Thau Penston. But after an hour and a half of debate Wen to the Calendar under the rules the conclusion of what is known la the Senate As the a morning Bour Quot during the debate. Chairman of die. Of the mining com in tee. Die closed his committee has sent to the Commerce department for expert opinion a measure designed to carry out the recommendations of the president s Coal commission by giving the government a greater measure of authority to Deal with a Mer Gene in both the Anthracite and soft Coni industries intimations in the debate of in possible combination Between operators and a lasers to bring about the suspension Drew dental from representatives of the miners her who de clearer picture of the Romance of Kewa gathering in readers can belter understand the ideals the emotions of those who produce newspapers. The code of newspaper ethics drawn up by the society a suggested should he published so frequently and so prominently the Public would come to recognize As the bad of the profession. A the editorial Effort which perceive a Opportunity is founded upon sentiment for an idealism not Only contributes to constructive human relationships but brings financial s Iree Quot said or. Cooper. Quot in fait. The former to responsible for the latter. Quot a sue Portal journal May disavow any idea i Istle aim. Its owner May have no sentiment and. Union Satou Arf any idealism himself he May look upon his property As a machine for producing Money. Much Washington sixth Annever of the eight. Jan. If up the a heir on tax reduction today and ordered by unanimous vote a report of the Bon Revenue Bdl to the Senate with considerable modification the Compromise which involved principally further reduction in the i surtax rate and repeat a or the in a i Hert Tance tax. I of the dead and survivors of the a a some men and Dutro Ytoll i a a. S2l&.s i thursday night showed today them were thirty nine in in the mine instead of forty and Twenty of thens escaped Alite and Nineteen Wem killed the Lime body Lea identified today a of John Zemar she a reported As one Ai others cause varying emotions Farmington Fairmont. W. Yaw Jan. 18. P a. Is. Increased the total. The whims of Fate in saving some to Ra a a i a a i i Rimli Quot Quot prowled by he a hone thu and dentin ins utter in the a Quot a a a a h amendment today Uvea sure for this year from $3jn min inspector Evan Griffith of .,1 a ill a a a a a a i i i Mimms Lur we rear i Ita a a made the of Aslyn for a profit 0 o,16h <00 Tom and cleared wats Jil. Y Auml Herf Cybur. Last night maintained Billon held a in the Senate the was for Early . Of la a hat there were Only Twenty men who opponent of the volstead Art reply Bill by the Senate la std i to Quot a his he no Quot by a chairman moot Saki a would ?.f25nr? j the 1 us fam i.? in 1 the a my a a a Al report the measure to the. .?an.\41 Griffith we in Tbs mine when the cd ared there could be no such con Conception is Apt to sneer senti piracy As was hinted in the i mentalists and idealists but Beth Senate discussion. Incidentally those representative. W. J. James and George w. Lew legislative representatives of the min workers of Anteri a. Said the miners would Welcome an Opportunity to negotiate with government in preference to the operators. While Senate discussion was la Progress four members of the House from new York City joined in a request to chairman Parker of the House interstate Commerce committee. This committee take immediate action on the recommendation of the president in his last annual message h8 be Given Power to Art when an emergency exists in the Anthracite held. Hazelton. Pa., Jan. 18. If a act let the events which featured her a see of "1�?~ �1 denature came after she had Board to Washington in the Effort to departure cams Arter sue Dora fun # a Ujj ankh Racilla or or not owned by him who Dis log vigorously to claim of improved conditions in the country Ainee the dry Law became effective. The debate was opened by he a or Jones. Republican. Washington who defended the enforcement act and was assisted by senator Sheppard. Democrat Tex a dry Leader and Henauer fas. Republican. Ohio senators Edge. Republican. New Jersey Bruce. Democrat. Maryland and Broussard. Democrat. I Oil Ana moved vigorously to the offensive. Sharp exchanges War frequent senator fee said he wanted to Amend the volstead act but Only to make More stringent and amendment to end would be offered in due Tim. Lien senator Sheppard Tami prepared anniversary address quoted judge Elbert la. Gary of the United states steel corporation As saying prohibition was a Good thing. Hen or Bruce inquired of judge Gary did not drink himself adding had been in stated publicly without subsequent denial. Mem tuesday but would hold up its consideration for in couple of Day least of the cloture Rule was coked to permit an Early vote on the world court. Spokesmen of the two parties in the Senate expressed satisfaction survivor a were found and he Toad in of the disaster Toda r in the. 1. K nun hers Ai to h of them Ai Farmington. Edward Dap his two before they came to the surface. A Isona do and John and a son-in-1 declared he took ooh Twenty nun Law Quot Suhey Quot Lenigk. All pm aped Lier and they did not include being in the Jemison no. I mine of John Zemar Home con fuel the time of be explosion try a a of the surface when the Mea with the Compromise and dec i ired a flit a i vote on the Bill try the Senate Early in february waa Almon curtain close margin according to the Story ame up resulted in the belief Given out today. Zemar was among the eur Vonk Edward Capet dose not to into i the re Check today and the Identie the to urn until in. A. To. Some j 0 a Imp a show mat was the a a a flies is ii. S 1. The Quot a re a a a,.t while go yep came out a a Man whose body had not been kudu i be tit neediest a Tine suddenly end 1., w i by dial woo Dis prohibition for other people and avows ideals. I do not know of a drinks liquor himself Quot inquired the committee concluded its consideration of the Bill in a cordial Itrat. J ending its work within two weeks after the Hiwa for to taken the commute established a new record in the consideration of Revenue legislation. Tim following change in the House Bill were voted today further reduction on surtax Raee applying on income Between itch 008 and $100,000 to pee i of the inheritance tax restoration of tile present alcohol 112 y i lev Tea which the House had voted i Ira Quot is judge Gary the Only Man the to Cut in half senator knows who is in favor of agreement on House action for re u Ezek. Just forty minutes before tilled last night. The explosion. Judin a to have of Twenty survivor a Cen Token the Job last week jack0, were in the mine Subie for Mcneil a tilling but failed to do Nineteen hours and the four other Psi a while Quot Whitey a Mph took run another room farther is of night off to attend a basketball mine the latter four War Kame. Which a thong a a to a i a he Man played night Lait was Dot to a Abie. Chief of the West scheduled until the next evening a a Depert Meei of mine with its did Mot know this until us had inspector a and with is reported off duty. He a re a i and Ltd a a ,.v.,1,of Topany spent today examining Thos Rad pm up Aud Tail pm no. X mine Farmington in an Iii Wujs John Home on the Effort to determine the can. Of tha nude igbo train Tou get Quot said explosion which on thursday night i John Zarf uru mrs. Femste or tit la lives of Nineteen Tri Nim. opt Rator amid 1 Niy a in men in or i Ulm Islis in Ruo crat. South sure eyeful journal which has not Hen a or Rica somewhere thwart of tha enter j Carolina. Pit a throbbing idealism which Quot i s oui Al bites doubt anybody May be embodied in the personality i a or\0cteufioas. Y a to favor of Puhl the of the editor or Nuu a ing editor or Bohon except the senators Frau de the steamship Bari. First Aho strike is being closely watched by i mod a of the United mine workers. Suit for brought by Dhini Tryzno comment is forthcoming Uno Frel an c Arlo opera , from on an . Phase of the smut Tenor. A few minute later or Lon cd in a Lek. Harvester manufacturer. ,.rmldpnt John l. I i. Of the who had booked so a with m�jub1u4 Mitt work cry. Who cd a wife and taken his baggage aboard. Birr to ahead h Nee Tang of the suddenly left the ship. Had his a a miners scale committee on Tybura Gage taken off and or Lin i to say Day. Was disinclined today to make Why be had decided not to sail. Any statement on the efforts timing or. Mccormick and his wife had made the National capital in the posed together for photographers interest of a settlement shortly before he left the ship. He a reiteration by the government was with Ber in her stateroom also there will be no interference this when she told reporters she was time in the strike was a disappoint writing a Book would Felt the ment to Many miners and business truth about Ganna then people generally. He was seen leaving the ship appar-1 in connection with the govern Luuy perturbed lie would say1 mentus non interference policy is nothing. Said leaders of the United mine tile suit brought by Onofrei was workers Hare neither asked nor tug for $700 alleged due a salary for aired the president take any step to rehearsing with her a week to come the contending forces. A Romeo and he rain talked 11 a a believed however the miners he cancelled engagements her re my us readily respond to a sum quest to take part in rehearsal in �?oi008 ,r.�� �?op1141 10 Pittsburg and she afterwards re do Uwel Hartke situation fused to him president Lewis will speak in in p7 m walk Escarre tomorrow afternoon and is expected to answer the criticisms have been aimed him. District officers and other leaders Are concentrating energies on _ Relief work. Each Day the Striks is Cadiz Ohio Jan 16. A Mildred prolonged the demands for Ald in Langdon aged twelve of Dennison j crease. Anticipating a Long Cam Ovalo. Was fatally Hurt tonight and pain the work of gathering funds Virginia Wagner aged 9, of Cadiz from sources outside the United mine seriously injured when a sled on workers is being organized. Which they were coasting on a pro a meeting of Miner s represent habited Street was run Down by actives will be held in Philadelphia automobile driven by Howard monday under the guidance of Christy. Sisters of each of the in-1 James Mcandrew. Secretary treas Jared girls on another sled just a user of District no. 9, which plans few feet ahead narrowly escape hot u in Pseu out. The mixers win car. The Langdon Sisters had come appear before labor unions civic to Cadiz to attend a birthday Cele bodies and other organizations in bration by Virginia Wagner. J turn to Page two better still in the entire staff Quot i do not know Why news men Are surcharged with sentiment for their work or Why they put into their work which savors so much of human Appeal. I say i do not know suggest a news men have a moving sentiment i now Texas and Washington Quot senator Bruce replied. Senator Sheppard and Jones both Drew a torture of marked economic Sod social improvement under pro. Bit i on. Hut senator Edge painted but i 4 jai1441 to j a very diff twit on ii dl4r<k reason Why successful the condition in this country a deplorable with even Young i could not answer they come boy and girl carrying flasks and by intentionally or through any a coming intoxicated and Coe studious process of obtaining nor or a should move Apee Dlly to a in do i believe news men Are ablation of the danger the Raven born not made. I distinctly hold a they Are made and they Are not conscious of the processes make them. Quot any number of reasons May throw a youngster Lute journalism but Only one reason can keep him there. If he begins the Point of .,7.7 w. A a in Ltd rom greatest advantage he begins As a4� Eugui reporter. And what a. Amazing onal derail attention today to con number of sources of human con is. Facts Are opened to the reporter. Ile 1. Of Wernent control of must Hare to do with All kinds and a pro classes of iwo ple. He sees Manju. In Yoda a the kind in All lib mood and Nee him ass rom or. Re pub close Range. Ile see him in mis-1 a tj1. 1j1kou. A a a a Job or Fortune and in fort you Bouse by represent he sees tha Hovel gild the Palace and if he has the stuff make lug move and More every Day to relieve Farmer of Price fluctuations Washington. Jan of Civ farm Bee i he Girt us. Quot stenographer la be office of he or the increased reduction Tath. Coil nod Goke of company Coroner Ltd Fitzhugh Baa Airest a Cruz rate would involve an add lain Al pm Lizton Thule Ankud Isle attempt tonal estimated to a of in after Nova and she handed the and a a of the hath of the la be from this to Rae this year senator Drees and Telephone number to but the Date of the Inu i. had him Mzx. Of North Ami Ina. Rank called to Bridgeville pa., near not been eel 8 o clock the ing Danae rat on the committee had Jytta Lairg where John s parents a in following the of Jund Lhnn Turne away he he or nah right heading where the sex a ? calling for additional oiled with tear Plossl in i believed to have Oriel the Niemo Cristia program w High re old. Hut a be Doest la a a la a Jnene a also ailed for repeal of the taxes i ool do a Ftp in or mixtec a the explosion affected an Arn on capital Stock. And in Bis ions and ski Cam Here May to last and her 1 about a mile or More Square duos. Would have incr Waed the total Hubaud started working in the was stopped from going Hack or a reduction to Mai. Mine last Mardi in a Short time. The far reaches of the mine by a tile reduction on aur taxes voted the Telephone communication a wide water hold no la right by the a Musul tee went considerably the so Wuh br1dcttus ill waa prevented from coming outward Pielow the minimum the House a. Y,.map to i bae Alae by the mine had been schedule which sited for a Cut in i of a thoroughly wet Down Back a is these rates on incomes Over $14,000. 0.f1a�r#k4#d a a a a or six right senator King i Democrat. Of Utah. 5 d Najj urk District mine inspector voted Aga list the Tern Otler Nwen-1 a is arte Nikin in a fast automobile. Golf shh. Of Clarksburg explained the Ber of la committee on the pro i Hearse and take the body nature of the explosion Quot in a aaa posed repeal of the inner Tanc tax. Home Way. And dust blast which is what prac this vote also included repeal of a tidily every explosion is after in a he increased inner tune Rte us Rill iwas Laid i to we m a a Quot Quot a a red Burns Uke fun a. A 19s4 Revenue Art and in Ulm to Elhiu us Stead would make the lower rates in the 1921 Revenue Art in Rudy on All inheritances since the j924 rate Ite rant effective and to Euar is almost instantaneous by Pershing Stano f1 Quot cd a a Hrh in a a a a a a or the dust Urnah a and then so Siw Ark. Chi i in. Jan. 16 of .--4ien ignite the a travels throughout the Workings of child fatally Hurt in coasting Accident move to invoke cloture on the world court Issue develops in Senate circles Washington Jan. 16, i a movement. They conclude delaying to invoke cloture on the world court tactics have been resorted to by us Neho a to get out of Tho Way opponents and the Senate speedily to make Way for the tax should act on a matter which a reduction Bill developed late today been pending for nearly three y ars. In Senate circles. �?z8enttt�r to a a. Republican new Tom of the Kukuk the. ,.-1 Quot am the jzt0? ment said the Effort to limit debate ,.1. La a a to one hour for one speaker might be made monday majority would be necessary to make the cloture Rule operative. This subject was discussed today in the finance committee with a number of members favouring such a step under the appropriation some opponent of the court might under league not. Only is a x we intr a creature of the league of nations he mud but the Quot lawyer and apology 1st�?T for the league As Well. Another reservation to the court Resolution a offered by senator Frazier. Republican North Dakota. would propose establishment of an International Quot police Hee Quot and Lent auction of All other armed naval take to delay action on the tax Bill j Gad would aet Forth of a hat should displace the court on american adhesion would be cordite Senate Calendar. Tonal upon the Quot police of the eat some democratic senators also operating to die satisfaction of Tho Are identified with the cloture United states. Good reporters and pleas Don forget this he sees matters of news interest in both place. Quot la ii in u pahs iou in its varying aspect is revealed to him and of he has gotten the reportorial spirit tire Little. Democrat. Kansas. Though dissimilar the measure Hoot Are intended to relieve the Farmer of violent Price fluctuation and to Lasure Sale surplus crops. Senator frasier s Chi would appropriate $200,000,000 to creat a Federal agricultural marketing Board to a a of the proposed Hill into Law to. ,n8 a returning to the the mine in th manner. Dust Burns this retroactive reduction on in a cited state with much Hoje and ignites thu and gag Herlt Atice which was voted by the by acc error major genial Las ignites More dust and 0 on. La hound ways and in. An committee alter due Here in a few Days will his Esse the explosion waa Localised but later rescinded by body am see affair so shape them 1 because of the presence of water he glories in the Opportunity in turn aim a ton. To reveal to other Brough the a Tala proposal printed word what has been i Rem Ivin for a to see and learn veritably a report lnvij&Quot.? Liot a a a by to Torwal experience is a baptism in the a la 1 \ 1 Stream of humanity la anything in i a a Dot i a and reporting la recording the has a red 41 prices Man a Furna a mfg a fair recruiting for Navy a Skuk is ordered resumed stats a a a Naoi. Btu. Which would form a fed Washington Jan. 16. A a the Export Board Aud Levy a Navy department has ordered re a nation tax for disposition of Cru lung r in unwed on an unlimited Kurpius crops they declared the basis Aud to arranging to Call Bock food Upple of the nation was being to Active service 300 re serve to to no a Hac a by agricultural depression serv in recruiting offices during _ Takku. C.l.d.?,r0thiers and nary is a Deva id about is too furnishes to meet men and is to be faced this year with an exceptionally Large number Wheeling. W a Jan is Iff. Of Ella tents in blah Are to exit the ninth annual convention aft he by limitation. While the West Virginia retail Rit Hilera and strength u authorised 66,000 men Khorn Lubers and Mena a Narel for ase Oral months due to shortage clubs of West Virginia will con of fund Bas been below venue Bere in joint Salon for a figure. The annual appropriation two Day meeting to be held the Bill a reported to be House for the Mclure hotel tuesday and wed Floal a would pro Ida tor a mesday of next to a main i f a tug Back to the in i us the 19 men who w Era killed were working in the dry area and were killed by concussion. They would involve a loss of $20,000,tag Fulves a plebiscite can is carried tills year. Out in Tacna and Ark. Ila to the trea Ury had estimated under raid to feel failure can be the Only the present inheritance rate the result unless Here is a decided tax would yield $110,000,000 in 1926.1 change in the conduct of the jul d instantly. The committee refused however chilean residents of this Terr Quot the men who were saved were a prop Hal by the democrats to re a tory to bring about w hich a re working beyond the w Ater in Tbs far Vise the debt funding retirement training influence by Tho repro Rrt Ltd of a mine and Tatasy did no plan whereby the sinking fund Yenta Tives of their government so r in when the sex would be lightly increased but All lunch Nece Saary. Losion took place. They knew payment a from foreign government i president Coolidg denial of place because the min on account of War debt or interest j Chile Appeal leaves the situation i him went out. They were Veteran would tie applied to just a was in month ago when ? knew the signs. Their Only in i 01. Pie a on of tax m u chilean. Before appealing Quot in waa Rwm the Carbon monoxide partisan House Bill the committee frankly sought to end the Plebs 1h�?z a or after Damp we Iii follows a has made the following additional Cathy withdrawing from the Plab 1�?o a a a. Aj11 pc Bange ircle commission. Ruling Laid Karrl things and increase in the Eye Rollon on the Doan by , to no a lligl& flr4t admission tax from fifty to seventy five cents ticket. 1 opt Jon on the part of tha Chil repeal of the House provision terrese natives will stand exempting to karts to Stamen drama Quot ass e Rosy rift list agitation in Rumania Tom Bouse entries and withdrawals i and on steamship passage tickets which there was such a rehear to for recall of Carol restoration of a two per cent tax on automobile tracks. The House was voted to repeal the present three per cent tax on truck. Repeal of the capital Stock tax. I inert Are of the corporation tax of twelve and one half per cent to thirteen per cent on taxes in table Vienna Jan. 16. report have reached Vienna of ten agitation in Rumania for the recall of former Ute a urine Carol Baa led the run a amp amp Cabinet to pre claim martial Law in six districts. Further reports have numerous this year and to thirteen and Oue civil and military agitators ars Tav turn to Page two Orang the imprisonment of Carol Only 82,000. No need red Cross the National directors of the men apparel clubs of the United states one from each stats will meet Here monday and will be addressed by i Aid Farmington Sonneborn. National president of the retail Clouter and furnishes. the convention addresses will Cairns Quot Quot w a ten 18 a i a delivered he a Kali Wollt american red Cross travelling rep kens la of log ill Sci m Recaen Utilea called Here by the sex l a. George la Peka Hana Wright of Huntington. L w Oroen Blatt Chicago and other. Chamorro inaugurated Losion in the no. H mine of the Jamison Coal and oko company Lert Here tonight saying the Jamison company was in a position to is Joe a do a president of Nicaragua american red Rosa would not con tribute fund unless they were asked x,c4r�ska. Jan 18 he. The representatives were p. L. I Millano Chamorro was Ina Hutchins accountant for the Rad guested president of Nicaragua Cross miss Phoebe Gregg in charge this afternoon. He takes the senator Norris charges president used Tariff commission for partisan purposes of casework and Lewis h. Kilpatrick. Field representative All with headquarter in Washington d. C. Place of Carlos Solorzano whose resignation waa submitted to Congress thursday. Washington Jan. 16, a a Preal a senator said the president is Dent Coolidge was charged in the Quested to give Hun a Blanket a a wat.hhiv by he us tor Norris a ,ell4r of resign Adon which the pres a a Quot Rosr ass Aars a two to . Cd. I will Fri a a Ali by mor i Rolt. .1 nations items Dent Coolidge is Harry peaking in behalf lug around to hold Over members of for the investigation of the Tai Iff Jade pendent comma Lions Quot he con i commission. Senator Norris stated la Nuj. Nil in a Aby Force us the president belonged to the get mtg me Hod of a believed the Comini a Ion should a Ritter from in Siam s. Of Lbw be used for partisan i Tarbuk Quot a a cd son former member of the Tariff he Btu used his High of re to Ltd Annii Iiona and now minister to misconstrue the Kiter and spirit or Turnr Ninci written september 8, 1924, the Tariff Law. To e. P. Oost Tau of Colorado a he charged Coolidge reappointed Momber of the commission a David j. 1/jwlh, Democrat. Maryland read by senator Norris As an Intuit the commission fur Quot political Pur 1 ration of what he said waa the Coa pose but in bad before the Dillon of affair regarding the com appointment was made the Nebras Mission. 20 right heading and then in the Eta Hie. They effectually kept the most of the Gas front reaching them bul would have smothered for want of oxygen had they not been reached by fresh air where they were. Quot there is no problem of knowing just what took place after the Eil Losion started. All hat is known. in known How the exp Lotoa travels and Why did come outward and Why did go All Over the mine. What is not known la just How started. That i. Wast to making the investigation necessary. R. M. I atm Bis chief of the Vei Virginia department of mines Rol lowing a conference tonight with Robert Lilly his assistant a George Taylor general manager of the Jamison Coal and Coke conv puny c. Al Cowen chief Engineer of the company w. Clark Dobbin general superintendent of the mine in this Section and a few other Elm Patty officials Aud stat min inf inspectors commented briefly on the Diza Ator of thursday night while or. Lambie would exp ret no opinion As to the cause of the explosion he stated Quot the absence of dust in Tho mine pie veried a further and much greater Ile added every safety precaution known to modern mining had been adopted by the company and the absence of dust and tha Large water hold the sixteenth heading off the main entry prevented further wreckage and Iota of of. According to or. Lambie tha property damage will not except 675,000. He said men would a Abt to work with perfect safety to the entries off the main heading within a week s Tim but would turn to Page two

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