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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1957, Page 1

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - December 28, 1957, Bluefield, West Virginia Keep up. With the world of sports by Reading the daily Telegraph every Day. For Home delivery phone 7-6171 or 7-6020. Walt fab weather Cloudy with rain saturday. Rain changing to Snow Flur ies late saturday night. Vol. Lxii no. 362 ensured u second class a sits. Once Moe la. 193. At goal office. Bluefield. W a. Under act of Marca 3 ins Bluefield w. Va., saturday morning december 28, 1957 c a fms s g cents j out >3 sund4t14 of 22 men trapped at Amonate rescued car plunges might spot is into Creek re _ killing one it not up by 2 thugs one dead c. E. Harold of Maybeury father of ten victim a Mcdowell soviet offers Asia african nations Aid reds poise As big Brothers to troubled nations Cairo Egypt. Dec. 27 in the soviet Union offered. ,. ? a in 1 y Washington. Dec. 27 Ltd a a two gunmen ejected or Minoh or f in in Cne fl0m 3 ninth Street night spot in an argument Over in Hen h y.m0rn la it or Check stl0t up the place kill ill hot 0w. Asia Quot to Quot s a uen a i and a guitar player and seriously wounding a Blind tons economic Aid today in a new offensive calculated an embankment into the Creek near Powhatan. Clarence Elbert Harold 38. Of Maybeury was the40. ,. A a a Ter s automobile. Near Richmond Duver and apparently the a. They released the couple in Lone occupant of the 19� 6 harmed and continued their flight station Wagon which went southward in a second Comman into the water but did not deemed automobile overturn Trail leads southward he was thrown to the the. To ii when Southw a. Through Cheraw s.c., near the right of the vehicle and his North Carolina line. Police at head was found hanging in the Hamlet . Said a 55-year-old Piast. The killers then kidnapped a 19-year-old girl student to drive out Western enter and her army private Friend and fled South in the lat., the Kremlin coupled the offer with a hint that Afri a can and asian countries should nationalize Western operated business and exploit their profits As Egypt has done with the Suez canal. The. Soviet offer was unfolded Charleston grocer had to prove tree Market washed out Charleston dec. 27 it water when help arrived. Richmond va., negro woman re everyone knows the Market for in he nongovernmental african-1 passers by administered Arifi lated that two men stopped her Christmas Trees is All washed a asian people s conference that Cial respiration for about 30 min car 0n . 1 Between South Hill up on dec. 26. Hut Bud Flowers opened yesterday with comm utes alter he was removed from and Petersburg a. She said they had to prove it. Nist Type slogans and attacks on the water and a physician was took her car and drove to a Wood the dec. 26 newspaper and what it called Western Imperial at the scene but he could not be de area near Cheraw where they Vert sement for i three flow revived. Put her out and bound her with cars super markets Here stated j p0se As big brother in water 15 minutes pieces of her clothing. A leftover Christmas Trees. All Kimball police chief g. E. It pie Foj issued warrants Nam sizes your Choice 15 Paimer who investigated said a a fugitives As Henry Clay results to Date no sales it was believed Harold had been 0verton, 44. And Wayne Carpen a a a in the water for about 15 minutes Ter about 22> Washington police in a n j before passers by reached him. Saab Overton has a Long record of Lair us al i a he said rescuers investigated the housebreaking and Lar bbbbbb7 possibility another person might Ceny the Fri warrants charge it a i i f have been in the car and have in awful flight to avoid pros ecu i �11 Lipf 11 i -1tt1 been thrown into the water but Tjon for murder jul lev ill i ill Iii no Trace was found of another posing As big brother to All underdeveloped countries a soviet spokesman promised Money without strings attached in the form of Loans or outright Aid plus tech Nicias and economists to help the african and asian nations. But he qualified the offer thus Quot we Are ready to help you As a brother helps a brother. Tett us person. Members of the family said none of his relatives was shot and killed at the to Del Gettysburg pa., dec. 27 a it what you need and we will help restaurant were a president Eisenhower gathered you and Send according to our Rescue workers enter the Pocahontas fuel company mine at Amonate in an Effort to Rescue 21 miners trapped in a two Section blast there Friday night. Fourteen of the 21 were found alive Early saturday morning and search continued for the other seven. Photo by Vernon Fields with him at the time George p. Kaldes 33, native of with his family at his Gettysburg economic possibilities Money the Accident happened on the Scranton who bought the farm today for a yearned Holiday needed in the form of Loans or last Stycn curve South of pow place Only recently and Kenneth hut he had plans for official Busi hatan on route m Fisher 35. Guitar player. Ness too. In one breath the spokesman ambulances and wreckers from Blind Man critical soon after the president s a said we do not ask you to join Northfork and Keystone were at Bernard rival Here. Wide House press any blocs or change governments the or pop it first Coo Rod a Bernard main a a pianist rotary Jarnes c. Hagerty said the or change internal or foreign pol the scene u first was rep Djin the restaurants Small band president would work on his state we that he is pinned under the car who has been Blind since birth of the Ynion message to Congress but he followed that statement was shot in the Back and ii ear the Over wee ten i with the suggestion that one of the and a Sake however tha he a lying Condil on Xmas lusted As the president had no other a Best methods for underdeveloped in the front seat with his head or Ca ointments with his official Fame countries to build their economies out the right door when they police reconstructed the events by for the next two Days How was to nationalize their industries reached the scene. Way. Ever. I and use the profits for Industrial thrown into water Overton and Carpenter came in Ike relaxing expansion. Chief Farmer said the embark last night and spent several hours the president and mrs risen-1 a. S canal ment is nearly straight up a n d drinking two fifths of whisky. The Hower were at the farm relaxing Down and that it is about 50 or younger Man amused himself for and the president was working on coded Kos nationalization 60 feet from the Highway to the a while by playing the Drums on his legislative programs and Mes of canal co. In july 9d6 Creek. He said Harold might have the bandstand. About 1 30 . Sages to Congress which con and Indonesia s current takeover escaped if he had not been thrown they got into an argument with Venes Jan. 7. Dutch enterprises As a Sample in the water which is up con Kaldes Over their $20 Check and the president and mrs. Risen a he meant Sider ably As a result of recent according to Thomas a. Sher Hower with three of their grand Uco a a course had worked in Rains. Wood the regular drummer children and the presidents dog. Be soviet i Naon and other of the victim lived near the old Quot George kicked the two of them Heidi a weimaraner drove the Niu nist countries he said. Northfork company store but 85 Miles from Washington today "p1 5 was a a fast rapid and of his Post office address was May about 15 minutes later the two in Bright mild weather. Festive policy and the least pain Beury. Returned with a sawed off shot two year old Mary Jean risen Ful to i he population a he said. Lie was a i if Long resident of gun and a .45 Caliper pistol and Hower the youngest of the presi the suggested nationalization Mcdowell county and was an began shooting. Dents four grandchildren Rode c had strike at Western Oil pro employee of the Enterprise mining a the Blind Man took off toward with her grandparents. A another Jacb it a Viva St of potentialities in company at Eekman. He was a the left a Sherwood said. Quot he car of the five car official motor the african continent and South member of the methodist Church did t know where to run because Cade David. 9, and Susan who Ern Asia Frances explorations to at Kimball. He was Blind. He was lurching will be 6 dec. 31, made the trip develop Sahara desert Oil Fields he is survived by has widow around All Over the place. With mrs. Risen Howe s maid Are a pro me example. Irma Shaw Harold three Daugh a Kenny a Fisher a took off Rose Wood. # ters Martha Mary and Nancy other Way trying to hide in parents to come later Holt i own seven sons Clarence jr., Jimmy the Back a i Wasny to sitting still their parents maj. And mrs.,11,3 v i1 Donald Johnny Bobby Jeffrie either. I ran behind the bar and John Eisenhower plan to come r. D and Richard All at Home and one h�?~d-1 up later. The Young Fier mrs. Eisen Suslo Itier but brother Melvin Harold Flint a sold scared. I done to Hower will arrive tonight with the Mich a a Quot a know he he missed fourth grandchild Barbara Anne. R. M the body will be taken to the Chunman drive off 8 maj Eisenhower is due Tomor Jugg a flags my i Home today at 4 . By the a 8unmen then drove off in Bennett funeral Home. Funeral Overton s car Thev abandoned the press corps at re9uesl c.itaai0 dec 2�?~�?z a a Home services will be held sunday at this machine when they Enco unt a the Vvhs the House was Limite it brr was a Jed 1250 if do 2 p . At the Maybeury methodist prot pvt Larrv Monteith. 21 and 0 in cars or news pen and True out today despite his in it Tennessee judge denies he accepted teamsters bribe Mcclellan is target of ire Dallas gets reprieve in 9 order for integration one Section blast rips two sections at 7 . 250 men at work fourteen of 22 men trapped in a rumbling whip cracking mine explosion at Amonate va., Friday night were found alive Early this morning. The men trapped under the mountains at the Virginia West Virginia Border were those in one of two sections hit by the explosion shortly before 7 . Friday. Rescue Crews continued to search for eight men still missing men working in the second blasted Section of the Pocahontas fuel company mine. Those rescued among those rescued and addresses w Ere available were Foreman Woodrow Evans Mitchell Harris shuttle car operator from Cedar Bluff Paul Thompson. Boom Man from North Tazewell George o. Sparks Joy Helper from Bandy a. Albert Myers shuttle car operator from North Tazewell Albert Cook no address Alfred gravely no address Reese Jackson no address Claude mutter Cedar Bluff Thomas Pruett Joy operator no address Ezra Presley Timberman from Putnam and w. Carrico of Amonate and Robert Buskill no adj dress. The men gave their Foreman Woodrow Evans full credit for expert leadership during the crisis. They reported he called them to get her after the explosion and said. Quot look 1 am no longer your foremen. We Are one and the same and we must put our Heads together and seek some Way to get Mit of the men reported they then made Quot two passes Quot in an attempt to escape one on one direction and one in another but were driven Back by dust and Drc ,27 other factors. After seeing they could not get out they built a Brattich Canvas Chattanooga. Tenn Dallas. Tex dec. 27 a a the 5th . District court of appeals pm criminal court judge at new Orleans handed Dallas a breathing spell today by ruling Raulston Schoolfield emphatically that it need not integrate its Public schools Jan 27. This overruled denied tonight that he accepted a Elritt a . District court order in Dallas setting that Date. Bribe to quash a conspiracy in. A ,. Dallas until today a ruling was the next big City scheduled under dict Cut against 13 teamsters in. A p Federal court orders to mix White 1952 Walt 38 la tue eff no Monro a fort and As Little oxygen As pos and negro pupils in classes. Schoolfield who refused o aple until Thev were rescued on the Street Corners in res dear before the Senate rackets quote i Tau rants in neighbourhood Eatherie Deliott Ine amp Enate Mackeis Jde a a a ice monday Laurants in reign Polmood gainer a committee to answer testimony teamsters seek 42-cent raise mrs and in Back Fence chats the the to tenon been Nassed Hill tragedy struck shortly after Bie question had let Een a will dal i a the mine officials had announced a big question had been a will dal Las be another Little Rock a the teamsters Union to fix the 1, o 4m o # Crew of about Dallas is an old South City and Asui re let. E s a 3rst men working the mine. The ruin a its a a a an a Amin Cuy Ana night in an hour Long address dec. 27 a James Many of a residents follow 01djuhauanoora a latins def and Mes had been Idle several Das s r. Hoffa president elect of the South ways in negro White rela Woff to Holiday season my re teamsters Union said tonight the a Mohi a. A wave o northerners any knowledge we to Yesu into the City after world., athe rescued men were found in Union is seeking a 42-cent hourly War a a by he a 0 Remala the judge also dented any he Joy Oad no Section a o a. Mine wage increase package Over the strongly Southern in the City of know Edke a a $1.000 being paid into according to William f Fullarton next three years for members in �25,000 population. His 1954 gubernatorial Campaign spec Jai assistant to the president fund on behalf of Spence Gallo a re a a i 22 states Pocahontas fuel. Hoffa the unions de is Kizen have shown signs of mands during a recess initiations with trucking operators whether violence would have from the Midwest Southeast and erupted had the schools been in Way. Who had receiving and been convicted of concealing stolen the terrific explosion apparent no t0, no Deriv Galton Attar a amp a Atoa by produced by Kas in the Foi a Day 1 no one could safely predict b a do mine had trapped the men some 500 feet underground late the judge acknowledged that a proday. Fullerton said the trapped com. Tbs Rev. Joh Bbyrd we sta"utag�ytoi�l�s0 Tel a a a our win the tests that he was his Best Cus the team officiate with the Rev. John a retired government worker president t0 Gettysburg. Ttye to a a air let v Mendez assisting. Burial will be seated in Monteith a car outside a to Cade kept within posted Speed i made about 3a Gallons Jour in Roselawn memorial cemetery. I the girls Home. Limits All the Way on the leisurely Honor Albert w a 45, said. Pallbearers Tommy Canoy flourishing the Shotgun and rep Eugene Copolo. Clarence Whitlow boasting that Quot we be just shot Roy Kiplinger Bobby Williams three men a the fugitives forced or if Ril i pro her Fred Byrd Newton Sizemore and the couple to ride with them to a a la Juci Kyle Jones. of the Church Ward Richmond. Just outside that Tanto inc m Dian City the older gunman fell asleep a it dul Lolla 111�?o ild Llull will carry Flowers. Has conveyor fire Charleston dec. 2i a Quot and drank 18 Gallons at he sold the remainder to neighbors at 25 cents a quart Well below the going rate for commercially produced Beer and Way under the prohibition Era prices la Caid the Nestia grated at midterm As Bare made against him miners included iwo work Crews. Conversations indicated Many m be Cor Mitt hearings was two Motorman two foremen and Ioas directly affect some %,000 feared it would True that he had failed to make on members but would set a Hie decision in september or a. Re per bus expenditures in Bas occurred about one Tern for some 500,000 others ering integration came from . Bus campa8n for governor. And Miles from the mine official sex Hist judge William h. Atwell. 88, Schoolfield referred to the com entry Shaft on the Virginia Side pressed optimism for an Early set who said he ruled reluctantly Mitteer a investigation As a the 0f the Border. The Shaft is a Little element saying he hot nil they twice before that he used Deci most contemptible plot and con m0re than 500 feet Down would continue negotiation until sons saying ,la5 need not in a piracy that has Ever been my until the Rescue worker s report an agreement was reach Negrate and was overruled each misfortune to have a part in. And a Contact with the men had been time. Most assuredly to be the tar rut off id the package Calls for the appeals court decision said get about 050 working 1 and additional wwi3baj so boy authorities should be critic Lee Many about 250 men were working in pc in part of the tun1 3 Rea enable further of he also criticized a number of the mine at the time of the exes in each 01 me two in tim in in. Hoffa a 15-cent hourly Ning feb. I cent incr at and mis m Way s brewery was the first in Mattingly persuaded the Indianapolis. Dec. 27 Oft an Legal Home outfit uncovered in younger Man to let her out. She american industrialist cautioned Chicago in 20 years a 12-gallon a a a n6r. Pas a the nation tonight against any per and two 5-gallon pressure succeeding year seeks health welfare Washington police. Sion cent increases an hour. Porllunily.,f� meet be a. Primary persons including committee in Losion Between 6 30 and 7 . Responsibility of integration. Vest gators the committee chair Friday including pin against the plea of the school Man it sen. John Mcclellan Ltd and totalling some 7 Maxent concentration of its seen tanks were found in his apartment continuing South toward North Tiftic resources toward Matching nov. 23. An official of the Valley amp ai01jf e gunmen stopped russians accomplishments in out-1 judge Julius j. Hoffman As foul co. Mine at Shrewsbury Quot ear Alberta a and left Mon or space. We the Fine on an indictment Kanawha county reported tonight in in us Lutu 111 Ine trunk 01 a is Crawford h. Greenewalt Presl charging Way started a brewery that a fire which started in a car. They continued their Jenl 0f the Dupont co., declared without informing the internal conveyor Belt about two Miles in no f.1 tar we to Bey in an address prepared for the Revenue service a Misdemeanour from the mines Entrance prob Naa Orcea off the Road apparent 124th meeting of the american the maximum penalty could have ably would be extinguished Tomor _ Assn. For the advancement of been a year in jail and a $1,000 Row morning a urn to Page 2, Lolu Iun 4 science. Fine. Wise Bank robbery attempt foiled by fast acting janitor Board that it the National advancement of 9-year old girl saves five Brothers and Sisters Saltville Mother Dies in wreck supervisor per. Sen. John Mcclellan Ltd sonnet. Needs More time Ark it sen. Estes Kefauver d James Craw Ford a Joy loader Assn. For the Tenn. It gov. Frank Clement of working about four Miles from. ,.people Tennessee and several cd Hatta the blast site said the explosion i 5 Board Haj Sooga figures whose names were occurred in the Section car Theresa had two years in which to begin deleted from the broadcast script away from the mine Shaft. If fit Sci cer re Nal sult but included in copies released to he said he heard a noise like a newspapers. Sirato fall a cracking sound and a ought admission to a High school i , ls0 All the elec a l to in the min. lbs . Supreme court Cwi went off. Gress. The new York times and there was some dust where he the Chattanooga times. Was working Crawford said but in reviewing the cases in which he was Able to escape the danger bribes allegedly were passed area with safety the Quot first Quot no at Iona r a Ink Una Many a a 20 t0 25 schools would Schoolfield made these Points mine 1 gaseous we pm be rate fill for his Bave h6011 Nve led immediately. A the Galloway Case i. That state and Federal mine officials sail is or Edwin l. Hippy Board pres Calloway a first trial had resulted rate the mine As ident said earlier that eventually in a Hung jury 2. That he was the shift working the mine at Bank officials said Cox enter half of Dallas 141 schools paroled after establishing a Good the time of the explosion went to the Bank amp to the usual hour a will have mixed classes when in reputation 3. That if any Money j work at 4 . The announced Cut Wise va., dec. 27 it a Jani Tor Bobby Cox came to work time last night and his employ punctuality a was filed feb. 5, 1965. On that Date 28 negro children ought admission to a High school a Junior High and six elementary schools. Dau confirmed on the school Board said that had the Jan. 27 Date been confirmed and a tumbled on integration comes a Little none Vear old girl with facial in juries suffered in an Auto crash that killed her Mother made her Way up an embankment near sugar Grove in Smyth county a. And flagged Down a passing vehicle whose occupants effected the Rescue of five Brothers and Sisters. Killed in the crash about 9 40 . Friday was mrs. Judith a Sonia Barrett 34, of Saltville va., Driver of the car also occupied by her six children the vehicle apparently went out of control rolled Down an embankment and ended up a the swollen Waters of Quarter Branch. Feared near death in Marion general Hospital last night was ten year old Grant Barrett suffering internal injuries and a broken Elbow. Nine year old Susan Barrett managed to free herself from the car made her Way up the Hank despite her injuries and flagged Down a state Highway department gasoline truck whose occupants pulled the five other Barrett children from the car which was rapidly filling with water. Five of the children were listed in fair condition last night. They Are Susan Carroll. Cheryl 11 months Jeffrey two Donald five and David seven. State trooper 8. M. Norris said the Accident occurred on state route 16, about two Miles South of sugar Grove in Smyth county a. He said mrs. Barrett apparently was trying to make baby Cheryl comfortable on the front seat of the car and lost control. Mrs. Barrett was thrown from the car As it rolled Down the Bank. Her body was found in the Stream but medical authorities said she died of injuries not As a result of drowning. Trooper Norris said the car was in the water about 40 to to minutes before the children were evacuated. The victims husband of Saltville was at work at the Oiin Mathieson company Saltville when the Accident occurred. Other than the children and husband mrs. Barrett is survived by her parents or. And mrs. Brady bogus of Sparta n. a five Sisters mrs. Hubert Cooper of Winston Salem n. C., Charlotte Linda and Gay bogus of Sparta n. C., and sue bogus of Pennsylvania. Funeral arrangements Are in Complete. The Fiody is at Henderson funeral Home in Salt Vutuc 6 30 . Apparent attempt to Rob the institution. He came through hit Back door and found two men a and a gun a to Greet him. Both men lunged at him but Cox jumped Back slammed the door in their faces mild and wet for state next 5 Days was contributed to his Campaign off of personnel was made Short fund in connection with the Casely thereafter he was not aware of it and it aside from the Federal state and Quot had not the slightest effect on mine teams Rescue Crews from any of my decisions As Berwind and me comas were at Huntington dec. 27 it the weather Bureau says it will Ami ran so dui Ine two intruder. Quot ild and Wesl Vir la Over t French deputies give up increased pays tempting to reach the remaining seven miners Early this morning. Early rumours i Lew shortly after i a j a a the blast some saying As Many As when police arrived they found a 1. Forecast called amp oxen were trapped. One report nothing but the tools the burglars Rowy s extended lore Casi called said at was 3 Nieri had been had left behind of ran on saturday monday and Paris dec 27 it National killed in the explosion in tha Vir Bank cashier George Lipps , with temperature for Assembly deputies today voted to Ginia Semuon the mine and that said today Asar so tet he 17 Avera no from the 50,000 arrangements were being made to Tei mined the a Quot Hrna in la e get 5 Uke the 0111 03 be w�?o8t police a a a Aid the men gained in r1 ube a salaries Elp 01,1 a Virginia Side. Ponce sad the men gained in total prep on for the a Frances financial crisis i., rt.,m, Kain a Ranee by forcing a uni Way into total Between half and rhe vote was 260-217. A were Trao oed and mull tie basement and then knocking Ona a Nch m f file duties were fun j t trapped Ami Asaumi in a a door Lead a Ugto a. Main temper in we al Virginia rim a Raul the Lena or in he a a Quot Ujj Bank level. Al this time of year normally a Council of the Republic. Parlia a la. A. ,. Jen Ifer a Ltd and Fri author rage 31 in tha North and 34 in the ment upper Houe Accra pied the Mui Iii. Lii Aith. A in Rajie 1 it y iut a we a a luvs a ugh Lui cum Giti. I Uultt. Wera trapped Tyr try to Fittge ? it

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