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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1963, Page 1

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - August 31, 1963, Bluefield, West Virginia Football. War begin Beckley 39. Mui Lens 9 be 21, Gary 13 Laeger 30, Herndon 0 Chap Manville 13, Oceana 0. Vol. Xviii no. 243 pails Ranj Ralpj Sac and him Portan pm a it liar yield w. Va., and add�?~1 attic Bluefield w. Vs., saturday morning August 31, 1963 the weather. Fair today with High of 71 to 78. Fair and continued Cool tonight. 7 cum a g cum a daily 1 8t7kda Viet reds shoot up Fri. Snips cause copters kill 2 54 americans have died in Jungle action of concern Swift action by coast guard asked by investigators relations continue strained Between Viet this country Washington Apt _ House investigators demanded Friday that the coast guard take Swift action whenever soviet fishing trawlers that might be snooping for intelligence Are spotted in . Waters. They contended the government is putting undue emphasis on the presumption that soviet vessels cruising off Florida Are in in White House Kremlin hot line ready to go intended to prevent War by Accident translators and operators on duty around the clock Washington a apr the White House Kremlin hot line a Nocent passage from North at Saigon South Viet Nam a lactic fishing grounds to cuban a communist gunners shot up 18 ports. . Helicopters and killed two the recommendation was made in enc ,0 prot vide instant Emer More americans on Friday in the by the House armed services in a ency communication Between the War that parallels South Viet Vestiga ions subcommittee in a report on its investigation of soviet trawler traffic in . Territorial Waters. Key proposal subcommittee s key Nam s Buddhist crisis. A . Army h21 helicopter was downed in flames and two americans aboard it perished 30 Miles Northwest of Saigon. Seventeen other h21s, assigned like the downed Craft to Terry vietnamese troops for a raid on a guerrilla hideout near the cambodian Border were hit by red ground fire. One was reported punctured by 11 bullets. Forced Down in addition five of the elderly Hanana shared transports were forced Down by mechanical Tro ble. Our territorial Waters. A military spokesman said. A a. Three americans were wounded cd a a ? a by communist shots when other a helicopters and cd in the area of in Quot cd it a Rafhat of the crash to investigate. A a a a of is vol Al Shin Vesseis names of All the casualties 0 form an ominous j were withheld. Pattern. The fliers deaths brought to 54 Kennedy said the coast guard the number of americans killed As coun cd 169 vessels in the in action on vietnamese soil. The act am a a ded there Are undoubtedly Many More concealed by fog cover. All american a one year old Michel Imre Gorcz of Woodbridge. N. J. Bubbles with laughter As he clutches the United states Flag after being sworn in As citizen in new Brunswick n. J. He is believed to be the youngest in the country a history. Father Imre took the oath for his son. A wire photo debris lifts Hope for lost airmen toll from All causes including a Miami a. Apr aircraft air pm orce base near Miami when i dents is 99. Hundreds have searching for 11 crewmen from radio Contact was lost at noon been wounded. Order Emback two missing kc135 Jet Tanker wednesday. At that time they strained relations remained the presidents brother said i planes Friday night reported j were about 800 Miles Northeast of evident Between South Viet Nam Trusios ran be anticipated from sighting debris 160 Miles from Miami and about 300 Miles North and its giant ally. One Issue was a Fleet of that size. Under exist where pieces of wreckage were of the spot where the search con the fact the . Aid Mission a ing Law he said the Only thing found thursday. Cen rated Friday. Pipeline for american millions in that can be done is to order the find spurred new Hope into an Oil Slick and bits of plane support of Viet Nam s Economy ships to Back off if they began the massive search for possible and personal equipment were an armed forces is sheltering fishing in . Territorial water survivors of a routine strategic found thursday. Chiefs of state is ready for use the Pentagon announced Friday night. A terse on sentence announce ment said Only that the Quot direct. Communication link Between 1 he subcommittee s key pro Washington and Moscow is the agencies concerned should in reply to a question a spokes adopt a uniform National policy Man a d this meant that both the which would permit the coast land wire and radio circuits be guard to take such immediate tween the capitals now Are ready and unilateral action As May be the idea in setting up the facility Lequir cd in the National interest was hat in event of emergency whenever vessels have electronic it might reduce the Chance of a of Othni capabilities which constr a dental. Inadvertent nuclear War. Tute a threat to the Security of Dunn the crisis ast 0ctob,3r our country Are found transiting Over be presence of soviet mis a hot line to Moscow operational the White House Kremlin a hotline a providing direct communication for the emergency use by the chiefs of state in Washington and Moscow became operational Friday air Force sgt John Brotosky. And army it. Col. Charles Fitzgerald Man the equipment in the Pentagon during a test run a wire photo Silas in Cuba the existing communications chanels often proved to be slow and unwieldy. Circuits tested tests of . And soviet equipment for the new a a hot line had been under Way for some time followed lately by tests on the circuits themselves. Soviet equipment was installed in the Pentagon last monday. In mine in Utah ordered shut Moab. Utah up it a the $40-Millinn Texas Gulf Sulphur co. Potash mine was ordered closed indefinitely Friday pending a joint spallation of . Equipment in state Federal investigation of an underground explosion that killed Moscow w As completed on aug. 1 18 Nien pockets of Carbon monoxide Gas the Pentagon is the mechanical. A relating terminal for Boll the land line Tran Ocean circuit and the alternate radio circuit. However direct connections relay the circuits directly through to the White House. The .-soviet agreement to in air command Aerial refuelling Mission. Quot he 16 Albatross amphibians Are circling a position approx a mately 400 Miles off the coast of Florida where they have sighted possible debris from the two missing kc133s,�?� the air Rescue service command at Orlando fla., announced. Rough seas the announcement said rough seas prevented the amphibian aircraft from Landing to confirm identity of the debris. A Rescue aircraft will keep the new sighting under constant surveillance until surface ships the air Force said. Quot we Are operating on the As broader mine safety asked foreign Aid restoration being sought Kennedy reminded by Dirksen of 66 dem votes against Hyannis port. Mass. Lap a president Kennedy remarking that Freedom does not coma Quot easily or cheaply a appealed Friday for restoration of the $585 million the House Cut from the foreign Aid program. The president met for an hour at his Squaw Island summer Home with Gen. Lucius d. Clay David e. Bell director of the Agency for International develop rent and presidential assistant Ralph dung an. Clay a Republican is chairman of a committee which earlier in the year recommended a gradual reduction in foreign Aid pro Grams. Protected dozens after their meeting the presi Dent told reporters the Mutual Security program has protected dozens of countries since 1945 a More importantly Quot he said a it has protected the Security and tie Best interests of the United Clay standing with the presi Dent said his committee is greatly concerned about the reduction in military Aid and in the Alliance for Progress program for latin America. A we think these reductions have gone too far and that they seriously endanger this pro Gram a Clay said. However in Washington a sen ate House Republican leadership committee said that if bipartisan support for foreign Aid has been destroyed the president himself destroyed it by blaming the gop for drastic House cuts. The leadership group is led by sen. Everett m. Dirksen of Ali to abandon temporarily efforts to nos and Charles a. Halleck recover the body of the last vie Indiana Senate and House Tim. Minority leaders respectively. Only two of the seven survivors a still remained deep in 3.0c0-foot tunnels and Crews the had Coal gasoline contract signed Washington it a Secretary of the Interior Stewart l. Udall signed Friday a $9.993.000 contract with consolidation Coal co. Of Pittsburgh for a Coal to Gaso line Pilot Plant to be constructed a c r e s a a near Moundsville . Under the contract consolidation will design build and operate a Plant designed to convert about 24 tons of Coal a Day into Gaso Washington Lap a Congress were still in the Hospital and both were in Good condition. Four of the live men rescued thursday night after being trapped 49 disfigured and armed forces is sheltering fishing in . Territorial two Buddhist monks who sought the subcommittee said numer Asylum there from the military Ous soviet vessels have been seen stall the line was signed at gun crackdown on the Buddhist foes off the East coast of pm Lori i in Eva on june 20. Following Long. A a of diem last week. The past six months Many inside policy and technical discussions was Friday to make More hours spent the night at Home toughening the three mile limit. And negotiations Between repro mines subject to mandate \ . Ambassador Henry Cabot soviet trawlers also have been so natives of the two gov safety provisions which apply now Lodge is reported to have re reported recently cruising off the Erna cats. I Only to mines employing 15 ejected new demands from the Vest coast from Washington to i South vietnamese government for Southern California past . Their surrender. This move was missile Sites. The Navy has had interpreted As a toughening of them under surveillance. . Policy toward diem s Registe the congressional report said those 66 demos a it would have better become the office of the presidency had or. Kennedy at the same time noted that 66 democrats or better than one out of four also voted to Cut the a state or the bodies of 17 men. Disfigured ment by the gop group declared. Beyond recognition still Lay under Green Canvas covers on the that could precipitate a diplomatic clash. A a Northfork paving Grant is approved the coast guard the Navy and the state department All Point to the right of innocent passage. Under that doctrine a vessel not prejudicial to the peace Good order or Security of a coastal a instead he singled out Only Republican who Are outnumbered in the House 258-177.�?� the president had characterized the recent House slash Al Quot shortsighted unwise and danger sumption that there Are still sur line. i the process to be used which the new find of debris was Al has been developed by Consolida most due East of Cocoa. Fla. Tion and the Standard Oil co. Of surface Craft picked up appear Ohio is believed to be ent personal gear of the Crew of producing High Grade gasoline members. At about one half the Cost of any Contact lost previous Coal to gasoline process. The two four engine jets de Udall said signed to refuel bombers and at the signing ceremonies the fighters in flight were in route to Secretary said the project pm their Home fitly at Homestead bodies a a bold new Fri chief sees difficult task Washington a the Community facilities administration approved Friday these Grants under the accelerated Public works program total project costs capable in parentheses Berkeley Springs. W. Va., $33,-500 <$107.000 water system improvement. Philippi. W. Va., $177.000 <$404. Crime Syndicate known As 000� City building will make the Northfork w. Va., $18,750 <$25, against it More difficult j 000 Street paving teletype system wore persons underground. The hoi Lite uses he Tel Olpe Secretary of floor a downtown a raw. Used system rather than a Telephone Art l. Idaj request i Extension o >4mmrai1 mar Tny voice line. Of the mandatory provisions of the the reason for this is to avoid Federal Coal mine safety act to misunderstanding which might some 8.000 Small mines not now occur through language differ covered. In pcs in an Exchange of spoken Udall wrote the speaker of the a a in fim i a i t 4 a cirit of the Sion 303 if conditions in 110 Iun words oven though interpreters House and the president 01 the u were used additionally the Tel Senate recommending amendment printers provide a written rec of the 19.32 act in four Basic areas. ? Itne. P3ss 1 Ord which May be preserved and his action was based in part on studied. The findings of a special Interior the . Equipment being used Tak Force which had studied since transmits printed words at a rate april the existing situation and. Of 100 a minute the russian what action is needed to increase tried to help the widows and their asked if there had t own a territorial Waters. As a temporary morgue. The investigation will Start labor Day and could take weeks to Complete. It will Start with an. Underground study of the expo Ous y part15311 in his latest Appeal the Presk Nels Are Safe. Dent said it is important a that the top men of the . Bureau of american people understand that mines and agencies of the state this is a matter which involve of Utah started preliminary in a he Security of the country and Vestiga ions Friday while people l�?T16 balance of Power All Over the in this Little mining town of 6,500 world. Washington disclosures about equipment at 66 words a minute. Flach nation originates the message in its own language. However All messages Are put into it apr a recent cryptographic machines to the nationwide a a scramble Quot the message and thus Kennedy families. Significant lessening m Public sup members of 54 civic and Church part or title Prosr Ayris 1� organization in i to Community president 1 dont thin fight Edgar Hoover said Friday. In started a fund and sent volunteers door to door with fruit jars to collect Money. At least $5,000 a chamber of Commerce official said the goal is to collect at people enjoy carrying this Burden i never thought they did but a in the final analysis i think most of them realize the essential part is our appropriation for National defense. A a nearly All of this Money is rescuer descends finds no Trace of missing Man Hazleton a. Apr a res and Bova were trapped at 9 . Open safety harness which looks Cue worker went Down 300 feet aug. 13 after a Cave in at a mine like a Parachute Rig. Underground Friday night into the at nearby a a hereto drilling resumes Henry throne David Fellin Cubi Andy Drebitko 36, of Potts As soon As Drebitko reached the Cle but found no Trace of the third Pottsville went Down the 18-Inch surface and made his report the a 0 Law Envoi Cement missing Miner. Louis Bova. Shatt through which throne and three drilling rigs resumed at Hoover gave substance to Fellin and throne were rescued Fellin were hauled to safety. Like tempts to sink shafts in the i cent reports that the Fri had of last tuesday after 14 Days. They them he was transported in an Section where Bova was believed pm cd atty. Gen. Robert f. Ken do be trapped. They had been by s decision to make Public everything Vlashi Story and bring the quiet a along with else except a Generator supplying mobster out of hiding to testify Power for electric Light a while nex month before a Senate sub Drebitko went Dow n. Committee. Drebitko volunteered to go Down is known to be firmly and inspect the chamber. Opposed to disclosing a for any Drebitko a Man of about 5 feet reason Thi names of informants. 7, started Down at 8 32 . It for Vears to vital underworld took about 15 minutes to haul sources information will dry throne to the surface Early last up tuesday morning and Fellin about new 8 minutes. Hoover 9 description of Drebitko went Down in about 20j Valachi revelations left the minutes and came up 15 minutes impression that they hater. Largely stale news. Earlier Friday a to camera rather than providing new mine safety. Major disasters the study was undertaken at Udall a direction after president had expressed concern Cosa preserve secrecy against possible Over two major Coa disasters tapping on the line by a third which caused 59 deaths in a mat party Ter of a few months. The line w ill be manned around the Appeal to Congress followed Hoover Fri director nubile la be Coli teletype operators within hours a renewed expression cast $�,000 for the immediate spent in the United states and it and translators. By Kennedy to Udall of concern Cash needs of families of the dead helps keep the Freedom of this overlaid. Cable regarding mine disasters. The miners. Country of ours. The duplex wire Telegraph Cir president expressed Relief a that a Cuit extends via Overland and country which has our wealth and spill cd to Federal Avitu Manyoki a we connections from washing scientific resources can perfect ton to London Copenhagen safety d e v i c e s and procedures Stockholm. Helsinki and Moscow j which w ill enable us to extract the alternate duplex radio Cir the Mineral resources we need Cuit goes from Washington to without excessive loss of human Tangier in North Africa and from there to Moscow. This is an Al the action also follows closely on two underground entrapment a in the mining Industry. In one near Hazleton pa., two of three trapped Anthracite Rimers w Ere saved and in the other an explosion in a Utah Potash mine killed Mese War. 18 of 25 miners. The hot line Between washing evaluated for the first time the Justice department s disclosure that Joseph Valachi. 33-year member of the Syndicate had its operating secrets and named its chieftains. Enormous task a recent disclosures in the fight against organized crime serve in a larger degree to magnify the enormous task which lies Hoover said in the of big a septem Quot Tui Letin. Meanwhile Casper a. Nelson a Alt represents much less of a of the Utah Industrial commis percentage of our wealth than it Sion said it appears the blast of did during the Marshall plan curved near a storage shop for a its. I think the american peo mining tools. Texas Gulf said no pie realize that Freedom does not d Amite was stored there. Come cheap y or easily. Ternate circuit in on the land line Case of trouble news in summary re pair uses washers to put a bite on Banks communist gunners shot up 18 foreign Aid Cut sen u. S. Helicopters and killed two promptly rom irked him More americans in the Vietnam democrats Dirksen that 64 voted for the Cut so a Don t Heap blame on the 17 per cent Charleston it a it state police Are looking for two men who hoodwinked two Parkersburg Banks out of about $200 Friday but who failed when they tried the same trick later in the Day at a Charleston Bank. The pair got about $100 from each of the two Parkersburg Banks. State police said by exchanging what appeared to be Sev eral packages of wrapped coin3 for dat0i y provisions of the Law currency recommendations would put Eie when tellers removed the Coin additional Teeth in mine safety wrappers after the pair departed regulations by changing existing they found genuine coins in in ton and the Kremlin is ready Tor bids will be opened wednes Udall said the Small mines make use is intended to reduce Day on $396,000 Worth of Revenue up about 17 per cent of the Coal chances of accidental War the Bonds to finance a student Union mines in the United states. De a Dea took Root after last octo dining Hall at Bluefield state. Apartment statistics show they pm her s cuban crisis. R ploy about 32,000 miners out of the state chamber of com about 157.000 miners in the entire House investigators demand m e r c e convention heard Rosy Coal Industry. That the coast guard take Swift forecasts 0f tourism s future in Udall said a it is an unnecessary action whenever soviet fishing was Virginia risk to permit such mines to con trawlers that might be snooping Tine to operate outside the Man for intelligence Are spotted in u. S. Waters _ v-i.nw.1� a. The provisions for correcting explosion was lowered into the cubicle and formation Hoover said Valachi a wrapper but the1 hazards and other dangers enc Oun a picture showed what appeared Jal so corroborated and in space Between was filled by Metal tired by a Federal inspector. \ Rescue worker went Down 300 feet into a Pennsylvania mine but found no Trace of missing Miner Lou Bova. A contract was signed to build a .9-million Coal to gasoline experimental Plant. To be a body. Bell shed the facts developed by a what appeared to be the Inie Fri As Early As 1961 which age of a Man was the remains of disclosed the makeup of the gang the plug that had been used to the Valachi talks began in june 1962, he said. Cooler weather cooler weather is expected in West Virginia Over the weekend washers. The two men tried to make the same Exchange at the Bank of West Virginia in Charleston but he Teller removed the Coin wrappers in their presence. They fled when the washers rolled out. \ Federal state investigation is existing rules permit a a area so in Dulce monday in the Utah Honable time for correcting such a mine explosion that inside hazards but the Secretary proposes empowering Federal inspectors to order immediate withdrawal of employees from an endangered mine. Brought death to 18 men. Seven were brought out alive. President Kennedy appealed j for restoration of the $535-million Abby. To Princeton. 18 add years 10 society a. 5 churches. 3 sports. A classified 8 stocks. 10 crosswords 10 to. 1� editorials. 4 weather2 movies 5 Thrush nods at Tito Independence waiting a Dan Bova. Brother of Miner Lou Bova who has been trapped by a eave in since aug. 13. Sits alone in a tent with Chin in hand As he awaits word from Rescue workers. A Man was sent Down into the mine but found no Trace of Lou. A wire photo close up the 12-Inch Hole before they widened it into 18 inches and brought Fellin and throne to the surface a Bitko said. Impossible a my inspection of the area where Fellin and throne had been indicated that it would have there to Quot the Bova might be pm weather Bureau reported Friday. Veenje. Yugoslavia Lap a a Tito described Yugoslavia and for a 15-Day visit. The yugoslav Nad stressed the shyness of bombed on the Ood Osite Side of temperatures during the period yugoslav president Tito trim the soviet Union As United on All Leader s words clearly showed he j Yugoslavia s policy that it to pm Tomo eci on me opposite siae of r to a i in i dec Iivari Nan Feit he had come out on top in nist countries can develop in Neif the discussions the two have held own Independent ways. On world problems doctrinal Dif Yugoslavia was drummed out Ferencek. And red China. Of the communist family in 1948 Khrushchev took a Back seat As i for espousing that policy and vhf the Bitko added. Bitko volunteered to go and inspect the chamber. Bitko a Man of about 5 feet 7, Tun the Page 2. Col. 2 will average 4-8 degrees below Down re real Laws 53 North and 59 South and Normal highs of 79 North and 84 South. Showers about monday will total one half to three quarters Inch. Chant la told his nation Friday i major issues and assailed red that soviet Premier Khrushchev a China As promoting racism and recognizes Yugoslavia a i depend undermining world communism end Brand of communism As Tito stalk was his first major right. Public address since Khrushchev Khrushchev agreed. Arrived in Yugoslavia on aug. 20 Tito told his people Khrushchev ing by it

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