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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Aug 22 1976, Page 1

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Bluefield, West Virginia West Virginia mostly sunny today and monday. Highs today in 80�?Ts and lows in 50�?Ts. Vol. Xxxi no. 235 hot feel second class postage paid at Bluefield w. Va., and add offices Bluefield i ski 337-6171 need some information and done to know where to find it the Bluefield daily Telegraph will attempt to answer any question of general interest on local state National or International matters. Telephone Between 4 . And to . Daily or write the information editor. Q. To whom should you direct requests to obtain application forms and additional information concerning summer jobs at Walt Disney world also Are there any room provisions made for out of state employees a a. Tazewell a. A. According to a Disney world employee office spokesman no provisions Are made for either living quarters or transportation for the employees. To obtain More information and application forms a letter should be sent to Walt Disney world employment information Post office Box 40, Lake Buena Vista Florida zip code 32830. What is the penalty for someone who lies on the witness stand in circuit court if this is proven a j. R. Princeton. A. According to a local lawyer a properly proven Case of perjury or lying under oath to a material question in a felony Case can result in a one to ten year sentence in the Penitentiary. Q. Does the daily Telegraph hire girls for route carriers a s. F. Princeton a. Yes the Bluefield daily Telegraph does hire female paper carriers although Only one girl is working As such at this time. Q. I would like he address of Fred Phillips s. A., make up artist for a Star trek. Also what does a is. after his name mean a t. Y. Tazewell a. A. According to a spokesman for Paramount pictures s. A. Means the society of make up artists and you May write to him in care of the make up Guild local 706, . And m..o. Of the u. S. And Canada 11519 Chandler blvd., North Hollywood Calif., zip code number 91604. Q. Can you Tell me where capital Petroleum company is located i think it is in West Virginia. A r. M., Bluefield a. Capital Petroleum is located in Glenville. Q. Can you Tell me the amount of sales tax you would on a Dollar in new York City a g b., Bluefield a. You would four per cent state tax plus three per cent City tax making seven cents on each Dollar. Q. Do you know of a firm in the Bluefield area that cleans flues and chimneys a s. Princeton a. We could locate no local firm which does such work. Q. Where can i find out if old newspapers and magazines Are Worth anything a d. H., Bluefield a. Spokesmen for Craft memorial Library in Bluefield said old newspapers and magazines generally have no monetary value. When they Are Complete editions they can sometimes be sold to collectors or libraries involved in specialized research. You might Contact the Library if you wish additional information. Q. Are there any plans for another Rock festival in Galax va., similar to the a a stomping 76�?� festival held recently a d. J., Grundy a. Carroll county Board of supervisors has received numerous complaints regarding the conduct of persons attending the festival and is considering an ordinance which would ban such events in the county. Police agencies in the Galax area also have reported that the Large crowds which attend Rock festivals Are difficult to control and some officials have urged that festivals in the county be eliminated. At present there Are no announced plans for a similar festival next year. Q. Could you give me the names of the executive officers of the West Virginia contractors association a r. M., Princeton. A. William j. Harman is vice president Charles j. Kuhn is Secretary and treasurer is w. Elliott Abbitt . Displays military Power in Korea Seoul South Korea apr the United states staged a demonstration of military Power in and around Korea on saturday at the same time As Allied forces felled a tree that was the Center of the dispute in which North koreans killed two american officers. President Ford personally approved a the plan to go in there and Cut the tree Down a White House press Secretary Ron Nessen said saturday at Vail colo., where Ford is vacationing. With Ford is National Security Agency director Brent a. Scowcroft who is keeping the president abreast of the situation. At Travis air Force base in California Flag draped caskets carrying the bodies of the two slain american officers arrived amid a Brief solemn ceremony. As the plane returning their bodies touched Down a 26-Man Honor guard saluted. The bodies were taken to the . Army mortuary in Oakland Calif. Col. Erroll Loving Travis information officer said maj. Arthur bonifas 33, of Newburgh ., would be flown to West Point For burial and 1st it. Mark t. Barrett 25. To his Hometown of Columbia . Bonifas was promoted posthumously from Captain to major. In the operation an Armada of warplanes and troops was poised near the demilitarized zone during cutting of the 40-foot Poplar at the Neutral truce Village of Panmunjom. A . Navy task Force steamed toward Korea. Twenty six helicopter gunships of the kind used in the Vietnam War backed by an unspecified number of f4 phantom and fill Jet fighters and three b52 bombers from Guam circled overhead while a a Quick reaction Force of 300 . And South korean soldiers protected the tree cutting Allied military sources said. North korean soldiers at the scene limited their response to shooting photographs but their government accused the United states of a grave military provocation. A Pyongyang broadcast charged that 300 troops iric Ludin americans a in full combat trim a entered the demilitarized zone Doz separating North and South Korea and not Only Cut Down the tree but also destroyed North korean guard posts and smashed barriers. Q. I became quite fond of the music at the closing ceremonies of the games of the xxi olympiad on Abc to. Could you Tell me the name of the composition and the composer could you also Tell me the name and address of a record shop that would have the music on an album a j. R. C., Grundy a. A. The composition a olympic fanfare a was written by the late Andre Mathieu a Canadian musician. It is contained in an album entitled a us a on the Angel Label and performed by the concert arts symphonic band. Most record shops can order the album. Q. What will he the Price of Auto air bags for front seats How fast is the a a instant inflation of an air bag during a crash a j. B., Grundy. A. Automakers have not announced a Price of the bags on a total production basis. Knowledgeable studies have estimated their prices including automaker and dealer profit markups at about $120 per car when air bag production volume reaches the 8-10 million unit level of All newly manufactured cars yearly. The bags Are fully inflated and in fact beginning to deflate simultaneously in about 44-milliseconds about l-25th of a second a so fast Tat if you should blink your Eye you would miss the full inflation completely. Q. Can you Tell me something about Bluefield orioles manager Ben Hines is he married and where is he from a b.b., Bluefield a. A. Ben Hines is married and makes his Home in California where he plans to return As soon As the appalachian league season is Over. Readers reply. Birth crisis an argument a Call reinforcements then for kill editor s note a the pruning of a tree in one of the worlds most tense places a Panmunjom in Korea a has brought a new crisis situation to Asia with american and South korean military forces on precautionary Alert. Here is How it began one sultry morning last a wire photo Captain s body returned Travis fab guard escorts coffin another 400 Allied troops took combat positions 400 Yards away backed up by five truckloads of soldiers and a helicopter All a creating a terrible War atmosphere a the broadcast said. The Allied sources declining to be identified denied that the combat Force had entered the Doz hut did not say How close it approached. North koreans Central news Agency charged that one . Helicopter intruded into North korean air space along the Doz on saturday a committing espionage and a hostile Liaw zeroing in on strike target in stagnant talks Detroit apr after five weeks of no Progress bargaining the United Auto workers launches a Homestretch drive toward new contracts with the the chosen firm. If there a a strike the other makers would continue uninterrupted production. Ford May be the target because it could afford. Law demands better than Chrysler and pose big three automakers this week with Jess 0f a financial Drain on the Union than pm the selection of a strike target for 1976. Should there be a walkout. Will it be Ford because its the no. 2 makers turn or maybe Industry giant general motors because of its Strong financial position and what about Chrysler always a possible candidate because its so vulnerable to a strike. The Law which has not tipped its hand thus far will provide the answer on tuesday when its International executive Board convenes to debate the Issue. Union officials say there still is no agreement among leaders on who the target should be and there Likely wont be until after they thrash it out in closed session. A we never make a selection until the last minute a said one official. A we like to discuss All the pros and cons first. We May go in to the meeting expecting to name one company and then come out with a different Veteran labor observers see Ford As the front runner for 1976, mainly because Ford Hasni to been the target since the 1967 round of triennial talks. A settlement was reached that year after a 66-Day strike. Pm was the target in 1970, when it was hit by a 67-Day walkout and Chrysler was tagged in 1973, when there was a nine Day strike. Law president Leonard Woodcock has said repeatedly All year that Ford wont be the target simply a because its Fords and Union officials Are Quick to Point out there Are Many Good reasons for going to Ford pm or Chrysler As Well As Strong arguments for not picking any of them this year. The Union which is bargaining for 680,000 Auto workers will be sifting through those pros and cons in determining who it la go to either to set an Industry pattern settlement or to strike when current three year pacts expire sept. 14. A we have to assess where we can get the most in the quickest time a a Law vice president said. Bar gainers and rank and file members at each of the big three appear equally enthusiastic about having their companies selected so that wont be a Factor in tuesdays decision. Law negotiators at each maker have asked to be the target citing the unanimous backing of their membership. A we always want to be the target a said Law vice president Ken Bannon at Ford. A that Way we can negotiate a package tailored to our members needs rather than be forced to accept what a been reached somewhere once a target is selected bargaining at the other companies ceases to await a settlement at Seoul South Korea apr a hot Sun beat Down that morning last wednesday sending the temperature to nearly 90 degrees in the Mountain ringed bowl that is the Panmunjom truce Village in koreans demilitarized zone. A United nations command work party led by two american officers had begun its assignment for the Day prune a Normandy Poplar tree whose branches obstructed observation of two checkpoints. A Short time later the two . Officers were dead their bodies a battered beyond recognition a according to the . Command by North korean military guards wielding axes and pikes. The clash raised tensions on this divided Peninsula to their highest since North Korea seized the .s. Pueblo in 1968. . And South korean forces buttressed by the deployment of several squadrons of american warplanes were placed on precautionary Alert. The . Carrier Midway and her 75 aircraft left Japan for an undisclosed destination but sources in Washington said she was headed for korean Waters. North Korea put its armed forces on combat Alert on orders of president Kim in Sung in Pyongyang. The whole affair began innocently enough . Officials Clam when the . Command work party began trimming the tree near the Bridge of no return which leads into the North korean sector of the Doz. The clash that followed brought the first killings Ever commute in the joint Security area since the end of the korean War 23 years ago. . And South korean authorities Here gave this account two North korean officers and nine enlisted men approached the work party at 10 40 a.m., asking what was happening to the tree. A North korean lieutenant identified As Chol watched the pruning for to or 15 minutes then suddenly ordered the work stopped. The . Officer in charge capt. Arthur bonifas 33, of Newburgh ., told his South korean civilian workers to continue. Angered the North korean officer sent a runner across the bidge and he came Back with reinforcements boosting their number to about 30. It. Pak slipped off his Wristwatch a . Official said carefully wrapped a White handkerchief around it and deposited it in a trouser pocket. Shouting a kill a in korean he struck bonifas in the Back. Knocked to the ground the american officer was a beaten to death by five North korean a South korean worker was quoted As saying later in a newspaper interview that a communist guard seized an a from a worker and hacked bonifas on the head and shoulder. It. Mark Barrett. 25, of Columbia ., was slain in a similar manner a . Spokesman said. The . Command later produced a sequent of 15 photographs taken with a telephoto Lens in an Effort to show that the North koreans specify targets were bonifas and Barrett. The South korean civilians escaped unarmed and the outnumbered . And South korean soldiers some injured by Metal pikes and Billy clubs ran to the nearest . Position. The two officers died from massive head wounds . Officials said after the bodies were recovered. Three Days later As tensions heightened along the 151-mile-Long Doz another . Work party returned and Cut Down the Poplar. I ate saturday North Korea charged that was a grave new military provocation. Panmunjom is the Only sector in the Doz where american forces a stationed. Serving As the permanent conference site for occasional North South meetings the cramped joint Security zone of about 850 Yards in diameter at times becomes an emotional pressure cooker. There have been numerous incidents of fist fights and Oral abuse Between the guards of the two sides. One of the ugliest was an attack on maj. William d. Henderson who suffered a fractured Larynx after being kicked by North korean guards on june 30, 1975. A . Diplomat said the North korean guards Are believed to be under standing orders to use As much Force As possible to Quot dominate and intimidated a american and South korean guards. Elsewhere along the Doz Over the years there have been More tha 2,000 shooting incidents in which nearly 50 american soldiers and More than 450 South koreans were killed. But until the slaying of the two officers wednesday the number of fatal confrontations had fallen off in recent years. Page two column eight Raleigh county Airport a lesson for Mercer by Jim Terry officials involved in efforts to obtain Jet capabilities at the Mercer county Airport Are probably not overjoyed at the fact that neighbouring Raleigh county will begin receiving full Jet service by sometime next summer. The Raleigh county Airport at Beckley in fact is undergoing a major project that includes a new 7,500-feet runway for the Airport a new terminal Complex and additional improvements planned for the future. Presently the Raleigh county Airport authority is in the midst of an $8 4 million improvements project that when completed will bring Piedmont airline 737 Jet flights to the county on a permanent basis. In Mercer county the Airport authority is faced with the problem of either having to come up with a $15 million project to upgrade the Airport to Jet capabilities or starting a new Jetport project which would presumably Cost a great Deal More than that. Fil urfi id news analysts in response to a recent question concerning a Bluefield business establishment by the name of Kleiman a a Bluefield Reader writes that in the earlier Days of the City there was an office Supply firm on Princeton Avenue and later on Federal Street that was owned by Ira and Tulip Kleiman. One of the Brothers later married mrs. Rose Katz Mother of judge Jerome Katz and Bluefield attorney Leroy Katz. Mrs. Betty Mason of Bluefield has provided information concerning two questions which recently appeared in the Telephone the Telegraph column. She says there is a More sales company that Sells punch cards. The address of the firm is 30 1 West Adams St., Chicago Iii 60606. Mrs. Mason also notes that albums and tapes by Jimmy Swaggart can be obtained at the g. Murphy . In the Blue Prince Plaza. Sept. 28 target Date for debate if the league of women voters has its Way the first nationally televised debate Between president Ford and Democrat Jimmy Carter will be tuesday sept. 28, in St. Inns. Somehow so far these determined careful men and women have had their Way. They be been pressing for nationally televised debates Between the two major candidates Long before those candidates were chosen. The leagues Board of directors made the debates a target at the annual convention in May and league delegates met the proposal by their president Ruth Clusen of Green Bay wis., with a standing ovation. The league is currently circulating a petition with a target of four million signatures it says a we the people urge the major party candidates for president to meet in Public debate on the issues facing the Page two column five the authority has been told that Piedmont intends to phase out its ys-11 Prophet within the next five to seven years and will go to full Jet service by then. The ys-11 aircraft is presently in use at the Mercer facility which cannot presently accept jets due to its relatively Short runway. W Ork which would have to be done at the Mercer county Airport to bring it into the Jet age includes extending the 4,800-feet runway to a minimum of 7,000 feet widening the runway from too feet to 150 feet strengthening the weight capacity of the runway from its present 45,000 or 50,000 pounds to 100,000 pounds and improvements to the terminal building. Taken at face value the difference in Airport facilities Between Raleigh and Mercer counties might be Paul Neal manager of the Beckley facility. Neal became manager of the Raleigh Airport about five and one half years ago and immediately set out to convince the Airport authority and Raleigh county commission that full Jet service would be vital to the county a economic growth. A i got the Airport authority interested and then we started on the county commission a Neal told the Telegraph. A everybody was interested and we All went to after the appropriate county agencies decided which route would be Best for the Airport it became Clear that some sort of master plan would be needed before Federal and state agencies could be persuaded to allocate Grants for the improvements. Quot we got a master plan going a Neal said a which had plans for improvements on up to 1990. The runway work and the new terminal Complex we re doing now is part of that Neal said the plan required approval of the Federal aviation administration before funding of the work could in obtained. Of the total $8 4 million Cost of the present work the runway project is costing about $6 9 million. The new terminal is costing $15 million. On the runway project the major portion of funding was provided through Faa and appalachian regional commission Grants. The state aeronautics commission chipped in another five per cent and the county commission put in the remaining to per cent. On the terminal Complex project the county commission floated a $1.2 Bond Issue and the economic development administration came up with the remaining costs. Neal estimates that the major portion of the runway project should be completed by mid january depending on weather conditions. Quot we wont be Able to get Asphalt after nov. 15,&Quot Neal said a because that a when the Asphalt plants close Down. But depending on the weather we re going ahead with putting Down Stone and doing everything else we can. We done to expect to miss the completion Date by the new terminal Complex should be completed and opened by the first of november he said. Future plans for the facility include providing additional parking space to meet increased traffic generated by full Jet service a new firehouse and widening the taxiway at the facility. Neal said that work will probably Cost in the neighbourhood of $3 million adding that the authority plans to apply for Federal arid state Grants for the improvements by sept. 30. A the main thing when we went into the whole project was the master plan a Neal said. A i knew we had to have it and fortunately we got it done and got it approved. You can to get anywhere without a the master plan also was approved by the state aeronautics commission Neal said the Raleigh facility meanwhile presently accepts charter Jet aircraft but Piedmont s full service wont be underway until the runway and terminal improvements Are completed commuter service through the Aero Mech firm at Clarksburg offering daily flights to Pittsburgh pa., and Morgantown also is available at the Beckley facility. The same firm meanwhile plans to begin similar commuter flights at the Mercer Airport by oct. I. If the five and one half year period from getting a master plan started and work on the improvements Well underway at the Raleigh Airport can be used As a yardstick for similar improvements which May be done at the Merce facility the lot a1 Airport authority will have t work fast to obtain Jet capabilities by the Tim Piedmont phases out its ys-11 aircraft the Mercer Airport authority has scheduled a meeting in Washington on sept. 8 with u. Senator Jennings Randolph and Faa officials to an attempt to get a proposed regional air transportation study off the ground Page two column one it inside today s ital Rrapi cult victim. The daughter of a physician describes a month Long Nightmare with the a a druids in new Mexico. A programmed Quot by hypnosis she is Back with her parents but still has a return air ticket. Page i. Section d. A Mother and daughter Are rented at the Mercer county Airport after a life Long separation. Page i Section d. Sen. Robert Byrd addresses the state Moose convention at Concord. Page i Section d. A total of 106 entries have been received for the daily Telegraph s area Golf tournament which gets underway at Fincastle Friday. Page i Section a sports. Index Hilly Graham. 7c business. In Church news. 7c classified. 3-9d Coal pages. 10-1 in crafts. 12c Dennis. A Dixon. I editorials. 4 a entertainment of Femini Nely speaking. In final Frame so just supposing. 10a obituaries. A pet Corner. A so society. sports. I in tee to Green. In weather. 3a Leeq Rappette Betty flt entering Arena. Or Sci. To the of flattery re trips upon the Kemper citation they of a re j in \ a. Sunday morning August 22, 1976 Virginia warm today and monday. Highs today in Low 90�?Ts and lows in mid 50�?Ts. 15 cents daily or cents j j sunday

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