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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 2

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Bluefield, West Virginia Football. I preview of the Mullen rebels is in the sports Section today. It will be Pine i Ville tuesday. Slut Field ills w. V�., monday morning August 14, 1967 weather. Mostly sunny and pleasant today. Highs 75-82, tuesday fair warmer. 7 cents 1 i cents daily 3 sundae Saigon monks is. Flyers raid rail Yards new tests in nearest red China strike Captain Crew of soviet ship Are released Viet election seen Torget of buddhists Saigon a Saigon s militant buddhists Are threatening to begin new protests against the government informed sources report. The sources say the militant buddhists no longer As powerful As they once were will try to disrupt the current presidential election. They plan a protest meeting monday. They will base their protest on a new Buddhist charter signed in the last week of july by chief of state Nguyen Thieu which in effect recognizes a no militant Buddhist sect As the official Buddhist Church of South Vietnam. But behind the protests will be the Leader of the militant buddhists. Thich venerable tri Quang whose hatred of the present military government is Well known. Has support tri quangos militant buddhists. With the support of Many other Buddhist sects tried to overthrow the government of Premier Nguyen Cao by last year by calling thousands of demonstrators into the streets of Saigon and other major vietnamese cities. They succeeded in getting by to Promise elections for a constitutional Assembly and an elected government. The Assembly drafted a Constitution and a new government is being elected but with the likelihood that by and Thieu will remain at the Helm. While making concessions by also effectively crushed tri quangos militant buddhists. Tri Quang is now almost a prisoner in Saigon san Quang Pagoda. He and his disciples Are not permitted to travel to Northern Vietnam where their sects sect s strength is based. The Power of the militant buddhists has been markedly reduced. Are feuding in addition other Buddhist factions who were frightened away by tri quangos militant tactics have been feuding with the militants. The unified Buddhist Church formed to help overthrow dictator Ngo Dinh diem in 1963, now exists in name Only. The new charter signed by Thieu in july will take even More Power away from tri quangos group. The militants always had More votes in the unified Buddhist Church conventions because each province had one Delegate and tri Uang a people Are More widespread. But the new charter Calls for one representative from each sect and the no militants who Are More divided than tri Quang s group will command More votes. New charter tri quangos people Center in an Quang Pagoda while the no militants Are based at the Vien Hoa Dao nearby. Both groups have elected patriarchs but under the new charter the Vien Hoa Dao will be the a a another Church for Vietnam a buddhists. Tri Quang has been looking for an antigovernment Issue for some time and this May be it. The militant buddhists grumbled when the government re fused to let exiled Gen. Duong Minh return to run for president. And they spoke of reprisals when the Assembly eliminated two Buddhist slates from the Senate election for a pro communist and neutralise Quot views. But in both cases they took no action. If they fail to make an Issue of the charter Many believe it will prove the militant buddhists Are no longer a political Force in South a striking closer to red China than Ever before . Pilots reported destroying or damaging More than 100 pieces of rolling Stock sunday inv raids on three North vietnamese Railroad Yaras. Among the targets was a rail Road Yard and Highway Bridge at Lang son Only 10 Miles from the chinese Border. Ground fighting remained in a Lull but 21 . Navy Seabee were wounded sunday near Danang when two rounds of 60mm mortar used by american a free Trade is proposed Washington a free Trade Between the United states and Canada has been proposed by banker David Rockefeller. Rockefeller president of new Yorkus Chase Manhattan Bank said americans trading opportunities abroad Are being lessened by the establishment of regional trading groups such As the european common Market and he thinks another group should be formed with the United states and Canada As a nucleus. Afterwards he said other nations would eventually be invited in. He suggested Japan and Australia plus Britain if that country is Frozen out of the european Market. He advanced his ideas in a copyrighted interview in the Magazine . News k world report. Rain German Leader a West German Chan Celler Kurt George Kiesinger walks from air plane in new York sunday on the first leg of a week Long visit to the United states Kiesinger was greeted in a Light rain by German ambassador to the u. S. Heinrich Knappstein partly obscured by umbrella and new York City officials. The German party boarded a u. S. Air Force plane for the trip to Washington . Where Kiesinger met with president Johnson. A wire photo w. German chief arrives for talks by Lewis Gulick Washington it a West German Chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger arrived in Washington sunday for talks with president Johnson and will be joined monday by his foreign minister Willy Brandt. Kiesinger made Only a Brief off the cuff statement on arrival at nearby Andrews air Force Rines mistakenly landed in the Seabee compound. Seven of the wounded required evacuation. There were no reports from the american command of any warplanes being downed in sundays raids. Hanoi s Vietnam news Agency said two planes were 9hot Down in Lang son town and Nghe an province. Stepped up raids stepping up the 2vi-year air 1 Campaign against North Vietnam . Fighter bombers also raided for the first time two rail Yards 19 and 26 Miles from China the . Command said. A spokesman said that before sunday the closest target to China was the Cao Hung rail Yard about 30 Miles from the Border which was hit last month. Air Force f105 thunderchief pilots flying out of bases in Thailand mounted morning and afternoon raids on the Lang son Railroad Yard and nearby siding. Pilots reported a Large fuel explosion and three fires at the siding and estimated that 30 or 40 pieces of rolling Stock were destroyed or damaged. Lang son is 81 Miles Northeast of Hanoi. Railroad hit . Navy pilots operating from the Carrier Constellation in the Tonkin Gulf in a coordinated raid hammered the Lang son Railroad and Highway Bridge. The Navy said that intelligence photos taken after the strike showed the Center Span of the Bridge had been knocked out and the Northern approach Cut. An antiaircraft site in the area also was reported damaged during the raid. Other air Force f105 thunderchief pilots reported destroying or damaging 55 pieces of rolling Stock at the Lang Dang Railroad Yard 26 Miles from China a Southern Border. Pilots said they ripped up rails in several places and touched off four secondary explosions. Thailand based f4 phantoms j were credited with destroying or damaging 35 pieces of rolling Stock in the Lang Gia Railroad Yard 19 Miles from the Border j pilots reported sighting 100 Box vessel leaves red China port for Vladivostok by Anthony co lungs grizzly bears attack sleepers a two Are killed said there was no explanation miss Helgeson badly mauled for the attacks. Park rangers but still alive she died before la ,. She could be taken by Helicon with High powered rifles were a searching for the bears. A we re in the other incident a Bear West Glacier Mont. Apr wild marauding bears killed two 19-year-old girls in sleeping bags 20 Miles apart in Glacier National Park Early sunday and seriously injured a 19-year-old sure going to try to get them charged into a Campground at boy. Dodd said. Trout Lake on Western Side killed were Michele Koons of j grizzly attacked miss Hel Moscow apr the cad i 530 dieg0 calf a and Julie Hel Geson and Ducat about Midnight Moscow a the Cap Geson 0f Albert Lea Man. Roy As they slept near other Camp. Ers. The Bear attacked miss Hel Tain of a besieged soviet ship and three other crewmen have been released from chinese Captivity and their ship has de i parted with them from Dairen the soviet Union announced sunday. With her Hull superstructure and equipment a pasted Over with anti soviet the merchant ship Svirsk was escorted from the yellow sea port by seven tugboats filled with red guards the announcement said. It added that All crewmen were aboard but the ship s documents were seized by the chinese and their whereabouts Are unknown. The vessel is heading for Vladivostok the main soviet port for far Eastern shipping the announcement said. Kosygin demand Premier Alexei n. Kosygin demanded saturday that chinese Premier Chou in Lai guarantee the Crews safety against red guard violence release the Captain and other captured crewmen and let the ship leave. A peking broadcast heard in Tokyo made no mention of the Kosygin demand saying Only that a the chinese government i ordered the Captain and one other crewman to leave China and never come Back to this country. The government also decided to escort the soviet ship out of the sundays announcement said the ship suffered an undisclosed amount of damage when red guards stormed aboard during the weekend. It did not mention whether crewmen suffered j casualties but earlier soviet reports said the Captain had been beaten. Updated reports the announcement updated a Ducat of Perrysburg Ohio was seriously injured. The Koons girl was killed when a Bear attacked a group of i 8�son first then pounced on do campers at Trout Lake. Another Bear attacked miss Helgeson and Ducat As they camped near Granite Park chalet about 20 air Miles from Trout Lake asst. Park supt. Jack Dodd cat. He managed to escape and the animal went Back to the girl dragging her 400 feet. Ranger Gary Runney. Armed with a Rifle led a search parly into the Campground and found of the Park about 4 . Rangers said it sniffed at five sleeping bags while their occupants Lay Frozen with fear. Then it grabbed miss Koons. The other four persons camped with her got out of their sleeping bags and escaped. Rangers said apparently the Zipper on the girls sleeping bag stuck. Her body was dragged about 100 Yards. None of the others was reported injured. Taft tells Welch audience that Johnson group runs out of steam by Matt Yancey Robert Taft or. Of Ohio told a Republican rally in Welch sunday the a Johnson administration has run out of appearing with rep. Arch Moore of West Virginia Taft told Over 300 area republicans a we have an exhausted executive department and a congressional majority without answers to americans Many Domestic and foreign Moore after the rally was asked if he is seeking the governorship in 1968. Sutton and right now i am speaking in Moore stated. Quot a definite statement concerning myself and the gubernatorial election in 1968 will come in a very Short wants Moore state Republican chairman John c. Shott of Bluefield asked about Moore a candidacy said a we Hope Moore will choose to run for governor in 1968. Right now he is the one Man that state democrats fear Shott said that Moore probably will announce cars in the Yard but a Complete Moscow radio report that red damaged assessment was Ham j guard a a outrages against the Perez by smoke covering the i merchant ship Svirsk base saying he was pleased to be making his first official visit to the . As West Germany a Chancellor. Apart from european defense Kiesinger and president Johnson Are expected to cover a Broad Range of issues in their talks including the nature of the Alliance Between the two countries and the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. The meeting comes amid improving relations Between Washington and Bonn. Stronger ties before his Takeoff. Kiesinger told newsmen at Cologne Wahn Airport he believes his visit will strengthen the ties Between the two nations which he said Are drawn together by Mutual interests. However he added a we live in a quickly changing world. For this season every Alliance must be examined to determine whether it has adjusted itself to the changing Kiesinger a policy of greater German Independence of the United states in Europe is accepted Here and the Bonn government has taken pains recent-4 by to assure the United states that Bonne a proposed defense spending cuts will not mean a Pell Mell reduction in German troop strength. To spend week Kiesinger and his wife plan to spend a week in the . Capital but much of their visit will be private with their daughter and american son in Law or. And mrs. Volkmar k. Wentzel who live Here. The official portion of the visit comes tuesday and wednesday. On those Days the German chief will meet with Johnson vice president Hubert h. Humphrey the . Secretaries of state defense and Treasury end congressional leaders and the press. . And German sources list the forthcoming Johnson Kiesinger talks As informal and with no fixed Agenda but like Fly to cover these topics in the course of a Broad International review european and Atlantic policy future posture of the North Atlantic treaty organization the proposed treaty to bar the spread of nuclear weapons East West relations and moves to improve ties with communist East Europe Vietnam and ways to improve the liquidity of International finances. First news the first news of the Kiesinger cabinets decision last month on a sizeable defense budget reduction caused consternation Here. German defense sources said then the Money Cut would slash the German military Force by As much As 60.000 men. The . Government has been under mounting Domestic pressure to reduce the big . Force in Germany. But it has resisted any cutbacks by the nato allies without prior consultation among them in the Light of Over All defense requirements. Area they said. Supply line the rail Yards Are Long the main rail Supply line that runs Northeast from Hanoi. In South Vietnam . B52 bombers mounted a pre Dawn raid monday against suspected communist bunkers caves and fortified positions in Khanh Hoa province about 200 Miles Northeast of Saigon. Not a single significant a have been stopped Quot but that another crewman the second navigator was seized and taken to a secret location. The new announcement made Clear that the navigator has been released. There was no hint when the latest developments took place but presumably they occurred after capt. Viktor a. Korzhov who the russians say was arrested Friday was brought to the pier saturday in an unsuccessful chinese attempt to sex ground action was listed in the american communique issued change him for second Taviga a ass Quot a a d a a that it a is ate was monday Horning. I tor Stanislav v. Ivanov. Real y indicating to Andrews in terrorist activities Viet men crewmen refused to a Pell us what we want to Cong guerrillas set off a Clay the navigator Over to a hear Dean and then its All More mine Early monday at the of red numbering not. Headquarters of a government Ltd in Pomr Ohhi it. Andrews a 44-year-old lawyer Headquarters militia company in the Saigon suburb of Gia Dinh inflicting Light casualties on the company a South vietnamese military spokesman reported. In another incident in Gia Dinh sunday a Viet con ter j Aorist tossed a grenade at a police station wounding five civil ians. The terrorist escaped. Perhaps 2,500. The communist party paper pravda said the Young followers of Mao tse Tung stormed the ship broke windows and equipment and threatened violence to crewmen. Moscow radio said later the navigator was taken a by Force by the red guards. Narrows Man Dies after wreck in Bland county not seriously injured. Sons of Shott also remarked that the Strong turnout at this rally a is More than sufficient evidence that the Republican party is far from being dead in Southern West Moore said a the people of Mcdowell county and the people of West Virginia Are getting tired of a tired state administration and tired leadership. Machine politics a this is the time of year when All West virginians done to want any More promises but they want realizations of those Moore charged a West Virginia now has a state government that is the outgrowth of machine politics and seems to be Content with maintaining the condition we Are in now. A your status quo state government seems unable to generate the spark to bring new industries into the state it cannot improve education facilities. And it cannot build the roads we so desperately Moore stated that while the current Democrat administration a claims they have completed 25 per cent of West Virginia s interstate highways they have actually Only completed 12 per West Virginia now ranks 47th in the nation in the completion of interstate col. W. H. Ballard ii who introduced Moore said a there is no four Lane Highway and none planned for Mcdowell Strong gop leadership Taft stated that Strong Republican leadership is taking Over at All Levels of government. A March Moore your congressman is a Bright Star in that leadership in Congress. In the states the 25 dynamic Republican governors Are showing the Way to sound government. Its apparent that effective action on our Many problems will Only come from increasing Republican Power at All Levels of government. A America demands imagination in response to today a Complex world a Taft asserted. A your people demand answers and action rather than words and inaction or reaction. We Are becoming aware that a tired administration cannot meet today a challenges and Are beginning to worry about what will happen on and on Taft argued that a the present administration is unable to ing an alleged co spin i a w i Upu Attu a meet the challenges of Viet murder president John f. Ken stretches from 800 to 1.400 Miles Nam the Middle East waste i from the pro Mao stronghold of Ful foreign Aid and the list goes peking. Neighbouring provinces j on and on a i have proven centers of Strong i resistance to the communist i party chairman Flthe first congressional Dis j his intentions in Early septem strict Only goes As far South As 1 ber. Tank artillery Battles reported in red China Tokyo apr tank and artillery Battles in mountainous Southwest China near chunking and Extension of Mao tse Tungos dominance past the great Wall of China in Tsin Khai province were among reports sunday on red China a Power struggle. Nationalist chinese intelligence sources were quoted by the official news Agency on for perjury trial in final round new Orleans a the state told the jury sunday that Dean Andrews a tried to play games with the grand jury in the Kennedy assassination probe and wound up trapped in that heavy fighting was raging Mosa As saying anti Mao forces had captured the Industrial City of Nanchang about 90 Miles North of chunking in the southwestern Mainland province of Sze Chwan. There were no reports elsewhere of this fighting. Fierce fighting the news Agency said Nanchang was taken tuesday after five Days of fierce fighting and lies. In final arguments before the perjury trial went to the Orleans Parish criminal District court jury the prosecution said All Andrews had to do was Tell the truth but that he tried to cover up. Defense lawyer Harry Bur who once advised Lee Harvey Oswald on some minor Legal matters was cited on five counts of perjury a primarily because he said he could not identify Clay Shaw As the mysterious Clay Bertrand. Dist. Atty. Jim Garrison contends that Shaw wealthy retired at chunking world War ii capital of Gen. Chiang Kai Shek the nationalist president. It said Chengdu the Sze Chwan provincial capital and site of an american air base in world War ii was engulfed in fighting which broke out Friday and that Many buildings were destroyed and communications lines Cut. The nationalist intelligence sources also were quoted As saying traffic on All main red chinese railroads had been disrupted by clashes. Pure committee peking radio in a Tokyo monitored broadcast claimed Mao supporters had set up a purge committee to take Over a fifth chinese province Mineral Rich Tsi Ghai in the tibetan a 54-year-old i Highlands. New or some doubt remained Howe leans businessman used the or whether the maoists actual name Bertrand As an alias Dur j by had firm control of sparsely alleged conspiracy. To populated Tsi Ghai which Nedy. The defense rested its Case after simply playing the tape recording of the questioning of Andrews during his March 16 a George Lee Walls 28, of Nar a. Rows va., died in Bluefield Samuel Clemens of Rocky Gap Peai Ance. Sanitarium sunday at 6 40 . They were treated and released the a a a at Bluefield sanitarium follow and a half presenting ing the Accident. Picture of persistent it Piroga a. Walls was admitted to the Tion and Andrews sometimes i Hospital in critical condition and a the victim of multiple head and Chest injuries received in a one vehicle Accident on state route is in Bland county va., at 7 15 . Saturday aug. 12. Sate police identified Walls As the Driver of a pick up truck which went out of control on 61 Wolf Creek Road two and one half Miles East of Rocky Gap va., left the Highway and overturned. Walls and two Young Bland county boys Riding with him were thrown from the vehicle into the Roadway. The boys Samuel a. Clemens Lynchburg Man remained critical until the time of his death Hospital spokesmen said. The critical head injuries proved fatal. State trooper w. E. Dalton amp Aid Walls and the boys who had been in the mountains on an Outing were driving West on Wolf Creek Road when the truck failed to negotiate a curve and overturned. The body of the victim was taken to riffed a funeral Home the was jr., 12, and Roger Lee Clemens,1 in Narrows. Funeral arrange-10, of Rocky Gap va., were ments remain incomplete. Confusing Slang speech defense contended no lie proven. Magazines seized Mexico City apr Magazine stands were Bare of Bare girls this past weekend. Mexican authorities confiscate d 2,000 copies of allegedly pornographic magazines most of them published in the United states and were investigating How they got into Mexico. Richmond apr Henrico i county police arrested a Lynch a at Home the administration cannot meet the challenges of maintaining a stable Economy a Taft charged. A the proposed a Johnson tax increase May spiral us into a depression while at the same time the failure to slice Federal spending accelerates the problems of Taft charged the attorney general with failing to respond Burg Man saturday and charged Wale to j2w and order Are challenged. A crime has rocketed 49 per cent since 1960,�?� he said. Taft said a the Nistra him with murder in the fatal shooting of a Glen Allen Man. Margin m. Rogers 67. Was charged with shooting Charles Edward Brooks 43, in a parking lot saturday morning beside a store in Glen Allen. Police said Rogers told them he shot at Brooks about five times when the victim tried to attack him with a knife. Five million counterfeit British pounds printed by nazis found in Italy Merano. Italy a a Cache of five million pounds in counterfeit British Sterling printed by the nazis in world War ii was found saturday night in a Church Organ in this North italian City. Merano Bankers identified the fake Money As part of millions printed by nazis for a operation that was a plan to undermine Britain a financial system by flooding the world j Start a systematic search for Money markets with counterfeit More fake Money in labels ,. Castle which served As a Ger neat bundles of Sterling notes were found inside a huge Organ in the Church of san Valentino in the Maia Alta Section of Merano. The Money apparently was hidden there when the German army retreated from Northern Italy in 1945. Authorities said they would Man in Merano Headquarters during the War. It was Only because some org Woodwork thinking the Date might be carved somewhere inside. According to banking specialists Here the Cache was part of a second printing. The first notes turned out in an specialists were looking for Germany were badly done and the Date of the san Valentino easily recognizable As fake. Organs Money opened construction that the was found. Artisans part of the exterior some of t hem Scotland and rounded up. Showed quickly up m were to turn out the next Batch a master counterfeiter who had been imprisoned by the nazis was ordered released allegedly by Adolf Hitler personally to engrave Pound note plates. The results were better. The germans managed to Exchange some of the Bills for real pounds . Dollars and Argentine pesos in Neutral nations. The counterfeit Money also was used to finance spy operations. The famous spy a Cicero a who worked As a Butler in the British embassy in Ankara Turkey demanded payment in pounds. He was Given counterfeit. The counterfeit Cache was All that the specialists uncovered inside the Organ. They did not find the Date they were looking for. Tiona swords continue to flow while the Battle to reestablish the economies of depressed areas to really do something about poverty shows Little demand War attention a Republican leaders however demanded first attention to the War and have offered a number of positive constructive solutions. The Opportunity crusade the National Home ownership foundation and Many other similar proposals represent Republican attempts to solve the nations problems a Taft concluded. The rally was sponsored by the Mcdowell county Republican executive committee and was held at the National guard armory in Welch. Others on the program included j. S. Crockett Welch mayor w. B. Swope and Rev. Billy Crane

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