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Blackfoot News Newspaper Archives May 23 1896, Page 1

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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - May 23, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoO vol. 9.Blackfoot, Bingham county Idaho saturday May 23, 1896. No. 52 local happenings Para graphed. May Flowers May Bloom in june not sooner. Congress May not adjourn until after the two National conventions. The Public schools of Blackfoot will close 29th of May. Bassetts stage teams went North wednesday morning. The line will be put in operation 1st of june. Robert Mackie made proof in the local land office wednesday on a valuable Timber claim of 160 acres. Tom Crane one of the oldest merchants of soda Springs died a few Days ago from apoplexy. Boise City is afflicted with a number of cases of Scarlet Ina. Nebraska had a Cyclone at Falls City last saturday in which 40 persons were killed. The Man who expects to outrun a lie had better Start with Good shoes on his feet. A new Post office has been established in Fremont county Ora with Ella p. Kerr pos mistress. The measurement of the size of Ada county a disappointment at the Pocatello convention is still in Progress. Rev. Or. Yost will preach at the Porter school House West Side sunday afternoon at 2 of clock. Mrs. J. Bassett will take charge of the Bassett hotel at Beaver Canon about the 15th of june. Or. And mrs Willson came Down from the Falls Friday to make yearly proof on a desert entry. Martin Johnson has been appointed postmaster at Minnedosa Lincoln co., vice j. W. Foster resign red. Look out for Flowers for decoration Day. If you have none in your Garden place your order in time to have them on that Day. John Montgomery has begun the construction of his Stone business building on main Street. It is going to be an All around Good building. Those who want the latest Webster dictionary with Holder should at once see a. G. Whitter agent North american publishing co. Major Gallagher is in Pocatello in route from Washington to warm Springs Indian Agency Oregon where he is to take charge As agent. Eighteen thousand immigrants from Italy Are on their Way to our shores and will arrive this week. So says the new York Tribune of tuesday last. Montgomery a new business building on main Street was leased before the foundation was completed. That is a Pointer showing the demands for business houses in Blackfoot. Or. And mrs. Biethan and or and mrs. Dietrich drove Down to Pocatello monday afternoon to hear pudding head Wilson at the opera House. They returned the next Day. The methodist general conference in session at Cleveland Ohio has retired two Bishops and elected two new ones. Those elected were successful on the 15th ballot. Or. Mingus and miss Morrison and or. Arthur Whittier and miss Bassett attended the special services at it. Hall Indian school thursday evening. The counties of Marshall Nemaha and Brown of Kansas were visited by a Cyclone sunday in which 28 lives were lost and Over one million dollars Worth of property destroyed. Isador Smith a Pioneer of Boise county and a Man held in High esteem by those who knew him died at Boise City a few Days ago. His disease was malignant jaundice common in malarial countries but rarely known in Idaho a Little Sabbath school girl says there will be no marriages in heaven because there Are not men enough up there to a go around. House cleaners use al Bastine at Ben h. Fernish s. Fresh soda Pearl Oyster Lemon snap lady Finger fruit biscuit Cracker. Full Cream cheese horse radish strained Honey at Biethan s. W. Dudley has sold out his entire lumber business to the Blackfoot lumber company and will go up to Custer county to accept the superintendency of a mine. Hon. Jonas w. Brown guardian has arranged for a special attendant for Joe Oldham in the Asylum. That is a very proper move. Or. Oldham is gradually giving away and his condition is such As to require the services of an attendant All the time. Blackfoot a merchants will close their business houses decoration Day after the hours of 10 of clock a. All should make a note of this and Supply themselves with needed articles before saturday of that week. Secretary Hoke Smith has granted an Extension of ten Days time to the state land Board in which to reach a satisfactory conclusion As to its action in the Peoples canal and american Falls company a contest Case now pending at Washington. A the land office did the following business of the week to thursday afternoon Homestead entries 14. Homestead proofs 2. Desert entries 5. Timber culture proofs 1. Some parties in Blackfoot have an idea that the Odd Fellows keep a Sexton to look after All the Graves in the cemetery. In this they Are mistaken. The Sexton has an oversight Only of the grounds and water. Every owner of a lot is supposed to look after and care for his own grounds. The physicians of Chicago enjoy Peculiar privileges As regards transportation. For fifty cents he can procure of the City clerk a a badge with a red Cross which gives him the right of Way. The physician can then pin on the badge and mount his wheel or Carriage and All vehicles Are obliged to yield him precedence sex. The Moreland dramatic company will present the new military drama entitled a by Force of impulse a at Blackfoot on saturday next May 23d. The company has added some very Good Talent lately which will be sure to bring Success to their efforts. The Public should not miss the entertainment As it will be a rare treat in the Way of theatricals. A Potlatch Farmer Carl Meyer while descending the Steep Hill near Kendrick met with a serious Accident which nearly Cost him his life. He was going to town with a Load of hogs the end Gate gave Way and the Man and hogs were thrown on the horses. The horses became unmanageable and ran upsetting everything. The Man was badly injured the hogs killed the Wagon smashed to pieces and the horses severely news. There were nine applicants for teachers certificates at the examination last Friday. One received a second Grade and one a third Grade certificate. Four pupils of the Blackfoot schools took the examination which was composed of 11 branches and made the following average Carl Titus 78 in ten branches. Mabel Pyle 69 in ten branches. Lillian West 71 in eight branches. Elma Anderson 71 in 8 branches. The opening of the reservation Means a Large increase of new school districts in this county with no source from which we can Hope for a proportionate increase of Revenue. The financial Outlook for our schools is indeed gloomy with no Hope for improvement until the reservation lands Are patented and taxed. It will need Clear Heads and sound judgment to steer the finances of the several school districts for the next few years and in a great Many districts it will be necessary for the residents to vote a special tax to maintain even the three months term of school made mandatory by the school press. The Public schools of Blackfoot will close on Friday May 29th. In the higher department examinations will be written on the last three Days of the week closing with arithmetic on Friday Forenoon. No school session will be called on that afternoon As the pupils of the various grades Are making preparation for a Public entertainment to be rendered in the courtroom on Friday evening for which the following is a sketch of the program fairy Drill. Miss fifes pupils. Dialogue imps in the cloak room. Music. Fancy dress Drill miss Houcks pupils. Alex sweets love Story. Music. Berryman. Empire Drill Young ladies of the High school department. N. Titus principal. Rev. Talmage says Good things in every Sermon that he preaches. There is always something that is Good sound doctrine entirely Independent of its religious bearing. In one of his recent productions he gave this advice to Young men a we May in our places of business be compelled to talk to and mingle with bad men but he who deliberately chooses to associate himself with vicious people is engaged in carrying on a courtship with a Delilah whose shears will clip off All the locks of his strength and he will be tripped into perdition. Sin is catching is infectious is epidemic. I will let you look Over the millions of people now inhabiting the Earth and i Challenge you to show me a Good Man who after one year has made Choice and consorted with the wicked. A thousand dollars Reward for one such instance. I care not How Strong your character May be. Go with the corrupt and you will become corrupt. Clan with burglars and you will become a burglar go among the unclean and you will become unclean. Many a Young Man has been destroyed by not appreciating this a bad weather in Fremont this Spring has been one of the Many disagreeable. We have not had but several Days warm weather All the balance have been Stormy or the wind has been blowing so that it is almost impossible to get Gazette. Senator Shoupes family is expected Home from Washington about june 1st. One bottle of National Dehorney will Dehorn 3,000 calves for $1.00, at Ben h. Fernish a. Good news for travelling Public. The orders heretofore in Force prohibiting passengers from Riding on freight trains Between Pocatello and Lima have been so modified that a passenger is now permitted to ride on any freight train either regular or extra which stops at regular stations. He will not be allowed to Flag trains to get on or to Stop them to get off where they Are not required to Stop for other purposes. The person accepting this privilege assumes All risk of personal injury and damage to baggage. The May festival of music. The May festival of music advertised for decoration Day by the Blackfoot choral society is the culmination of the class exercises that or. Kiefer has been drilling for the past three months. The whole program will be rendered by pupil3 of or. Kiefer. At the conclusion of the evenings program the audience will no doubt agree that Blackfoot ranks Well to the front musically speaking in Idaho. The following program will be rendered every number being a Gem a the old Oaken bucket a chorus 30 voices. Piano Solo. A nearer my god a mrs. Lina w. Kiefer. Solo a visions of the old folks at Home a miss Wright. A soldiers Farewell a twelve male voices. Duett a love divine a from the daughter of Jairus miss Wheeler and or. Kiefer. A Send out thy Light,. Piano Duett. Selected mrs. And or. Kiefer. Male , messes Kiefer Vogler Danilson and Barnhart. Duett. A Sailor sighs a mrs. Barnhart and or. Kiefer. Piano Solo. A last Hope a miss Wheeler. A Home Sweet Home. Chorus. idol of my heart a or. Kiefer. A Good quartet got it mixed. A Printer in making up news in the form getting the Page ready to print took a handful of Type from the end of a fire item and by mistake put it against the first part of a funeral notice. In the paper it read like this a the pall bearers lowered the body into the grave and As it was consigned to the flames there were few if any regrets for the old wreck had been an eyesore to the town for years. Of course there was individual loss but that was covered by . Arctic sunburn. To hear of suffering from heat in the Arctic regions sounds incredible to those who have never been there says a contemporary. Lieutenant Gilder relates the experience of his party from this cause while one summer in King Williams land and declares that probably nowhere on Earth is the traveler More annoyed by acute sunburn than in the frigid zone. The heat of Ordinary exercise compels him to throw Back the Hood of his fur coat and by thus exposing the head not Only his entire face becomes blistered but especially if he is fashionable enough to Wear his hair thin on the top of his head his entire Scalp is affected about As severely As if a bucket of scalding water had been poured upon him. At a later period lieutenant Schwatka a entire party while upon a Sledge journey from Marble Island to Camp Daly were so severely burned that not Only their faces but their entire Heads were swollen to nearly twice their size. And a Fine looking party they were. Some had faces so swollen that their eyes were completely closed on Awakening from sleep. When one was fortunate enough to be Able to see the others he could not refrain from american special rate notices. For the Republican National convention held at st. Louis mo., june 16th, the Union Pacific by. Will sell tickets june 11th and 12th, Good returning until june 23d, at one fare for the round trip. National democratic convention at Chicago july 7th. Selling dates july 2d and 3d. Return limit july 14th. One fare for the round trip. National prohibition convention at Pittsburg penn., May 27th and 29th. Selling dates May 21st and 22d. Return limit june 2d. Rate of one fare for the round trip. A National convention Young Peoples societies of Christian Endeavor at Washington d. C., july 7th to 13th, Selling dates june 30th, july 1st final return limit july 19th. Annual meeting Baptist Young Peoples Union at Milwaukee wis., july 16th to i9th. Dates of Sale july 12th and 13th, Good returning from Milwaukee july 22d. By depositing tickets with joint agent at Milwaukee on or before july 20th. And Extension of time May be obtained to and including August 5 the. For meeting National educational association at Buffalo n. Y., july 3d to 10th. One fare plus $2.00 for the round trip. Tickets on Sale from Points in Idaho june 28th and 29th, Good returning until july 15th. Annual Encampment g. A. A department of Idaho at Lewiston Idaho june 10th. Rate of one and one fifth fare. Tickets will be limited to continuous passage in both directions via. Direct lines going and returning same route. J. A. Collins agent. Central committee meeting. A meeting of the Bingham county democratic Central committee will be held at Idaho Falls on saturday May 30, at 2 of clock p. M., for the purpose of providing for the election of three delegates to the state convention to be held at Pocatello on june 16, and for such other business As May come before it. Ail members of said committee Are earnestly requested to be present. G. H. Sturek chairman Geo. Chapin Secretary. The boy explained. A woman accompanied by her son who was about nine years old was passenger on the Staten Island boat the other Day. She was a very nervous woman and he a boy who wanted to see the boat leave the ship but the Mother seized his Arm and said Harry what did i Tell you now you sit right Down and keep quiet a later on he wanted to see Castle William and Ellis Island but she gave him a cuff on the ear and exclaim red a Harry must i whip you before All these people a a but can to i see something a he protested. A yes you can look around the he was quiet for five minutes and then edged away to look at an Ocean Steamer. He had Only reached the window when the Mother was after him and As she Shook him and flopped him Down she said a i done to know Why i brought you along a a i do a he answered. A the idea of you acting As you do a a you bring me along a he continued in a voice which reached every part of the Cabin a because you Are going to get married and give me a new a but when we got there he did not show up and i Hope he never during the next ten minutes that boy had the Range of the boat while his Mother sat Bolt upright and kept her eyes fastened on the free press. The ladies of Boise will get out an edition of the daily statesman in june the proceeds to be equally divided Between the Relief society and the City Library. Every town in the state is to be represented. Cord Wood at Trego a. One minute is the Standard time and one minute cough cure is the Standard preparation for every form of cough or cold. It is the Only harmless remedy that produces immediate amp Greene. The markets. Corrected every thursday evening eggs per dozen. 12% lard per Pound. Butter per Pound. 15 @ 20 Beans per Pound. 05 apples dried per Pound. 8j oranges per dozen. 35 bananas per dozen. 50 flour per Hundred.1 60 @ 1 90 outs per Hundred. 1 25 a heat per a Undril. 85 Alfalfa seed per Pound. Us Honey per Pound. I potatoes per him a. 50 cabbage per it f a. 04. Onions per <12% Hay per 5 00 n c. Bunting amp co. 5pcak$ to your profit and interest pad their display Quot and to Day n ii a i now is to paint the time your House before the summer heat Gomes. Ill Best and most Complete line of a 4 Var ashes conors paiute oils sol Bieri White Lead. My prepared House and Carriage paints Are the very Best on the Market. Paint brushes any size or Quality. R drugs and smokers articles in Stock. Pure next door North of d. H. Biethan a physicians prescriptions compounded Day or night 5f die again new Beautiful stylish cheap 60c, 73c. 90c. 1.25 1.35, 1.75, �00, 2.23. R it 1 my a ring avg ladies capes ladies capes come now and get your Choice. I 25c., 30c., 35c., j�.0c.t a 50o., 60c., 75c., $1.10, a a a i Imit my �?1�?�? a a a a a a a a a cheaper than you can buy the goods and make them. Come examine and be convinced. Done to forget the cheapest place to buy your dry goods hold bid remember harness saddles hardware crockery and glassware stoves furniture Wall paper carpets etc., in Stock at prices lower than Ever. A a al armm mt1t$ tit tt1 if to t Blackfoot k ,

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