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Blackfoot News Newspaper Archives Dec 21 1901, Page 2

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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - December 21, 1901, Blackfoot, IdahoThe Blackfoot news. Perot Jones publisher Blackfoot Idaho. We use 104,000 tons of flax yearly if Ranee comes next with a consumption of 66,000 tons. Once a distinguished russian grand Duke found himself charged 20 francs apiece for Hothouse peaches at a cafe in Paris. A Are Hothouse peaches so scarce then even in mid Winter Quot he asked. A no a replied the maitre d hotel a but grand Dukes the Advance of civilization is noted in the holy land where american Beer has become a popular beverage. Jerusalem now has electric lights telephones and phonographs and trolley lines Are talked of to connect that celebrated City with Bethany Bethlehem the Lake of Galilee and other places famous in Bible history. President Roosevelt s Independence of thought and action was illustrated recently in a manner pleasant to record. He bought three Fine High stepping horses for use in his Carriage at Washington Quot he was particular about having Long tailed horses a said the Man of whom he bought them. A the insisted that they should not be docked. It made no difference to him that Short tailed horses Are considered More for the last two years members of the Baptist Church of Saco me., have been annoyed by a sound of the Church building. While it was not especially troublesome it was annoying from the fact that it was constant and could not be located. The Sexton hunted everywhere for it but without Success until the latter part of last week. In making a More thorough search than usual he found tucked away in a Gable end a swarm of bees and about fifty pounds of Honey. In the Victoria history of the county of Norfolk England the author quotes a note concerning the cod from an old work on British fishes which Days that on a Midsummer eve one was captured in Lynn deeps and brought to the vice Chancellor of Cambridge. In its stomach was found a a Book in three the Date of the discovery was 1626. Can it be that the Scarcity of cod in the present year is to be explained by the fact that the fish have been indulging in a literary diet As did their esteemed predecessor and with fatal effect a few Quot yellow journals May have been eaten by mistake. The Law which is driving religious orders out of France has two very simple provisions. The first is a declaration that All religious associations of whatever kind must submit to the general Law of the Republic and obey the prescriptions Laid Down for the formation of All corporate societies secondly it ordains that All religious institutions in the country must submit to the inspection approval and control of the Bishop in whose diocese they Are established and it provides that no religious association which professes obedience to a Superior residing out of France shall be authorized to exist in the country. The English Home office is reported to be considering the abolition of Black Maria. The origin of the term a Black Maria is curious. When new England was filling with emigrants from the Mother country a negress named Maria Lee kept a sailors boarding House in Boston. She was a woman of great strength and helped the authorities to keep the peace. Frequently the police invoked her Aid Annithe saying a Send for Black Maria Quot came to mean a take him to b it ish seamen were often taken to the lock up by this Amazon and the stories they spread of her achievements led to the name of Black Maria being Given to the English prison Van. There Are Many workingmen in All Large cities who cannot remove to the suburbs who must remain in congested districts because they need to be near their work. Thus there is Force in a recent suggestion that some immense apartment houses be erected where tenements now stand. Such a building sheltering a thousand persons. Perhaps might be from twelve to eighteen stories High supplied with elevators steam heated fire proof and sanitary. In the basement would be a general laundry on an upper floor a Hall for concerts lectures and a sectarian religious services and there would be a roof Garden which would be also a play ground for the children. The Mills hotels in new York City enable single men to live in decency and Comfort at prices working men can afford to pay. The big family hotel would serve the same purpose to married men who cannot leave a neighbourhood of tenements but would like themselves and their families to be farther from sidewalk sounds and scenes and nearer to the sky. An ancient ship was recently discovered in the bed of the old River Lea in England. The vessel found at a depth of seven feet below the surface is about fifty feet Iong and is constructed of Oak throughout with the exception of the keel which is of Elm. The ribs of the boat Are secured to the sides by tree nails while the timbers Are secured with crude Iron nails. The floor boards Are fastened together with nails and the talking is done with Felt. Antiquarians think it belonged to the Fleet with which King Alfred the great fought the Danes. T3e olympian games. A museum of athletic apparatus in which will be exhibited All manner of implements used by athletes from the earliest times up to the present Day promises to be an interesting feature of the olympian games when they Are held Here in 1904, says the Chicago record Herald. Old fashioned Golf clubs that were deemed past improvement when the game was Young in Scotland two centuries ago Odd shaped Cricket bats Tennis racquets of be Olden time battled re and shuttlecock implements of the Long ago in Short al articles which have historical bearing upon sport will be sought to make up a Complete exhibit illustrative of the Progress of the various athletic sports. Uniforms and headgear As Well As Shin guards and any other aids and accessories also will be included in the exhibits. For present Day apparatus manufacturers May contribute from their Stock so that the exhibit May virtually constitute an advertisement for them. Representatives of the principal athletic organizations in the different countries of the world Are expected to attend the Congress Over which King Leopold is to preside at Brussels next Spring. At this meeting the distances of the runs and the rules and regulations to govern the contests will be fixed so that All the athletes who May thereafter go into training will know definitely the conditions which they will meet at Chicago in 1904. The Choice of Volney w. Foster As special representative of the games to Mexico and the South american republics is regarded As a Good move by those instrumental in arranging for the games. The finance committee is made up of seven Chicago men Well known for their business ability Benjamin Rosenthal chairman h. N. Higinbotham sex president of the worlds columbian exposition James a Eckels a comptroller of the Treasury and president of the commercial National Bank Orson Smith president merchants loan and Trust company Clarence Buckingham president of the Union Loop and Northwestern elevated Railroad Charles l. Hutchinson president of the Art Institute and Vic president Corn Exchange National Bank and Otto Young proprietor of the fair. Martin diff a s debut. Chicago has at last a lightweight who promises to become a Champion in his class says the inter Ocean. Martin Duffy is his name and he gave Art Simms the Clever Akron Ite a heating at Detroit in ten rounds that boosted Duffy a Stock sky High. Duffy is tall and slender Simms is Shorter than the chicagoan and he naturally fought for Martins Hody. But Duffy led his left with telling effect for the Bead. He reached Simms jaw again and again with Hooks and jabs that staggered the Ohio Man. Simms made a wild rally in the fourth and fought Duffy s body with both hands. From then on to the eighth round honors were even then Duffy Cut Loose and left jabs and right swings found Simms face in Quick succession. Simms fought Back gamely but was unable to Stem the tide of defeat Duffy punished him badly and nothing but the experience gained in Many Battles saved the Ohio lad from a clean knockout. Duffy s Victory Over Simms places him in direct line for championship Harry Gilmore. Sex lightweight Champion and manager of Martin Duffy honors. The local Man can make 133 pounds ringside which it would Puzzle Many of the so called lightweights to do. Step by step Duffy has climbed up the pugilistic ladder and stands today in a position where he can safety throw Down the Gauntlet to any Man at his weight gathering of Bulliard Ista a great billiard tournament open to the world will be tied in Madison Square Garden during the week beginning december 2. The object of the tournament is to Settle the dispute As to who is the Champion that title having practically died with Frank c. Ives who won the Emblem from George Slosson in 1897, not More than six players will be allowed to compete. In ease there Are More than that number of entries those experts who have never yet taken part in a championship tournament must engage in a preliminary argument on the Green cloth. That Hie tournament will have an International flavor is evident from tile fact that m. Brute of France has arrived in new York with Jacob Schaefer and Leonard Howison. They have been giving exhibition matches throughout the country. Other players expected to enter Are George Slosson and George Sutton of Chicago. The Louisville Boxer. Marvin Hart of Louisville Kyd a is entitled to rank with the Best men in the Middle weight class through his Good work in the padded enclosure. Hart has not been in Good health for some time and has dropped out of sight to a certain extent but now he is Back in shape again and is ready to meet any of the stars. It is just possible that he Wilt be matched with Jack Root or Tommy Ryan before Long. Both of these Are certainly fighters of the first class but Hart has License to meet them on equal footing. His Victory Over Tommy West was More clean Cut than Ryan a and he made poor old Dan Creedon look like a Selling Plater. Hart is a modest unassuming sort of a fellow and has not received enlargement of the cranium because he won some Good Battles. There was talk of Matching him with Quot kids Mccoy some time ago but the Marvin Hart. Louisville Boxer preferred to clash with some of the lesser lights before taking on such a Tough proposition As the Clever Hoosier. Shelby to stay in . A a kids Mccoy who is now on the other Side of the Atlantic will take up his permanent residence in London so tis said. A a Parsons Davies who is now established As an outside dealer in Oil shares has been on the Lookout for a suitable location for an athletic club for months past. He will probably be an associate with Mccoy in his new venture. Both Are sanguine of a Good Field Here for such Art Enterprise. A i am ready to fight any middleweight a said Mccoy a but i wont go outside London to meet them. If they want to meet me they must come Here. I claim the English middleweight championship owing to my Victory Over Creedon two years ago. He derived the title through defeating Smith so i am fully entitled to it and am ready to defend it against All Comers. Of Briens claim is nonsense i would guarantee to Stop him in 15 rounds Foi any purse at any m ewes. Despite reports to the contrary the eyes of Terry Mcgovern appear to be in Good shape. If they were not nobody for a moment doubts but that his astute manager Sam Harris would put him under the care of an Eye specialist. Mcgovern is to Box Young Corbett before the Nutmeg athletic club of Hartford on thanksgiving Day and if the Little champions optics were not in first class shape his manager would never allow him to enter the ring again it such a Man As Corbett Terry of course is picked As a Winner but Corbett has shown that he is one of the Best men in the Feather weight class. It would not do for Terry to take chances if his eyes were not All right against such a sturdy opponent. Death of John m Kay John Mckay the oarsman who died at Fern Ridge mo., the other Day was for three years t with Jake Gati Daur double Skull Champion of the world. Mckay was born in Dart mount n. A. But had resided in Boston for Many years. In a regatta on the Charles River at that City in 1885 Mckay Defeated All Comers and was successful on the same Stream at the regatta of the following year. At Dartmouth he and Gaudaur won the worlds championship in doubles at a big regatta. Mckay was for several years an instructor in rowing at Boston and elsewhere. Two world s records. The Memphis trotting association fall meeting closed with two world records to its credit the feature of the Days card was the free for ail Pace Best two in three heats and it was in this event that Prince Alert by Crown Prince and driven by Curry made two worlds records. In the first a eat the horse paced the fastest half mile Ever made by a gelding passing the pole in 0 59%. In the second heat he established a worlds record for geldings completing the circuit in 2 00%.Dairy and poultry. Interesting chapters for our Rural readers. How successful formers operate tills department of the farm a few hints As to Ilie care of live Stock and poultry. Telesann and variation. From the Farmers review it is quite a common thing to hear stockmen claim that where a female has been bred to a mate of alien blood a As for instance where a Poland China sow is bred to a Berkshire boar or a purebred sow of any Breed by Accident to a scrub boar she will Ever afterwards be influenced by that service and a a taint or a infect Quot her future progeny with some of the characteristics of the alien boar to which she was formerly bred. We have even heard breeders go farther than this and actually claim that where a purebred boar of any particular Breed had been allowed to mate with a sow of scrub or nondescript blood that he would be tainted for All time and propagate in future matings with sows of his own pure Breed some of the undesirable characteristics of his alien mate. These ideas Are antiquated and erroneous. The first idea has been termed by which we mean the alleged influence of a previous alien mate upon a purebred female s future progeny to the service of a purebred mate of her own Breed. This theory has still Many followers but that is because they Are ignorant of facts which have been proved of recent years and show conclusively that the theory is erroneous. The most extended and careful experiments have been made by prof. J. Cos bar Ewart of Scotland to prove or disprove this theory. Year after year lie mated mares with zebras and the hybrid progeny showed ail the marked stripes and colors of the Zebra. When however the Mare that bad one year Given birth to a hybrid Zebra was the next season mated with a male of her own blood and Breed be did not produce a hybrid foal or one that showed the slightest Trace of Zebra characteristics. The foal was invariably True to the Breed characteristics of the sire and Damn not to the characteristics of the previous Zebra mate. This was proved Over and Over again and not one single Case of Quot infection Quot or Quot taint Quot has been noted to Date nor is it Likely to of Cir. It need scarcely be added that the mating of the Zebra male with the domesticated Mare had no after effect in changing the Type and characteristics of his pure bred Zebra offspring. Nothing could be More Strong in pre Potency than the Zebra. There have been no admixtures of blood in his production. He Breeds True to his Type every Tima there Are no a a sports or examples of a a atavism throwing Back to the characteristics of a Remote ancestor in his history and Breed. His stripes Are fixed quantities and features so to speak and hence would be stamped upon his Domestic mate if anything of tue sort could be so stamped but such has not proved to be the Case. This being so it becomes very apparent that there would be far less possibility of such a a infection a of the female when bred to a sire of different Breed but Domestic origin. It cannot be denied that far Back in the foundation of crosses of each modern Breed of animals similar blood has been used or that present progeny does not occasionally Quot hark backs to some ancient ancestor used to effect the formation of a pure Breed. That harking Back is atavism in cases where there is a very marked departure from the parental Type or color to a known ancestor of that Type or color and the variation when present progeny do not Accord with either Parent in Type coir characteristics or any other particular. Such variation is to be looked for at ail times. It is liable to occur in every Breed. It is usually the True explanation of cases considered corroborative of the erroneous theory of tei Egony. To is an influence in Breeding which cannot be controlled absolutely yet explains some of the strangest vagaries in the mat ing of animals. Variation is seen in Short time when a Breed of Swine produced by selection proper environment and generous feeding is for a generation or too 111 housed poorly fed and inbred. The established Type May be largely lost but this is valuation from the original Type and reversion to the More ancient Type of the scrub ancestors. Variation is either backward or Forward according to circumstances. Variation toward improvement is possible where a continued Effort is made to use better sires and dams each year and to feed and shelter better. Neglect in these matters May As speedily make a Breed or Herd Retro Gress. Taking composite milk Sample. Provide a pint or quart Jar or bottle for each Patron. Label each bottle with a number giving the same number to a Patron of the milk recording Sheet. Composite test Sample bottles made for this purpose with a tin cover and numbered brass tag wired to the neck of each bottle can be obtained of Creamery Supply firms. These Sample Battles should be placed on shelves within easy reach of the weigh can and protected from the Light. A preservative is put into each clean bottle to keep the milk from souring until testing Day. Pulverized potassium dichromate corrosive sublimate Borax or pres Ervaline can be used for this purpose. Some of these preservatives Are put up in Tablet form each Tablet containing the necessary amount to use in one Sample. After each lot of milk is poured into the factory weigh can a Small amount of it is dipped from the can and poured into the proper Sample bottle. These samples Are a usually taken with a Small l of. Tin dipper a sampling tube or from u drip in the conductor spout each lot of milk sampled must be Sweet containing no clots lumps of curdled milk or Small butter granules. The Sample should be taken just As soon As the milk is weighed and while it is evenly mixed. Continue adding a Sample of each Patron s milk to his particular Jar every time he delivers milk for a week or ten Days then test this composite Sample. The composite Sample jars should be kept covered to prevent loss by evaporation and in a Cool dark place. Every time a new portion of milk is added to the Jar it should be Given a horizontal rotary motion to mix the Cream already formed in the Jar with the milk and to rinse off the Cream sticking to its Side. Unless this is done every time fresh portions of milk Are added to the Jar the Cream on the milk becomes Lumpy and Sticks in patches to the Side of the Jar thus making it nearly impossible to evenly distribute this Cream through the entire Sample. Composite samples having patches of dried Cream on the inside of the Jar Are the result of carelessness or ignorance on the part of the operator. The test of the composite Sample takes the place of a separate daily test and gives accurate information regarding the average Quality of the milk delivered by each Patron during the period of sampling. The weight of butter fat which each Patron brought to the factory in his milk during this time is obtained by multiplying the total weight of milk delivered during the sampling period by the test of the composite Sample divided by 100.�?wisconsin Experiment station. Provision for a Elci untre at tie Sec louts exposition the agricultural building for the Louisiana Purchase exposition will be 2.000 feet Long and 700 feet wide containing an area of 1,400,000 Square feet or about 32 acres. Any person can Best realize what these dimensions mean by finding a Field of 32 acres and walking around or across it allowing two Square fee for each person 700.000 people could stand under this roof. An army of 50,000 men could assemble and go through its evolutions with Freedom within this space. Its outside Walls will measure 120 feet More than a mile. It will contain about 100,000,000 cubic feet of space and the area of the floor space is sufficient for 4,666 exhibitors allowing to each a space of 10x20 feet and a of 10x10 to the Center of the aisle or 300 Square feet in ail. The division of agriculture will be the most Complete and comprehensive Ever presented treating broadly of the science and principles of agriculture farms buildings tools and machinery the culture of cereals grasses and forage plants the culture of tobacco and textile plants the Vine and its products. Economic horticulture having special reference to vegetables and fruits re creative horticulture including landscape gardening floriculture and window gardening domesticated animals Stock raising the Dairy Industry Wool growing and the minor animal industries. A a learn of Toni try Nuie. We show Here a poultry House of the a a lean to variety. It is probably one of the cheapest kind that can be built As the barn forms one Side of it. Some have objected to poultry houses being near the barn on account of the assumed danger of lice getting onto the farm animals. But poultry houses should have the Walls so constructed that mites and lice cannot find a har Bor in them much less penetrate them. The one Here shown indicates Only the most simple construction and evidently contains two separate apartments for fowls. The Yard is neat in appearance but of moderate Cost it will be noticed that lights apparently exist on three sides. If the barn be so situated that this poultry House can be built against the Southern Side considerable loss of heat will be saved from the blowing of the North review. A Backset in new Jersey. New Jersey whose government is largely supported by revenues derived from trusts that cannot incorporate in other states has dealt a heavy blow to the cause of pure food. A Dairy and pure food commission has been operating there for several years but it is declared by the friends of honest butter Little has been done in the w of protecting the people against adulterated foods. Now a new Law abolishing the commission has gone into effect and the matter of pure foods and drinks is turned Over to the state Board of health which of course has All it can do in its legitimate Field of operations. Just now it is said to be spending its energies investigating bottled review. It is a Well established fact that the life work of plants is to make the Mineral wealth of the Earth fitted for the use of animals and Man. A thankful heart is not Only the greatest virtue but the Parent of ail Ether Virtues. What a leasing agriculturist say Fly Western Canada. Timmy to Shu to of Muin Post to 1ver�l to gives a a unbiased opinion. In a letter to a the farmer/1 st. Paul dated sept. 1st, 1901, prof. Thomas Shaw of the Minnesota state a Quot diversity has the following to say after having made a trip through Western Canada a a the capabilities of the immense area known As Western Canada Are but Little understood on this Side of the line. Our people Are Apt to look upon it As a Region of Frost and Snow a country in which but a Small portion a of the Laud relatively will Ever be tillable because of the Rigours of the climate True the climate is cold in a inter but Western Canada has nevertheless just that sort of climate which makes it the most reliable wheat producing a Outry in All thu Conti sent. An immense area a Western Canada is not Only an immense area but the same description will apply to those portions of the a Outry that Are capable of being successfully tilled or grazed. Nearly All of the Prairie province of Manitoba Zan be brought under cultivation although probably not one third of its surface has been Laid open by the plow. Assiniboia to the West is a Grain and Stock country. Saskatchewan to the North of Assiniboia has High adaptation for the same. This also May be said it of Alberta to the West. Here lies what Uay be termed a Grain growing and Siock producing Empire the resources of which have been but Little drawn upon comparatively viewed from the standpoint of the agriculturalists. I Beu it is called to mind that even in the peace River country in Athabasca add several hundreds of Miles North of the Canadian Boundary wheat was grown which won a Premium at the world s fair in 1893, the capabilities of this country in wheat production loom up More brightly than even the Brilliant Northern lights of the Laud that lies toward the pole. to Stock Ami Grain Frojm Colon. The Region under consideration is however mainly adapted to growing Grain and grazing Stock. Much of i t is adapted to growing both Grain and Stock but certain areas especially towards the mountains Are Only adapted to ranching except where irrigation will yet be introduced. This of course can be be done successfully along the Many streams that flow Down from thi Rockies and water the country towards the East and North. The adaptation of the country for wheat production is of a High character. The Cool night that usually characterize the ripening season Are eminently fax Ovate to the filling of the Grain and to the securing of a plump Berry and consequently Large yields. The crop this year is a magnificent one. In Manitoba Aud the territories it should certainly give an average of More than 20 by Sheds per acre. But should the yield be not More than 20 bushels the crop will be a most handsome one owing to the Large area sown to wheat. Many Farmers Only grow Grain. But those who do succeed As Well in growing Oats and Barley As in growing wheat hence these foods for Stock should always he abundant. Some grow Cuttle mainly and others Combine the two. The last named of course is doubtless the safest of tie three during a Long course of years that is to say where much farming is practicable. Quality of the live Stock. It was a pleasurable Surprise to note the High Quality of the Stock. The average of Quality in cattle is higher than the average of cattle in our state unless in the Dairy classes. This opinion is not reached rashly or without Amin Opportunity for investigation. I spent three Long Days in the show ring at Winnipeg making the awards v the beef classes. I question if any Ltd our Stales single handed could such a showing in cattle. It was my privilege to make the awards at several shows and at Ai of their fairs were evidences that Tsueh attention is Given to the improvement of the Stock 1 noted carefully the character of the herds that grazed along the Railroad and everywhere the High average of the Quality of the Stock was in evidence. Reasons for Quality in Stock. The Quality of the grass is Good. Many of the settlers came from Ontario and had been schooled As to Ihn value of Good Stock before going West. The railroads and the govern in have taken a deep interest in. Making it less difficult and costly to tie Farmers to secure Good males. Those who Are anxious of changing their residence should hear in mind that the lands in Western Canada Ai j Many of them free and others reason ably cheap. Inform Atiao will gladly be Given a any agent of the Canadian govern meet whose advertisement appears else where. Morie Luisa a negress fio years old is dead at lilo Janeiro Brazil. She was the last representative of tits slaves who were imported directly from Africa some alarm is expressed by certain Paris epicurus because the Supply of snails of the finest Quality seems to he falling off to a serious extent this apprehension however will cause no is stress upon an extended scale As the taste for the deliberate creature that carries his House upon Bis Back hat not been world wide. In fact it has lever gained much ground outside of lie latin race and beyond the Borders if France itself the number of Gour nets who have extolled the Snail As a Able delicacy of the most desirable Ort has not been a Long list
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