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Biddeford Saco Journal Newspaper Archives May 22 1965, Page 1

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Biddeford Saco Journal (Newspaper) - May 22, 1965, Biddeford, Maine Weather showers Complete report on Page two our numbers now dept. 282-1535 business depts. 283-3625 vol. 81, no. 120 York county a local news daily since 1884biddeford-Saco, Maine saturday May 22, 1965 associated press wire service 10 pages Price seven cents. Planes smash Barracks near Hanoi Saigon Viet Nam apr a massive Force of . Air Force planes slammed bombs into the Quang Suoi military Barracks in North Viet Nam today in the closest raid so far to the communist capital of Hanoi. Ninety air Force jets destroyed 37 buildings in the target area which stretched from 55 to 60 Miles due South of Hanoi . Military spokesmen said. On one previous occasion . Planes had gone nearer to Hanoi but that was to drop Leaf lets. All the planes returned safely and no enemy aircraft were seen a . Spokesman said. Students of Marie Joseph Academy Pool Road Biddeford will hold their annual Field Day and Bazaar from noon to 5 p. M. Tomor. Row at the Academy. A number of events Are planned and representing each Are left to right Sylvia Gendron Biddeford Joanne Valade Biddeford Andrea Curran. Bath Denise Doyon Biddeford Lemelin Saco Suzanne Obrey Dover n. H. Bernadette Dorais bid truce Extension is being sought no planes Weie reported lost any hits were made on both fighting in today a series of air strikes Deford Micholina Martel Biddeford and Theresa Caron Sanford which began with Small the festival Queen Susan Beaudry Chicopee Falls mass. Will be Navy reconnaissance crowned. Her attendants Are Stella Lamirande Biddeford Priscille shortly after Midnight and end vietnamese air Force planes Viet con Quot Daigle Gorham and Sandra Poulin Storrs. Conn. Another highlighted with the mass assault on j0ned a at i a with an in South of the program which will be open to the Public will he the presenta Quang Soui Barracks Early this Tion of four numbers by the Calumet drum and Bugle corps. Afternoon. Forty . Air Force f105 thunderchief bombers struck the Quang Soui Barracks escorted he 50 support jets. I a . Spokesman said the aircraft ranged Over the target a a series 0f targets including Santo Domingo Domin tons to evacuate the dead Andly animation of american states. Tile is a Farmer businessman Laroa or Vnus the Quang Khe naval Barracks lean Republic apr the unit wounded. Secretary general u . Officials said a sizable who served in the Cabinet Oft than the air Armada Brick Barracks at Xong Ray and de nations sought today to sex Thant told the . Security contingent and some inter former president Juan bosch., t a a j american forces May have to both rebel president col. Tend the 24-hour truce in the Council Friday that his repro remain on the Caribbean Island Francisco South to Phuoc qui town with 25 rounds of mor hideout area South of Hue. Com depot 100 Miles South of Hanoi tar. Imu nist guerrillas fled after Tok and destroyed six buildings and civilian casualties in the town in resistance when marines damaged another were said to have been flamethrowers burned the . Planes dropped 7afirst reports said casualties huts Manv Arn Munim tons of bombs Over both tar May have been heavy in the military sources believe that gets. They were mostly 7, 0jfighting that followed the mor the communists intend now at Pounders a . Spokesman tar barrage the reports said up last 0 avoid any showdown said. Ground fire was reported to a battalion of Viet Cong with a Strong Marine Force intense Over Quang Soui but no troops May have attacked about they Are expected to try to am enemy aircraft were seen. 70 South vietnamese troops. Bush Small units As american . Navy planes also Ham unconfirmed reports said one troops push into Mounta Nous mered at Road targets and a possibly two americans a com to Ain West of the three Marine naval station. Paying the vietnamese were f"1 Dan a the Northern part of . Planes from the wounded. South Viet Nam a Danang Midway cruising in the Gulf of air strikes were called in and pub Rai and Chu Lai. Tonkin hit a vietnamese Navy some were said to have hit with \0 More arrests of anti gov. It boat hidden under camouflage in 600 Yards of Ben cat a Strong Crement plotters were reported and being towed by a trawler. Communist guerrilla area. The a Parry Vas on for Cal Pham Sirit Ai broke off late in the x�0c thao a former press offi 1 1 a ships with rockets and machine afternoon and armed Helicon cer the vietnamese embassy scale gun fire a . Spokesman said ters prowling the Region were a Washington who was de no Ond the Rauler was Kcf burnilj8 said to have lost sight of the scribed As the key Leader. Armed reconnaissance along three highways near the Laos Border. The vietnamese planes also dropped leaflets on the towns of ton and a Don. The 10 vietnamese planes All returned Sai Elv alter striking a so waned is Brig. Gen. Viet Nam. Lam Van Phat. Both Are under raid marines carried out a scorched death sentence imposed in a Earth operation in a Viet Cong Beach Center Bill favored a Caamano Deno and dominican Republic into a last tentative in Santo Domingo i for months. I Junta chief Gen. Antonio Imbert ing cease one. Jose Antonio Mayobre was try the United states has been Barrera would he asked to step before the shooting stopped at ing to extend it another 24 pressing for a coalition govern aside under the Guzman plan noon Friday the military Situa hours. Ament which could run the coun Imbert rejected the idea. Caa Tion had developed into a stand Jordan and several other a try until a permanent govern Mano accepted Guzman but re on Between the two War ring tons were working on a resold ment is elected. Ejected some of those proposed to j factions. 1 his made diplomats Tion which would have the 11 . Negotiators working with serve with him. Optimistic on the cease fire nation Security Council Call for Oas authorization have pro the negotiators headed by prospects. _ a lasting cease fire. I posed Antonio Guzman As presi Mcgeorge Bundy National be the civilian military Junta in Washington . Strategy Dent of the interim a continued on Page two fought with tanks and machine its said prospects for a solution guns right up to the deadline to the dominican crisis have Friday and w As reported to taken a turn for the better and have crushed rebel resistance in chances for a permanent cease Northern Santo Domingo. This fire Are brighter. They Cau left the rebels with their Down tinned that much remained to town stronghold which is scaled be done off by . Troops who have a a a strict orders not to allow armed the United states announced forces from either Side through it would withdraw some 1,700 of their lines. The area is about 8 its 23.000 troops in the Domin cite blocks wide and 12 blocks lean Republic. The number to pulled out is about equal to Washington apr dem he truce which ends at noon the number of troops being sent socratic strategists claimed to today was negotiated by the in by latin american nations Day votes a plus a Bonus red Cross and the United a under the auspices of the or margin a to end the Senate de democrats think cloture assured jesuits select general a group of 20 Small boats at Phu Chanh. The vietnamese reported sinking the boats. Intensive fire hit the vietnamese from the Quang Khe base but All planes returned. A Sharp clash was reported today Between vietnamese army troops and Viet Cong forces near Ben cat about 30 Miles North of Saigon the Viet Cong were reported to have hit Sonny Liston seems out of place at Maine hotel by Al ingalij3 it he rhythm department. Those a 20-Pound Medicine Ball was managing editor ballroom dancers Graceful As then hurled into his Abdomen editors note the writer of the dances and dancers Maylat a ten foot Range by his train this article is a former proves have been have held a or Willie Reddish 200 pounds Vatican City a the very Rev. Pedro Arripe a Spanish priest who is also a medical doctor was elected general of the jesuits today at a secret conclave of roman catholicism a biggest and most influential religious order. Feather Arripe. A 58-year-old Basque who earned a name As a smooth administrator in run Bate on president Johnson a Vot Ning the multinational Jesuit ing rights Bill. Province in Japan the past Sev it will take two thirds of the on years was chosen in a secret senators voting to Clamp Down vote at the Headquarters of the on the talk when the showdown society of Jesus the Jesuit or comes tuesday one hour after Der at the Edge of Vatican City the Senate begins its 24th Lav on a majority of the 218 electors the Bill. Representing Jesuit provinces that would mean 67 votes if around the world elected him on All 100 senators were on hand the third ballot in a half Day Augusta a the Maine House of representative yesterday voted to accept the minority report and passed the Hill calling for an auditorium building at old Orchard Beach. Rep Nicholas Danton of old Orchard Beach moved the minority report be accepted. The committee had recommended 6-4 that the Hill not pass. It now goes before the Maine Senate after a third Reading in the House. Sentia for past activities against the government. They Are believed hiding in the Saigon area. Authorities said Friday that plotters had aimed to assassinate key vietnamese government and armed forces leaders and topple the government and military High command. It is known that several dissidents have been holding Small secret meetings but informed quarters have expressed doubt that they had the planning organization or support to attempt a coup at this time. These sources Felt that at most there might have been an attempt to Kidnap prime m n Siter Quat or other government leaders. United nations May not press for dues payments signal Boxer referee and hand i allow Candle to the unfunny Ler of fighters and should know one. He stops. And sharper whereof he Speaks. Than the Well honed razor o f a Poland Spring a Sonny master Barber. Liston seems an anomaly a in the frenetic world of pug fish out of water at the mansion House Here. This writer remembers too Crisp Many years ago when he spent his Summers at the luxurious resort not As a paving guest but As a paid and Well tipped Bellhop and the would have been Muse if and in shape who heaved the missile with such Force that it would flatten the Ball where it connected with the steely Muscles the two minutes of setups and a As session of karate chops by the Trainer followed. He ended the i workout with a series of neck Liston will be a hard mat to Bridges something few heavy list As a victim or As a verb weights can accomplish. Yesterday he resumed train Liston Strainer wants him in Sonny one Jing after a Day off from work at fight time at 212 to 215. He san absolute outs thursday. In Case y o u now at 218. He has boxed 116 list Sonny stands out As Cool Cucumber. And just privately democrats said they could Supply 47 of that number. But aides said sen. Frank Church a Idaho. Docs not plan to be in Washington for the running if the democrats meet their years forecast at least 20 Republican votes would be needed for the Senate to invoke cloture a its debate limitation Rule. Gop Leader Everett m. Dirksen already has said he can deliver 24 votes. An associated press Survey put the count now at 58 to 26, with eight senators undecided and eight so far undisclosed. Two democrats who announced they favor cloture a Joseph Montoya of new Mexico inn tiny m on a a in voting session. He succeeds the very Rev. Jean Baptiste Janssens a Bel Washington apr state department officials admitted today it is increasingly Uncertain whether . Members will do anything about the refusal of France and the soviet Union to pay their delinquent dues. The officials said that no Compromise has been found to solve the problem. They added that the United states still favors applying article 19 of the . Charter which says nations falling More Gian who died last october aft-than4 two years behind in pay keeping costs were illegally or running the order for 18 a ent of . Dues shall lose. Messed. They cover . Opi Ellen Fowler miss Maine Portland 14 a the new miss Maine is miss Ellen Fowler 19. Of old Orchard Beach. The Gorham state teachers College freshman was chosen Friday night Over Sharyn Torbert of Bangor and Lynda Nelson of Lincoln. Aberration in those nostalgic need to be reminded he is pie rounds preparing for this fight Days of genteel courtly for his imbroglio with while Sonny was warming up the present major Domo Saul Champ incautious Cassius next in the earlier rounds he w As Feldman is vastly different tuesday night in Lewiston. Sneaking glances at the Over from the original Hiram walk Here show his training capacity audience and head or. And so is his clientele. Not schedule went necessarily better but certainly he got up Early and did a Rig different. Those were the Days Orous five Miles of roadwork of the patrician Packard with then he took it easy until 11 its symmetrically distinctive of clock when he hit the Coffee Chavalos Toronto Canada. The Hood never changed from year shop for breakfast. Yesterday Young and personable pugilist to year the Chunky Morman better not surrender to that practice with Clay around. A Spectator with More than casual interest was George the dignified Rolls Royce the was one of his better Days. Heirs seeking a title match with was smiling and Jovial. Some the Winner of this bout. He of celebrated Cadillac. Any car Days he is Woodier than Garbo feed to spar for free with either less pretentious in that rarefied the sex Champ started h i s of the May 25 adversary cities atmosphere would have been As workout with Wendel Newton and both frowned on his Gene out of place As Sonny. A Boxer in the ballroom. My but How lushly the Lorene ties would have sprouted and after verification of what they were of his sparring partners who has revealing what a mass exodus survived the Campaign weath six foot three at 208, who hasir0usity. Then his backers Proton 24 of 28. Then Amos big posed they pay $1,000 for the train Lincoln six foot four Chance. Again no soap and a Quarter 210, the Only one of a champs infest the training of enraged guests. A Box fighter in the ballroom. Of All things. Ered another three rounds Lincoln bothered Liston some Camp. The immortal Joe Louis Jim Braddock and Jersey Joe Walcott received a big hand the rata Pattat of the Light what and the sex Champ was from spectators when they punching bag would have been breathing heavily in the fourth trooped in. All must have kept drowned out unmercifully by round. Here he was sharper in condition for they were sleek the indignantly stamping feet of than with new ton and was not an j trim. The Well shod Gentry. But so missing the punches he did. J th0 total amount of econom the world moves islands considered for nuclear tests their vote in the general Assembly. The soviet Union France and a number of communist countries Are now More than two years overdue in payments for United nations peacekeeping operations a and therefore subject to the penalty. The United states which is the biggest . Contributor says article 19 should he applied for the Sake of the world organizations integrity and financial health. The soviets and French have based their refusal to pay on grounds the peace As operations in the Congo and the mid Diefe ast. According to the interpretation supplied by . Officials concerning the general Assembly a failure to act last session the smaller countries of the United nations a who form the majority a were unwilling to lower the Boom on either of the lug Powers because they figured the loser would walk out or otherwise weaken the world organization. The officials said that a it time goes on it appears less Likely that the Small country . Majority will feel inclined to enforce article 19 Gamst any nation delinquent in paying its dues. World s week Junta ignores peace talk by the associated press there was just the Chance a slight As it was a that if a 24-hour truce could work maybe there could be some Hope of a Oas had already expressed dismay that the . Acted. It said this was intervention and would Only complicate matters. If it seems that nothing could Washington apr the resting a on Short notice if the �?T0tlpoa talk or the permanent cease fire in the do make things any More comply minivan Republic. Rated than they Are in South a truce was needed. The Viet Nam even that notion can moans of the wounded could be be upset. There was a plot to heard and in the streets of san kill Premier Phan Huy Quat to Domingo a rebel held Territo land the South vietnamese Mili by there were dozens of dead tary High command. It was set but the military Junta of Brig for 11 . Thursday. Word Gen. Antonio Imbert Barrera leaked and the coup was aborted. One of the coup leaders was United states is considering using two additional islands in the Central Pacific As part of its nuclear weapons test facilities if a decision should Ever be made soviet Union or any other sign jul Anta there was the Sweet smell torn Breaks the limited test ban a Ai a treat 11 seerri0 l impossible that the 11. A i rebels could hold out much Iong of the world s five nuclear or a Powers it Ance and red China i Lin a to resume atmospheric testing have not signed the pact while. A. J non f f v in it also is preparing readiness Britain the soviet Union and plans for an a underwater Wear the United states have. He vim in Quot to rail i on effects test if the limited William j. Howard assistant test ban treaty outlawing All but to the Secretary of defense Dis a Ihil pin i underground tests is broken. Dosed that testing could begin before the deadline. This became known today aft anywhere from two to six or the release of a highly Cen months after the go ahead Sig sorted version of secret Estimo anal had been Given depending by Given Congress several upon the nature of the tests. He months ago on the status of the also said the Johnston Island killed. 33 others were arrested but the key Leader a col. Pham Ngoc thao a got away. The grind of a dirty War continued a coup plots or not. . Planes resumed raids on North Vietnam after a six Day Lull. The hold Back on air strikes w As tried with the apparent Hope that the North vietnamese might be willing to talk about negotiations. But no reaction came from Hanoi. Thirty planes hit at a Petro continued on Page two it nations nuclear weapons program. The two tiny islands a which w Ould be used Only As Sites for test monitoring instruments a Are Baker and Howland islands warming up to the chore Lin pc b00ty which the state will j both discovered by american one thing in which Liston Coin was connecting w Ith left leap from this fight ascertain. In a f a 1 1c on of sort i. _ i. .1 1.____4 u could have competed on More than even terms and spotted them a Smidgen maybe is in today chuckle mud thrown is ground lost. To War Gen. Fea. Corp tabs and Lay is an expert a can never be but it must be that. Sonny just be careful and considerable. A1 Breverman cautious about this. Public relations chief for the he did a one round stat with i Sjon entourage caught five the heavy hag. And then three Salmon m nearby Thompson on the Light one followed by a Pond and what h l is going to round of rope skipping to the Tel a his new York rhythm of Lionel Hampton so Railroad number f ast and Jazzy. _ attention Pepperell worker regular meeting special report on mailers concerning development in the textile Industry of great importance to All local 305, t. W. U. A., Al Cio Csc members. It is important that All members attend this meeting so that All member will get full information. Date sunday May 23, 1965 place Union Hall 159 main St., Biddeford time 11 00 a. M. Signed Ralph Oliver. President Alexander Anastasoff. B. A. Michael schoonjans director friends is bound to create a favourable image for Maine. Liston and his Camp like the accommodations. What can this do but Good someone in the audience ask it Onti Niimd on Page two whalers in the Early 19th Century. They Are located near the Equator about 1,000 Miles Southwest of Johnston Island the land base for any future love Altitude or High Altitude nuclear test blasts in the Pacific. The United states has previously disclosed that its Pacific testing area a the site for test ing the most powerful types of weapons a has been made ready to resume atmospheric facilities have been a greatly improved since tests were last conducted there in 1962. That the government is at least considering using two new islands for deploying a special equipment conceivably could mean that any resumed testing would involve some novel events. The word about the islands a each about one Square mile in area a came out in testimony Given to the Senate House joint committee on atomic Energy by Brig. Gen Delmar Crowson director of the atomic Energy commissions division of military application. Lie indicated that no firm decision had been made to use the islands. Santo Domingo rang with the music of civil War heavy firing. The truce almost went out the window. Right up to the last minute the Junta forces pressed against rebel pockets in the Northern part of the City. Precisely at noon the firing stopped. Gen. Imbert said it would Start again at the end of 24 hours. The behind the scenes mane vering to bring some order to a the dominican Republic scarcely appeared to be a Happy family Council. The organization of american states originally came into the country a after the United states had already put troops ashore a to work for some peaceful settlement. Then the United nations sent a special representative or. Jose Antonio Mav Ohre to see what he could do. He was the one who negotiated the truce. But the third annual Spaghetti supper Home made sponsored by St. Louis band club sunday May 23rd�?4 to 7 . St. Joseph s Parish Hall Biddeford caterer John Pai Miet donation adults $1.00 guarantee your child a Safe amp instructive summer at. Coaches Day Camp girls amp boys Ages 5 to 1$ a free transportation a qualified stale licensed instructors a family hates for full information Call a 282-1591 a 282-1592 a 934-2549 wait save yv<1 Money to rentals 2.99 week a 24.99 season color to a refrigerator open May 15 Harold to rental 69 East grand Avenue old Orchard Beach 934-4781 last night the last of a series of pre teen monthly dances was Iteld at the veterans of foreign wars Post old Orchard Beach. Highlight of the affair was the crowning of a King and Queen and receiving their crowns of Honor Are left to right. Jay Kelly and Mildred a us toll bestowing the crowns Are left to right mrs. Cecile Mcneill out activities chairman and mrs. Frances Pettengili senior vice presi j

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