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Biddeford Saco Journal Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 1

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Biddeford Saco Journal (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Biddeford, Maine Weather showers Complete report on Page i our numbers new dept. At 21535 Butine dept. At 33625 technical Snag arises misters cd puff a members of the Biddeford Junior chamber of Commerce held a to mlle walk Athar saturday to emphasize lean in a. Paint up Al up week that starts in Biddeford wednes. Day. Clayton Cartmill executive Secretary bid. By Mickey Martelle the Sale of Biddeford $240,000 Bond Issue is in jeopardy. Mayor Willie w. Pomerleau confirmed this morning that Tho Sale of the Bonds has reached a Snag on a technical interpretation of the City a charter. Pomerleau said that the Point of Contention arises in Winner Ronald collard with a Broom for turning an interpretation of the meaning of the word a a debt As the trick in four hours Flat. Left to right Ray u. A 4v,_ of mom rare Frnnk. Roland part Rorr. Certain. Cwi. I it contained in the. Charter. David tuft and Richard Quot Amire. Deford Saco chamber of c Commerce presented House speaker expects Resolution on budget Augusta apr the Maine the idea of a Quot deals with the a most of which also involve it. Legislature starts its 21st % week minority party placing his con Nance. In regular session tuesday in a Tidence on the ability of the re More discussion also is due this state of suspense the major pro publicans to work out their own a Voe on the pending proposal to is St Tarp it differences and Muster a two pay members of future Legisla fun. Month of Eli in own Quot trav ,0r a a Quot House speaker David i Ken the Senate do a Ual sex Nam up to 7 a night 1 k ps0lut,. The s Little hut wait. That body a r<>0�� in Augusta plus an week hut his expression of con fax Obj to it budget and by increase from five to nine cents Tidence was the or1iv one fat a implication Reed s proposal for a a Milf a the Frivol allowance record n he last to it it to a increase by a margin a it of one round trip per week be thursday. The House majority a Abov the two third Neces porn Home and the Capitol republicans were a most Sarv for enactment. With a 21 St week this Legisla divided Bein Cen administration a tin e already ties w Ith the 1951 Andi Economy bloc forces House democrats believe they legislature for the fourth longest minority Democrat a a Cek m a anti inn session the 1957 legislature wont Macii ame. Are in a position eventually to session 2ain Gap majority in Exchange for in Vars a Quot another new Mark is ration republicans the last votes. They have indicated their 24 weeks was set. Desire for a number of measures nip i betting too heavily me pret the were Castine Rivea of in Orr it concessions from the 22 weeks the 1959 ses Ion 25 and votes in Masce. Siding with and representatives of Townsend ency Dabney and Tyson the firm that has tentatively agreed to Purchase the Bonds in compunction with Francis i Dupont company Portland contend that the charter states that the City can Only consolidate debts left by past administrations not those entered upon by the current administration the rub bes in the fact that Pomer Leafs administration borrowed $400,000 in tax anticipation when first assuming office. From ibis sum $2lfi.ooo was used to pay notes that were due from the past administration the notes were legislation in Pomerleau said. Quot if either of these solutions does no to Correct the problem some other Way will have to be Pomerleau continued. A this Type of problem stems from the haphazard financing practices that have been prevalent in Biddeford for the past few years. For example. Last year s school subsidy Check from the state should have been for $15,000. However the state was owed some $7,300 for Aid to dependent children. This amount was subtracted from the1 a subsidy Check. This made it Nee paid this year. The Bond firm contends that the debt a been paid and the monies borrowed to pay it were attained this year and thus it is a current debt of the present administration and is therefore not eligible to be included in the Essav to debit the welfare de-1 apartment account for $7,300 and credit the school account with the same sum this year. Somewhere along the line the welfare depart-1 ment is out $7,300 a the controversial Bond Issue was approved by the City Council on february 4. It is earmarked to repay some $49. Min for last years county tax and iss oho for the City a two new fire engines. The remainder of the sum was a a it urfi Ozment of legislative Bat this one won t re a up aria a Prinz seats by population and without rest for longevity. Sized the democrats a state minimum pork Job to the extent of meet my wage increase More funds it president returns with the House minority Leader the University of Maine id Washington a presi jeep a Quot a Rome g. Plante of Oil Murp nn2 Range fiscal planning. Dent Kennedy returned to the Orchard reach and expressing fiscal problems continue to be White House today after an a a ii ingress to discuss vhf Steve Paramount in the legislature hut Brevi aled weekend at Camp Aims the minority party May the lawmakers still Arp grappling David the presidential hideaway to., i Vith the sunday Commerce Lav in the Cato tin mountains of i Kennedy so far has spurned and matters of educational policy Maryland. Blasts set off rioting Birmingham. Ala a it authorities Are investigating the theft of a Large amount of Dyna mite several Days before twin blasts touched off negro rioting in this City and threw Sparks of racial unrest All Over the nation. Two cases of dynamite were stolen from a storage House prior to the May la bombings of a negro House and Motel. Sheriff Melvin Bailey disclosed sunday. Normally that would be Ion pounds. Quot it s a frightening amount said Bailey. Quot there is plenty of Loose dynamite in this area a an uneasy Calm prevailed during the weekend. Nearly 1,300 Law enforcement of fires were available for duty and potential trouble areas were under heavy patrol. About 3,000 Federal troops called up by president Kennedy for possible use in Birmingham were on standby at two Alabama i bases. Gov. George c. Wallace who has sent about 700 state officers into the City filed suit saturday in an Effort to Block any use of the Federal troops the president and Wallace met a few hours later at muscle Shoals in North Alabama at a Tennessee Valley authority anniversary Observance they talked during a helicopter flight to i Huntsville where the president to revert to the current budget log utting a decorated cake in Celebration of their a with wedding Anni spoke we discussed things briefly a continued on Page two Pomerleau was sponsored by Sisters of mrs. Rhodes including mrs. Stephanie. Bond Issue without being in violation of charter provisions. In order to overcome the technicality. Pomerleau will attempt one of two hires. We May seek a dec Larn Terv Rop Arp monies used to repay verify during a party yesterday Are or. And mrs. Luther a Rhodes nid men that is. It the run some of the past adm Mist rat Ops Buxton Road. Saco. Held at the North Saco Grange Hall the event provisions of theod Potsi of my to top a1 the i charter or we sock Omer Jujj Barj been announced on May Butler mrs. Mary Fogg and mrs. Dorothea Thayer and a a ister in 9 that the Bonds had been sold Law. Mrs. Joseph Whitman. Story on Page to. His honeymoon what his private pollsters Tell him about the political effect of his marriage to Divorcee Margaret Fitler Murphy could have a Rockefeller to assess future a ass sol is Ali vat j r or tej Nee even to party allies for year the remarriage might Lam no i u i u i Sorn x example he told sen Kenned b age Rockefeller chances by he rocketeer when he returns from kit no. R Iton y Joti mites has said he think the Issue Sii before the ceremony that he was be eclipsed in 1964 going to be married sen. Abraham a. Ribicoff. A although Rockefeller has made conn., who managed Kenney Sall of the familiar motions of a successful i960 convention hid Ifor candidate for the nomination his the democratic nomination came arrest near no a on whether the gov remarriage after being divorced up with a democratic slant Tenor Plung. Frito an Active Ronve last year by his wife of is years Ribicoff Aid he thinks Rorke Lor the 1964 Republican Preskie i has injected a new element of Feller already has concluded from bal nomination or Moi Cly coasts doubt about his intentions. His private polls that a can t along at actins developments what Rockefeller s marring hut Kennedy in in and wants of he indications ate that his has done to his prospects for the to wait to try for he Lac gop marriage has built up resistance nomination and to his chances of nomination to his nomination the governor beating president Kennedy if the can be expected to trend water governor should Lee the cop the governor s marriage Hamn a Midas this fall if s,.an.�?~?Ard .0�?~ re roman a a his a spotlight Republican Dif can1 be made this fall. If relative.0f discussion and disagreement faculties Over the religious Issue Mav in hic Nei publican or Ever in a form somewhat different Itta step up his campaigning. Ett m Dirksen of Illinois who from that which plagued the in i up t hip old or a Neutral stance on Denim rats when they nominated in he lie or Cho re of a nort1inor a Kennedy a roman Catholic three he also is a Man who separate interview he thinks the years ago. Whole matter will blow Over in Many Republican catholics a few w weeks. I might not accept a divorced and this is essentially the same remarried Man As a gop can View taken in private Conversa dilate. Tons by sen. Barry Goldwater. Re in the protestant areas if the regarded As a rival of the Middle West. Where Rockefeller governor for the nomination 1 continued on Page three principal is named at Beach lit was since that time that attorneys for the bonding firm Dis i covered the technical Snag prior i to the controversy the City was scheduled to receive the Money approximately to Days following the Sale. I it is apparent that either Solu Mon proposed by Pomerleau dec-1 Hara Fory judgment or state a gig. Old Orchard Beach mrs Aticy a wih lie time consuming. Edwin h Smith Heath Street depends on How High a chairman of superintending school comr decision the firm would re with two Days of examinations a admiring populace committee announced today then Irp i it to he a supt erne questions and confetti behind him his latest taste of it was a appointment of Jerome u Pelle Smirt it might take a astronaut Gordon Cooper planned. D Heartfelt Welcome by tier As principal of the High no cd a can pro to do nothing today sex Nomey and near Olf a ome by Cooper relaxing after Busy week Cape canaveral Fla a Turey an Onrush of adulation from of the school for the coming year. Ably would seek emergency leg Cep relax Siam on i that s something that comes the people of Cocoa Beach who turned out sunday along a 5 2 today a chuckle a conference has been defined As the confusion of the loudest talking character multiplied by the number present copy. Gen. Fea. Corp Joe s donuts shop 52 Alfred Street Biddeford at 4-4222 now carries variety of pastry Tariff cuts approved by common Market Geneva apr the european the full session of the 73-nation common Market countries agreed general agreement on tariffs and today to american demands for trades conference marked time greens shoe store 147 main Street Biddeford open tonight until 9 double Sah Green Stamps from i p. M. To 9 p. M. Open monday and Friday nights a til 9 across the Board Tariff cuts. This apparent reversal of position was aimed at ending the deadlock Between the worlds two greatest trading blocs. But at the same time the six european countries demanded while the common marketers and the americans cockeyed for position. Chairman Hans Schaffner of Switzerland called off an after noon meeting but agreed to preside at a special evening session the time Factor of emergency easy to a Man who can doze off.�1 stretch of Sun drenched High five sit in cases Are set aside Washington a the supreme court overturned today the convictions of sit in demonstrators in five major cases the cases were from Durham no. New Orleans. Greenville so and two cases from Birmingham. Ala. The courts action was Dis. Closed with the release of an Opin legislation would he ions. Possi while perched tap a rocket Selwa Are a vat Fla a Bunting Ion by Justice Harlan in which Bly but would be an unknown to blast him into space Eacle of. 1 asked at a news conference meanwhile the Bills for bidder sunday if he thought his flight Ford s county tax and fire in concluded project Mercury Coop Gines remain unpaid. Or replied that it was his personal opinion that great gain would come from an extended Mercury flight. Then he tossed the question to or. Robert c. Seamans associate administrator of the National aeronautics and space administration. A we Are faced with a decision Coopers return Iii the next week or >0 on another astronaut Gordon Cooper tells Mercury flight Quot Seamans said of difficulties on his flight he but said it is quite unlikely an a news at glance and Beach towels and hollered Quot Well done it was one of the largest crowds Ever assembled in this Neon lighted Sand spit which the astronauts Call their Home away from Home. The astronaut accepted the plaudits from an open car waving and grinning his now famous Grin. Beside him was his wife. Trudy. Two cars let Chind were he concurred in part and dissented m part with the majority s action. It was not known immediately who delivered the majority opus Ion. Presumably it was chief Justice Warren since he released a opinion in the Case from Greene Ville so in the Greenville Case Warren their daughter. Camala. 14, and declared that Quot when a stat Janita 13, smiling in teen aged Agency passes a Law compelling embarrassment. The Parade ended at a Beach front Motel where the girls sat then gets a Day to relax before other Mercury manned mission11 an listened to Thor receiving further honors. Will be conducted. 1 1 or , Washington flight for the Benefit of the 700 an intensive reassessment of Quot the longer you keep Mercury i pow in Wai a had him the political situation will be the personnel working on Mercury a a a. Oul Quot tvs earlier order of the Day for gov. Nelson flights the longer you delay put a 1 �,tni<1< in Ace Eig a. Rockefeller when he returns Ting them on the gemini pro a. Ight persons to discriminate against other persons because of race and the state s criminal processes Are employed in a Way a which enforces the discrimination mandated by that Law such a palpable violation of the 14th amendment cannot be saved by attempting to separate the mental urges of the he Jerome be Pelletier will replace Herbert a. Rockefeller when he returns Ting them on from his honeymoon Gram a he said International tuesday the laconic oklahoman i the common Market nations with the Huck finn Grin will re reject american plan for across be Ive the National aeronaut us and. A _ r the Hoard Tariff reductions. They space administration s Distin bean who is retiring after a 26-insist on individual reductions of gushed service medal from Pratsi year tenure. . Tariffs a which they consider Dent Kennedy at a ceremony in be Pelletier has been an in too High. The White House Rose Garden Struc Tor in English at the school National then he will address a joint ses step 1956 and has also acted As gov. George c. Wallace Chal is on of Congress and the follow advisor to the debating team and Lenge of president Kennedy s ing Day will go to new York for the year Book staff. Right to use Federal troops in the a ticker tape Parade he attended old Orchard Beach Birmingham situation Nas a Xis today Cooper plans Only to rest schools Portland Junior Rolleg Esible connection win the univer from the one predictable after of continued on Page two site of Alabama integration suits feet of his 34-hour cosmic Advent that in return the United states of the disputing sides agree to an automatic formula for Crux of the situation is that adjusting gaps Between High ministers of the common Market a american tariffs and lower european ones. West German economics minister Ludwig Erhard claimed Cre countries a France West Germany Italy the Netherlands Belgium and Luxembourg a insist on reductions in individual . Dit for the new proposal which he tariffs they considered too High said he thought would end the As Well As agreed general cuts deadlock with the United states. The . Delegation has insisted French finance minister Valery on equal percentage cuts from Giscard d Estwing said Quot it s for the americans to notice effective monday May 27th hair cuts a $1.25 children a week Days $1.00 Friday amp saturday $1.25 in most Biddeford amp Saco Barber shops both sides with a goal of slashes As High As 50 per cent. It wants to open formal bargaining sessions May 6, 1964. A common Market official said no Date could be fixed for bargaining talks until the United states and the Trade bloc agree on an approach. He said the common Market would agree to a Date if the United states consents to handle the High Tariff problem on the same level As its proposals for across the Board cuts. Maurice Brasseau belgian minister of foreign Trade conveyed the Market group s decision to Christian a. Hefter president1 Saco safety cyclists a Young Saco by Kennedy a chief negotiator at the cyclists lined up for the Start of he annual safety gait talks. The talks Vav ind up Rodeo sponsored by the Saco police department continued on Page its three and the Biddeford Saco i it Odge of elks saturday at the c. K. Burns school grounds. Several Hundred youngsters turned out for the event and the it a Cora led bicycle Parade w hich proceeded it. Story on Page 2. Edwards super Market Early week values cube steaks Swift s Premium Choice steer Quality save 40c a Pound cucumbers firm. Crisp Long Green Stock up now beverages 12 american dry popular flavors easy storing no Deposit 12 of. Cans buy a Case Ai 12 of. 4 can. 99 $1.89 be sure to bring your colonial Homestead dinnerware coupons when you shop Edward s this week there s a new set of valuable coupons that s Good thru this saturday vol. 79, no. 118_vnrfc comity1. . Dully slue. , Maine. Monday. May 20. 1963 a a 4>, pre. We re Ferric to pages Price seven cents Sale of Biddeford $240,000 Bond Issue is in jeopardy

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