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Biddeford Saco Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 14 1965, Page 1

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Biddeford Saco Journal (Newspaper) - June 14, 1965, Biddeford, Maine Valuable Coupon Purchase of $3.00 monday a tuesday Only at Russell s shop n save food store not Good for tobacco products and items prohibited by Law stay at 20 Mills confraternity of Christian doctrine certificates were Given to graduates at St. Margaret a Parish Hall old Orchard Beach on sunday. Shown from left to right Are Rev. Royal Parent assistant pastor at St. Margaret a Church Reading the list of recipients it. Rev. Msgr. Edward c. Of Leary pastor Given out the certificates Jeanne Turner accompanied by her father Haswell Turner William Yates and his Mother. Mrs. Stella Yates and Dolly Petrin and her Mother mrs. Robert Petrin. Story on Page 2. Viet u. S. Rangers find bodies of airborne battalion troops by de Smith the Biddeford tax rate will remain at 20 Mills chief assessor James h. Murphy announced today. A initiation of a new budget accounting system together with a concerted Effort on the part of administration officials to hold the line on spending will enable the Board of assessors to commit the 1965 taxes in the City of Biddeford without an increase a a Murphy said. Murphy said a despite an increase in the 1965 budget appropriation of $114,593 and an increase in the county tax of $10,070 from $51,840 to $61,910, the application of credits from estimated Revenue under the new accounting system will be suit in a total increase of Only $100,549.70 or a 1965 tax commitment of $1,549,584.70 As compared to he 1964 tax commitment of $1,449,035.�?� the 1965 commitment will be assessed on $77,479,235, 1 the excessive abatement granted in 1964 and the assessors were Able to reinstate a total of $2,688,235 of these abatement to the tax Rolls for 1965, thus enabling the City to operate without Benefit of a Mill rate increase a Murphy said. Mayor Edward f. Gaulin of Biddeford in reviewing the increase in the 1965 budget figure As compared to 1964, said that the largest single item occurs in the education department where a total of $736,195 has been budgeted in 1965 com pared to a total of $657,978.82 in 1964, or an increase of $78,-936.18. Gaulin stated that the next largest item is under municipal indebtedness where $136,800 has been appropriated in 1965 As compared to $100,000,000 in 1964, or an increase of $36,800. These two items alone account for the entire budget increase Over 1964, mayor Gaulin said since Normal increases in the Cost of administration in some departments were offset by corresponding decreases in other areas Gaulin said. Gaulin announced that the City Council will have an Opportunity to review the figures a a Der the new accounting system at tonight s Council session where it is expected a commitment Date will be set and interest rates will be established for delinquent taxes. In summing up the mayor twinn Tuitea on fare two corps planes were said to have for the Phuoc Binh Thanh flown 118 sorties sunday. Pilots Cial military zone claimed heavy damage to targets and suspected troop cent rations. Con Saigon South Viet Nam expected to move from there apr vietnamese rangers into the Dong Xoai conflict but combing a rubber Plantation the vietnamese commanders just North of the shattered town were reluctant to ask for them of Dong Xoai found the bodies of about 100 government troops the Viet Cong mounted a today the remains of the 7th number of attacks and ambush airborne battalion a . Mill is in various parts of Viet Nam tary spokesman announced. Today All the Way from the 17th geared to have died As the re Dong Xoai was reported quiet parallel to the Southern tip of suit of enemy action but braced for More trouble the nation. Four . Army helicopter from the Viet Cong. Ninety american and Viet crewmen were killed saturday As the rangers moved through namese planes hammered tar night when their Craft crashed Spe key Bills face Congress Washington a after More than six months of fairly smooth sailing Congress is heading into Shoal infested Waters that May wreck its plans a total valuation of to adjourn by labor Day. As compared to j voting rights Union shops s71.757.850 in 1964, Murphy said foreign Aid. Health care for the a although this would seem to elderly minimum wages Clos indicate an increase in value eng of some military bases leg the vietnamese battalion was attacked As it moved into Thuan Loi Village 4 Miles North of Dong Xoai. The Viet Cong the French owned Michelin rub gets in North Viet Nam in a so Ber Plantation a Feu Miles North lies of separate raids of Dong Xoai they found an As Twenty . Air Force Jet sort ment of grim relics left be bombers escorted by 30 other six americans were killed struck from the North and West Over the weekend but none a sealing off the government paratroopers from the rear. A reports from the area said 250 of the battalions 400 men were killed wounded or captured. This brought the number of vietnamese dead or missing the fighting around Dong Tion of $6,721,385,�?� Murphy stated a such is not the Case since a total of $10,175,300 in valuation was withheld from the original commitment and assessed under a supplemental list in 1964.�?� this reflects an actual 1964 commitment of $81,933,150 however. Since the 1964 administration granted abatement totalling $8,142,150 in valuation the actual figure for 1964 was $73-791.000 Murphy said. A in attempting to compute the 1965 tax rate on the basis of the 1964 adjusted value plus an estimated $1,000,000 in new construction. It was found that this a isolation to protect negroes Job Aid authorization Bill and measure which would Cut or rights. The whole subject May repeal emergency excise tax be dropped until next year rates. Both have passed the the health care Bill passed House hut Senate changes will by the House More than two require further House action. Months ago is bogged Down in Only one major Bill is on the the Senate finance committee. House schedule this week. Iti the administrations Bill to Calls for creation of a Cabinet broaden application of the mini in would result in an increase of 30 Miles East of Saigon during a storm. An explosion aboard a truck at Chu Lai beachhead sunday Xoai since thursday to about Hind by the Viet Cong among jets attacked the ban com Lorn killed two . Marines and in 600. Eighteen americans were them the wreckage of a . Barracks 70 Miles Southwest of Jurod 19 others. The men had listed As dead or missing. Army helicopter and a . 1 five buildings were re been swimming and a spokes vietnamese government forc army Many a identification tag. Ported destroyed and 10 heavily Ian said a grenade fell from is claimed they killed 300 Viet effect on the individual tax pay . Authorities announced damaged. One Many a Belt exploded in the Cong in the fighting thursday or administration officials and a at the request of the Vietnam forty two planes hit three Bottom of the truck and set off on our assessors carefully Ese government elements of the areas of the Babon army bar a five gallon can of gasoline. Quot the american paratroopers were rushed to the Airfield at Phuoc Vinh after the Viet Cong ambushed a vietnamese Para troop battalion saturday night. The Airfield 40 Miles North of Saigon is the main Supply Point Isla Tive reapportionment excise taxes the Antipoverty program and pay raises for military and civilian personnel Are among the snags that lie ahead. Not even one of the dozen annual appropriation Bills to finance the government for the fiscal year starting july 1 has been sent to the president although most of them have cleared the House. Although publicly voicing Confidence that All the necessary legislation can be disposed of by labor Day some congressional leaders already Are considering a summer recess followed by a fall session. Such a recess is a distinct possibility for the level department of housing and Urban development. The voting rights Bill passed by the Senate after a curtailed filibuster has been approved with major changes by the House judiciary committee. It probably will be held up several mum wage Law is in the hearing stage in the House labor committee. A package measure embodying president Johnson a anti poverty program is gathering dust in the House rules committee along with a general More weeks in the House rules housing Bill that May be sent to committee and is not expected the House floor later this week. To reach the floor before next month. The threat of another filibuster confronts it when it goes Back to the Senate. A Bill to prohibit a Tate Laws against Union shops has been approved by the House labor committee but has not yet been one Mill in the 1965 tax rate unless new sources of Revenue ,.could to found. Mindful of the House which is legislatively in Burden such an increase would better shape than the Senate. Two of the pending Hills Are on the Senate Calendar reviewed pay raises for military and civilian personnel Are in the hearing stage in the House armed services and civil service committees. State legislature reapportionment measures stemming from the supreme courts one Man considered by the Senate. It is Lone vote ruling Are progressing being held up in the House slowly in the Senate and House pending action on separate leg-1.judiciary committees. This week. They Are the foreign 173rd . Airborne brigade Racks 60 Miles North of the de have moved to Phuoc Vinh to militarized zone . Spokes protect the Airfield and aircraft men said. heavy air strikes also Contin Phuoc Vinh is the main air cd inside South Viet Nam Field for the Dong Xoai area against suspected Viet Cong tar the . Paratroopers had been gets. . Navy and Marine republicans looking Westward Washington apr re Lare going to get Back most publicans plan to focus on the the House seats we lost last Midwest and West next year in year a he said. A in local elec a Campaign they believe will tons in such states As Iowa for recoup their 1964 losses in the example our candidates have House and give them three or been getting their traditional More additional Senate seats. Majorities even in areas we lost president Johnson a failure in 1964. Thus far to come up with a sat a i think the administrations i factory farm program has failure to come Given the gop Hope that it not workable farm Only can hang on to the seats it going to help us in states where now holds in midwestern and that is a Western states but can make this was in line with an Asser significant gains there. Tion of sen. Karl e. Mundt r sen. Thruston b. Morton of s.d., who expects to be a Candi Kentucky head of the Republic Date for re election that the can senatorial Campaign com Farmer is the forgotten Man of Iii tree said in an interview that the Johnson administration. Of with the electoral College if you get the City votes you done to need any of the rest of them a he said. A perhaps it is because of purely humanitarian reasons a i done to know what the reason but it Means All the goodies Are being handed out to the people in the metropolitan areas and up with any j or. Farmer continues to pay program is through the outnumbered 68 to 32 by the democrats in the Senate republicans have Little Hope of changing that figure materially. Twenty democratic and 14 Republican seats Are at stake next year. Even if the gop retrieved the he while he is not discounting party said sunday on metro Media a total of 41 House places it lost chances in any part of the Conn televised a opinion in the Capi last year the party would still try he believes they Are Bright talk that Johnson is directing All be outnumbered substantially of his programs toward the metropolitan areas. A perhaps that is because. Test in the Midwest and West. A was matters stand i think we a new slate of officers of the Biddeford Saco aerie fraternal order of eagles assumed since the democrats now have duties saturday night. Included Are seated left 294 members to the re Public tit right of Raynond Roy trustee Arthur Rizas 140, w Ith one vacancy. President Lucion Therrien \ ice president and Edwards super Market open monday trl Friday nights a a 9, sat. A 6 Choice Quality steer beef cube steaks tender Juicy easy to prepare save 61c la. Watermelon red Ripe fill your freezer1 lemonade tempt Frozen save 49c White or Pink 5c la. C 12 98 Daniel Pendleton trustee second Row same order Frederic Desch Ambeault treasurer Henry Tartre inside guard Joffre o. Remil lard outgoing president and Emile Madore outside . Soviets make new showdown drive Moscow apr the soviet speculation that the communist party appears to be might place Viet Nam making a new drive for a show Kremlin High on the Agenda of an International Down meeting on the split with peking. The chinese reds have communist meeting. Unleashed a new attack on the in event it was believed. Kremlin a leadership. The chinese would attend a pravda the soviet party a meeting even if it was dominant per published sunday a resolved by pro soviet delegations Tion adopted last month by the because to Boycott it would Lay pro soviet portuguese comm them open to soviet charges of nist party calling for a world bad Faith and obstructionism in communist party conference to be vietnamese War. Discuss the dispute soviet i re Micro Alexei n. Peking which a opposed Kosygin has referred to Viet such a meeting charged in a Arn As a a be two broadcast that the new soviet feuding Camps. He said a leaders were being More Covert put a is Vang North Korea on and cunning than Nikita thru be. 12 that imperialist pro a a Quot Sychev in trying to Pervert com ,.in c \ Mun so brought the soviet Union closer the russians also were act to red China and its allies. Cued of being a Busy in Wash peking As sunday s Broad in ton. London and Paris try emphasize ing to initiate peace negotiations a Ai pm bar Battleground on Viet Nam a in a painstaking feud with Moscow. Effort to find a Way out for the be portuguese party said the ii $ oops skors a Lack of Unity in the communist recent statements from the world had encouraged the unit soviet Union and members of de states to pursue a Tough pol the soviet bloc have raised o in Viet Nam. Cherie toilet tissue 9 59 c save 30c today s chuckle today chuckle people who live in Glass houses might As Well answer the Doorbell. Gen. Fea. Corp electro Lux sales amp service Joseph Durfee representative Wilbur Avenue o. O. B. 934-4741 or 934-2585 greens shoe store 147 main Street Biddeford open tonight until 9 open monday and Friday nights a til 9 double s amp h Green Stamps monday note from 6 p. M. To 9 p. M. F Resh save 5c War 100 extra j i amp h 150 extra g i amp h 200 extra amp h 250 extra 1 amp h clip this Coupon Stamps with $5.00 Purchase Stamps with $10.00 Purchase Stamps with $15.00 Purchase Stamps with $20.00 Purchase Coupon Good til june 16 one per Fanny not Good on tobacco. Beer or milk carrots a 14 summer Coal prices in effect june 1 to August 31 fill up now and save 22 Storer Street Saco Biddeford amp Saco Coal amp Oil company 99 Cleaves Street a 283-3655 a Hazelton House and cocktail lounge depot Square old Orchard Beach a 9342571 now open for the season operated by Patrick j. Hazelton the same courteous service and moderate prices will prevail our friends and former patrons Are cordially vol. 81, no. 138_york county a local news daily since 1884_biddeford-Saco, Maine monday june 14, 1965 associated press wire service 10 pages Price seven cents weather Cloudy Complete report on Page tire Bim rrb Adco our numbers Newt dept. 282-1535 business depts. 283-3625 a rate will in Biddeford

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