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Biddeford Saco Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1961, Page 1

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Biddeford Saco Journal (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Biddeford, Maine Weather partly Cloudy Complete report on Page t our numbers news dept. At 2-1535 business dept s. At 33625 vol. 77, no. 47 floods sweep South by the associated press floods of major proportions swept Central Alabama and Mississippi today and continued Rains gave indications that the situation will get worse. While High Waters displaced thousands of persons in four deep South states tornadoes and damaging High winds brought More woe to at least three other Southern states. The red Cross in Washington said 2,800 families Hape been affected by flooding in Louisiana Mississippi Alabama and Georgia. National guard and civil defense evacuations will Send the figure much higher. Under water six thousand persons have Beer displaced at Hattiesburg miss. By flood Waters of the Leaf River a third of that City is under water some As much As 12 feet deep., tornadoes and High winds uprooted Trees and damaged buildings in Alabama. Georgia and South Carolina. No serious injuries were reported. The threat of bad weather continued with a weather Bureau report of possible severe thunderstorms Hail damaging winds and some tornadoes expected in Southwest Alabama Central and South West Georgia. The weather Bureau at Montgomery ala., said the Tallapoosa River coursing through Central Alabama should Rise rapidly saturday. All Gates at one dam on the Tallapoosa were Onen and York county local news Dally since 1884 Biddeford Saco Maine saturday february 25, 1961 full leased wire sender to pages Price seven cents Knoxville Iowa apr examiners were at work today Clearing up details of Iowa a third big Bank embezzlement in two months. The latest came to Light Friday when Edlon l. Job 59, president of the Community National Bank and Trust co. Of Knoxville hanged himself leaving an estimated half million Dollar shortage that stunned this town of 7,817 in South officially proclaiming March As red Cross month in Saco Centra Jowa is mayor Charles Cote seated As or. J. Edward Whelan chair eff a Quot dead Many a Confes Man of the Saco red Cross chapter looks on. Mayor ote urged Sjoni a saying that he used the that All citizens support the annual drive which will get under Way Bank a Money through forged next week. Since Many people think of red Cross Only in connection notes to cover bad investments with disaster. Mayor Cote pointed out the importance of the Chil and make donations around Dren s water safety program the first Aid instruction Home nursing town and Home service projects carried on each year. Unlike the situation at Sheldon in Northwest Iowa Wiere a $2-million embezzlement closed the Sheldon National Bank the Knoxville institution was covered by a $1 million Fidelity Bond which officials said to than took care of the shortage. Business at Community National went on As usual. The Sheldon Bank closed on hands off policy in Congo suggested by Khrushchev wants rebel oked another editorial do or die. Writing a Check for $500 for shares in the ii.a7. I the announcement earlier this week that a new in burnout steer Kyle Quot a to Dornhart Lluli %uth.<w5chin� inches o7canacit�a1 Martin Nam i dus it which would employ Over 400 wants t0 locate she admitted the embezzlement a a transaction Are mayor Charles r. Cote Al opening the Martin dam flood id the Saco Industrial Park providing it can have prop and later was sentenced to 15 Saco seated left and miss Irene Lachance St. Gates would Send thousands of or facilities puts our communities and the citizens on a pjs is in prison. Gallons of water Rushing Down the a spot. Case occurred a Mal Moscow Oft a Premier Khrushchev today suggested the con go crisis be left to the african states alone to Settle. The soviet Premier stuck to his earlier demands for the ouster of u. N. Secretary general Dag Hammarskjold and Laid Down another conditions that the rebel regime of Antoine Eizenga be recognized As the legitimate Congo government. Khrushchev closely followed the soviet line which was rejected by the u. N. Security Council. The soviets had demanded withdrawal of u. N. Forces within a month removal of Hammarskjold and letting the congolese Settle their problems. Call for Force instead the Council with the United states backing approved ours aunt standing Center. The Beach youth was an asian african Resolution Call Home from a merchant Marine cruise when he ing for the . Forces to use read of the Park group s need for $50,000 to at Force if necessary in bringing tract an Industry to the Park. St. Ours went to peace to the turbulent Gongo. Mayor cotes office and wrote the Cheek for $500. Khrushchev personally Over the soviet Campaign Tallapoosa to the Alabama which already is causing major flooding at Montgomery. In plagued finances in Congo by there Are no a a ifs a and so or a a buts about it. Here is an Industry which says a we will come a Here is an Industry which would occupy a Plant costing a half million dollars and which would finance the building through a loan from the Maine Industrial building authority. Here is an Industry which would help our communities go a Long Way in remedying the unemployment situation which has plagued us for the past three years. The Industry wants to come Are we willing to do our share to get it by purchasing Stock in the Industrial Park corporation to raise $50,000 needed to provide proper Vern in Southwest Iowa. Jam continued on Pace two 30. More than too areas distressed Young Man invests $500 in Saco Industrial Park took today in a letter to Indian prime minister Nehru. Khrushchev declared the aim of the Western Powers appeared to he a to gain the upper hand Over the patriotic it Lumumba is forces in the without mentioning names he declared a in fact a Well known principle of Imperial policy at the beginning of the an old Orchard Beach youth Dusty to the area. Chant vessels As a ships officer. 20 Century by . President expressed his Confidence in the he stated that he is optimistic mayor Charles Cote expressed Theodore Roosevelt the phrase economic future of the Biddeford about the economic future of this Hig personal thanks and the about talking softly but with a Saco area yesterday with cold area and that he would like to. Industrial Cornora ick in the hand Cash. See it Progress further. He noted a Hanks of the Industrial Corpora Wuh out purpose that Washington apr Secretary Robert p. St. Ours. 22. Of 32 that his investment might not pay lion Tor St. Ours latin in the Iii som it statesmen in the West even United nations. . Ap1 a Dag Hammarskjold is getting uncomfortably close to a Cash deadline in the Congo. The . Secretary general still is trying desperately to recruit men to maintain a Strong u. N. Force there in a race against the soviets and dwindling Money reserves. With the . Operation facing financial collapse at the turn of granted special borrowing Powers granted Speed borrowing Powers for three months to keep it going. Nearly two months have passed facilities including Roadway and Railroad Spur track. 0� Commerce Luther h. Hodges Union Avenue walked into the off in the near future but that if it should by noted that these improvements while told Congress Friday More than office of mayor Charles r. Coic the Economy of Biddeford Saco brought to the forefront at this time by the present 100 Urban and uncounted Rural of Saco with a Check for $.500 for was aided old Orchard Beach r i a a j. Areas Are sufficiently depressed too shares of Saco Industrial would also gain from the in Prospect will not Only Benefit this one Industry. Once t0 need nip from president Park Stock. Creased Industrial activity installed they will make Tho Park much More attractive Kennedy program for centers St. Ours a 1956 graduate of St. Ours was born in Biddeford Tion exemplifies what we Are try Congo As a peace move said the to other firms considering the location some future of chronic unemployment. Old Orchard Beach High school and raised in old Orchard to do in attracting new Indus states could take care of Hodges appeared before a House is Home after a merchant Marine after graduating from High it self the smaller nations banking subcommittee opening cruise and had read of the Lark school he matriculated at Maine the special meet in that has specially needed the United nature of the communities. Mayor new Are developing the theme of Cote said that with the building Rojc stick in their Public proof the Spur line into the Park the noun cements 150-acre Industrial Park was a on president Kennedy in support its Way and that this youths a inf a n operation in the Date. As a result of the improvements the Park would be hearings on legislation to carry groups need for $50,000 to build i maritime Academy and graduated been called to raise the $50,000 if is ome of the finest in new England if not All along the out this multimillion Dollar phase a Railroad Spur into the Industry in 1959. He is presently awaiting for the Spur line will be held Kenne Jav told a news Confer a .1�? a a a a and Widen the present s coast guard examination that sunday afternoon at 2 in Saco ence that any attempt to destroy order to attract a new in a will qualify him to sail on Mer Gar nations a is a blow aimed directly at the i depend entire Atlantic Seaboard. How Many Parks can boast 0seamadministration economic Al. J r i Ogham. % Road on of being adjacent to a Suncar Highway which is part of Hodges said 20 major Urban the Federal Highway system How Many Parks can offer areas and 83 smaller ones Are suf a. A f Chi. I m n f out i old a i Railroad and truck loading docks within its confines stent to to session due How Man it a Parks can Host of being Only 20 minutes would come within the definition just to Days away is the re away he car from an Airport such As the one at South of areas to be redeveloped under sued session of the general As Portland How Many Parks can boast of being Only 90 a he proposed act dancing me it Rev Mai Jon pm Gnu f is away from Ono of the vol do a outstanding tech a of my a ref add to to Quot a Quot the Rural go for Quot the rest of t Ais year Jno logical centers Boston and 20 minutes away from a areas of unemployment whose sex the Assembly also will have to Branch of the state University the University of Maine act dredge out of the members the Jat Portland Verv few Parks can list such an attractive Vine ast Vearus not i1 to. A1 Sam. Been determined a Hodges switch made in Biddeford Early Witch Coart hearing defended Ken in a Biddeford courtroom to the Congo bid of s84g5 Mullion and of Lopacka a to industrialists. The Saco Industrial Park a Hodges strongly covering what Hammarskjold has wih be Ake a additional $50,000 Worth of Stock proposal to give the it oni cited in the old boys school Over Smith was based on borrowed known to be in excess Van he Solh Merce department the Over All looking the River the Arundel Mony of John Hilton a former of m2 million a j. Juju a a responsibility for caring out he watch trial 17% was Huckl this neigh her who had become ence of every nation Large and the text was handed out to foreign correspondents at the front dont of the Temple like foreign office. Khrushchev proposed that a commission be set up comprising those african states a troops have been sent to the Congo in accordance with the decision of the evidence against Elizabeth about six Yards ahead of him the up Riby Council a a. J Testi stick began to move through Hil 3 tones hand. Being convinced that the note was distributed also iced trial leads 0f states or governments the woman was causing the stick 1� a a Pic p Fri ratin i Quot to move Hilton tried to hit her i Quot Anra of a Tropf and a America. So far the United states has a Mariora taco Nave use Iii enc program Viany Rem direct. Of sane in Early october 1796, with it kicked in with a total of $44,962, Yon Ever since the Bates manufacturing company closed pc i men Tieg is i a to on p re fora be p Witch trials of lfi92 in Salem month before the trial. Weapon turned 1 aws 833�?$34,645,211 in Cash plus an its York division and Saco Lowell moved its textile let Ana ind no a Billon Chich mass., for now the accusers were Hilton claimed that he was go but when he tried to strike her. 26 More note a earned credit of $10,317,622. For Divi n the m St of the time when attention was l. N j 1. Arils a1 made to answer. Ing Home one evening just before the weapon Turne 0n him and Augusta gov. Reed sign picking up the Tab for airlifting ?1 1810 South most 01 inf. Lin a Quot non Ai enu i vol sen Len ii Law the Biddeford court of general dark. When Elizabeth Smith Sud struck him violently in the lower re 26 new Hills and resolves into troops to the Congo last summer. I reused upon the communities it was to Point out h a sessions of the peace did not try Denly appeared and began _ to part 0f Brck. Hilton claimed Law Friday making the total for the Gross Congo Cost in 1960 a More than s60 million but the . Airlift forgiveness plus similar action by Britain the soviet Union and others reduced the net Hill. Tough things were Only occasional in was mention ready8uass? a nudes a 03� staff Elizaseth sol than old woman walk in front of him. Hilton had hat he had suffered great phys the session to made of the tremendous amount of work being done to experienced in problems of area from Arundel for being a Witch an of goad a Long a a to t1 has Cal pain As a result of the beat Law providing alleviate the. Condition. Is Dement and thus but it indicted tour of her rein. Hand. Winch he held at the nod Long. 1"int a a identity two it it tip in tu0 0w efficiently Tives and neighbors All women die. As a witness for the defense represent age or Len buy. Manv obstacles have Bern overcome during thei a Jake nah. To. In and Battery. While the woman was walking Katon Cleaves testified that Hil years ago the governor had included was a punishment for License to mis. Dast four years. Lack of a zoned Industrial site was re a a a is expert cd of the soviet bloc the pr0perty purchased. Whent was Learned grandmother Whiz at making favors paying the $9 245.650 total they Mere assessed on the regular existing space was necessary the Biddeford develop they and no a in rep Ora inn Nurani iced and part of the Assembly session they lower property was acquired. Other industries w my would not kick in a cent a and preferred to Purchase buildings on their own face Quot a roadblocks which Thev overcame with the whole Heartt the soviet unions share is $6. R a 1 a 596.425. The other bloc countries support of our municipal governments and our citizen Range from the Ukraine $871 Cool the spotlight is again on Biddeford and Saco. Thi , Alban Ian a 519.373. T me it does not Center its beam on our unemployment Fidel Castro s Cuba also can be the rec of Guu Tion As such it is focused instead on the cure for our illness. And the obstacle which stands in our Way the $50,000. Outsiders Are watching to see if we will pick up the Ball and run with it or if we will sit on the sidelines and continue to complain. For our part we Hope that Tho show we stage for the onlookers will impress them with the fact that we Are willing to help ourselves that we can move when an Opportunity presents itself. The question we must answer is a do we a want Industry badly enough so that we Are willing to in p r id Niri n no provide firms with the facilities Thev desire a if the an fort Fairfield us a Rob r Ert a. Hasey died of suffocation ser is a yes then we will be taking a Gigantic step today when a Couch fire filled his towards elimination of the unemployment situation. We two Story Home with smoke shudder to think of what the future holds if we come up we minor beige the a ne2ative reply and let this Golden Opportunity pass. We have until March 7 to raise the $50,000. It is not Job for just a few. It is your responsibility As you will Benefit directly or indirectly. Done to even wait tar be approached concerning your part in this most important Endeavor. Contact Park officials today and let them know you Are willing to do your share. Ton had been of sound mind and signed Only 83 ads at this Point body before the incident. He fur of the legislative session stated that the bewitched had been constant in his counted on to follow Moscow Lead and renege on its $121,080 assessment tile total Congo by for the six months operations in i960 and the first three months of 1961 was an estimated net $�2.5 million. Fire kills Lone House occupant de from a cigarette left near the Couch downstairs. Nasey who lived alone was found in an upstairs bedroom. T Odavis chuckle is nothing a Ripe old age to brag about. Consider Tomato. The office motto be sure your brain is in gear before engaging it our Mouth. Copy. Gen. Fea. Corp escaped state witness captured Atlantic City a j. Up a Der bruised and wire bound rolled l. Russell chief witness for the _ hate in the Vincent Blaney Mur Jhom jail in nearby Absecon. I was captured this morning three hours after he had escaped i. Ekx iut Kemaud ther Man accusations and had accused on the creative talents of mrs. By Elizabeth of reducing him to Elodie Renaud with Needle and present state thread paste Jar and glue tube \ group of Arundel citizens had were enlisted again this week by to cure Hilton by asking the notre Dame Hospital leaders in accused Witch for some of her conjunction with the tenth an blood to use As an antidote. It Niv Ersary past presidents ban was Felt that the blood of the Quet. Witch was the Only cure for Hil banquet planners chose presi tones malady. Although Eliza dental gavels As a decoration it eth agreed to this measure it theme honouring the past presi proved ineffective dents group. The next hurdle was other women in the neighbor to find the paper and cardboard Hood relatives of the a bewitch creations. It was suggested that eds a threatened Elizabetn. Saying mrs. Renaud be contacted for they would let Hilton Loose to kit suggestions As she has created and supplied the Hospital with All kinds of tray favors Over the past to years. When she was phoned mrs. Renaud not Only had the answer but she even offered to create them in different colors and sizes. Then she decided to give the favors extra Glamor by using ribbon and bows for the handle she furnished the materials and has donated the gavels to the auxiliary As her special contribution to the tenth anniversary Celebration March i at the won Derbar for the past presidents recognition night banquet and program. Always creating something for to years she has made the lives of All patients at notre Dame Hospital brighter and Gayer. She has made tray favors for every patient in the Hospital on All tile holidays and has furnish Elt a extras which often turn up i i continued on pave two St. Francis whist party sunday feb. 26 7 30 p. M. St. Francis College Pool Road Biddeford reopening today 11 a. M. Serving As usual luncheons pedals and regular dinners weekdays to a. M. To Midnight cocktails served sunday luncheons amp full dinners 9 a. M. A 9 p. M. The w0nderbar Washington Street Biddeford

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