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Biddeford Saco Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1962, Page 1

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Biddeford Saco Journal (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Biddeford, Maine Weather heavy Snow Complete report on Page t journal our numbers news dept. At 21535 business depts. At 33625 vol. 78, no. 42 York county a local news daily since 1881 Biddeford Saco Maine monday february 19, 1962 associated press wire service 12 pages a Price seven cents clip and save this Coupon i us top value Stamps with Purchase of s5.00 or More Good Only through wed., feb. 21, 1962 limit one Coupon per customer clip and save this Coupon weather May allow shot firm prominent during the dedication of the new Biddeford High school on Maplewood Avenue yesterday afternoon were these local and state officials. They Are. Seated left to right for Midas Mininni Board of education member Paul Larrabee school superintendent mayor Clement Deschambault Philip a. Annas state depart Cape canaveral Fla a possibly delaying the shot for the a brightening weather picture Lith time. I buoyed hones today that Astro however officials were hopeful naut John a Glenn or. Will be holes could be found in the Clouds i launched toward a round the through which the Crocket could Earth orbit tuesday after months be fired. Of delays. A Complete Check of the weath at a morning briefing project or was due for about Midnight meat of education and main speaker standing Mercur y officials reported a Gen tonight after which officials were same order Raymond Ken rally school principal orally improved conditions in the a to make a preliminary decision Clifford Berry Lurin Dovon and atty. Roger Atlantic recovery areas where May we feel a lot More optimistic c. Nadeau Board of education members and Rine it. Col. Glenn s capsule today than we did yesterday a a Conrad biotic. Sex Bnard of education member would descend. Said it. Col. John a. Powers members of the school Hoard also served As the the first half of a split two Day spokesman for the astronauts. School building committee. Story on Page 7. Countdown was started at 2 30 Quot conservatively i would sat a m. The recount was finished the Odds Are at least 60-40 in our at 6 both the Atlas Booster rocket and Friendship 7 Powers said one change mid spacecraft described As in a a go been made in the lineup of ships i condition. Poised to recover Glenn. The air launch target Craft Carrier Forrestal has re officials were shooting for a placed the Carrier Constellation launch Between 7 30 a m. And in the area�?.500 Miles East of 112 30 pm. Tuesday. Bermuda a where Glenn would j the weather Outlook in the Cape come Down if he made Only one canaveral Vicinity gave officials orbit instead of the hoped for some concern. A cold front pre three. Ceded by a Squall line was add relaxed As he can Glenn dancing into Northern Florida this planned to phone his wife awl morning. This could leave linger parents tonight before going to Ling cloudiness in the Cape area bed about 7 or 8 o clock. Prelate visions eventual Catholic majority in us installation of officers of the joint Board auxiliary textile workers Union of America of to took place yesterday afternoon at Union Hall Biddeford Laking part were seated left to right. Exilia Romeo treasurer Emma Daniels Secretary Michael schoonjans joint Atlantic City. N j. It a it a Only about one sixth of the total. A Catholic educator predicted to a in 20 years when this one Day that within half a Century third have grown up. They pro roman catholics will he in the ably will have half of All the Chil a majority in this country. Dren Horn. And then said the very Rev. A within half a Century the John p. Leary president of gon catholics will be a majority in Zaga University in Spokane this was the question of Federal Aid father Leary said he believes to private and parochial schools the government should pay a sub 1 will he settled by a the strange a Sidy to the family of any child incident of numbers and a qualified and recognized private in an interview at tile annual school a something Akin to the hits. F i convention of the american Asgi Bill of it Isis he i c a social Ion of school administrate father Leary said there was air nit in a a of ors father Leary said. A i realize ways a Hazard that extremist or c Rutiz ? j3 pm a it Nar. ? that my belief that there should a animations such As the John for. 11 ii Evelyn l Blanc us nerf for private schools Birch society might try to Stab trustee f Ora or Panhon finance Secretary Lii a a minor by viewpoint. But the bsh such a private school but ban Tard if or ii s tee i. A Dismore sergeant at Vic we \ hold Are numerically on that a basically this is strictly a arms and Mildred Linnie. Trustee. I religious Issue report overthrow made on election in 60 of Castro is plotted stand by us Behlin it apr Allied aircraft flew through the North corridor from Berlin today to counter renewed soviet pressure on he vital air lanes informed source said. Military and commercial trails ports thrust through the Berlin Hamburg corridor Over communist East German territory the informants said. The Western operation want designed to assert Allied rights in face of the renewal of Harrns sing tactics by the red air Force. Western commanders Gau orders for the transports to Fly deliberately below the love die soviets want for their exclusive use for a three hour period. For these tenth time since it started harassing Western air links to Berlin on feb. 7. Tho soviet air Force told the Berlin air safety Center sunday night it was reserving air space in to 7,500 feet in the North corridor leading to Berlin from Hamburg. Allied control officers reject cd the soviet flight plan and ordered military transports to stand by. The soviet move came after a weekend pause in the Berlin air crisis. Sunday morning. Moscow r announced it had rejected a three pfc -3 a Power protest that Maneu vers of the red air Force in the corridors were dangerous and illegal. The allies insist that air safety Rule in Force for 17 years re. A quire notification of each i divid a a Ual a she through the three 20 anniversary War keel continue Mpa two by Biddeford couple Kennedy asks wide or. And mrs. Albert Albe the. 1sf. At sic a Probir it triple observances marked the the Albe family and the program he cited these figures is going to disappear within 50 a ,. I. I a in the last five years one years although there probably Golden wedding anniversary included a this is our life third of All the children Horn in will be a Strong minority opposed saturday of or. And or. Albert script presented by mrs. Gnu this country were Catholic a1 to Federal Aid for private and Albe Hill Street Biddeford. They Rousseau a daughter though the Catholic population is parochial new York apr during the in four categories of offensive Union peace pact seen to be weathering Well bal Harbour Fla. Apr the government requires con included renewal of marriage. Circulating the guest Book were authority vows at a morning mass in St. Or. And mrs. Gerard Brouillard Andre Church a family breakfast ant. Among those signing were Washington apr president at the wonderbra Steak House. Or. And mrs. Ernest Albe North Kennedy today sent to ingress i w j legis action to give him Power to and a reception and Dante sat Creek. N y. Music was provided up to $2 by Ion of Public urday night in St. John Hall for the evening by the swing yes projects in the Early stage Adams Street. Orc a of any business slump. The anniversary mass Wagram l mrs. Albe were mar in an accompanying letter Ken celebrated by a Nephew of the re la a at it. Felix Church Kingsey n it by said the standby authority Groom. Rev. Stanley Albe Al an., february 19, 1912. They would be a an invaluable anti Bany n. Y., and singing was by Nave been residents of Biddeford recession mrs. Alice Nolue of St. Andre since 1923 and Alite was self pm it would permit a speedup of senior choir. Over 50 members played As a contractor builder Pri authorized Federal projects and i960 presidential election anti a Ness it said the tally showed 5 Catholic literature was circulated per cent vile 25 per cent Dishon in every state says the fairest 35 per cent unfair and 33 Guatemala it a a group Campaign practices committee. Roll Cha n i is possible. 0f cuban exiles Here Are organic. A. The report stated. A a a the net result was Good it adds. It s10ucj to made Clear that it in an ant Gay 1� seek the Over leaders opening their tractors working on such projects to Safi a whore abuses of Tho religious is throw of Primo minister Fidel win a Mee eng said Loday the t0 meet the prevail in warm for in a report issued last night has sue Are cued Here the term Castro in Cuba. The organization. ,. He aim a pc. Between the Narlie ular areas As deter been to heighten Public mistrust abuses is used precisely. For however is still on paper and Mon n old Aimis uce Sci Ween me Parn Tuiai areas As Peters of charges supported Only by my a a a re �?----------1 w and hate intensify a growing Mand of the electorate for facts presented honestly As the basis for decision at the the committee is a nonpartisan organization endorsed by both Bouth Castern Bible belts wore officials deny there is such a Tiv Ryan huh a Nnapp met to a in a a a i a one l. Major political parties. After pegged As sources of ant Catholic it Guate mention Here i Decem Fetcak House for those attending Reno Albe Saco All of whom three Point program urged by each election it rom in irs t Nina panty hut ii Ahdrah i. Vent Ion net pm Lic Cumner. Agreed to help push another build the religious services. Were present. I Nable to he pres Kennedy in his economic message Quot smear study Quot based on its invest a but there Stales not normally Vasion of cub la m april Al Cio of ivc Streil my. I Quot Rade boa1 Quot cd Len of ,0v<t the s it Oil Peter Ailious in the in was Paul Alite now stationed inn 22. Has been hailed by most ligation of complaints of violations con Deled in a Bible Bell Ong i the iwo organization is called ire l d that he Homo Arete ,,y Quot quire its Oil Federal cd eng included a Buffet supper in Alaska with the us. Army democrats hut attacked by re of the code of fair Campaign mated one third of the local vol l of f ill Are Ion a of a h my has Odin Are Emem m Lye old to pc Ion pr0jt�?~ it a cent on a Quot it p i a a Talion of they have 21 grandchildren and publicans a a potential Tomasio run Ricos or of Mir Niimi anti Ith Nii i j. In if so re Ion vim. Naimon Nas leu to i Mcmeni 10 Fiam he aim primarily is to sifts and a dance. The guests of eight great grandchildren. Of congressional authority. Nine pages of the committee s we tidal tracts cab Forth �60 to the 3iharf i0mtrrrnmr f p 10mf Perls Lluc or ves in stiffen overtime pay obligations of Honor received a Money tree. Communicants of St. Andre the other requested measures copyrighted i Page Stux of Tho Rae Cesi Penns Vivanta 4ll a Psi a Congress for measures on which nonunion contractors. Presented by Michelle and Albert Church they reside at Isi. Hill were standby Powers to Reduca to Campaign in which roman Minnesota in in an in review general Ped isms Beer the i Quot dus rial and building Allie. Tho Grandll Neldren in behalf St ret i. Continued. Page two. Trades unions arc nearing agree elected president were devoted to is. Connecticut and new him Noi a Metivi Nfn and soldi5w.�?o,v a Saix mint. Too. On still another leists in Alliy Haiir Pippiin i. Catholic John f. Kennedy was Massachusetts originated 2 Piec Raza would say Only that a we Are Industrial unions reportedly d up Tai it Dir int unto re or i a a a be i to to w a a a. 11. A a a in the religious Issue. Shire one each. Getting uni with your child \ teacher and View Point is one of the Many ways to Start a a help your child succeed in school follow the 15-Day series by Leslie j. Nason in this paper starting monday and order his Quot help your child succeed in school Quot Booklet. I a a see Page to 11 a. Jia t a Recd <0 building Jve proposal. This seeks to Legal Vin in f0,� or acres in supporting amendments ize picketing at construction pro a in a the in Avi Reacon cd 10 include cots and factory Gates where such identified said the organization fringe benefits such As pensions picketing is now prohibited by the Ihas All the men we need for and welfare funds along with pay Han on Serin Riard Hov Rotts an attack on Cuba. Rates in calculating prevailing j these men All cubans Are wages on Federal construction continued on has i rec it projects. Of the invited guests a bouquet of roses presented by Jeanne Albe a grandchild and corsages Zund an anniversary cake gifts of the family. Arrangements Tor the Buffe and reception were handled by the farm store Swift s Premium today a chuckle women Are divided into two classes a the careless ones who lose their gloves and the careful ones who lose Only one Glove. Copy. Gen. Fea. Corp pork chops Center Cut Jim a to rental service Tel. At 2-1302 $1 per Day $5 per week $2.00 minimum 25 Spring Street Saco plenty of free parking markets top value Stamps with every Purchase pork rib end roasts la 27c i clip and save Coupon extra free Gold Bond Stamps with Purchase of s5.00 or More Good Only through wed., feb. 21, 1962 limit one Coupon per customer redeemable at the farm store Only the farm store 38 Alfred Street Biddeford a at 4-8291 political advertisement attention voters of Biddeford Ward i and 2 boil off for governor meeting foresters Hall Emery Street Biddeford 8 p. M. Tues., feb. 20 signed Gilbert r. Boucher greens shoe store 147 main Street Biddeford open tonight until 9 double s amp h Green Stamps from 6 p. M. To 9 p. M. Open Friday nights a til 9 too extra free top value stamp with Ham slices hygrade a fully cooked Best Center slices Chase and Sanborn regular or drip Coffee vac. Tin coming thursday february 22nd York county Auto dealers Washington a birthday open House see wednesday s journal for dealers association open House Section Sweet and Juicy California Navel oranges Allied aircraft counters Berlin corridor pressure

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