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Biddeford Saco Journal Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 1

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Biddeford Saco Journal (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Biddeford, Maine Weather cold Complete report on Page tire vol. 81, no. 296 York comity a to calms Dally since 1884 Biddeford Saco Maine monday december 20, 1965 our numbers news dept. 282-1535 business depts. 283-3625 associated press wire service 12 pages Price seven cents s8p5 for Yog Quot St a Ltd. A a a a a fuel dump threatened Saigon forces beat Back communist unit South Viet Samiof the City in route to a two Viet Cong companies at spokesmen reported the attack forces guarding Saigon a a tacked two outposts of the Tuv Force also captured 12 samoans the grenade bounced off Shejen Nhon special forces Camp in and found More than 100 Ere rear of the truck and exploded the Plain of Reeds 40 Miles West of Saigon taking part in installation ceremonies held saturday evening Gerard Boisvert vice president Robert Bissell president being a a a a my tis a Quot ,fifrr5 of la 4 a congratulated by Michael schoonjans area director and installing . Al Cio Csc left to right Francis a Warden Alberic Berube treasurer Donald King Secretary officer and Leo Bedard business a. Page j. Saigon a against communist terrorist attacks on the fifth anniversary of in the Street slightly injuring the Viet Cong beat off a Compa two americans police said no size enemy band monday the incident occurred despite the tightest Security in years in night five Miles outside the Cap the City o More than 1a my Jjon ital near a vital fuel and am 0 guard against any major munition dump. Birthday incident. Officials said i he City limits heard the Rel the wave of terrorism could tic of Small arms fire and the continue until the new year rumble of artillery. Communists took no holi the action was East of Nha a.,v a the Field be site of the biggest Supply de the u. government forces threw Hack the communists with tactical air support and claimed 29 Viet Cong killed. Twelve Miles father West battalions of South vietnamese regional troopers slammed into a Viet Cong hideout killing 26 communists and destroying 30 samoans and 53 buildings. Spacemen begin tests Cape Kennedy. Fla. Apr astronauts Frank Borman and James a. Lovell jr., who sailed far enough during their two weeks in space to make 10 round trips to the Moon begin three Days of medical checks Here today to determine what physical Rigours space travel has on Man. People who talked with the astronauts said their main complaint of the 14-Day flight was the confinement a they could t stretch out. They asserted they dreamed a lot during the Mission sources said. And Borman was quoted As saying that Lovell was dreaming a fall the food on Board the spacecraft a some of it dehydrated a got was approaching it and Schirra tedious and somewhat object Jand Stafford indicated that Ren Tio Nable toward the end of the flight the sources noted. Air Force it. Col. Borman and Navy cmdr. Lovell As Well As gemini 7 astronauts Walter m. Schirra or. And Thomas p. Stafford praised the Titan 2 Booster and gemini spacecraft. All four also remarked How easy it was to see through each other s spacecraft windows while they were rendezvous ing High above the Earth wednesday. A a Schirra was quoted As saying that the gemini 7 capsule appeared twice As Bright As the Devous was easier than they thought. Stafford and Schirra co piloted two Small air planes on thursday from the prime recovery ship the aircraft Carrier Wasp to Bermuda. On the Way sources said they tried to Fly their two aircraft in formation and noted that it was much easier to Pilot two gemini spacecraft in formation even though the spaceships were speeding at 17,500 Miles an hour. Persons who talked with the astronauts quoted Borman As saying he thought future space Bulky space suits on Long Dura Tion flights. And if a a Hack up pressure system is needed Borman suggested it be built into the spacecraft rather than the space suit sources noted. The two gemini 7 pilots flew much of their Mission in their underwear and would have done it even More if Mission control permitted them. Borman and Lovell Are scheduled to stay at Cape Kennedy until wednesday concentrating on medical examinations. They then plan to Fly to the manned spacecraft Center in Houston tex., to begin eight Days of telling and retelling the Story of local voters at polls brightest Star Sirius a then he men should not have to Fly in administration in dispute Over publication of peace feelers pot of fuel and ammunition in the country. An american officer said the Viet Cong probe apparently was not intended to get at the dump hut it humped into alerted forces which at first Mav have voting was reported to he suspected this was the target. I medium to heavy in Biddeford s the depot on the Saigon Riv seven wards this morning Aser is a critical area for the voters turned out for the City South vietnamese. . Advisers election to select a mayor to say a single tracer round fired live commissioner member of into one of the fuel tanks or one Board of education 11 Council mortar round hitting an Ammu Nien and wardens and Ward nation ship there could set the clerks. Entire area ablaze. They add democratic councilman Leo that ignited fuel spilling into the r Lemire opposes Republican River during an incoming1 tide atty. John f. Xaphes today for could Send a Wall of fire sweep the mayors seat. Lemire de ing into Saigon. Fca cd Daniel p. Cantara last full details of the fighting on monday in the democratic Prim the outskirts were not immedi race. Xaphes a former City lately available. Treasurer under the Willie w. The Nha be storage area was Pomerleau administration ran fully lighted More so than Usu in the Republican primary in Al As though the defenders opposed. Were taking no chances. Out shadowing the mayors the rumpus in mid evening race is the fact that the demo could have been intended by the crafts May lose a seat among Viet Cong to Mark the Annivera the four Council at Large Candi Sarv. Dates regardless of the amount earlier in the evening a ter of votes they receive. Ind Epen Aorist hurled a grenade at a Dent candidate Paul e. La four party aspirants along with Lemire backed Harry n. Huot. Both men Are from Ward 2 and the Biddeford City charter forbids More than two councilmen serving from any one Ward. Cite clerk Paul e. Brunelle ruled that Laflamme a name will appear on the ballot after protests by the Lemire ticket that he be removed and the name of the candidate receiving the fifth highest number of votes Conrad Roberge he inserted. Democrats claimed that the ruling will automatically lose them a seat if Laflamme is left on the ballot. Roberge is a Ward 3 resident. Laflamme out polled Roberge by 219 votes last monday. In other races Democrat continued on Page two their Marathon flight to project officials. Navy capt. Schirra and air truckload of . Soldiers on a Laflamme was selected by the continued on Page three abridge on the Northern outskirts Democrat voters to he one of the Washington a Thel Johnson administration found itself caught up today in a Stormy dispute Over its publication of correspondence reporting and probing a conditional peace offer from communist North Viet Nam. The storm overshadowed the Central question whether Hanoi had in fact made an authentic approach for a settlement on its own terms and might yet respond to a u. S. Request for clarification of conditions in it. President Johnson could try to revive the roundabout peace Exchange with president to Chi Minh of North Viet Nam by sending some kind of new pcs Sage in How a direction but administration officials said today that there had been no decision political advertisement thank you for the record number of votes in last mondays primary election on any new u. S. Action. The secrecy covers were torn from the incident last Friday afternoon after the St. Louis Post dispatch reported that a new peace offer from Hanoi had been rejected by the United states. Or. Giorgio la Pira. Former mayor of Florence and a left Wing Christian Democrat one of the principal intermediaries in the affair virtually accused Secretary of state Dean Rusk of sabotaging what la Pira took to be a hopeful Exchange on peace. A Rusk is to la Pira was quoted in press dispatches from Florence a because he obviously wanted this Mission to fail by disclosing in what had been a state department officials calling the charge outrageous said the publication was forced by concern for what Thev contended was a partially erroneous account which had already become Public. Rusk was reported angered and up nuclear policy set by the criticism. Administration on Arthur j. Goldberg. U. S that it was a avoiding Neotia ambassador to the United nations by publication of the Cor to Iota and another who played 1 a continued on Throe but due to Peculiar circumstances i have to defeat the same candidate again from Ward 2 Only one can represent you vote for Harry n. Huot councilman at Largs signed Harry n. Huot the role of go Between a sunday on abcs a issues and answers the administration would have a preferred to carry on this discussion in privacy but was faced with a a crisis of confidences with the Public Over the credibility of its peace policy. Goldberg argued the administration acted correctly in releasing the correspondence. Goldberg said he did not think disclosure of the Exchange Over peace negotiations would Hurt any chances that now exist for such talks. A i think we would continue to Hope that this matter will he transferred from the Battlefield to the conference Advance table. So i do not feel discouraged a he said. A if there is a genuine desire on both sides to negotiate that desire will surmount whatever the difficulties Are of but or. Benjamin Snock and h. Stuart Hughes co chairmen of the committee for a sane attacked the the ground Nades and a dozen weapons. With an improvement in the weather u. S. Warplanes ended a two Day Lull in the raids on North Viet Nam. Air Force f105 Thunder chiefs dropped 49 tons of bombs and rockets on the Bac can Highway Bridge 75 Miles North of Hanoi spokesmen said. Pilots reported two spans Down a third damaged and damage to six antiaircraft positions nearby that protect the strategic Supply route from red China. One f105 went Down after being hit by ground fire the Pilot ejected 45 Miles South of Haiphong North Viet names major port and was picked up by an amphibious Rescue plane. A Small u. S. Army observation plane collided with a South vietnamese single engine aircraft on a support Mission 27 Miles South of Danang killing both two Man Crews. Over the weekend. U. S. Marines and army men marked the Viet Cong birthday by killing nearly 200 communists in three clashes with sizeable Viet Cong forces. With . Military personnel restricted to quarters by a dusk to Dawn curfew Saigon passed through the night without incident. A heavy guard patrolled the area of the . Embassy and the . Information service office both potential prime continued on Page two dominican Are dealt efforts setback the generosity of Portsmouth naval shipyard workers to the Biddeford welfare department will add much to the Christmas happiness of deserving children in the local area. These Santo Domingo dominican Republic apr the precarious peace efforts in the dominican Republic appeared today to have been dealt a shattering setback by a Battle Between army troops and former rebels. At ions 13 persons were believed killed in two shooting incidents sunday. Twelve were reported killed in a six hour Battle that raged around a hotel on the outskirts of Santiago the country a no. 2 City. There were conflicting reports on the cause of the Battle that pitched army tanks against an estimated 125 former rebels barricaded in the rambling two store hotel Datum. Shooting ended following the arrival of 150 . Paratroopers of the inter american peace Force. The violence spread to Santo Domingo 120 Miles to the South where a policeman was disarmed and fatally shot through the head by a member of an angry pro rebel Moh one of Many roaming the littered downtown streets. The tensions and threats by civilians in Santo Domingo to bring out hidden weapons prompted the Impf to reinforce its Small garrisons in the form. _. Or rebel territory downtown tvs being examined by mrs. Rita Nadeau left shooting could he heard in Secretary of the department and mrs. scattered parts of the capital Anne Grover right overseer of the poor Are iaf0 in 0 night. Impf ing involved the hemisphere army that was organized and brought Here in Early May to help forge a peace in the dominican revolution. A violent explosion rocked the Western part of Santo Domingo at Midnight. There was no immediate report of the cause of the blast. The Santiago hotel Battle appeared to dash Hopes of reintegrating rebel troops into the regular armed forces a a key step toward creating a peaceful climate for the general election planned for next june. Angry labor leaders blamed the army and demanded that provisional president Hector Garcia Godoy fire the military chiefs or face a general strike. The president persuaded the labor leaders to wait until he has a Chance to investigate and push those responsible. Continued on Page three it it Dpi Dohs so Wilsia gifts of the Kittery shipyard employees. For Holiday Comfort and style russells Freeman hand sewn come and feel the difference Fine hand stitching makes. Ease into luxurious Comfort. Be assured of a Glove soft fit. This handsome hand sewn comes in Brown or Black. Grain or smooth. 22 Storer St., Saco .d.a. Choice steer top round or cube Steak n. 98� Register and win 1 of 2 inst Flash camera kits drawing Friday at 5 p. M. Last weeks winners Alice Roberge Camp Ellis Saco Esther a. 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