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Biddeford Saco Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 1

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Biddeford Saco Journal (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Biddeford, Maine Weather Cool Cei Piete report a a Page twi our numbers news dept 282-1535 business depts. 283-3625 vol. 83, no. 189 York county local pcs daily since 1884 b1ddeford-Saco, Maine monday August 14, 1967 associated press wire service 14 pages m Price ten cents s. Planes strike close red China Border again Saigon a . Warplanes pilots said they Cut the tracks in fire. All three crewmen were Dicks and captured 45 weapons. In an Accident near a Nan struck for the second straight several places. A listed As missing. They reported they had suf two Fromm mortar rounds fired Day today at North vietnamese the pilots reported they in of Rcd moderate casualties in the by . Marines landed in a targets just 10 Miles from red countered Only Light antiaircraft this brought to 641 the total of initial engagement saturday. Navy Seabee compound. China s Border along the a fire. Announced . Warplane losses two reinforcing battalions re wounding 21 men. Jor Railroad from China to Han no planes were reported lost Over North Vietnam. Ported Light casualties. The intensified air raids in of. In the latest raids but the . As the air War came closer to vietnamese militia defending North Vietnam appeared to re the attacks sunday and today command announced that in communist China in what a the Huong Dien sub sector Post Fleet the Johnson Nistra were closer to the chinese Bor saturday s 151 attacks on the scared to he a lifting of some on the coast 10 Miles North of Tion s announced policy of in Der than any previous air raids North an f105 thunderchief target restrictions by president Hue reported killing 52 Gerril creasing pressure on the com Johnson Sharp ground fighting Las in a six hour Battle sunday. Munits. Honor Al at t testimonial following his retirement from the Biddeford Post office was Arthur r. Guerin or. Of Gertrude Avenue Biddeford seated Center. Mrs. Guerin is seated at the right. Robert m. Johnson seated left served As master of ceremonies. Standing from left to right mrs. Claire la built by the North vietnamese Verrire Willie Laverriere Biddeford Post at Lang son to link with the a master Arthur Guerin jr., mrs. Arthur Jor rail line. Guerin jr., Ronald Guerin mrs. Simone other Navy pilots from the Guerin and Engene Guerin. The party was Constellation hammered a rail held at the Biddeford Saco Lodge of elks on siding South of Lang son and Portl and Road Saco on saturday night. Story on Page 2. In the Vietnam War. And an rf4c reconnaissance the Navy said the Bridge was plane were shot Down by ground one of two bypass Bridges being Andrews found perjury in Juk guilty of plot Case news at a glance victim of mishap is identified a flared in South Vietnam a North the defenders suffered Light unofficial a mirrors Onia it c pm 1st corps area. Casualties an army spokesman pilots previous la sad been Ini elements of the 1st brigade of a a Struc Tea to go no closer than 33 the . 101st airborne division a a Miles to China apparently to starting operation Benton ran government troops said they avoid possible mistaken attacks a to a withering barrage of later captured three chinese territory or clashes Small arms automatic Wear rifles six rocket launchers and with chinese planes hut Mili inns mortar and artillery fire 100 Quarter Pound packages of tary authorities refused to con from 100 to 150 communist int which the guerrillas appear firm this. Troops in a Battle that raged cantly had planned to use against in Washington sen. J w. From sunday night until nearly the outpost. Fulbright d ark., a persistent Dawn today. Reports from Cao Lanh a critic of the administrations the paratroopers said the it provincial capital 72 Miles West Var policy called the close counted 35 enemy dead on the of Saigon said communist mor bombing a very dangerous and Battlefield Southwest of coastal tars killed seven dependants of extremely stupid he said it Tam Tkv. About 340 Miles North South vietnamese troops and was a directly contrary to what continued on Page two Man killed on East of Saigon. Two paratroop wounded 12 others in Saco saturday res we la ski Lod and 19 wounded a Portland i by the associated press route one i. A sets Ivy Dau Hwy Quot we s to Emild 7 pm i pcs nos Orleans a a Oswald Selod alone in the 1963 something lot Bisor than any Rajaro poly Fin lha Doy do of t Frodo Rick Quot Wjk. A nmn tour bad or rage f Ictor Dean Andrews a a is Sinuon at a Las Tex _ thug he had Ever dreamed. ?1 a Elk it a t0 red China s Putnm a it who investigated tired by guerrillas. ,. I ,. Crand jury a defense rest 1of a desire Tor attention. Sai Nurl a a Ullh a in the Accident said Harold Pat about 40 Miles to the North about a mysterious figure in the to to state Quot Anterro. Asst. Dist. Atty. James , a a a a o red Chil. Appears aremivandina0ot? alleged new Orleans plot to As gation passinate president John k March i run Quot la Rajiv. No was struck by a car driven by vietnamese regulars Tor two at 11 o clock saturday new jury conv Golden observe anniversary March 16. Grand jury trying to determine Congress. A the told them the truth a said whether there was a conspiracy South Vietnam s militant Bud a a Quot Kkt v x r a l / v. V 1c Kennedy. Quot 4 u. N. T h. Nrec Hunt Thisu vow to a a tract a against Quot Baker. 60. Of South Days West of Tam by said today neg Rev. Charles Rivard Pas the Organ. Chunk Crimi nil dirt Csc wav8of doing it held them Andrews military Reg is Reco Hion of Conni Quot Ufa a a a two they had killed 156 enemy sol Tor of is. Andres Church. Bid a Recap Surv decided at 1 30 after Clay Shaw was not Clay Ber at his second grand jury a a rival faction. J a a and 40 Trand. But they say he lied. Yearance identified Bertrand Asj Washington Mored he mrs. Laura Proulx at minutes a most of us live humdrum Eugene Davis a French Quad president Johnson a spokes a i really should t lives. But something exciting Ter bar owners and when asked men Tell Congress that a painful said Andrews with a heavy sigh happened to Dean Bertrand Why he had t said so before a a tax hike would be. It would moments before he was hustled up until that time he did no to replied he worse to allow inflation to off to Tail a if i did no to have bad have an enemy in the world. He a so i lied so i committed Cut purchasing Power. F a i u t a a a a. In Jred Cral officials Survey the capacities of cities to handle medical emergencies stemming from riots. International Lurk i would t have and at was on to he was Here he was perjury. I done to know what i a my there. He got swirled up into defense attorney Harry Bur class immediately announced. _ saw ? a a a Quot Quot Mih Tant buddhists judge Frank j. Shea did not a a 1 a 1 a 1 a a 1 w 1 a 1 9 set a Date for sentencing. Burglass said Andrews 44, will not he eligible for Bond until he has been sentenced. Maximum sentence would be five Vears. The Case went to the jury be fore Midnight after Ocean Park couple reaches Milestone option following the Rit Deford celebrated the holy a Ual was held at the port crib inc of the mass co memo House Kennebunkport where some 125 guests greeted the couple. The fireplace and tables were trimmed with Gold mar hint Power struggle. Marathon Loday debate for five Days and in up governments recognition of h sunday unusual a rating the Golden wedding anniversary of or. And mrs. Adrien Poissant. I Irge chrysanthemums in Gold vases banked the altar Gueritey and White Shasta Dai and Gold Satin bows and and miss Julie Gosslin in Gladioli alternately marked the charge of the guest Hook also family pews. Presented daisies to the women or. And mrs. Poissant Par As they went through the re Ocean Park a or. And 1921, and permanent residents ends of four children. Were1 caption line. Dick Towles and v mrs. George r. Skillin of since 1951, have seven grand married at St. Andrea a Church his orchestra provided music Jugoslav 1 resident Tito Ocean Park were honoured sat children and one great grand during world w a i. And after a Champagne Toast sounds out Arab leaders m an urday at a party celebrating child. For the commemorative congratulatory Mussa of from attempt to find a formula for their 50th wedding Anni versa Skillin who taught at Lynn service the couples oldest son gov. Kenneth Curtis and oth Mincile Hast peace. By. They were married on aug. Classical High school in Lynn Maurice and his wife Maryjess wore read. Lope Paul opens the con scr to 1917 in Medford. Mass. Mass. For 30 years operated a Louise attended the couple for the occasion mrs. Pois Active Uria to the influence of More than 250 relatives and Arity store in Ocean Park grandsons Maurice Poissant Sant chose a Gold ribbon knit friends attended the festivities for 41 years during the sum Ijar. And Robert Gosslin pre dress with Matching hat trim which took place at Porter mar seasons. Before that to. Enod Golden wedding mass med in Navy. Her accessories Hall Here including the coup owned and operated another j books to the guests. Also were Navy coloured and she wore a Corsage of Shasta Dai ceremony sies. The couple.1 attending from out Ushers for the were Nephew s Bishops conferences around the world. Saigon apr South Viet and specifically chief of state had China releases the Cap names militant buddhists vowed Nguyen Van Thieu of trying to Tain and three crewmen of a so ies son and daughter in Law store for four years. To stage protests against a suppress and destroy Bud ship and lets the vessel go. Or. And mrs. James o. Skillin he is a past commander of after a a Ter Exchange of notes of i of Angeles calif., and c. Fayette Staples Post Amor were nephews of the couple attending from out of town 0<�?~tween a peking. Their daughter and her Hus icon legion of this town am to Harles Nadeau. Leo Paul a were or. And mrs. Maurice the judge had to Check the Law a rival faction As we country a lieu signed a Charier in National band or and mrs. Donald served As treasurer for the Deau. Robert Roy and her-1 Poissant and children. Adri books to see if it was Legal. Official Buddhist Church and k j Al the i33?0 s 42.000 York of Montreal. Post and the old Orchard Vav Poissant. Mrs. Alice nol Enne Maurice Matthew Paul the trial was before a five hinted at a struggle move >8 on Titus it to striking Copper workers and a congratulatory message Beach kiwanis club. A Etc was the soloist accompany Tonti Nuen on Page two it Man jury because the charge of ment a j j 4 4 a air of to Onuiel Loffl of via cablegram was received mrs. Skillin was chaplain of perjury is a Misdemeanour under in a strongly worded slate a a a of j the month old strike. From a Cousin in Tokyo. The c. Fast Ette Staples Post Louisiana Law. Twelve member ment. The leadership also de Nam and squeezes the an Quang a group of negroes fires into or. And mrs. Skillin who auxiliary Here for three years Curie Are reserved for felony bounced the current presidential buddhists com control of the a crowd of Whites in Hami Nond have been summer visitors to they attend the Saco United cases. Campaign and called for dras Mofied Buddhist Church la., wounding five state police the summer resort town since Baptist Church. In final arguments the state tic a a in t report ten negroes Are taken accused Andrews of trying a to Thev avoided saying what buddhists Hae been into custody Plav games with the Orleans form the protests would take fighting bitterly for months for of. George Romney a meet Parish grand jury which is but questions about a struggle control of the i unified Buddhist ing with three Republican Goy probing an alleged assassination movements or Quot Demontra much which is unified in name errors who support him Indi plot tons a brought wild cheers and on veates his renewed drive for the the prosecution said Andrews applause from the More than a truly in regard to buddy 1968 gop presidential Nomma wound up trapped in lies. Ritj Buddhist followers at a news so Gen. Nguyen Van Thieu Tion is under Way. On the contrary said Bur conference. Shown himself both Malig a jury convicts d an Andrews class what the state truly Indi the a struggle movements of Nan and reckless a Tommu on three of five counts of Perju catch to Andrews was a fell us extremist buddhists have in the Nique from the an Quang Budry in the new Orleans Kennedy what we want to hear Dean past been Able to help topple deists said. And then its All governments and bring thou thin Thien mph a spokes five counts of perjury against Sands of demonstrators into the Man at today s news conference Andrews a lawyer who once and streets. But their Power is he said. If Niru pushes the an conspiracy y Ull Iii 1 in us n j Al a a ers were filed shed following their clash with Wall we buddhists will have to Agency says he hoped to con Jse he said he Premier Nguyen Cao by last struggle. Vert them into classroom Micro Vclav l. Shaw Vear. L Minh also said a ave wont Scopes in Ous clan Ber have a fair election unless dras the Glacier National Park us assassination Quiry. George t. Miller who ordered r telescopic Rifle sights for a Vised Lee Harvey Oswald on i lived to have greatly Dimin Quang buddhists against the Houston tex., Antipoverty nor Legal matters primarily because could not identify As the mysterious a. Trand the militant buddhists held tie changes Are per intendant says lightning dist. Atty. Jim Garrison Eon their news conference at the an he referred to the elimination storms May have frightened tends that Shaw 54, a wealthy Quang Pagoda. Saigon head of two Buddhist slates in the grizzly bears into killing two new Orleans businessman used quarters of their Leader Thich Senate election for what the 19 year old girls in their sleep a Ebert Randy As an alias to plot venerable Tri Quang. The fill Vern ment called a pro my hags. The murder of Kennedy. Buddhists cheered As their Lead communist and neutralise an Odd Job to earn Money for the Warren commission said ers a accused the government school clothes almost Cost a a a a a. A. A a t a a a a j 15-year old i Eonard Boyce his life in a Well Cave in. Some 40 Rescue workers worked 24 hours to free him. Edward s super Market ground beef fresh Juicy 2 la. Packages save 42c 48 la. Green peas Bird s Eye fill your Freezer save 59c 610 of. O o pkg q q baby foods beechnut strained varieties save 44c 1 2jars88 fresh picked native Corn Doz. 49 100 extra s amp h Stamps w1�?~h put the a a a $5-$9.99 a 150 extra s amp h Stamps win Quot a a Quot a a a a $10-$14.99 a 200 extra s amp h Stamps with a $15-$19.99 a 250 extra s amp h Stamps wih punch a a $20 0r mor a excluding cigarettes Beer milk one Coupon per family. Coupon expires aug. 18 today a chuckle learn to use your head Hui done to concentrate on the part that eats drinks and talks too much. To War Gen. Fea. Corp Small Fry Nursery school to Register dial 284-441 5th year in operation director mrs. Jacqueline Goulet special courses in Early childhood education Pope curia opening up to Bishops an a news analysis by Gerald Miller on How already Sid Erable depending Many cardinals Are Vatican City a with members Little fanfare Pope Paul i is in the congregation for the opening the doors of the con doctrine of the Fai a for exam Serva Tive roman curia to direct pie there Are now 11 curia car influence by National Confer Din also headed by conservative fences of roman Catholic Bish Alfredo Cardinal Otta Viama and Ops around the world. 3 cardinals from the outside. This May turn out to he the most significant move in his developing program to make the curia the Central Nistra with the Bishops the lineup will be 11 curia cardinals and 10 other prelates. In the consist orial co Grega or. And mrs. George k. Skillin continuing All this week giant Sale 50c 99c Vaines to $10.95 a 50r a �9c $5 help wanted Arlen Box co. Has openings for male and female help steady work paid holidays group insurance pleasant working conditions Call or apply Arlen Box co. Portland rd., Kennebunk dial 985-4461 Camp Wagon train final trip to expo 67 one Price includes All equipment Entrance fees food lodging Etc. Leaving August 15 7 a. A tuesday returning August 19 9 p. A saturday Contact Joe Wood Apt. 1, 170 Elm Street Biddeford or Genesi s Market Tion of the Church More demo Tion which deals with the sole cratic and modern. Tion and discipline of Bishops. The move was announced sat the present lineup is 16 curia urday with publication of a cardinals and 11 from the out mined decree stipulating that Side. Diocesan Bishops would be made the new lineup will he 16 and full members of the 12 Congre-18. Giving outside prelates a a nations the major curia agon Jority. Cies. I up to now appointments to top seven Bishops will he named curia posts have practically to each of the 12 congregations amounted to life terms. The plus three Heads of orders to the Bishops coming in from the congregation of the religious dioceses will serve for five a years then be replaced. This this Means 84 Bishops from Means a regular turnover of various conferences will come people and ideas the new blood to the Vatican each year to at that progressive Church circles tend the congregations plenary have been calling for. Meetings dealing with policy it is especially significant that and major decisions. The National conferences of Bish the Bishops in effect will be Ops will do the selecting for the representatives of Bishops in new curia posts their homelands exercising for dope Paul will make the for the first time a direct say on Mal appointments hut at his or curia actions from the Bishops Der the names of candidates will in the Field. Be drawn up by the conferences the influence can be con and submitted to Rome. 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