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Biddeford Saco Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 7 1976, Page 1

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Biddeford Saco Journal (Newspaper) - August 7, 1976, Biddeford, Maine Col. Kendall s Field fiasco luckily just once a year by Dick Charles staff writer it was a brisk october afternoon in 1897 when a mounted col l. H. Kendall gave the order for company g of the Biddeford Light infantry to move out for the once a year Field exercises. The soldiers were dressed in their fatigue uniforms with Campaign hats canteens on the left Side with slings under their Waist belts. They also had Cartridge boxes with 15 rounds of Blank ammunition and rifles weight 8g pounds. The unit consisted of col Kendell. Capt e. S. Gowen. It. John Ackerly. It. Charles Jeffrey. Sgt Everett l hot. Sgt. J. Kimball. Sgt. Timothy Mahone. Corps. Holt and Chadbourne and pets. Cram. Moran. Lane. Roussin. Wilson. Mclart. Gilman Shapleigh. Greenwood. Spencer. Pippen. Romeo. Dawley. Pierson. Verrill and Martin the army marched up Washington Street to Adams Street Over through the old Reservoir lot. Over the Birch Street school grounds on to Mason Street through Piper s Field and out to Elm Street. At the mile Brook the group entered g. K Gibbs Field and began the work of jumping fences. At May Street the company halted at the Highland Park Spring the company had been harried All the was by youngsters deriding the ability of the Biddeford regulars sneering at their uniforms and making other remarks. Among the loudest of the saunters was a youngster known As baby collard As the company halted. It. Charley Chadbourne a loosed his Rifle from its Sling got Down on one knee aimed the Rifle at collard and pulled Back its trigger. Collard made double Quick time away from Chadbourne across the Field the March resumed and after a Short distance a halt was called in a Long Field on May Street. Here col Kendall put the men through practice in skirmishing several men were sent out ahead of the main body in All directions and when All was ready the company marched Over into Mcintyre s pasture where a big stand of Trees was located the guards ahead of the main body upon arriving in the thickest part of the Woods gave a signal and it. Ackerley in charge of the main body gave the order for double Quick time and the company rushed into the Woods. Col Kendall Wasny to satisfied and the different movements of the skirmish line had to be gone through a half dozen times before he gave the command for the next phase of the exercise. The men went at double Quick time Over the Fence across the Boston amp Maine Railroad and on to the Hill beyond then in single file up the Eastern Railroad tracks to the open space above the Alfred Road crossing where the squads went through Delosd order Drill they then moved to Kimball s Brick Yard where two squads were picked tor a Sham Battle it Ackerly and it. Jeffrey took different sides of the Field and made imaginary charges at one another. Then it Jeffrey s squad hid in the Woods. After 15 minutes. It. Ackerly sent his men into the Woods where he thought Jeffrey would be hiding Jeffrey had stationed himself on a Hill waiting for Ackerly. As soon As the two groups met the order was Given to charge and the Blanks were fired by both sides. Pvt. Roussin led one charge until he stubbed his toe and went flying one Way and his Rifle the other pvt Chadbourne whirled around too soon and clobbered it Gelant in the Side with the tip of his weapon reports of rifles mingled with the shouts of the men As the mock Battle took on realism it Jeffrey stood up to get a Good look at the terrain and was struck in the face by a wad from one of the guns pvt Frank Shapleigh tried to jump Over a deep ditch and the next thing his comrades knew he was climbing out of a Brook. When pvt. Greenwood got a shot of powder fired into his face. Col Kendall ordered the recall. The company was marched Back to the Barracks where an Oyster supper was waiting for them col Kendall promised them another such Outing the next Vear that s the Way it was we Mem Biddeford Saco our a forecast a weekend of rain 282-1535 20 cents aug. 7, 1976 saturday a amp a seeks solution to traffic tie on Saco s main St. The a amp a freight train that blocks traffic coming from York Hill into downtown Saco is still a dilemma to the City s complaining motorists. But not for Long according to a a amp a spokesman Quot we Are looking into a Way to Correct the says Public relations director Gloria Stone. Quot we always try to Correct any problem Quot someone from Railroad Headquarters will be coming to Saco today or Early next week. Stone says. A a Well Correct it if she cited a similar complaint from a Massachusetts Community and says the a amp a was Quot Able to shorten the duration of its obstruction Quot of the intersection there. The problem has been going on for years but to director stones knowledge no complaints have reached a amp a Headquarters Quot i think 1 would have heard about it. If someone had she added Saco s year old traffic flow committee sent a letter to a amp a about a month ago suggesting a schedule that won t interfere with the City s heavy traffic flow a particularly at Peak hours when local factories change shifts. Committee chairman Philip read is on vacation As is City administrator John Dexter therefore any recent communication they have had with the Railroad is unknown a amp Mpr director Stone also says. Quot our policy a restriction we be imposed on our people. Is not to tie up a crossing for More than five minutes Quot Saco tanning corp Plant manager Donald Finegold told the journal Friday. Quot the train stops once a Day. And the hours vary a it could be morning noon or night we wish they i a amp a i would keep a regular the reason the a amp a train stops at the Tannery is to bring in carloads of supplies such As chemicals and hide that the Tannery makes leather from and then take any empty cars away. Personnel director Raymond Bonang says the traffic was stopped longer than that years ago police say they can t arrest them for blocking traffic because a amp a has a Quot perfect right to use its track and change cars whenever it wants Auto insurance rate hikes hinge on study of Connecticut Augusta. Maine a Maine insurance superintendent Frank m. Hogerty or. Says he will study the approach taken by his Connecticut counterpart before deciding whether to allow automobile insurance companies to charge mainers More for coverage. Hogerty said Connecticut insurance commissioner Jay Jackson decided earlier this year to give motorists a Choice of paying higher premiums to renew their existing policies or of agreeing to pay More damage costs from their own pockets. Connecticut motorists taking the second option pay the same or lower premiums that they did before the increase. In june the Maine insurance services office representing companies which write the bulk of Auto insurance policies in the state requested an increase of 7 4 per cent while at the same time asking that Auto owners pay a greater share of the costs of repairing damaged cars without the higher deductibles the amounts Consumers must pay before the insurance company takes Over the increase would average 23.9 per cent the Iso said an actuary retained by the Hogerty agreed that the increase appeared to be reasonable after the hearing Hogerty said he wanted to give customers the Choice of paying More for what they have or paying a lower increase for less coverage the increase was requested for collision insurance which pays a Motorist for damage to his own car in an Accident and for comprehensive insurance which pays damage claims from fire theft storms and vandalism. The Iso. Which represents about 200 companies licensed in Maine has argued that higher deductibles would encourage safer driving and reduce insurance company costs from numerous Small claims. The Iso has said that under its proposal motorists now paving the first $100 in collision claims could opt to pay the first $200 and avoid part of the increase it seeks. Cup s $20m rate hike request awaits final decision by Puc Augusta Maine a final arguments in the $20 million Central Maine Power co. Rate Case have been filed with the state Public utilities commission the filing Friday was one of the last Steps to be taken by parties to the Case before a decision is made. State Law requires the three member regulatory Agency to decide the Case by sept. 1, or cup May Institute the full requested increase. Neither Central Maine nor the Puc staff deviated in their closing arguments from the positions they took earlier in the Case which was filed late last year with the commission. The commissions staff attorneys have recommended that the states largest electric Utility be allowed to collect $10.3 million a year More from its 345,000 customers. The Utility has argued that it needs the full $20 million to continue providing reliable service. The company lists its 1975 operating revenues at $146.4 million. In its final Brief cup argued that it should be allowed to include $55,000 in advertising costs $21,000 for its publication Quot lamplighter Quot and $8,700 of miscellaneous expenses As operating expenses for rate making purposes. The staff of the commission had argued that those expenses be disallowed. The company also argued that some construction costs should be included in the rate base arguing that customers would be off better to pay the Money now than later because of additional charges. The company also argued for an allowance to prevent erosion in earnings because the new rates will be based on 1975 expenses. The commission staff in its final Brief argued that the Cost of obtaining new capital was lower than the estimate of the Utility. It also argued against an providing an allowance on earnings erosion saying that the recession which caused a previous drop is bottoming out. The inside Story today in history by the associated press today is saturday August 7, the 220th Day of 1976. There Are 146 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on this Date in 1789, the . War and Navy departments were established. On this Date in 1782, George Washington established the order of the purple heart. In 1912, a progressive party convention in Chicago nominated Theodore Roosevelt for president. In 1942, . Marines landed on Guadalcanal in the Pacific. In 1945, the soviet Union declared War on Japan a seven Days before the japanese surrender to the allies. Ten years ago seven american planes were lost while carrying out attacks against North Vietnam. Five years ago the . Apollo 15 astronauts made a Safe Landing near their target area in the Pacific after their exploration Mission on the Moon. One year ago the lower House of indians parliament approved a constitutional amendment stripping courts of the Power to hear the cases of thousand of people Neld As political prisoners. De Macdonald hits the once a Century Odds a Man like de Macdonald Only comes along once every Hundred and one years. Hell be celebrating his 88th birthday tomorrow at the Good Shepherd Villa on South Street in Biddeford and he was born August 8, 1888. The next time anybody can Lay claim to such a combination is 2098, when people born september 9, 1999 will be celebrating their 99th birthday a those that make it that far that is. Macdonald originally of Westbrook has been staying at the Villa since june 1975. 7 Brothers account for 192 arrests Seattle apr crime has been a Way of life for a Seattle family with seven boys accounting for 192 arrests in the past nine years according to police count. Quot i Hope to god we be turned the Corner because i la Tell you mister i can t take much More Quot the Mother of the boys who Range in age from 11 to 20. Told police det. Stephen heard assigned full time to the family. Under juvenile offender Laws the family cannot be identified there have been 39 arrests for burglary 23 for larceny 16 for property damage 12 for robbery 5 for assault 4 for Auto theft. 3 for narcotics 2 for carrying a concealed weapon and miscellaneous ones ranging from shoplifting to trespassing to disturbing the peace to refusing to pay cab fare. Police say it s the worst Case of a repeating crime pattern under one roof in the City. One son a 27-year-old dope addict was killed by a Shotgun blast in a los Angeles apartment and another died at the age of 23 when he Quot ran into a knife Quot the Mother said. But the oldest she says has not been in trouble since being released from a Louisiana prison about a year ago. Bowdoin drug Tria scheduled for sept. 13 a new trial for Kennebunk pharmacist Warren Bowdoin is scheduled for september 13. Save . Attorney Peter Mills the new trial Date was set during a pre trial conference yesterday Between Mills prosecutor Rutus Stetson and Bowdoin s attorney Peter detroy Iii in front of Federal judge Edward t Gignoux when asked whether the government will bring any pre trial motions in the Case Between now and the trial Date. Mills said. Quot i Don t think so Quot when detroy was phoned by the journal to discover any pre trial plans on the part of the defense a Secretary read the state ment. It is not this office s policy to discuss pending criminal litigation Bowdoin was originally accused in one 63-count indictment by a Federal grand jury in March of illegally dispensing morphine and other controlled drugs w without prescriptions during 1973 and 1974 but in May judge Gignoux dismissed the indictment citing technical flaws atty. Mills subsequently re introduced evidence against Bowdoin to his grand jury which re indicted Bowdoin in july Bowdoin was paroled from the Maine state prison in april after serving eight months of a one to two year sentence on state charges of illegally Selling a Tran quil izing drug priests admit to swindle Washington apr two clergymen admitted in Federal court Friday that they swindled $250,000 from the Federal food stamp program the Rev Lucius s. Cartwright 33, and the Rev Albert r Hamrick 40. Both assigned to St. Phillip s pentecostal Church in Southeast Washington pleaded guilty to fraud charges in connection with an ongoing probe of food stamp swindles. The investigation is delving into the process by which private entities such As churches and stores become the issuing agencies for food Stamps. According to court records Cartwright and Hamrick used Money collected from the Sale of food Stamps to charter a bus to Montreal at a Cost of $2,000 pay for a $3,-690 air plane trip to new Orleans buy a $6,-683 car buy an old Bank building to House the Church and open an ice Cream parlor in Northeast Washington asst . Atty Eric b Marcy said the clergymen became dispensers of food Stamps on behalf of the Church in 1972 the agriculture department program is run in the District of Columbia by the . Department of human resources. Cape Elizabeth in senior la finals Cape Elizabeth moved into the finals of the new England senior Little league baseball tournament with a decisive 12-6 Victory Over Cranston r i. Yesterday at St. Louis alumni Field the Maine representatives have rebounded from an opening Day loss to Cranston and have eliminated Salem n.h., Wenham mass. And Cranston to Advance to this afternoons final against unbeaten Plainfield Conn. An eight run third inning propelled the Capers past Cranston on Friday and a six run Rhode Island sixth inning came too late. Todd Lamb is the scheduled Pitcher for Cape Elizabeth in the 1 . Game. If a second game is needed it will be played at 4 . All the details on yesterdays game Are on Page 9. Mysterious deaths still unsolved medical researchers Are still battling the deadly Riddle that May never be answered what killed 23legionnaires at a Pennsylvania conference the experts have focused their attention on toxic agents. Full Story is on Page 8. J Biddeford Saco our a i 16 pages cartoons 7 Maine 2 classifieds 10-11-12-13 movies 6 crossword Puzzle 7 new England 2 dear Abby 7 sports 9-10 editorials 4 television 6 Horoscope 7 weather 8 today s part 01 or prob pm Loda it its v that we have a surplus of simple chuckle answers an l a shortage of simple it in Happy s Good Shepherd i a to or. Edv Ard flood ohm Don to a a

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