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Berkshire Eagle Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1963, Page 1

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Berkshire Eagle (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Pittsfield, Massachusetts Of jew sky satellites Survey the soviet Union 19 the volume 72 no 196 Agle forecast Pittsfield Massachusetts monday december 23 1963 heavy at Tim eff Toai Sfat total accumulation near inches Low near 31 tomorrow odder scattered now Flurrie tronc Westerly winds High near 23 Ottar pop x Section t 28 pages Seren Centi hundreds rescued a from blazing ship Mclim at sea today was the greek liner Lakonia which burned and was linking North of the Island of Mancra after abandonment by her Crew and while hundreds were rescued up to 100 May be dead common Market appears saved Brussels up six european foreign ministers emerged White faced and exhausted sunday from a Mara Thon meeting that appeared to have saved the european com Mon Market from collapse in a dramatic 19vi hour ses Sion a dispute Between West Germany and France came extremely close to wrecking the 6 year old economic Community France demanded formulation of a Market wide agricultural policy by dec 31 West Ger Many insisted that the common Market participate in Tariff negotiations with the United states in Geneva next May Compromise package from the Depths of almost total disagreement the ministers argued their Way into a package Deal acceptable to both Germany and France and All other member nations with the exception of Hoiland the dutch held out for minor concessions it covers Community wide agreement for marketing and pricing of Grain Rice beef veal and Dairy produce and a fund to finance farming this is roughly what president de Gaulle wanted by year end full details were not disclosed pending final Sig nature the problems have been argued Over for hundreds of hours and at dozens of ministerial ses Sions but ministers finally Cut through the details and made the sweeping political decisions Nec Essary for six nation agreement in Paris informed French sources said the French delegation at Brussels held moderate Hopes that agreement on a common farm policy can be reached next week optimism is tempered the tempered optimism was to be based on the delegations impression that the Ger Man government has decided to alter its opposition to lowering its Tariff Walls to imports of Low to priced farm products French sources said the Dele pro Johnson no slate said shaping Concord no up a slate of delegates pledged to president Johnson is reportedly being organized for new Hamp Shires Firstina venation Pri Mary the list of delegates will be submitted to the president prior to entering them in the March 10 primary according to a re liable party source the source said gov John w King probably will not run As a Delegate but will direct floor Maneu vers of the states 14 member delegation no major opponent in 1960 the states democratic delegates were pledged to John f Kennedy it is expected the 1962 election of King and sen Thomas Mclntyre duh will increase the states influence on the floor of the demo cratic convention president Johnson seems to have no serious opponent in new Hampshire candidates for Delegate must file with the Secretary of state Between Jan 10 and feb 8 five my forecast temperatures through saturday will average near the seasonal Normal of 23 degrees colder tomorrow through thursday with rising temperatures Fri Day and saturday Snow again Friday gallon has pointed out to the germans that the French believe Germany cannot follow a Liberal policy in the Geneva Tariff negotiations next Spring with the United states and yet demand protectionist tariffs within the Market other diplomatic sources Here said american diplomats were pressuring the Brussels delegations to reach some Compromise agreements Christmas Blanket of Snow on Way a fresh Blanket of Snow due to arrive late today will give the berkshires a Fluffy White Christmas somewhat on the Chilly Side a heavy Winter Snow storm is pushing up to six inches of new Snow by Early tomorrow morn ing the storm is scheduled to Start this afternoon with a few Light flurries and develop into a Ful fledged storm by evening the arrival of the storm will bring a pleasant break in the Aid Bill cleared for a Quick vote Washington a the House rules committee cleared the controversial foreign Aid Bill today for another House floor fight but the House Battle May be delayed until tuesday the committee which had been stymied by absenteeism Over the weekend voted 84 for a Resolution to protect the com Promise 3billion Aid measure from technicalities that could kill it quickly on the floor the major Issue at stake is a provision to allow government credit guarantees for the Sale of wheat to Russia Days delay possible the rules committee Resolution cannot be considered by the House today unless two thirds of the members present vote to take it up or unless no one objects otherwise it will go Over until tuesday republicans planned to renew their fight to return the Meas ure to a Senate House Confer ence committee in an Effort to delete the wheat Sale financing provision even As the rules committee acted there was a continuing Republican democratic Exchange Over who is responsible for the current situation gop Leader Charles a Hal Leek of Indiana blamed the democratic leadership for what he called a completely ridiculous performance speaker John w Mccormack mass blamed the delay on what he called a Republican legislative Boycott a group of democrats re turned Here today in a chartered plane president Johnson was reported to have had a hand in arranging for the flight Johnsons Roundup he and aides were said to have kept the White House Tele phone lines humming sunday trying to whip up support for the measure in Calls to con Gressmen and at least one charter flight was reported picking up con Gressmen in Texas Louisiana and Georgia who had gone Home Early for Christmas and was speeding them Back to the Capi Tal who was paying for the flight and perhaps others want Clear a spokesman de Nied the White House was pay ing the Bill but even if the House approves the Bill with its controversial provision on government credit guarantees for sales to soviet bloc countries the Senate still must act and the senators most of them Home for the holidays theory shaken Auckland new zealand earthquake Shook North Auckland Early today damaging chimneys bursting water pipes and smashing win Dows and crockery it demolished the theory that the area North of Whangarei is the Only earthquake free Region of new zealand have no business scheduled All week and Are not Likely to vote before Friday at the earliest House democratic Leader Carl Albert of Oklahoma served no Tice that there will be no adjournment until the Bill is approved the crucial Issue in the stale mate Over the Compromise for eign Aid appropriation Bill is whether to ban government underwriting of private credit accompanying any shipments to communist countries the House included such a ban but Johnson protested the Senate refused to include the ban in the Bill and a Senate House conference committee eliminated it in drafting a Compromise measure further Compromise but in a Long session that didst Dawn break up saturday until before republicans caught the democratic majority with its ranks slashed by absenteeism and succeeded in forcing the measure Back to the conference committee insisting that the credit ban be included a further Compromise was reached this one states that the president can approve cred it for sales to communist coun tries if he found it in the National interest and reported each Deal to Congress within 30 Days temperatures the area has been shivering in sub and near Zero readings since dec 15 with the Low of eight degrees below Zero on Friday Winter began officially yester Day morning at and in Case anyone missed it we had a scant nine hours and six min utes of Daylight yesterday the temperature today will probably reach close to 30 during the storm that will be the High est since the Start of the cold spell More cold weather is expected tomorrow with blustery winds accompanying occasional Snow flurries throughout the Day there will be subnormal temperatures on Christmas Day with More Snow expected in the Region by Friday greeks turks Gash bitterly of Nicosia Cyprus up heavy automatic and Rifle fire crackled again today in Nicosia where at least four persons have been killed in clashes be tween greek and turkish cyp riots since saturday in the Cert Ter of the old City police said they fought turkish cypriots hiding in mud Brick houses they said other turks fired from the minaret of the Seli Miye mosque a gun Battle also was reported in the suburb of Kai Malki which is a greek Island in a area the series of clashes Over a wide area had heightened ten Sions Between the two National groups which Are in disagree ment Over proposals to revise the Constitution of the three year old Island Republic heavy flooding Jakarta Indonesia a destructive floods have struck the Island of Bali and 1600 peo ple have been removed from their Homes the Ankara news Agency said heavy Rains triggered the floods Craft abandoned up to 100 dead by the associated press London a raging fire forced 1046 persons to abandon the Christmas cruise ship la Konia in the Atlantic today a massive air sea Rescue opera Tion plucked hundreds from the Ocean and More were being a location of today tragedy at sea of the ship Lakonia from Greece is 180 Miles Northwest of Casa Blanca North Africa it is North of Island of Madeira closely guarded Ruby goes to Bond hearing Dallas a surrounded by a shield of deputies Jack Ruby Dallas night club opera Tor who shot and killed the accused Assassin of president Ken Nedy was led into court today for a Bond hearing it was the first Public appear Ance for the balding 52yearold Ruby who has been held in the county jail without Bond since the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald a month ago Oswald was mortally wounded As officers started to Transfer him from the City jail to the county jail tight Security measures prevailed at the courthouse today All newsmen were required to have identification badges with their photographs on them cameras were examined by officers before the photographers were allowed in the Vicinity of cellist Mayes and violist de Pasquale quitting so for Philadelphia symphony by Jay c Rosenfeld the departure of two of the it principals of the Boston sym phony orchestra at the end of 1 the coming Tanglewood season e has been announced strangely enough by the Philadelphia Chestra association to which the musicians will go for the Start 5 of the 196465 season Joseph de Pasquale principal of the Viola Section and Sam Uel Mayes principal of the cel los will leave the Boston or Chestra one de Pasquale to re turn to his native City and the other Mayes to rejoin the Phil Adelphia orchestra that he left in ims joins Brothers de Pasquale who is married to a Niece of the late Serge Page the aaa Warmington eng garage owner mrs Joanne Hornig claims that her ele Phant is better for towing cars than a truck there Are no starting Trou Bles and she Doest use petrol though she likes an occasional Bun t Taring quartet Long Liam Schoen who occupied the Viola spotlight in Philadelphia Only one year and at the same time will find himself by design and preference working in the same orchestra with his brother fran Cis who is a cellist and his brother William who is in the violin Section the letters wife Barbara is a 1 s o in the violin of the orchestra a third brother Robert will leave the new York philharmonic violin Section to join the philadelphian next season also in addition to their orchestral duties the four Broth ers will form the de Pasquale an aspiration of the exceptional family lome Munroe now principal cellist of Philadelphia will join the new York philharmonic next season to replace Carl Stem a onetime South Moun Tain music Colony student of the late Willem Willeke who is re tiring his place in Philadelphia will to taken by Mayes whose wife Winifred Winograd will Al so leave the Boston cello Sec lion for that of the Philadel Phi ans mrs Mayes former husband has just been conductor of the Hartford sym phony orchestra the two men have b in mighty pillars of the Boston Orchys tra Structure and it will not be an easy task of those responsible for personnel in Boston to replace them although trades and switches Are not a novel process in musical organizations any More than they Are in the big leagues of baseball the two bostonian Only recently scored formidable successes with their orchestra in performances of the solos in Strauss Don Quixote both in Boston and new York and there was so much favourable comment that it was hoped that there would be recording made of the masterpiece the courtroom scores of offi cers were on duty around the building As Well As in the corridors Ruby appearing Pale and nervous was brought Down from the county jail in hand cuffs Early this morning and was kept in a room adjoining the courtroom for several hours photographers were banned from the courtroom during the hearing but were allowed to photograph the night club oper Ator before the proceedings started Bond for Ruby was denied when he was arraigned on the murder charge his attorneys claim this is illegal but dist atty Henry Wade says he will oppose Rubys release because the Law Doest provide for Bond in Cap ital cases saved hourly a us air Force report said about 100 persons were floating in the water and All appeared dead aboard the 20314ton greek liner when disaster struck Sun Day night were 651 passengers on a Holiday mostly British but including four americans and a Crew of 395 reports of the to Tal rescued ranged from 470 to More than 800 but there was a possibility of some duplication All but the Stern of the ship was ablaze and explosions rocked her 608foot length when Rescue vessels arrived on the scene about 180 Miles North West of Casablanca the water was dotted with lifeboats and swimmers wild greeting great Clouds of smoke rolled up from the re hot Hulk peo ple wild with Joy waved from lifeboats As rescuers approached others struggled to swim As far away from the Lakonia As they could the water temperature was 64 degrees warm enough to give those in the sea a Chance to survive officials of the line believed two babies and 30 to 34 children under 12 were aboard some accounts told of mothers tossing children into lifeboats and of parents struggling in the water to keep their children afloat us and British military planes crisscrossed the area spotting swimmers and lifeboats and directing Rescue boats a us air Force air Rescue report received in Orlando Fla said a c54 flying Over the area from the azores told of the casualties it said the 100 were wearing life jackets but All appeared to be dead radio messages told of the dramatic Rescue the master of the British Tanker Montcalm capt e j Kempton an eng Lishman reported there Are a lot of people in the water around the burning vessel we Are picking up As Many As possible the vessel was on fire every where except for the aft por Tion said a radio message from one of three planes from the us 57th air Rescue squad Ron based in the azores of drops life rafts survivors Are in lifeboats and life rafts which have been dropped by us air Force air Craft four vessels Are in the area and Are picking up survivors about 60 per cent have been picked up so far however there Are Manj survivors still in the water the weather in the area is reported Good other accounts told of hundreds hauled from lifeboats air probe of shipyard rumours demanded by Hub officials Boston up greater Boston civic officials and the president of a Federal employees association today called for a congressional investigation into the rumoured closing of the bos ton naval shipyard a Resolution passed this morning at a meeting sponsored by the National association of government employees nage at a hotel urged a full open probe into the ship Yard problem reports dental reports have circulated that the defense department will close the Boston and ports Mouth no naval shipyards the reports have been denied in some quarters nage president Kenneth t Lyons said an investigation would reveal serious blunders being performed daily by Fly by night shipyards in contrast to efficient operation of ship Yards like our own Boston Nav Al shipyard Lyons whose organization in Chines More than 6000 Copl at the Yard in Bostons Charles town Section said too Manj blunders have been committee by Secretary of defense Robur Mcnamara Over the past year under the Resolution the investigation would be conducted by the Senate and House armed services committees Boston will Battle Deputy Boston mayor Hinr Scagnoli said the City of bos ton is not Only in the Battle to save the shipyard but Wili als continue its endeavours to Bette the Jot of shipyard workers mayor Edward a Crane c Cambridge said his town would lose in Federal education Al assistance if military dependents left the Boston shipyard members of the Massachusetts congressional do Legato sent representatives to t h meeting Lyons will hold another meeting Jan 2 which Massachusetts Cong res rom the sea onto the decks of hips the lines spokesman in Lon on said it appeared about 470 i croons had been rescued thus a at that time radio Mes Ages from the scene indicated he total saved was considerably higher the British liner str Theden radioed she had picked up 300 survivors some injured plus ome dead the Argentine Reighter Salta was alternately reported to have from 220 to 400 survivors the British Montcalm Aid it had 100 survivors and he Argentine liner Rio Grande another 50 the Salta raced As hard Aser engines would Pound for Funchal in Madeira the Brit so Consul at Funchal said there is terrible anxiety Here there were several Brit so schoolboys aboard who were Oming from England to spend Christmas with their parents who Are resident business Folk n the Madeira islands some passengers were newly weds others were retired peo ple seeking a Sunshine Christ Mas Holiday singing dancing then the adult passengers had been singing dancing and walk no Arm and Arm on the deck when the fire erupted and forced them to scramble into lifeboats or plunge into the sea the passengers left South Hampton last thursday for a cruise to Madeira Teneriffe and the Canary islands in the Atlantic off Northwest Africa then shortly before Midnight came the first ominous wireless message telling of fire aboard it was followed Early this morn no by this final anguished Mes Sage sos from Lakonia last time i cannot stay any More in he wireless Cabin we Are Leav ing the ship please help immediately in London worried relatives and friends flooded the offices of ormos shipping co Ltd with phone Calls r j Atkins the company passenger director said the liner was fully equipped with lifeboats and oth equipment and everything was in working order the Captain Matio Zarbis an experienced greek Seaman was said to have arranged a boat Drill for the passengers before the Lakonia left Southampton and there had been others since she sailed the passenger list named four americans p Pilcer of Margate England or and mrs i Buchanan of Cowling England and miss e Driscoll of st leonards England sea is Calm the sea was Calm when the order came to abandon ship a few passengers were in their night clothes but most had been walking the decks or danc ing roman Catholic and Church of England clergymen aboard had made arrangements to hold special Christmas services a us air Force c54 left the azores carrying 20man rafts and supplies of food and water a Royal air Force plane left Gibraltar at Daybreak first ship on the scene was the 4999 ton Montcalm she messaged Lakonia Row exploding and fire spreading rapidly to All parts of the ship the Lakonia owned by the general steamship com Ltd of Greece was formerly the dutch liner Johan Van Olden Barneveld signal members were invited ban prisons Kennedy grave visited by cubans Washington up fifty survivors of the Bay of pigs invasion of Cuba made a special pilgrimage sunday to the grave of John f Kennedy the cubans Many dressed in camouflage Battle uniform Laid a Wreath at the late presidents Tomb in Arlington National cemetery on the first anniversary of their release from cd

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