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Berkshire Eagle Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1963, Page 1

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Berkshire Eagle (Newspaper) - August 31, 1963, Pittsfield, Massachusetts Image of Man was 9t Bova it was Only a Concrete plug a Dan Bova brother of Miner Louis Bova who Lias been trapped in a mine in Hazle ton a since aug 13 is is alone in a l ent with Chin in hand As he awaits word from Rescue workers Hazleton a a still in the Hospital and both Cue worker went Down 300 feet j Ere in Good condition four of the five men rescued thursday night after being trapped 49 underground Friday night into the Henry throne David Feilin Cubi non flours spell me Mem Cle but found no Trace of the third the bodies of 17 men disfigured missing Miner Louis Bova beyond recognition still Lay in Fellin and throne were rescued Jde preen Canvas covers on the last tuesday after 14 Days they and Bova were trapped at 9 am aug 13 after a Cavern at a mine at nearby Sheppton earlier Friday a to camera was lowered into the cubicle and a picture showed what appeared to be a body what appeared to be the image of a Man was the remains of floor of a downtown garage used As a temporary morgue the investigation will Start la Bor Day and could take weeks to Complete it will Start with an underground study of the explosion area if conditions in the Tun Nels Are Safe Specter of strike looms at Lee Mills Lee the Specter of a strike at the p j Schweitzer division paper Mills Here of Kimberly Lark corp looms Large based on the plug that had been used to reports about Tho status of Cote close up the 12inch Hole before they widened it into is inches and brought Feilin and throne to Tho surface Drebitko said Andy Drebitko 36 of Potts Ville went Down the 18inch Shaft through which throne and Feilin were hauled to safety like them he was transported in an tract negotiations Between the company and Berkshire local 78 United paper makers and paper workers Tho rank and file of tie Union will moot monday at 10 am at the sons of Italy Hail on main Street to vote on what has been termed by the company As the final of Fer the present annual contract expired aug 1 the company and open safety harness which looks like a Parachute Rig As soon As Drebitko reached the 1 j d i it surface and made his report the Lac Union ncfi0uating committee free drilling rigs resumed at has Bacn Mcling Rory Saiy since tempts to sink shafts in the Dij Carly july last sunday the Section where Bova was believed Union membership turned Down to be rapped they had been the most recent company offer quiet along with everything else except a Generator supplying Power for electric Light while Drebitko went Down Moab Potash mine is ordered closed Moab Utah 840 million Texas Gulf Sulphur co shut Down wednesday if the membership of the 400 member Union rejects the com Pany proposal monday then the Mill will shut Down wednesday morning according to both Union and company officials a strike would be the first interruption in whal has been generally tranquil labors relations Sulphur Potash mine was ordered closed j since the Schweitzer co bought indefinitely Friday pending a j former Smith paper co in 1950 joint stat Federal investigation of local observers recall a Brief an underground explosion that strike the postwar a Ltd Rimini it t t 4 n 41 a titled 18 men pockets of Carbon monoxide Gas still remained deep in the 3000 foot tunnels and Crews had to years also during that time there were scattered walkouts within she last few years relations Between the Union and com Pany Luis a been strained and agreement of the annual contract abandon temporarily efforts to re cover the body of the last victim has Bacn harder to reach Only two of the seven survivors j at Issue in recent years in Ard and Jarvis Morandi recording Secretary contacted at his Home last night or Laplante confirmed re ports that the International Union has approved the strike if the Union membership rejects the com Pany offer monday but that he was hopeful the contract offer would be accepted by the Union and that the strike would be averted cab expects lower rates to Europe Washington a the civil aeronautics Board cab the crash of investigate motorists please stay alive Boston up this Sim ple request was made of holi Day bound motorists this week end stay alive Massachusetts motor vehicles registrar James r Law ton said he was asking rather than warn ing Drivers to behave normally and sensibly during the labor Day weekend the Massachusetts safety Council predicted that five Massachusetts persons Wilt die and 1000 will be Hurt in traffic accidents this weekend unless safely rules Are observed thousands of policemen and other Law enforcement officers were assigned to patrol new England highways in a Mas Sive Effort to keep accidents Down in Maine and new Hamp Shire officials urged motorists to join the lights on for safety Campaign keeping their headlights on during Daylight hours As a Safe driving re minder an fallout Effort to Avert High Way accidents was under Way in Maine where a record 38 persons have died in traffic accidents this month the previous single month High for the state was 32 in August 1941 Lawton gov Endicott pea body and state Public safety commissioner Frank s Giles will personally Lour Massachusetts highways to Check traffic conditions some 10000 Law enforcement officers Wili be put on round the clock duty in Massachusetts alone to Cope with some 2 Mil lion motorists Lawton promised that All motor vehicle Laws would be Rig idly enforced our enforce ment officers will be spread Over a greater area than Ever before he said Bruce Campbell executive vice president of the Massachusetts safety Council asked motorists to keep a Safe distance be tween vehicles yield the right of Way at intersections protect Driver and Passen Gers with seat belts Massachusetts Turnpike authority chairman William f Callahan said extra police and maintenance details will patrol the Turnpike state and metro Politan District commission police will Man radar units to highways under their jurisdiction state Public works commissioner Jack p Ricciardi said the departments helicopter will operate Daylight Highway patrols during the Long weekend said the helicopter will main Tain radio Contact with state police cars along major High ways the e weekend weather showers this morning Clear ing this afternoon Little change in temperature fair and Cool tonight Low 45 to Morrow fair and Cool 26 pages 7 cents Eagle Pittsfield mass saturday aug 31 1963 volume 101 2morcgis die in action in Viet Nam communist guns Down helicopter damage 17 others Saigon South Viet Nam a gunners shot up 18 us helicopters and killed two More americans on Friday in the War that parallels South Viet name Buddhist crisis a us army h21 helicopter was downed in flames and two americans aboard it perished 30 Miles Northwest of Saigon a Cap ital bedecked for a mass Demon stration expected saturday in sup port of president Ngo Dinh Dies government four were wounded seventeen other h21s assigned like the downed Craft to ferry vietnamese troops for a raid on a guerrilla hideout near the Cam Bodian Border were hit by red ground fire one was reported punctured by 11 bullets in addition five of the elderly banana shaped transports were forced Down by mechanical Trou ble three americans wounded a military spokesman said three americans were wounded by communist shots when other helicopters landed in the area of served notice Friday that it expects the airlines to Start operating a Low Cost transatlantic serv ice without frills it has in mind a fare about each Way about is 00 Economy class rate the Board said in a policy statement it is of crucial importance to the financial welfare of the airlines As Well As in the in Terest of the travelling Public that those International markets be permitted to develop their full traffic potential this can Best be done it seems to us by offering in these executive defined markets the kind of Low fare no j frill service that is Best calculated Dit inn to additional wage increases Ami improvements in fringe Berg to Lac largest fits for the hourly Ane employees is sunday work while no details Washington up a available about the issues cording to the labor depart1 has year u is my blood ment a Man must earn at s a week to be an executive the final company offer was by government standards a a meeting of repro Santa department said thursday that to qualify for inc title of executive a Man also must supervise company was Samuel sugar w of potential travellers and at the Pentagon to Kremlin hot line activated action demanded on spy trawlers Washington a i or other capabilities which constr investigators demanded Friday tute a threat to the secure a of names of All the casualties were withheld the fliers deaths brought to 54 the number of americans killed in action on vietnamese soil the toll from All causes including accidents is 99 hundreds have required in the National interest been wounded whenever vessels have electronic cruising off Florida Are in in Nocent passage from North at lactic fishing grounds to cuban ports the recommendation was made by the House armed services investigations subcommittee in a report on its investigation of so Viet trawler traffic in us territorial Waters key proposal the subcommittees key proposal the agencies concerned should adopt a uniform National policy which would permit the coast guard to take such immediate and unilateral action As Mav be phone pact accepted but May be shorted Leland j Grady president of Pittsfield local 14 of tin International brotherhood of Telephone workers said last night that the unions bargaining agent the in to National executive Council but president Grady noted last night in Doest include the our territorial Waters that the coast guard take Swift j our county Are found transition action whenever soviet fishing trawlers that might be snooping for intelligence Are spotted in us Waters they contended the gov Carmenl is putting undue emphasis on the presumption that soviet vessels coincided with a sen Edward m the report statement by Kennedy mass that the activities of soviet fishing vessels off Cape cod form an ominous pattern Kennedy said the coast guard has counted 1s9 vessels in the Fleet and he added there arc undoubtedly Many More by fog cover russian ships Anchor at Cape Provincetown mass up a disabled russian trawler and her tugboat escort anchored in Cape cod Bay Friday while Crew men repaired the trawlers dam aged propeller tie trawler str9031 and the seagoing tug Stol Kij dropped an Chor two Miles off Truro Beach about am not repairs were completed quickly and the vessels requested permission to leave by mid afternoon permission was Dela cd until peking agreement costs Pakistan million Washington a the state department announced Friday the United states sus Pended a promised lion loan to Pakistan for air port improvement after Pakistan signed a civil aviation agreement with communist China Little Rock integration said Token Directoire teletype radio used goal of system is to prevent accidental War Washington a the White House Kremlin hot line intended to provide instant Emer gency communication Between the chiefs of state is ready for use the Pentagon announced Friday night a terse on sentence announce ment said Only that the direct communication link Between Washington and Moscow is now operational in reply to a question a spokes Little Rock Ark a negro leaders demanded faster a Sam tins meant that desegregation in this once racial and Are and radio Cir by troubled City As Public schools quietly Friday with 123 negroes attending integrated classes the Only people directly concerned with schools during the Day were students parents and teachers police went about their routine business it was a Normal school opening said brians acting Poi inc chief circuits be tween the capitals now Are ready the idea in setting up the facility was that in event of emergency it might reduce the Chance of accidental inadvertent nuclear War channels were slow during the crisis last october Over the presence of soviet mis Sharp contrast noted this was in Sharp contrast Siles in Cuba the existing Corn routine channels often proved r e to be slow and unwieldy tests of us and soviet equip ment for the new hot line had been under Way for some time to inc violent autumn of 1s57 when phone pad continued on Page trawler had developed propeller trouble and sought shelter within the us three mile limit us officials were Able to boar gov Orval e called a the crafts for a routine inspect Jonal guardsmen to bar the doors Tion it marked the second Lime in less than two weeks that a soviet followed lately by tests on the circuits themselves soviet equipment was installed of Little Rock Centra High school in tie Pentagon last monday incl Iryl ref to c in to nine negroes jul Allilion of us equipment in Bui As routine As was this of Conj was completed on aug 1 ing behind the scenes negroes were protesting that Little Rock still has Only Token integration lives of inc Union and manage ment Friday representing the at least two employees no Eagle monday Thomas Bonn and Milton Gordon on the Union Nugo Xialing commit uce was Raymond Lapiant of j Springfield District representative of the International Union James Dimario president of the local Samuel Corbit vice president John Corbit financial Secretary Wiiliam Murphy treasurer har Jold Macdonald chief shop Stew baseball american league Washington 7 Boston Al new York i Baltimore 1 Cleveland 5 in Droit 4 is Angeles i Kansas City 2 National league Houston 5 Chicago 1 Milwaukee 1 new York 1 St Louis h Philadelphia 6 Cincinnati 2 Pittsburgh 1 reasonable Imay Navy accepted a new eng land Telephone Telegraph co contract but every attempt will be made in the next three weeks the cab said its studies fully Ilo Short circuit in same time yield a j profit to the airlines its feasible ii port the economic feasibility of a no frill third class service Mcconomy service at least in the major transatlantic markets the Board made its position known in a letter to the stale department and to the 10 us airlines that arc members of the International air transport association earlier this year the cab precipitated a fare crisis by refusing to approve a trans allanic fare in crease agreed upon Al an Iata traffic conference at Chandler Ariz last fall that Shook pm Mobile Ala up Ning not Only struck three times in the same place thursday but the target was the local us weather Bureau station it kind of Shook everyone up said a Veteran Weatherman who reported i damage no injuries and minor i would say Grady Loki the Eagle last night that there is widespread discontent All Over f new England Wilh the less capt acc of the company contract and it Surpri seme if the Union membership voted against ratification formal acceptance of the new contract comes up for ratification by the 27000 Telephone work ers sept 16 biggest boost Ever a company spokesman said last night that i dec a 15 member bar gaining agent for the unions accepted a contract that is Worth More than million annually to employees this will be increased by million in 19fi5 the com Pany did not disclose specific wage figures but described the 38month contract As Tho biggest wage and fringe Benefit offer in its 80year history he said the total package averages out to about per week for each employee and that the contract also includes the right to arbitrate certain grievance hot link teletype in the Pentagon is examined by air Force Hroloski icel and army la col Charles the line preventing accidental nuclear at is sgt John aimed at the Pentagon is the mechanical terminal for both Tho land line Transcean circuit the alternate radio circuit however direct connections relay the circuits directly through to the White House tie us soviet agreement to in stall the line was signed at Gen Eva on june 20 following Long policy and technical discussions and negotiations Between representatives of the two governments the hot line uses the teletype system rather than a Telephone voice line the reason for this is o avoid misunderstanding which might occur through language differences in an Exchange of spoken words even though interpreters were used additionally the Tel printers provide a written rec Ord which May be preserved and studied us equipment faster the us equipment being used transmits printed words at a rate of 100 a minute the russian equipment at 66 words a minute each nation originates the Mes Sage in its own language How Ever All messages Are Pul into cryptographic machines to scramble the message and thus preserve secrecy against possible tapping on he line by a third

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