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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 29, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4-Hennington Banner wednesday september 29, 1965 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials a Binger and c i Bennington county could be a major beneficiary of a stepped up state Road building program which May be proposed during the next session of the legislature. According to reports from Montpelier gov. Hoff May ask for higher Highway taxes and a Bond Issue to accelerate Highway improvement and construction. It appears that one of the highways that will have top priority will be . 7 Between the Massachusetts line and Burlington or at least Between Bennington and Rutland. Work on some sections of Vermont 9 Between Bennington and Brattleboro May also be in the works. Most of . 7, the Highway that connects Vermont a southwestern Gateway with the Northern part of the state that carries thousands of skiers every Day during the Winter from new York and Massachusetts to ski resorts in the Green mountains that serves Asa major tourist route in the Spring fall and summer and at the same time must handle All local commercial and pleasure traffic is narrow twisting and dangerous. It is sorely in need of improvement and the sooner it is improved the better. Bennington can Only suffer if improvements to . 7 Are delayed much longer. High Speed superhighways will soon run parallel to . 7 in new York state and along the Connecticut River. And although a four Lane Highway through Bennington county Isnit necessarily editor s of its Bennington Village voters by approving water service connections for five Bennington Flats families have not Only made it possible for these families to have fresh water flowing into their Homes Fox the first time in nearly a year but have proved that they Are willing to share their resources with the folks in the so called a outside a Geneann understanding that water Supply problems affect nearly everyone in Bennington and the Bennington area and that these problems should be solved on a regional basis is the prerequisite for a successful vote on the Bennington water departments water system expansion proposal. Bennington a annual fall foliage festival with its Queens parades trophies antique show dances and horse races and of course some fall foliage is just around the Corner and we Are looking Forward to every colourful minute of it. If Duke Ducharme is up to his usual form he will have the Flower of Bennington girlhood lined up in the two contests on the chs stage on oct. 7, and the winners As in the past will get More admiring glances from local and visiting Leaf speakers than the leaves themselves. We weren to surprised to read in tuesdays Banner that Village president Salvatore Santarcangel has already reserved himself a seat next to Andrea Kenyon miss Vermont in the miss .a. Contest in the Lead car in the Parade. There was no mention of who is going to sit on the other Side of miss Kenyon but we have a feeling it will be Don Hicks Gbar a executive director. Local school officials Are gradually putting the pieces together again after the tragic plane crash that took the lives of four Bennington educators last week. Miss Therese Goodermote a Stal Belier . 7 desirable a Good two Lane Road is absolutely essential. Bennington will be literally bypassed by All the northbound tourist and vacation traffic if . 7 is left in its present state. New York state also Haa Long Range plans for a High Speed Highway Between the Vermont line and the Tri City area of Albany Troy and Schenectady. This Highway would feed even More traffic into the Bennington area and local state highways must be prepared to handle it. If improvements to . 7 Are accelerated then the state Highway department May also decide on a route for the Bennington bypass and bypasses around other population centers in the county sooner than expected since an improved . 7 must tie in with the bypass routes. Whether this Means that the bypasses will be built sooner than expected remains to be seen. The bypasses would immediately become More important however because an improved . 7 will generate More traffic and More congestion in the Center of the villages. The possibility of a bigger and better . 7 in the near future should also give new impetus to discussions about a countywide regional planning commission. Such a commission would have As one of its chief tasks a study of the routes that an improved . 7 might follow from one end of the county to the other. Wart member of the Molly Start school faculty will be the schools acting principal until a successor to w. Philip Walker is appointed. She will have her hands full in a difficult and demanding Job. The local curriculum improvement project has arranged to have Ralph Bohr son a Ford foundation representative help out Here until a new project director is appointed. Rep. William Blachly of Calais who recently made All sorts of charges about malpractices and mismanagement at Windsor state prison and prison Warden Robert Smith whose ouster Blachly at one Point demanded have kissed and made up but serious shortcomings in the states penal system remain. A separate institution for Youthful offenders is still desperately needed and the old Windsor prison itself built in 1809, needs far better facilities for training and recreation than it now has. Two More announcements monday of organized efforts to preserve natural and Scenic Beauty indicate that lady Bird Johnson a crusade for beautification is giving new impetus to old ideas and inspiring new ones. The 15-year-old new York Vermont interstate commission on Lake Champlain is meeting this week to discuss the formation of a full time Agency to a prevent the destruction of the Valley and its natural resources a a and rep. Edward p. Boland d-mass., is introducing legislation in the . House of representatives to establish a National Parkway and recreation area along the Connecticut River and to do something about eyesores and junkyards along the River Bank. The it. Anthony Union High school Board has taken an important step Forward by issuing its invitation for bids for the construction of the new school building. Beginning in november the Community will be Able to watch the Walls of the new regional school go up. Syrup Salt x i vinegar of school is an Island Quot Tell them theres a new set lip abound Here Quot these Days dominican election will show w Hether Fulbright was right by Iii / a of the Day i r North Bennington. A no Man is an Island entire of itself every Man is a piece of the continent a part of the main if a clod be washed away by the sea Europe is the less As Well As if a Promontory were As Well As if a Manor of thy friends or of thine own were any Many a death diminishes me because i am involved in Mankind and therefore never Send to know for whom the Bell tolls it tolls for John Donne wrote those words More than 300 years ago but they have been much in my mind these last few Days. The Bell has tolled for All of us each of us has perhaps been diminished a Little by the tragedy with which we have lived in the Bennington area. We have been drawn together in our common grief Over the loss of four men who had Given us All so much and had so much More to give if their lives had not been Cut Short. School administration is a lonely task. I knew for. Spinelli lest of these men but i know that he shared with them the necessity sometimes of making unpopular decisions. Like All school Heads he made his decisions with one criteria in mind the Good and the safety of the children for whom he took a personal responsibility. He was naturally pleased of his schools teams won a game and cheerfully resigned if they lost. He was most pleased however when a spirit of Good sportsmanship prevailed at the game but he never really relaxed until the team and the spectators were All safely Back in town. But is Only function process interest Public parents. By John la Willi re Ain new York . I would t want to be in sen. . Fulbright a shoes. For in criticizing the Johnson administration for a a overreacting in the dominican Republic crisis last april the senator has in effect tied ills reputation to the Assurance that the dominican people Are not in imminent danger of being taken Over by communists or castrated. True history May eventually Bear sen. Fulbright out. But observers who Are fully As qualified As any the senator depends upon just done to go along with the Fulbright optimism. The senator probably would scoff at the idea that the dominican june 14th movement which is Castro oriented represents any continuing menace to the chances for a a Strong democratic government Ful Bright s own words emerging the election nine months from now. Nevertheless the june 14th movement continues to recruit youths for espionage sabotage and terrorism bringing them into the capital at Santo Domingo for instruction and sending them Back under discipline to the Countryside to become a a sleepers in the mountains and the farming regions. At least 3,000 trainees have gone through this Mill learning How to use radio equipment and unconventional arms. Their weapons will hardly be surrendered merely because the official agreement Between the factions Calls for it. A of that the surrender of even the most conventional arms is extremely unlikely is proved by the behaviour of the rebels in the general Elias Wessin y Wessin contretemps. The rebels made surrender of arms conditional on the banishment of Wessin y Wessin from his army Post and indeed from the country. Forced by . Pressure to give in to the rebels tactical move. Wessin y Wessin stepped Down. The rebels thereupon escalated their demands. Without blinking an Eye they imposed new conditions making surrender of arms conditional upon the removal not Only of Wessin but of a whole group of conservative army officers. Absurdly enough there was never any counter demand from the so called a a rights for the expulsion of col. Francisco Caamano Deno As a a a Symbol of rebel extremism. Sen. Fulbright a one sided critic has generally applied double Standard thinking to the business of keeping any balance Between left and right extremists. He will not be exposed by events As Long As groups like the Litte june 14th movement a play it Legal a As they will probably do during the nine months of Hector Garcia Godoy a provisional presidency. As Long As the Legal amenities Are observed the senator will be Able to maintain that the future history of the dominican Republic is bound to conform to his Hopes. But in a putting the senators blast against the Johnson administrations a a overreaction in my prophecy file. Lets see How things turn out nine months hence. Surely the senator Hasni to been Lucky in his projections in the past. He spoke of the a a myths of communist menace just before the maoists became really menacing in Southeast Asia. He has treated Castro ism in Culia As a Well Fidel the operator of the cuban a nuisance a continues to build High powered radio stations for use in the Effort to create other a a nuisances in Guatemala Panama and Venezuela. A new 50,000-Watt broadcasting station in Central Cuba at Santa Clara a 10,000-Watt Plant near Guantanamo in Oriente province and a 150,000-Watt czech designed today and tomorrow Plant at san German in Oriente will boost the Power of Fidel a overseas propaganda immensely. None of this of course guarantees that Castro swords will be sufficiently heeded to result in revolutionary overturns throughout latin America. But when Fulbright dismissed Cuba As a a nuisance a he risked encouraging a complacency among americans that could easily let the nuisance get out of hand. After All Lenin was merely a a a nuisance when he was sitting around the cafe tables in Geneva. But with the quirks of history nuisances like other things can escalate into something qualitatively different. Fortunately for our sense of wariness senators Tom Dodd and Frank Lausche both belonging to Fulbright s own democratic party believe that it is better to a a overreact to communist threats than Iti sounder react. Nine months from now when the dominicans choose their president Well see whether Dodd or Fulbright is closer to the Mark. Our hearts ache for those closest to these men those to whom they were husband father son or Good Friend. But we Grieve too for the institutions they left behind four schools one still inbuilt. Our sorrow spreads to the heart of these schools the faculty the students and those who must continue the work these men were doing. Because of course we must continue. These men were to together in death As they had been together in life working unselfishly together for us and especially for our children. They had achieved As individuals a rapport and a spirit of Good will and cooperation among schools that augured Well for the future of All schools in this area. They achieved it because they were Good men Good in every sense of the word and because As educators they put aside All other considerations in favor of the real goal of education. To them that goal was no More and no less than the maximum development of All children a development of the mind the heart and the character. We can do no less than follow their example. The Fate of a team a minor part of the of any school. The of education needs the and the support of the particularly of the Many a school principal a and these men were no exception lives with the discouraging knowledge that he will have some students whose parents he May meet Only once or twice once when they enrol and again when they graduate. Those who must take the places of these men face a difficult adjustment and they need our help and our understanding. They will continue to run the Good schools that the men we lost helped to develop but we can perhaps make things a Little easier for them by showing in some Small ways that we appreciate the work they Are doing. We support our schools with Money by necessity but we can support them with our constructive interest and a Little of our time. We can make the Effort to talk with the teachers once in a while. We can give freely if Ever we Are asked to help. We can put in an appearance when the schools Are on display. A of most of All we can paraphrase Donne by remembering that a no school is an Island every school is a piece of the whole and the neglect of one child a education diminishes us All because we Are involved in that is the real memorial these men would have wanted from us. Improvement Iii i relations tied to prospects for peaceful world by Halter Lippmann Washington. Last week the world had a fleeting but tantalizing glimpse of what might become possible of the cold War subsided. The .s.r. And the .a., acting on their parallel interests in averting a War Between Pakistan and India made it possible for the United nations to order a cease fire. This show of unanimity discouraged the chinese from intervening in the quarrel. A of parallelism is a Long Way Short of positive co operation and there is no Assurance that a settlement of the quarrel is in sight or even that the underlying hostility will not smoulder on for a very Long time. Nevertheless the events of last week were a spectacular demonstration of How All Hope and Prospect of a reasonably peaceable world is tied up with an improvement in soviet american relations. Is an improvement possible what is there Between us that now sets us against each other it is quite plainly the conflict of ideology and interest of Emo Tion and of prejudice Over the revolutionary condition of the so called third world a the world of the underdeveloped and emerging nations of the Southern hemisphere a in Asia Africa and latin America. The revolutionary condition is an objective historical fact of this Century and it will continue to exist no matter what the russians or we say or do about it. A of the soviet. American conflict is about this revolutionary condition. Thus the conflict is no longer As it was a generation ago about what kind of social order is to exist in the highly developed countries of Europe and North America. As a matter of fact in this whole area which includes european Russia itself the old argument Between the marxists and the Raissez Faire capitalists has been bypassed by events. For example the economic philosophy of Gen. Eisenhower and sen. Coldwater in America is As dead As the economic philosophy of Marx is among the european socialists. In the whole developed progressive Industrial world the prevailing economic order is a prison charges Are Quot old hat Quot Gorum 7 to the editor of the Banner charges made by rep. William Blachly of Calais last week concerning conditions at Windsor state prison Are a old hat to members of for friends of rehabilitation who have been fighting for a change in prison administration on our own time and Money. The charges should also be a old hat to gov. Hoff since he was told of the deplorable conditions a Hume three years ago by another a a responsible person his former chief aide t. Wesley Grady of Underhill. Grady gave Hoff pages and pages of signed testimony about maltreatment collected from prison inmates during Grady a tour of the prison when he was Secretary of civil amp military affairs. For has not been Able to a a reach Hoff on the prison Issue. He has made a concerted Effort to see that our attempts for an enlightened prison program Are killed. We have been harassed. Insulted and threatened with bodily harm by gov. Hoff and members of his immediate staff in our fight to gain a modern prison administration. Shocking also is the testimony to a governors Lack of interest in state problems when Hoff admits publicly As he did on wednesday that he has never been inside Windsor prison. But we Are relieved that Hoff at Long last will give some attention to the prison. We Hope in time he will share our deep concern for the prisoners maltreated there. Though for was not successful in the last legislature in setting up the Small correction treatment centers for prisoner rehabilitation a method that has proven effective and is strongly supported by . Attorney general Nicholas Katzenback we were successful in killing the attempt to construct a $4 million medium Security prison known As the a proven failure among experts. We agree with Blachly that Only 5 per cent of Vermont a 248 prison population need maximum Security. Adoption of forms plan would virtually empty Windsor prison eliminating the need for a new prison and relieve vermonters of an oppressive and unnecessary tax Burden. Kena Lene j. Collins. Readsboro. Mixture in varying degrees of planning and the incentive of profit of fiscal management and social regulation. It is in regard to the turbulence of this third world a which was not foreseen a generation ago a that the soviet Union and the United states find themselves locked into what has the appearance of an irreconcilable conflict. A of in its official ideology the soviet Union is committed to the support of the revolutionaries to the incitement and supplying of a wars of National in the american ideology we Are not absolutely opposed to wars of National liberation provided they Are not inspired or supported by communists. We Are very much disposed to feel however that All revolutions will be captured by the communists who invariably participate in them. Thus Russia and America find themselves in a vicious Circle. The russians Are disposed to intervene wherever there is a rebellion and the United states is inclined to intervene to oppose As aggression the communist intervention. In the soviet Union there exists a prejudice in favor of rebellion As such of rebellion against any established order. The soviet Union is the product of a fairly recent revolution. In the United states where the revolution occurred nearly two centuries ago there is now a prejudice against revolution. The result is a vicious Circle in which dogmatic communism and dogmatic anti communism incite and exasperate each other. A of the improvement a Sov let american relations which is prerequisite to an accommodation Between the West and China requires the breakup of this vicious Circle. How essentially i believe by fostering the Ascendancy of National interest Over global ideology by the reassertion in both countries of prudence and calculation against Semi religious fanaticism and frenzy. We had a glimpse last week. Of How Thlu can Hansen. The hostilities in Kashmir began with an infiltration of guerrilla troops recruited As a matter of fact from the Pakistan army though they wore different uniforms. The purpose of the guerrillas was to arouse the population and to liberate moslem Kashmir from hindu Rule. Here was a War of National liberation that the soviet Union according to its theoretical doctrine was bound to support. However the fact of the matter is that it did not suit the soviet Union that Pakistan in cahoots with red China should defeat India which is a tacit ally of the soviet Union. So the soviet Union acted in favor of peace which is its real interest rather than on behalf of an ideological prejudice. A of at the same time the United states having Learned something in recent months resisted the temptation to take a lofty position against aggression and instead reticent by and prudently chose to work quietly and behind the scenes. This is the Way that soviet american relations can be improved by encouraging the prudent Over the ideological and the hot. In this country at least the process will require the resumption of Public debate a the kind of debate which sen. Fulbright has once again opened up. For the Issue which he has posed in his remarkable speech is the essential Issue in our attitude and policy towards the revolutionary condition of our time. The question lie posed is hew to tolerate rebellion u t l h is often necessary and desirable without surrendering the control of the rebellion to the communist Quot who will always be part of it. In Thek i is no Kui i of thumb for answering this quest Tvr it ? there has to be some kind of accommodation Sinh As tin sextet Union made about the Kashmir Freedom fighters Aud such As we made about the chinese threat of military aggression. The discussion of this serious and difficult problem cannot be monopolized by the asserted hangers on often More Johnson Ian than Johnson himself who Are presuming to Lay Down the Rule that Only those who conform with the current political improvisations Are altogether respectable and quite Loyal

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