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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 26, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 4�?Bennington Banner monday september 26, 1966 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials peace plan rejected the negative response of the communist governments to . Ambassador Arthur Goldberg a plan for a de escalation of the Viet Nam War though hardly unexpected was disappointing. For Goldberg offered a three step plan for ending hostilities and withdrawing troops of both sides from South Viet Nam that corresponded to proposals put Forth previously by . Secretary general u Thant and that could provide a basis for negotiation and eventual peace. It would be a mistake to be too pessimistic though. Although soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko denounced the Goldberg plan As a a Sham a past experience shows that the Bellicose Public statements of communist officials done to necessarily reflect the thinking of the top Levels of government and be taken too literally. The soviet Union is known to be deeply concerned about the Viet War and anxious to see an end to it. The Gromyko statement should not be considered the final word from Moscow. Interpreting Hanoi a rejection of Goldberg a proposals is also difficult. North Viet names Hopes for a decisive Victory blaming safety for costlier cars this week s announcements of Price increases for the a big three automobiles should have come As no Surprise to anyone. They were telegraphed months ago. When the Federal Auto safety Bill was churning through Congress earlier this year spokesmen for the Industry freely predicted Price hikes for the 1967 models. It was recalled that addition of some comparatively simple items to the 1966 Model safety package was blamed for an average Price increase of $50 and the new safety requirements Are much More extensive. So higher Price tags have always been a fairly sure thing. Just what percentage of the increases May be attributed to the safety features and what percentage to other causes remains a matter of hot dispute however. Whle the Industry is inclined to assess the Cost of the required features at the same level As when they were optional it is obvious that their unit Cost drops As they Are incorporated into More cars. Safety features manufactured on amass production basis Are considerably cheaper than an on optional basis. More important though Are the signs editor a motes both Bennington High school football teams turned in creditable performances saturday especially chs which soundly whipped highly rated Rutland. Large crowds of parents and other fans gathered at the new North Bennington Road Gridiron for both contests an indication perhaps that it in t necessary to schedule night games in order to attract spectators. But despite the Fine football and the spirited support of the have disappeared and her demands for unilateral withdrawal of . Troops Are unrealistic. Hanoi continues the War perhaps because of China a insistence. But the growing desire for peace in russians half of the communist world and North Viet names hopeless situation May encourage Hanoi to shake itself Loose of Mao a influence and agree to open negotiations. Seasoned observers feel that if the soviet Union its satellites and Hanoi Are to respond favourably to the . Peace initiative they will do so quietly and indirectly. It is up to . Leaders then to create a climate in which contacts could take place and be fruitful. This Means they must refrain from unnecessarily belligerent statements and must repeat frequently their willingness to scale Down the War. Meanwhile the War grinds on More americans and vietnamese die every Day and the possibilities increase that the conflict will spread and erupt into a world War. As the Hopes for peace dwindle the necessity of peace becomes greater. And it now appears that Only True worldwide cooperation will bring it about. That the Auto makers Are still regarding safety As something tacked onto a Carby government order rather than As an integral element in the design from the Start. The result is that buyers Are paying extra for features that Are far More important than the sculptured expanses of Sheet Metal and Chrome work that constitute such a substantial fraction of a cards Cost. If it were necessary to hold Down the Cost of cars any Driver could Point to places where economies could be made in Radiator design highly non functional at presenting metalwork in outer and inner trim. A Little ascetic so in these areas would More than pay for the added safety features. The trouble with the present course is that it offers a convenient rationalization for raising car prices while tending to discredit safety engineering in the Public mind. Anyone unenthusiastic about Auto safety in the first place would be confirmed in his opinion by the realization that it is going to Cost him some hard Cash. Eventually it is hoped safety improvements will be built into automobiles As soon As they become technically feasible instead of being forced on the manufacturers by government directive. The worst thing about the new Price hikes is that they give safety a bad name. Home teams two Small oversights by school officials detracted from an otherwise satisfactory Day. For one thing there were no ropes along the sidelines so fans spilled Over onto the Field. This is not Only dangerous but could interfere with the game. Secondly there apparently weren to enough trash barrels around we find any a so hot dog wrappers napkins and other trash got tossed on the ground and a stiff wind quickly blew them out on the Field. By the last Quarter of the chs Rutland game the players were almost ankle deep in of i May say so my Adam its he re i these Days wonders of Japan s Economy by John Chamberlain Tokyo. Although things have been picking up Here thanks to a a offshore . Vietnamese War orders and a Retreat from the old a Dodge line named after a . Banker adviser who frowned on a government investment the japanese still complain about a profitless Prosperity and the disinclination of capitalists to order new equipment. But after talks with japanese business leaders one is inclined to believe that much of the complaining is due to the japanese habit of self deprecation. These islands Are not repeat not inhabited by texans they talk a poor Mouth Here As a matter of politeness. A of for All of the slow motion in what Shigeo Kurebayashi the research director of the Fuji Bank Calls a a flow pressure Economy there is Good growing weather Here for Industrial greatness. The clearest proof of it is perhaps the Fuji Bank itself which is imitating the Bank of America in California by going after Little business As Well As big and is driving ahead on a program that has increased its deposits by 25 per cent in a Little Over two years. It has recently built the tallest skyscraper in downtown Tokyo but the working heart of its business is in the 206 branches it has elsewhere. The Fuji known As the Yasuda before the War was the smallest of the so called Zaibatsu Banks which were run for the Benefit of the four big family cartels or a trusts a of the Mitsui the Mitsubishi the Sumitomo and the Yasuda clans. The Macarthur decree which broke up the big trusts hit hard at the Mitsui Bank which has slipped to fourth. But it proved the liberation of the Fuji which had the wit to rename itself after Japan s sacred Mountain and move into the new world. Now old Mitsui concerns come to the Fuji for Money As a matter of course. Another evidence of the latent strength of the japanese Economy is the huge Fukuyama steel making Complex that has just gone into operation near Hiroshima on the Inland sea. This compares with anything that . Steel or Bethlehem can show at Gary or bums Harbor in Indiana. All of Fukuyama s Many operations will be run by computer controls and its capacity when completed will be around eight million tons a year. The truly interesting thing about Fukuyama is that its Plant was built entirely on land reclaimed from the sea. The Cost of pumping the foundations from the sea Bottom was one half of what it would have Cost to Purchase Good Industrial site land elsewhere in tiny crowded Japan and this despite the fact that a Mountain soil or Rock had to be brought in to provide special support for some of the heaviest equipment. Built with water on three sides Fukuyama can berth its raw material Supply ships on one Side to feed blast Furnace operations and then move the steel through its various phases to the other the passing scene Side where it goes out As a finished product to the ships that carry it away. This a a straight line production enables Fukuyama to do away with the backtracking or the a Little railroads a that plague steel making elsewhere in Japan. A you Cut half of the costs this Way a says Klenzo matzo managing director of the Nippon Kokan concern which has committed $278 million to Date for Fukuyama including $30 million for the land reclamation that began it All. A third wonder of the japanese Economy is the a Bullet express train that runs for some 375 Miles Between Tokyo and the Industrial City of Osaka. The Cost of building this Railroad on special raised tracks ran into millions. I took it from Tokyo to Kyoto and it afforded quite a contrast to my last trip from new York to Washington d.c., on the Pennsylvania during the air mechanics strike. Bowling along at Well Over too Miles an hour one could Type and edit a column As of one were sitting at ones desk in a quiet office and even Call Tokyo on the phone from the train to Check a fact. The train has an electronic Cut off to bring it to an almost instant halt in Case of an earthquake tremor. There Are complaints that the japanese state railways system loses Money it was 123,000 million yen in the red for 1965. But if the a Bullet train contributes to the deficit what a glorious Way to lose it. The new Haven Railroad loses Money too but with what Ignominy Why the states were abolished by Alan i. So Pii Kin a / huh / mat / a / might Ham the in Boe by Kymm hims Wight Burlington. My children listen with affectionate tolerance to my occasional accounts of How much fun it was to swipe chips of Salty ice from the ice Many struck when he was making a delivery. They Are equally tolerant when i Tell of How we used to risk the milk Many a Wrath by feeding his horse. I can to blame them for not being really interested in tales of things such As horse drawn milk wagons and refrigerators which used real ice. Both Are outside their experience. They done to doubt my word that such things once existed but they have a Little trouble really visualizing them. One reason my children Don t come right out and Tell me How much i bore them with tales of other Days and ancient Phenomena is they sense that the Day will come when they will have the same problem. They will find themselves with the problem of telling the next generation of things which no longer exist. For example should my children marry and have children they will have to convince their sons and daughters that once there was such a thing As a passenger train. But what will be even More difficult is the problem they will have explaining the things of their Day to their grandchildren. It is not hard to imagine a conversation of say 50 years from now. This conversation in the year 2016 would go about like this a of a grandmother do you remember when we had states a a yes dear. When i was a girl where we live now was a part of the state of a Why did we Stop having states grandmother a a the simplest explanation is that they were destroyed by the people who had the Job of running a what did those people do to the states grandmother a a it Isnit what they did. Its what they did not do. You see for a Long time the Legislatures of the states did not really represent the people. During that time things got pretty a but grandmother did no to they change the Legislatures a a yes they did. But then we got into the War in Viet Nam and the governors of the states ignored a of a but what did the War in Viet Nam have to do with the states a a Well you see the states needed a lot of Federal Money to get the things done that the Legislatures had ignored for so Long but the War in Viet Nam became so expensive that the states weren table to get the Money they a but grandmother was that the fault of the state governors they did no to Start the War in Viet a no they did no to. But they did nothing to Stop it either. You see the War in Viet Nam became very hard to understand and the people got confused about it. Any candidate for political office who could ignore it and still get elected just kept the Issue of the War out of his Campaign to avoid the confusion. So the state governors in their political campaigns a and while in office a just ignored the War. The War got bigger and bigger and Cost More and More so there was less and less Money for the states to do the things which needed to be done. And finally everybody realized that the states weren to doing anything so we just abolished a of a but grandmother what should the governors have done a a i think they should have spoken out on the Issue of Viet Nam instead of avoiding it. After All each governor was the spokesman for his own state. If they had insisted that the Federal government take care of the problems of the people in the states instead of spending All the Money on Viet Nam the Federal government would have had to listen to them. We had 50 states and 50 governors could have spoken with a very loud a i guess i understand. Just one More question grandmother. When do you think the War in Viet Nam will end a a who knows the Secretary of defense said our boys would be Home by the end of 2017, but As you know things like that have been said m not a Western fan by Gerald Raftery Sunderland. I sometimes wonder if maybe in Mun american because i have never willingly turned on one of these to westerns. I have seen a lot of them at other Peoples houses and at my own when someone asked for one but i still maintain an unblemished record of never having watched one of my own volition. Do you suppose in a missing something a of you can find Brainy intellectuals who insist that the horse opera is an american Art form and one of our few contributions to what an untidy thinker might carelessly describe As culture. Looking at the subject As a librarian i must admit that they have something on their Side at least quantitatively. Cowboy stories Are still coming off the presses at a tremendous rate and the shoot pm up fans still keep All the old ones in print. This includes some 60 or 70 Zane Grey books including those ancient yarns in which the hero addressed the villain As a you Bastard a some admirable people have been addicted to the they went that away sagas. It is strange to think of Ike Eisenhower supreme commander of the Allied expeditionary forces lying in his command trailer at night at the focal Point of the greatest War in history Reading himself to sleep with stories in which the conflict was As simple As the differences Between cattlemen and sheep herders and the armament involved nothing larger than Colt revolvers and Sharps rifles. The Cowboy movie has gone All Over the world and Barefoot natives in the Jungles of Asia and Africa know that the Man in the White hat is the Good Guy. They Are not surprised that these fierce horse Riding strangers speak their own native swahili or tagalog through the magic of dubbed voices although in the More sophisticated cities of the if you la Pardon the expression Western world the Story is More often told in subtitles with occasional incongruities. One one unhappy occasion the cowpoke villain slouched up to the bar and demanded a Gimme a shot of red Eye a while the French subtitle read a Sun Dubonnet soil Vous the French incidentally Are great Cowboy fans and admirers of be wild West. They even support organizations devoted to studying the lore of the Range the wearing of Cowboy garb and the consuming of such exotic foods As six shooter Coffee Fried Steak and Chuck Wagon Beans. Brillat Savarin would really be stumped to decide on the Correct wines to accompany that meal. A of the european demand for Cowboy movies is so great that an italian company is now producing and distributing its own with results that seem to be eminently satisfactory at least to its european customers. Of course the real test will come when they Start exporting them to this country with English subtitles. Meanwhile Back at the ranch House and men have been discovering the Potency of the Western mystique and pseudo cowboys Are Selling everything from automobiles to Beer and cigarettes. One comic even insists that the american cancer society is getting into the act with a planned series of billboards in local cemeteries Reading a this is Marlboro country a it is one of the continuing marvels of the toy Industry that the number of pistols and holsters sold each year to the younger generation consistently amounts to More than one pair for each member of the aforesaid generation. To tired mothers and to All who pick up after children this figure seems an obvious underestimate. Pistols and holsters Are bought too by older people in a not saying anything about their mental age who Are devoted to practising the Art of the fast draw. Every year a growing number manage to shoot off one or More toes while at their play. A of meanwhile a a Bonanza and a gun smoke continue to pile up the production records and the Amateur sociologists argue about what the Cowboy was really like. Was he truly a Knight errant who slew his dragons with a six gun or was he just a Drunken farmhand on a horse Well pardner ifs a wide country out thar and there a room enough on the Range or All kinds. Some Day i plan to buy me a big spread out in the Valley yonder. In a going to build me a Little Rancho under those cottonwoods in the draw and i wont allow a to set on the place. New York state politics pile strange business of new York polities by Kirtland King nit cd press International Albany . Politics is a strange business. Many years ago at the height of the new Deal president Franklin d. Roosevelt called National democratic chairman James a. Farley to the White House. He told a genial Jim he thought it would be a Good idea to Start a third political party just to keep the new York boys in line. Farley did t like the idea but came up with the american labor party. Today the Liberal party a an off shoot of the Alp a has for or. As its candidate for governor. Foresight comptroller Levitt a department now and Paley answers the phone. Last year mayor John v. Lindsay politely but firmly told gov. Rockefeller to stay out of the new York City mayoral campaigns. Rockefeller was classed As an outsider. Today Lindsay would like the gop governor to Campaign for the mayors police review Board. Hindsight Howard Samuels the upstate millionaire businessman said he would never run for lieutenant governor. Samuels is the democratic candidate for lieutenant governor. The former Barbara Cavanagh is sex mayor Robert f. Wagner s wife. Her brother was Democrat Wagner a assistant mayor. Now brother in Law Cavanagh is campaigning for the re election of Nelson Rockefeller. Mayor Frank sedelta of Buffalo wanted to be the democratic candidate for lieutenant governor. He a the party a candidate for attorney general. �?3�? two years ago at this time Rockefeller was issuing statements on foreign policy and looking for the gop presidential nomination. No National or International issues this year. The issues Are strictly problems of the state. Rockefeller is running for governor. Les Slote was mayor Wagner a press adviser. Now he is working for Rockefeller. Hank Paley was doing Public relations for Joe Carlino when the Republican was speaker of the Assembly. Call the or office in Don Mcmanus a Binghamton lawyer worked hard at the democratic state convention in Buffalo which nominated Frank of Connor for governor and Samuels As his running mate. Bob Mcmanus done a brother is working just As hard for the re election of Rockefeller. Sen. Jacob k. Javits who was thinking seriously a few months ago of challenging Nar for the Republican gubernatorial nomination is Rockefeller s Campaign manager. Sen. Robert f. Kennedy not particularly keen on Howard Samuels is honorary chairman of the of Connor Samuels Campaign committee. One candidate opened his Campaign by saying he was glad to be Back in Syracuse. He was in Rochester. Paul Bular one of the top aides in the Samuels Camp says his Man spent a a Only $127,000 trying for the democratic nomination for governor. Speaking of Campaign spending Rockefeller paid More than $100,000 for his Campaign to win re nomination and he had no opposition. Roosevelt a expenditures in the pre convention democratic race were about $70,000 and he ended up getting the Liberal party nomination for nothing. Joe Carlino had the political world in the Palm of his hand a few years ago. He was speaker of the Assembly one of the most powerful jobs in government he was gop Leader in Nassau county and he was being considered for a place on the Republican state ticket. During the last session of the legislature he no longer held political office but was a prominent lobbyist. Does t it make you wonder humor How a that the weaker sex is the stronger sex a because of the weakness of the stronger sex for the weaker sex a International teamster

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