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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 1

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Bennington, Vermont Mitchell questions ancestry of a stupid kids soccer is coming of age As a High school and College sport in America. Mount Anthony Union High is no exception As shown in these soccer photos by Peter Chapman. Coach Birger Vigsnes grimaces As his team works out. At top left the Ball is a Bone of Contention bet time Ween Tim Miller and Barry Burdick below Guy Dunham slams it from Sam Galliano. Washington up attorney general John n. Mitchell was quoted Friday As saying that students professors and a these stupid bastards who Are ruining our educational institutions Are uninformed about the issues within government. In a candid convivial mood at a women a National press club cocktail Buffet Here wednesday night Mitchell was reported to have said Street violence and Campus unrest were the biggest political issues this year and that a this country is going so far right you Are not even going to recognize Mitchell was interviewed by Kandy Stroud a reporter for women swear daily who said she identified herself at the Start of the conversation. She said the attorney general told her he had just come from three Republican fund raising parties. A a he a Nixon probably the most informed president there a Ever been. He reads everything and remembers it All. I really Nixon visit is said concerned with Mideast London up president Nixon a decision to visit selected european capitals is interpreted by diplomats As a move to underscore americans vital interests in the strategic Mediterranean and the embattled Middle East. Nixon a visit took Many of americans european allies by Surprise. European diplomats interpreted the chief executives decision As a calculated gesture of Friendship toward Europe and a reminder to Moscow that the United states remains vitally interested in the future of the Middle East. These motives were seen under sexed by Nixon a plan to visit the sixth Fleet which still surpasses in numbers and firing Power the soviet Fleet in the Mediterranean. The soviet Union has repeatedly called for withdrawal of the sixth Fleet from Europe and evidently has been trying to Challenge the american posture there by determined and systematic penetration into the area. At times during the past year or two Russia has had Between 55 and 65 War vessels assembled in the Mediterranean. Spain one of Nixon a stops provides vital base facilities for the United states on the Mediterranean and Atlantic. Yugoslavia another Nixon Stop lies on russians land route to the near and Middle East. She would be a prize target for any soviet land air bases in the area. Yugoslavs have been worried since the soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia about their future. The russians have asked Yugoslavia for permanent base facilities in the past but have been refused. The timing of Nixon strip in the midst of major Middle Eastern crisis developments and a forthcoming gathering of government leaders new York next month on the 25th anniversary of the United nations was considered a a suggestive in european Diplomat quarters. In London Nixon is to Confer with prime minister Edward Heath on outstanding International problems including the Middle East crisis the future of East West relations and Britain a posture in the far East. Clear and warm a High pressure system moving into the area is expected to bring clearer warmer weather for the weekend. Partly sunny with highs in the upper 60s today Clear tomorrow with highs in the 70s. Can to understand How people can Call him isolated. He a aware of everything that a going on. A to Tell you who a not informed though. Its these stupid kids. Why they done to know the issues. They pick the rhetoric that they want to hear right off the top of an Issue and never finish Reading to the Bottom. Why i talked to the kids from the Harvard i a school in my office and i was flabbergasted at How uninformed they Are about what a going on inside government. A and the professors Are just As bad if not worse. They done to know anything. Nor do these stupid bastards who Are ruining our educational institutions. A you know we have the finest educational system in the world and they re trying to destroy it. We ill Teu you what a going to happen. If they keep on nobody is Jeffords urges regional drug procedures Providence Al. Up the establishment of state and Region wide procedures for dealing with drug users was urged Friday by Vermont attorney general James Jeffords. Speaking at a new England regional drug conference Jeffords cited inconsistencies in enforcement sentencing and rehabilitation programs from town to town and from state to state. Jeffords said the main thrust of Vermont a Antidrug efforts will be to help users before they encounter the Law. He said peer pressure and group therapy have shown the Best results in dealing with the drug problem. Next week Jeffords said he will meet with the Vermont states attorneys to promote uniform procedures for recommending sentencing and rehabilitation programs such As granting immunity to users seeking help. The attorney general also called upon judges in the state to hold similar meetings to coordinate judicial concerns and policies. Going to support any of these institutions any More and we re going to lose our precious heritage the higher educational institutions in this the attorney general said a Law and order candidate George p. Mahoney almost Defeated sen. Joseph Tydings d-md., in tuesdays democratic primary. A you know violence in the streets and Campus unrest Are the major issues according to every poll that a been taken. And All these Johnny Cornels tells like sen. Edward Mkennedy and sen. Birch Bayh Are All jumping on the bandwagon. Unfortunately there a no room for them. The wagons already possible Challenge to Liberty Union Montpelier up the Secretary of states office Friday was asked to furnish copies of petitions filed by the Liberty Union party the first indication the fledgling third party a spot on the november general election ballot May be challenged. Deputy Secretary of state James Sanderson said the request was made today by representatives for Thomas Salmon the democratic candidate for attorney general. Sanderson said the copies will be furnished at Salmon a expense. The Liberty Union wednesday filed petitions with 1,704 signatures 93 More than were needed to secure a spot pm the ballot. There have been rumblings the democrats who stand to be Hurt most by the Liberty Union May try to invalidate the signatures. Any Challenge would probably be made by the democratic state committee at the request of a democratic candidate. ii ii i on the inside Aerial photographs show some county views in a new perspective. First Aerial photos of the new carthusian monastery a Page 5. Results of last weeks antique and classic Auto show Are listed a Page 2. Area musical goings on and a look at plans for an extended film program in Manchester a Page 7. Marine battalion to Mediterranean United press International the . Navy helicopter Carrier Guam with 1,500 marines and other units of the Atlantic Fleet steamed Friday toward the Mediterranean to reinforce the 6th Fleet As heavy fighting raged in Jordan for the second consecutive Day Between Arab guerrillas and jordanian troops. A Pentagon spokesman described the movement As a a a precautionary step in the event evacuation of civilians became necessary. A state department spokesman left open the possibility of military intervention to Rescue american civilians if the guerrillas succeeded in overthrowing the government of King Hussein. Diplomatic and other reports from Jordan told of increased fighting and mounting casualties among civilians As Well As guerrillas and soldiers in the civil War. A state department spokesman in Washington said no casualties had been reported among the 390 american nationals in Jordan but stressed the . Embassy was not in regular Contact with All of them. The palestinian red Crescent society moslem world equivalent of the red Cross said Friday night hundreds of persons had been killed and thousands wounded in the civil War and the capital City of Amman a is burning with phosphorous the red Crescent broadcasting Over a Damascus based guerrilla radio appealed to the International red Cross to dispatch immediate Relief to the wounded who it said were without medical Aid. Arab guerrillas in a statement said the jordanian army bom mrs. Meir meets president Nixon Salmon Defeated Peter Diamondstone in the democratic primary last week but will face him again if the Liberty Union party is on the ballot. Salmon is opposing Republican incumbent attorney general James Jeffords. In addition to Diamondstone other Liberty Union candidates include William Meyer for the . Senate and Dennis Morris seau for the . House of representatives. Some fancy diplomatic footwork Washington up pres ident Nixon sidestepped a historical dispute by issuing simultaneous proclamations Friday commemorating Christopher Columbus and Leif Erickson. The president took no position on which one discovered America. In response to congressional resolutions Nixon designated oct. 9 a i Eif Erickson Day in Honor of the Norse explorer who he said braved Stormy unchartered Atlantic to reach the shores of North America. He also designated oct. 12 As Columbus Day in Honor of the italian navigator and explorer a whose vision courage and skill led to the enduring settlement of the new world by the Peoples of the Columbus made his famous trip in 1492. Scandinavians and some historians contend Erickson made his voyage about 1000. Washington up israeli prime minister Golda Meir met privately with president Nixon Friday to press her governments Appeal for More Aid and to review the generally deteriorating Middle East situation. Irater on Capitol Hill she reportedly told a group of senators that Israel does not want or need american troops. At the end of their in hour White House meeting press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said the two leaders had a a very full and Frank discussion. But he declined to comment when asked if they had resolved any of their differences. The talks were the first Between Nixon and mrs. Meir since the uneasy Middle East ceasefire went into effect on aug. 8. Ziegler said they covered a wide Range of problems inducting a the arabs israeli dispute and the. Jordanian High on the list of priorities in the White House View was getting Israel to resume peace talks with Egypt and Jordan under United nations auspices. The israeli government broke off the negotiations and said they would not continue until Egypt removed surface to air missiles that allegedly were moved into the standstill zone after the truce began. Before seeing the president mrs. Meir met for almost two hours with Secretary of state William p. Rogers at the state department. After leaving the White House she went to Capitol Hill for a private meeting with about 60 senators. Sen. Charles h. Percy r-ill., one of those present said mrs. Meir got loud applause when she said Israel does not need or want american troops although it does need increased military and economic assistance. Accused killer appears at trial in s Angeles up Charles a a text Watson accused of actually committing six of the seven Tate Labianca murders appeared unexpectedly at the trial Friday and was identified by a key state witness. Watson 24, whose name has figured throughout the testimony in the 14-week old trial but who is not being tried with the other four defendants was brought into the courtroom by defense attorney Paul Fitzgerald As the afternoon session got underway. Dressed in a dark Blue suit with shirt and tie his hair nearly combed the 6-foot-2 Inch Watson took a seat quietly in the Well of the courtroom while Danny Decarlo a motorcycle gang member who lived at the Spahn ranch for six months took the witness stand. Decarlo had testified previously that Watson was one of the members of the a family. A barred the huge Al Bayaa refugee Camp on the Amman outskirts with incendiary bombs Friday night but give no further details on the fighting. . State department spokesman Robert j. Mccloskey left open the possibility of intervention in a Washington briefing in which he did not deny the possibility saying Only a i do not want to be drawn speculatively into what the effects might be of a deteriorating situation in official soviet commentators Friday suggested the fighting Between arabs in Jordan might offer a pretext for american and British intervention and called 6th Fleet movements in the Mediterranean and British military preparations on Cyprus a alarming Alexander Stupak commentator for the official soviet news Agency Tass said a any attempts at intervention. Will entail a worsening of the conflict which May then overstep the Borders of the fighting in Jordan was reported to have spread during the Day. The guerrillas claimed to have seized control of Mafray 32 Miles North of Amman and seized All arms and military equipment there. The town is the site of iraqi troop concentrations and has an air strip. Soviets urge restraint Moscow up a soviet commentators Friday urged jordanians and palestinians to Stop fighting and suggested their Battle might create a pretext for Western military intervention. The government newspaper Izvestia the official Tass news Agency and new times a weekly Magazine of political comment All argued that the fighting plays into the hands of Israel and the United states. Izvestia and Tass also mentioned Britain As a Backer of Israel. Stocks firm new York up a prices finished on a firm note on the new York Stock Exchange Friday despite a Sharp pullback from Early Levels resulting from weekend profit taking and fear of possible . Intervention in the civil War in Jordan. Trading was heavy. The Dow Jones Industrial average a barometer of 30 Blue Chip stocks added 0.82 to 758.49, although it had been ahead More than 5 Points at i . Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903 Bennington Vermont saturday september 19, 1970 21,057 to cents in the works pilings to support six Mobile classrooms for it. Anthony Junior High school on main Street Are now in place and the units should be arriving soon. The classrooms Are to be located Between the parking lot and the main building on property owned by the Bennington school District and leased to the it. Anthony District. The units Are to be properly landscaped with shrubs and Psi will have first option to buy them when it. Anthony leaves the facility

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