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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 3, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 10-Bennington manner Friday september 3, 1965 military in space termed vital to prevent a forced surrender by Lyck c. Wilson United press International the big news of outer space in the week of gemini 5 was almost ignored by the citizens who were intent on the Story of Cooper and Conrad the astronaut twins. The twins merely were a part of the big Story which came on aug. 25 in a White House announcement. President Johnson ordered the defense department to proceed with a military project in space. The purpose is to determine what spacemen might be capable of in terms of defense and offence. This can be put in focus by some remarks of an airman Friend of mine who told me that the greatest danger confronting the United states flows from the following possibilities a science and technology Quot my general said a now make it possible to place in space weapons which can control the people of the Earth. Such weapons can be developed for an expenditure of a few billions of dollars and can be available in eight to ten years. A the russians Are aware of this possibility. In any agreement that no weapons be placed in orbit it should be assumed that the United states would Honor the agreement and that the russians probably would violate it. We would not appropriate funds for space weapons whereas it would be reasonable to assume that the russians would go full out. A thus in a matter of a few years the people of the United states would be defenceless against russian space weapons. Under such conditions a with the russians space armed a the United states could be a would be forced to surrender. A to prevent such catastrophe the United states should proceed with All Speed and Energy to develop optimum space weapons. Equal priority should be Given to the earliest development of defense systems against such weapons. No other problem facing the nation today is of equal importance or loaded with such fateful Conse my military Friend was thinking out loud. He does not indulge in Loose talk nor in superlatives. When he uses such words As a the greatest danger our country faces Quot he Means exactly that no less. So too when he says that under certain conditions the United states defenceless would have to surrender. He Means that in absolute terms and within the Brief Span of years stated. This then is something for the . Citizen to consider and to understand. Joseph l. Myler is the very competent reporter who experts for United press International the news of nuclear science. I said to him a Joe what is this optimum weapon my military Friend mentioned Quot a ooh you know Quot Joe replied a it s that Orbital a bomb. You put it in orbit under electronic control. It spins around the Earth until you decide where you want it to strike. Under electronic control you bring the bomb Over the target obtain its re entry and let it go. Boom Quot a do we have it or do the russians Quot a no we Don t have it Quot Joe replied. A the russians could do it rather easily because they have put in orbit very weighty a this space weapon Quot i suggested a would be something like a sword of Damocles would t it Quot a a yeah Quot Joe said a sort of maybe. But this Orbital a bomb is no before that i had said to my military Friend a you really mean forced to surrender Quot a yeah Quot he replied a i really mean forced to classifieds legals crossword television radio Monument cemetery lot 5 Hock of Ages Granite Barre Guild Seal. . Carver. Call 2-4808 display at 126 Washington Avenue. By appointment appreciated. Personal Bennington lanes open Bowling every Day at 6 . We will be closed saturday at noon beginning aug. 21. Bennington farm equal moment. The daytime special you have waited for after septem Ber 13. One month for $15.00 come everyday if you wish. Limited number accepted. Call now to Reserve your time stay trim studio 442-4771 Young negro surgeon says race no Barrier a act of Public service lets famous Ruby rack West Palm Beach fla., up a Multi millionaire John d. Macarthur thursday bought the irreplaceable 100-Carat Delong Ruby Back from the underworld. Macarthur carrying a bottle of scotch in his jacket pock Irson con firmed Zocki track t ire in Rockingham Concord . Up a state racing commissioner Emmett j. Kelley of Berlin said thursday that evidence shows the aug. 24 fire at Rockingham Park in Salem was the work of an arsonist. Kelley said that testimony heard at a wednesday meeting of track officials indicated the fire on aug. 15 was a apparently fire marshal Aubrey Robinson however was continuing his investigation of the twin blazes today. He said thursday that he does not have enough evidence to warrant calling the fire the work of an arsonist. A i could prove More easily that it Wasny to arson than that it was Quot Robinson said. But he did not Rule out the possibility that both fires at the track might have been set. A the coincidence is what gets me a he said. Both Robinson and Kelley have indicated the investigation will continue until a satisfactory explanation of the two fires is obtained. It and flanked by two sheriffs deputies placed the Gem in a Bank vault and said a i bribed some . To get it the Brilliant Gem was recovered from a ledge in a Public Telephone Booth alongside a Busy expressway where it was left like a worthless Pebble. It was taken to jewel expert Joseph Segal for identification. A my god what a Stone Quot he said. A it has to be the Delong Macarthur brother of play write Charles Macarthur and brother in Law of actress Helen Hayes said he paid $25,-000 out of his own pocket As a a Public service Quot to get the Ruby Back for the american museum of natural history in new York. The Delong Ruby the priceless Star of India Sapphire and 20 other gems were stolen from the museum last oct. 29 by three Miami a Beach convicted of the theft were Jack Murph the surf Murphy Allen Kuhn and Roger Clark. A middleman Francis Antel who identified himself As a freelance writer contacted Macarthur to arrange for the return of the Ruby. It was being held As collateral for an underworld loan. The Star of India and eight other jewels were recovered shortly after the arrest of the a Beach they were found in a Miami bus station locker. The diamonds still missing could easily be Cut up and sold and authorities believe they Are gone for Ever. By James w. Ryan Boston up a a Young negro physician who Heads a crack Harvard surgical team at Boston City Hospital says a race should not be a Barrier to professional a ideally National origin should not be a hindrance to motivated youth to pursue courses along higher education including Medicine Quot or. John c. Norman said today in an interview. A slim six footer he is the 35-year-old chief of the Hospital s cardiovascular clinic and a Harvard medical school instructor. His team of scientists and technicians recently gained National attention by prolonging for 18 Days the life of a dying woman by circulating her entire blood Supply through a series of pigs livers in the Hope her own diseased liver would grow new cells. Personable yet intense or. Norman said a a there slots of Bright kids in the slums who could do Well in a number of medical schools if Given the Opportunity and a Little bit of this nation he said has a a moral obligation Quot to give opportunities to those who Are economically deprived. Or. Norman said there should be an a awareness Quot of the needs of the poor for higher education and a accelerated Means of developing All promising youth to % acknowledging that this a awareness is much More present than five years ago Quot he said help for the poverty stricken children wanting to get ahead a can originate from any group of the Charleston, native said a Talent knows no social barriers. Talent should be encouraged nurtured and he declined comment when questioned about any discrimination against negroes in Medicine and his views on the contemporary civil rights movement. In the gracious and affable manner that Stamps the Ivy leaguer he smiled Good Nat redly when asked if he thought the horizons for Young negroes Are unlimited in the medical Field. A a they re unlimited for anyone not just the negro Quot he replied. A i think Medicine of port anal wedding invitations announcements cake decorations imprinted napkins and matches Guestbooks. Bennington bookshop 416 main St., phone 2-5136. Humane society 8 found Woodford male Tan and White part Collie female Beagle South Shaftsbury Tan male part Shepard White and Tan male Collie West Shaftsbury Bennington county humane society 375-2898. Strayed lost found lost 4 month old Kitten. Blackw White bib and paws. Vicinity Washington ave. Affectionate. 442-6775. Lost Little girls Gold Bracelet. Vicinity main North and pleasant streets. Please Call 442-9239. Automotive agencies to fers opportunities and a fascination to people that physics did in the mid-50s. To All people not any particular group of he added a i think kids today can have a fabulous time studying Medicine and growing up in Medicine Quot cautioning that youngsters should not waste time of they wish to go into Medicine. He said they should a be careful in picking the right prep and secondary while noting that some surgeons in the late 19th Century thought they had advanced As far As possible he said that advancements today in Medicine Are almost a unbelievable. We re even going into the mid heart. Many things Are almost obsolescent within six months or a year because so much is being or. Norman who lives in Cambridge with his wife and 5-year-old daughter Jill a that Little hellion quo said he originally intended to become an architect like his father. However he changed his mind a when i got swept up in the academic Competition at Harvard College Quot and Especial-1 by when he studied a three of the roughest and most horrible \ courses Ever comparative Anatomy biochemistry and organic at a time when Harvard medical school was accepting about two negroes in its annual freshman class of about 25 students or. Norman said he was elated when he was the eighth of the 25 to be selected for Entrance in the fall of 1950. He later did his internship and residency at Columbia presbyterian medical Center in new York. Two years As a surgeon aboard an aircraft Carrier and at a submarine base followed before his discharge As a lieutenant commander. To improve his surgical skill he studied for a year at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham England on a Fellowship from the National Institute of health and put in two years of study at the University of Michigan medical Center. Or. Norman Only last year was appointed to his present Post Here by or. William v. Mcdermott professor of surgery and chief of the Harvard surgical services in the Hospital. Or. Normans department functions under or. Mcdermott a supervision. Mob Austin Healey my sport Sedan sprite. Vie a Paul a motor sales amp service 207 state Road to 3-7746, North Adams mass. Test drive the 4-wheel drive Toyota at spikes. Call 442-9884. 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Bennington re. 442-0776 classifieds capture Flash mss met cars Leblanc trucks Hunt Street 442-2064 automobile for Sale la Monument a motors i authorized Volkswagen sales Aid service dial 447-7561 Hunt St.,Bennington, it. Television radio Friday sept. 3 5 00 to a red planet Mars 13 Scarf cart 5 Bozo 6 Lloyd Thaxton 5 15 17 Friendly giant 530 17 what s new 5 ripcord 6 00 5 dateline Boston 6 Earle Pudney 17 Loral Issue 3 your senator from Connecticut 2 weather sets new is weather news sets 6 05 3 sets news weather 6 25 5 weather 6 30 3-10 Walter Cronkite 5 the 6 30 report news weather sports 2-6 h unt Ley by Ink by 13 Sunset strip 17 news a comment 6 45 17 backgrounds 7 00 5 news Walter Cronkite 2 Etzle i Harriet 3 death Valley Days 6 Pete Williams show to big news 17 reports on Congress 715 17 social Security 720 to sports 7 25 5 . 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Seim peanuts v j a Jill fut Hou 60t hit filth a l�f7 then a ri6ht.then a Jim do whop and then some More left�.l0ts More then Vou 6ot hit u Ith a real hard r16ht Tux More lefts another r16ht a left and a ri6ht and a left Anda. It cd. All right ii i to i . In j ii ii ii \ liar of you think Man will Ever process beyond the neolithic Staone ? -1 a Ier \ pregent indications offer Little Hope for it. You mean they May never know the Joys. Of affluence and technology i Only after they learn How to rub each other out. An interview with ukr Kennedy sees Lark of negro leadership predicts Northern racial explosions by Louis Cassels Washington up a sen. Robert f. Kennedy d n.y., said today the racial problems of Northern. Cities Are worse than those of the South and if left to ferment May Lead to More violent explosions like the los Angeles riot. He said unemployment overcrowded housing White indifference and a failure of negro leadership have produced a a dangerous situation Quot in scores of Urban ghettos. A in All these places Are riots waiting to happen Quot he told up in an interview. He said the government should expand its efforts to raise living standards in these Urban areas As rapidly As possible a to keep More negroes from becoming so disaffected that they feel they have Little to lose from but White people cannot do the whole Job of relieving conditions that cause riots said the former attorney general who won the respect of negroes by his firm enforcement of civil rights in the deep South. A More leadership will have to come from the negroes themselves Quot he said. Kennedy pointed out that the civil rights movement in the South is deeply rooted in religious tradition and has been led by ministers who have by and Large preached and practice non violence. A the North has lacked tills tradition and has had too Little of this kind of leadership a a he said. A it is unfortunate that major negro leaders have been immersed in the problems of the South and up to now have had relatively Little time to devote to the difficult problems in the North. A civil rights Progress in the South is important. But the army of the resentful and desperate is even larger in the North than in the South and it is an army without generals or captains almost without sergeants. A during and after every riot such As the one in Harlem last year or the one in los Angeles last month City officials plead for negro leaders who can negotiate an end to the violence and establish a Channel of communication to the rioters. But they Arentt to be found. A too Many negroes who succeed in climbing the ladder of education and Well being fail to extend a helping hand to their Fellows on the rungs below. I think we White people must demand As much from the Many negroes who already share the advantages of our affluent Robert Kennedy will be 40 on nov. 20. He no longer has the Boyish look he had when he became attorney general in his brother a Cabinet at the age of 35. The senator from new York is sober faced even grave in Demeanour. That is the Way he has been most of the time since nov. 22, 1963. He looks tired and tense and a Brief time in his company makes it easy to understand Why. His office in suite 1205 of the new Senate office building is a Madhouse of feverish activity with a dozen aides jammed into space hardly adequate for four or five telephones jangling secretaries darting hither and Yon with papers and an endless Stream of visitors. 1 Kennedy is gun shy about questions dealing with politics or foreign policy. He is aware his answers will be scrutinized a and perhaps twisted by people looking for documentation of his alleged feud with president Johnson. He is at pains to avoid any statement that could possibly be construed As criticism of the president and goes out of his Way to Register agreement with things Johnson has said about the War on poverty and civil rights. Among other things he shares the presidents belief the government must Deal quickly and firmly with any outbreak of violence even though it May reflect accumulated grievances against social injustices. A the time to worry about the causes of a riot is before or after not during the outbreak Quot Kennedy said. A anti poverty programs wont Stop bullets from killing or fires from burning any riot must be put Down with sufficient Force to Stop it but the real objective is to prevent riots and to achieve this a we need to do far More in a far More urgent fashion a he said. Q. Such As what a. Expanding the poverty program. More Ald to education. Better housing programs. Q. Is unrest among negroes in Northern cities mainly an economic thing. An outgrowth of poverty a. That has a lot to do with it. The rate of negro unemployment nationwide is twice the White rate. And in Many Urban ghettos the percentage of negroes out of work runs As High As 25, 30, even 40 per cent. Lack of work Means Lack of Money. And living in overcrowded rat infested housing. And its doubly hard to take because All around them they see unprecedented Prosperity in which they Arentt sharing. Steve an on never heard of him but plying office then the Royal Hasty there is a Navy is in and lieutenant commander out of Hong Ina waiting to a Kong. In Milton ail i it naturally but madame1 Hook is a menace to International sea traffic and we have not been fully briefed on your encounter with the notorious you follow me please heart of Juliet Jones in stall Drake do come in t and have v breakfast. How s that a up a it Hwa what dear i out of &Quot?.or i of i m glad Ltd see you Quot i la buy if it. At least. J -.5

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