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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - October 31, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Many weapons used to halt integration at the grassroots in a special report extra Bonus double world Green 10-Bennington Banner thursday october 31, 1963 set your sights civil rights Bill struggle just beginning for . By James Marlow a news analyst Washington apr president Kennedy has won the first big round in his attempt to get a civil rights Bill through Congress this year. But he May be on the ropes with no Bill passed before the year ends. Time because there in t much left of 1963, and the opposition of Southern democrats in the Senate will work against him. There have been four main Steps in this struggle so far with two More still to come. 1. There was no indication until june 19 that Kennedy intended to ask Congress for a Strong new civil rights Law this year. In the Spring negro demonstrations with accompanying violence built up tensions. On june 19 he presented Congress with a fairly Strong program. There was instant opposition from Southern democrats. Republicans or some of them in House and Senate were rather reserved. The Bill As a necessary preliminary before it could get to the full House for a vote went to the House judiciary committee. On this committee headed by rep. Emmanuel Ceiler d-n.y., liberals of both parties dominate. 2. Under the urging of civil rights advocates they decided the Kennedy Bill Wasny to Strong enough. So they scrapped Kennedy a proposal although retaining some of it and put together a much stronger one of their own. It should be remembered that in this Congress where there is a big Gap Between Southern and Liberal democrats not All republicans see Eye to Eye with their House Leader the conservative Charles Halleck of Indiana. Instantly Kennedy was afraid this Strong Bill was too Strong to pass in this overwhelmingly conservative Congress which although run by huge democratic majorities has been less than ecstatic about a civil rights Bill at All. He sent his brother atty. Gen. Robert f. Kennedy to Celler s committee to plead for a softer Bill. This did t make a Dent. So the president himself took a hand. 3. He began calling White House conferences a number of them Over several Days of democratic and Republican leaders to ask them to use their weight to tone Down the committee Bill. He finally got his Way. But it was worked out in amazing fashion. The Kennedy administration and republicans in the House but not House democrats a worked out a Compromise Bill which republicans agreed to and democrats on the Ceiler committee were finally persuaded to accept. 4. So tuesday at the House judiciary committee voted to scrap the Strong Bill its members had wanted and approved the one manufactured by the administration and the republicans. This is stronger than the first Kennedy Bill but weaker than the one the judiciary committee wanted to substitute for it. It was promptly denounced As too weak by some of the leaders among the civil rights advocates. And a the Kennedy administration was so grateful to the republicans that the attorney general publicly praised them. Any Chance of a civil rights Bill becoming Law this year without their help would have been Remote. It was an astonishing admission when it is remembered that in this Congress democrats so far outnumber republicans they \ could put anything through if they operated As a single party and stuck together. But they Don t. At this Point time begins to play its vital perhaps fatal part in the two big remaining Steps. 5. It is now oct. 30. It will take the judiciary committee to Days or so to draft a report on the Bill. Then this goes to the rules committee where it May be held up of for a week or More before getting to the House for a vote. That will mean past mid november. Allowing for other delays and the thanksgiving Day Holiday it May be dec. I before the Senate will or can Start to act even though the House approves before then. House approval seems certain. But in order to try to kill the Bill altogether Senate democrats from the South will filibuster. And there will be other jockeying. A filibuster can take weeks. Then the Christmas holidays intrude. So it will be no Surprise if a civil rights Bill does no to pass this year. Maybe it will in 1964. Suspense the la pm news weather sports picketing of the theater and Street marches that produced violence were met with arrests and a powerful new weapons charges against integration leaders of trying to Start a revolt against the government an offence punishable by death. Demonstrations stopped. White officials momentarily at least breathed easier. The integration drive in Americus its 15,000 population split about equally Between White and negro was the second in Southwest Georgia. The first a yearlong struggle in nearby Albany failed. Cracking of racial barriers in Americus would hit at the heart of the White South a resistance at the grassroots of segregation. While they May not be aware of the broader significance of Americus the White townspeople have no intention of allowing integration to take place Here. A i done to think Americus is going to take any integration a said sheriff Fred b. Chappell. A and i Don t think there let get any More Chappell and other officials based their Hopes on the jailing of four youths charged with attempting to incite i Surrec. Tion. This had effectively taken the integration leaders out of circulation unless court action freed them. Across town in his office John Barnum wealthy negro mortician and a persistent Force in the integration drive was on the Telephone trying to mount a new attack. Barnum was asking a negro Mother of her daughter an Honor student would apply for admission to White Georgia southwestern College Here. A we Arentt going to quit a he said. A we have discontinued demonstrations. I think the Good already has been accomplished a and the suffering is much too great. It s too hard to get out of jail the Climax came aug. 8 when police halted More than 200 negro marchers. Bricks and other missiles were thrown. Several policemen were injured negro leaders reported 28 injuries among the marchers. The sheriff said there was heavy property damage. Among these jailed were Donald Harris 24, of new York John Perdew 21, of Denver colo., and Ralph w. Allen 22, of Melrose mass. Perdew and pen N.Y.i Van a station demolition begins new York apr Crews have started demolition work on Pennsylvania station a landmark for 53 years. The station will make Way for a futuristic sports Palace and a 33-Story skyscraper. Electric jackhammers began tearing into the station monday. Construction of the $70-million Madison Square Garden sports Center on the site is expected to take three years. During the construction the stations 550 daily trains will continue to carry 200,000 passengers to and from the City. The tracks Are below ground. Allen Are White. All Are members of the student nonviolent coordinating committee. Demonstrators were clubbed by policemen. The committee charged that Harris Perdew and Allen were beaten. Police officials denied the allegations of brutality. In a letter smuggled from his cell Allen said he and Perdew were attacked by a policeman. A my head was streaming blood a wrote Allen who has been pushing negro voter registrant in this area for More than a year and has been jailed Many times. He is on leave from Trinity College in Hartford Conn. Perdew a National Merit scholarship student at Harvard corroborated Allens charges. In their denial police said that both Perdew and Allen threw bricks at officers and that they had attacked a policeman. In another March on aug. 17, Zev Aelony 25, White worker for the Congress of racial Equality was arrested. He was charged with encouraging be Gores to March without a permit. The charges against Perdew Allen and Harris a recent graduate of Rutgers University a were unlawful Assembly obstructing arrest and assaulting an officer. Later these three and Aelony were charged also with trying to incite insurrection under an 1871 statute. Prosecutor Stephen Pace or. Said he did not know whether the statute had Ever been used. Actually it had been employed Many years ago in a Case involving alleged communist activities. I while Pace has fought Bond for the four he has said he has no intent n of seeking the death Nab. Lie Sale he hoped to keep the Lea is in jail to prevent i her trouble. The charge and the refusal of bail for the four youths touched off protests from several parts of the nation. While this dispute went on in the courts negroes in Americus concentrated on voter registration and plans to break the color Barrier at the Junior College Here. There were some signs that Americus might eventually work out its problems. The White ministerial association recently asked the chamber of Commerce to create a biracial committee. A what the hell for a asked a chamber director. The proposal was tabled. Chamber of Commerce assistance subsequently was Given to creation of an Industrial corporation headed by negroes concerned about their growing unemployment in this predominantly agricultural area. What will happen in Americus a i think there a Hope of working this out a said Barnum. A i think ifs going to be hard but there Are enough Christian people Here to work it a White businessman of a fourth generation Americus family said a i wish i knew the answer. We be been presented with a Tough problem. We be got to work it out As Best we he paused a but that does no to mean 5 pm Che Yeshe 7 30-outlaws wednesday and saturday 736 main Street 0.4a or. Kildare up it oks note racial unrest has spread from Larder Urban centers of the South into the smaller to tens the Rural areas make up the solidly Segre gated grassroots. This is one of a series of three articles taking a closeup look at these moves. By Don Mckee Americus a. Zap a racial conflict smashed the sleepy Calm of this Southwest Georgia town when negroes set out four months ago to use the front door of the segregated movie theater. The winds of racial unrest that buffeted the nation last summer had swept into tightly segregated Rural Georgia. Powers of Pope May be shared with Bishops Cost of living holds steady in september Vatican City apr a big majority of the Vatican ecumenical1 Council voted wednesday in favor of a declaration that the roman Catholic churches Bishops As a body share in the Popes authority. The vote was intended Only As a guide to further Council consideration and was not binding. But it was greater than the two thirds majority needed in any formal ballot to turn such a statement a with its implications for Christian Unity efforts into a Council decree. The Council voted 1,808-336 that a theological schema on the nature of the Church should state that a the body or College of Bishops in its evangelizing sanctifying and caring for its flock is the successor of the College of apostles and that As a body in Union with its head the roman pontiff and never without him enjoys full and supreme Power Over the Universal by a vote of 1,717-408, the prelates also approved the insertion into the schema of a state a e n t that a this episcopal papal Power belongs to the College in Union with its head by divine in another test vote a proposal to reconstitute the Church rank of permanent Deacon was approved 1,588-525. However no stand was taken on whether the deacons could be married. The Council approved Inser five Day forecast Boston apr a. S. Weather Bureau 5 Day forecast for Northern new England Massachusetts and Rhode Island the temperature during the next 5 Days thursday through monday will average 2 to 8 degrees below Normal. Cool followed by a gradual warming trend. Precipitation during this period will total on the average less than one tenth of an Inch occurring As a few scattered showers towards the end of the period. Tion in the theological schema a de ecclesia the statement that a it is opportune to restore the diaconate As a distinct and permanent rank of the sacred ministry in accordance with the desires of various each regions propositions was approved by such a Large number of prelates that adoption is assured once formal balloting starts. That May not be until the councils next session next year. The phrasing of today a motion on the diaconate Means that National groups of Bishops eventually will be allowed to decide whether they want deacons in their areas. Deacons would be allowed to perform certain services but Only priests would be permitted to celebrate mass and hear confession. By overwhelming votes the Council approved a document that eventually will allow the use of native music forms for roman Catholic services in such places As Africa and Asia. Flower shaped water Tower soaks citizens Oakland Calif. Apr a water Tower designed to fit Obj e c t i o n s of surrounding residents fell apart tuesday pouring 325,000 Gallons of water into streets in the East Oakland Hills. Two cars were tossed about by the deluge windows were broken pedestrians ran for cover pavement was chewed up lawns ruined doors bashed in and Homes flooded. No one was injured. The $150,000 Structure 54 feet in diameter 32 feet deep and capable of holding 500,000 Gallons was being filled for the first time. Officials of the East Bay municipal Utility District said the Tower was designed in the shape of a Lotus to meet neighbourhood objections to standards aped towers. Washington apr the Cost of living remained unchanged in september with fluctuating prices of selected items balancing off. The labor department said yesterday. Food prices fell six tenths of one per cent from August. Transportation costs also eased largely because of gasoline Price wars in the Midwest and season end lower prices for new cars of the 1963 models. On the other hand clothing prices were up s i i g h 11 y and there was a 1.9-per cent increase in the Cost of such serv ices As Auto insurance medical services Home repairs laundry and dry cleaning. The departments Price Index remained for the second straight month at 107.1. This Means that selected items which Cost $10 in the 1957-59 base period now Cost $10.71, in detailing the food Price drop the departments Bureau of labor statist los said largely seasonable lower prices of fresh fruits and vegetables More than offset a seasonal egg Price increase. Double to Stamps wed. Super Pupek yeah i Sot a i thank hoc amoieda6 0f i of the wat jct not do acc t pumpkin comes cant an apply a i la put in a Good to Fok by Bob Schulz i m doomed Cne Little 6li? like that can a use int Quot croat ply Umpkin to pass acc Fri i Ilc. A Joh mix Hart in i / ill take the tick by Chic voting fur Coats at turf surya Cost around a it thousand dollars think of it sex c Lam on by Milton can Iff by it wino to get going to their private Island in the Caribbean things Ake going almost too smoothly so far. I As Steve feared a the unexpected is working lip to being a fact.1.senora Olsn worded about her husband starts Bact to Mexico City with friends and passing the police station in la Cerilla she sees his car heart of Juliet Jones by Stan Drake i and what would you have me Pomr. Cooper help Patsy pack and put her on the train for Home

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