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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - November 30, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Colder increasing cloudiness and quite cold tonight with Low temperatures in the 20s. Wednesday considerable cloudiness and not so cold with Chance of come Light Snow. Yesterdays High 32 Low 22. Today at 7 ., 26. Sunset 4 17 . Sunrise 7 06 The planet Saturn May be found just North of the Moon and the Moon is at first Quarter tonight. Bennington Bennington Vermont tuesday november 30, 1965 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,928 to cents Mcnamara reports red infiltration Washington up a defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara said today on his return from a Quick inspection trip to Viet Nam that North Viet Nam was tripling its infiltration of men into the South. In a plane Side talk with newsmen at Andrews air Force base md., the Secretary said the communists were sending men South at a rate of 4,500 a month with the return of dry weather. During the summer Monsoon season the infiltration rate was 1,500 a month he said. Mcnamara arrived Home at 6 25 Est after a 42 Day trip around the world. He conferred on european nuclear strategy problems in London and Paris surveyed the War Effort in Viet Nam and stopped on Guam where b52 bombers Are based. Mcnamara planned to spend much of today at his desk working on reports of his findings for president Johnson. The defense chief apparently ruled out for the present any bombing of the North vietnamese Capitol of Hanoi and its seaport of Haiphong. However his remarks indicated that bombing of communist Supply Mallary seen strongest candidate for speaker Montpelier up a rep. Richard Mallary a fair Lee today appears As the strongest candidate for the Vermont House speaker ship. Mallary has been considered a leading contender for the powerful Post and his Stock jumped monday when rep. Byron c. Hathorn a Hartford decided not to run for the Job. Hathorn a moderate like Mallary said he did no to have the time nor the Money to wage a Campaign before the legislature convenes in special session Early in january. Rep. Royal Cutts r Townshend an Arch conservative has tossed his hat into the speaker ship ring. Cutts Isnit considered any threat to Mallary by political observers. Monday Hathorn wrote Cutts off As a not too formidable a w. Arthur Simpson of Lyndonville a leading Republican of Liberal persuasion has endorsed John Hancock of Hardwick who was once House speaker and is returning to the House after a nine year absence. Hancock is mum on his political plans. And Republican Emory he Bard of Glover a conservative is mulling Over whether or not to run for the Job. He says he will make up his mind sometime this week. A w Alk in space plan postponed space Center Houston up a two problems have just about killed any Hope America can have its next a walk in space by february. Not Long ago it had been hoped Rookie astronaut David Scott could take his 100-minute a walk in space one full orbit around the Earth from gemini Early next year. But a spokesman at the manned spacecraft Center Mac said monday the Agena rocket satellite will have to go through a newly scheduled series of tests. In addition the mane vering gun that will give Scott his motion on the a space walk froze up in tests last week and that hitch will have to be worked out. Lines would be intensified. He said communication lines have been primary bombing targets and a i believe we should continue to emphasize that the he said is to preserve South Viet Nam not to destroy North Viet Nam. Mcnamara reiterated a statement he made in Saigon that a we have stopped losing the War he said a substantial increases in the anti communist forces had resulted in a defeat of the Viet Cong Effort to Cut South Viet Nam in two during the Monsoon offensive. The communists have taken twice the losses this year that they suffered last year he said. Mcnamara refused to forecast the number of american troops that ultimately May be deployed in Viet Nam but said a the Road ahead will be Long and hard the Jet propelled defense chief required just four and one half Days for his 25,000 mile Mission to London Paris and Saigon. One of the first products of his most recent inspection in Viet Nam was Likely to be a stepping up of the bombing Campaign against North vietnamese Supply centers and lines of infiltration into the South. Pressing in on the Secretary were crucial budget decisions heavily affected by mounting costs of the Viet Nam War but also concerned were such questions As new bombers ballistic missile defences expansion and base closings. Both a supplemental Money request for the current fiscal year and the new budget for the fiscal year beginning next july i must be ready in a few weeks. During his trip Mcnamara conferred with British government leaders nine other North Atlantic treaty organization nato defense ministers and top see Mcnamara Page to col. 2 communist forces attack . Special forces Camp Saigon up a communist forces attacked a . Special forces Camp 80 Miles West of Saigon today and ambushed a government unit 265 Miles to the Northeast. The first attack was driven off with heavy enemy losses but outcome of the second Battle was in doubt. In the attack on the special forces Camp near the cambo Dlan Border vietnamese officers estimated at least 104 communists were killed in the five hour Battle but american advisers said Only 15 Viet Cong bodies were counted. Allied casualties were described As the second Battle broke out in Binh dunh province 265 Miles Northeast of Saigon where an estimated battalion about 1,200 communists struck a vietnamese regional forces militia company in route to reinforce two platoons of popular Force troops. A . Spokesman said Friendly casualties were a a moderate up to the time Contact with the enemy was lost. He said outcome of the Battle a is in the .s. Enterprise the first nuclear powered aircraft Carrier to serve in Waters Ait Viet Nam returned to its station today after a Brief visit to Manila. The Enterprise and a ded missile frigate Bainbridge also nuclear powered first arrived off Viet Nam last week. The communists opened the assault about 3 15 ., with a bar see communist Page to col. 6 Albany county a considers new Hospital Albany . A Albany county to combat rising Hospital costs for indigent patients is taking Steps to construct and operate its own county general Hospital. The county has been involved in a Long Legal Battle with Albany medical Center Hospital regarding rates and the Hospital has been attempting through some 540 court actions to collect More than $300,000 it claims the county owes it. The Board of supervisors has set $25.50 per Day As the maximum the county will pay for Hospital care for welfare patients while the Hospital claims it is entitled to the state promo aged rate of $43.37 a Day. At its meeting monday night the Board of supervisors authorized the chairman of the Board on recommendation of the Wel Ihre committee to conduct a study and formulate plans for a county Hospital. A similar project was proposed about 15 years ago but never got beyond the discussion stage. Britain to dispatch air units to Zambia London up a prime minister Harold Wilson met with his Cabinet today to review strategic plans before announcing the dispatch of Royal air Force units to Zambia to defend zambian interests on the Border with Rhodesia. Informed sources said Wilson will make the announcement before parliament As soon As final agreement is received from zambian president Kenneth Kaunda. At the same time Wilson is expected to announce More stringent sanctions against Rhodesia the sources said. Malcolm Mcdonald Britain s roving ambassador in East and Central Africa met in Lusaka this morning for talks with Kaunda on the zambian presi Identa a request for British troops to bolster his own defense forces and protect the Power line from the Kariba dam. The men and planes would be used in reconnaissance flights Over the strategic Kariba hydroelectric dam on the Border. Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda urgently appealed for British military assistance in protecting the dam Complex and said he would look elsewhere if it was not forthcoming. Rebel rhodesian Premier Ian Smith was expected to make a Fri informer testifies about Assassin plot Montgomery Ala. Up a an Fri informer testified in Federal court today he met with High ranking Kun flux klan officials in Jacksonville fla., to plan the assassination of a Klansman who revealed information about the secret order the testimony of Gary Thomas Rowe came As Federal attorneys worked to solidify their Case against three klans men whose alleged role in the slaying of a woman civil rights worker was revealed in a Midnight rendezvous with Rowe. Rowe was the first prosecution witness today in the Federal conspiracy trial of Collie Leroy Wilkins William Eaton and Eugene Thomas. Rowe a Stocky red faced Man said he was with the . Seeks nuclear free Africa United nations,. Up a the general Assembly a 117-nation main political committee today aimed for Early consideration of a Resolution to make the african continent a nuclear free zone. The committee was heartened by the Assembly a 112-0 vote monday calling for the convening of a world disarmament conference not later than 1967, including communist China. By turning its full attention to the 21-Power Resolution on the of Africa the committee sought to wipe clean its disarmament Agenda before the adjournment target Date of dec. 21. The committee already has passed resolutions calling for a ban on the spread of nuclear weapons. On the inside a better Deal for dogs and cats an editorial urges a Page 4. Decision time nears for Manchester on new office building a Page 5. Three when they allegedly killed mrs. Viola Liuzzo the night of March 25. Rowe recounted the Day he said he spent with the three before the murder and detailed a High Speed Chase after the murder of mrs. Liuzzo of Detroit. Rowe dropped a Bombshell during his testimony when he told the court he had gone with Thomas to Jacksonville to plan an assassination of a Klansman. He did not give any details but the planned assassination apparently had no connection with the Liuzzo Case. Fri agent Neal Shanahan told the All White All male jury monday that Rowe an informer under his direction met him at the parking lot of a Birmingham Hospital on the Stormy night of March 26. He said Rowe told of Riding with the klan Trio earlier that night when one of them shot mrs. Liuzzo. Living costs at a inv High Washington up a the Cost of living Rose to a new record High in october the labor department reported today. The consumer Price Index hit 110.4, up two Points from september. The increase boosted the Cost of living 1.8 per cent above the level of a year ago far above the 1.2 per cent level considered non inflationary by president Johnson a economic advisers. Television address in Salisbury soon after Wilson announced the Raf troop movement. Smith issued a unilateral declaration of Independence from Britain nov. La. Kaunda has promised he would not allow other african nations to launch an invasion of White ruled Rhodesia from Zambia if Wilson comply d with his request. Special envoy Malcolm Macdonald was in route to Lusaka by plane today to deliver Wilson a decision to the president. The ministry of defense denied monday night that aircraft or troop movements were under Way from Britain or Aden to Zambia. Zambia a air Force consists of to transport and Light aircraft which would be helpless against Rhodesia a squadrons of sophisticated Jet fighters if fighting erupted. The rebel government also has bombers reconnaissance planes and a helicopter Squadron. The Kaunda government has been under heavy pressure from the organization of african Unity Oak to use Zambia As a springboard for a joint attack on Rhodesia. The Kariba dam which supplies much of Zambia a electrical needs is partially in rhodesian territory. Find the veep vice pres. Hubert Humphrey dwarfed by the . Seal above and the vice presidential Seal below addresses the White House conference on International cooperation monday at the Sheraton Park hotel in Washington. Up old Academy Library future is debated old Bennington a the old Academy Library Here one of the least known and among the oldest Public institutions in Bennington was described monday evening As being near death. Whether its doors should be closed or whether new life could be breathed into it was the topic of a spirited debate by about 40 persons a mostly old Bennington residents a attending a Public meeting called by trustees of the Library. Upshot of the meeting was that a new group of trustees is Likely to take Over administration of the Library to see if new blood could make the Library a going concern. A meeting of the trustees scheduled thursday afternoon will probably see a new group of trustees led by Hall w. Cushman take Over operations of the Library. This probable shakeup came after the present Board of trustees indicated it was close to recommending the Library be closed a move that was criticized by a number of persons at the hearing who Felt that a a enthusiastic efforts must be made to keep the facility open. At the present time the Library is open two hours a week Only. It operates on an $800 a year annual budget $600 of which comes from town taxpayers and the remaining $200 from old Bennington taxpayers. An evaluation committee named by Library trustees to study operations use and costs of the Library painted a Bleak picture. This committee headed by mrs. Lucia Howard recommended 4 to i the Library be closed. Dissenting was mrs. Waldo Holden librarian for the past 16 years. She urged the Library be kept open and made the focal Point of a cooperative program. Substance of the debate entered around use of the Library and costs of maintaining it. The evaluation committee concluded released prisoners quoted As opposing Viet Nam War phenom penh Cambodia up a two american servicemen freed by the Viet Cong after two years Captivity said today tie wanted to quit the and Lead a Campaign in the United states to end the Viet Nam War. A the United states has nothing to gain from the War in Vietnam for the Viet Cong Are the people a the two soldiers said when they were brought before a news conference Here arranged by the cambodian government. The statement raised the possibility that the soldiers had been brainwashed during the time they were prisoners of War. The Viet Cong announced their release last saturday to Honor anti War Border passes residents of West Berlin Jam the office where the first of the Christmas passes through the Berlin Wall were Given out monday. Travel through the Wall normally prohibited will be permitted again for the Holiday season by an agreement signed by the governments of East and West Berlin. Demonstrations in the United states. A representative of the Viet Cong who accompanied the soldiers to Cambodia attended the news conference and read statement in which he said the men were released a because of the popular movement in the United states against Johnson a the Viet Cong Man identified himself Asle Van Diep. The soldiers Are sgt. George e. Smith of Chester w. Va., and spec. R. Claude d. Mcclure of Chattanooga Tenn. In Chester Smiths Mother mrs. Thomas Potts said today his statements in phenom penh were inconsistent with letters she received from him while he was a prisoner a unless he a changed a lot in the last two mrs. Potts said her son volunteered for duty in Viet Nam and never expressed any dissatisfaction with . Policy or with the armed services. A they the cambodian government could make them say most anything before they let them through a mrs. Potts said Mcclure and Smith turned up at a cambodian Border Post sunday night. They told today a news conference that they would press ahead with their anti War Campaign even if sanctions were taken against them by american authorities because a we know the two sides of they said their liberation by the Viet Cong was a a direct consequences of the protests against the War which Are being held in the United states. Following a Survey of Book circulation and a questionnaire sent to Library users that the Library has Little traffic in books. For example the committee noted that of 39 people who responded to the questionnaire 17 said they used the Library once a year or occasionally. These figures were disputed by mrs. Holden who contended the Survey was made at a time when the Library operation was impaired because of renovations being made. She claimed the figures did not give a fair picture of the Library a use. Charles Tilgner treasurer of the Library trustees noted that in a 13 year period 1952-1965, total receipts of the Library amounted to $12,104 while expenses totalled $13,200, a deficit of some $1,1 of that averages out to about $90 a year. The committee also cited a recommendation by a state Library official that because the old Academy Library was so close to the Bennington free Library that it might be better to close it. In her dissenting report mrs. Holden contended it would a be a loss to the Community of the Library is closed stating the costs of maintaining it were a Small item in the total budget. She also charged that books in the Library had been disposed of in an a a unethical manner and that books of value had been sold for a a ridiculous prices. This charge was answered by see Library Page to col. I Hoff asked to unveil legislation Montpelier up a chairman Derick v. Webb of the gop state committee has requested that gov. Philip h. Hoff unveil his legislative package and make known the Date of the special legislative session if there is going to be erne. Webb who is also a senator elect from Chittenden grand Isle senatorial District told the governor monday that legislators expect to be filled in on the administrations proposals next week. Newly elected legislators will attend a briefing next week at Montpelier. The legislative Council is sponsoring the briefing. The governor has not yet revealed his legislative package but has said he will slash it Back from the 40 proposals he originally had. The administration is expected to submit 20 to 25 Bills during the special session. The Date for the special session has not yet been officially announced but it is expected to be Jan. 8. Marine Chapel a come to me All you who labor and Are burdened and i will refresh is printed on the sign above the door of the blessed sacrament Chapel built in South Viet Nam by members of Marine aircraft group 16. Catholic chaplain Paul l. Toland of Boston mass., places the welcoming message above the door As a Marine and vietnamese civilian steady his ladder. A

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