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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - November 29, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Rain or Snow rain this afternoon moderate to heavy. Breezy and warmer with High in upper 40s. Wind increasing to 25 . Rain May change to Snow with some accumulation tonight. Snow flurries and colder saturday. Yesterdays High 44, Low 29, at7a.m., 44. Sunset 4 15, Sunrise saturday 7 07. At 8 . Saturday the Moon will be at Perigee 221,800 Miles from Earth. A Bennington Bennington Vermont Friday november 29, 1963 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,345 7 cents on Road to recovery gov. John Connally of Texas is comforted by wife Nellie in his bed at Parkland Hospital in Dallas Tex., wednesday where he is recovering from Bullet wounds. Connally was wounded by a Bullet fired by the Assassin of president Kennedy As they Rode with their wives in a motorcade in Dallas. The Bullet passed a photo through Connally s bark through his right wrist and lodged in his thigh. Canaveral named Cape Kennedy Cape Kennedy Fla. Apr Cape canaveral today bears the name of Cape Kennedy honouring martyred John f. Kennedy who designated it As the Blastoff Point for trips to the Moon. President Lyndon b. Johnson also named this Florida East coast Promontory s vast facilities for rocketry the John f. Kennedy space Center. The Surprise action thursday night Drew mostly favourable comment Here but it posed some problems for businesses which have capitalized on the Cape canaveral name. Some officials including gov. Farris Bryant of Florida and missile space program executives Drew heartening inference that Johnson s action Means full Speed ahead on the Man in the Moon flight and other projects president Kennedy pushed. Johnson announced the changes to a nationwide television and radio audience in his thanksgiving message. At Cocoa Beach closest civilian Community to the Cape Bernard Fischer operator of a restaurant said a i think changing the name of the Center is a wonderful Quot i Don t know about renaming the Cape its been Cape canaveral since it was named anything Quot he said. Fred Boyer map consultant for the Rollins College Library said that name appears on a 1598 War map. Quot canaveral Quot is a Spanish word meaning Cane or Reed Field. Johnson faces revolt of democratic House liberals withdrawal of seniority privileges threatened sir Winston Jil Rehill at 89 Quot feeling very fit London apr sir Winston Churchill still fond of a Hearty meal and a Good Cigar will be 89 saturday. Quot he a feeling very fit Quot said a family spokesman Quot better than in a Long Churchill dined thursday night with London s exclusive the other club which he and lord Birkenhead founded in 1911. Its members get together solely to indulge their taste for Good food drink and conversation. Churchill presided at the dinner for 20 men. The menu included smoked Salmon oysters dressed crab filet of sole Saddle of Lamb sliced pears and ice Cream with chocolate sauce. Since he broke his hip in a fall in 1962, Churchill has been much less Active. His hearing is bad. Often his mind wanders Back to events of Long ago while he for gets those of yesterday. But occasionally there Are flashes of the brilliance and clarity of mind so characteristic of his Long career say close friends. His oldest child Diana killed herself. The husband of his to Tress daughter Sarah died of a heart attack. His happiest moment probably came when he and his wife celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary sept. 12. A few relatives will gather at Churchill s London Home saturday for a family Celebration. Quot nothing special Quot said the family spokesman Quot yet very special As All 89th birthdays must Venezuela reds lose fight to Stop elections russians flan new Ace rocket tests up Washington apr president Johnson exponent of a vigorous National space program found himself confronted today with dramatic new evidence of russians intensified Pace in the race. The soviet Union thursday night announced a new series of rocket tests in the Pacific Ocean beginning next monday and lasting almost two months. The tests said the soviet news Agency Tass will be made Quot in View of the enlargement of the program of scientific research in the further exploration of outer the series presumably is part of the soviet unions program to land men on the Moon a program on which the United states also has embarked with the support of Johnson. The Moscow announcement came at almost the exact moment Johnson in his speech to the nation announced he was honouring the late president Kennedy by renaming the launch area and missile test Center at Cape canaveral the John f. Kennedy space Center and renaming the Cape itself Cape Kennedy. During the course of his address Johnson without elaboration also said that Quot our defences Are the United states is expected to keep close watch on the new soviet rocket tests. It has become custom for . Ships aircraft and radar stations track soviet rocket firings into the Pacific. One of the Impact areas designated in the Moscow announcement is in the Vicinity of the Marshall islands where previous rockets have been directed. The other is northward in tie Pacific generally East of Tokyo. Tile . Is Able to track soviet rockets virtually from the Point of launching in the Caspi an sea area to the Impact Point in the Pacific. Radar tracking stations with ranges of several thousand Miles Are believed to be operating in Turkey. These provide data on the initial phase of the flights. Another powerful station in the Aleutian islands can pick up the image of the rockets As they soar High above Eastern Russia and the maritime provinces and follow them Down to where ships and aircraft track them in the final phases of trajectory. Traffic deaths a Normal Over Holiday by the associated press the thanksgiving weekend moved through its second Day Friday with traffic fatalities running about the same As a Normal no Holiday weekend. The fatality toll which began at 6 . Local time wednesday and ends at Midnight sunday reached 146. On no Holiday weekends this year too persons have died daily in traffic. The National safety Council made no estimate of the number of traffic deaths. A spokesman said the thanksgiving Holiday has less Highway travel than most Holiday weekends. An associated press Survey from 6 . Wednesday nov. 13, to Midnight sunday nov. 17, showed 477 traffic deaths. The Survey was made for a comparison with the thanksgiving weekend. A thanksgiving fatality Reo Ord was established last year when 514 persons died on the nation s highways and roads. It was the highest for thanksgiving since the associated press began counting in 1958. Caracas. Venezuela apr despite spectacular last minute exploits pro communist terrorists in Venezuela appear to have lost their fight to Force the army to Call off sunday s presidential elections. There Are increasing signs that the extremist armed forces of National liberation fall have lost both their physical punch and their Appeal to Urban masses. Chances Are considered Good that the elections will go off with a minimum of trouble. Apparently indifferent to the terrorists some 15,000 people attended a political rally this week in the same Caracas Square where a few Days before guerrilla snipers staged a spectacular Battle and 24 persons were killed. Noisy political caravans roam the capital streets each night without incident. President Romulo Betancourt is barred by the Constitution from succeeding himself but Raul Leoni the candidate of Betancourtt a democratic action party is expected to defeat six opponents. The pro Castro fall had hoped that its Campaign of terrorism would cause the army to oust Betancourt and cancel the elections. The communists figured this would solidify the anti military opposition behind them. The f Aln is believed to have been first weakened by the cuban missile crisis in october 1962, which revealed Cuba As just another Iron curtain satellite. In later months there was a steady improvement in the police Campaign against the hit and run terrorists. The fall attacks began deteriorating. This week the fall returned to propaganda blows attempts to capture world headlines and damage the Betancourt governments reputation at Home and abroad. A . Army officer was kidnapped wednesday. Thursday five men and a women hijacked a venezuelan Airliner and forced the Pilot to Fly to Trinidad. No one was harmed. Authorities handed the hijackers Over to venezuelan officials. They were flown Back to Caracas today for trial. Caracas police continued searching for the kidnapped . Officer it. Col. James k. Chen Ault of Sherman Tex. The fall has said it would release him unharmed saturday. Man helps Rescue 5 children then disappears new York apr mrs. S. Rivera 27, tossed her five children from the second Story window of a burning Brooklyn ten ement into the arms of a passerby thursday night. Then she jumped. The unidentified hero Var it shed. The children Range in age from 6 months toll years. They were treated at a Hospital and released. Mrs. Rivera escaped with cuts and bruises. Jacqueline smiles mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy displays a faint smile yesterday As she stands in Arlington National cemetery near the grave of the assassinated president. Ruby a lawyer wants trial shown on to Dallas apr Jack Ruby a lawyer says television viewers who saw his client kill the accused Assassin of president Kennedy also should have a Chance to watch As Ruby is tried for murder. Quot in this Case i think there Are Strong arguments for live telecasts from the courtroom and i can see no reason Why we should object a defense lawyer Tom Howard said thursday. Dist. Judge Joe Brown in whose court the Case will come up dec. 9, said he had not decided whether to admit to cameras. Under Texas judicial rules this is a matter left to the judges discretion. Ruby 52, a Dallas night club owner fired a single Bullet into the midsection of Lee Harvey Oswald a pro communist . Seen forming Washington apr a new team of presidential advisers is sure to shape up in the White House soon bearing the stamp of Lyndon b. Johnson and Texas. President Johnson Likely will want to keep some of the men who surrounded John f. Kennedy in his two years and to months in the White House. But he wont want to keep All nor will All want to stay. The Job of presidential aide or adviser usually demands fierce loyalty and at times personal closeness. Presidents want longtime associates and familiar faces around them. Johnson is no exception. Boylan has a o a on Pownal track formula Island Pond apr sen. John h. Boylan re Essex said today he has an Quot open mind Quot on any proposal that would extend the liberalized formula under which the state gets a lower share of the betting handle at Green Mountain Park. Boylan chairman of the Senate appropriations committee commented in regard to a report he would help Lead a revolt against Extension of the Bill passed at the regular session As requested by gov. Hoff. Originally the state received to per cent of the handle and the track got eight per cent. Now a sliding scale is in effect under which the track retains a larger percentage As the handle total gets lower. Quot if it is apparent the track needs to keep the present formula i certainly would support such a Bill Quot Boylan said. Quot in a not sure they do need it so i m keeping an open mind until we get the but Boylan said he would oppose such a measure if it is shown that Over a period of years the track would receive a return on its investment. Sen. John j. Of Brien do Chittenden who also reportedly plans to oppose the Bill if it s introduced could not be reached for comment. on the inside Arlington High school girls stuff clothing bags for needy Page 5. One Likely Prospect is Bill Moyers 29, Deputy director of the peace corps. The slender texan has been at Johnson a Side since the new president succeeded Kennedy. Some observers predict he will wind up As the new presidents no. I aide a Job like that of Kennedy a special counsel Theodore . An ordained Baptist minister Moyers was a newsman for mrs. Johnson a radio and television stations a key member of Johnson s staff when the president was Senate majority Leader and a manager of Johnson a unsuccessful drive for the presidential nomination in 1960. Kenneth o Donnell Kennedy a appointments Secretary already has cleared his White House desk and there is speculation the Job May go to Horace Busby a former Texas Newspaperman who has often helped Johnson on speech writing. White House sources say that Johnson will retain Mcgeorge Bundy Kennedy s special assistant for National Security affairs. The White House denies reports that Johnson has accepted the resignation of Liberal historian Arthur Schlesinger jr., a Kennedy assistant and speech writer. Most observers expect White House press Secretary Pierre Salinger to leave. A reliable source in Helsinki says he will be succeeded by Carl t. Rowan now ambassador to Finland. Rowan 38, a negro joined the Kennedy administration As a Deputy assistant Secretary of state in 1961. He is a former reporter for the Minneapolis Tribune. Charged with killing Kennedy As police started to Transfer Oswald from one jail to another sunday. He is being held without Bond in the Dallas county jail a few Yards from where a snipers Bullet mortally wounded the late president a week ago today. Howard a Veteran Dallas criminal lawyer said Quot i know it is customary for a continuance to be granted ii requested by the defense but at the present time we have no plans to ask that the trial be delayed. Quot we Are handicapped because of the limited funds available. Or. Ruby is not a wealthy Man a in fact he is a Man of modest Means. On the other hand 50 Fri investigators Are working against us in addition to too Many other government it was a Mournful thanksgiving Day in Dallas. A steady Stream of cars moved slowly past the scene of the assassination. Texas gov. John Connally wounded by the same sniper ate thanksgiving dinner with his wife three daughters a brother and sister in Law. A physicians statement said Connally a Quot Over All condition is improving encouragingly but convalescence naturally will require some time due to the critical degree of the wounds. Bow and Arrow Deer Hunting open tomorrow Montpelier apr the Bow and Arrow Hunters begin a belated 16 Day Deer season in Vermont tomorrow. The Bow and Arrow season usually precedes the regular gun season but was postponed because of the drought in the Early fall which forced closing of the Woods. Gov. Boff provided that the Bow and Arrow season be held after the regular season which ended last sunday. In the regular season the final report from the fish and game department showed 9,960 Deer were taken. This was 2,513 under last years record High kill of 12,473 Deer. The Bear kill totals 313 so far this year slightly ahead of last year s Pace. Deer kills by counties Windsor 1,912 Orange 1,497 Rutland 1,436 Windham 1,105 Washington 953 Bennington 644 Caledonia 559 Addison 483 Lamoille 342 Chittenden 279 Orleans 279 Essex 272 Ranklin 189 and grand Isle to. Washington apr president Johnson faces a revolt among a group of House democratic liberals a revolt that began before the death of president John f. Kennedy. It is aimed not at the president but at Congress. It Aims at punishment by withdrawal of party seniority privileges of those democrats who refuse to support the National party ticket and policies. President Kennedy always declined to take such a drastic step preferring conciliation and persuasion. Leading the revolt is rep. Richard Bolling do one of the party s most articulate and thoughtful strategists in the House. His target is the Quot subversives and Quisling of the democratic party Quot whom he defines As some Southern conservatives Bolling takes Issue with president Johnson a belief As expressed in his speech to Congress wednesday in Quot the ability of Congress to act to meet any crisis to distil from our differences Strong programs of National action Quot Bolling said in an interview that Congress is not viable or Able to live under its present Structure. He said it has not been viable for a Long time Quot but has t been observed As such Quot because the late speaker of the House Sam Rayburn held it together and made it work by his personal prestige and influence Quot we staggered along with the appearance of functioning largely because of it album Quot Bolling said. Quot it is not the fault of the republicans. They Are a conservative party by and Large. But they Are responsible we the democrats on the other hand Are totally Bolling s solution Quot the minimum is we Start with a demand for at least a minimum of party loyalty they must at least support the National ticket. Quot the maximum would have the effect of altering the Power Structure. This is the Only kind of Reform that would have any meaning Quot the faults of Congress Are not intrinsic but lie with the democratic party. My approach is to maximize the number who behave like democrats and minimize those who Don this can be done Bolling said by denying the privileges of party seniority including committee chairmanships to Southern democrats who openly defy and work against the National democratic ticket. The pol tibial necessity of getting congressional action on civil rights is president Johnson a biggest Domestic problem just As it was John f. Kennedy a. The current mood of moderation among the lawmakers May produce some relatively speedy action on Aid to education vocational training and other Bills when they return from their Holiday next week. But the fierce controversy Over the late presidents program for an expansion of racial Equality will test All of Johnson a vaunted ability to tack with the legislative wind to reach his objective. Johnson has called for action now on Kennedy a civil rights legislation. The possibilities of getting it Likely will be discussed today at a meeting Between Johnson and Roy Wilkins executive Secretary of the National association for the advancement of coloured people. Kennedy a relations with Congress were building to a crisis a a situation Johnson has inherited. Yet the new president can not afford in an election year not to get what negro voters regard As meaningful civil rights legislation. Kennedy a strength with the negroes was unquestioned Johnson a is not readily assessable. If the president has to Compromise the rights Bill to get Congress approval for it he could lose ground sharply with negroes particularly if the republicans nominate a Strong civil rights advocate. There now is no apparent Way to move past the Barrier of a Southern democratic filibuster in the Senate a Bill containing the controversial Section that would enforce desegregation on selected businesses dealing with the Public. If Robert f. Kennedy remains As attorney general and Johnson follows his advice in this Field the president would refuse to Compromise this provision any further. The attorney general thinks that any civil rights legislation without a Strong Public accommodations provision would be unacceptable to negroes. House leaders began oiling up two old parliamentary moves to prevent the Southern led rules committee from blocking action on the civil rights Bill. One would bypass the committee the other would temporarily strip chairman Howard w. Smith d-va., of his control Over the 15-member group. Smith is strongly opposed to the rights measure. Both moves Are intended to produce Early compliance probably in january with Johnson a plea for less talk and More action on civil rights As a memo rial to the late president. Happen in liens London apr to the Joys of the double bed a British manufacturer today added the double Bath. It comes in Side by Side or toe tote versions and is called the forum Bath it costs $700. A Salesman at the London building exhibition said four have been sold guard soviet embassy two policemen patrol outside the Gates of the soviet embassy in London yesterday. Security precautions outside the embassy have been tightened following receipt this week at Scotland Yard of a threat to kill soviet ambassador Alexander Soldatov

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