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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 20, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Clear and cooler Clear and a Little cooler tonight with lowest temperature in Low 40s. Friday fair with Little temperature change. Yesterdays High 72, Low 51, today at 7 . 52. Sunset 8 18, Sunrise 5 19. The Moon is at apogee tonight 251,500 Miles from Earth. Bennington Bennington Vermont thursday May 20, 1985 Anner founded in 1841, daily 1903, no. 19,785, to cents 121 die Jet crash in Cairo worlds 3rd worst planes skirt Hanoi in leaflet raid Cairo . Up a a Pakistan airlines Jet establishing the first commercial air link Between communist China and the Mideast crashed near Here today killing 121 persons. At least one was an american. Six persons All pakistanis survived. Airport officials Here announcing the toll said no americans were listed As passengers but the airline and the . Embassy in Karachi said one american identified Only As d. Love was among the victims. The airline said it was also possible that three other americans identified As Joseph Lay Hoff tacks a i Genf on Pax Rill Montpelier up a gov. Philip h. Hoff sent to the legislature today his massive Bill for Region ligation of property assessments and accompanied it with an urgent plea for passage. The 106 Page Bill sets up county boards of assessors to handle appraisal of local property a move the governor feels will mean an additional $10 million a year in state revenues. Roff told lawmakers that the present system of three listers per town has resulted in great inequities in the Burden of taxes at the local level and has resulted in a tremendous loss of Revenue to the towns. Hoff is hopeful the extra Money he thinks is available from local property taxation can be utilized for More services provided by communities and less Reliance on state Ald. Hoff said that in Only 37 of Vermont s 246 communities Are listers actually inspecting the property they appraise. Periodic remap measure gels i1 Inal House of Montpelier up a the House passed unanimously and sent to the Senate today a Bill setting up the mechanics of periodic reapportionment of the Vermont legislature. The Bill sets up a five Man legislative reapportionment Board headed by a Superior court judge and containing two representatives of each political party. The measure provides for House realignment every eight years beginning in 1972 and Senate remapping every to years after a Federal census. Yous and a or. And mrs. Howard May have boarded the plane at its Stopover in Dhah ran. Ten of the victims were identified As chinese and a chinese communist diplomatic Pouch and anti american propaganda from peking were found scattered among the wreckage. It was not known if any of the chinese on th1 plane were officials or diplomats. The plane crashed in the desert while approaching Cairo Airport. The crash was the thru worst single plane disaster in aviation history. Only a 1962 crash in Paris and a 1953 crash near Tokyo were worse. The american built Boeing 720b Jet was on an inaugural flight from Karachi to Cairo and then was to continue to Geneva and London. Pakistan airlines has been flying to communist China since 1963, and today s flight was thus widely billed As the first direct air link Between communist China and the Middle East. Six gravely injured survivors All pakistanis were removed from the plane s charred wreckage which was scattered Over a half mile area of the a Louny Valley about to Miles from the Airport. One of the survivors Djalal Elkarmi said he and the others who escaped death were in the Back of the plane. A it s a Miracle that any of us lived. We All should have been killed he said. A Rescue team member reported that when he reached the wreckage about 200 or 300 bedouin tribesmen were searching through it a pillaging and doing nothing to help the survivors Only two other single plane crashes have taken a higher toll. The worst occurred june 3, 1962, at orly Airport near Paris. A chartered Boeing 707 Jet hurtled off the runway and crashed killing 130 persons including 121 from Atlanta ga., who were touring european Art centers. on the inside remember the first Tri state music festival in Bennington in 1949? a Page 3. Ron Raynolds laments the a my plan or no plan Quot attitude on a new correctional institution a Page 4. Bennington area fall leadership conference for adults is being planned a Page 5. Addition to the Hoosick Falls Central school gets Board s approval a Page 6. Up Leader and followers dominican rebel Leader col. Francisco Caamano Deno Center walks through rebel held territory in Santo Domingo wednesday. Rebel holdings in the dominican capital have been reduced after heavy attacks by the Juntas army led by maj. Gen. Antonio Imbert Barreras. Dominican rebels Junta give each other breather Saigon up a Twenty five . Air Force jets flew to within 55 Miles of Hanoi today but instead of bombs dropped leaflets urging an end to the a fratricidal War in South Viet it was the closest american planes have come to the North vietnamese capital. A communist mortar attack near the Danang air base killed one . Marine and wounded two others. . Officers said the Viet Cong s use of mortars meant the marines had encountered a main Force Quot communist troops instead of the lightly armed guerrillas they have fought before. The marines fought Back with their own mortars and rocket launchers and silenced the communist barrage after six shells had fallen in the ranks of the marines. A search party found one dead guerrilla and a wounded Man who was Cap tured. The air Force f105 Thunder chiefs dropped their leaflets Over Ninh Binh 55 Miles South of Hanoi. They appealed to North vietnamese soldiers a a our Brothers done to let the chinese and vietnamese communists use your Bones and blood to wage the War in the the communists charged that the planes came much closer to Hanoi. Tass the official soviet news Agency said . Reconnaissance planes led by 12 Jet fighter bombers came within 12 Miles of Hanoi. The Tass dispatch dateline Hanoi said North vietnamese anti aircraft gunners opened fire. It made no mention of hits. An american spokesman re porting the leaflet raid said other . Planes bombed military targets farther South of Hanoi including an ammunition depot Railroad Bridges and rolling Stock and an offshore radar station. The leaflet raid near Hanoi was part of the continuing american Effort to bring the Hanoi regime to the conference table for a negotiated settlement of the Viet Nam War. The Daylight missions followed a pre Dawn strike in which four . Navy jets raided a North vietnamese truck Convoy with a barrage of rockets fired under the Light of Parachute flares. In South Viet Nam u. on what was officially described As a training exercise fought a pre Dawn fire fight with communist guerrillas nine Miles from the big american air base at Bien Hoa there were no casualties on either Side. Communist China today denounced the six Day break in the air War As a a farce Quot and charged that american planes had in fact attacked North vietnamese territory last monday and on May 2. Today s air strike against the communist North marked the third consecutive Day of raids since a six Day Lull failed to produce any signs that the Hanoi regime was prepared for peace talks. Pilots returning to the aircraft Carrier Coral sea from today s Early morning Mission said they hit the Convoy 90 Miles South of Hanoi and knocked at least five of the 15 vehicles. A Navy spokesman said no anti aircraft fire or enemy planes were encountered. The clash with the Viet Cong was the first for the american paratroop Force since it arrived. House committee votes to keep farm subsidies Washington up a the House appropriations committee today put up another year s instalment of $5.6 billion for Price supports and other farm programs. It said such outlays must be continued indefinitely. The committee recommending its annual agriculture department Money Bill to the House rejected suggestions that Price supports be abandoned and that Small Farmers be re trained for jobs in the City. A the Only practical approach Santo Domingo up a government and rebel leaders have agreed to a Dawn to dusk truce Friday to enable the red Cross to collect dead and wounded casualties of this week s heavy fighting. Maj. Gen. Antonio Imbert Barreras head of the military civilian Junta and rebel col. Francisco Caamano Deno were to sign separate agreements today providing for a cessation of hostilities Quot during 12 Daylight hours. No precise hour had been set for the Start of the cease fire but it appeared it would become effective at Dawn. Casualties have been reported heavy in the Juntas Campaign to mop up rebel forces in norther Santo Domingo but it is unlikely that the full toll will Ever be known. Many bodies have been buried in Back Yards and patios or burned in the streets As a precaution against disease. It has been impossible to recover other bodies because they lie in exposed places under constant fire from one or both sides. U. N. Representatives Here a or. White offers advice Here on preventing heart attacks advice to Bennington area medical practitioners and Lay citizens on How to prevent coronary attacks and How to treat those recovering from such attacks was offered wednesday by a world famous heart specialist or. Paul Dudley White of Boston. The advice from or. White came at a special medical seminar at the it. Anthony country club sponsored by the University of Vermont medical College. At several Points throughout his talk presented mostly in informal laymen a terms or. White emphasized that his Steps to physical Well being were recommended As much for the prevention of coronary attacks As in the continuing treatment of a chronic coronary problem. The prominent physicians Outlook was summed up in five words of Spanish a a the Only five i know a a which he translated As a walk More and eat he outlined ways in which today a businessman who Between Riding in a car and sitting at a desk has Little daily exercise can build some regular physical exertion into his Dally schedule. One example was that of parking his car some distance from his Job and walking the rest of the Way. He also recommended bicycling a a physical activity to which his name has Long been linked a and advised against the use of motorized carts on the Golf links. In bringing about the recovery see or. White Page 12, col 5 Hagerman prominent physician Here or. Paul Dudley White of Boston world famous heart specialist is shown speaking at a special medical seminar held Here wednesday. Or. White addressed physicians and Lay citizens on health measures to prevent coronary attacks and the continuing care of coronary attack victims. Ranged the truce. They said the rival leaders Are signing separate agreements because Imbert refuses to put his name to anything signed by Caamano. U. S. Forces Here were fired Roku res mail Cun prohibition Washington up a sen. Robert f. Kennedy d-n.y., avoiding direct reference to the assassination of his brother today urged immediate approval of a gun control Bill to save lives and a spare thousands of families Quot grief and Heartbreak. The former attorney general brother of the late president John f. Kennedy charged that a a massive publicity Campaign Quot against the legislation had distorted its purpose and was a doing the nation a great he said he hoped a Senate subcommittee considering the measure also would examine ways to disarm private groups like the Kun flux klan Black muslims and minutemen. Kennedy said a private arsenals Quot should be curtailed and eliminated at the least their weapons should be registered. The Bill would curb mail order sales of firearms and Kennedy said it would a sharply curtail the importation of foreign military surplus weapons which account for the bulk of the cheap mail order Trade and the bulk of the Large Caliper weapons sold in the United a mail order foreign Rifle was used by Lee Harvey Oswald in the Kennedy assassination. Conference set for third try at Cults resolve Montpelier up a the House has approved a request for a third committee of conference to Iron out House and Senate differences on the Cutts anti reapportionment Resolution. Two previous Compromise groups failed to reach agreement on the controversial Resolution which would Call a Federal constitutional convention to permit the Basing of one chamber of a state legislative be based on some basis other than population. Rep. Royal Cutts a Townshend who fathered the resolve asked for the third conference committee and predicted it will a achieve some on several times wednesday presumably by the rebels but there was no report of casualties. Paratroopers of the 82nd . Airborne division holding the american Supply corridor across Santo Domingo used 106mm 4 Inch recoilless rifles to silence 37mm 1.5 Inch and 57m 2.25 Inch guns that were firing on them. Elsewhere in the corridor an army jeep carrying a lieutenant and a correspondent was machine gunned. U. S. Marines holding a checkpoint on the waterfront came under fire from a jetty projecting into the Caribbean nearby. Sgt. Dennis Lamoreaux of Jacksonville n. C., returned the sniper s fire and shot a Man out of a tree on the jetty. It was not certain whether the Man was killed or wounded. Heavy sniper fire was reported throughout the Day in the Vicinity of the checkpoint. Board eyes candidates to replace or. Holden Montpelier us a the state Board of education wednesday perused behind closed doors applications for the Job of state commissioner of education. The Board must find a replacement for commissioner a. John Holden who has held the Post for 16 years and announced his retirement effective this fall. Holden said the new commissioner probably would be selected by june i. A source close to the Board said the Field has been narrowed Down to a seven or eight Quot from the original list of about 50. Saturday was the Board s deadline for applications and the announcement of the vacancy has been sent to 50 institutions around the country. Holden has been receiving a base salary of $11,000 plus tenure payments but his successor probably will get Between $16,000 and $20,000. In other action at its regular meeting the Board approved acceptance of Weston into Union school District 20, which is planning construction of a Union elementary school in Londonderry approved inclusion of Albany Glover Irasburg and Westmore into the Barton or leans school District and assigned the Shoreham town school District from the Addison Rutland supervisory District to the Addison Central supervisory Union. Hoff wont surrender on Etc wants changes in alignment Bill Montpelier up a gov. Philip Hoff masked his disappointment in legislative defeat of an educational television Etc Complex wednesday by vowing to a bring it right Back next january Quot and predicting its passage. The House killed the $1.9 million Etc network proposal wednesday for the second straight session but the governor told newsmen his attempt to push the Bill through the recalcitrant House would not Stop with the defeat. Hoff said he though the re apportioned legislature in next january s special session will be More receptive to Etc and said the Rural areas which would have benefited most from the network were the stumbling blocks in the House vote. Hoff said he expected to earmark $120,000 of the $400,000 Etc appropriation for special education of a educable and trainable Quot handicapped children. He expects republicans in the legislature will probably want to use the rest for part of the $700,000 Cost of a to per cent state employee pay hike they Are backing. In other news conference items Hoff said he would not hesitate to urge the Senate to Clear up some Points he feels Are weak links in the House passed reapportionment Bill. Hoff said he does not fear As House speaker Franklin Billings has predicted that tampering with the Bill in the Senate might kill the entire realignment measure. Hoff pointed particularly at apportionment remedies in Bennington Burlington and Winooski under the Bill. He expressed Hope the Senate will Amend the Bill to elected representatives on population rather than a Legal voter basis. Hoff lashed out at so called obstructionists in various committees he claims Are preventing a important Quot administration backed legislation from coming up for vote. He particularly scored the House banking and insurance committee which is studying a Bill Banning interlocking Bank directorates and Senate committees he claims Are a a Pigeon Hole ing Quot his labor relations Bill. The governor said a there Are obviously some people who just Don t want to vote on the labor relations Bill and will try to escape their Public reset news conference Page 12, col. I to the farm problem is to continue programs which will make it possible for the present 3.5 million Farmers to earn a living on the farm Quot the committee said. A minimum Price supports adequate Short and Long term credit continued research and technical assistance and other farm programs must be continued if american agriculture is to maintain its place in the nation s Economy and if the american consumer is to continue to enjoy the Bountiful Supply of nutritious healthful and inexpensive food now available to the committee which takes Pride in its claimed ability to Cut any budget nicked a Bare $122 million off president Johnson s request for $5.8 billion to finance the agriculture department and its manifold activities in the 12 months starting july i. It said Johnson already had whacked the farm budget More than $1 billion below the current year s level. Among assorted minor committee economies was a directive to the agriculture department to quit expanding its Washington payroll. Katzenbach save Vermont j poll tax of Washington up a . Atty. Gen. Nicholas Katzenbach says he plans no action against Vermont s poll tax. Katzenbach says the poll tax in the Green Mountain state has never been known to be be used for discriminatory purposes and he plans to bring no action questioning its constitutionality. Statements by the attorney general cleared the Way wednesday for Vermont Republican Sens. George Aiken and Winston Prouty to vote for an amendment to the voting rights Bill which condemns payment of a poll tax As a requisite for voting if the tax is used in a discriminatory manner. Inspecting the Welcome Center members of the Vermont association of chamber executives and guests at their annual meeting wednesday at it. Snow inspect a Model of the a Welcome Center Quot that May be built this year on interstate 91 near Brattleboro. From left Are former state sen. James l. Oakes of Brattleboro Donald c. Hicks of Bennington outgoing Vace president Margaret Saunders of Manchester Vace Secretary Bernard Roach of Rutland newly elected vice president Langdon Cummings of Barre the incoming president and Don Rowan of Montpelier outgoing vice president. Rowan is executive director of die Eva. See Story on Page 12. At i i

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