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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 14, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4 Fennington Banner Friday May 14, 1965 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials the Atlak on honest dissent a a sickness like mccarthyism is stirring again in this country a writes Washington columnist Doris Fleeson and this deeply disturbing conclusion is shared by Many other honest and conscientious reporters of the National scene. The pressure to stifle critics of the administrations policies in Viet Nam and Santo Domingo both in the press and on Capitol Hill is evidenced both in the vituperative attacks being launched against these critics by Many of president Johnson a advisers and supporters and in the unabashed use of blatant propaganda techniques by spokesmen for these policies in the defense and state departments. In the opinion of Many old hands in the Washington press corps the administrations Effort to a a manager the news by distortion by denying reporters direct Access to the facts and by direct pressure upon reporters who presume to question the Wisdom of official policies is today More deliberate and More open than it was even during world War la and the korean War. Much of this seems to be attributable to president Johnson a hypersensitivity to criticism and his chronic tendency to assume that anyone who does not give his policies 125 per cent endorse editor s notes the tragic Accident at the main and depot streets intersection wednesday when Young Francis Collins was injured must serve As a forceful reminder to Young Bike riders to be careful in Wheeling along the streets. Parents have the responsibility of impressing the Safe use of bicycles on their youngsters and motorists too should be on the constant watch for unpredictable actions from Young Bike riders and pedestrians. The graded school District Board of trustees tussle with the teacher moonlighting problem the other evening something that has plagued other school boards across the nation. It would be extremely difficult to set any kind of policy governing part time jobs held by teachers for it would be All but impossible to determine if such jobs did in fact interfere with their primary responsibility of teaching. We feel the Board comment education for leadership j. Dongi faculty p i conference a Independent it is axiom at needs More Lea tutorship. It in rated leaders i Sion by Sines Deavor. It need of View and int it is also country which leadership the Zelop More itself to Dom s Brown Dean of the Ceton University at National association schools. That a democratic society s than a centralized Dic is responsible and Dedi every Community proves and Field of social in leaders of varying Points ests. Somatic that a democratic As assumed a position of ghost the world must deers than one which limits in concerns find that Many leaders must Nave competence in dealing with internal Val problems. Further i j axiomatic that a democratic society in \ period of dynamic change ment is therefore against him a an Assumption which Many of his subordinates appear to share even More vociferously. Symptomatic of this Johnson Ian ailment is his intense preoccupation with the opinion polls which he often seems to regard As the sole barometer of Success or failure in office. But whatever the explanation for the administrations blatant resort to news management techniques it is a development with dangerous implications. It is tending to discourage informed and reasoned Public debate at a time when such debate is urgently needed if the major foreign policy decisions now confronting Are to be made intelligently. It is also tending to defeat its own purposes by creating an atmosphere of deep suspicion Between the administration and the Washington press corps and by alienating Many of the Liberal correspondents and commentators who were among or. Johnson a principal apologists in the last election. It will be ironic indeed if the administrations frantic efforts to achieve an unquestioning National Unity by fair Means or foul end in the words of miss Fleeson by a inflaming the divisiveness which the president wants to acted wisely in having the administration judge each Case individually. We sympathize with members of the town unification study committee who Are trying to determine what jobs in municipal government should or should not remain on an elective basis. Undoubtedly giving the Public the right to elect a second Constable for example enlarges Public participation in government but we have a sneaking suspicion that if a poll was taken in Bennington to quiz residents on who holds what office in town less than to per cent would be Able to answer accurately much less define what the official does. How Many people know what the trustee of Public funds is supposed to do that was a Lucky break for the 21-year-old Michael Flannery whose plane cracked at the Airport thursday. There Are few people who Are Able to walk away from a plane crash with nothing but a Cut Finger and a bump on the head. Needs far More leaders than one in a period of stability. What is not always Clear is How does a democratic society assure itself that it will have the leaders it needs to meet its responsibilities at Home and in world leadership in a time of dynamic change this is the problem faced by the United states in 196 5. It is certain that we cannot rely on automatic forces to solve our problem. We have to help the process along with both intelligent decision and sustained action. America for Many years has become accustomed to meeting its vastly increasing needs for goods and services by ingenious extensions of mass production and Large scale organization. But such approaches Are not efficient in producing leaders. The development of leaders requires methods which emphasize the individual rather than numbers close relationships rather than size and human values rather than knowledge alone. As y0n�?~sts test before cd a a for Ati 0 pm jul Anble in the wine "7�?�� aaa i la f Uli out of Vietnam if you la pull out of Santo today and tomorrow Jet Nam Rainy season to determine . Course in negotiations by Walter Lippmann Washington. During the summer Monsoon the War in Viet Nam will be in an especially difficult phase. The Clouds in the skies and the quagmires on the ground will favor the Viet Cong who have no air planes or the kind of heavy equipment which requires hard roads. This need not mean in fact almost certainly it does not mean that the United states forces Are in danger of being surrounded and Defeated As were the French at Dieni Enshu in 1954. Our main forces have wisely been deployed with their backs to the sea and it should be quite possible to reinforce and Supply them come what May. There will however have to be great decisions in the months to come and although we Are being told even by journalists that the discussions should cease when the guns go off i for one think that the discussions must go on. For the real issues and options have not been explained to our people and to the Best of my knowledge they have not been clearly resolved and decided within the administration itself. A of the undecided question is not whether the United states should throw in its hand and announce that it is withdrawing from Viet Nam. That is a Straw Man set in order that he May easily be knocked Down. The real undecided question is whether the military balance which is now against the Saigon government can be turned in its favor. The Small group of the president s advisers who Are actually running the War Are not warmongers and certainly not fascists. But they Are seized with a grim determination that military action shall continue until our vietnamese allies have decisively improved their position have in fact started to win the War which they have so nearly lost. The War committee is act rely aware that at present the Viet Cong holds a Large number of the villages by Day and a great Many More villages by night. In the View of these insiders to negotiate a cease fire and then a political settlement while the Vietcong has in fact the upper hand would be to give the Effort to contain the spread of communism in Southeast Asia. Except for the few who dream of a Victory in which the Viet Cong will be so badly beaten that it retires from the villages there is i think More agreement than one might suppose Between the administration and its critics negotiations will Rake place and eventually they will take Pla e with the National liberation front when is the political in of Tho visit Cong. The a question at present is min it. At Iii Tail conditions in so a the Lei Nam we should Are ? v a Quot a negotiations with of vie a Vig the hopeful among it or it May be the More determined Are saying that the situation in South Viet Nam has improved that the Saigon government is doing better that our bombing and the presence of our troops has turned the tide whereas the situation had become desperate before the president escalated the War in february. Yet no one doubts that even of the tide has been turned it will be a Long business to right the military balance. The other View outside the group of the insiders is that in All probability the Effort to right the balance will fail to assist any conceivable Saigon government to subdue the rebellion. Therefore we should now have in mind plans to Deal with this possibility. A of the plan might Call for a buildup of american ground troops in the area of Danang where they can be made Invulnerable and to air any this consolidation of to american presence a benevolent neutrality towards the negotiations which Are always More or less in Progress Between Saigon and the Viet Cong. Even those who tale the hard and hopeful line admit that even if Saigon can get the upper hand militarily there will still be considerable areas which will remain Viet Cong and will have to be granted autonomy. Those who have this other View Are in favor of what May be described As vietnamese negotiations sooner rather than later a with the american military presence secured while the negotiations proceed. There the lighter Side dunking Don Mew Force in by Dick West Washington a earlier this month in one of my penetrating lectures on foreign affairs i undertook to Analyse Franco american relations in terms of the stomach. France i pointed out has Long prided itself on its Fine cuisine which has made it the spiritual Home of gourmets the world Over. But recently its leadership in the taste Bud department has been challenged by the growing acceptance in Europe of such american products As charbroiled steaks and Peanut butter. This i concluded May explain in part Why the . Government has t been getting along too Well with president Charles de Gaulle lately. Assuming there is some Validity in the palate theory of diplomacy i fear there May soon be a turn for the worse. It has just come to my attention that plans Are underway to open a european Branch of dunking donuts University. Dunking donuts u., whose main Campus is located in Quincy mass., is the oldest educational institution of its Type in the United states. In fact the Only one. Its curriculum is exclusively would be no question of our Good Faith and our presence would provide Asylum and Protection for the vietnamese who might be persecuted. We would not have won the War. But except by extremist standards we would not have lost it. For myself i can see no rational Prospect of anything better than this. We have to Bear in mind that the problem in Southeast Asia is not How to win a War against a government but How to keep it won among the people. There is no doubt that the United states could Knock out Hanoi completely. But after to Chi Minh had boarded an aircraft Carrier and signed an unconditional surrender what Assurance would we have that rebellious peasants in the villages would no longer Cut the throats of officials from Saigon it seems Likely that during the Rainy season we shall see a crucial test of whether or not we should encourage the opening of negotiations to end the War Between Saigon and the Viet Cong. If we find that we Are overturning the existing military balance of Power we shall no doubt prevent the Saigon politicians from proceeding with their deals. If we learn that we Are not overturning the military balance of Power there would be nothing else to do except having secured our military position to encourage the vietnamese to work out a Deal themselves. It University diplomacy devoted to the study of doughnuts. Being one of the intellectual centers of new England old dds is naturally Ivy league in character. Under the guiding hand of its beloved Dean Robert Birdwell its students spend Long hours immersed in the cultural and aesthetic aspects of doughnuts and in contemplation of the Hole. Those who graduate leave their Alma mater secure in the knowledge that they have a Well rounded background in both the academic and commercial Side of Fried pastry. I am told that As soon As a faculty of distinguished professors has been recruited dds will open a Branch in London. There it will seek to educate europeans in the higher elements of Doughty urology. A we Hope soon to have europeans consuming Coffee and doughnuts rather than Tea and crumpets strudel smoked eel and the like a a spokesman for Dean Birdwell reported. The ultimate goal is to Span the continent with a Chain of Roadside doughnut shops similar to those now gracing the american landscape. When president de Gaulle gets wind of this look out Sparks from the forge a venal editorial by Samuel r. Ogden Landgrove. Newspapers have predominance As moulders of Public opinion and the responsibility for the proper use of this privilege rests upon the shoulders of the editorial writers. Any person whose pronouncements Are directed toward affecting Public opinion and consequently the course of human events is faced with ethical and moral obligations and from these obligations the editorial writer can claim no exemption. A of a i am impelled to deliver myself of this rather pompous truism because it seems to me that in our times these responsibilities Are being brushed aside and ignored All too frequently. A Case in Point is a recent editorial in the new York Herald Tribune which was reprinted in the Banner wherein the premise upon which the argument is erected is made explicit in the title a but 21-year-Olds do in this editorial it is urged that new York state is justified in refusing to raise the Legal age limit for serving intoxicating drinks from 18 to 21, a change which would put it in line with All five of its bordering states. Of course 18-year-Olds drink and so do 16-year-Olds, and so possibly do 14-year-Olds, and if the logic used in this specious argument is to be applied consistently the age for legalized drinking will be set at that Point at which no drinking takes place. When this Point is reached it is Clear that no regulation is required. It takes but a moments reflection to see that in justifying the 18-year-old Law the Herald Tribune is indulging in empty and immoral rhetoric. Briefly if drinking should be legalized at 18 because youths drink at that age the same justification can be used for setting it at any lower limit until the age of no drinking is reached at which Point we arrive at the reduce Load Abs drum which clearly demonstrates the Complete futility of ordering a prohibition at any age whatever. A of if this is what the Herald Tribune is out to demonstrate it would be much simpler to say so. Undoubtedly there would be those who would agree and for these Days All of that i might be one of them but Here is the Point. The thesis of the editorial does not rest on the futility of prohibition nor does it deny that tragic accidents result from the thirsty inflow and the Drunken outflow the whole Gist of its argument is made explicit with the statement a but the Root of the problem Isnit new Yorkus relatively Liberal age limit ifs the unrealistic restrictiveness of the prohibition in the neighbouring states a and with this statement they commit themselves to the support of the forces of evil. The evil is not the evil of drink although there is a Point to be made Here too the evil i refer to is that of predatory and rapacious commercial interests abetted by a callous government the first unwilling to suffer a loss of Trade and the second to relinquish much needed tax income. The justification of the new York position As stated in this editorial simply invites the other states to lower their age limit knowing full Well that the Chance of getting five Legislatures to act thus is practically Nill. Should the Border states accept the Challenge and set the age limit at 16 tor on the basis of the Herald Tribune s thesis 16 can be justified As easily As can 18 the booze dollars would Start flowing in the other direction and it would be new York s time to howl. In the event that such improbable events took place the editorial writers of the Herald Tribune would have to sing another tune one doubts very much that it would be one of congratulations to the neighbouring states for having taken their advice. No indisputably the tune this time would be that of outraged morality. I Hope i have made my Point Clear. The editorial i speak of is reprehensible for it advocates proposals which will not work both ways and it urges the retention of a situation which is indefensible on moral grounds. Here is a venal and j use the word with full comprehension of its meaning use of editorial Power. It is a sad and sorry Effort in support of a commercialism which battens on the corruption of youth and which incidentally spends appreciable sums of Money in newspaper advertising. Dom Iii Ltd Uii Republic is Congo of the Caribbean by John Chamberlain new York. If i were a statesman looking for a meaningful opinion about what goes on in the dominican Republic i would ask Peter Nehemkis a Washington lawyer who has had an extensive experience in latin America to speak . The reason is that or. Nehemkis is a Nice combination of idealist septic and indefatigable fact grubber who stands above the factions. He was a member of the group of professors and businessmen who just prior to the election of president Kennedy prepared a momentous report suggesting a latin american Alliance for Progress. In 1962 he visited the dominican Republic As a member of the Oas observation Mission that was charged with watching the polling that resulted in the Victory of Juan Bosch. He liked Bosch then but he remembers thinking Bosch a promises were too big. A of in Between trips to South America for the Whirlpool corporation or. Nehemkis made other stops in Santo Domingo. Bosch a performance As the first freely elected president of the Island country left him cold. The Man seemed afflicted with hubris which is the classical greek word for what or. Nehemkis Calls a the insolence of Bosch offended most of the important people who had supported his election. The names of some of these people have been prominent in the recent dispatches from Santo Domingo. One of them was general Antonio Imbert Barreras the sole surviving member of the group of seven who ambushed the dictator Trujillo and killed him. Another was peruvian trained Captain a later general Elias Wessin y Wessin a Young and scrupulously patriotic air Force officer Nehemkis joins with an sex state department official Paul Bethel head of the citizens committee for a free Cuba in thinking that Boscki got what was coming to him when his a a resignation As president offered in a moment of pique in an unsuccessful attempt to ret rid of Wessin y Wessin was accepted somewhat irregularly by a general and a civilian member of the government. Tins a a resignation has never been reported except by Nehemkis in a Book published last fall Bosch had tried to create a personal militia answerable to himself alone. He had attempted to gather All the workers of the dominican Republic into a state bossed labor Union. He had driven Many Good men from government but the a soft on communism people remained. Finally he had tried to Start a War with Haiti on the flimsiest of pretexts in order to divert attention from his country a Domestic difficulties. What followed after Bosch so resignation a which admittedly he did not sincerely mean was pure tragedy. Donald Reid Cabral the head of the Junta that took Over after Bosch s exp lie was in Peter Nehemkis swords a a decent incorruptible human being the last Best Hope for the dominican Reid tried to put the country on an austerity program which annoyed the businessmen. He tried to purge the army of corruption. But it All became too much for him. Nobody seemed willing to work. Last year Peter Nehemkis in his Book about latin America remarked that a in the world of mythology or. Juan Bosch is a Martyr sacrificed on the a1- tar of democracy. But in the world of reality his failure As a democratic Leader handed Cas Tro a bloodless the danger is that too Many in Washington Are still willing to accept Bosch a martyrdom for real. I As for Castro so bloodless Victory a Only the Quick dispatch of the marines to Santo do-1 Mingo by president Lyndon John a son has prevented the cuban Tyr ant from cashing in on it. But the dominican Republic says or. Nehemkis is fated to be a come a the Congo of the carib a there Are no tools for 20th Century Rule in the whole country a he says. A Caamano the rebel chief is a typical product of Trujillo decadence. He is a Butcher who wiped out a whole Village As you will read in Bosch s own Book. The Only tradition in the Republic is conspiracy. Bosch himself set this last conspiracy in motion he wait until september for an looks As though the . Marines and the Oas Are fated to remain in Santo Domingo for a Long time. That is unless the Congo in the Caribbean is to fall to Castro

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