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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 4, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 4-Benninron Banner wednesday May 4, 1966 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials a dancer and an Opportunity in an unusually Frank interview in Saigon recently . Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge expressed grave doubts about the South vietnamese National election which the by Junta has reluctantly scheduled for August 15. Lodge warned that violence and terrorism might make the results meaningless and he made it quite Clear that he thinks the Junta was unwise in yielding to demands that the election be held so soon. No doubt there is a solid basis for the ambassadors questions As to whether an honest election in Viet Nam is possible. It is a country without experience in National elections and obviously this is an exceedingly difficult time to attempt to undertake an Experiment that might fail even if the country were at peace. But it is a Little late in the Day to be expressing these doubts officially. The die is cast the election has been promised. The need at this Point is not to try to change the course of events but rather to try to make the election honest and meaningful. Seen from this More positive viewpoint the forthcoming election offers a real Opportunity for american policy albeit a difficult Opportunity to seize. It offers an Opportunity to establish the political apparatus that could give meaning and stability to a South vietnamese government which has suffered through a Parade of unpopular and inept military regimes. And it offers the Opportunity to demonstrate to a sceptical world that the United states editor s the fall foliage festival just wont be the same without Don Hicks presiding Over it. Hicks the executive director of the greater Bennington association for the past four years is moving to Montpelier later this month to take a top administrative Job with the state motor vehicle department. We Are sorry to have to bid him Farewell after All these years. He has worked hard to spread the Good word about Bennington far and wide and to promote our downtown shopping Center. We wish him All the Best in his new position. We were pleased to read the summer opportunities for students sos has taken hold in Arlington. The purpose of the program which is sponsored by the Arlington Parent teachers is to serve As a Clearing House for summer jobs for students. Sos is be ont Merit enlightened Progress Burlington free press Shelburne voters approved a a it and Issue for the construction of the first a Middle school in the state. Approval of this school is another in a series of decisions by vermonters to improve remarkably the states climate of education. There Are All sorts of personal economic reasons for Disappio in such Bond issues which generally mean Steep increases in is concerned about the actual desires of the vietnamese people and is not merely attempting to make them into an anti communist bulwark against their win. It is of course quite Likely that an honest election would produce a neutralise government which would want to negotiate with the Viet Cong to bring the War to an end. But this would be no disaster. On the contrary it would provide the rationalization for a phased withdrawal of american military commitments on the honorable basis that we cannot justifiably Quot save nations that done to want our Brand of salvation. If on the other hand the election produced a civilian government that favored a continuation of the War on the present basis we would have for the first time a solid rationalization for our military involvement in Viet Nam and a firmer basis for obliging the communists to come to terms with the concept of a non communist South Viet Nam. In Short rather than giving an impression of foot dragging reluctance in regard to the National election the Johnson administration should accept the idea and promote it vigorously. Instead of regarding it negatively we should make a major Effort to try to arrange for the supervision of the election under International auspices preferably with United nations sponsorship. Such an Opportunity to bring the beginnings of order out of the present chaos in South Viet Nam should not be muffed. Ginning its second successful season Here in Bennington. Such programs Are becoming increasingly important As More students come to depend on summer jobs to help pay school and College expenses. A great Deal will depend on the outcome of this mornings meeting in new York Between a delegation of engineers Bennington water commissioners and planners and officials of the Federal governments department of housing and Urban development. The local delegation is hoping to persuade the government that a Bennington water system expansion project deserves Federal Aid to cover up to half the Cost. All such applications for Aid Are complicated and the outcome is always Uncertain but we agree with the water Board that it is important to make an attempt to get a substantial Grant that could remove a Large part of the Burden of paying for the project from the local taxpayers shoulders. Tax rates. The Cost of living continues to go up and most people Are experiencing some difficulty in balancing their budgets. But vermonters Are willing to sacrifice More of their hard earned pay to work harder and to build for the future their children a future. The strides which have been made in Vermont education during the past few years Are truly remarkable. From the construction of new schools to the enrichment of curricula Vermont education probably has advanced further in the past decade than in the preceding to decades. Fischetti a Vouaux it today and tomorrow . Lacks global policy by Val i i k l la in own Washington. It happens that while our position abroad is deteriorating the president no longer has a stable body of advisers on whom he can count. In the Field of foreign policy there is no longer what we May Call presidential thinking because the expert staff which is indispensable to presidential thinking has been dissolved. A of the departure of my George Bundy has not been followed by the appointment of a successor. There has instead been a virtual dissolution of the White House staff which under president Kennedy and president Johnson Lias played so great a part in the shaping of policy. As a result the makings of foreign policy has devolved upon the state department. But the state department is much too bureaucratic to shape the world policy of the United states and As a matter of fact american policy has been parcelled out among the divisions and the bureaus which specialize on Asia on Europe on Africa and on latin America. While changes Are imminent in the higher echelons of the state department there is no Prospect that the state department will become capable of acting As a genuine advisor to the president. To provide advice on the presidential level the president must be served by a staff which is above the state department bureaucracies not made up of bureaucrats who Are themselves encapsulated within it. Until recently As a matter of fact until the department of Bundy and the dissolution of his staff the president maintained a certain essential balance in his foreign policy. He knew that if he were to conduct the kind of War in Viet Nam that he had decided to conduct he ought not at the same time to engage in an irreconcilable quarrel in Europe a quarrel which would not Only alienate France but which would put West Germany in an impossible situation and emitter still further the soviet Union. But today the state department faction which wants to pursue the quarrel is making our european policy. If the quarrel is pursued if we do not make it our business to Settle it we shall disorganized the Western Alliance and shall find ourselves As isolated in Europe As we Are already isolated in Asia. For in spite of Secretary rusks 40-Odd commitments to defend countries All Over the world we do not live the single reasonably Strong ally willing to share the risks and the costs of the Rusk policy. We Are in the strange situation of being an isolated globalist Power. If now we make the catastrophic mistake of forcing the germans to quarrel with the French the Western Alliance will be destroyed. Of although Secretary Rusk is a globalist when it comes to committing us to fight and spend All Over the Globe he is so preoccupied with Southeast Asia that he has neglected Europe Africa and latin America. The United states is a world Power and the president who conducts its foreign policy must be enabled by his advisers to see All his decisions in the context of the Power relationships All Over the Globe. This has not been done in recent times. The deterioration of our foreign relations is closely related to the fact that when and As we decide to intervene abroad a be it to save democracy be it to fight communism be it to bring peace to Mankind whether it is in Viet Nam in Santo Domingo in the Congo a we do not act As a great Power among great Powers which consults with them and not Only seeks their help but heeds their advice. We have been acting on our own without consultation unilaterally. That is the Root of the trouble. Congressman report syrup. Salt amp i vinegar no i Iii on for mothers by Elizabeth Dwy k North Bennington. Motherhood is probably the Only occupation left in the world that does no to have a Union and the Only one not ringed about with rigid Job requirements and All manner of professional standards. But who could write a Complete set of specifications for the Job who could decide which Union or which professional group is the right one to embrace the great army of mothers a a of very few mothers could pass a bar exam and even fewer qualify for the judicial Bench but who else is called on a Doz ten times a Day to Settle terribly important arguments among the Young and decide who hit whom first whose turn it is to ride the new Bike whose Day it is to transport the trash to its final resting ground the majority of mothers have no medical degree but most of them could outdo or. Spook in knowing at a glance when a child is under the weather. And when minor disasters like skinned Knees and burned fingers befall the Young it s Only mothers who know just How to a kiss it and make it this method of treatment is unknown in the medical books and probably downright unsanitary As Well but it often works a miraculous cure. The truck Drivers Union would doubtless scorn mothers in their association but i can truthfully say that any frail creature who can frequently transport a station Wagon full of restless screaming youngsters safely from place to place is perfectly qualified to guide a 10-ton truck from coast to coast. Even the mets a or possibly this year s hapless Yankees a would t think that mothers could qualify for their teams. And yet Many a Mother is called on to fill in the Blank spots in a pickup backyard baseball game. I have noticed that mothers Seldom get to pitch or catch however and Are usually stationed far out in left Field where presumably they can do the least amount of damage. Mothers Are by nature somewhat timid and squeamish afraid of mice and snakes and not Overly fond of dead Birds. But who is it that gets up in the morning to face a sink full of Slimy poll wogs who crawls All Over the House in a frantic search for the Hamster that got Loose who is usually Given the Honor of providing the coffin and officiating at proper burial services for any manner of defunct Birds beasts and fish and she who has never presided Over the funeral of a fish three Days dead has never really lived it s the rare Mother who can boast a cordon Bleu certificate for her cooking skill. On the other hand any Mother in the world knows 47 ways to make a Peanut butter Sandwich and knows there s Only one Way to serve a hamburger and that s with lavish amounts of Ketchup. No child Ever wants that Sissy thing called a Catsup Quot he or she wants a Ketchup Quot a and plenty of it mothers Are generally tired enough at night to sleep through a minor earthquake yet Why Are they instantly wide awake at the first faint cry of a Mommy Quot from a child with a Nightmare or an earache or heaven help her an upset stomach in the latter emergency mothers generally get there too late and Are honoured with the privilege of cleaning up. But once the excitement is Over mothers Are rewarded with the Assurance that a will feel better of you sit on the bed mothers have no training in administration but they get a lot of experience in bossing a or so i m told. They feel called on to nag a lot a about table manners and Homework haircuts and tooth brushing and similar nuisances. But then somebody has to do it. They Don t have oratorical contests for mothers but As a group they probably make More speeches per capita than any other even politicians. Mothers come with a built in soap Box and often find it necessary to indulge in Long bouts of words outlining the sins and shortcomings of the next generation entrusted to their care. Not Long ago i was in the midst of an impassioned bit of oratory along the lines of overwork and the burdens of motherhood which included picking up dirty socks and towels packing Luggage and finding vital articles tossed carelessly aside. During a pause for breath Minean innocent voice remarked a but i always thought that a what Mot ers were maybe that is what mothers Are for. They re for worrying and fussing and helping and giving free advice. The hours Are terrible and the pay in Money practically non existent. They have no unemployment compensation but they Are Seldom unemployed. Mothers Are for Loving and giving a and for being loved in return. What Union can offer those benefits Stafford . Can Stop red aggression in Viet Nam by "68 by Robert t. St a e Ford . Congressman from Vermont i of was one the House Washington. Of five members armed services letters to the editor i Mut to re assure his you met to it ass ufos him rut frankly. / think it a Krs bring i a Sec Urr a invitation to Spargo to the editor of the Bannerot course i know of or. George Spargo but i have never had the privilege of becoming acquainted with him. However it appears that anyone who expresses himself with such conviction and vehemence on any subject must be an expert in the matter and i shall indeed be reluctant to argue with anyone of such stature. The item on which i take Issue is that a proposed planetarium for Bennington is a Paul Bohne s sky show Quot As Spargo described it in a letter in saturday s Banner. This project stands endorsed by the majority of our voters by almost too per cent of our local educators including those at Bennington College Public and parochial schools and their representatives and by a score of prominent people in our area. In addition it has the backing of our state department of education and hundreds of our children. In our applications for Federal funds the project is referred to As the Bennington county schools planetarium and Observatory and is therefore a serious science project of High Caliper. If a person who loves children and who gives of himself freely with no thought of Reward or glory but who is Only working for the Sake of obtaining for these children an educational facility which they fervently desire has to be sniped at and this is not the first time it can Only be assumed that the purpose of his efforts is not fully understood. Obviously great Deal of additional work needs to be done on our project to bring it to fulfilment. Therefore i wish to invite or. Spargo to join us in our work. We need him. Incidentally at a meeting on the proposed planetarium with a . Government biologist last Friday the five acre site was declared barely adequate for the building and landscaping and not sufficient for the planned arboretum and botanical gardens project. Spargo argued that five acres is too much land for a planetarium. Paul w. Bohne. Harwood Hill Bennington. Uta statement to the editor of the Banner i received with a letter from the Bennington teachers association last week a Strong and Well written statement of policy directed to the school Board of the merged Bennington school District and signed by Joyce Lisby Bra Secretary. It is indeed heartwarming to have the backing of an organization of this kind. It requires courage and hard work to come up with this statement. My sincere appreciation goes out to the Bennington teachers association which has Given me this wonderful support and boosted my morale under very difficult circumstances. The Bra letter follows a on the basis of our association with mrs. Frances Gibney we the members of the Bennington teachers association support her As a nurse As a person and As a mrs Frances Gibney. Bennington. I Hanks for help to the editor of the Banner i would like to thank everyone who was so kind and considerate last f riday when i had the Accident on Harwood Hill. I would especially like to thank the Man who pulled me out of the car. At the time i was not thinking clearly and i do not remember thanking him. I would also like to commend the Bennington Rescue squad for its efficiency. Mrs Elaine Allen. Shaftsbury. Congratulations to the editor of the Banner congratulations i heard on an Arkansas radio station that you had won first place in the Ayer contest for papers under 10,000 circulation. Since i am a former resident of Manchester it was fun hearing about the Banner Way out Here. Keep up the Good work. Dirk Van Loon. St. Joseph to. Committee appointed to make a special trip to Southeast Asia from april 7-19. Although civil disorder was rampant in a few cities there at this time our group was the one such Mission allowed to visit. Since american troops have been committed to fight in South Viet Nam by president Johnson we were delegated by the armed services committee to see if these troops were being supplied properly and to View first hand their relations with the vietnamese their morale and their conduct of the War. We witnessed combat operations villages which had just been freed from Viet Cong control most of our principal military bases and talked with hundreds of people at every level. Except for avoiding the cities where obvious disorders were taking place we were entirely free to talk to whom we wanted where we wanted. From a strictly military standpoint the War in South Viet Nam is going Well. It is not a truly conventional War and Many tactical problems exist. But these problems Are being overcome. The morale of our troops is Good and with Only few exceptions supplies Are adequate. I do not share the View that the actual conduct of the War is currently being mismanaged. Our objectives in South Viet Nam Are to seek out and drive out the Viet Cong then to provide immediate medical care and schools for the civilian population to establish a local Force which can give Protection against the return of the Viet Cong and to re establish a locally elected government. These objectives Are now being accomplished although the Pace is slow. I am convinced the vietnamese people prefer the Protection of americans and the Republic of Viet Nam and the help outlined above to the Viet Cong who have been kidnapping their male children and confiscating their Rice. The great emphasis which our troops Are placing on providing Medicine and education in the Rural areas is paying off with the peasant population. I am also convinced that we can secure most of South Viet Nam from major communist aggression and infiltration by 1968 a if the political situation allows the time to do this. The Fate of Southeast Asia will be decided in Viet Nam. Neighbouring Cambodia is under heavy communist pressure. Under the a Neutral government Quot in Laos the communists control half of that country including the vital to Chi Minh Trail. Friendly and energetic Thailand an Independent nation for centuries is already marked for a China style a liberation Quot and i was shocked while visiting there to learn there has been a 1500 percent increase in assassinations of teachers and Village chiefs in the Northeast Section of that country since last August. If we pull out of South Viet Nam or Are invited to leave a and i believe there is a 15 percent possibility of this happening a this entire area of Southeast Asia will quickly and unmercifully be communist controlled. I believe the stand can be made against communist expansion in South Viet Nam. This does not require enlarging the War by All out bombing of North Viet Nam for Little would be gained by this. It does not mean ceasing in our efforts of seeking every possible Means for a peaceful settlement. It does mean being patient and having a Strong National will to Stop the spread of communist aggression. Amor polite golfer club expert a your trouble is that you done to address the Ball Novice a Well i was As polite to the darn thing As Long As p . Purlin ton fret Cross

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