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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - March 30, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Mot so cold Light showers or Snow flurries and not so cold tonight. Low temperatures will be in the 30s. Snow flurries and turning colder thursday. Yesterdays High 40 Low 22. Today at 7a.m., 32. Trace of Snow. Sunset 6 16 . Sunrise 5 47 . Bennington Bennington Banner wednesday. March 30, 1900 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 20,029 to cents proposed junkyard debated at hearing lbs of Anis to Moh it Igi in \ n the merits and demerits of a proposed automobile junkyard off the Ore bed Road were debated tuesday night before Bennington selectmen at a Public hearing called in connection with the application for a town junkyard License submitted by Lloyd Bevins. Selectmen made no decision on the application but promised that it would be forthcoming within the two week limit prescribed by the state Law governing automobile junkyards. Arguing in favor of selectmen a approval of the application was atty. George m. Fien Berg counsel for Bevins. Opposing approval of the application were a number of residents of area around the proposed junkyard site and attorneys for other property owners. Selectmen also received several letters protesting the proposed junkyard one key Point on which arguments were entered was the provision of the state Law which directs selectmen to consider the character and development of the neighbourhood surrounding the proposed junkyard site. Atty. John ii. Williams ii representing or and mrs. William r. Scott interpreted this to mean that selectmen should consider the Likely future development of the neighbourhood and what effect approval of a junkyard License would live on that development. He contended that the Ore bed Road area represented an area of High potential for future residential development and that to permit establishment of a junkyard would act in a detrimental Way on that development. Fienberg countered that a decision by selectmen denying the License application based on its presumed effect on the nebulous future development of surrounding land would not be legitimate grounds for such denial. Selectmen appeared Likely to follow Fienberg s reasoning reporting that they had been advised by town counsel Norton Barber that they should base their decision on a present circumstances not on circumstances a four or five or More years from now. This distinction Between existing and possible future develop ments in the area was also a deciding criterion in determining what consideration of any should be Given to the construction of a major new Highway expected to pass relatively near to the proposed junkyard site. The state Highway department has made Public a tentative line for the route of a relocated Section of Vermont 9 which would connect with a relocated four Lane . 7 near Bennington Flats. Both the Bennington regional and the Bennington town planning commissions in letters to selectmen noted that this new a a Gateway to the town and state would be passing through relatively unspoiled territory and urged that the attractiveness of the area be preserved. The town planning commission without see junkyard Page to col. 2 higher taxes May be needed Thresher find branded a hoax Kilkeel Ireland up a a mysterious cylindrical object believed washed ashore Here from the sunken american submarine Thresher appears to be a hoax the . Navy said today. The Thresher was lost off Boston in 1963. A on preliminary examination lbs seeks More food for India Washington up president Johnson asked Congress today to endorse an emergency shipment of 3.5 million additional tons of food grains to India to help fight famine. Johnson also urged other nations a which have either the food to offer or the Means to buy food Quot to match the . Shipment. The United states already has allotted 6.5 million tons of Grain for hungry India in the current fiscal year. And Johnson said Indian officials estimate than an additional six to seven million tons will be needed through next december. The Promise of additional Grain to help meet the critical Indian food shortage caused by backward farming methods and severe drought was about the Only substantial major commitment that the United states gave Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi during two Days of talks Here. Little in the Way of other definite promises of economic million to 12 million tons this Aid was reported following the year. The United states already High level conversations has committed 5 million tons of in a special message to the grains of All kinds to India in House and Senate following up 1966. His new Grain pledge Johnson mrs. Gandhi flies to new said he has proposed not Only York today arriving at 11 50 . Action to meet India s food . Est for three Days of crisis but the help of other receptions and meetings. She nations As Well. Mrs. Candid completes state v Washington up a prime minister Indira Gandhi of India wound up her state visit to Washington today with a Promise of increased . Food shipments to her hungry land but Little in the Way of definite commitments of economic Aid. An Indian spokesman said his drought stricken nations wheat crop would fall Short by to it appears to look like a fire extinguisher which Lias been painted up to look like something else Quot a spokesman said. A it seems to be a hoax by someone with a very poor sense of humor Quot he added. The object marked a radioactive danger Thresher Quot washed up near Here two weeks a to and was picked up by a labourer Jeremiah Mcdermott who hid it under his widowed mothers bed before he got around to notifying authorities. Two Navy officers it. Robert Bays 33, of Greenup county ky., and it. Philip b. Uni Nie 34, of Nashville tenn., both stationed at the . Nuclear submarine base at holy Loch Scotland were flown Here to examine the object. The spokesman said the two men based their hoax finding on the fact that both the aluminium coloured paint and the markings on the object appeared to have been applied recently. The Navy men took the object Back to holy Loch with them where a full series of tests will be run the spokesman said. He added however that a we Are reserving final judgment until we can work on it a Little the nuclear submarine went Down about 220 Miles off the new England coast or about 2,500 Miles from the Mouth of River Shannon near Here. The cause of the tragedy which Cost 129 lives Lias never been determined. Students on stage Beni students involved in the drama curriculum project enact scenes from Shakespeare s a twelfth in this scene Jackie Reynolds at left is Maria. Charlotte Greer is Olivia and Stephen Mcgaughey is Malvolia. The scene which was posed in a setting at Bennington College will be part of the program the students will present Friday in Rutland to the Vermont Council on Reading. Story on Page 5. Hagerman vermonters report sighting unidentified flying objects new Haven Conn. Clip a residents in three new England states reported seeing unidentified flying objects tuesday night. Police investigating the sighting in Amherst mass., found nothing but a medium sized Bat flying around. They said whatever 15-year-old James Paige a student at Amherst regional High school saw had disappeared by the time they arrived. Paige said he saw a glowing White Light moving from North to South about a mile above Amherst. The object made a whistling noise and seemed to increase in size he said. Police in new Haven and East Haven Conn., said they were a swamped Quot with Telephone Calls from residents who spotted a stationary object with a red and Green blinking and in Castleton vt., a family of four watched three round objects hover Over their Dairy farm to it before speeding off making a a singing the Vermont sighting was made by or. And mrs. George Madison and their two teen age sons. Mrs. Madison said the a first two came Over a Hill hovered and took off towards Rutland. Then a third came Over the Hill hovered and sped off toward state police at Rutland said that just before they received a Telephone Call from the Madison there was a great Deal of Static on the civil defense statewide Hookup. The Madison said they had spotted similar objects in recent weeks but had not reported the sightings for fear of being ridiculed. The ufos seen by perhaps As Many As too persons in the new Haven area was also spotted by the night Man at Tweed new Haven Airport. Peter Gagliardi a radio operator at the Field said he took a Washington up a president Johnson says he May have to ask Congress to raise taxes $5 billion if prices keep going up the Way they did last month. Johnson s warning came at an Impromptu news conference tuesday after the labor . Troops driven Back by i Iet Cong Saigon up a helicopter borne troops of the . 1st air cavalry division today swept Back into the area of their major Victory of last Novet it or at Chu Pong Mountain but were driven Back by heavy Viet Cong fire in a bloody Battle. Over All casualties were listed As Light for the american Force of about two companies a up to 400 men. But some units took moderate to heavy casualties. One platoon of 44 men was flown out by helicopter All of its members dead or wounded. The Viet Cong aided by North vietnamese regulars on the Mountain slopes one mile from pair of binoculars and went up the cambodian Border and 210 to the roof of the control Tower Miles Northeast of Saigon shot after receiving More than a Down four helicopters killing at dozen Telephone Calls from sex least four crewmen. The Fate of cited residents. Eight other crewmen was not Gagliardi said the sky was known. One Crew was rescued. See vermonters. While the cavalrymen battled in the Chu Pong area 230 Miles North of Saigon a wave of anti american feeling swept the big port City of Danang. Students defied Premier Nguyen Cao a warning against demonstrations and demanded a personal apology from president Johnson for interfering in vietnamese Domestic affairs. The anti american demonstrations followed an incident in which a . Marine truck collided with a vietnamese truck taking part in a 250-vehicle demonstration to demand overthrow of the military department had announced what housewives already knew a the Cost of living Rose sharply again in february. Fed by higher food costs the consumer Price Index jumped a fat one half of i per cent its biggest february Advance in 15 years. Johnson emphasized that he had made no decision yet whether to go to Congress for a tax hike that would take some inflationary spending Power out of the hands of Consumers and businessmen. He conceded its no fun recommending higher taxes in an election year when angry voters might retaliate against congressmen who voted for it. But the president said he would rather ask for a a modest tax increase a five six seven per cent corporate and personal than to see inflation and see lbs Page to col. 3 Bill seeks to extend Taft Hartley a rep. D-n.y., Page to col. 4 plans scrapped for Youthful offender Center Randolph up a plans to locate a residential treatment Center for Youthful offenders Here have been scrapped. State institutions director John Woodhull met tuesday night with government in Saigon and a some 15 to 20 residents who a return patently opposed the Center. He . To civilian government servicemen escaped Daylight time w Rangle ends Congress sets uniform dates of an. Officers Billet in Saigon and the shooting Down of two i of jets by communist gunners. Will meet with . Secretary general Thant gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller and mayor John v. Lindsay among others before leaving new York for new Delhi Friday night. He said he also was a asking tile Congress and the american people to join with me in an Appeal to the conscience of All nations that can Render help. A Washington up a the cows May not like it but the Long and impassioned Wrangle Over americans summer time clocks was heading the Way of history today. Only the formality of final House approval stood Between set uniform dates for Daylight saving time this year and make it automatic next year throughout the nation. Discuss i in ii a Secretary of state Dean Rusk left and . Ambassador to India Chester Bowles Chat tuesday with Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi at Blair House in Washington prior to a meeting which reportedly was to a determine How far she can go Quot in accepting . Aid to help solve indians problems. Up the winners were business and transportation interests City dwellers and vacationers of the Road and even growing numbers of Farmers who pleaded for an end to the Cost and confusion of the nations Patchwork summer time patterns. For this year the Bill requires any state or locality 3.4 per cent Federal pay hike approved Washington Ipi a House subcommittee approval has been Given to a Bill which would give 1.8 million Federal employees a 3.4 per cent increase in wages and fringe benefits. The Bill approved tuesday was a bit More generous than the administration proposal. President Johnson had asked for a 3.2 per cent jump the maximum for a non inflationary increases under administration wage Price guidelines. The legislation was approved by a House Post office and civil service subcommittee. It would Cost about $180 million a year according to rep. Edward Derwinski a ill. The Bill May be rushed to the House floor action possibly As Early As next week. Other congressional news teachers the Senate gave voice vote approval tuesday to legislation giving a pay raise averaging $785 a year to 6,700 american teachers abroad. The Compromise measure goes to the House now for final approval. The teachers Are at . Military bases. Going on Daylight time at All to Start it the last sunday in april and end it the last sunday in october. Starting next year the Bill triggers automatic nationwide fast time for the last sunday in april to the last sunday in october. There is just one escape Hatch a state May vote to exempt itself and stay on Standard time for the six month period. But a and this is the kicker the entire state must go one Way or the other failure of a state to act puts it on Daylight time automatically. The Strong Federal Daylight saving time Bill comes to the end of years of hesitation and outright resistance. In the end the National schizophrenia of clocks across the country jumping from Standard time to Daylight time to double Daylight time even Daylight time in reverse was too much for Congress. Brice of m woes up in in. I. Albany Only. Up milk prices Are expected to increase by about two cents a quart in the Albany area next week. Richard Vanderwood manager of the Eastern area of the dairymen a league cooperative association said tuesday Competition for local supplies for use in new England was a partial reason for the Price hikes. Some Farmers in the area have blamed the Rise on higher labor processing costs and on an increase in minimum prices paid to suppliers under recent action by the department of agriculture. Said he explained in detail the death in the terrorist bombing proposed facility which would have been located in a Home donated to the state. A a reluctantly j have decided not to pursue further the proposed use of the Gifford Home As a residential treatment Center a the director said. Any further pressure to utilize that facility might jeopardize or delay initiation of the Pilot correctional program he said. The Center would have been used for first time offenders Between the Ages of 15 and 17. Woodhull said All boys would have been carefully screened for a period of 60 Days before being sent to the Center. Washington up Richard l. Ottinger. Planned to file legislation today which would give the president Broad Powers to protect the Public interest in labor disputes like the Boston newspaper strike. A the growing number of strikes like the crippling new York City transit strike and the recent newspaper strikes that have paralysed economic activity in new York Cleveland and Boston prove that existing Laws Are not adequate to protect the Public interest a Ottinger said tuesday. His measure would extend the 80-Day a Cooling off period of the Taft Hartley act to All labor controversies involving interstate Commerce that Are a threat to the nation or a substantive part of it. The president would be Given the Power to order a 30-Day freeze before invoking the Taft Hartley provisions. During this period labor and management would be required to seek a settlement based on recommendations of a special fact finding Board. Draft dodging ring broken it till arrest of 32 by Washington up a the Fri today arrested 32 persons including a group of fathers and their sons on charges they were involved in a draft dodging scheme built on the Sale of stolen Reserve unit Ransom fund grows for kidnapped youth Surfside Fla. Up a the parents of teen age Kidnap victim Daniel Jesse Goldman hopefully awaited word on their missing songs safety today As a Ransom Reward fund started by an elderly Friend a grew Danny was abducted from his Home in this fashionable Section near Miami beaches hotel Row Early monday by a nervous gunman who warned his trussed up parents they a might never see him alive he at first demanded $25,000 for 18-year-old Danny a life but warned the Price would double As of 6 . Tuesday morning. Goldman a prominent contractor and executive in a Bank which recently failed said the gunman told him a you May not remember me but you cheated me out of some Goldman said however he could not identify the Man. A horde of Fri agents Dade county detectives and Surfside police have been waiting in and around the roped off Goldman Home for two nights for a Call from the kidnapper. An Fri spokesman however reported a no developments Early today. Daniel j. Goldman a rabbi who visited or. And mrs. Aaron Goldman at their canal front Home tuesday said they were a holding up As Well As can be meanwhile Jack Bernstein a Spry 73 years old and longtime Friend of the boys parents and grandparents told up Early today he already had pledges totalling nearly $10,000 for his Ransom Reward fund. Credentials for prices ranging up to $5,000. The Fri announcement said the ring obtained draft deferments in the air Force reserves using forms that falsely certified a person was a member. The search for other members of the ring is continuing. Cracking of the ring entered in Newyl Ork City stemmed from the earlier arrests of two men Paul George Miller and Solomon Gottfried. The Fri said they supplied the stolen forms and made the contacts to sell the draft deferments. Gottfried 56, of Levittown n.y., was accused of taking the air Force Reserve forms from Mitchell Field air Force base in Hempstead through Miller 28, of Flushing n.y., he allegedly contacted students and their fathers. After they paid prices averaging $1,500, copies of the forms were mailed to their draft boards. This entitled them to a 1-d classification and blocked their Call up the selective service system the Fri said. The plot came to Light when the air Force made a change in the forms and draft boards continued to receive the older types from the draft dodging ring. on the inside editorial comments on informal hearing monday on unification. A Page 4. Dorset sets new town meeting to decide kindergarten Issue a Page 6

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