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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - March 15, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Clear and older Clear and colder tonight with lowest temperatures 5 to to degrees in the North portion and to to 15 degrees in the South portion. Wednesday mostly sunny with Little temperature change. Yesterdays High 45 Low 27. Today at 7 ., 29. Sunset 5 57 . Sunrise 6 04 Benning Bennington. Vermont tuesday. March 15, 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 20.016 to cents lbs signs Bill authorizing $4.8 billion More for yet Washington up a pres spending for the Viet Nam War in a White House ceremony ident Johnson today signed into asserting that it signified that at which he signed the Law an authorization for $4.8 Congress stands behind . Authorization Bill Johnson a billion supplemental military troops fighting there. Pressed sadness at having to would oppose Hoff historic or Scanion v Village atty. John la. Williams ii reminds a sparse audience at Bennington elementary school last night that it May have gathered for the last time to hold an annual meeting of Bennington Village. Williams reviewed the signing of the unification enabling act in Montpelier last week and expressed his personal Hope that unification will be approved trial balloon launched Snelling eyes candidacy this year. Hamilton voters approve pay hike for clerk fire officials in John la 4\1ilton Light attendance Little controversy and positive action on pay increases for Village servants characterized the annual floor meeting of Bennington Village monday night at Bennington elementary school. Pay increases of 5 per cent were voted for the chief and for the two assistant chiefs of the Bennington fire department. A substantial increase was voted for the Village clerk As Well. In approving trustees request for a general fund tax rate of $2.12 on the grand list voters reds shoot Down two los. Planes Saigon up a communist gunners shot Down a . Air fore phantom Jet off the coast of North Viet Nam then Sank an amphibian Rescue plane with mortar fire but an american helicopter braved the heavy shelling to Rescue six of the eight crewmen involved it was disclosed today. A . Military spokesman said the hair rising incident occurred monday during one of 30 bombing missions by Navy and air Force planes Over the North. He said the two Man Crew of the phantom f4c, which was struck by conventional ground fire bailed out into the sea two Miles off the coast and 32 Miles South of Thanh Boa in the Panhandle Region. An air Force he 16 Albatross amphibian settled in the water near the two but mortars from excise tax i it crease imminent Washington up a Congress was expected today to Swallow hard and go through with the politically distasteful election year task of raising excise taxes to help provide a billion in extra revenues to fight the War in Viet Nam. Their action will bring the mounting costs of the War Home to almost All americans through higher Telephone Bills higher costs for new cars and increased income tax withholding. Both House and Senate were ready to give their final approval to the tax program which Johnson had urged be pushed through Congress by today to get maximum Benefit from its provisions. Following approval it goes to the White House. In addition to raising additional War revenues the administration sought the Bill to help combat inflation. Speculation was increasing however that Johnson would Send a general tax increase Bill later this year to further Dampen inflationary trends. The presidents present proposal is aimed at bringing in $1.2 billion extra Over the next 15 months by wiping out cuts in excise taxes on new cars and Telephone Calls that Congress approved Only last year. The remaining $4.8 billion would come from a a pay As you go system of increased income tax withholding for higher income citizens and seeded up collection of corporate taxes. These would not involve increases but merely bring in tax Money earlier than usual. Nearby Hon me Island scored direct hits on the lumbering Rescue Craft. The Albatross quickly Sank. A Carrier based helicopter then braved the North vietnamese mortar barrage swooped in and picked up six survivors. Two other americans were lost the . Spokesman said an air Force official said it was the largest single pickup of the War by a Rescue aircraft operating in North vietnamese territory. In addition to the six survivors one body was recovered. The other airman was listed officially As missing. The two men aboard the Jet both rescued were identified As flight Leader maj. James m. Peerson 34, of Burlington n.c., and his Pilot systems operator capt. Lynwood c. Bryant 28, of Jackson Mich. Surviving Albatross crewmen were the Pilot capt. David Westenburger of Lancaster Ohio the co Pilot 1st it. Walter e. Hall of Memphis Tenn. Navigator capt. Donald s. Price of Pennsauken n.j., and flight Engineer . Clyde w. Jackson Iii of Washington . Westenburger is a Veteran Rescue Crew commander and won the Silver Star for a daring Rescue last november. Also gave the go ahead to an across the Board pay hike for non elected Village employees As provided for in the 1966 general fund budget. Pay for the fire chief was raised to $420, and pay for the assistant chiefs to $315. The half of the clerks salary that is paid out of tax Revenue was raised from $2,656 to $3,000. Moving smoothly from article to article the approximate 60 voters attending the meeting appropriated sums for other Village officers in the same amounts As last year $500 for the Village president $400 for each trustee $1500 for the Village attorney $300 for each water commissioner $2 per hour for the nato plans statement on Unity Pabis up a the United states and its North Atlantic allies have agreed not to press French president Charles de Gaulle for an immediate showdown Over his expulsion of nato troops and bases from France diplomatic sources said today. However the allies still plan to draw up a statement reaffirming nato Unity in the face of de Gaulle a apparent determined efforts to weaken the anti communist military Alliance. The statement being hammered out at a nato meeting Here would be issued jointly or separately in the capitals of the Allied members possibly this week or next the sources said. Some members of nato appeared reluctant to Rush ahead with any too Sharp criticism of de Gaulle. Auditors and $1,650 for the treasurer. Amounts of $400 were appropriated for the Bennington fire department and for each of the four companies within the organization. On Only one of the first nine articles was there any Snag and that was article 6, which asked that trustees be authorized a to dispose of any interest which the Village May have in the Alley leading from Union Street past the Banner building to the four 21 restaurant. The article was approved but not without questioning of trustee Joseph a. Pello explanation that the Alley is a a dangerous to children and other pedestrians As Well As a a expensive to the Village to maintain. Pello was asked whether if the Alley is indeed dangerous the trustees should not retain control of the Alley to insure that it be made safer. Pello replied that the Alley is so narrow it could Only be made safer by closing it As a Public Way. Village atty. John h. Williams ii advised voters that obscurity surrounds the deed of the property and that recent evidence indicates Bennington selectmen Are ultimately responsible for the Lane. Williams said the effect of article 6 would be to a authorize trustees to negotiate with selectmen to have them abandon the Alexander . Drysdale proposed that article 6 be rewritten to this see meeting Page to col. 6 now that the legislature has adjourned the political pot begins to Bubble As eyes now turn on the Campaign for governor this fall. Richard Snelling a candidate for lieutenant governor on the gof ticket in 1964 is non thinking of running for governor. A Story from Montpelier correspondent William Blachly on Page 5 looks at possible gubernatorial candidates in the legislature. Democratic gov. Philip. Roff has made it Clear he plans to seek a third term. Shelburne up a Chittenden county Republican chairman Richard Snelling of Shelburne says he May be a candidate for the gop gubernatorial nomination this year. Snelling said in a prepared statement that he would withhold a final decision in order to determine if his candidacy a is in the Best interests of the Republican he did say however that a final decision would be made very shortly but did not elaborate. The 39-year-old businessman and former state legislator was the 1964 gop candidate for lieutenant governor. He was Defeated by John Daley of Rutland. Snelling said he had reviewed the situation carefully for several months and now finds that a no personal or business Obi he s flattered rep. A a King Reid Lefevre of Manchester who has been prominent in state politics for Many years said today he was a a flattered to be mentioned As a possible gop candidate for governor this fall. Rep. Emory Hebard of Glover said that Lefevre would make a Good candidate for governor in a television interview in Burlington sunday. Re h Ari Snelling Gallons Are standing in the Way of his announcing his candidacy for governor. He notes that the key requirement of candidacy a should be Opportunity to be of service rather than Mere candidate willingness or the county chairman said Ute foil fused Rusk sees More nations helping South Viet Nam i nil it in a i Maneu vers Mann a resignation has strings attached Montpelier a rep. Dalton Mann or. Of Peru has resigned his seat in the legislature but in the curious world of politics he May be reappointed to fill his own vacancy if gov. Philip h. Boff Calls a special legislative session this summer. Mann whose Brand of Liberal republicanism has caused More conservative members of his party to whisper a a he a just a Democrat in disguise a submitted his resignation to Boff monday so that he can take a seat on the new educational financing Agency. Hoff is expected to name Mann to the Post later this week but while the Veteran lawmaker told the Banner he had no plans to run for the House seat again and wants to get out of the a political retrace a Mann May be right Back in the Middle of legislative wars this summer. The governor has indicated that when the legislative Council finishes its study of his Low Cost Canadian Power project by july he will Call the legislature into special session to consider the controversial legislation once again. Mann As chairman of the House banking and corpor Boston up a Secretary of state Dean Rusk says More and More nations can be expected to join the United states in helping South Viet Nam resist communist aggression. Rusk told a Boston University audience monday that a a great majority of the non communist governments understand and support what we Are doing in Southeast Asia. A i think you will see More and More governments of the free world offering or increasing tangible assistance to South Viet Nam a he said. Australia new zealand and Korea have military units in Viet Nam. Formosa has contributed technicians and the philippine Congress is considering sending 2,000 men to Viet Nam. Rusk who flew to Boston to attend a founders Day dinner at Boston University returned a Rensselaer county plans to observe 175th birthday Daulton Mann or. Actions committee was House floor Leader in support of this Roff measure and it has been revealed that Hoff in an agreement with Mann will reappoint see Mann Page to col. 4 Troy . A in 1791, the year new York state reluctantly gave up claim to the territory of Vermont and it achieved statehood Rensselaer county was created by an act of the state legislature. Plans Are now underway to celebrate the county a 175th birthday in conjunction with troyes 150th anniversary As a City. It has tentatively been planned by county and City officials to sponsor in september a we Klong program including a Parade banquet Ball and exhibits. Each of the county a 14 towns will have two members on the anniversary committee while Troy is expected to designate residents from various civil social and religious organizations to Aid in planning an impressive program. Rensselaer county one of the oldest in the state was named for Patroon Kiliaen Van Rensselaer and originally had seven townships with Troy becoming the county seat Only after a bitter Battle with Lansingburgh. Prior to the 18th Century most residents of the county were of dutch ancestry but after the revolutionary War Yankees from Rhode Island Vermont and Massachusetts settled in the area later augmented by Many other nationalities. When Rensselaer county was formed feb. 7, 1791. It had a population of 22,500, which has increased to the nearly 150,000 now on the census Rolls and it now looks Forward to further growth in its next 175 Vears. To Washington by train following his address. About 125 persons most of them Boston University students picketed the Sheraton hotel As he arrived. Rusk gave no indication at the time that he saw the demonstrators but noted later in his address he saw one boy carrying a placard urging a Stop the War in Viet a i wish i could have talked to that Young person a Rusk said. A president Johnson has carried that sign throughout the he charged that persistent . Peace efforts had been stalled by Hanoi and peking and said even some communist nations realize it is not the . Which keeps the War going. A we Are not asking the other Side to change their regime or to surrender a single acre or a single individual a Rusk said. He said the . Is asking Only that they a Stop shooting at South Viet on the inside Are there any possible gop candidates for in the legislature a Page 3. An editorial comments on Humphreys free election proposal Page 4. . Ski club visits East Dorset Page 5. 1966 Republican candidate should be willing to a conduct a thoughtful and progressive campaigns based on reasoned and moderate views. He said such a Campaign could win for republicans in 1966, but warned that the spirit of defeatism and a reluctance to agree on party leadership could a easily destroy the effectiveness of any in his statement Snelling pointed to the a Many voices which have been raised within the Republican party indicating a need to avoid bitterness following the party primary elections in the fall. He said a campaigns of Unity and common cause Are needed and added that neither party leaders nor rank and file have yet told potential candidates what they should do to help avoid inter party strife. Snelling said he would wait until the party leadership and organization clearly define what it expects candidates to do to help prevent party splits before he makes a formal announcement. Spend a such great the bombs and planes and the gun Power of he said he wished that a these great resources could be put instead to the service of As military leaders Pentagon officials and members of Congress looked on Johnson signed the Bill in the White House East room. He noted that it authorized part of $13.1 billion in emergency military appropriations up for House action later in the Day. There was no hint of argument in the House during debate on the appropriations measure Over How or Why the United states was fighting the War a but Over the manner in which the Johnson administration was financing the conflict. The Senate became embroiled in hot debate Over the whole conduct of the War when the authorization measure came under consideration. However the Bill ultimately was approved by senators by a vote of 95 to 2 and the House passed it 392 to 4. Signing the measure Johnson said a by its overwhelming vote on this measure i believe the Congress has declared to the american people that they stand behind our fighting men in Viet the president said a most of the world leaders today genuinely prefer peace because most of the world has Learned a the final futility of but he said there still Are a few who do not understand this. A and so to those who ask what our present struggle in Viet Nam really Means a Johnson declared a let me say again a our purpose is to see lbs signs Page to col. 4 Bennington a Maze of school districts some about to be merged with others some to be reorganized and some so new they have yet to function fully Are confusing enough to area residents. But a Law firm in Syracuse ., asked to draw up a lease for the Hicks school really got things muddled. The greater Bennington District about to join the South supervisory Union was referred to As Southwest supervisory Union. And Rural school Board chairman Harriet Davis was referred to As chairman of Bennington school District inc., which does not legally exist. The lease was returned to the lawyers for another try. 4 4 a it t troubles in the gemini 8 space Cap blast off sule and its Render our target the at Las Agena shown Here on launch pad delayed delayed for at least a Day their scheduled launching. Up gemini 8 Given Quot go for wednesday Cape Kennedy up a project officials decide today whether to try to get gemini 8 and its rendezvous rocket off wednesday or wait until thursday to Start the action paced three Day spaceflight. Mission director William Schneider said there was a reasonable probability for an on time Start wednesday of the three Day space spectacular. A we Are go but on a tight schedule a said a space Agency spokesman. The decision to proceed came after engineers reported that tests on the capsules repaired oxygen breathing system were going Well and that the Atlas Booster for gemini a Agena target Tju it a ready to plans to begin the twin Bill today were scrapped monday by the double dose of Atlas and spacecraft troubles. Barring last minute hitches gemini a Atlas Agena rendezvous rocket will Streak toward space at to Est wednesday with Armstrong and Scott following in Pursuit atop their Titan 2 at 11 41 After a 17,500-mile-an-hour Chase for 5 1-2 hours gemini 8 will catch up with the orbiting Agena. A few minutes later Armstrong will guide gemini 8 see gemini launch

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