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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - March 2, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Clearing cooler Clearing and cooler tonight with Low temperatures in the teens and Low 20s. Thursday fair and somewhat warmer. Yesterdays High 48 Low 33. Today at 7 ., 36. Total precipitation .06 Inch. Winds to 53 knots. Sunset 5 41 . Sunrise 6 26 Benning Bennington Vermont wednesday March 2, 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 20,005 to cents regional plan meets Manchester Roadblock by Hob la pm an in town meeting voting monday night and tuesday a total of la Bennington county towns approved of their participation in a countywide regional planning program but because one so called a key Quot town turned the proposition Down the regional planning Effort apparently will not go Forward at this time. Manchester a voters by a count of 299-348, turned Down that towns participation in the formation of the proposed southwestern Vermont regional planning commission. As specified in the warning articles for a number of the county towns Manchester is one of six a a key towns which have to vote affirmatively on the proposal before it can take effect. The cause however is not entirely lost since these warnings specified that the affirmative voters by the six towns had to come before March to 1967. This Means that of Manchester voters either at a special meeting or at the 1967 annual meeting change their minds and a it prove that towns participation the affirmative votes of the other towns will remain valid and the regional planning commission can be formed. The five other a Quot key towns which did approve the proposal were Pownal Bennington Shaftsbury Arlington and Dorset. In most cases the approval came by a substantial margin but in the Case of Pownal the vote was a close one with 249 a a yes votes and 236 a no votes. Also approving the regional planning proposal were the following non key towns Peru Woodford Sunderland Sandgate Readsboro and Rupert. In most cases the article voted on by these towns did not set any conditions on the formation of the regional planning commission. But since the a a key towns themselves cannot participate unless and until Manchester votes affirmatively on the proposal it is unlikely that these non key towns will go ahead on their own. In the cases of the various affirmative votes each towns voters also approved a specified appropriation which would represent the respective towns Power Bill in peril by second thoughts Montpelier a a last minute and Surprise Effort to kill gov. Philip h. Hoff a massive Canadian Power legislation was launched late this morning when rep. Luther Hackett r South Burlington introduced an amendment to have the measure handed Over to the legislative Council for further study. Debate began on the proposal with rep. Daulton Mann jr., a Peru a seeking its defeat. The House recessed at noon without acting on the amendment and debate is expected to resume when the House returns at 3 . The Bill which could involve More than $1 million in Canadian Power purchases during the next 25 years passed the House last week on a narrow 73-69 Roll Call vote. A switch in four votes could spell doom for the legislation. On tuesday sen. George d. Aiken jt-vt., said he opposed the Bill because there would be too much Power concentrated in the hands of the governor. He pointed to the Section that provides the governor with the selection of trustees for the proposed non profit tax exempt Power corporation. And sen. Derrick v. Webb a Shelburne said he had second thoughts on the Bill which he voted for when it was before the upper chamber. Webb said there was something a a fishy about the measure and added that More time should have been taken in considering All aspects of the Bill. The state senator said he was definitely for cheaper Power a but on a Deal this big a he said a there should always be time to get the facts and if you Are told there Isnit you should Start to look for something the legislation has been ush it s go go for mrs. Cody Landgrove a it s go go go for mrs. Helen o. Cody land Groves town clerk and treasurer for 30 Odd years who relinquished the Post tuesday because she thought it was time she retired. Honoured at the polls Here at town meeting among the Surprise gifts she received was 1,000 Gallons of gasoline. Mrs. Cody said tuesday night that she might just travel around a bit. The townspeople also remembered her with a plaque recognising her years of service a Gold Wristwatch and a purse of Money. on the inside results of town meetings in the county on pages 2,6 and to. An editorial comments on How the county almost got regional planning Page 4. Chs goes into the quarterfinals of the class l basketball championship Page 8. Ered through the special session thus far on the grounds that this is the last possible Chance for Vermont to take advantage of the Canadian Power Deal and that time is essential for the beginning of negotiations Between the state and Quebec Hydro electric. And the Senate was expected to act on the labor relations Bill. The measure which is based on the Federal Taft Hartley act would set up a labor relations Board headed by the Industrial relations commissioner. Key sections of the Bill make it mandatory for labor and management to notify the state 30 Days before a contract expires gives the governor the right to mediate labor disputes and provides for a quasi judicial arbitration Board if both parties consent. The Bill has been Defeated twice in past sessions and if killed this session it is expected to be a major Campaign Issue for the democrats in the fall election. Present Laws cover Only workers in firms doing at least $50,-000 Worth of business annually and which Are engaged in interstate Commerce. Share of the costs of the anticipated two year regional planning program. The four other county towns not taking action on the regional planning proposition were Stamford Searsburg Landgrove and Winhall. Carandola seeks revival of housing Bill Montpelier up a the Hoff administration anti discrimination housing Bill May be revived this week in the Vermont House. Rep. Joseph Caracciola a Bennington made a motion to Day to have the fair housing Bill reconsidered and recommitted to the judiciary committee for further study. Said Caracciola a pm constituents and clergy in Bennington were in full agreement that the wording of the Bill was itself discriminatory and asked me to support a stronger Caracciola suggested that it is not necessary for the measure to read a brokers Bankers or lawyers when the simple words a any person Selling or renting a Home would suffice. The Bennington representatives move for reconsideration needed a three fourths vote to suspend the rules and make the Bill debatable. The motion was rejected on a division vote 69-63. However rep. Donald Milne a Barre then moved to have the House rules requiring the three fourths vote be amended to read a a simple majority vote. House speaker Richard Mal Lary advised Milne that his motion would have to appear in the House Calendar first and Milne said he would submit the amendment today. A great debate ends Viet funds ail roved Winhall town clerk mrs. Ina Coleman Sho univ really does no to have much to worry about j while ballots Are counted in the Back looks or ounce for her re election. She was unopposed and thus handily won her 21st Warrior term As cer and treasurer. At the right is Winhall Moderator John o. Slade. Resch Airport project gets off ground Bennington voters a what few of them there were who went to the polls a were apparently in an expansive mood tuesday approving by substantial margins All of several special articles including one that had been rejected three times previously. Turning out to ballot on the four special articles and to elect officers were just 902 voters less than 13 per cent of those eligible to have voted. The special article on which there was a reversal of pre unanswered questions Cloud Venus Landing Moscow up a the dramatic crash Landing of an unmanned soviet space ship on Venus was clouded today by a series of unanswered questions ranging from space Hygiene to Basic facts about the historic feat. Soviet scientists were expected to a meet the press soon to . Legislators propose co linty wide assessment Albany . A Bill introduced tuesday in the legislature would authorize the establishment of county tax districts and the creation of county assessing offices for one or several adjacent counties to replace present City town Village and school District assessors. Last year in a memorandum attached to a similar Bill which failed to gain sufficient support for passage it was emphasized that if assessing were All handled by county boards of assessors the work would be done by officials trained in proper assessment practices. The present Bill Loco sponsored by democratic assemblyman Frank p. Cox of Albany and Republican assemblyman l. Richard Marshall of Elmira who says the proposed Bill is a a step in the right direction toward getting a professional assessing staff to establish assessment of property values in a Marshall in saying he would push for the Bill s passage added a unfortunately Many town assessors Are unqualified and As a result this creates a local dissatisfaction with answer some of the questions surrounding Earth a first Contact with another planet and russians second space spectacular in less than a month. The russians followed up their Venus announcement today by reporting they were still receiving radio signals from their Zond 3 Moon probe from 95 million Miles in space seven months after it was launched. It was Zond 3 which sent Back photographs of the far Side of the Moon. Tass said Zond 3 was now gradually receding from the Sun in a heliocentric orbit but is still functioning normally. A sketchy announcement by the soviet news Agency Tass tuesday revealed Only that the one ton Venus-3 completed its 104 Day Mission and planted the Kremlin a Hammer and sickle coat of arms on the planets surface. The question was raised if the final communication sessions with Venus-3 failed How did the soviets know they really hit the planet also there was no indication whether Venus-2 was Able to radio Back to Moscow any information during its by pass. Vious voter sentiment was that proposing a $45,000 appropriation As the local share of the costs of extending and widening the main runway at the towns municipal Airport. Voters approved of the improvement project by a count of 500 to 330. For the project to go ahead Matching state and Federal funds making up the balance of the $180,000 estimated Cost of the project will have to be forthcoming. Federal Aid amounting to 50 per cent of the total or $90,000, and state Aid amounting to 25 per cent or $45,000, is anticipated. If a Bill now being considered by the state legislature is approved the local share would be Only to per cent or $18,000, while the states share would be 40 per cent or $72,000. On other special articles voters authorized selectmen to convey five acres of the town farm land to the greater Bennington Rural school District for use As the site of a proposed Community planetarium and related science facility and approved of see Airport Page to col. 6 Washington up a president Johnson got what he wanted out of Congress but the lawmakers disagreed today As to just what they authorized when they voted approval of his request for $4.8 billion in emergency military Aid for Viet Nam. The House and Senate approved slightly different versions of the same authorization measure tuesday bringing to an end for the present at least a the current a great debate in the Senate Over administration policy. Minor differences in the two Bills now must be reconciled before the legislation can be sent to the president. The White House pleased at the outcome of the voting issued a statement praising the action and noting congressional convern Over Viet Nam. A the president welcomes and our fighting men and our allies will gratefully approve the congressional actions a the statement said. A the president will continue to act responsibly a As commander in chief. As he said in new York last week a our measured use of Force must be continued but this is prudent firmness under careful control a the White House refrained from any overt interpretation of the vote but it did say it considered the Senate a action in rejecting a move to rescind the 1964 Tonkin Gulf Resolution a vote in favor of the Resolution. If successful the move against the Resolution would have revoked the a Blank Check authority Congress gave president Johnson to take any action he saw fit in Southeast Asia following attacks on . Warships by North vietnamese vessels in August 1964. Labor clans Decimal bound London up a Britain will abandon its centuries old monetary system of pounds shillings and Pence if labor wins the forthcoming general election and convert to Decimal coinage within five years. Chancellor Oftle a exchequer Jarris Callaghan said that under the labor governments proposed plan the Pound would remain As Britain a Basic monetary unit but it would be divided into too cents instead of the present 240. There Are 20 shillings in each Pound and each shilling is made up of 12 Pence. Many senators and representatives considered their vote in favor of the Bill As an indication of their willingness no More and no less to keep american and Allied troops in South Viet Nam supplied with planes missiles and tanks the items spelled out in the legislation. Included in this category was Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield Mont. Chairman j. William Fulbright d-ark., of the Senate foreign relations committee and 77 democratic liberals in the House. But House democratic leaders went out of their Way to attach greater significance to the vote. And chairman Richard b. Russell d-ga., of the Senate armed services committee agreed. Speaker John w. Mccormack d-mass., told his col leagues he considered a vote for the Bill a reaffirmation of the Resolution of support Congress voted the president after the Tonkin Gulf incident of August 1964. House democratic Leader Carl Albert okla., said that a vote for the Bill a Means that the members of Congress believe that the United states of America keeps its but the liberals who also voted for the measure disputed the Leader sip a interpretation. They said they did not want approval construed a was a mandate for unrestrained or indiscriminate enlargement of the military the question of support or non support of Johnson a policy was the key Issue in the Senate see a great debate Page to col. 5 Gusty March h kinds switch Lions Tail March came into Bennington county definitely switching its Lions Tail. As voters were returning Home last night Over Branch strewn highways after casting their ballots at town elections official . Weather observer Paul w. Bohne was computing wind velocity at 62.54 . High winds tampered with Power lines in Many areas of the county and Central Vermont Public service corporation reported Power failures yesterday in Dorset Manchester Arlington Sandgate the Vail Road area of Bennington and South Pownal. Typical causes of the interruptions in service according to one company spokesman were limbs falling across Power lines and poles and High winds running Down the wires and either snapping them or sandwiching them together causing fuse boxes to Burn. Power failure occurred about 9 30 . On the West Side of the River in South Pownal and was restored about Midnight cd pc said. Company Crews were checking late into the night in other sections of the town according to another report. Service was interrupted along the West Arlington Road about 7 10 . For persons living along the Road and in Sandgate. Cd pc said Power there was restored at about la. In Manchester Center a Fence was blown Down that surrounded Hill restaurants cellar Hole on main Street. It was also reported a Utility pole on Lorette Avenue was blown Down. State police reported no Drivers of Small foreign cars or other vehicles experienced mishaps because of the storm. In fact state police investigated Only one minor Accident yesterday that occurred Early in the morning in a Bromley parking lot. Also a a quiet was wind buffed Bennington Village where police reported no accidents or other incidents. Russians deported Accra Ghana up a about 130 russian citizens were deported from Ghana today while deposed president Kwame Nkrumah left Moscow where he received a warm reception by soviet leaders. The russians mostly soviet technicians and their families left the ghanaian capital this morning. They were seen off by the russian ambassador. There was no word on a group of chinese technicians and advisers also believed to have been ordered out of the country by Ghana a new military government. 200 new jobs foreseen shopping Center to be enlarged Mutual withdrawal proposed As Southeast Asia solution Washington up a chairman j. William Fulbright of the Senate foreign relations committee says a lasting solution to the situation in Southeast Asia can be achieved through a Mutual military withdrawal by red China and the United states. A the crisis in Southeast Asia can Only be resolved on a lasting basis by the neutralization of the entire Region by agreement Between China and the United states a Fulbright said in a Senate speech tuesday. The Arkansas Democrat Leader of Senate critics of president Johnson a policies in Viet Nam conceded that the chinese might not want such a neutralization. . Officials described Ful Brights proposal As unrealistic because it failed to take into account communist demands that any settlements in the area be made on their terms. A China is profoundly fearful of american bases on her Periphery a the senator said. A a. Fearful As she is of american military Power in Southeast Asia China might Well be willing to Purchase its removal by the removal of her own. A it would seem to me highly advisable that by one Means or another we indicate to the chinese that we Are prepared to remove american military Power not Only from Viet Nam but from All of Southeast Asia in return for a similar withdrawal on her part. A it is quite Likely that the chinese Are not at present prepared to enter a neutralization agreement As Long As the United states is expending More and More lives and More and More Money in an Ever widening but inconclusive War in Indochina. A what can we do to induce China to pay the Price of a neutralization agreement a what we can do it seems to me is to confront her with the perfectly credible prospects of being confronted with that which she most fears which is to say with permanent american bases on her Periphery. We can make the threat of permanent bases credible by reducing the Cost of sustaining them to a level which the chinese know we can sustain by John Hamilton prospects for a significant boost in Bennington a Economy were unveiled this week through a real estate Transfer transacted in the office of a Bennington attorney. Sold to the Barbara Jean realty corporation a owner of the North Bennington Road shopping Center a were More than four acres of land lying South of the first National and . Grant stores. According to the real estate firms president Raymond Carye of Chelmsford mass., the land will be used to provide space for a major expansion of present shopping facilities at the North Bennington Road Center. Cayre said As Many As seven new stores will be located in the shopping Center by March 1967. In addition to the new stores the . Grant store will definitely be expanded from its present 18,000 Square feet size to 50,000 Square feet Cayre said. The new acreage for the shopping Center was purchased from James Shea and from or. And mrs. Everett a Blanc All of Bennington. Three parcels of land including frontage along the West Side of North Bennington Road were formally transferred this week and a fourth parcel is expected to be transferred in the near future. Untouched in the transaction was the Leblanc Auto garage on the West Side of the Highway. But the Leblanc junk car lot was acquired by Carye and the the Deal is closed Raymond Carye of Chelmsford mass. Second from right has purchased land that will triple in size the North Benning ton Road shopping Center. Sellers of land were James Shea second from left and or. And mrs. Everett Leblanc Center. Broker was William e. Hoisington left. Legal matters were handled by William c. Sennett right. Former owners Are now engaged in removing hundreds of automobiles from the premises. Several houses Between the Leblanc garage and the present shopping Center will be demolished in the next several months according to Carye. One House will be removed by april i and others will make Way for the shopping Center by july i. According to Carye floor space for the expanded shopping centers will total 100,000 Square feet. Carye said a number of concerns have expressed interest in the proposed facilities including Montgomery Ward the Aubuchon hardware store Chain the Adams drug store Chain at Rhode Island and the Friendly ice Cream Chain. Carye said he is also negotiating with a shoe store a Bank that might provide drive in service and a women a specially shop. In addition the first see shopping Center Page to col. 2

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