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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 29, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Clear and cooler turning cooler this afternoon Clearing and much cooler tonight with Low in the 50s. Fair wednesday and cooler. Yesterdays High 89, Low 68, today at 7 . 72. Sunset 8 38, Sunrise 5 13. The Moon will be at Perigee at to p.m., 222,700 Miles from Earth. Bennington Bennington Vermont tuesday june 29, 1965 Anner founded in 1841 daily 1903 no. 19,798 to cents House Senate conference agrees . Bombers skirt China on municipal court reorganization paratroops Battle Montpelier up a the Mise will make the Chittenden state pay All audit costs Over debate Over vital and Controvert run Fornore a or Rutland mull anal Mirts $130,000. Sill issues managed to take a Montpelier up a the House and Senate conference committee have reached agreement on a Bill to reorganize the Vermont municipal court system. Approval is expected from both Chambers of a committee of conference report on the Bill abolishing five of the 17 Vermont municipal courts and making five of the remaining 12 full time courts. The Senate Bill had a feb. I 1967 effective Date while the House Bill set the reorganization for july i 1966. The Compro schools building funds approved Montpelier up a final legislative passage was Given today to a Bill earmarking $3.5 million Over the biennium for state Aid to school construction. The Money includes $2.5 million in bonding and some $1 million from an expected general fund surplus. The funds represent the states share of 30 per cent of the Cost of constructing new educational facilities. The Bill goes to gov. Philip h. Hoff for his signature. Mise will make the Chittenden and Rutland municipal courts full time operations next july i and the Windham Windsor and Barre a Montpelier courts full time feb. I 1967. The House passed and sent to the governor today a Bill granting exemption from the state income tax to persons on Active duty with the . Armed forces. The Bill allows servicemen to deduct their military pay from the state tax Levy and will Cost Vermont $50,000 a year. The lower chamber also sent to the governor the administration Bill prohibiting persons from serving pm the Board of directors of More than erne state Bank. The interlocking directorate ban goes into effect in 1967. The House also gave final approval to a Bill making Vermont License plates reflector Zed. The measure also raises from $2.50 to $3 the annual License fee but abolishes an earlier prove Sion to use the plates for two years. The House also okayed a Bill requiring insurance companies to have their books audited every three years instead of each five years. Slashed from the measure was a provision that the state pay $130,000. In the Senate final approval was Given a Bill for $940,000 in bonding an appropriation for construction and repair of state buildings. And final legislative action was taken in the House on a $5.6 million construction Bond program for the University of Vermont and four state colleges. Ulm will get $2.1 million and the colleges $3.5 million in construction bonding. The House bogged Down in vocational centers Bill goes to Hoff Montpelier up a the Senate quickly passed and sent to the governor for signature today a Bill appropriating $1.4 million to launch a regional vocational education program. The final passage was a big Victory to gov. Philip h. Hoff who wanted the Money As the states share in a Federal Matching program for 12 regional vocational centers in the state. The Money is the Lions share of a predicted $2.5 million general fund surplus the state will have at the end of the fiscal year wednesday. It. House in Surprise move advances prison Bond Bill Montpelier up a a Senate passed Bill creating a $1.2 million Bond Issue for the first stage of a medium Security prison at Windsor has been Given initial approval by the Vermont House. The Bill dubbed As one of the most controversial items in the current session won approval on a 124-99 Roll Call late monday after More than three hours of debate. Final passage was expected to come before final adjournment wednesday. The Bill would authorize the first of three construction stages of an intermediate medium Security prison for Youthful offenders to replace the present 158-year-old maximum Security prison at Windsor. The present prison is the oldest penal institution still in use in America. The House beat Down an amendment which would have struck the construction of the prison and replaced it with an appropriation of $142,000 to create a series of residential treatment centers for Youthful offenders without bars and with minimum Security. Preliminary approval came after three sessions of failure for the medium Security institution. It is estimated the prison will Cost some $4 million before its completion in to years. The new facility is chiefly aimed at segregating older and More hardened criminals from Youthful offenders. It May ultimately contain a Small Wing for maximum Security inmates. Gov. Philip h. Hoff is believed to favor a possible new England interstate prison compact to handle the highest Security offenders. Defeat of the residential treatment Center marked the unsuccessful Climax of one at the most intense lobbying campaigns Ever seen in Vermont. A group calling itself friends of rehabilitation for fought the medium Security idea As they were led by t. Wesley Grady of Underhill Hoff a former Secretary of civil and military affairs. Grady who made opposition to the prison a virtual crusade helped bring in expert testimony at three Public hearings that nearly caved in support for the Bill. One of the leading opponents was rep. Fred Wilcock a Shef Field who is a retired methodist minister. Wilcock told the House monday that a even $10 million would not bring rehabilitation. For it is the antiquated penal system which must be a your system is based on punishment. We leave men who should be rehabilitated in a prison to rot a he said. Two republicans former president Dwight d. Eisenhower right and Ray c. Bliss chairman of the gop National committee Chat in Washington yesterday during a two Day meeting of top Republican policymakers. Bliss urged caution on the formation of a splinter groups a be called for changes in the operation of National political conventions up Southern gof shows strength Carolina Leader gets policy Job Washington up a a Leader in the resurgent Southern gop has won a place at the top policymaking Levels of the Republican party. J. Drake Edens South Carolina state gop chairman and a supporter of Barry m. Coldwater in last years presidential election was one of three vice chairman elected monday at a National committee meeting. The vice chairmanship entitles Edens to a seat on the 27-member Republican coordinating committee a new policymaking group made up of gop congressional leaders the party a National committee state governors and past presidential candidates. In addition to Edens the other vice chairmen selected at the closed meeting were Donald Ross of Omaha neb., and mrs. Willard Marriott of Washington . One incumbent vice chairman mrs. Collis p. Moore of Moro ore., remains in her Post. A committee spokesman said that Edens Ross and mrs. Marriott were proposed by a nominating committee and elected without contest. The vice chairmanships had been sought by a number of candidates because of their increased importance this year. The election of a staunch Coldwater supporter As a vice chairman came As former president Dwight d. Eisenhower debate Over vital and controversial issues managed to take action Ai just four Bills monday. The Pace must be hastened in the Homestretch to prevent potential legislation from being clobbered by the clock. The . Supreme court has ruled that legislative terms in Vermont must lapse at Midnight wednesday. In the House monday night a Bill appropriating nearly $167,-000 Over the biennium to the tax department for Aid to local listers was Given preliminary approval. It was All that remained of gov. Philip h. Hoff a massive Bill to eliminate the three local appraisers from each town and replace them with a streamlined county evaluating system. Other Bills Given final House approval and sent to the Senate included a 2-cent per pack increase in the cigarette tax to to cents a pack and a Bill making it mandatory for married persons who file joint Federal returns to file joint state income tax returns. The Buls will add $3.2 million in Revenue for the biennium leaving the House to come up with another $2 million to balance the budget. Preliminary approval was Given the Blu setting up first stage construction for a new medium Security prison at Windsor. But the inaction almost outdid the action. Twice the House refused to suspend its rules to permit debate pm placing Cable television companies under Public service Board regulation. Once the House declined to act pm the Bill calling for special legislative elections nov. 23. And another time the House refused to yank from the appropriations committee the vital administration labor relations Bill the elections Bill Likely will pass today but the Cable to and labor relations Bills appeared doomed to the legislative scrap Heap. The Senate whisked through a pair of companion Bills to help implement Hoff a program of regional development. The measures were sent to the chief executive for his signature. One Bill allows five communities to band together to form a regional commission to plan and develop their areas a both for Industry and recreation. The second authorizes state payment of up to $6,000 a year to match Federal funds to pay for a full time executive director for the regional development agencies. Pm 4-ft Down to Earth a vietnamese Fanner near the Dan Nang airbase tends to the business at hand while . And South vietnamese troops Chat monday. Despite heavy . Air attacks the Viet Cong have staged several forays against government positions near the Well fortified base. Up scholarship measure clears Vermont House Montpelier up a the Vermont House today swiftly passed and sent to the Senate a Compromise scholarship Bill calling for $430,000 in stipends Over the biennium. The Senate is expected to approve the Bill Clearing a major hurdle to a Compromise on the giant appropriations Bill standing Between the legislature and final adjournment at Midnight wednesday. The Bill provides retention of the traditional senatorial scholarships but sets up an i depend Senate unit favors pay raise measure urged the opening session of the two Day meeting to shun factional labels. In an obvious reference to various conservative and Liberal organizations within the party Eisenhower said he despised a both words a Liberal and he said that All republicans should ask themselves what National chairman Ray c. Bliss wants and then see to it that he gets it. Bliss himself supplied the answer to the question of what he wants. He told tile delegates that he wants funds which he said were being siphoned away by splinter groups. Montpelier up a the Senate appropriations committee has stamped its Okay on pay raise Bills for classified state employees department Heads and constitutional officers. The Senate went along with a House passed Bill calling for a to per cent pay boost for some 3,800 state workers and a minimum salary boost from $40 to $48.50 a week. In the departmental pay raise Liberal nod boosts chances for Lindsay new York up a Republican John Lindsay a Uphill Battle to capture new York s City Hall has received a tremendous boost with the highly coveted backing of the pro labor Liberal party. The gop candidate received a cheering endorsement monday night at the party a convention at the Astor hotel. The 43-year-old congressman now has another potential 300,-000 to 400,000 votes the first time a Republican has received the Liberal backing since fio rello Laguardia did a generation ago. on the inside rep. Kenalene Collins of Readsboro says she a losing the Battle to get Gypsy Moth Spray funds a Page 3. Rep. George Vansantvoord describes the House debate Over fall elections a Page 4. Shaftsbury voters decide tonight Chi annual school District budget a Page 6. Bill the Senate raised the salary of the commissioner of education from $16,000 to $20,000. The state is tiring to find a replacement tor retiring commissioner a. John Holden. The upper chamber also took care of the lieutenant governor. Under the House Bill the second in command would receive his present $5,000 salary. The Senate boosted the lieutenant governors salary to $12,000 a year plus $2,000 in expenses. Another upper chamber change was made in the effective Date of the employees pay raise. The House wants 5 per cent july i and 5 per cent Jan. I. The Senate wants the second 5 per cent effective july i 1966. Both Chambers want to raise the salary of the governor from $13,750 to $20,000. Ent Board of five members to oversee distr Luton of $170,000 in state incentive Grants and $20,000 in scholarships to super Honor students. The repeal of the senatorial scholarship had been one of the main Bones of Contention Between the two Chambers in the legislative Homestretch. The lower chamber refused to continue the tradition however of granting unrestricted funds of $60,000 a year to Norwich University and $24,000 a year to Middlebury College. Opponents of the two special funds argued that $4.5 million in state Money Over the years has been poured into the two schools and the Money is not really a scholarship Grant to a student but a stipend to the school. Rutland agrees to rebate Railroad taxes Rutland up a the Rutland City fathers have agreed to Abate $14,000 in taxes owed by the inoperative Rutland railway corp. The City Board for abatement of taxes decided however that the remainder of the $28,000 tax Bill should be paid by the firm. The abatement represents payment owed for the first half of fiscal 1965. The other $14,000 is what the railway owes for the second half of the fiscal year. The Board turned Down a bid by the company to $10,000 in taxes. Settle for conferees wrestle with appropriations Montpelier up a House and Senate conferees on the giant appropriations Bill go Back to the bargaining table today in an attempt to Hammer out a Compromise. The House has voted to spend $90.8 million Over the biennium while the Senate wants $92.1 million in spending. One of the big Points of Contention the senatorial scholarships May be ironed out today. The House wants to eliminate the scholarships and set up an Independent Board to handle awards. The Senate wants to expand its scholarship program. Once the scholarship business is handled amicably the Way will be cleared for final approval of the omnibus a Propri Saigon up a four thousand . Paratroops australians and South vietnamese mounted an offensive against the Viet Cong near Saigon today in the first such joint operation of the War. In a similar search and destroy Mission near Danang four u. S. Marines were killed and four wounded. In the air War . Jets in their deepest penetration of the War bombed targets Only 65 Miles from red China. The air Force and Navy carried out More than 70 sorties against the North. The four marines were taking part in a three company 600 men search and destroy operation Southeast of the Chu Lai air base in the Danang area 375 Miles Northeast of Saigon when they ran into a Viet Cong Force. Two of the wounded were in serious condition. The Day s operations apparently Cost eight american lives. Unconfirmed reports said one american paratrooper was killed in the three pronged offensive 30 Miles from Saigon but no official casualty list was announced. In addition three american fliers were believed dead in two crashes. Front dispatches said 2,000 americans were flown into Battle with 1,000 vietnamese troops. An australian battalion of about 1,000 troops was flown in today to reinforce the vast sweep against the Viet Cong barely 30 Miles from Saigon. Swarms of uj3. Air Force and Carrier based Navy jets increased the Tempo of their attacks against the communists in North and South Viet Nam to offset the communists stepped up Monsoon offensive. The reds launched a series of fierce ground attacks in South Viet Nam. One group of american planes struck Only 60 Miles South of the North vietnamese capital of Hanoi today while bombing and strafing guerrilla positions. Three american planes were lost today one a b5 bomber. Three american fliers apparently were killed. The most spectacular attack of the Day was against the Thuan Chan Barracks and Supply depot 155 Miles West Northwest of Hanoi and just 65 Miles South of the chinese Border. Sixteen planes dumped 30 tons of bombs on the area destroying 32 buildings and damaging 20 others. The american jets also returned to the son la Barracks and depot 40 Miles Southeast of Thuan Chanh and 80 Miles South of the China Border. Sixteen planes dropped 29 tons of bombs there destroying 15 More buildings and damaging 15 others. Son la has been hit repeatedly. A us. Military spokesman disclosed that troops of the us. 173rd airborne brigade and South vietnamese were flown into action monday aboard a Fleet of More than 130 helicopters. The fighting area was zoned a notorious Viet Cong stronghold 30 Miles North mirth East of Saigon. Australian troops were flown in today to join the giant search and destroy operation. Zone d was softened up monday with bombing and strafing raids against the Jungles believed to hide communist Headquarters and Supply depots. Soon afterwards the helicopters disgorged their cargo of combat troops. Paratroopers had struck previously against the Viet Cong in a combat operation but a spokesman said these were Only a a brushes a with the enemy. This time there were casualties on both sides but no details. A spokesman said there were a several us. Casualties most of them unconfirmed reports said one paratrooper was killed and two wounded in addition to four helicopter crewmen wounded when they flew in to help them. In other fighting today guerrillas attacked a District Headquarters near the u. S. Air base at Danang. American artillery and air Power silenced the assault with tons of High explosives. In an apparently unrelated incident five u. S. Marines on patrol near Danang were wounded today by an unexplained explosion. The injuries were described As minor. Near Phu Bai North of Danang other patrolling marines fought off a Viet Cong ambush and killed one guerrilla. About nine other Viet Cong retreated into the Jungle. There were no Marine casualties. The pc mortar attack on the District Headquarters at Hieu due was the first such shelling of an important Garrison in the Danang special sector since u. S. Marines landed last March to protect the area. Two vietnamese soldiers were killed. A third was wounded. Hoosick Falls asks $43 a More for school i ing Hoosick Falls a special meeting of the Hoosick Falls Central school Board of education monday night it was voted to hold a special District meeting to ask for an additional $45,000 for construction of an addition to the Central school. The action was taken to meet the lowest bids received at a old opening last week for the project for which the school District had approved the architects estimate of $565,000. W. Parker Dodge architect met with the Board at the special meeting and explained that the High bids and Over estimates Are the result of two factors unsettled labor conditions in the Albany area and the present great amount of construction in tie area. The Date for the special voting will either be july 26 or aug. 2, depending upon How soon Legal notice can be prepared. If approved contracts will be awarded to the lowest bidders at that time. It was noted that the bids Are Good for a period of 45 Days after vote of approval. Manchester May end 1870 fire District actions Bill. Whatever is the final total it will be a record budget and the legislature then will have to begin working to raise state taxes to foot the Bill. An estimated $5 million in new levies will be needed to balance the budget. The House conferees said today they would ask the Senate to approve a scholarship Bill that would both keep the traditional senatorial scholarships and set up the Independent Board. To finance the program some $4,300 would be appropriated Over the biennium. About $180,-000 would go for Senate scholarships $170,000 for incentive Grants and $20,000 for special Honor student stipends. Manchester a handful of voters from Manchester Center and Manchester depot took a second step toward dissolution of their 88-year-old fire District no. I almost without opposition monday night. Do spite grumbling of a giving up More local government a the vote at the fire districts annual meeting was 15-6 to accept an enabling act passed by the current legislature that would allow for abolition of the District and Transfer of its property to the town. Dissolution was first proposed at the annual meeting in 1962. The final step is expected in March at town meeting when a a majority of qualified voters present and voting a must also accept the enabling act. Originally established As a Means of fire Protection for the steady increase of valuable property in Manchester in the late 1870 a the fire District has also provided other special services for which its residents were willing to tax themselves. The Only such services remain ing Are Street lighting and sidewalk construction and maintenance. These responsibilities if so voted at town meeting will be taken by the town of Manchester which induces voters from Manchester Village. According to discussion monday night Village voters will probably to called upon to Bear a proportionate share of the towns sidewalk and Street lighting expenses. Prudential committeeman Edward s. Farnum last night pointed out that the Only property belonging to the fire District is the firehouse. Not even the sidewalks Are the property of the fire District As they Border town highways and the firehouse is expected to be replaced following a fund drive now in Progress by the Manchester firefighters association. In the eve it it of the towns acceptance of fire District responsibilities All property and funds will belong to the town unless debts Are More than see fire District Page 12 col. 4

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