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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 27, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner thursday june 27, 1963 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont Washington calling new Europe through a new medium to sees a new Leader president Kennedy editorials % Vermont and the a Job Gap that a dirtiest trick yet a that gov. Hoff claimed the republicans played on him yesterday turned out to be a a grevious the $25,-000 for the governors planning study of Basic state problems was Cut from the general appropriations Bill because of what was termed erroneous testimony of the development departments planning director. The a misunderstanding a however puts the spotlight on the importance of state study. Gov. Hoff showed himself to be hyper sensitive to what he thought was political sabotage and for Good reason. Much More than Mere partisanship is at stake Here. For the first time Vermont has begun to make Progress Ward a needed detailed study of a wide variety of state problems. Heading the list of those problems As is pointed up in the article on this Page today by Doris Kirkpatrick is the alarming exodus of Young Talent and labor from the Green Mountain state. As a nationwide problem today unemployment is As serious As a and closely related log problems of racial inequality. Not Only does Vermont suffer from unemployment but it is rapidly exporting its j most productive workers those in the j 20 to 35 age bracket. On the National level the crisis threatens to overwhelm the Economy. It is due i largely to the increasing toll of Automa a Tion and technology plus the sudden manuring of the record crop of a Post a War babies who Are now flooding the la Bor Market. Just to stay even it is estimated that 300,000 new jobs a month a reasons for Kennedy s trip become apparent president Kennedy a Well received speech in Frankfurt showed Why he insisted upon visiting Europe at this time t against the wishes of some of his own advisers and a great Many commentators a upon Public affairs. A very simply the president believes the Western military and economic Dalliance is in danger of falling apart. He is there to pledge the United states determination to keep it together. I that goal in or. Kennedy a opinion is Worth the risk of the current trip. He has been told that his timing is wrong that the civil rights controversy requires his presence at Home that French president de Gaulle is unprepared to receive him that a Chancellor Adenauer of Germany is a lame Duck unable to negotiate binding a agreements for the future that Pope 1 Paul i has scarcely had time to Settle j into his new Job. The president chose to i go ahead anyway and the reason for his i decision is n6w apparent. I Strong forces entering around president de Gaulle Are urging a european i i comment a a Quot �1 the Pownal experts Are holding the bag it came in Brattleboro reformer an old Friend of ours generous by nature it it particular As to the direction of his generosity had a Stock answer to those pleading for what he considered doubtful dentures. A sorry a he would say a but you be got the bag it came in some kinds that would be a fitting reply to the tackers of the Pownal race track who Are Leeking help from the state in some form Jot another following their seasons Dis a appointing Start. It is True of course that the state has an interest in this parimutuel operation. A what it gets in taxes depends on its Success. But in consideration of the question % a Law a a a t a in in a in in a a a % i a it a a in in t in Fischetti must be found. And because no such number is anywhere in sight the nation s Job Gap is becoming worse. In Vermont one of the interesting conclusions turned up by the study of or. Milton Nadworny professor of economics at Ulm is that in spite of the departure of our younger workers Vermont still has a a sizeable reserved of experienced workers. While on the one hand this indicates a Large number of persons on the unemployment Rolls it also Means that there is a labor Force available for new Industry. Although this conclusion May be modified or qualified by other factors that will turn up in the study it represents the kit cd of conclusion that can be helpful in assessing where we Are and How Best we should prepare for future development. When it comes to employment and Industry Vermont not Only shares in a nationwide dilemma but has different and More serious problems than a number of More typical states. If gov. Hoff a study can get to the Bottom of the problem Here and come up with some valid conclusions and workable solutions its just possible we could get the jump on other states in this important sphere. This seems to be the chief reason Why the governor showed himself to be Sov sensitive to a threat of political sabotage to his planning Council. It also illustrates what would happen if the Republican leadership did decide to undermine the Vermont study program political sabotage for partisan advantage would a tin toe Long run serve no one. Isolationism that would exclude Britain and the United states. At the same time other forces led by younger leaders in France Germany and the european economic Community As a whole Are struggling for a wider grouping that includes All the North Atlantic nations. President Kennedy has thrown the United states backing behind the latter movement. In so doing the president has further strained the United states already delicate relationship with the de Gaulle regime. The French president is certain to take a dim View of or. Kennedy a intimate talks with German leaders his pledge of support for european a cohesiveness a his barbed comments upon Frances Neo nationalistic tendencies to go it alone. But if the French president is antagonized by All this so be it. In his insistence upon his country a National glory his stubborn determination to secure extravagantly costly and probably useless nuclear weapons general de Gaulle represents the wave of the past. The future belongs to those who will work for the larger Unity and president Kennedy is right to say so even if it dismay All Paris. Of reducing the tax rate or taking any other method for helping the venture the governor and the legislators should remember that such an action might set a dangerous precedent. For Pownal is a purely private Enterprise. At the moment its backers Are holding a the bag it came in just As Are investors in other ventures whose Success looks doubtful. Another Factor which the lawmakers should Bear in mind is that Many of their constituents Are against gambling in any form and hence Likely to be far from enthusiastic about any state Steps to pull the track out of a Hole. For those whose Money is included in the $6 million said to have been invested or sunk in the elaborate parimutuel Plant it is a sad Prospect but not a hopeless one. Before spilling their tears in Montpelier so Early in the game we suggest that they Gamble a bit More with their own Money. After All gambling is their business. By Marquis Childs with president Kennedy in Germany. Through the medium of television millions of europeans Are hearing president Kennedy Call for Unity within the Western Alliance. His tour is a form of diplomacy undreamed of before the Era of electronic communication and its Success or failure will be judged by the Impact he makes through the eur vision network that links 18 european countries. The dangers in this Experiment Are obvious. It risks so much on the presidents personal Appeal and on the authority with which As spokesman for America he presents the Case for a partnership that resists the temptations of an affluent peace encouraging each nation to go its separate Way. But the threat inherent in the current Drift toward a new nationalism a a nuclear nationalism a a surely justifies the risk. What the president must Cope with on his tour is the claim of a past that is rapidly receding As it conflicts with a future which is far from Clear. Tjit is nowhere More evident than in Germany. It is dramatized byth6 venerable figure of the German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer who is shortly to pass on his Powers to a successor seated alongside the Youthful looking president. Separated by 41 years the Chancellor with his look of an ancient and impassive mandarin might be Kennedy a Grandfather. President Eisenhower came Here on a ceremonial visit As a great wartime hero in 1989 and received generous homage. President de Gaulle is also a figure out of the great past and he is besides a consummate actor whose highly emotional speeches in carefully memorised German stirred his German audiences to a wild pitch of enthusiasm. The Adenauer de Gaulle partnership has sought to annul forever the deep rooted hostility that so Many times brought the two nations into mortal combat. As he tried to do from the moment he set foot on German soil Kennedy is saying frankly that this is a period of translation for the Alliance and new ways must be found to hold it together. In every speech he makes he stresses the ties that link the free world in such a Way that the Security of one is the Security of All. The transition could hardly be More precarious and this is the urgency behind a venture that puts an extraordinary Strain on the chief executive at a time when he is confronted with a great Domestic crisis. The Puzzle is like the old game of Jack straws. You pull one piece out of the tangled Heap and the whole mass fails into disarray. The multilateral mixed manned nuclear Force May or May not be an appropriate instrument to bring a new kind of Unity to the Alliance. It May prove no answer to the rising tide of separatism. The German defense minister Kai Uwe von Hasse does not believe in the Rule of unanimity for control Over such a Force. The British if they accept it will insist that the missiles May be fired Only under the Rule of unanimity and that Rule can be altered Only by agreement of All the partners. The proposal for such a Force comes As some Small Hope has been revived of a nuclear test ban agreement with the soviet Union. To Harold Wilson who is very Likely to be Britain a next prime minister Premier Khrushchev expressed his Strong of Poston to a multilateral Force in off of Germany would be a partner. This would be a step toward putting nuclear weapons in German hands and the fear this arouses in the russians is believed to be deep and genuine. As for Wilson he is taking an increasingly sceptical View of the multilateral Force. He aroused Adenauer a Wrath by stating in Moscow that everything must be done to insure that the germans do not get nuclear weapons. The conservatives who continue in authority in London insist As High officials made Plain in talks with this reporter that Britain must have an Independent deterrent. They could not be expected to renounce it at the very time when France is in process of obtaining such a deterrent and when rumours circulate that at least one other country a reportedly Israel a is Well on the Way to nuclear achievement. The response of the Macmillan government to a multilateral Force will be tentative and provisional. These Are the pieces of the Puzzle the president is trying to put straight. He is seeking new forms of Unity in a partnership with a Europe that is prosperous and once again jealous of National prerogatives and privileges. He spoke eloquently at the inauguration of the German peace corps which will be a National Effort but at the same time it will be part of a co Mem and coordinated Endeavor. This May be a Small Straw but it is nevertheless an example of what could come out of this transition phase. Watching the president go through a gruelling schedule a seven hours in Berlin that seemed to leave hardly time to catch his breath a you cannot but Admire the drive and the determination that Are behind it. That this drive this Resolution will come through to the millions throughout Europe who see and hear him is his principal aim. This is a new Man in a new Europe and while he pays tribute to the past he is looking to the future. About Vermont Freedom of Choice by Hazel m. Wills old Bennington. At commencement time the Banner editorially noted the tendency of graduation speakers to stress the importance of the individual. What prompted them so generally to develop this theme is a question. Contributing factors doubtless were the traditional character of this state in which they were speaking the present National emphasis on civil rights the spreading philosophy of state control Over Many a daily life and the development of automation in Industry. All this is not a new problem except perhaps in magnitude. Many people feel that they make no personal Impact on life. In the face of the emphasis presently and rightly being made on the importance of the scientist the right of the exceptional Pupil to be considered the need of development in leadership essential As this is to american life the average Man drifts with the tide. Some adults take to their cars some Young people seek a kicks a both seeking to escape the boredom of life. Yet Demix racy is based on the Freedom of the individual to make choices and our Early history is filled with accounts both of Many a wresting a living for himself and his family and achieving satisfaction from his own creative ability. Have we today so mechanized ourselves into easy living that we have deprived the individual of both of these desirable results after All in this country made up of so Many average men and women there is a need still for the exercise of Freedom of Choice of they Are to find for themselves a satisfying Way of life. So Many times it is the simple illustration which Points a truth. In the Case of three men whose lives briefly touched mine there is a Story with no accompanying explanation As to what made them what they were. On a Stormy night i was a passenger on a bus coming Over the mountains. Besides the Driver a Man from Albany and i were the sole occupants. From their conversation i caught overtones of dissatisfaction with the Albany Many a situation. This he was going to remedy by moving with his wife Back to Brooklyn. In answer to a query from the Driver As to what advantage he Felt Brooklyn had he replied a after dinner my wife and i can go out and walk around and around and watch other people walking around and Here was a personification of America running or in his Case walking to escape the emptiness in himself. Then there was the Hairdresser in the Beauty Salon of one of Bostons bigger stores. He radiated such happiness and Contentment that finally i said a you seem a very contented and Happy person. What is your recipe a with a smile he answered a i went from this work into the service in the last War. When i was discharged i came Back to try several lines of work in All of which i failed. Finally one Day it came Over me that there were certain things i could do and there were Many i could not so i stick to this work which i can do and raise roses when i get Home. After All a Man spends a third of his working Days at earning a living. If he does no to get happiness in his work life Isnit Worth in his postwar experience he had Learned his limitations but also the satisfaction of creativity if it was Only fashioning a Hairdo on a Vermont Yankee and cultivating a bed of roses. Boredom Wasny to in his vocabulary. There was also that erstwhile Pupil of mine whose Mother came to me with the complaint that All Robert wanted to do was dance. I suggested she Send him to the Best school which they could Well afford and let him dance. Though it was a tradition in her family that All the men followed business or a profession the Mother asserted Freedom of Choice against tradition and the Norm and dared to Send her son to a school of dance. Ultimately he produced some of the Best choreography in motion pictures the theater and extravaganza productions. The above does no to offer a Complete recipe a Only a hint to me at least of what the individuals Freedom of Choice can mean. Report from Montpelier \ it a top problem for governors planning commission employment and the Youthful exodus from Vermont a Hes yes certainly sex cow Tyzz you main by Doris Kirkpatrick Montpelier. A How a Gonna keep Mem Down on the farm a this familiar question that has cropped up in Vermont Over the past Century still tops the list of state problems according to information unearthed by research on the Vermont labor Force. Or. Milton Nadworny professor of economics at the University of Vermont has turned up evidence that not Only Are potential Farmers leaving Vermont but the a a heart of the labor Force is trekking out of state. A the decline in numbers and in proportion of men in the labor Force Between the Ages of 20 and 40 cannot continue for Long without having a serious effect upon the state Economy a said or. Nadworny. A this Issue May be the most critical single Factor in the states future a of the professor based his conclusions on the results of a statistical study of the Vermont labor Force Between 1940 and 1960. The completed research has been submitted to the governors planning Council. This Council is charged with giving direction and guidance to gov. Philip h. Hoff a Overall study of the states problems needs and resources As a basis for legislative recommendations. Paul h. Guare recently named coordinator of the Central planning office said that As information comes in during the summer and fall in the various study areas piles of data will be accumulated. A but we want to keep this study at a practical level a he said. A a k some of the problems crying out for practical solutions Are concerned with the labor Force in the opinion of or. Nadworny. He pointed out that i. Vermont a labor Force has been increasing slowly Over the past 20 years something under 6 per cent. 1 a the most striking fact is the increase in the number of women who Are working and the decline in the number of men a he said. A the proportion of women has increased from less than one Quarter of the labor Force in 1940 to a Little under one third in to a Tho Liu raffia in woman workers is in the older age 2. The number of Young men employed Between 20 and 35 years of age has dropped sharply. The professor said statistics show that in 1940 this group made up 37 per cent of the labor Force. Two decades later the proportion had dwindled to 28 per cent. A the largest number of vermonters leaving the state appears to be in the age group of 20 to 35,�?� he said. A this Factor alone has a great Impact on the makeup of the states labor 3. Also of critical importance is what people do in the labor Force the kind of jobs they have. A trends reflected in such data give us some of the most important keys to the development of the state a he said. The study revealed that an increasing number of workers Are wage or salary workers or government employees. The proportion of the self employed is dwindling a largely due to the decline in agriculture. Occupationally vermonters have been shifting into professional clerical and service occupations a and out of agricultural private household and labor categories. Or. Nadworny cited statistics to the effect that in 1940 Farmers farm labourers and foremen comprised 21 per cent of the labor Force. In 1960 that number had dropped toll per cent. 4. As far As unemployment is concerned the younger workers those from 14 through 24, have been hardest hit. A recent development is that unemployment is beginning to hit women As hard As men according to the study. In past years Large proportions of women in the labor Force were part time. Today with More permanent arrangements their experiences with unemployment Are similar to those of men. Or. Nadworny observed that industries that have had the lowest unemployment rates have been agriculture finance insurance and real estate professional and related services. A shifting of employment away from agriculture professional services and insurance into industries such As construction and recreation will generally tend to increase the rate of unemployment in the state a he said. Future unemployment rates will doubtless be influenced by those industries which tend to grow the fastest he noted. 5. Another vital Factor in economic development is the income of the labor Force a picture that has been changing rapidly. A in 1939, the median income of the experienced labor Force was $739,�?� he said. A by 1949 it had risen to $1,884 and in 1959 to $3,128. Women tend to have the lowest in analysing the income or. Nadworny pointed out that in 1959 almost one third of the labor Force earned less than $2,000. A the relatively Low income of employees in general coupled with unsatisfactory levees of unemployment have played a role in the migration out of Vermont a he said. 6. An analysis of those not in the labor Force May have some significance in future planning. Or. Nadworny cited figures showing that some 45 per cent of Vermont a population 14 years or older was not in the labor Force in 1960. Some of course were attending school. Others were inmates of institutions retired or disabled. However of the number not working 44 per cent had had work experience in the past decade. a this Means we have a sizable Reserve of experienced workers in the state and this May constitute an important asset in the event of expansion of Job of n i port unities and a Factor not to be overlooked in any sound economic planning program a he said. In order for Vermont to grow and to stay in the Black population must grow. A wholesale and retail professional services and government May not continue to grow in a healthy manner unless there is a population base to support them a he said. He pointed Oist that an Industry like manufacturing will have to seek markets outside the state if there is no sizable population to consume products. This in turn requires More effective transportation. A industries like education health and medical tourist and recreation can increase greatly in the future without increases in population a he said. A but such growth will depend upon construction transportation and other a o in future planning the role of women in the labor Force in the professors opinion is an important Factor to be considered. Further research needs to be made in this area he claimed. He raised questions As to the part time status of women workers. Why Are women a wages and income so Low a if a Large proportion of women Are essentially part time workers perhaps the patterns of i i business operations which May require Only part time help need to be examined. If however women Are working full time More and More it May be they Are doing so Only because these jobs have been vacated by men who have gone elsewhere. If this is True then no net gain for the states Economy has been a of Guare said the assembling of such statistical information As contained in or. Nad Worney a study is termed the first stage an inventory of resources. Other similar studies in the first stage Are now in Progress and will be reported on at intervals. A an enormous amount of acuity is going on a said Guare. Areas being examined include i. Taxation and finance 2. Education 3. Transportation 4. Health and welfare 5. Resource management and economic development 6. Protection and 7. Governmental Structure. A few Days ago a contract was signed with the University of Vermont to Supply staff and facilities for a study on education transportation to include highways and welfare. Negotiations Are under Way for other phases with Middlebury College and Norwich University. A of the second stage of the Overall study program Sai Guare is an evaluation of All the data assembled in the inventory. Then Jan con a the planning. Since the assembling of such Basic data requires time that May stretch out to months and years certain amp reas have been Given priorities such As highways education development and welfare. A we expect to have recommendations available for the 1964 special session of the legislature a he said. The governors planning Council will make an interim report of Progress at a time and place to be announced Early in August Guare said. Members of the Council Are rep. Arthur w. Simpson Rlyn Donville rep. Willis l. Curtis a Hartland sen. Samuel Fishman a Addison county sen. John Boylan a Essex county John s. Hooper of Brattleboro Walter Herlihy of Rutland Walter Cook of Johnson prof. Andrew Nuquist of Burlington and Ralph Williams of Rutland. I % 4

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