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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 22, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Heating Cooling replace you la end Winter discomfort when you replace your outdated Furnace with a new automatic pm Delco Oil fired forced air system. Our factory trained heating experts will plan your installation to give you a comfortable even temperature in every room. Built and backed by general motors assures you dependable economical heating for years to come. For a free heating estimate Call j. H. Winslow plumbing amp heating Supply co Bennington it. 241 main St. Dial 2-6308 by Andy Lang millions of americans will be camping out this summer a on weekends during vacations and in some cases for months at a time. During those periods most of the campers will be using Canvas tents for their Homes. And like regular houses these tents must be properly maintained if they Are. To give maximum service. A constant enemy of Canvas is mildew. To prevent it remember these tips never Roll up a tent when wet. Never Roll shopping Center laundromat open late next week a new laundromat owned by launder Weil inc. Of Lenox mass., is expected to open late next week in the shopping Center on Bennington Flats on the North Bennington Road. The Thriften bundle Coin of dry cleaning laundry features 16 single Load 6 double Load and 2 giant size washers accommodating three loads says Alex Garnish of Pittsfield mass. A launder Weil inc. Employee. Two Coin operated dry cleaners a pressing machine and ten 40-Pound driers featuring temperature controls will be available. A hair drier for patrons convenience is provided. Hot water is supplied by a 1,000 gallon per hour Heater. All equipment has been manufactured by Speed Queen. Allen h. Gable president of launder Weil inc., reports that tables carts chairs magazines and a television set will be available to patrons As will Coin changers soap dispenser and soft drink machine. The decor is based upon pastels with Pink and Coppertone As the primary colors. Potted plans will decorate the window areas. Launder Weil inc. Has outfitted nearly 250 laundromats in new England and the company owns nine laundromats including the it me in Bennington in this Region. Garnish who is in charge of setting up the Bennington Thriften bundle set up the first laundromat in Boston eight years ago. Hemenway purchases Squaw Hill land Arlington a or. And mrs. Charles a. Mclaughlin of Brooklyn ., have sold a tract of about 85 acres to Donald a. Hem Enway or. Of 81 Monument ave., old Bennington it has been announced by Herbert Douglas of Arlington who acted As broker. The property is at the northerly end of Bennington and fronts on . 7 and Squaw Hill Road. Business taxes new York up a of the $94 billion in taxes the government received in fiscal 1962, approximately 84 per cent was collected by and from business the tax foundation a non profit institution reports. Up the stakes and the pole with the tent. And never store the tent in a Damp place. During a windstorm tighten All ropes secure the Walls to the pins and close door flaps. If the tent has a Roll up Wall lace it at the Corners. Emergency repairs can be made with Patching Cement and Small patches. Very Small tears can be temporarily mended with adhesive tape. Permanent repairs can be made later wit a sewing machine that can handle Canvas. In driving tent stakes make them secure but not too deep or too tight. When the stakes Are too firmly imbedded the Canvas May shrink when wet a causing it to tear at the seams or pull out of shape. The stakes should be driven into the ground so that they slope a bit away from the tent. Should you have an old tent which has lost its water resist Ance you can buy and put on a water resistant compound. It can be applied by Brush or Spray. But be sure to follow the instructions about safety because Many of these preparations Are inflammable. Also and this is important do not think that the More compound you put on the better the result will be. When a tent has an extra heavy layer of water resistant compound on it an unhealthy situation has been created. During the night the sleepers breath condenses on the Canvas and then runs Down like rain. Most states can give you All the information you want about camping facilities in your area. And the United states government puts out a map which shows the location of All state and Federal campsites. Vermo at r est no rant begins face lifting9 the Vermont restaurant at 105 North St., is undertaking a $2,500 remodelling Job. The entire South Side of the building is being recovered with White fireproof Asbestos and the Interior will be painted Green according to Raymond j. Pinsonneault an owner of the restaurant. An advertising sign will be lettered on the Southwest Side of the building. Earl Gerity and son Are doing the contracting. Pinsonneault says a we saw the rest of the town Bounce Back and we re contributing our share to the towns general ornamental Iron work made in la Ozone a machine and engineering shop Tor St. Peters episcopal Church is displayed by David Brookman. Standing in front of a new addition to their machine shop at 107 Fillmore St. Are William and Mary Lauzon. Building is faced with Green and Black split Block. Tool and die maker Walter Schneider adjusts a new Bridgeport milling machine in Lauzonis engineering and machine shop. A pair of Plant additions presage expansion for Bennington machine engineering shop Lauzonis serves industries with custom design tools by Warren Buckler two recently completed additions to Lauzonis machine and engineering shop at 107 Fillmore St. Have enat led the shop to diversify into two new Fields and to substantially expand a third. Until Early this summer the shop specialized in producing machines and machine parts according to plans submitted by customers who Are for the most part Industrial plants in the Bennington area. With a newly established engineering department in the new front Wing of the building department head Eugene Lauzon Cousin of owner William e. Lauzon offers customers a machine designing service. A Plant for instance might describe to Lauzon a technical problem which Lauzon would design a machine or machine part to solve. A tool and die department has replaced the ornamental wrought Iron department in the original Central Section of the building. Waiter Schneider a tool and die maker who moved Here some Ive years ago from Germany and machine parts parts with dimensions too Fine to make in an Ordinary machine shop. The ornamental wrought Iron department meanwhile has been moved into the entire new rear Wing. The original machine shop under Foreman Richard Gallant shares the old part of the building with the tool and die department. Mrs. William e. Lauzon who is in charge of most of the shops clerical work has a new office in the front Wing. Her old office is now used by the Foreman. In All the shop will have an additional 3,360 Square feet of floor space. The real of the shop was lengthened by 25 feet and widened by five feet by the new addition. The addition to the front is about 18 feet deep. The engineering department has been added to the machine shop in response to a demand from area Industrial plants for machines or machine parts designed to do a particular Job or to solve a particular problem. Previously plants sent plans for the machinery which would then be made in Lauzon a 51 i i ivc Yodl d a Ull v/111 Vav i 1110.1 it p a oui 1.11x711 my i Lauc All Jcu Vij a sidebar Lay House my five new pieces of machinery machine shop according to sped Nave Given the shop the Cap Abil fictions. Perfect for kids Ity of turning out precision tools with the new engineering department in operation Lauzon will be Able to accept More orders from plants that Are too Small to have machine shops of their own or whose machine shops Are already being used to capacity. A Plant manager might Call for instance and request a machine that would make a particular operation More efficient More automatic or less expensive. His ultimate goal of course is to make a Small invention of his own. The machine shop specializes in what is known As production work. It often turns out for instance Cam lifters or bearings in lots of too or More. Parts Are made out of pieces of solid steel which Are bored drilled and ground until they have the desired shape. Tools Are made of tool steel which is hardened by heating it and Cooling it suddenly in Oil. The machine shop might be called upon to make everything from a Lawn Mower part to a Bulldozer part or to replace to part in a machine that is no longer made. Some machines Are made part by part assembled and delivered Complete. Precision work that is work that demands close tolerances is done in the tool and die department. The tool and die maker for instance might be Given an order for a punch and die combination which would be used in a local Plant to punch parts of a particular shape out of a thin strip of Metal. Schneider makes a punch a solid piece of Metal in the desired shape and a die a piece of Metal out of which the same shape has been Cut. When punch and die Are attached to a machine a thin strip of Metal passes Over the die the punch is forced downward into the die cuts through the Metal strip and the part Falls into a bin below. The clearance Between the punch and die can be no greater than one tenth of a thousandth of an Inch or else the edges of the parts punched out Are ragged. Such Small clearances can be measured Only by a comparato a magnifying device that enlarges such Small distances 50 times so that they can be read. The ornamental wrought Iron department specializes in Iron Balcony and Stair railings but will do any other Type of wrought Iron work a customer May request. The shop has 1,600 designs on hand from which a customer May choose but can also copy drawings and photographs. All wrought Iron pieces Are made of 20-foot Long bars and rods which can be twisted and Cut or Bent into scroll shapes and welded together. Work is done Only on special order. Railings for instance Are made Only to fit the front Steps of the Cus Tomer who orders them. The wrought Iron department is often called on to copy hand hammered hinge and latches in colonial style ouch pieces Are never painted because painting ruins their authenticity. The proper color is obtained Lauzon says by boiling the pieces in Crisco. Lauzonis employees usually have sore shoulders after turning out a colonial hand hammered hinge. And reproductions of this sort run his customers into a lot of Money. A lot of Money. Lauzon started his machine shop in 1958 when he was Laid off by the general electric Plant in Pittsfield where he had worked for la years. He opened the wrought Iron shop in the Spring and a machine shop in the fall after summer demand fell off. He then went Back to work for be but gave up the Job after his machine shop became self supporting. Lauzon was bom and raised in Shaftsbury. He met his wife Mary in Texas when he was stationed there with the air Force. The new additions to the machine shop Are of Cement Block construction with a tar and gravel roof and Concrete floor. The front is faced with Green and Black split blocks manufactured by the Morse c and b Block co. Office areas have tiled floors. General contractor for the Job was Morse and Butler inc. Sub contractors were the . White paint Glass and wallpaper store a and the Bennington tile and upholstery co. The excavation wad dug by the William h. Morse co Quot gallon Carpenter St sons Corner of Safford amp Evlyin Bennington it. The kiddies will love their own Pentagon. Pentagon for them Means a five sided playhouse that dad can string together with plastic Cord in an evening. From the lumber year he can get five pieces of depending on the number of youngsters who la be using this Pentagon the panels can be 4x4s or 4x6s. For easy lacing Good ventilation and Many peepholes dad May want to buy Peg Board. Hell use a Strong plastic Cord to lace the ends of the panels being sure the joints will be like piano hinges allowing folding of the panels against each other in either direction. Between panel i and panel 5 there will be no lacing As this is the door to the kiddies Pentagon. Due to its flexibility this summer playhouse May take various shapes. It May Zig Zag to become a barricade fortress or Fence. If ifs Peg Board and dad can keep the kiddies away he can use it As a shaded siesta spot with magazines and refreshments Hung from brackets in the perforations. The panels should be primed and painted in Bright colors. Theve la be an attractive useful addition to any backyard. If the youngsters Are tiny the Pentagon can be anchored into a fixed position by Means of wooden stakes to Avoil its being knocked Over. Renovated Beauty shop plans open House monday Peggy and James Maclay greeted customers remodeler Beauty shop this week. In the hair styling area of their newly Bennington real estate transfers roof trusses you can build oof trusses give Post free interiors for any Type of Arm building. We have the West coast lumber and ree truss building plans to help you Start your project. Ask us for free truss building plans a. J. Dewey amp sons 107 Mckinley St. Bennington it. Bennington town clerk miss Mary Hodeck reports the following real estate transfers recorded in her office during the past week june 17 a Carleton u. And Marjorie Carpenter of Shelburne property on West Side of a Road leading to the Vermont Container corp. In the town of Bennington to Donald w. And Ann k. Philips of Bennington. June 17 a Grace m. Stevens of Bennington three pieces of property on the South Side of Leonard Street in Clarks Woods in the town of Bennington to Paul w. And Eviette c. Clark of Lebanon . June 17 a Isabelle l. And Howard Manley of Manchester property on North Side of Union Street in the Village of Bennington to Doris s. And Stanley Miller of Bennington. June 20 a Donald a. Hemen Way of Bennington property bounded on North by Highway 109, on the West by . 7, and on the South and East by lands of s. Everett Harwood in the town of Bennington to Monument real estate inc. Of Bennington. June 20 a Van Vechten b. Graves of Bennington administrator of the estate of the late Alfred l. Madden of Albany n. A a a one eighth interest in property on the North Side of West main Street in the Village of Bennington to Norman h. Greenberg of Bennington. June 20 a Raymond d. Madden and Ruth e. Sawkins of Troy And Marlon j. Hogan of old Brookville A seven eighths interest in property on the North Side of West main Street in the Village of Bennington to Norman h. Greenberg of Bennington. June 21 a Edward h. And Norma t. Bowmaker of Bennington property pm the West Side of pageant Street in Clarks Woods in the town of Bennington to Earl e. And Alice b. James of Bennington. Peggy and James Mac Lay proprietors of the Peggy Maclay Beauty shop greeted their customers this week in four newly remodeler rooms at 407 main St. The shop was moved into its new quarters after 16 years in another part of the same building. The rooms were completely remodeler and redecorated according to the wishes of the malays. All four rooms have been painted a flesh color. Customers will enter the shop through the drying and reception room which is furnished with Turquoise upholstered chairs and is equipped with new plastic air cooled hair dryers. A second room furnished with Pink and White French provincial style vanity tables with Goldrin and Formica tops Wall mirrors and Carnation Pink chairs that Cai be made to raise or lower the occupants by Hydraulic pressure will be the hair styling area. The vanities were made to order by mod Craft to fit the room. A shampoo area will be equipped with two sinks. In All there will be four sinks in the remodeler shop. A permanent wave and tinting room in the rear of garage is rated a most dangerous area what is the most dangerous area of the modern House according to Many building officials of local communities it is the attached garage. This Section can be the source of dangerous fires because of the inflammable gasoline and Oil in the motor car As Well As other inflammable articles commonly stored there. For that reason most safety codes require that the garage floor slope toward the driveway and that the garage floor be higher than any other floor by 8 or to inches. The Beauty shop will offer customers Complete privacy. The shop will be illuminated by new fluorescent lights. The floor has been covered with tiles. All Cabinet work in the remodeler shop was done by contractor Wesley Buzzell. The tile floor covering was installed by dunhams furniture co. The rooms were rewired by Dean Yarnal an electrical contractor. Plumbing was installed by . Tuttle co., and the rooms were painted by Maclay himself. Friends and customers of the malays Are invited to inspect the shop at an a open House from 3 to 6 p.m., monday. Pick a color in minutes Well give it to you in e Dupont Point from our color meeter Point mixing Mechle. Get precisely the Shade you want. The amount you need in the Correct Dupont finish for the Job. More than 1200 colors available to match drapes wallpaper rugs. H. Greenberg and son main Street Bennington it. Re roof i in. Fou Thom roofing of All types easy terms in lib Pratt St. Phone 2317 Monument roofing amp Sheet Metal co. Bennington Gerald e. Morrissey inc. General contractors # commercial Industrial residential 312 Beech St. Phone 5701 or 2321 Bennington Bennington Banner saturday june 22� 1968�?7

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